Y&R Short Recap Friday, December 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

The Roma family spends Christmas Eve together and Christine arrives at Daniel’s apartment to give Danny his present.

Christine isn’t happy that Phyllis is there celebrating Christmas Eve with Daniel, Heather, and Lucy. Everyone shares Christmas memories and say things for which they are grateful. Summer tells Phyllis they must leave because they have dinner plans with Nick.

Daniel and Lucy go out to dinner in order to leave Danny and Christine alone. Christine gives Danny a robe once owned by Bryan Ferry. Danny gives Christine the same bracelet that he gave her on their honeymoon that she lost when the airlines lost their luggage when they went on a trip.

Michael and Lauren spent a romantic evening in a suite at the Athletic Club. Michael and Lauren give each other rings because they want to renew their wedding vows.

Devon decides to let Tucker drop off gifts for Dominic on Christmas Eve..

The episode ends with members of the cast thanking the viewers for watching the show and wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season.

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