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Recap written by Terry

Nick does his best to protect Sharon from Cameron. Sharon keeps a level head and insists that she and Nick will not make the same mistakes as they did with him the first time he terrorized her. She said it’s time to let Victor and Nikki know Cameron is back. She also notes that she and Nick need the resources Victor can provide in order to get protection from Cameron. Nick is hesitant, knowing that his dad’s help comes with strings, but Sharon insists on seeking Victor’s help. Victor vows to do everything he could to keep Sharon safe and posted a guard outside Sharon’s home; also, he’ll have security patrolling the ranch 24/7.

Nick and Sharon learn that Cameron stole the clothing of a security guard at Newman Towers, including ID. Cameron wore the uniform to his hotel room, but then he took it off and placed it in a trash bag.

Ashley and Tucker have a drink. Ashley is upset by the thought of Diane further insinuating herself into Jack’s life. Ashley insists she has to be around to protect Jabot from Diane’s suspected goal to gain respectability, money and power.

Tucker, frustrated with Ashley’s worries about Diane, offers to take Ashley on a romantic vacation – anywhere she chooses. However, Ashley insists she has to stay and keep an eye on Diane. Sshe spoke to the Board of Directors about her suspicions, unbeknownst to Jack. Ashley wants to get the board on her side to keep Diane out of an executive position. Tucker notes it’s going to be difficult to get the board to oust Jack. Ashley wants to enlist Tucker’s help to take down Diane, whom Ashley expects will worm her way into an executive position.

Diane and Jack dance at the club, savoring Diane’s freedom. Diane wants them to walk down the aisle together. Jack loves the idea. Diane wants Summer to be her matron of honor, to prove to Summer that she is important and loved. She also wants the wedding day to prove Phyllis has no power over the family. Diane credits Jack for the happiness they share and Jack happily says he could not be more excited about their future and wants to discuss a wedding date. Diane says she wants a small but elegant wedding and for Harrison to be the ring bearer. Jack agrees.

Kyle follows Summer to the hotel where Phyllis is staying. Kyle insists on their going to the police station, so that Phyllis can turn herself in. Phyllis looks a bit defiantly at Kyle but apologizes for what she’s done. She says she wants to make amends for what she did to Diane and admits that she does need to be punished. Before the police get involved, she wants the chance to clear her name. She claims that she returned to do the right thing, just like Diane did. Phyllis compares her actions to Diane’s, saying that both women returned because they could not be away from their children.

Phyllis speaks privately with Daniel. He can’t believe what Phyllis put her children through. Phyllis promises to never again be separated from her family.

Phyllis explains to Kyle that she resented Diane because she had everything Phyllis wanted and that she wanted Diane to be hurt. Jeremy Stark convinced her to go along with his plan to frame Diane for Phyllis’ murder. She claims that Stark took advantage of both she and Diane and the only way out for Phyllis was to hurt Jeremy. Kyle responds angrily that she killed Jeremy. Phyllis argues that she had to defend herself. Kyle points out skeptically that it’s Phyllis’ word against a dead man’s. She notes that her life is now in Kyle’s hands. She swears to Kyle she will make everything right. He finally agrees to not go to the police for now. He then turns his attention to Summer and asks her how long she’s known that Phyllis was alive.


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