Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny talked to EJ about Stefan using drugs. He believed that Wendy knew Stefan was taking drugs. EJ thought it would be good to have Wendy on their side. EJ covered and said she could help them get Stefan the help he needs. He thought they shouldn’t say anything about it yet. Li saw Stefan and Gabi kissing in the park. Gabi walked over to Li and Stefan told him the kiss was one-sided. He lied to Li and said that he tried to get Gabi to break their contract. Gabi played along with him and said that she was going to honor their contract. Li told him there was a stipulation. If she cheats on him, their contract was null and void. Li told Gabi it would be a shame to lose all that power and shares because Stefan couldn’t keep his hands off of her. He said it would look bad if they even looked like they were having an affair. Li and Gabi walked off while Stefan faltered. Sloan kissed Eric when she saw him talking to Nicole. Nicole called her a tramp, and Sloan called her out her name. Sloan tried to slap her, but Nicole grabbed her wrist. Nicole warned her to watch herself because she was the one who invented that move. Sloan made comments about Nicole being old and kissed Eric again before she left. Nicole tried to convince Eric that Sloan was a bad person. She didn’t think he should be with her. She said she didn’t know who he was anymore. He told her that he didn’t care about right or wrong now that he’s lost Marlena. He told her that sex with Sloan was great and that’s what he cares about.

Paulina was looking through the profit margins for Sweet Bits when Belle walked in the office. She assured Paulina that everything was quiet as far as Sloan was concerned. She told Paulina that her retainer check bounced. Paulina called the bank and found out her assets were frozen. Sloan walked in the office and told her about the court order. She let her know that she will need permission to use her money. Sloan didn’t want her saying she couldn’t pay when the jury finds her guilty for what happened to her mother. Belle said she would fix it. Sloan planned to take all of Paulina’s businesses as well as Chanel’s business from them. Stefan went to the DiMera mansion and told EJ about what happened with Gabi and Li. EJ pretended to be upset about it. He pretended not to know anything about Li. He pretended that work had him confused. Stefan looked at the numbers as EJ blamed his confusion on being dehydrated. Stefan got bottles of water for them. Stefan drugged one of the bottles. The phone rang so EJ asked Stefan to answer it. Stefan had his back turned so EJ switched the bottles. Stefan told him there was no one on the phone so they could drink their water. Stefan smirked while EJ drank his water. EJ wanted to know if he planned on ousting him when Li gives Gabi his shares. Stefan said he wouldn’t betray his brother. EJ felt the same way about him. Gabi was upset with Li for stalking her. He confronted her about knowing she lied about Arianna’s school. He said he tracked her phone. He offered to take his shares back so she could be with Stefan. He knew that’s what she wanted. She thought about her plan with Stefan. She said she was going to honor their deal.

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