GH Short Recap Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sam visits Marie and suggests she considers renting Lily’s old house since it’s empty and Dante doesn’t want to sell it. Marie talks to Sam about how much she misses Lulu and then she decides to talk to Dante about renting the house. Marie and Sam also talk about how they don’t trust Gladys. Sam starts to suspect Gladys has something to do with Sarah’s setback that sent her to Fern Cliff.

Anna tells Dante that the Pikeman group is connected to the WSB and she thinks they had something to do with the attempt on her life. Dante tells Anna he will investigate if there is a connection between her, Pikeman, and Sonny.

Trina asks Finn to help her get in to see Curtis. Trina tells Curtis she will always need her father. Eddie gets into a fight with Mason at the Hard Cider Bar because Mason grabs Olivia without her permission. Mason punches Eddie several times and Eddie ends up on the floor. Carly hits Mason over the head with a beer bottle and Mason falls to the floor.

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