Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John and Steve were looking through maps to find Abe when Paulina showed up. The police gave them the evidence they had, but there was nothing to help them. They feel like they might be able to find something to help. They talked about Nurse Whitley. John wasn’t sure Paulina got everything she could out of her. She felt better knowing that Abe’s friends were looking for him. She hated the waiting.  Steve and John reminded her that they knew how she felt when they lost Marlena and Kayla. They tried to reassure her that they will find Abe. She snapped them until they calmed her down. She was afraid that Abe could be dead. Abe realized that he was the mayor of Salem. He had to wait for Whitley to come back to get some answers. Whitley showed up and he wanted to talk to her. He told her that she lied to him. He wanted to know what else she lied to him about. She wanted to know if he got his memory back. He told her about the press conference. She lied to him about his reign being short because EJ had him impeached. She told him that he decided to open up an ice cream shop. He wanted to know why he would be impeached. She had to come up with excuses for why he was impeached. He felt like things didn’t happen that way. He wanted to know if he ever tried to get back into politics. She told him that he didn’t want to do it again.

Li was determined to take Stefan down by any means necessary. Wendy overheard his conversation so she confronted him about it. He didn’t want to tell her about his plans. He lied to her and told her that he hired a matchmaker. Stefan and Gabi talked about how crazy Megan is. They thought EJ and Kristen had limits, but she didn’t. She wished he had a normal family, but she did like the fact that they had money. He was ready to be done with the drama of his family for the time being. They made love. EJ told Megan that he heard her talk about taking their brother down. He thought he was the one she was talking about so he was going to call the police. He decided to handle it the DiMera way. He wanted her to get out of the mansion. He reminded her that the mansion isn’t Stefano’s anymore and he wanted her out. She didn’t want to leave. She explained to him that she wasn’t trying to kill him. She told him that she wanted Stefan and Gabi gone. She felt like she would get more of the DiMera fortune. They continued to talk about the family fortune. She told him about the plan for them to be the only ones to get the fortune. He wasn’t interested and decided to warn Stefan. She stopped him by hitting him in the head with a vase.

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