GH Short Recap Monday, July 10, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Carly’s mansion, Michael surprises Dex by asking him to continue working for Sonny, despite Josslyn’s protest. Carly later reveals that the idea was hers and asks Josslyn to understand the importance of her request. Dex privately tells Josslyn that he feels Sonny needs his protection and that working for him is the best option due to the danger posed by Pikeman.

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court pool, Tracy accuses Drew of attacking Ned, leading to a confrontation. Chase arrives and takes Drew to the police station for questioning. Drew expresses concern about Ned and wants to resolve the incident quickly to avoid complications with the SEC.

In another storyline, Nina suggests leaving Pozzulo’s Restaurant with Sonny, but they receive news that Ned is in the hospital. They head there, where Tracy accuses Drew of trying to kill Ned. The situation escalates until Tracy admits that Ned’s fall was an accident. Later, Olivia pleads with Ned to wake up while Brook Lynn and Chase receive a mysterious text.

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