Days Short Recap Tuesday, May 9, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Colin called Talia and asked her about her date with Chanel. He said while she is getting Chanel to fall in love with her, he will be focused on Paulina. Talia asked him what he meant by that. Jada showed up and asked who she was talking to. Talia said she was talking to Chanel about her mother’s panic attacks. Jada told her she was being defensive. Talia ended up leaving. Abe and Paulina went to Rafe’s office. She wanted to know why Sloan hasn’t been arrested yet. When Rafe didn’t say anything, Paulina wondered if there was another suspect. He said Jada suspects Talia. Paulina said she couldn’t believe Talia would be involved in something like that especially since she is dating Chanel. Johnny went to see Chanel. He told her he was worried about losing Wendy to Tripp. He thought he should go to Seattle to woo Wendy. Chanel advised him not to smother Wendy. He agreed with her. She told him about her date with Talia. She said it started out great, but things were awkward. She said she hadn’t heard from Talia since their date. He suggested she take her own advice and play it cool. He said Talia was a fool if she didn’t see how amazing she was. She wished him luck with Wendy. He left.

Talia went to Colin’s room. She was worried about his plans for Paulina. He said he wanted her to trigger a panic attack in Paulina. Talia refused to do it. He said he would come up with something else while she is getting Chanel to fall for her. He said they could be happy once they made Chanel and Paulina pay. He said he loved her. Xander and Chloe saw Jada at the pub. He asked if she arrested Sloan for the poisoned biscuits. Jada said she couldn’t talk about the investigation. She asked why he was so interested. He said he felt bad about Chanel’s bakery being closed down. He said her employee was living in a seedy motel. Jada said Talia was her sister and she lived with her. He was shocked that she was the one living with the Brit. Jada asked for the room number. When he refused, Jada showed him her badge. He told her the room number. Jada left. Chanel left a message for Talia. She said she had a great time, but they could go back to being friends if she didn’t feel the same way. Talia showed up with flowers. When Colin was about to use his phone, Jada showed up. Paulina got a text message warning her to watch her back because the person was still coming after her.

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