B&B Short Recap Monday, October 23, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam drops by Forrester Creations to see Ridge and Brooke, who are kissing (as usual). He wonders if they’ve heard from Steffy (since he left the voicemail on her phone about Deacon and Sheila being together). Ridge says that she’s hiking in The Alps. RJ comes in just as Liam is leaving. Ridge jokes with him but then pressures him to tell him what’s going on with Eric. He even asks if Eric is OK, but RJ won’t answer. He just says that Eric needs him.

When Katie visits Donna and Eric, Eric keeps having coughing fits, but he claims that it’s just allergies. After Eric leaves the room, Katie asks if he’s OK. Later, the doctor visits to tell them that Eric is dying. We don’t get any details about what disease Eric has. The doctor tells him that he should rest and not do the fashion show, but Eric insists on doing it, even if it kills him. Eric holds Donna, who is crying. He urges her to live in the moment. Katie overhears and sympathizes with Donna. Donna tells her not to tell Ridge.

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