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Update written by Joseph

EJ is at the Brady Pub making dinner reservations for his date with Nicole. Lucas approaches and questions if Sami came back to him, adding that he didn’t think she’d be that stupid.

Chanel and Allie work at the Bakery. Chanel comments on being tired after her bed was rocking all night. Allie asks if Johnny finally wore her down and if it was worth the wait.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny calls John and asks if Marlena is there. John responds that she is but she’s not feeling that well, so she’s in her room resting.

Marlena is asleep in bed, dreaming of the Devil planning to kill Doug.

John tells Johnny that if he’s calling to talk about his movie, they had that discussion and decided to pass on investing in it. Johnny knows John isn’t thrilled but questions if Marlena feels the same way. John confirms he’s speaking for the both of them. John repeats that this isn’t a really good idea as the memories of that time are painful. Johnny argues that confronting the memories could be a good way of exorcising them. John is sure he thinks demonic possession is big box office but what happened to Marlena was horrific, painful, and needs to stay private. John warns Johnny to leave that part out if he makes his movie and hangs up. Johnny remarks to himself that Marlena’s possession is the only part he’s leaving in.

Chanel says that Allie has a dirty mind while Allie thought she was sharing details of her sex life. Chanel clarifies that she and Johnny did not have sex, but he made her watch the Exorcist last night so she was rocking the bed, unable to sleep, as she kept dreaming of being the girl in the Exorcist and that the Devil was coming after her.

Julie remains at Doug’s side in the hospital. Tripp enters and greets her. Julie asks where Kayla is. Tripp responds that Kayla had an emergency so he’s going to be checking on Doug. Julie notes that Doug did not have a good night. Tripp worries that Julie didn’t either and suggests she go get some air. Julie says she can’t leave but thanks him. Julie supposes she was naive to think Marlena could help Doug right away, but after he saw Marlena, everything got worse.

Marlena wakes up from her nightmare in a panic. John rushes in to the bedroom to ask what’s wrong.

Allie tells Chanel that Johnny is so obsessed with making his movie that he doesn’t see it’s going to freak out every person in their family. Chanel adds that he’ll upset more than just his family. Chanel worries that making a movie about the devil is just begging for trouble. Chanel adds that she read about the making of the Exorcist before going to bed. Chanel says you don’t go messing with the devil if you don’t want him messing with you back. Allie calls Chanel superstitious. Chanel jokes that Allie is her good luck charm. Allie asks if she will talk Johnny out of making his movie. Chanel doesn’t see the point since Johnny is just as stubborn as Allie is. Chanel adds that she likes how passionate Johnny is. Chanel questions if Allie really meant that she’s okay with her and Johnny seeing each other.

Abigail walks in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and comments that Johnny doesn’t look very happy. Johnny informs her that he just spoke to John, who said he and Marlena won’t be investing in his movie. Abigail says she’s sorry but asks what the movie is about. Johnny shows her Will’s script for The Sami Brady Story. Abigail remarks that it definitely won’t be dull. Abigail looks it over and asks Johnny if Will happened to write about her affair with EJ while he was engaged to Sami, which Johnny confirms that he did.

EJ tells Lucas that Sami is not back in Salem, not that it’s his concern. Lucas argues that Sami is the mother of his children and his friend. EJ asks if he or Allie have heard from her. Lucas says they haven’t. EJ points out that Johnny hasn’t either so he thinks that indicates that Sami is not interested in being Allie and Johnny’s mother or Lucas’s friend. Lucas finds it hard to believe that Sami is not keeping in touch with anyone. Lucas argues that Sami would not run away. EJ agrees since she never has before, but it seems despite Sami always being shameless, she finally realized how much she embarrassed herself by reaching the bottom of the barrel with Lucas. Lucas calls him a smug son of a bitch. EJ calls Lucas a loser. Lucas says that’s not how Sami saw it. EJ warns Lucas to watch what he says because he’s very close to making him angry and he doesn’t want that.

John asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena responds that she doesn’t know as she just had the most horrible nightmare. John encourages her that it’s all over and asks her to tell him about it.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Philip. He asks her what’s going on and if everything is alright. Kate asks if a mother can’t just visit her son. Philip says she’s a very busy woman so she doesn’t make casual visits to her son. Kate admits it’s not just a casual visit as she’s feeling concerned with her children today. Philip says if it’s not about him, he doubts it’s Austin, Billie, Cassie or Rex as they are all doing fine as far as he knows, so he guesses she’s worried about Lucas. Kate confirms that she is and asks if he’s not. Philip responds that he’s not. Kate argues that he is Lucas’s brother and he’s suffering, so she questions how he can’t be concerned. Kate talks about Lucas being sad and mopey about Sami. Philip says that Lucas is a grown man and suggests they stay the hell out of it.

Lucas tells EJ to take his best shot but Roman interrupts and tells EJ to get out or sit down. Lucas says it’s alright as he will go because he has things to do anyways. Lucas tells EJ to tell Johnny that he’s set things in motion. EJ questions what he means. Lucas reveals that he’s investing in Johnny’s movie which infuriates EJ. Lucas remarks that he doesn’t want to spoil The Sami Brady Story for him, but he’ll be surprised by who Sami’s love interest is. Roman holds EJ back as Lucas walks out of the Pub.

Abigail asks Johnny if Will wrote about her affair in detail. Johnny calls it the most cinematic scene in the script and talks about how Sami was planning her wedding, completely unaware, and it also includes striking visuals like a long shower montage. Johnny jokes about how Will described EJ’s naked body in his script. Abigail worries but Johnny then reveals that he’s cutting the whole storyline so there won’t be anything about her and EJ. Abigail is relieved, calling that not her proudest moment. Johnny then informs her that with Will’s blessing, he’s begun rewriting the script to focus on the darkest, most dramatic thing that’s ever happened to his family; when his grandma was possessed by the Devil.

Allie assures Chanel that she meant it and that she only worried that Johnny would want to hit it and quit it, but Chanel is a big girl so it’s fine by her. Chanel insists that Johnny has changed. Allie says that’s good since he is her brother and she does love him. Allie wants them to be happy and jokes that they should spend more nights together watching scary movies. Allie mentions that she didn’t sleep much last night either. Chanel asks if it’s her and Tripp.

Tripp informs Julie that Doug’s vitals are good and his condition is stable. Julie worries that Doug had a terrible night, tossing and turning. Tripp says he’ll talk to Kayla about increasing his sedative but notes that agitation is a fairly common side effect of dementia. Julie argues that Doug doesn’t have dementia. Tripp acknowledges that Doug is still being evaluated for more tests. Julie insists that if she prays for him, he will get better. Tripp encourages Julie. She questions believing that everything has a scientific explanation.

John asks Marlena what her dream was about but she claims she can’t remember. John points out that she’s still shaking. Marlena thinks it had something to do with Doug. John knows how worried she is about him. Marlena says everything has been going so fast and it’s all a blur so she can’t quite figure it out. Marlena recalls talking to Doug and then he was on the ground and Julie was there. John asks if she’s thinking it’s his heart. Marlena says that after he was stabilized, she wanted to check to see if he was alright and to make him feel better. Marlena doesn’t remember exactly what she said to him but she thinks she made him feel worse. John asks how she could do that. Marlena says she doesn’t know.

Kate decides she shouldn’t have come to talk to Philip about this then. Philip apologizes and says he’s kind of sensitive to her interfering in their lives. Kate argues that she does it because she cares and she hates seeing Lucas so unhappy, pining away for Sami, who has broken his heart once again. Philip reminds her that he tried to help Lucas with Sami, but she obviously doesn’t seem to want to get back with him so he needs to move on. Kate says that’s easy for him to say. Philip remarks that Kate might stop obsessing over her kids’ love life if she had a love life of her own.

EJ comments to Roman on the nerve of Lucas for sleeping with his wife and now giving money to his son for his cinematic pipe dream. Roman then reveals that Lucas is not the only one giving Johnny money for his film.

Johnny asks what Abigail remembers about Marlena being possessed. Abigail says not much since she was just a kid. Johnny asks if people were talking about it. Abigail notes that not many people wanted to talk about it.

Allie confirms to Chanel that Tripp did spend the night but says she didn’t get much sleep because she’s dealing with Henry teething. Allie tells Chanel how Tripp offered to come over every morning until the nanny gets there. Chanel is happy that Allie has someone who wants to take care of. Allie calls Tripp incredible and says she really cares about him. Chanel asks if she wants to talk about it.

Tripp tells Julie that it’s clear how important her faith is to her. Julie asks Tripp if he really believes there is a scientific explanation for everything. Tripp confirms that he does, but he doesn’t think faith and science are mutually exclusive, as he’s convinced that life is a miracle. Tripp brings up Johnny’s script about a story that happened in Salem, about Marlena being possessed by the Devil. Tripp asks if Julie remembers what happened. Julie says she and Doug were out of town, but she’s heard the stories. Tripp asks if she believes the stories are true.

John can’t imagine Marlena doing or saying anything that would hurt Doug. Marlena says she loves Doug and doesn’t think she would. John thinks Marlena is just working too hard and taking care of everyone but herself. John suggests she take a day off but Marlena says doing nothing would drive her crazy, so she has to figure out what’s wrong. John asks if Marlena might have recorded her session with Doug. Marlena remembers that she did, so she has to go listen to it and she has to do it now. John offers to drive her to the hospital since he wants to see Doug and Julie anyways. Marlena agrees and says she’s glad to be doing something as she goes to get dressed.

Philip jokes that it must have been good for Kate’s ego to have Roman pursue her. Kate states that Roman just let her know that if she was ever ready, he’d be there. Philip points out that she still didn’t answer his question so he asks her why she and Roman are not together. Kate responds that love is risky and she doesn’t want to take that risk. Kate talks about being hurt and humiliated so she’s just going to concentrate on family and work for awhile. Kate then admits there’s something about Roman as she’s always admired him.

Roman tells EJ that he’s not going to tell one of his grandkids no when they are following a dream. EJ argues that Johnny’s place is at DiMera, working for him. Roman asks if he ever thinks about how stupid he is. Roman tells EJ that if he wants Johnny completely out of his life, then forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do and sneering at his passion will do that. EJ mocks Roman raising Sami. EJ argues that Roman is wasting his money as Johnny will abandon his movie when there’s actual work involved. Roman asks if EJ is taking out his anger at Sami on Johnny. EJ remarks that he’s trying to help his son grow up while Roman is indulging him, just like he always indulged his tramp daughter. Roman says EJ obviously came here for a fight. Roman warns EJ to be careful what he wishes for because if he keeps talking like that, he’s damn well going to get a fight.

Johnny tells Abigail that even though John turned down investing in his film, he told Allie that it was all true. Johnny thinks a documented story about a possessed grandma is marketable. Abigail asks why he doesn’t see that his family might see the movie as exploitative. Johnny doesn’t see why everybody is so offended by it and remarks that possession is nothing to be ashamed of. Abigail doesn’t think Marlena wants a movie made about it and asks how Allie feels about it. Johnny hopes she feels good because he asked her to play Sami. Abigail questions him not using actors. Johnny responds that lots of directors use real people for their movies all the time. Johnny says this is a Salem story so he wants people that are connected to the town and connected to the people that had to go through this unspeakable horror.

Allie tells Chanel that she really wishes Sami would answer her texts. Chanel says Allie can try to change the subject all she wants, but she can just ask Tripp what she’s keeping from her. Allie then agrees to tell her. Allie tells Chanel that Tripp is so great, she really likes him, and the sex is the best. Chanel asks what the problem is then. Allie reveals that Tripp told her that he loved her and she didn’t say it back.

Julie tells Tripp that in her life experience, the Devil takes many forms including Gabi. Julie says Tripp can keep his faith in science and she will keep her faith in God, so between the two of them they can do Doug some good. Tripp agrees. Julie thanks Tripp for the care he has shown them. Tripp says he’s off his shift now and offers to go to the chapel to say a prayer for Doug. Julie calls that a wonderful idea as Tripp then exits.

John and Marlena arrive at the hospital. John says he’s going to check on Doug and asks Marlena not to push herself too much. Marlena thinks she’ll feel better when she hears what’s on the recording as it all happened so fast that she must have missed something. Marlena sends her love to Doug and Julie as she then heads to her office.

Marlena goes to her office and plays the recording of her session with Doug. She then reaches the part where Doug said he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose.

John checks in on Julie. Julie worries that Doug is still so agitated and not getting the rest he needs. John worries that Julie hasn’t either since she was there all night. John says Doug will need Julie to be strong, so he suggests she go home to get some sleep. Julie says she won’t get sleep but she could use a shower and a change of clothes, so John agrees to stay with Doug. Julie thanks him and says she won’t be long. John tells her to take her time. Julie then exits the room. Doug’s heart rate starts to drop.

Abigail asks if Johnny will get Allie to play Sami, then will he get Sami to play Marlena. Johnny laughs at the idea but says no one knows where Sami is. Abigail says he might have to get a real actress then. Johnny says it’s a tough role as it’d have to be someone strong but vulnerable and really beautiful. Johnny then suggests Abigail for the role.

Chanel wishes she could relate but she and Johnny are nowhere near the “I love you” stage. Allie laughs off the idea of Johnny as a pure-hearted white knight. Chanel points out that Allie got her off subject of her and Tripp again. Chanel asks Allie what’s going on and what the problem is with her and Tripp. Allie tells Chanel that she knows Tripp is so great and they are serious about each other, but she doesn’t think that she’s ready. Allie thinks when she tells someone that she loves them for the very first time, she wants to be sure she really means it. Chanel asks what she thinks is holding her back. Tripp then appears and questions what they are talking about. Allie says they were just talking about Chanel and Johnny. Chanel adds that Tripp is Allie’s 5 AM hero. Tripp guesses they are all pretty lucky as he and Allie kiss in front of Chanel.

Roman tells EJ that he’s not going to just stand here and listen to him badmouth his daughter. EJ apologizes for being out of line but points out that Sami broke her vows and left. Roman says he’s not defending her, but they both know EJ was far from a great husband. Roman adds that EJ pushed Sami away and he’s about to do the exact same thing to Johnny.

Johnny praises Abigail. Abigail doesn’t know anything about being possessed, but guesses she knows about someone taking over her life. Johnny asks if Abigail will do it.

Marlena continues listening to the recording of her session with Doug, where Doug became possessed by the Devil.

John sits at Doug’s side as Doug wakes up. John tells him that they are all here for him and that Marlena is in her office now, trying to figure out what to do next. Doug’s monitors start to increase. John tells him to hang on but Doug says Marlena’s name.

Marlena continues listening to her recording between her and the Devil.

John tells Doug that Marlena is trying to help him. Doug responds that Marlena needs their help because she tried to kill him.

Marlena’s recording has the Devil’s voice asking if she really needs to listen to it as if she already forgot their reunion.

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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: You got to stop this. Listen to yourself. Listen to the leaps of logic you’re willing to make to justify what you’re doing.

Billy: I’m protecting the mother of my children, Jack.

Jack: I know you keep saying that. Victoria is no longer your responsibility. And let’s be honest. This is not protecting Victoria or protecting your kids or maybe even about Ashland. This is about you trying to stop Victoria from moving on.


Billy: You’re not the first person to claim that I’m having a hard time getting over Victoria, but like them, Jack, you would be wrong ’cause I am happy with Lily, very, very happy. My life has taken a different direction, and I am great with that.

Jack: Historically, that would be about the time that you start to sabotage yourself.

Billy: There you go.

Jack: You’re my brother, and I love you, Billy, but you know that’s the truth.

Billy: It’s not what this is about, okay? This is about protecting Victoria and my children. That’s it. Their welfare. Nothing more. And given the amount of lies and half-truths that Ashland has told us in the short amount of time that he has been in our lives, I would be remiss not to look into him.

Jack: This is your ego talking. Victoria is perfectly capable of looking after her own life without any of your help.

Billy: Okay, you mentioned Nick as having the same thoughts. Does that make him an egomaniac, as well!

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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Jack: Hey, I’ve just been thinking of you. I read a very complimentary article about you and Newman Media.

Adam: Well, I have to admit, it is nice to get a little good press. It’s a welcome change of pace.

Jack: I’m sure it is. Well, the article said the expansion’s going very well, and — how did they put it? — It is a business
renaissance for Adam Newman.

Adam: Just a fancy way of saying I’ve gotten a do-over.

Jack: Well, fancy or not, it sounds like you’re turning things around, and I couldn’t be happier for you


Phyllis: Well, okay. Room 600. Um, excuse me. I’m sorry, when are you gonna get this? You are not welcome at the
Grand Phoenix ever.

Sally: Well, when are you gonna get that I am not going anywhere. I’m a part of this town, so get used to it.

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Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 27, 2021

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Victor: Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me or there’s something you want to say?

Billy: Just surprised to see you here again.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Billy: Or maybe you haven’t left. Either way, it seems weird that you would spend this much time in Phyllis’ establishment. You got a meeting by chance?

Victor: Yes, I do have a meeting. Thank you for asking.

Billy: Jesse Gaines. Does that name ring a bell?

Victor: It sounds like the name of your bookie


Ashland: Victor, forgive me for running late.

Victor: That’s alright. Table in the restaurant is waiting.

Billy: I hope it’s a table for three. Got a few questions for the both of you.

Victor: [ Laughs ] You’re a pest, Billy boy.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 30, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Moses takes Faith to the Top of the Tower restaurant where they have dinner in a private dining room where they have a view of the entire city.

Amanda worries when Imani takes Naya to the hospital because her heartbeat is accelerated.

Mariah gets upset with Tessa because she told Sharon she wants to have a baby.

Nick confronts Ashland and Victoria and tells them that he knows his real name is Bobby Terrance and he should tell Victoria the rest of the story. Ashland admits that he assumed the identity of his best friend Ashland Locke when Ashland died in a fiery car crash. Ashland (Bobby) explains that his best friend was driving fast down the highway because they were trying to leave town before his abusive father could find them and the car hit a tree and caught fire. Ashland (Bobby) was ejected from the car but the real Ashland was pinned to the car and Ashland (Bobby) picks up the real Ashland’s wallet and drops his wallet inside the car. The real Ashland was burned beyond recognition but Bobby’s father identified him because of a tattoo he had on his calf but nobody knew that the two friends had the same tattoo on their calves. Victoria tells Ashland she needs time to think because she is upset that he kept his past a secret from her. Victoria is angry with Nick because he continued to dig into Ashland’s past when he promised he wouldn’t do it anymore. Victoria is so upset with Nick that he isn’t invited to her wedding.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Nikki tells Billy to stop trying to ruin Victoria’s wedding just because his ego is hurt that Victoria is marrying Ashland. Nikki tells Billy he is uninvited to the wedding and if he keeps digging into Ashland’s past he will find out Victor isn’t the only Newman who can be dangerous.

Phyllis and Jack share memories of the birth of Summer as well as their wedding. Phyllis is relieved that Nick will be going to Milan with them on the Abbott jet. Nick gets ready to talk to Ashland and Victoria about what he discovered about Ashland’s past.

Nate tells Elena that he is worried about Ashland because he doesn’t look well.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: No. Listen to me. We need to figure out what happened after that. Why gaines checked out of the hotel so abruptly and where he went. I’m sorry, but that’s not an adequate answer. People don’t just disappear. Okay, fine. Then come up with another solution. I wouldn’t be surprised if victor newman had something to do with gaines deciding not to talk to me, so ask around. See if anybody saw anything or heard anything. Okay, look, talk to one of your banking associates. Do whatever you need to do. Just figure it out.

Jack: What’s got you so worked up?

Billy: Hi. How are you?

Jack: You first.

Billy: I am — I’m fine. It’s just, lily has gone to stanford to go see mattie, and I’m here running everything on my own.

Jack: Normally you thrive on chaos, so that can’t possibly be the problem.

Billy: Who said there’s a problem? You’re basing that on the assumption of hearing part of a conversation. Actually, how much of that conversation did you hear?

Jack: Enough to hear that you were pretty frustrated. Are you delving into areas that wouldn’t make lily happy?

Billy: No. She knows the whole story.

Jack: Okay.

Billy: If I was gonna fill you in — and I’m not saying i will — I highly doubt that you would be receptive, no matter how convincing the evidence is.

Jack: Evidence of what? What exactly are you investigating?

Billy: Why victoria should not rush into marrying ashland locke.

Jack: Wish I could say I was surprised by that. Phyllis hinted that nicholas is on a similar mission.

Phyllis: Hey, I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon. Have you landed? Do you need me to pick you up?

Nick: No. I’m still in atlantic city. Mechanical issues.

Phyllis: You’re kidding me.

Nick: I wish I was.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Well, I mean, how long is it gonna be? Well, that’s a stupid question. Of course you don’t know. Hey, uh, what have you found out?

Nick: Remember that lead that was promising that I texted you about?

Nick: Well, it took me down a rabbit hole, and not a good one.

Phyllis: How bad is it?

Nick: Very, if what I think all this means is true, but i don’t want to get into it on the phone. I’ll fill you in when I see you. I think you and jack and traci should get on the plane and go to milan. I’ll get there as soon as I can.

Phyllis: Oh, traci is not going to be flying with us. There was a change in her plans.

Nick: Yeah. Okay.

Phyllis: Yeah, so… well, I guess you should just, you know, fly to milan from new jersey.

Nick: I got to confront ashland first and see what he has to say, but I promise you I’m gonna see our girl get married one way or another.

Phyllis: I wish I were flying with you, but I know this is important to you.

Nick: I got to follow through on what I’ve learned. This trip raised some serious questions, and I need some answers from ashland before my sister says “I do.”

Nikki: Well, we got a lot accomplished.

Victoria: Yes, and not a moment too soon.

Nikki: Is everything alright?

Victoria: What? Yes. I’m fine. Why?

Nikki: Oh, I don’t know. You just seem a little keyed up.

Victoria: It just feels like, uh — it feels like there’s so much left to do.

Nikki: How was your fitting with lauren? Is your wedding dress almost ready?

Victoria: Uh, yes…and no. To tell you the truth, mom, I’m — I’m really not that thrilled with the design.

Nikki: Oh, no.

Victoria: It’s close, but —

Nikki: Not quite what you had envisioned.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, lauren assured me that she would be able to fix it. It’s just one added stress that I don’t need right now.

Nikki: You do realize that that’s what I’m for — to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Darling, please trust me when i say that everything for your wedding is going to be perfect.

Victoria: I want to believe that’s true.

Nikki: And you can. Look, it’s very normal to be anxious, that wonderful combination of nerves and excitement. So, when did you last speak to ashland?

Victoria: He canceled our dinner plans. Or at least he said he might have to, via text. He said that something unexpected came up, some sort of business that he had to handle.

Nikki: And that just made you more concerned.

Ashland: Circumstances have changed. I no longer need the money.

Douglas: The wedding surprise for your bride — did that fall through?

Ashland: Well, I’m sure I can find something even more spectacular.

Douglas: [ Chuckles ] Well, best of luck with everything.

Ashland: Thank you.

Victoria: Well, this is a surprise.

Ashland: My meeting ended quicker than expected and I’m free for the rest of the day and I would love to spend the rest of it with you.

Victoria: Well, I’m with my mom. Since you said you were busy, she and I were planning on grabbing a bite together.

Nikki: Oh, no, honey, we can do that any time. Go meet him. I insist.

Ashland: Tell nikki thanks for me.

Victoria: I will. Where are you?

Ashland: Society.

Victoria: I’ll be there in a few. I can’t to see you and hear all about your business meeting. Bye.

When you hear ‘cough

cough sneeze sneeze’

Additional sponsorship

provided by… when asthma symptoms strike, airways narrow.

Ashland: Nate!

[ Chuckles ] I’m waiting for a victoria. Please join me.

Nate: Oh, well, I’m waiting for elena to finish her shift to join me, so I’d be happy to hang with you until they arrive.

Ashland: Excellent. Ohh, it’s nice to get out of work at a reasonable hour, huh?

Nate: Ah, well, it happens occasionally.

Very occasionally.

Ashland: How’s the new job?

Nate: Hectic. I, uh — I do love it, though. I’m enjoying the challenge of managing our surgical team.

Ashland: Well, not many are up to the task. Clearly you are where you should be.

Nate: Well, so far, so good. Thank you for asking.

Ashland: Of course.

Nate: Now, uh, I don’t mean to overstep, but, uh, as your best man, I feel it’s my responsibility to look out for the groom. You seem tired. Feeling alright these days? How are you managing the effects from the chemo?

Ashland: Physically, uh, i feel remarkably well, which surprises me, given what the doctors had prepared me for. It’s just been a stressful few days.

Nate: Any particular reason?

Ashland: I truly appreciate that. There were a few trouble spots that I had to deal with. Uh, I think I’ve gotten them handled. And from now on, I, uh, promise — no more stressful days. I’m going to focus on enjoying this special time with the woman I love.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: I thought hearing from ashland would reassure you that everything is fine.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Look, I — I suppose that you’re gonna hear about this at some point. When billy made that stink about that attorney, jesse gaines, I, um — I couldn’t help but feel a little bit concerned about it, so I looked him up online.

Nikki: And?

Victoria: Turns out that his father was an attorney, too, and worked for camilla rhodes, the woman who mentored ashland and gave him his start. Look, after everything that has come to light about ashland’s past, I have to wonder — what is that attorney’s son doing in genoa city now?

Nikki: Well, did you ask ashland about it?

Victoria: No, not yet. I was hoping he would say something to me.

Nikki: Evidently, he hasn’T.

Victoria: I don’t want to make it seem like I don’t trust ashland. Opening up about his past with our family was difficult enough for him.

Nikki: You know, I walked in on ashland and victor at the ranch yesterday. They were talking very quietly, almost conspiratorially.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Well, that does sound like dad.

Nikki: I didn’t press them for what was going on. I doubt they would have told me if I had. But, darling, I certainly don’t want to add to your worries.

Victoria: Mom, thank you. I appreciate you telling me. It’s just, I wish I wasn’t having all of these doubts so close to our wedding.

Nikki: I’m sorry. P>> Victoria: You know, this is billy’s fault. He is the one who planted these suspicions in my mind, and i just can’t shake them.

Jack: What it with this incessant needs to dig into ashland locke’s past? You’ve already published plenty of material about him, some of it less than kind. He’s suffering late-stage cancer. Yes, of course, he wants to change part of his life. Why isn’t that enough? What is it about this guy that you and nick don’t trust? What diabolical scheme is he somehow trying to pull off?

Billy: Okay. When ashland was 20 years old, he suddenly came into enough money to purchase two tv stations, which was the start of his career.

Jack: An inheritance.

Billy: No. He did not come from any wealth whatsoever. Far from it. When he was a teen, he ran away, changed his name, gave himself a whole new identity.

Jack: Wait, how do you know all this about him?

Billy: Because I was invited to a newman family gathering with victor and nikki and nick and of course victoria, where he gave us all a very heartfelt confession. He claims that he was trying to escape an abusive father. Of course, that’s his word. There’s no public record of him ever changing his name. And he thinks that that’s enough to just, you know, close the case.

Jack: Well, maybe he’s just trying to protect harrison. I mean, it makes all the sense in the world. He wouldn’t want to say any more, especially to the press.

Billy: Well, he didn’t say anything until he was backed into a corner.

Jack: By you.

Billy: No. I am not the only one that’s suspicious. Victor and nick are looking into ashland, as well. And after ashland’s story, it really only left more questions, like what is his real birth name, which he says he will never tell us at any point whatsoever. Look, just to be very clear, I’m not looking to take this information public, okay? I am simply trying to protect victoria and my children, and ashland seems to think that sharing the bare minimum is enough for us all to back off and stop asking any questions, which really was the only reason I was there in the first place.

Jack: Ashland’s in love, about to marry a woman with whom he has limited time, maybe very limited time. I can understand him not wanting to spend that time fending off attacks from her ex. Look, if victoria is satisfied, that should be enough.

Billy: Well, she’s not.

Jack: She’s told you that?

Billy: No.

Jack: No?

Billy: Look, I know victoria, okay? She is starting to question ashland. She’s starting to wonder what else he’s lying about. And I’m not gonna sit back and let her marry some guy whose entire life is built on lies and deception, okay? I mean, we don’t really know for sure if he’s sick.

Jack: He is going through chemotherapy. He’s just made the gut-wrenching choice to let harrison live in italy with kyle.

Billy: Yeah, that makes it a lot more convincing, doesn’t it?

Jack: You got to stop this. Listen to yourself. Listen to the leaps of logic you’re willing to make to justify what you’re doing.

Billy: I’m protecting the mother of my children, jack.

Jack: I know you keep saying that. Victoria is no longer your responsibility. And let’s be honest. This is not protecting victoria or protecting your kids or maybe even about ashland. This is about you trying to stop victoria from moving on. Did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair?

Victoria: Hello, hello.

Ashland: Darling, I’m so glad you could join me.

Victoria: I’m so glad you called. Hi, nate.

Nate: Hey there. Um, elena should be joining me soon.

Ashland: It turns out they had the same idea that we did to have an early dinner. Yeah. And here she is right now.

Elena: Hey!

Nate: Hey there. How was your shift?

Elena: Busy, but not insane.

Nate: Well, can’t beat that.

Ashland: How about a table for four? We’d be delighted to have you join us.

Elena: You sure?

Ashland: 100%. In fact, I’m not gonna take no for an answer.

Victoria: U-unless nate and elena would prefer some alone time.

Nate: Uh, we’d love to join you. Right?

Elena: Yeah, absolutely.

Ashland: Well, then it’s settled. I’ll be right back.

Victoria: Wonderful.

Billy: You’re not the first person to claim that I’m having a hard time getting over victoria, but like them, jack, you would be wrong ’cause I am happy with lily, very, very happy. My life has taken a different direction, and I am great with that.

Jack: Historically, that would be about the time that you start to sabotage yourself.

Billy: There you go.

Jack: You’re my brother, and I love you, billy, but you know that’s the truth.

Billy: It’s not what this is about, okay? This is about protecting victoria and my children. That’s it. Their welfare. Nothing more. And given the amount of lies and half-truths that ashland has told us in the short amount of time that he has been in our lives, I would be remiss not to look into him.

Jack: This is your ego talking. Victoria is perfectly capable of of looking after her own life without any of your help.

Billy: Okay, you mentioned nick as having the same thoughts. Does that make him an egomaniac, as well?

Jack: All I know is nick took an unscheduled trip to the east coast.

Billy: What makes you think that this is about ashland?

Jack: Phyllis said that it was about victoria and her wedding, and the way she said it led me to believe that he was doing more than looking for a great wedding gift.

Billy: Hmm.

Jack: Okay, you don’t seem surprised.

Billy: Nick has always claimed that he’s on the fence about ashland. But he’s never really thought there was enough there to keep digging. So, if he’s on the east coast looking into ashland, I am great with that because we are after the same thing — figuring out the riddle of who ashland locke really is and protecting the people that we love. And for your theory, jack, you can throw it out the window because I can care about my ex, I can want what’s best for her without being possessive and having an ulterior motive.

Phyllis: Okay. [ Chuckles ]

Traci: I’m so sorry. Jack has stepped away, but, um, he won’t be gone for long.

Phyllis: Oh.

Traci: Is nick not with you?

Phyllis: Oh, no, he’s not. His, uh — his plane was, you know, stuck in atlantic city. Mechanical issues.

Traci: Well, that’s unfortunate.

Phyllis: Yeah. It is. I mean, he doesn’t know when everything is gonna be fixed. He has to come back here before we go off to milan together, but he’s aware that we may have to go without him. He’ll just take a commercial jet or something, you know? But he’ll definitely be there for kyle and summer’s wedding, definitely.

Traci: Okay. Good. Well, does that mean then that it will only be you and jack flying to italy together?

Phyllis: Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Traci: W– okay. You know what? While we wait for jack, I’m gonna pour you a glass of wine, and we’re gonna have a little talk.

Phyllis: Sounds great. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Traci: [ Laughing ] So like a twofer!

Phyllis: Two for one wedding! Exactly!

Traci: A romance double-header.

Phyllis: Right. You know, that’s a good name —

Traci: For my next novel.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, that, but I was gonna say for a band.

[ Both laugh ]

Traci: Perfect!

Jack: Nice to see the two of you getting into the spirit of things.

Traci: Oh, jack, hi. We — phyllis and I just decided it’s been too long since we’ve had a chance to sit down and talk.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, it’s really nice. I mean, it was the escape club…

Traci: Yes!

Phyllis: …Last time we spo– that was like a hundred years ago.

Traci: Yes, and a night i will never forget. I mean, we only were able to exchange just a few words because phyllis was so focused on making sure that everybody had the perfect spa experience. And succeeded.

Phyllis: Oh, that is so nice of you to say. Thank you.

Jack: Phyllis has poured her heart and soul into that hotel, overcome obstacles I think would be insurmountable for pretty much anyone else.

Phyllis: Thank you. What — what’s that look about?

Traci: [ Laughs ] I’m just thinking about this magical oasis that you have created. Seriously. A destination with so much cachet, completely respected. It’s a reflection of you, phyllis, you know, how much you’ve grown in the last few years as a human being, a woman who has literally risen from the ashes, very phoenix-like, you know?

[ Chuckles ] And yet mayhem seems to still manage to creep in.

[ Laughs ] For example, a rude customer who gets a surprise ice bath.

Phyllis: Oh, well…

Traci: And the, um, grand opening, complete with ecstasy-spiked punch.

Jack: Let’s not forget the armed man descending from the ceiling the day of the hostage crisis.

Phyllis: Thanks.

Traci: [ Laughing ] Exactly! It just gets my writer’s mind going, you know, wondering what in the world is next for this colorful protagonist.

Jack: I can help with that. A jet ride to milan to watch her daughter get married, escorted by the proud and dashing fathers of the bride and groom.

Traci: Oh, jack, jack, you don’t know the news.

Jack: Wait. What news?

Phyllis: Oh! Yeah. Uh, nick — his flight is stuck in atlantic city mechanical issues. You know, so he doesn’t know if he’s gonna get back to genoa city in time, you know? And so we may have to go off to milan without him.

Jack: Well, that’s no problem. I’ll just have my pilot file a later flight plan as soon as we know nick’s status. In the meantime, we can enjoy a dinner together.

Phyllis: Great. Sounds doable.

Traci: Um, I have some work that I have to turn in. So, why don’t you guys figure this all out, let me know when it’s sorted? And, um, phyllis, it really was just great catching up.

Phyllis: It was my pleasure.

Jack: That was a nice surprise, walking in and finding the two of you getting along so well.

Phyllis: Yeah. It was fun. Although it made me wonder.

Jack: Wait. Wonder what?

Phyllis: Well, I wasn’t sure if you said something to her, you know, about…

Jack: Wait. What I confided to you? No. God, no.

Phyllis: I mean, I wouldn’t blame you. I mean, you are very close to your sister.

Jack: Wait a minute. Listen to me. I told nick that, only nick, for a reason. It was the right thing to do. I wanted to be honest. I have nothing to hide. And you have nothing in your glass. Let me get you a little more wine.

Phyllis: Okay, great. Will you have more wine?

Jack: No, I’m gonna have ginger ale tonight ’cause the last time I drank around you, i poured my heart and soul out, and I’m not gonna subject you to that.

Phyllis: Oh, come on! I hope you’re joking. Really. You’re not subjecting me to anything. You could bare your heart and soul out to me any time you want.

Jack: Right back at you.

Nate: Excellent meal. The fish was perfection.

Elena: And I loved seeing those photos of tuscany. The palazzo is gorgeous.

Nate: Gonna be one heck of a wedding.

Elena: We can’t wait.

Ashland: Neither can we. Isn’t that right, darling?

Victoria: Yes. My mother has worked very hard to make this the perfect day.

Ashland: Nikki has done a magnificent job, and I couldn’t be happier that both of you will be joining us.

Nate: Yes. Well, we should get going. Thank you you two for inviting us to join you.

Elena: Yes, we had a great time.

Ashland: Us too.

Nate: And my offer still stands. Let me know if the groom needs anything.

Ashland: I appreciate that.

Elena: See you in italy.

Victoria: We’re looking forward to it.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] You know, ever since we sat down, you seem a bit distracted. Is something wrong?

Victoria: You tell me. Because I am having a lot of trouble not feeling like you’re keeping something from me. Did you get some — some news, some bad news about your illness, and you’re reluctant to tell me? Or maybe this has something to do with the fact that my brother, nick, flew to new jersey for some reason that he won’t share with me. Oh, or maybe it’s about a lawyer named jesse gaines who’s connected to your past and the woman who mentored you.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Not here.

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ] Where then?

Ashland: Let’s go back to the office, where we can speak in private.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Hey, it’s me again. Any news on jesse gaines? Still nothing? Okay, so you’re telling me that this guy basically admitted that he’s got information on ashland’s past, we’ve agreed on a price to get him to talk, and then just up and disappears? It’s not good enough, okay? Keep digging ’cause I need answers soon.

Nikki: Stop trying to fill victoria’s head with doubts.

Billy: Hello, nikki.

Nikki: Victor explicitly warned you about interfering with our daughter’s happiness. And you know what he’s capable of when he’s angry. Defy him at your own risk. Oh, and here’s a news flash. You should worry just as much about defying me.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. (Upbeat pop music throughout)

Elena: Thanks. Hey, did you notice victoria’s mood, too?

Nate: Hard not to notice how distracted she was.

Elena: Intense. My god. Although she did try to hide it. But it shouldn’t be that stressful, planning such a happy occasion.

Nate: Yeah, I think there’s more to it.

Elena: Yeah?

Nate: When I ran into ashland, he seemed to be in pretty bad shape. It reminded me of, uh…

Elena: Of what?

Nate: Why they’re moving so quickly with this wedding.

Elena: Hmm. Have you talked to ashland about his treatment? And what has his oncologist said about his progress?

Nate: We didn’t go into detail, but it’s clear to me he is not as well as he claims to be.

Elena: Sorry to hear that. But it would explain why victoria seemed so off.

Nate: Well, I advised ashland to slow down, you know, stop trying to manage everything. This time should be about the love he and victoria share, and the huge commitment they’re about to make, and nothing more.

Ashland: I assume billy came running to you and that is how you learned about the attorney?

Victoria: Former. Former attorney. Jesse gaines jr., Who lost his license due to malfeasance. I don’t understand why I didn’t hear this from you.

Ashland: Mainly because —

Victoria: Don’t tell me that it’s not a problem. It can’t be a coincidence that this man just shows up in town. Look, you promised me that you weren’t gonna keep any more secrets about your past, and I’m trying really hard to believe that. But I keep getting these unsettling surprises, and it’s getting harder and harder to convince myself that there’s nothing wrong here. So please just stop with the vague reassurances.

[ Sighs ] Just tell me the truth.

Billy: I am not making victoria feel anything. She’s questioning ashland on her own, and for good reason — ’cause every day, a disturbing new piece of evidence pops up.

Nikki: What exactly have you learned that is so damning?

Billy: I’m still putting the pieces together.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Just as i thought. The answer is nothing. You have no proof of anything. And yet you are determined to derail this wedding to feed your own ego.

Billy: Actually, the fact that victoria is not blindly accepting ashland’s version of who he is or the secret to his success is a good thing. And I would be glad if I was you that she’s asking questions of her fiancé, a man whose real name she doesn’t even know yet.

Nikki: I will always look out for my daughter’s best interests. And, no, I am not glad that you continue to meddle in her life. That you would criticize the man that she has chosen after the-many ways that you have failed her? Just know this. Victoria is going to marry ashland, and you are going to stop trying to undermine them.

Billy: Uncover the truth. That’s what I’m doing. And I’m not the only one.

Nikki: Back the hell off, billy, now. And do us all a massive favor. Don’t show your face at the wedding. You’re no longer welcome.

Phyllis: You still know your way around a grilled cheese, jack.

Jack: Yeah, I still have a few hidden talents.

Phyllis: Mm.

Jack: Wow, think about it. Tomorrow, this time, we will be in milan, about to watch our kids become husband and wife.

Phyllis: I know. For good. For good this time. Summer ann. She’s my little miracle. Ah. Beautiful. You remember how many doctors said it would never happen again after daniel? Remember that?

Jack: The head is out. The head is out.

Phyllis: Is she breathing? Can she breathe? Can she breathe? Answer me. Jack, look at me. Is she alive?

Jack: She’s alive. And she’s beautiful. Time to meet your mommy.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Hey, baby girl. Baby…

Jack: Cover her up. Cover her up. Cover her up.

Phyllis: Look at you. Oh, my god. I’ve been waiting so long to see you. Oh, my baby.

Jack: Hello. This is jack abbott. Turn the power on now. Okay, get ready. Hold tight. Here we go.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Phyllis: Look at you. This is your first ride.

Jack: There’s no jolt. Thank you.

Phyllis: Baby, it’s your first one.

[ Smooches ]

Jack: [ Breathing heavily ]

Phyllis: [ Sobbing ] Thank you. Thank you, jack. You gave me a miracle. Thank you.

Jack: I felt the same way about kyle. When I found out he was my son, it was this amazing, unexpected surprise.

Phyllis: Yeah. It was an unexpected surprise.

[ Both laugh ] I’m glad we can talk like this and reminiscE. It makes me happy.

Jack: I remember you coming down those stairs…

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness.

Jack: …What, almost 20 years ago.

Phyllis: Yeah. Ah. That was lovely. Not just the ceremony. I mean the entire thing was…

Jack: What you got in the bag here?

Phyllis: Stay away from the gown!

Jack: I’m just gonna take a little peek.

Phyllis: No. No. No. Listen, go — go downstairs. Do something, alright? I have to get ready! I’m not even dressed.

Jack: Not so fast. Not so fast. Come here. You realize the next time we kiss we’re gonna be husband and wife?

Phyllis: [ Chuckling ] Yes. Mm-hmm. Are you getting cold feet?

Jack: Do I look like I’m getting cold feet?

Phyllis: I’m the luckiest woman on earth.

Jack: You literally took my breath away. (Vo) if you want to set the rhythm for a great day…

Nate: Now you see why i agreed to join victoria and ashland when I would have preferred to have you all to myself. I’m worried about the guy.

Elena: You are a really good man. Do you know that?

Nate: I try.

Elena: I wanted to be alone with you, too.

Nate: Look, you’ve been working so hard lately with the askmdnow gig on top of everything else. Wouldn’t you rather go unwind and catch up on some rest?

Elena: I know two things for sure. The first is that you are incredibly sweet and thoughtful. And the second is, if you leave now, I will never forgive you.

Nate: [ Laughs ] Hmm.

Jack: Oops. I’m about to be a fool again, dangling my heart on my sleeve.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, would you stop obsessing over that?

Jack: Boundaries were never my strong suit.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Listen. I already told you there’s a part of my heart that’ll never stop loving you. I just love spending time with you. That’s all.

Jack: Well, here’s to happiness.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Phyllis: Mm. Oh! It’s nick.

Jack: Oh.

Phyllis: It’s nick. Hey, babe! Where are you?

Nick: I just got back to genoa city.

Phyllis: Oh, great! That’s fantastic. Nick is back. He’s back.

Nick: Yeah, I got something i got to do. Then I’ll meet up with the two of you.

Phyllis: Okay. What are you going to do?

Nick: I’m gonna get this out in the open.

Victoria: Just talk to me. Tell me — why did nicholas go to new jersey? Why is jesse gaines in genoa city? I don’t want to get these answers from anybody else. I want them from the man that I’m about to marry.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, go ahead and get that. Could be something important. Your brother is back. And he wants to meet.

Victoria: About what?

Ashland: We will soon find out.

Victoria: “We”? Healthy habits come in all sizes.

Phyllis: Ohh, okay. Good. Good. Oh, that’s a relief. So, nick is going to go to milan with us. I’m so glad that worked out.

Jack: Were you really that concerned?

Phyllis: I was. You never know what’s gonna happen with the planes and mechanical issues and, you know… but now we’re all gonna go together. I’m very happy.

Jack: You never said why nick went to new jersey. What made him take off just pbefore our trip when there was a chance he would be cutting it too close?

Phyllis: Yeah. I didn’t say anything, did I?

Jack: Okay, I can, uh — I can guess. Given what little you’ve told me about this, I would say it was probably about ashland locke.

Phyllis: Ashland locke? Why would you say that?

Jack: I spoke to billy earlier. He is absolutely convinced ashland is keeping a secret from everyone, a big enough secret that it might cause victoria to reconsider marrying him.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, billy is the king of wishful thinking.

Jack: Well, ordinarily, i would dismiss it as him trying to keep victoria from moving on, except nicholas also has his suspicions, and he would only be involved to protect his sister, to get proof before the wedding that she was marrying the wrong guy, if that proof exists.

Phyllis: Nick does know something. He has something. What victoria decides to do with it — that’s up to her. But, you know, nick then is gonna wash his hands of this. But let’s talk about the other wedding. Let’s put the focus on the wedding of our kids, okay? And by the way, I want to say thank you.

Jack: Thank you for what?

Phyllis: Thank you for postponing the jabot jet and holding off and making it so that nick could fly to milan with us. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

Jack: I’m glad it all worked out. We can all fly there together.

Billy: Nick, it’s billy. I know you’re out there looking for information on ashland. Please tell me you found the answers we both want.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: I was expecting to meet with you alone.

Ashland: Well, whatever you have to tell me, I want victoria to hear it, as well.

Victoria: Nicholas, you ignored my express wishes. You went digging around into ashland’s past. So — so, let’s hear it. What is this all about?

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 29, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


For speaking upabout my bipolar disorder. Mm-hmm. I know it’s a — it’s a difficult subject to start. I mean, we’ve been through worse, right? No kidding.

[ Both chuckle ] Um, but you’re right. I got to get my blood work. I got to get the scripts. Whatever I got to do. You don’t have to stay. No, I — look. I got to call diane because I got to figure out what we need to do to have you declared legally alive. I have a feeling you, me and carly are gonna be signing a lot of paperwork. Paperwork can wait. I — I gotta go see carly and tell her that nina’s known I was alive the whole time. You stole sonny’s life, and, bitch, you’re gonna pay. Well, I see sonny told you. Okay. You have every right to be angry with me. Don’t tell me what I have a right to feel! Tell me why! And then give me one good reason I don’t kill you. Mom, I know that you are mad at nina. So am I. But she’s still wiley’s grandmother, and the last thing anybody wants is for him to get stuck in the middle, so if you haven’t found her yet… and you get this message, just…

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Count to 10. Bye. Hey. Hey. So, are we really doing this? Hell yes. Okay, then. Get amped. Today’s the day spencer and esme get what’s coming to them. It’s been hours, and your father’s not back yet. Which isn’t unusual or alarming. You don’t find it alarming that your father went after ava? Really wish you’d tried harder to stop him. It’s moot now. Ava is probably halfway across the atlantic. Here’s to hoping her plane crashes and she’s the only casualty. Uh, yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] And more great news.

[ Clears throat ] I cannot believe that my uncle sonny is alive. Yes! Um, josslyn mentioned it. How wonderful. Did she tell you how it all went down? She was in a hurry, so she wasn’t too informative. He can tell me himself. I cannot wait to see him. I’m sure he’d appreciate a visit, you know, once he’s settled. Right. My feelings for ava aside, I am happy for avery. I know that little girl and her daddy adore each other. So…we’re gonna get you unhitched. Ava. What’s the big deal? It gets easier every time, divorce. How many times have you been divorced?

[ Sighs ] Too many. So…I want to get my fee. Do you want me to file this with the court? Do you want to stay married? It’s your call. I knew I would find you here. One last visit with wiley? Before willow and michael found out? Man, you are a stellar human being. Look at it like this. All my lies are blowing up in my face while you got your husband back. Can’t that be enough? You played god with sonny’s life for the past nine months, and now you’re caught, and you want it to be enough?! Hell no! You did it, and now you’re gonna pay the consequences!

[ Telephone ringing ] I had heard, but I needed to see it with my own eyes. Hello, epiphany. This is a miracle.

[ Epiphany chuckles ] It’s good to see you. Well, I-I’m here to see, uh, dr. Sullivan. Ah. Very sensible. But first, let’s get you into a room. I need to take your vitals so I can declare you officially back from the dead.

[ Laughs ] Twice in one day. Yeah. Um… is that a — is that a problem? Not for me. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Nikolas. How did you get past bubba?! Just hear me out before bubba comes to. A-are you saying that you knocked him out? Oh, okay. You know what? I am gonna go give mr. Bubba my card because when he comes to, he might want to sue you for personal injury. You were always a charmer!

[ Chuckles ] I’m glad I caught you. You didn’T. You’re too late. Aside from a few practical matters, I’m ready to leave port charles. Next stop, london. That’S…my new base of operations. Is this one of those practical matters? It’s the most practical of all — our divorce papers. Signed and sealed. And all scotty has to do is deliver them. Then I got here just in time. Because there’s no longer any need for scott, no need for divorce papers, no need for you to head anywhere but home, to wyndemere, with me. Nikolas, we have gone over and over and over this. I have news, something that will change everything. What is it? Sonny is alive. I know. You do? Yeah, I know. I-I stopped by his house this morning to say goodbye to avery, and there he wa– why would you say goodbye? Don’t you see, ava? This changes everything. It doesn’T. Nikolas… it changes nothing. -We need to move fast. -Then let’s do this. It’s “go” time. Okay. Hold on. Are we really sure about this? You’re backing out now? Nobody’s backing out of anything. I’m just asking you guys to hear me out. I mean, yes, esme and spencer’s behavior, it could warrant suspicion regarding their involvement with the stalking of ava and nikolas, but — -exactly. -That’s why we’re doing this. But should we really move forward without any evidence? Why? We’re not a court of law. Cam, it’s like I said. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Okay, but what if it’s just smoke? If we’re wrong, great. We’re not wrong! Then we’ll exonerate spencer and esme once and for all. They will not be exonerated. I’ll buy spencer a new designer belt, and esme and I will braid friendship bracelets together. That is not even in the realm of possibility. No, but I get what cam is saying. We need to keep an open mind. Okay, but if they find out what we’re up to, even if we prove them innocent, do you think they’re just gonna let that go, no hard feelings? And spencer? I mean… that guy can hold a grudge longer than anyone I know. Which would explain his motive for stalking ava. -Hmm. -Which is why I still think it’s a risk worth taking. It is for me. I barely know spencer, and I don’t like esme anyway. Can you imagine who does? My point is, if we’re right, ava can stay in port charles with her husband and daughter. And those two will be exposed for the schemers they are. It’s a win-win. For the last time, cam, are you in? Let’s spring this trap. I know what I’ve done. Do you? Really? Because I want to hear it from your own mouth! Okay! I kept sonny from his family for months, and my lies put a lot of people in danger… in port charles

and nixon falls. It wasn’t enough for you to make a scene at sonny’s funeral. You had to make sure he stayed dead to the rest of us? I will forever regret the unintended consequences of my actions. Unintended consequences?! My husband almost burned to death because of you! Is that what he told you? He said he was trapped in a fire, so I’m guessing you had something to do with it. I am so sorry for all the pain that I have caused. Really? Because I don’t think you are. Maybe, carly, I’m not as contrite as you want me to be because you have not owned up to your part in all this. How is any of this my fault?

So, I’m trapped, right? Epiphany: Mm-hmm. There’s fire everywhere. And suddenly… it came to me. Just in time to remind you about everything you have to live for. It’s good to be alive.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, it’s good to be myself, to know who I am and… I’m sure your family is over the moon. Well, t-they’re not happier than I am because I — when I saw them after all that time, I saw — it was michael…

[ Chuckles ] …Dante and josslyn and kristina. They all came over. Hmm. I’m sure they were happy to see you.

[ Both chuckle ] Donna was a little — she was, you know, too little to know who I was. I mean, she knew who I was, but she was just too little. And then avery held onto me so tight. Like, she would not let go and… of course she did!

[ Chuckles ] And even though, you know, it’s — it’s been… so long… it didn’t matter, I was — I was home. Believe me. It mattered. Everybody was devastated when you died. Especially carly and jason. Yeah, they had a lot to deal with. So, I heard jason got arrested or something? Did you, now?

[ Laughs ] Ha! Even in death, you don’t miss a trick. I-I’d love to hear the details. Well, I was not here for some of it, so it’s secondhand. I’m not asking you to swear to anything. Okay. So… jason was framed by peter august for killing franco. He ends up in pentonville, where he conveniently gets stabbed then brought here, where someone — I don’t know who — arranges for his escape. Well, somebody realized that it’s a lot easier to break somebody out of the hospital than it is prison. Indeed. Now, rumor has it that jason was free and clear, but then he ran back into the hospital to save britt westbourne from a couple of cyrus renault’s thugs. But at the time, everybody thought that he had taken her hostage. Jason would never do that. But not everybody knows that. Well… mm-hmm. He got shot. She fixes him up. They end up on the run for a while together. And the rest, as they say, is hospital gossip. So, why is sonny here? Uh, just a check-up with his psychiatrist. Uh, any word about your mom? No. Not yet. Finding liesl obrecht isn’t exactly a high priority for the wsb. I mean, I know she’S… who she is, but she’s still my mother. She’s all I have. Well, m-my offer still stands if you want me to look into it. Well, I meant what I said the first time. Marriage or no marriage, I don’t need your help anymore. I know you and sonny aren’t each other’s favorite people. I can’t imagine why. But he has resources we don’T. What resources don’t we have, nikolas? You’re a cassadine!

We are cassadines. Not for long. Did you tell sonny why avery’s mother was leaving? Yes, of course I did. And what did he say? Well, he wasn’t happy that avery has been approached. See? He wasn’t too broken up about me leaving. Are you suggesting that sonny corinthos is no longer the type of man who would find the person who threatened his daughter and make them suffer? Right? Why leave at all if avery is safe? She’s not! Avery will be in danger as long as I stay. This psychopath set fire to my car! Who knows what else they’ll do? What — what about that don’t you understand?! You’re right. I’m sorry. I… I thought sonny could be the solution that we needed. The only solution is the one I’ve already arrived at. I have to walk away. Uh, um… uh… you know, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, especially to you, but I really think it’d be a shame for you two to give up on each other. Well, if it isn’t the townie. Mm-hmm! Live and in person, hey, esme. Hi, cam. So, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? The pursuit of higher education. Did you take the roman civ notes today? ‘Cause I-I don’t know what’s up with me, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. That’s because you’re intellectually ungifted, cameron. Spence! Be nice. Not everyone gets to grow up in boarding schools and haunted castles. Wyndemere is not haunted. It is so haunted. Oh, I know. What is with you two? Look, esme, can you back me up here? Isn’t it spencer’s duty as my intellectual superior to help me out? It is. Great. Unfortunately, I can’T. I didn’t take notes. Because you remember everything you hear. I didn’t take notes because I’m not taking the test. I’m auditing the class to keep my father off my back. Uh-huh. How’s that working out? So far, so good. So does that mean there’s gonna be another rager here? Why would I do that? Well, when the cat’s away… well, your dad is leaving, right? I take it that, uh, carly and jason brought you up to speed? Yeah. You know, I wish I had gotten out of that burning building before jason and carly got married so they didn’t have to put so much money on the deposits.

[ Both laugh ] I guess my timing was off. Oh, boy. I tell you, for a man who just barely made it out of a raging inferno, you have remarkably good vitals. You can head upstairs to your appointment. All right! Um… hey. Sonny? Yeah. It’s good to have you back. I missed you. Thank you. At the heart, this is about my grandson. Who happens to be my grandson! And sonny’s grandson! I realize that. That’s why I called you the first day I was in nixon falls to tell you I had seen sonny! Do you remember that?! But before I could even get a word out, you threatened to take me to court over visitations with wiley. So I deserve this? Months of grief, loss, and pain over one rude phone call? I never, ever intended things to go this far. You have to believe me, and if you don’t believe me, then ask jax. Jax knows? Yes, he — he figured things out, he went to nixon falls, and he encouraged me to tell sonny the truth. He encouraged you? Insisted. I agreed, and he trusted that I would do the right thing. Well, why the hell would he do that?

-What do you mean he’s leaving? -Oh, sorry. That was wrong word choice. I shouldn’t say “leaving.” No, my father can’t leave now. We just moved in. No, no. It’s just the — just the trip to bora bora. What makes you think spence’s dad is going to bora bora? Well, I was — I was talking to trina, and she said she booked two first-class tickets for mr. Cassadine and ava. You know, to celebrate calling off their divorce. Anyway, that was one long boat ride. Mind if I use the bathroom? Help yourself. Awesome. When will you learn that I am always right?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphones dinging ] It’s done. Thanks to cam, phase one is in motion. Too late to turn back now. So, what you are saying, scott… is that nikolas and I should not get divorced? Yeah. I-I’m still gonna get my fee, though. What — where is this coming from?! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about love, life. You know, how sketchy it can be. You know, the separation and uncertainty is — is kind of death in its own way. You know, okay. You know, you get bounced out of an airplane like a guy that’s had too many martinis, ava, you get to thinkin’! Oh, scott. Is there any word on liesl? No. But, you know, I’ll find her. I’m gonna turn over every rock if I have to. I’m gonna say this. You know, true love… that’s worth fighting for.

[ Chuckles ] Never pegged you for a romantic. Well, I’ve been hopeless at times. But, you know, um, this — this whole thing with liesl, I-I can’t control any of that, but you know what i can control? You two. I-I’m not just gonna let you throw in the towel. There must be something that we can do to keep you two together. No. We’ve — we’ve been through all of that. Who knows? Scott is a clever guy. Maybe he can come up with an unconventional solution. Well, thank you, nikolas. So, you got a little… stalker problem.

Little problem? I don’t think it’s so little!

[ Nikolas chuckles ] Well, okay. Well, h-here’s what I’m thinking. So, this weirdo goes crazy when you guys make eyes at each other. So there’s only one solution! Do tell. Date other people. Well, uh, I’m always gonna care what happens to you, whether I help you or not. Yeah? Well, I don’t give a damn about you. Mr. Corinthos. Welcome back. Dr. Westbourne. Seems like we have a lot of catching up to do. Yeah. You were gone a long time. And one thing I’ve learned about port charles — you miss a day, you miss a lot. Renault tried to have her killed, right? Yeah. And you got shot trying to get her. Yeah, that’s right. Epiphany filled me in. Um, I guess you weren’t going to. I mean, there’s not much to say. It happened. It’s over now. Did — did you leave britt for carly? You had nine months to do the right thing. Right? While sonny’s kids grieved, while donna forgot her father, while jason went to prison, sonny tended bar in some dive, and you did nothing but lie to our faces, so why the hell would jax expect you to tell the truth?! And you feel qualified to judge? Because you know so much about the truth. Screw you, nina! Screw you! You stole nine months of sonny’s life because I hurt your feelings? At least you got sonny back! You got him back! I will never see my daughter again. Well, now the truth comes out. This was payback for nelle.

I’m never gonna forget that you and carly made that sacrifice to marry, to protect what’s mine. But you know what? You — maybe now you can go and pick up the pieces with britt. Eh. I don’t — I don’t think britt agrees with that. You can change her mind. Not sure that’s possible. Okay. Do me a favor. Ask yourself… does she make you happy?

[ Cellphone dings ]

[ Ominous music plays ] I should, uh — I should handle this. How — how long’s your psych evaluation? Don’t worry about it. I can have tony pick me up. Okay. Joss. What’s up? Okay. I’m kind of meddling here, but I feel like if I don’t, things could escalate. What happened? Mom found out something about nina,

and now she’s on the warpath. She’s not responding to any calls or texts. Okay. Don’t worry about it. I’ll find her. Spinelli. I need you to find carly and track her phone for me. You’re advising my wife to date another man? Don’t be thick, nik. I mean, you’re a cassadine. You of all people understand subterfuge. So she should date another man…for show. Yeah, exactly. Put on a little show for this crackpot. Won’t work. I tried it. I mean, well, I — just flirting. I flirted with austin at the bar that night. Yeah, and her car was still set on fire. All right, well, you know, austin, h-he’s a good choice on paper. Did you give it the old college try, ava? Well! [ Scoffs ] Okay. What about you? Have you stepped out with anybody? Of course not! I mean, but I would if I thought it would help. Subterfuge! Oh. Oh… look! Look who’s a little jealous. You want him to be jealous, but not you. There would be nothing to be jealous of. Wouldn’t there? Okay. Okay. The fake dating, it’s — it’s not gonna work. How about this? Skip town. We’ve discussed that. Yeah, I was all for it, but we can’t leave our children behind. Take the little germs with ya.

[ Stammers ] Any plan that includes uprooting or leaving the kids is out of the question. Okay. All right. I got another idea. You’re very resourceful, with resources a-and everything. You get mr. Bubba to just take this guy out. Or you get a real assassin and really get the job done. You know, we were just talking about the cassadine resources, weren’t we? Hm. Yeah. We’ve exhausted those options and have no new intel to show for it. Right. Well… then I guess we’re just gonna have to put our thinking caps on. Scott… I appreciate you trying to help, because it has helped me finally realize something. Ava’s solution is the right one. Until we figure out who this stalker is and how to handle them, we have to cut all ties with one another. You were so sure we had scared ava into leaving, but I told you your father could still win her back. I just can’t believe that my father is choosing ava over me again. Just when we started rebuilding our relationship. What the hell did I do all of this for?! If he can just leave me at the drop of a hat.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure ava’s dropping a lot more than just her hat. That’s why your father can’t think straight. But don’t worry, spence. I’ve got this. Your father just needs to be brought back down to earth. They already called off the divorce. They’re probably already on the cassadine jet. It’s too late. I… do you trust me, spence? I’ve saved your cute little butt before, and I can do it again. Yeah, yeah. Of course I trust you. I just wonder if maybe this has all gone far enough. Hmm… let me decide how far is too far. I’ll be back later. So will your dad. Oh! Cam. Sorry. I’ve got to run. But please come again soon. Ciao. See ya.

[ Beep ]

[ Door closes ] Hey. You okay? Yeah. Never better. Okay, I thought we were past this. Past what? Hiding how we really feel… because we’re worried that one will make fun of the other. Okay, then. Cards on the table. Total honesty. Absolutely. What’s the real reason you stopped by? She-devil is on the move. Cam might have needed a little nudge, but he definitely delivered. Well, the launch will be here any second. Are you still tailing esme like we discussed? I don’t know. Spencer’s a slippery one, right? I mean, anyone who managed to avoid everyone they knew in port charles for weeks needs two sets of eyes on them. I’ll follow esme and report back. Joss. Be careful, okay? If we’re right, then esme set ava’s car on fire. Who knows what that chick is capable of? Please. I survived nelle. I can handle whatever esme’s got. Nina, you act like nelle was some kind of a martyr. She was a murderer. And the world is better off without her. And so is wiley. How can you say that to me? Nelle was my child! And I didn’t know that till after she died. You mean after you watched her fall? After you watched her plummet to her death and you did– how dare you laugh! You stayed silent all those weeks. You didn’t tell the police anything and you let her rot, not allowing me any kind of closure! So what did you decide to do — balance the scale? Lie about sonny for nine months? Let us grieve a man who wasn’t really dead? Are you kidding me, nina? I mean, you want to hate me and make me suffer? That’s fine. But what about sonny’s kids? What about sonny himself? How the hell do you justify what you did to them? I will gladly apologize to sonny and his children and his family and all of his friends… and his seventh-grade math teacher while I’m at it, but I’ll be damned if I ever apologize to you.

Cameron. You should be out of there by now. Esme, what the hell are you doing? You’re obviously not here to get my roman civ notes. Of course not. You’re auditing the class. Then why? Come on. It’s obvious. I practically told you. Told me…? I came to check up on you. Last time when we all hung out, I felt that there was tension. You mean when you, trina, and josslyn all huddled around and gossiped about me and my girlfriend? You sensed a little tension there? I’m sorry. That was not cool.

[ Clears throat ] So what did you guys talk about? What did you have to say about us? Or can you not tell? Well… we just all think that esme… I don’t know how to say this without sounding weird. You always sound weird, cameron. Just spit it out. We think that she has some kind of…hold over you. A hold? Like an influence. Esme loves me. I — and I didn’t say that she didn’T. She looks out for me, which is more than I can say for my own father. You don’t mean that, man. You know your father loves you. The way that emperor augustus loves his stepson, tiberius — by exiling him and choosing him last every damn time! Well, it looks like you did take your roman civ notes. If I’m not enough for my father, then… why am I still fighting for him? How are you fighting for him?

[ Scoffs ] It doesn’t matter anymore. Look. My relationship with franco was really rough when he first started seeing my mom. But we worked at it. We developed a relationship. And with time, with effort, he became like a real father to me. Your point? My point is, is that if franco and I made the father/son thing work, it’s not too late for you and your dad to put everything behind you guys and move forward together. But that’s just it, cameron. I’m not you. And I never will be. Thank you for trying, scotty. Hey, I know that you’ve been going through a very difficult time. I really appreciate you coming to meet me here. I’m still gonna bill ya. Oh, I know. You too.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So, I got to meet a client. Should I take the papers with me?

About the time you spent scott.

[ Clears throat ] Uh, my resources are at your disposal to help you find liesl. I may take you up on that. That was kind of you. True love is always a worthy cause. Everything all right with you, dr. Westbourne? Yes. Why are you asking, nurse johnson?

[ Chuckles ] I get that you have to be the, uh, “untouchable” chief of staff. But just so you know…

[Singsong voice] I see through you. You let my daughter die. You lied to me for weeks. And then you did everything in your power to rob me of my grandson. And I would do it all over again. And if you want to hate me for it… come and get me. But don’t use someone like you used sonny. You know, look at the bright side. At least sonny’s back. You should be overjoyed. Is that supposed to make this all okay? All’s well that ends well? None of this — none of this is okay. It’s just better. Everybody is happy that sonny is back. The real question is, carly… will sonny stay happy? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You see through me. Mm-hmm. Always have, always will. And what is it you see, nurse johnson? By all means, enlighten me.

[ Chuckles ] That you’re going through a lot right now. That it might even become overwhelming. So…if you ever need to talk it through… …consider me a safe space. Within reason. I should get going. Fine. I’ll let you go. But I’m not giving up. I will move heaven and earth to find who’s doing this to us. And when I do… we will be together again. Thank you. For not standing in my way. Anymore? Anymore. I just have one request. Wait for me. Spencer: I mean this sincerely. You — [ Chuckles ] You are, like, the poster child for upstanding sons.

[ Laughs ] Clearly, you have been away far too long. How do you figure? No, even for a short time, you and franco, you were like father and son.

[ Chuckles ] You had that bond. And maybe, uh — maybe I don’t deserve to have that kind of bond with my own father. Not after everything I’ve done. W-what does that mean? Spencer, what — what have you done? Epiphany. Am I good to go? Mm-hmm. Not bad for a member of the recently deceased.

[ Laughs ] I’ll go get your after-visit summary. All right. Thank you. Esme: Excuse me. Are you… sonny corinthos? Who’s asking? Thank goodness I found you. Things were simpler in nixon falls. Mike was actually happy there. Stop calling him that! No, but that’s who we was, carly! That’s who he wanted to be! He wasn’t consumed by ambition. He wasn’t riddled with guilt or regret. He wasn’t mourning the loss of a child to mob violence! -Don’t mention my son’s name! -No, no, no. Don’t you mention my son’s name! Stop! Hey! Let go of me! No. Come here! Come on! You need to leave! Oh, are you kidding me?! Fine. Get out. Tell wiley I’ll come back to see him. Oh, you’re never seeing him again! You will never see wiley again! You can never change the fact that I will always be his grandmother. You are nothing to him! Nothing! She threw morgan up in my face! Because she knows she lost. You got sonny back. She’s got nothing. Just let it go. I am going to burn nina’s life down and spit on her ashes.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jake: So you really think that chloe is philip’s achilles’ heel?

Gabi: You saw how crazed he got when he thought brady was moving in on her. And now we know victor wants chloe out of philip’s life.

Jake: Okay, so question is, how do we use that information to get philip out of titan?

Gabi: Not even sure. I can’t even think before I’ve had my coffee.

Jake: Why didn’t you have any before you left the house?

Gabi: Rafe wouldn’t let me.

Jake: Why not?

Gabi: Because he was punishing me for the way I was treating his stupid girlfriend.

Ava: You want me to help you bring down gabi hernandez?

Philip: Why do you seem so surprised?

Ava: Well, yesterday when I offered you help, you weren’t interested.

Philip: As I told you, I can’t fire gabi until I’m able to gain control of gabi chic.

Ava: It’s that valuable to you, huh?

Philip: As much as I hate to admit it, it’s become a very lucrative piece of titan.

Ava: So how would this partnership work?

Philip: You overheard gabi and jake plotting against me under this very roof, right? So you’re clearly in the perfect position to gather more intel. So what do you think?

Ava: I think you should go fly a kite.

Abigail: Oh, those are fancy.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes they are. I told thomas and charlotte I’d get some good ones. The last ones we took in the park were consumed by a voracious oak tree.

Abigail: They’ll love ’em. Did you–did you wanna stick around for a bit? I was going to make some tea.

Jack: Um, okay. That would–that would be–would be nice. Thank you.

Abigail: Great. You know, I was reading today’s “spectator.”

Jack: Oh, really? See anything interesting?

Abigail: Yes, actually. Couldn’t have been easy to run that article about xander being arrested on drug charges.

Jack: Especially since I know for a fact that he’s totally innocent.

Xander: You have a plan to get me out? What is it?

Gwen: More like seeds of a plan. Now we know that ej somehow got the judge in his pocket, right?

Xander: No question.

Gwen: Yeah. So we have to either prove their collusion, or– or we get our own leverage over judge smails.

Xander: How are we gonna do that?

Gwen: Ej tried to beat you up, yes?

Xander: Yeah but, you know, I got the better of him mostly. Wait, what’s that got to do with the judge? Do you think ej threatened him with bodily harm?

Gwen: I don’t know, but maybe we could.

Nicole: Ej dimera, are you seriously asking me on a date?

Ej: I can’t tell if this is good shocked or bad shocked.

Nicole: Do I need to remind you of our history? I think it has its own wiki page.

Ej: That was such a long time ago I hardly remember it.

Nicole: Well, I remember and I’m pretty sure you do too.

Ej: Well, I’d hoped you’d gotten past it. Will you at least give me the chance to redeem myself by taking you out to dinner tonight?

[Door opens]

Brady: Please tell me you’re too smart to say yes to that question.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ej: Lovely to see you, chloe.

Chloe: Hello, ej.

Brady: What the hell are you doing, ej?

Ej: What I do and with whom is really none of your concern.

Brady: Well, nicole is my friend so it is my concern if she’s in herself in a dangerous situation.

Nicole: Oh, I wouldn’t say– wouldn’t call it dangerous.

Brady: Really? How did it turn out last time you two were together, hmm?

Nicole: Not great.

Brady: Not great. Yeah, you’re lucky you survived it.

Nicole: Okay, it was a long time ago. We both made some bad choices.

Brady: You think he’s changed?

Ej: Oh, let’s stop dancing around what’s really happening here. What’s bothering brady is that back then he wanted you all to himself, but you chose me instead.

Abigail: Now, I know that xander is your friend. I’m sure he claims to be innocent.

Jack: He is innocent.

Abigail: Dad, you know as well as I do that you cannot take anything that man says at face value.

Jack: I didn’t state it clearly enough from my retraction at the op-ed, but I know for a fact that xander didn’t deal drugs.

Abigail: How?

Jack: Because he only confessed to it to protect your sister.

Abigail: Gwen? Are you telling me that gwen is the person who is dealing stolen opioids?

Jack: It’s complicated, but I have to say I’m grateful xander stepped in to protect her.

Abigail: But why would he do that?

Jack: Well, it–it seems there’s something going on between them.

Abigail: You mean something besides dealing drugs and lying to the police about it?

Jack: I get the sense there’s something romantic.

Abigail: Wow. There’s a match made somewhere other than heaven.

Xander: Physical intimidation has always been an arrow in my quiver but I’m kind of stuck in here for the time being, you know?

Gwen: I’m not.

Xander: Yeah, but gwen, I– I don’t know if I’d describe you as having a threatening physical presence.

Gwen: Look… I was accused of killing abigail’s grandmother. That might give judge smails pause.

Xander: I appreciate the offer but I think it’s probably better for you if we keep your nose clean for now, huh?

Gwen: [Sighs] What if I hired someone?

Xander: Hired someone to intimidate the judge?

Gwen: Yeah, yes. I could hire an independent contractor who’s willing to do bodily harm on his honor until he says that you’re not guilty.

Xander: Do you know someone like that?

Gwen: My ex, jake, he was in the mob. Might be willing do me a favor, you know, for old times’ sake.

Gabi: Bless you. I feel better already.

Jake: Glad to hear it. Can’t believe rafe would be cruel enough to deprive you of your caffeine.

Gabi: Oh, not only that. He made me to apologize to his princess mafia girlfriend.

Jake: Apologize for what?

Gabi: For nothing. I mean, yes, I did call her a bitch but that’s exactly what she is.

Jake: Ah, and knowing ava, I’m sure she said a few choice things back to you.

Gabi: Oh no, that’s the thing. In front of my brother, she’s all sweetness and understanding.

Jake: Which only makes you look like the bad guy.

Gabi: But I could see the murder in those beady eyes of hers–I know she hasn’t left the past behind her. Do you really believe her? Do you?

Jake: You saw first hand how hard it was for me to get out. Most people never make it out.

Gabi: Hey, you must’ve met a few professionals during that time, right?

Jake: Professional whats?

Gabi: You know, enforcers? Hitmen?

Jake: Why are you asking me this, gabi?

Gabi: Well I’m just asking if–if you knew someone that could… rub the bitch out?

Philip: I thought you hated gabi.

Ava: I do, but she is rafe’s sister.

Philip: He doesn’t have to know you’re working with me.

Ava: What do you want me to do? Wear a wire? Go through her underwear drawer?

Philip: Might not be a bad place to start. Maybe you’ll find evidence of the keylogging software she and jake put on my computer.

Ava: Seems like a stretch.

Philip: Honestly, I’ll take any skeleton in her closet. I’m sure she has plenty.

Ava: Maybe but gabi’s too smart to leave evidence lying around the house.

Philip: Then spy on them. You overheard them once, maybe you’ll hear something again.

Ava: It was a lucky break.

Philip: Are you really saying you won’t help me take her down?

Ava: No. Actually, upon further consideration, I’m saying what’s in it for me?


Brady: You think I’m jealous of something that happened another lifetime ago?

Ej: Why else would you care about me dating nicole?

Brady: Like I said, she’s my friend so I just wanna make sure you’re not taking advantage of her.

Ej: [Laughs] Can anyone really take advantage of nicole?

Brady: Is it just a coincidence that you’re swooping in here as her marriage to my brother ended? Aren’t you still married to sami by the way?

Ej: Not for long.

Chloe: Okay, maybe you should let nicole speak for herself, brady.

Nicole: Thank you, chloe.

Brady: You’re not seriously thinking about going out with this guy, are you?

Nicole: Brady, I appreciate your concern, but let’s not make a big deal out of this okay?

Brady: Have you forgotten what he’s capable of?

Nicole: No, I haven’t forgotten.

Ej: Maybe instead of worrying about nicole’s love life, you should focus on your own relationship.

Brady ah, well I’m not involved with anyone right now.

Ej: So you claim to my sister yet kristen felt compelled to break out of prison to keep you away from chloe.

Brady: Your sister at the time was out of her mind and paranoid.

Ej: Well, however you chose to see it, now that kristen’s out of your life, there’s nothing stopping you and chloe from being together.

Philip: So you’re open to negotiation?

Ava: I’m open.

Philip: Good, because I think we would learn some interesting things from you spying on gabi and jake.

Ava: Mm-mm. I have a better idea.

Philip: Okay.

Ava: Turns out that jake used to work for my family business. Turns out he did a lot of illegal stuff for them.

Philip: I like where this is going.

Ava: Now I was out of commission for a lot of the time jake was there. But my cousin angelo, he runs a tight ship and he’s obsessive about paperwork.

Philip: Are you saying that he might have evidence we could use against jake?

Ava: Oh, I guarantee it.

Philip: What kind of crimes are we talking about?

Ava: The kind jake would spend significant amount of time in jail for.

Philip: My favorite kind.

Ava: And if gabi’s boy-toy, we threaten with prison–

Philip: That would make her very, very sad.

Ava: Oh, yes, it would.

Philip: Maybe even sad enough that she’d betray gabi chic for his freedom.

Jake: Please tell me you didn’t just ask me to have ava vitali killed?

Gabi: I’m just tossing out a hypothetical.

Jake: Yeah, well toss it back in. Can’t even believe you said that out loud.

Gabi: Why are you so nervous?

Jake: Because you’re talking about killing ava vitali, a boss.

Gabi: I thought she’s wasn’t in the mob anymore.

Jake: She’s still a vitali and anyone who touches her would have an immediate target on their back. You’re gonna insight a mob war.

Gabi: Okay, okay, I get it.

Jake: I don’t think you do, gabi. Look, I came to salem to get out of that life okay? So I don’t want to think about my past with the vitalis or the crap that they had me do when I worked for them.

Gabi: Jake, have you ever killed someone?

Xander: As much as I enjoy the idea of a goon like jake roughing up that judge, do you–do you think he’d actually do it?

Gwen: Why not?

Xander: Well, he was the ceo of a large corporation. He’s gone legit, hasn’t he?

Gwen: Yeah, theoretically.

Xander: And I didn’t think you two ended on such good terms.

Gwen: That’s true. I wouldn’t put it past jake to flip on me and tell the honor that I hired him.

Xander: So this is just a really bad idea all the way around.

Gwen: I’m just spitballing ideas here, xander.

Xander: Let’s just dispense with the violence angle.

Gwen: We could bribe him.

> Xander: With what? I don’t have any money, neither do you. Although… dirt can be its own currency.

Gwen: We can dig up something to use as blackmail against him.

Xander: And everybody has vices. Maybe the judge has a gambling problem or he cheats on his wife or maybe he frequents prostitutes.

Gwen: [Gasps] Maybe he’d hire me.

Xander: [Laughs] Yeah right.

Gwen: What? No, seriously, I think we’re onto something here.

Xander: You’re gonna offer him your services as a hooker?

Jack: Let me be clear. Gwen was not a drug dealer. At least not willingly.

Abigail: So what, are you saying she was coerced?

Jack: The real kingpin was clay snyder, the doctor who treated her for her miscarriage.

Abigail: What? Hol–hold–hold on. Her doctor forced her to deal drugs. How?

Jack: Gwen and snyder had a history. He was using it to blackmail her.

Abigail: What kind of history are we talking about? I mean, what was he blackmailing her with? I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Brady: You know that I loved your sister very much.

Ej: Not enough to stand by her side.

Brady: I was with her the entire time she was in prison, ej and I took our commitment very seriously. But in the end, I couldn’t forgive her for hurting all those people that I cared about.

Ej: Like chloe here?

Brady: Yeah, like chloe there.

Nicole: Kristen tried to kill her.

Chloe: Twice.

Ej: Jealousy is a powerful emotion. I can understand how it could drive someone to do something rash.

Brady: Wow, you’re condoning what she did?

Ej: I’m simply saying sitting in prison imagining chloe cavorting with the man she loves, the father of her child–

Chloe: Okay, I’m sorry. I was not cavorting with brady then and we’re not cavorting now. I happen to be seeing philip kiriakis.

Ej: I see. So brady lost out again.

Chloe: No, it’s not like that.

Ej: Well, for what it’s worth I think you made the right choice. Provided you’re not sharing any corporate secrets with our competition.

Philip: What are you waiting for, get your cousin on the phone, let’s see what he’s got on old jakey. I hope it’s nice and felony-ish.

Ava: Okay, slow down, killer.

Philip: What’s the problem?

Ava: I told you the problem. I understand what you get out of this deal. You get gabi chic without the gabi part. But I’m not lifting a finger to help you until I get what I want out of the deal.

Philip: Okay. What is it that you want?

Jake: I was not a hitman if that’s what you’re asking.

Gabi: So you never killed anybody?

Jake: Why are we even talking about this?

Gabi: I made a joke about–

Jake: Was it gabi? Was it a joke?

Gabi: It was half a joke. Only you didn’t think it was funny.

Jake: There is nothing funny about working for the mob, okay? It’s a violent, scary, soul-sucking trap.

Gabi: I’ve seen the movies.

Jake: It’s nothing like the movies, okay?

Gabi: Well, then tell me what it was like. What exactly did you do for them?

Jake: I did my job, which was to make money for the family.

Gabi: How?

Jake: The bosses, they would make arrangements with local businesses, you know, for protection.

Gabi: Protection from what?

Jake: From us, basically. And I would enforce those arrangements.

Gabi: Meaning you would hurt them if they didn’t pay.

Jake: Look gabi, I did what I had to because I didn’t have a choice. But the entire time I was in, I was trying to get out.

Gabi: That’s why you stole that book with all the account numbers to force them to let you go.

Jake: That was the plan, until gwen stole it from me.

Gwen: This–this could work. This could work, xander! Especially since my dad thinks that I’m a happy hooker of philadelphia.

Xander: Stop saying hooker.

Gwen: You just said it.

Xander: I know, but I shouldn’t have, should I? In fact, I said that because I didn’t think you were serious about that.

Gwen: Okay, fine. Then we will go with sex worker then, shall we? Look, the point is, the point is–is when I give the judge a chance to sample my product, he won’t be able to resist.

Abigail: A sex worker? So–so gwen was a prostitute?

Jack: During a low point in her life. She needed money to keep from living on the streets and she made some bad choices.

Abigail: And so, what, dr. Snyder was one of her clients?

Jack: Yes, yes. They met when he at some medical convention in philadelphia. I’m sure she never expected to cross paths with him again.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. But then he was–he’s her doctor here in salem.

Jack: You can imagine how awful that was for her. The man threatened to expose her past right after she lost her baby.

Abigail: So all of this happened to gwen because of me?

Xander: So what exactly are you gonna say to this judge? “Oh, hello. I’m a sex worker. Would you like to hire me, please?”

Gwen: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about all the details yet.

Xander: What makes you think he’ll even go for it? Maybe he’s a boy scout or just really cheap.

Gwen: Well, it’s worth a try don’t you think? I offer him sex and in exchange, he dismisses your case.

Xander: Now, that is an offer that any man would have great difficulty refusing.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. Especially when I make it clear there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to save my boyfriend.

Xander: Are you saying I’m your boyfriend?

Gwen: I don’t know, are you?

Xander: Yeah, I guess I am.

Gwen: That was nice. I would’ve much preferred a more romantic location, though, and you not in handcuffs. Well, actually you in handcuffs in bed would be very nice indeed.

Xander: You have no idea how badly I want to get out of here so I can be with you again.

Gwen: So it’s settled. We are going with operation: Seduce smails.

Xander: No, we are not.

Gwen: Why not?

Xander: Because I’m your boyfriend. I’m not just gonna let you shag some other man. When I heard about the science behind the new

Xander: It’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna allow you to have sex with this judge just to save my sorry ass.

Gwen: Hello? I’m not actually gonna have sex with that old fossil, you dummy.

Xander: Wait, you aren’t? I–

Gwen: No. Of course not. Xander, I’m gonna go in there with a recorder. I’m gonna get smails to agree to the trade and bam, we’ve got him. He either throws out your case or he loses his job.

Xander: Ohh, yeah. That makes a lot more sense.

Gwen: Yeah. So it’s a plan, yeah?

Xander: Absolutely not.

Jack: Snyder blackmailing gwen was not your fault, sweetheart.

Abigail: Yeah, but if we hadn’t been fighting–

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it right there. Just stop. There’s only one villain in this story and he’s dead.

Abigail: You know, I went to go see gwen yesterday.

Jack: You did?

Abigail: Mm-hmm. Just to apologize for everything that happened.

Jack: That couldn’t have been easy for you.

Abigail: No, but it was the right thing to do.

Jack: How did it go?

Abigail: Gwen and i are never gonna be close. I am never gonna forget that she tried to destroy my family and my marriage. However, she didn’t deserve to lose her baby.

Jack: She knows it was an accident. You didn’t mean for it to happen.

Abigail: Still… it happened.

Jack: Did she accept your apology?

Abigail: She did, yeah. Just not sure that I can forgive myself.

Philip: You want a job at titan?

Ava: I think we already talked about that.

Philip: Then you know that my father still blames you for forcing me to launder money, nearly getting me killed in the process.

Ava: Ah, you could talk to him.

Philip: He would never go for it.

Ava: What about at one of your subsidiaries? I mean, would he even have to know I was there?

Philip: Sounds like you have something specific in mind.

Ava: You could say that.

Philip: Well, don’t be coy. Out with it.

Ava: Okay. If you want my help, you’re gonna have to put me in charge of gabi chic.

Philip: You want to run gabi chic?

Ava; oh, I do. But we are gonna have to do something about that name. What do you think of… ava chic?

Nicole: Chloe would not share corporate secrets with philip or anyone and brady knows that.

Brady: Not that I wouldn’t put it past philip trying to get it out of her.

Chloe: He can try whatever he wants, he already offered me a job at titan and i turned him down.

Ej: Why not work with your boyfriend?

Chloe: Because I like my job here. I feel valued. Or at least I did until this conversation.

Ej: If nicole values you, then so do I. I’m sorry for questioning your loyalty.

Chloe: Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse us, brady and I have a meeting.

Ej: Nothing else to say, brady?

Brady: No, I think I’ve said everything I have to say. Nicole, I hope you decide to listen.

Nicole: Well, that escalated quickly.

Ej: Who is brady to tell you who you should or should not date?

Nicole: Well, like he said, he’s just a concerned friend. And to be honest, I’m a little concerned, too.

>>Ej: Look, I’m not going to deny that we did hideous things to each other back then. But that shouldn’t get in the way of us enjoying a lovely evening together now, should it? I’ve seen how cancer can affect

Jake: I stole that book so that I could get away from the violence for good.

Gabi: And you have done that.

Jake: I’d like to think so, but gabi, the mob will play the long game. So if they suddenly decide that I am useful to them again.

Gabi: You know, let’s not think about that because we’ve got so much going for us.

Jake: Yes, we do.

Gabi: Although I did just get an idea, I mean, if there was some way to connect ava to a crime, one she was never charged with, we could use it against her.

Jake: I don’t know, gabi. Digging back into that world feels like tempting fate.

Philip: I understand why you’d want to run gabi chic, but I can’t risk you running it into the ground.

Ava: A word of advice– don’t underestimate me. I ran my own corporation and I was the head of another business that’s a lot less welcoming to lady bosses than the fashion industry.

Philip: Yeah, I don’t think i can make that pitch to the board members nor my father.

Ava: Fine. It is your choice. But unless you agree to my terms, I’m not helping you. And without me, you don’t get the dirt you need on jake and gabi maintains control of gabi chic.

Philip: Why does it feel like you’re blackmailing me again?

Ava: No. No, I’m just countering your offer. What’s your answer?

Philip: Okay. Fine. Ava chic it is.

Nicole: Ej, I– I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Ej: Not ready to date, or you’re not ready to date me?

Nicole: Both.

Ej: Your marriage is over.

Nicole: Yes.

Ej: And didn’t you just tell me you were trying to put your feelings for rafe behind you?

Nicole: This isn’t about rafe or–or eric. Okay, maybe it is a little bit but–

Ej: Look, the way I see it, there’s no better way to move forward than to share the company of a man who enjoys sharing your company.

Nicole: Well, I’m just having a really hard time trusting you and your motives.

Ej: What possible ulterior motives could I have?

Nicole: Oh, I don’t know, ej, do you really want to go out with me or is it just your way for you to sticking it to sami?

Abigail: [Sighs] I just–I knew gwen was pregnant when I fought with her, and I should have been more careful.

Jack: Sweetheart, stop it right there. You didn’t start the fight. She seduced your husband and her resulting pregnancy was a threat to your marriage.

Abigail: But I was out of control, I was actually trying to hurt her, dad.

Jack: Just stop, please. Please, take it from someone who has made more mistakes in his life than you ever will. You can’t change what happened. You can only commit to growing and learning so that it doesn’t happen again.

Abigail: You never did what I did.

Jack: Are you– are you kidding? Just in our little family, how many times have I hurt you, hurt your mother, hurt jj? And yet, you always found it in your heart to forgive me.

Abigail: Because we love you.

Jack: And I’m grateful for that every single day. But I’ve also learned to live with my regrets and to not let them wreck me. Sweetheart, abigail, it is time for you to forgive yourself. Oh, sweetheart, you and gwen both need to forgive yourselves.

Gwen: You didn’t like my physical violence plan. You didn’t like the sex angle plan and now, you don’t like this current plan.

Xander: It’s too dangerous. What–what if you offer this judge sex and he decides to take it whether you want it or not?

Gwen: It won’t happen.

Xander: Gwen–

Gwen: Xander. Please let me help you.

Xander: Not like this.

Gwen: How many risks have you taken for me? Hmm? You disposed of a dead body, didn’t you? You confessed to drug dealing and you’re facing prison. Now, it’s my turn to take some risks for you.

Woo! You are busy…

Abigail: You know, there is just–there’s one thing that bothers me about what happened between gwen and snyder.

Jack: What’s that?

Abigail: I totally understand her not wanting people to know that she’s a sex worker. However, keeping that a secret by becoming a drug mule instead.

Jack: Who knows what people do when they’re desperate?

Abigail: You’re right. Yes, but I just think if it were me, I would have rather told the truth than commit more crimes.

Xander: I can’t tell you what it means that you’re willing to do this for me.

Gwen: We’re in this together now, xander.

Xander: Yeah, I just wish we had a better plan.

Gwen: Yeah, but there is no better plan. You’re facing years in prison because of me. Because I was afraid to tell my father that I lied about my miscarriage.

Xander: I have no regrets. I’d never want you to lose him.

Gwen: But now I could lose you. I grew up without a father. I lost my mom to a drug overdose. I thought that I loved jake, but that was a very, very unhealthy relationship. And you– you are the first man that actually means something to me. So I will be damned if I let you go to prison.

Ava: Hey, angelo. It’s me. How are things going in philly, cuz? Listen, I need some information on a former friend of ours. He used to go by the name of jake lambert. Now he calls himself jake dimera. Give me a call.

Gabi: You’re right. I don’t want to look back on that dark past. Let’s just count our blessings that the mob let you go and that we’re both safe.

Jake: And part of a very legitimate business. Oh, don’t we have that meeting with that new distributor this afternoon?

Gabi: Oh, yeah. I’ve been so caught up with the whole ava thing I forgot to tell you it got rescheduled.

Jake: Oh. Well, should we go back to the office or–

Gabi: I wanna focus on how we use philip’s jealousy of brady to oust him from titan.

Jake: We can’t really do that with him working down the hall.

Gabi: Exactly. So let’s just go to my house.

Jake: And if ava’s there?

Gabi: To hell with her. I don’t care. If she doesn’t wanna see me, I-I really don’t care. Let’s just go home.

Jake: Come here.

Gabi: What’s this?

Jake: I just want you to know how grateful I am for you. And I’m never gonna stop trying to make you happy.

Gabi: You’ve already done that.

Ej: Why would me dating you have anything to do with samantha?

Nicole: Oh come on, ej. Sami hates me and knowing that we went out on a date would drive her insane. Well, more insane.

Ej: I suppose it would. But why would that bother you?

Nicole: Because I don’t want to be a pawn in some sick game of revenge.

Ej: Oh you’d hardly be a pawn. She destroyed your marriage, exposed your infidelity knowing all along that she was sleeping with lucas. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to stick it to samantha as much as I would. In life there are people who,

Xander: So I guess you’re telling me… you think we have a future?

Gwen: Does that scare you?

Xander: A little.

Gwen: Why?

Xander: Because I want it so much. I didn’t think I’d ever be in another relationship after sarah dumped me. Didn’t think anyone else would have me.

Gwen: Well, I guess I’m not anybody else.

Xander: No, you certainly are not. The rest of salem is probably hoping that I get locked up for decades just for ruining nicole’s marriage.

Gwen: I did the same thing to abigail’S. Look at us. We’re the town pariahs. I suppose it makes sense that we’re together.

Xander: You and I, we– we make a lot of sense.

Gwen: Right, then. It’s settled. I will get the goods on the judge, he’ll throw out your case again. And you can tell ej dimera to go to hell.

Nicole: Well, sami left town. Maybe she won’t find out that we went out on a date.

Ej: Oh, I’m quite sure she would find out.

Nicole: Well then, fine, let’s do it.

Ej: Wonderful.

Nicole: Yeah.

Ej: I’ll pick you up at 8:00.

Brady: Wonderful, huh?

Ej: Brady, chloe, I didn’t hear you come back in.

Chloe: Sounds like we didn’t miss much.

Ej: Perhaps we can double date sometime, you and philip. I mean, sorry, brady. You’re the odd man out. See you at 8:00.

Brady: When this blows up in your face, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ava: You staring at my phone isn’t going to make it ring.

Philip: When do you think your cousin is gonna call you back?

Ava: Angelo usually plays bocce with the crew today. Don’t worry. He’ll call soon.

Gabi: I hope she hasn’t stunk up the kitchen with garlic again.

Jake: I kinda like the smell of garlic. Don’t detect garlic. Smells more like aftershave.

Gabi: And not rafe’s but it does seem familiar.

Jake: Huh.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Carter: I should’ve stopped justin.

Quinn: Why couldn’t ridge just leave it alone? Sending justin after me. I mean, how did he even get in here!

Carter: If we didn’t convince justin to keep quiet, this is going to be a disaster.

Quinn: Carter, we told him everything.

Carter: Right now, he could be sharing all of that with ridge.

Ridge: How much do you know about eric’s marriage?

Justin: How much do I know?

Ridge: Quinn betrayed him and I’m not gonna let that happen again.

Justin: I get that, but when you ask him, like what does he say?

Ridge: He says nothing! That’s why I asked you to follow quinn. So, where did she go?

Justin: You’re not gonna like iT.

Ridge: Justin! I don’t like any of this. I don’t like what it’s doingto my father. I want this woman out of his life, but I can’t do that unless I have some proof. So, what do we have? Is she betraying my father or no?

Katie: You don’t have to treat me like a guest. We’ve known each other too long for that.

Eric: I actually enjoy playing host. Especially to you.

Katie: Well, thank you for the invite.

Eric: You’re good company, katie.

Katie: Well, you’re not so bad yourself. I’m just sorry that you feel like you need company.

Eric: Katie, we agreed.

Katie: I know, I know. No talk of quinn.

Eric: Yeah, or our relationships.

Katie: No. No relationship, marriage talk at all.

Eric: Thank you very much.

[ Laughing ] Except I’m wildly curious about yours. How’s everything with you and bill?

Katie: You wanna know about my relationship with bill?

Eric: You’ve been very worried about me being alone, here. But I’ve been surprised to know that you’re alone next door.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. Will is at boarding school, and I just… it devastates me. Like I miss him so much. Like I can’t even talk about it or I’ll start crying, but, you know, he wanted to go so badly and it’s such a good school, and it just… it floors me how independent he is sometimes. It’s been rough having bill in jail. It was just… it was really, really hard.

Eric: It’s been hard for everybody in this family. You’re right.

Katie: Bill was just so reckless. And I tried to shield will, but, you know, it’s just a lot for a kid his age.

Eric: It’s a lot for you too. You were considering reconciling with bill before all this happened, right?

Katie: Yeah, we were.

Eric: So, you still see a future with him?

Quinn: How did this get all so out of hand? Justin could be telling ridge everything right now about our arrangement. About eric’s ed!

Carter: What was ridge even thinking? Hiring bill spencer’s henchman to spy on us.

Quinn: Not on us, on me! Me. Quinn, the wrecking ball.

Carter: Stop.

Quinn: No! No, eric could’ve been done with me. He didn’t have to let me back into his life. He didn’t have to give us permission to be together so I wouldn’t have to give up that intimate part of my life.

Carter: And we made justin understand that.

Quinn: Did we? There’s no telling what he might do.

Ridge: Justin, we had a deal.

Justin: I did what you told me to do.

Ridge: You’re not doing it now. I’m asking you a question, answer me. What is going on? What is quinn doing? Is she abusing my father or not?

Brooke: What’s going on?

Ridge: That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Brooke: Did you uncover something about quinn?

Brooke: Justin, we know the kind of person she is, so anything you tell us, it’s not gonna surprise us.

Quinn: If this gets out can you imagine what this is gonna do to eric? Please, that’s why you can’t say anything. That’s why you have to keep this secret to yourself.

Brooke: If you found out something about quinn, you need to tell us.

Brushing only reaches

25% of your mouth.

Katie: Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in this endless loop.

Eric: Because you feel like bill keeps pulling you back in?

Katie: Or maybe I’m just too stubborn to let go. I’ve told myself that… I keep holding on because of will. You know, I wanna give him the family that he deserves. The family that I promised him. But I think a lot of it’s about me. I just… I remember, I remember who we were when we first met. And what we used to mean to each other before brooke, before all those insecurities and doubts crept in.

Eric: Well, you shouldn’t feel insecure about yourself. You know, you’re an incredible woman. You really are.

Katie: Thank you, that’s lovely to hear from you. And I’m not fishing. I’m really not.

[ Laughing ] Because the truth is, I will never really be able to forget that the man I gave my heart to gave his heart to someone else. And… I’ve heard him say that brooke is the love of his life.

Eric: I’ve heard him say similar things about you.

Katie: Yeah, I have to. And I believed him. I believe it when he says them. I do. But, I just always have to wonder if he had the choice, would he choose me? And I hate that question. I hate that that question even enters into my mind when I’m with him. Because it’s something that I have tried to fight through. And I’ve have to work on, and honestly, the real question that I should be asking myself is… don’t I deserve to be the love of someone’s life? Don’t I deserve to be loved like that? I don’t want to be the runner up.

Eric: You don’t have to be katie, you never should have to be. Bill should absolutely give you the respect and the acceptance that you deserve.

Katie: He says I make him a better man.

Eric: Katie, he adores his children and his grandchildren.

Katie: He does, but bill, there’s never any moderation. It is always the extreme. Even how he protects his family. And he says that he does everything for his boys, and for his family, and everything he does is for them, but you know what? It’s not. It’s for himself. He feels like the only way to show strength, is to be unflinching. Never show any weakness. And I just don’t buy that. I don’T. I feel strongest when I’m surrounded by people I love, and who care for me. And who I can trust enough to show my weaknesses to. Because I know that they’ll be there for me, and they’ll sit next to me, and they’ll hold my hand. I mean, like my sisters, and like you. Gosh, no matter how much I try to explain that to him, he just–he doesn’t get it.

Eric: So, you don’t feel that he’s ever been listening. You don’t feel you’ve ever been heard by bill?

Katie: I think bill hears what he wants to hear. And sometimes I don’t think we speak the same language.

Eric: I’ve had the same trouble in my marriage too.

Katie: But unlike bill, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your wife.

Quinn: We were gonna stop, carter.

Carter: We did stop.

Quinn: But eric pushed us back together.

Carter: He encouraged it.

Quinn: Ridge is never gonna see it that way. He’s never gonna understand why eric did what he did. He’s never gonna see eric’s unconditional love and faith in our marriage.

Carter: Coming from justin, you saw the way he reacted.

Quinn: He could twist this a million different ways.

Carter: And none of them good.

Justin: You wanted to know if quinn was playing games. Doing things that eric didn’t know about.

Ridge: Tell me where she’s running off to.

Brooke: And why eric’s spending so much time alone.

Ridge: Where’d she go?

Justin: She left the office, she drove to the beach. The way she was acting, I thought you had it all wrong. She wasn’t being evasive. She parked out front. Hell, when she went inside, they didn’t even shut the shades.

Brooke: They? You mean she was with somebody?

Justin: It wasn’t just anyone. I caught them together. She went to carter’s place. Lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.

Eric: Katie, I want you to be able to tell me anything you need to tell me about you and bill. I want to be there for you the same way you’ve been there for me.

Katie: I’m conflicted.

Eric: I see that.

Katie: He loves our son and will adores him. Looks up to him. Honestly, he’s not the kind of man that I thought that I would end up with at all. I mean, that’s part of the attraction is the fact that he is so volatile and dangerous. And that can be exciting and romantic. But it can also be terrifying and I thought that if I loved him enough, then I could smooth out the rough edges.

Eric: Yeah.

Katie: But at the end of the day, bill is who he is. And he likes who he is. He likes sitting behind the desk and intimidating everyone and barking out orders. And he can be passionate but he can also be vengeful. For a while I thought I could change him. It’s silly of me, maybe I don’t even have that right. Because I don’t think that people really change for other people. I think that you have to change for yourself. And I don’t think that bill wants to change and I don’t think he would change for me.

Eric: Well, then he’s a damn fool. A man of substance will do anything he can to give the woman he loves what she needs. And the life she needs, no matter how much it costs him. I don’t think bill is willing to do that for you. And if he’s not, then– look, he’s not giving you any of the respect and the acceptance that you deserve. He’s not.

Katie: He does love me. I know he does.

Eric: Enough to give you the life that you deserve?

Katie: Is being alone better?

[ Sighing ]

Eric: Well, you mustn’t reconcile with bill just because you don’t want to be alone.

Katie: Isn’t that what you’re doing with quinn? I mean, I’m sorry. I know, we’re not allowed to talk about your marriage, or quinn. But–I feel the same way about her that you feel about bill. I don’t trust her, I don’t feel like she treats you the way that you deserve to be treated. I mean, here you are, this beautiful, beautiful human being, just standing in front of her, wanting to love her. And, where is she?

Quinn: I should go home. Or I should call eric. I need to warn him that justin could blow all of this up.

Ridge: You sure? You saw quinn at carter’s place?

Brooke: You actually saw them together?

Ridge: What happened?

Justin: They were in the bedroom.

Brooke: I knew it! I knew quinn couldn’t be faithful to eric.

Ridge: What happened?

Justin: Well, I followed her to carter’s place. She pulled up, walked in, and I made my way up to carter’s bedroom window. And they were all over each other.

Brooke: Ugh! He never should’ve taken her back.

Ridge: And either way you confronted them?

Justin: Yeah, I mean, I thought interrupting them was what you wanted before–

Ridge: What I want is that woman out of his life today.

Brooke: Once eric finds out what she’s up to, she will be.

Ridge: How does carter do that? Why? He’s gonna throw away his family? His career? All for quinn?

Justin: They begged me not to tell you what I saw.

Brooke: We told eric to cut her loose. But he wanted to give her one more chance. And now what? She’s back in carter’s bed?

Ridge: This doesn’t make sense to me.

Ridge: That’s not the carter I know. He made a mistake. But he wouldn’t do it again. There’s no way.

Justin: They said it wasn’t cheating. That it was okay.

Brooke: What? No, of course it was cheating. Quinn is married.

Justin: Well, no. They said it wasn’t like that. They could explain.

Ridge: Explain? They can explain it to me.

Justin: Whoa, hold on, ridge. I haven’t told you everything.

Ridge: Let ’em tell it to me.

Brooke: I’m coming with you.

Ridge: You did a good job today. You did a good job for this family. Come on. I’ve been telling everyone…

Katie: Eric, I am your friend. Please tell me what’s going on with you.

Eric: Look, katie, I appreciate how… how open and honest you’ve been with me.

Katie: It’s because we trust each other. We’ve always trusted each other. I’m just trying to understand. Quinn has this beautiful, loving, charming husband. How could she not be satisfied?

Eric: She is. She is satisfied more than ever.

Katie: Well, then where is she? Why don’t you want to tell me?

Eric: I do, katie. I do. But I… I’ve done something, katie. Uh, I’ve done something that I don’t think anyone’s really gonna understand. Most especially you, I think.

Katie: I would never judge you, never.

Eric: I know. But if you… if you do, I’ll understand. When quinn and I got back together, I wanted it to be everything it had been before. But it couldn’t be. I couldn’t, uh… it wasn’t the same. It couldn’t be and so I made a choice, I made a decision, and um… I want to tell you the truth. I want to tell you the truth about quinn and me. And carter.

Quinn: I don’t want eric to be blindsided by this.

Carter: We would’ve known by now if justin told ridge.

Quinn: Or ridge could be grilling eric right now as we speak.

Carter: And that’s why eric didn’t want anyone to know. One person finds out, and the entire family’s questioning his judgment.

Quinn: Or they could be questioning ours. I mean, aren’t you?

Carter: We haven’t done anything wrong.

Quinn: Yeah, I know. I was telling myself that too, and then justin walked in on us and I’m still trying to convince myself of it.

Carter: ‘Cause you saw his reaction?

Quinn: Look what this is gonna do to eric when his secret gets out. I mean, this is going to hurt him and I don’t want that to happen, he’s my husband!

Carter: You love him.

Quinn: Of course, I love him. And I love you!

Carter: I love you too. Enough to accept another man’s ridiculous terms to be with you, quinn. But I love you way too much to put you in a situation you might regret.

[ Knocking ]

Ridge: Carter, quinn, open up. We know you’re in there.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: How dare you?

Ridge: Again?

Quinn: We don’t expect you to understand.

Brooke: You took eric’s forgiveness and you threw it right back in his face. How dare you betray him again?

Quinn: We’re not betraying him!

Ridge: How do you have the audacity to say that?

Carter: Because it’s true.

Ridge: Huh? What? So, you’re not sleeping together?

Quinn: Not behind eric’s back. We’re not lying to him. Eric knows, ridge. He knows.

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Days Update Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Jake asks Gabi about thinking that Chloe is Philip’s Achilles’ heel. Gabi points out how crazy Philip got when he thought Brady was moving in on her and that they know Victor wants Chloe out of Philip’s life. Jake asks how they use that information to get Philip out of Titan. Gabi complains about not having her coffee since Rafe was punishing her for how she treated Ava.

Ava questions Philip wanting her to help him take down Gabi Hernandez. Philip asks why she’s so surprised. Ava points out that yesterday, he wasn’t interested. Philip reminds her that he can’t fire Gabi until he’s able to gain control of Gabi Chic since it’s become a very lucrative piece of Titan. Ava asks how this partnership would work. Philip goes over how Ava overheard Jake and Gabi under this roof and says she’s in the perfect position to gather more intel. Philip asks Ava what she thinks. Ava tells him to go fly a kite.

Abigail sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion with her tablet until Jack walks in with kites for the kids. Abigail invites Jack to stay for tea which he agrees to. Abigail mentions reading today’s Spectator and acknowledges that it couldn’t have been easy to write the article about Xander’s drug charges. Jack says especially since he knows for a fact that Xander is totally innocent.

Xander asks Gwen what her plan is to get him out. Gwen says it seeds of a plan as they need to prove EJ and the judge’s collusion or they get their own leverage over Judge Smails. Xander asks how to do that. Gwen brings up EJ beating Xander up. Xander asks what that has to do with the judge and asks if she thinks EJ threatened the judge with bodily harm. Gwen says she doesn’t know but maybe they could.

Nicole questions EJ asking her out on a date. EJ can’t tell if she’s good shocked or bad shocked. Nicole brings up their history. EJ hoped that she had gotten past that and asks for a chance to redeem herself by taking her out to dinner tonight. Brady and Chloe walk in the office as Brady hopes Nicole is too smart to say yes to EJ’s offer. EJ tells Chloe that it’s lovely to see her. Brady questions what EJ is doing. EJ says it’s none of his concern. Brady states that Nicole is his friend so it is his concern if she’s in a dangerous situation. Nicole says she wouldn’t call it dangerous but Brady asks how it ended last time they were together. Nicole says they both made bad choices. Brady asks if she thinks EJ has changed. EJ remarks that back then, Brady wanted Nicole all to himself but she chose him instead.

Abigail knows Xander is Jack’s friend and that he claims to be innocent but says they can’t take what he says at face value. Jack insists that Xander didn’t sell drugs and only confessed to protect Gwen. Abigail questions if Gwen was the person selling stolen opioids. Jack says it’s complicated but he’s grateful that Xander stepped in to protect her. Abigail questions why he would do that. Jack reveals there is something romantic going on between them. Abigail calls that a match made somewhere other than Heaven.

Xander tells Gwen that he’s stuck in here while Gwen says she’s not. Xander doesn’t think Gwen has a threatening physical presences. Gwen brings up being accused of killing Abigail’s grandmother which might give Judge Smails pause. Xander appreciates her offer but thinks it’s better for her to keep her clean. Gwen suggests hiring someone to intimidate the judge. Xander asks if she knows someone. Gwen brings up Jake being in the mob so he might be willing to do her a favor for old times’ sake.

Gabi and Jake get coffee and sit together in the town square. Jake can’t believe Rafe would be cruel enough to deprive her of caffeine. Gabi complains about Rafe making her apologize for calling Ava a bitch. Gabi insists that Ava hasn’t left her past behind and asks if Jake believes her. Jake admits that most people never make it out of the mob. Gabi guesses Jake must have met enforcers and hitmen during his time in the mob. Jake asks why she’s asking. Gabi wonders if Jake knew someone that could run Ava out.

Philip thought Ava hated Gabi. Ava says she does but she is Rafe’s sister. Philip points out that Rafe doesn’t have to know that she’s working with him. Ava questions what she’s supposed to do. Philip mentions that she could find evidence of the key logging software that she and Jake put on his computer, but he’d take any skeleton from her closet as he’s sure she has plenty. Ava feels Gabi is too smart to leave any evidence lying around the house. Philip suggests she spy on them then since she overheard something once. Ava says she just got lucky once. Philip questions if she’s saying she won’t help him take them down. Ava responds that upon further consideration, she wants to know what’s in it for her.

Brady questions EJ thinking he’s jealous of something from a lifetime ago. EJ asks why else he would care if he’s dating Nicole. Brady repeats that Nicole is his friend so he wants to make sure that EJ is not taking advantage of her. Brady asks if it’s any coincidence that EJ is swooping in as soon as Nicole’s marriage to Eric ended. Brady adds that EJ is still married to Sami but EJ says not for long. Chloe suggests letting Nicole speak for herself. Brady questions if Nicole is seriously thinking about going out with EJ. Nicole appreciates his concern but doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this. Brady reminds Nicole of what EJ is capable of. EJ suggests Brady focus on his own relationship instead of Nicole’s love life. Brady responds that he’s not involved with anyone right now. EJ brings up Kristen breaking out of prison to keep Brady away from Chloe. Brady remarks that Kristen was out of her mind and paranoid at the time. EJ declares that now that Kristen is out of his life, there’s nothing stopping Brady and Chloe from being together.

Ava tells Philip that she’s open to negotiation. Philip is glad because he thinks they would learn some interesting things from her spying on Gabi and Jake. Ava has a better idea and informs him that it turns out that Jake used to work for her family business and did a lot of illegal stuff. Philip likes where this is going. Ava says she was out of commission but her cousin Angelo runs a tight ship and was obsessed with paperwork, so she guarantees that he has evidence they can use against Jake. Philip asks what kind of crimes they are talking about. Ava reveals it’s the kind that Jake would spend a significant amount of time in jail for. Philip is excited about the idea that Gabi might trade Gabi Chic for Jake’s freedom.

Jake questions Gabi asking him to have Ava killed. Gabi says she’s just tossing out a hypothetical. Jake can’t believe she’d even say that out loud and warns that anyone who touches Ava would still have an immediate target on their back and it could incite a mob war. Jake reminds Gabi that he came to Salem to get out of his life, so he doesn’t want to think about his time working for the Vitalis or the crap they had him do. Gabi then asks if Jake has ever killed someone.

Xander tells Gwen that as much as he enjoys the idea of a goon like Jake roughing up from the judge, he questions if Jake would actually do it. Gwen asks why not. Xander brings up that Jake was the CEO of a large corporation so he’s gone legit and he didn’t think Jake and Gwen ended on good terms. Gwen admits she wouldn’t put it past Jake to flip on her and tell the judge that she hired him. Xander guesses it’s not a good idea and decides against the violence angle. Gwen suggests bribing the judge but Xander points out they don’t have any money. Gwen says they can dig up something to use against him. Xander wonders if the judge has a gambling problem or cheats on his wife or hires a prostitute. Gwen then points out that maybe the judge would hire her since they used the story of her being a prostitute. Xander tries to laugh it off but questions if she’s going to offer the judge her services as a hooker.

Jack tells Abigail that Gwen was not a drug dealer, at least not willingly. Abigail asks if he is saying she was coerced. Jack explains that the real dealer was Dr. Snyder, who treated her after her miscarriage. Abigail questions how he forced her to deal drugs. Jack informs her that they had a history and Snyder was using it to blackmail her. Abigail asks what kind of history they are talking about and what he was blackmailing her with.

Brady tells EJ that he loved Kristen. EJ says not enough to stand by her side. Brady argues that he was with her the entire time she was in prison and he took it very seriously but in the end, he couldn’t forgive her for hurting all the people he cares about like Chloe. Nicole points out that Kristen tried to kill Chloe twice. EJ calls jealousy a powerful emotion so he could understand how it could drive someone to do something rash. Brady questions EJ condoning what Kristen did. EJ talks about Kristen sitting in prison while imagining Chloe with the man she loves. Chloe informs EJ that she happens to be seeing Philip Kiriakis now. EJ remarks that Brady lost out again. Chloe says it’s not like that. EJ thinks Chloe made the right choice as long as she’s not sharing corporate secrets with the competition.

Philip wants Ava to get Angelo on the phone to see what he has on Jake. Ava tells him to slow down. Philip asks what the problem is. Ava tells Philip that he gets Gabi Chic but she’s not lifting a finger to help him until she gets what she wants out of the deal. Philip asks what she wants.

Jake tells Gabi that he was not a hitman. Gabi asks if he’s never killed anybody then. Jake questions why they are talking about this. Gabi says she was just joking but Jake argues that there’s nothing funny about working for the mob. Gabi asks what it was like and what exactly he did for them. Jake responds that he did his job which was to make money for the family. Gabi wants to know how. Jake explains that the bosses would make arrangements with local businesses for protection from them and he would enforce those arrangements. Gabi asks if he means he’d hurt them if they didn’t pay. Jake says he did what he had to do because he had no choice, but the entire time he was trying to get out. Gabi recalls Jake having the book with the account numbers to force them to let him go. Jake says that was the plan, until Gwen stole the book from him.

Gwen tells Xander that this could work, especially since Jack thinks she was a hooker. Xander didn’t think she was serious. Gwen says the point is that when she gives the judge a chance to sample her product, he won’t be able to resist.

Abigail questions Jack informing her that Gwen was a prostitute. Jack says it was a low point in her life and she needed money, so she made some bad choices. Abigail asks if Dr. Snyder was one of her clients which Jack confirms. Jack talks about how awful it must have been for Gwen to have Dr. Snyder threatening to expose her past right after she lost her baby. Abigali declares that all of this happened to Gwen because of her.

Xander questions what Gwen is going to say to the judge or if he will even be interested. Gwen feels it’s worth a shot. Xander admits that any man would have difficulty turning her down. Gwen adds that she’ll make it clear that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to save her boyfriend. Xander accepts the idea of being Gwen’s boyfriend. She leans over the table and kisses him. Gwen says that was nice but would prefer it in a more romantic location. Xander tells her how badly he wants to get out to be with her again. Gwen declares they are going with Operation: Seduce Smails then. Xander says no because he’s her boyfriend and is not going to let her just shag some other man. Xander refuses to allow her to have sex with the judge just to save his sorry ass. Gwen clarifies that she won’t actually have sex with him but she’ll go in with a recorder to get him to agree to the trade, so he’ll either release Xander or lose his job. Gwen asks if it’s a plan then but Xander still says absolutely not.

Jack assures Abigail that Dr. Snyder blackmailing Gwen was not her fault and that Dr. Snyder was the only villain in this story. Abigail informs Jack that she went to go see Gwen yesterday to apologize for everything that happened. Jack knows it couldn’t have been easy for her. Abigail calls it the right thing to do. Jack asks how it went. Abigail says they will never be close and she’ll never forget that Gwen tried to destroy her family and marriage, but she didn’t deserve to lose her baby. Jack assures that Gwen knows it was an accident and asks if she accepted her apology. Abigail confirms that she did, but she’s not sure that she can forgive herself.

Philip questions Ava wanting a job at Titan, when Victor still blames her for forcing him to launder money and nearly getting him killed. Ava argues that Philip could talk to him, but Philip says Victor would never go for it. Ava asks about one of his subsidiaries and if Victor would even have to know she was there. Philip asks if she has something specific in mind. Ava reveals that if Philip wants her help, he’s going to have to put her in charge of Gabi Chic, but they’ll have to do something about the name. Ava jokes about the name Ava Chic.

Nicole assures EJ that Chloe would not share corporate secrets with Philip or anyone and Brady knows that. Brady wouldn’t put it past Philip to try to get it out of Chloe. Chloe informs them that Philip already offered her a job at Titan but she turned it down because she likes her job here. EJ states that if Nicole values Chloe, then he does too and apologizes for questioning her. Chloe informs them that she and Brady have a meeting. EJ asks if Brady has anything else to say. Brady thinks he said everything he has to say and tells Nicole that hopes she decides to listen. Brady and Chloe then exit. Nicole comments that things escalated quickly. EJ questions who Brady is to tell her who she should and shouldn’t date. Nicole calls him just a concerned friend and admits she’s a little concerned too. EJ acknowledges that they did hideous things to each other back then, but feels that shouldn’t get in the way of them enjoying a lovely evening together now.

Jake tells Gabi that he stole that book to get away from violence for good. Gabi encourages that he’s done that. Jake worries about the mob suddenly deciding he’s useful to them. Gabi tells him not to worry as they have a lot going for them. Gabi adds that if there was some way to connect Ava to a crime that she was never charged with, they could use it against her. Jake fears that digging back in to that world could be tempting fate.

Philip understands why Ava would want to run Gabi Chic but says he can’t risk her running it in to the ground. Ava advises him not to underestimate her, reminding him that she ran her own corporation and was the head of another business that is a lot less welcoming to lady bosses than the fashion industry. Philip doesn’t think he can make that pitch to the board or his father. Ava tells him that it’s his choice, but unless he agrees to her terms, then she’s not helping him and without her, he doesn’t get the dirt he needs on Jake and Gabi retains control of Gabi Chic. Philip feels like she’s blackmailing him again. Ava says she’s just countering his offer, so she asks what his answer is. Philip then agrees to Ava Chic and they shake hands.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t know if she’s ready for this. EJ questions if she means not ready to date or not ready to date him. Nicole says both. EJ points out that her marriage is over and she just said she’s trying to put her feelings for Rafe behind her. Nicole says it isn’t about Rafe or Eric but admits maybe it is a little. EJ feels there’s no better way to move forward than to share company with a man who enjoys sharing her company. Nicole is having a hard time trusting EJ and his motives. EJ asks what possible ulterior motives he could have. Nicole questions if he really wants go out with her or if it’s just his way of sticking it to Sami.

Abigail tells Jack that she knew Gwen was pregnant when she fought with her and she should’ve been more careful. Jack encourages that she didn’t start the fight since Gwen seduced her husband and her resulting pregnancy was a threat to her marriage. Abigail feels she was out of control. Jack says he’s made more mistakes than she ever will and she can’t change what happened but can only commit to learning and growing so that it doesn’t happen again. Abigail points out that he never did what she did. Jack asks how many times he’s hurt her, Jennifer, or JJ, and yet they always found it in their heart to forgive him. Abigail says that’s because they love him. Jack is grateful for that every day, but he’s learned to live with his regrets and not let them wreck him. Jack tells Abigail that it’s time for her to forgive herself as he hugs her. Jack declares that she and Gwen both need to forgive themselves.

Gwen complains that Xander didn’t like her physical violence plan, the sex angle plan, and now this plan. Xander feels it’s too dangerous. Gwen pleads with him to let her help him. Xander says not like this. Gwen brings up the risks he took for her including getting rid of a dead body and confessing to drug dealing, so now he’s facing prison and it’s her turn to take some risks for him.

Abigail tells Jack that there’s one thing that bothers her about Gwen and Dr. Snyder. Abigail gets Gwen not wanting people to know she’s a sex worker but questions becoming a drug mule instead to keep that secret. Abigail feels she would’ve rather told the truth than commit more crimes.

Xander tells Gwen what it means that she’s willing to do this for him. Gwen tells him they are in this together. Xander wishes they had a better plan. Gwen states that Xander is facing years in prison because she was afraid to tell her father that she lied about her miscarriage. Xander has no regrets as he’d never want her to lose Jack. Gwen worries that now she could lose Xander. Gwen talks about growing up without a father and losing her mom to a drug overdose. Gwen thought she loved Jake but that was a very unhealthy relationship. Gwen calls Xander the first man to actually mean something to her, so she will be damned if she lets him go to prison.

Ava calls her cousin Angelo and leaves a message, saying she needs some information on a former friend of theirs who went by the name Jake Lambert, now Jake DiMera.

Gabi agrees with Jake that she doesn’t want to look back at his dark past, so they should count their blessings that the mob let him go and now they are both safe. Jake adds that they are now part of a very legitimate business. Jake remembers a meeting with a new distributor this afternoon. Gabi forgot to tell him that got rescheduled. Jake asks if they should go back to the office then but Gabi wants to focus on how to use Philip’s jealousy over Brady to oust him from Titan. Jake says they can’t do that with Philip working down the hall. Gabi decides they go back to her house. Jake asks what if Ava is there. Gabi doesn’t care if Ava doesn’t want to see her and wants to just go home. Jake hugs her and tells her how grateful he is for her and says he’ll never stop trying to make her happy. Gabi tells him that he’s already done that.

EJ questions why dating Nicole would have anything to do with Sami. Nicole talks about Sami hating her and knowing that they went on a date would drive Sami more insane. EJ asks why that would bother her. Nicole doesn’t want to be a pawn in some sick game of revenge. EJ talks about Sami destroying Nicole’s marriage and exposing her infidelity while she was sleeping with Lucas. EJ questions if Nicole wouldn’t want to stick it to Sami as much as he would.

Xander guesses that Gwen thinks they have a future. Gwen asks if that scares him. Xander admits it does a little because he wants it so much. Xander didn’t think he’d ever be in another relationship after Sarah dumped him because he didn’t think anybody else would have him. Gwen guesses she’s not anybody else. Xander agrees and notes that the rest of Salem is probably hoping he gets locked up for decades for ruining Nicole’s marriage. Gwen relates that she did the same thing to Abigail’s marriage. Gwen supposes it makes sense that they are together. Xander agrees that they make a lot of sense. Gwen declares that it’s settled then that she will get the goods on judge so he will throw out the case and Xander can tell EJ to go to Hell.

Nicole tells EJ that Sami left town so maybe she won’t find out that they went on a date. EJ is sure she will find out. Nicole then agrees to go out with EJ. EJ tells her that he’ll pick her up at 8 as Brady and Chloe come back in. Brady makes a comment as EJ says he didn’t hear them come back in. Chloe says it sounds like they didn’t miss much. EJ suggests they could double date sometime with Chloe and Philip. EJ tells Brady that he’s the odd man out. EJ then tells Nicole that he will see her at 8 and exits the office. Brady warns Nicole that this will blow up in her face.

Philip asks Ava when she thinks Angelo will call back. Ava tells him not to worry as he will call soon. They then hear Gabi and Jake coming home so they head to the back to hide. Jake walks in and comments on it smelling like after shave. Gabi remarks that it’s not Rafe’s but it does seem familiar.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava told Philip that he wasn’t going to help him take Gabi down. He said she told him when she overheard Gabi and Jake talking about him. Ava said Gabi was Rafe’s sister so she couldn’t help him. Philip said Rafe didn’t have to know. He asked if she was going to help him. Ava wanted to know if he wanted her to wear a wire. He said she could listen out for them talking again. She wanted to know what helping him would get her. Brady told EJ that he didn’t want him to be with Nicole. EJ thought he was jealous of him being with Nicole. Brady didn’t think she should be with EJ. He said he has been over Nicole. He just didn’t think she should be with EJ. Brady reminded him that he was still married to Sami. EJ reminded him that he was involved with his sister. Brady said he was single. He asked Nicole if she was really going to go out with EJ. Ava told Philip that Jake used to work for her family. She said there was paperwork on him that would get him in trouble. She said it could land him in jail. Philip wondered if Gabi would be willing to give up her life in order to save him. Gabi wanted Jake to have Ava bumped off. He asked if she was seriously asking him to have her killed. He said Ava’s family was dangerous. Gabi asked if he ever killed someone. Gwen and Xander tried to come up with a way to blackmail the judge. Xander thought the judge might have his price. He thought the judge might be willing to deal with prostitution. Gwen offered herself as bait. Xander didn’t want her to do that. Jack told Abby that Gwen was the one who knew Snyder. He said Snyder was blackmailing her. Abby wanted to know why he was blackmailing her. He said she used to be a prostitute.

Ava told Philip that she wasn’t going to help him until she got something out of the deal. Jake told Gabi that he didn’t kill anyone. She wanted to know what he did for the mob. He said he made money for them. He enforced people to pay the family. Xander didn’t want Gwen to offer herself as a prostitute. She said that the plan would work. Abby was shocked to hear that Gwen was a prostitute. Jack gave her the details about it. Abby blamed herself for why Snyder blackmailed her. Abby told Jack that she went to see Gwen. She said they were never going to be close, but she didn’t deserve to lose her baby. Jack wanted to know what happened. Ava wanted Philip to give her a job at Titan. He said that Victor wouldn’t hire her because he blamed her for his money laundering. She said that she had to run Gabi Chic if he wanted her help. He couldn’t risk her running the company into the ground. She said she could run her own business. He didn’t think he could convince the board and his father to let her do it. She said that she wouldn’t help him if he didn’t do what she wanted. He felt like she was blackmailing him again. She said it was a counteroffer. He agreed to her terms.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip and Chloe spent time together. He said he knew Brady wasn’t the one spying on him. He said it was Jake and Gabi. He said he was going to make them pay for what they did. Chloe wanted him not to say anything bad about Brady. He said he wouldn’t. She said Brady might be willing to help them go after Jake and Gabi. Philip didn’t think he needed Brady. He said he was going to steal Gabi’s company. Jake went to see Brady. Jake asked how his conversation with Victor went. Brady asked how he knew he talked to his grandfather. Brady asked if he was keeping tabs on him. Jake tried to come up with an excuse, but Brady thought he was going after the CEO job at Titan. Jake started asking Brady questions. Brady was suspicious and wanted him to leave. Jake went in the hallway and listened to Brady’s conversation with Victor. Jake overheard Brady tell Victor he had no interest in coming between Philip and Chloe. Rafe confronted Gabi about the way she has been treating Ava. Gabi called Ava a heartless b*tch. Ava walked in while Gabi was talking about her. Ava watched Gabi and Rafe argue. Ava said she would move out so she wouldn’t cause trouble between Rafe and Gabi. Rafe told her she wasn’t leaving. He wanted Gabi to be the bigger person. Gabi ended up apologizing to her. Rafe was thankful that she was trying to get along with Gabi. He said if Gabi didn’t change her ways, she wouldn’t like who he chose.

When Rafe went to work, Philip came by to see Ava. He asked her how she would like to help him go after Gabi. Gabi met up with Jake at the town square. He told her about what was going on between Brady, Philip and Chloe. Gabi said Chloe was the Achilles heel they could use to bring Philip down. EJ went to see Nicole at Basic Black. He told her she would never see Xander in the office again. They talked about Xander getting arrested. EJ asked her if something was going on between her and Rafe. She said there wasn’t anything going on. He thought she was upset about it. He said she could do better. He asked her out on a date. Gwen went to see Xander at the police station. She said it was her fault he was in this mess. He said she was worth it. She said she was going to get him out of there. He said a jailbreak would be sexy. She said she was going to confess. He didn’t want to go along with the plan. He said they could get another lawyer. Justin came in the interrogation room looking for Bonnie. Gwen asked him to defend Xander. Justin wouldn’t do it. When Justin brought up the judge he was going to see, Xander said he was corrupt. He said he was the same judge EJ bribed about his case. Gwen said he should blackmail the judge to help Bonnie. She said she would help Justin get the evidence to help Xander. When Justin left, Gwen and Xander tried to figure out what they needed to do to prove that the judge was corrupt.

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Days Short Recap Monday, September 27, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben told Ciara he was afraid his baby would be like him. He said he wasn’t trying to bring evil into the world. She said he faced his demons and overcame them. She told him to let her love help him get through this. He said her love couldn’t change his DNA or what genes he passed down. She said how the baby was raised made a difference. Ciara told Ben he would be the best father. She said that would make a difference. She said she knew she wouldn’t change his mind in one conversation. She said she wanted them to focus on loving each other. Allie talked to Tripp about Johnny’s movie. She told him Johnny wanted to write about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Tripp thought there was an explanation for what happened. He found information to prove his point. Allie said she understood his skepticism, but she trusted John. She said if her grandfather said Marlena was possessed, that was good enough for her. Chanel was afraid his movie would tempt the devil to show up. Tony walked in and scared Chanel. Johnny asked Tony to be a consultant for his movie since he was there when Marlena was possessed. Tony said it wasn’t him it was his cousin. Tony told Johnny that he was stranded on an island while Marlena was possessed. He told Johnny to ask John and Marlena about what happened. Johnny said he tried, but it didn’t work. Tony said the past if best left buried.

Chanel told Johnny he should drop the movie. He said he wouldn’t give up on his movie. She wanted to talk about something else. They made out. She said she wasn’t having sex with him. She told him she wanted to have fun before they had sex. Eli tried to make Julie feel better about Doug. Eli told her Marlena would find out what was going on. Julie was upset about what was going on with Doug. Eli offered to check on Doug. John showed up at the hospital. Julie told him about Marlena’s behavior. He reassured her. He suggested that they pray for Marlena and Doug. Marlena taunted Doug before she smothered him with a pillow. Marlena told the devil not to hurt Doug. Eli came in the room before she could smother Doug. She asked Eli to leave so she could talk to Doug. Doug struggled to saying. He told Eli not to leave him. Eli told Marlena to go pray with Julie and John. Marlena left the room. Marlena saw John and Julie praying. She overheard John tell Julie that his love and prayers brought Marlena back when she was possessed. He said it proved that no matter what they faced, they got through it together. Marlena interrupted them. Julie left them alone.

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Days Short Recap Friday, September 24, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Ciara about the tour guide telling them they had to reconcile with the past before they could move on. He said he felt she was talking about him. She said he didn’t ignore the past. She said he faced up to what he did. She said he was going to therapy and was trying to make up for what he did to others. He said it didn’t change what he did. He said it would always be a part of him. Ben told Ciara he hasn’t stopped thinking about what he did since she mentioned having a baby. He said he was concerned that he would pass on his mental illness to the child. She realized that was why he didn’t want to have a baby. She wanted him to be honest with her. She asked if he would ever want to have a baby. Steve and Kayla talked about Doug. They thought it was a mystery what he was going through. Abe and Paulina showed up and went over to Steve and Kayla. Steve asked Abe how John was doing. Abe said John was thinking about the past. He said John was thinking about Marlena being possessed. Paulina thought he was kidding. Steve and Kayla said they heard about Marlena’s possession, but they weren’t in town. Abe said he was in Salem and it did happen. Paulina couldn’t believe Satan was in Salem. Kayla wondered why John was thinking about it now. Abe said Johnny was making a movie about Sami’s life. He said Marlena’s possession story was part of that life. When Paulina went to the bathroom, Abe asked Steve and Kayla about Paulina. Abe wanted to know what they thought about her. They said they liked her. Abe said he wanted to propose to her. Paulina came back from the bathroom. She heard Kayla tell Abe they were happy for him. Paulina wanted to know what they were talking about. Kayla said she was happy for them. Eli went to check on Julie. She was with Doug. She told Eli that Doug collapsed in Marlena’s office. She said something was wrong with Marlena. Julie told Eli that Doug said he went into her. Julie felt he was trying to tell her something. Doug started to wake up. Julie told Doug why he was in the hospital. She asked him if he remembered what happened to him in Marlena’s office. Doug said Marlena’s name. He kept saying her name until he became upset. Julie asked Eli to stay with Doug while she got the nurse. She called Marlena.

Marlena found John’s memories of when she was possessed the first time. When she touched the collar, it burned her. She thought about what they did to the town years ago. She said Salem hasn’t seen anything yet. She looked in the mirror and said she looked good after 25 years. John came home and apologized to Marlena for being late. He asked if she was okay. She said she was thinking about Doug. John said she seemed a little shaken. He noticed his mementos. He apologized for leaving out. She asked why he was looking at it. John told Marlena that he was talking to Johnny about his movie and what happened to her. He said he was hoping they never had to deal with it again. He said he had a bad feeling about Johnny trying to bring those memories back. Marlena asked John about the movie. John said Johnny hasn’t read the whole script yet. He said he told Allie about the possession. He said it was their love and their belief in God that defeated the devil. He took out the bible. She told him to put the bible away. He asked why she was so mad. She apologized. She said the bad memories had her on edge. She told him to put the bible back. She wanted to stop talking about it. He said that was why Johnny shouldn’t make the movie. Julie called Marlena and told her about Doug. She said he was upset. She said she couldn’t understand him. She said he kept saying Marlena’s name. Marlena told John that she had to check on Doug. John said he would pray for Doug. Julie told Doug that she called Marlena. He said no. He said Marlena needed help. He passed out. Marlena showed up at the hospital. Eli and Julie told her Doug said she was the one who needed help. Julie said she hoped she could help Doug. Marlena wanted to see Doug alone. Marlena went to Doug’s room. He was awake. Her eyes were glowing. She told him they had to do something about him telling on her.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, September 23, 2021

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to the police station. He told Rafe he wanted the money Bonnie took. He said she stole it from Xander who was supposed to give it to him for his legal fees. Rafe said the D.A. was holding the money because it was evidence. He said EJ wasn’t getting the money until the case was resolved. EJ and Rafe ended up arguing. Rafe told him he couldn’t help him. Gwen told Xander she couldn’t tell Jack the truth so she used Xander’s prostitution story. She said Jack wad understanding about it. Xander said he and Jack were back on good terms thanks to her. He wanted to know where they stood. Gwen told Xander that she wasn’t used to men doing things to help her. She said she learned how to turn off her feelings as a survivor instinct. She said the one man she thought she could open up to left her for Gabi. Xander said he knew what she meant because he slept with different women, but he only loved Sarah. He said she ended up choosing someone else. Gwen told Xander that she hated Sarah for hurting him. She said things like that were why it was better not to have feelings. She wanted to end things before it got messy. She said she didn’t want to end things. They kissed each other and fell on the bed. Ava told Philip that Gabi was plotting to get him thrown out of Titan so they could take over. She said she wanted him to give her a job in exchange for the information. He thought she wanted to be a chef. She said Doug cursed her out. She said she was tired of working with crazy people. Ava told Philip he could hire her after he fired Jake and Gabi. Ava said she had fashion sense. He said he couldn’t fire Gabi because her company was profitable. He said he wasn’t going to let her get away with what she did. Rafe showed up. Rafe wondered why Philip was at his house. Philip wanted Ava to explain it to him. When Philip left, Ava told Rafe she asked Philip for a job. She changed the subject by bringing up Jake and Gabi moving out. Rafe wondered if Gabi said where she was going. Ava said she didn’t.

Victor asked Brady if they had a deal. Victor asked if he was going to take Chloe away from Philip. Chloe walked in and wanted to know Brady’s answer. Brady said it wasn’t what she thought. Victor said it was. Victor told Chloe she was clouding Philip’s judgment. He said she wasn’t any good for Philip. She asked if she was good enough for Brady. Victor said Kristen set the bar so low that she could crawl out of it. Victor left them alone. Chloe talked to Brady about Victor. She asked Brady what he said to Victor. Brady said he told him Philip was losing focus at Titan. She said he wasn’t out to steal her. He was out to take his job. Brady told Chloe that Gabi and Jake told him Philip was acting erratically. She said they had their own motives. Brady said he knew that, but he wasn’t after Philip’s job. He said he wanted Philip to be more focused. She said Philip was trying to change. She said Brady was turning into Victor. Brady said Philip goes crazy when he was around her. Philip showed up at the mansion and wondered why Brady was there. Brady said he was visiting his grandfather. Philip was happy to hear that because Victor has been down since Maggie has been gone. Philip said Victor missed Brady. Gabi and Jake went to the DiMera mansion. They saw that Abby was back. Jake and Gabi said they were moving back in the mansion. Chad came in and said they weren’t. Gabi said it was her house. She said she inherited it from Stefan. She said she was letting him stay out of the kindness of her heart. She said that was done. She wanted him out. Chad wanted to know why Gabi wanted him gone now. Gabi said she and Jake were making big moves. Abby tried to reach out to Gabi as a mother. Abby said her kids lived there. Gabi said she and the kids could stay, but Chad had to go. Chad said he would leave so he wouldn’t cause a scene, but he would be back. Chad went back to the mansion with EJ. Gabi told EJ that she kicked Chad out. She said he was next. EJ said he owned the house now. EJ handed her the deed. She looked at the deed. He said he bought the bank that owned the deed to the house. He said she and Jake were the ones leaving. Gabi threatened to get a lawyer. EJ told her to do that somewhere else because she was trespassing. Rafe went to Xander’s room. Xander answered the door. Rafe told him the charges against him were reinstated. He said Xander was under arrest.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

It’s just what is in my heart, but I — I’d hate to think that it would in any way get in the way of things with you and nick. Was nick okay?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, he was okay. Um, he’s actually out of town right now. He’s, uh…doing a couple things before victoria’s wedding.

Jack: Oh, what seems to be the problem?

Phyllis: Oh, there’s no problem. Not at all. I think he’s just trying to surprise victoria with something, but that’s the thing is, um, I don’t know if he’ll be back in genoa city before we take off to go to milan, and he may just have to meet us there, fly from new jersey. He’s in new jersey.

Jack: If that happens, it would be just you and me on the jet.

Phyllis: Well, traci’s coming, right?

Jack: Traci is going to new york to meet with her agent now, so you and I would be flying to milan alone. Are you comfortable with that? You don’t get much time for yourself.

Phyllis: There is no situation in the world with you that would make me uncomfortable. I’d love to share a flight with you.

Jack: Good, I’m glad to hear that.

Phyllis: Yes, and by the way, I want to apologize for being suspicious regarding your intentions toward nick. I just — you just wanted to be honest.

Victoria: Hey.

Phyllis: Oh, hi.

Victoria: I was wondering if you had heard from nick.

Jack: Uh, you know, I’m gonna take that as my cue. I’m gonna keep moving. Um, nice to see you, victoria. Stay in touch with your travel plans.

Phyllis: Will do.

Victoria: I just heard that nick took the jet to new jersey. I want to know why.

Faith: Okay, you’re right. I haven’t been honest about why I’m backing out of our date. I’m sorry. I’m so embarrassed that I let this happen. I’m dying to go. I love spending time with you. And I feel awful that you spent all this time planning, but

[Sighs] I’ve fallen behind on my schoolwork.

Moses: Okay. Like, how behind?

Faith: Like, really behind. It was originally only a few classes, but then i procrastinated a couple of other assignments and now I have work due for practically every class.

Moses: Well, could you knock some of it out this afternoon and then finish the rest over the next few days?

Faith: [ Sighs ] I probably could’ve, but the school called my mom, so now…

Moses: I get it. Yeah, you can’t go on our date ’cause you need to finish your work.

Faith: This is all my fault. I don’t know how I got so behind. I feel terrible that I messed this up.

Moses: No, don’t blame yourself, when, actually, I’m to blame.

Faith: How could any of this possibly be your fault when I’m the one who has to finish three essays, a week of math, and a history project by tomorrow?

Moses: Because I’ve been the one who’s been keeping you from your work.

Faith: Yeah. Unfortunately, that’s what my mom thinks. That’s why I can’t go out with you until I’m all caught up. There’s just so much work. And I have a lot of it written down in my notebook, but it’s gonna take me hours just to type it all in. I may be a whiz at texting, but I am slow on a regular keyboard. I feel awful. I should’ve stayed on top of it. I’m sorry that I ruined everything.

Moses: No, you haven’T. And I may have a solution.

Adam: Thank you.

Jack: Adam.

Adam: Hey, jack.

Jack: Hey, I’ve just been thinking of you. I read a very complimentary article about you and newman media.

Adam: Well, I have to admit, it is nice to get a little good press. It’s a welcome change of pace.

Jack: I’m sure it is. Well, the article said the expansion’s going very well, and — how did they put it? — It is a business renaissance for adam newman.

Adam: Just a fancy way of saying I’ve gotten a do-over.

Jack: Well, fancy or not, it sounds like you’re turning things around, and I couldn’t be happier for you.

Adam: Well, connor is definitely one source of my inspiration. He makes me want to be a better man, so having him living with me again, it’s a daily reminder of that.

Jack: Isn’t it amazing how our kids can inspire us in great and unexpected ways?

Adam: Grateful for it every day.

Jack: Hey, speaking of family, are you going to be in tuscany for victoria’s big day?

Adam: It’s actually funny you should ask because I got an invitation today, but I’m sure it’s a mistake. Her wedding planner probably just sent out an invitation to everybody in the newman address book, so… victoria’s made it clear that i am persona non grata in italy.

Phyllis: I don’t have an answer for you. Nick is doing new hope business.

Victoria: Except that new hope doesn’t have any business in new jersey, at least not that I know of. But we both know who does. That’s where ashland got his start. Does this have anything to do with him?

Phyllis: Why are you suddenly suspicious of your brother? I mean, all he wants is the best for you and he wants you to be happy.

Victoria: There are a lot of people claiming to have my best interests at heart who are also trying to dig up dirt on ashland and make my — admittedly — whirlwind wedding even more stressful, and that includes my brother.

Phyllis: Wow, you know, don’t take this the wrong way, but isn’t this what they call, um, like, transference? You know, with everything that’s gone on, maybe what you’re doing is trying to push suspicion and target it somewhere else instead of the place it should be, which is on ashland, not your brother.

Victoria: That is ridiculous. But thank you so much for your dime-store psychoanalysis. I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Lauren: Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry I’m late. I have a team of seamstresses hand-sewing the dress, and i literally had to pry it out of their hands.

Victoria: Thank you so much for coming over personally with it.

Lauren: Well, of course! I’m so excited to be involved. Oh, my goodness, this is going to be the dress of the season.

Victoria: Oh, I hope so.

Lauren: One of my favorite fashion designers has completely outdone herself. It is like nothing I have ever seen. I think you’re gonna love it.

Victoria: Well, I’ve only glimpsed at the sketches, but i think they look great.

Lauren: Well, then let’s see it on you, shall we? I’ve reserved a room upstairs for the fitting.

Phyllis: Here’s your key card. Room 600.

Lauren: Thank you.

Phyllis: You’re welcome. To be honest, I’m a little jealous. I only got to help summer with her dress through video chats, you know, so… anyway, I guess working for marchetti gets an embarrassment of riches. But I’m sure yours will look fine, too.

Victoria: And I’m sure that summer’s dress will be stunning.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m sure! If you want another set of eyes, I’m here.

Victoria: I’m sorry, phyllis. You haven’t exactly achieved bridesmaid status yet.

Phyllis: Well, okay. Room 600. Um, excuse me. I’m sorry, when are you gonna get this? You are not welcome at the grand phoenix ever.

Sally: Well, when are you gonna get that I am not going anywhere. I’m a part of this town, so get used to it.

Jack: You know, I’m not sure you should look at that wedding invitation as a mistake. Wedding’s have a funny way of bringing families together. Maybe victoria is impressed that you’ve turned over a new leaf.

Adam: As much as I am trying to be a better person, I don’t think victoria’s ready to accept me as a brother that she could love.

Jack: Well, perhaps your showing up at the wedding could go a long way toward making her understand you care.

Adam: Not sure that’ll work. Besides, I shouldn’t be away from connor for that long, and i don’t want to take him out of school. He’s just starting to get acclimated to walnut grove after being at boarding school. I don’t want to do anything to disrupt that.

Jack: Okay, I’m sure there are lots of things you need to consider. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing for connor and for yourself.

Adam: Trying my best.

Faith: I can’t imagine what solution you could have that would help me finish this amount of schoolwork, unless it involves stopping time.

Moses: We’ll do it together, and then we’ll get it done twice as fast.

Faith: Hmm. I appreciate the offer, but i can’t see how two people doing schoolwork together could cut the time in half.

Moses: Well, I’ve already done my homework.

Faith: Okay, but —

Moses: So that frees me up to help you. It’ll be two people tackling one mountain of work, and by my calculation, we’ll get it done in half the time.

Faith: Okay, but wouldn’t that be, like, cheating?

Moses: You said you had most of it written in your notebook already and you’re just a slow typist. It so happens that I’m wickedly fast on the keyboard, so I’ll just be transcribing what you’ve already done.

Faith: Then that wouldn’t be cheating. It’d be helping.

Moses: Exactly.

Phyllis: Sally, you’re standing in my hotel. Mine. Please, don’t make me get security to throw you out.

Sally: Oh. You want to cause a scene? Or should I say yet another scene at the grand phoenix? Let me just make sure that I get this one on video, so, uh…go aheaD.

Chloe: There you are. Oh, hi. I wanted sally to meet me here, and I am thrilled that you are here, too.

Phyllis: Well, that makes one of us.

Chloe: Let me change your mind. Sally and I came here because we have a business proposal for you.

Phyllis: I don’t have anything on my calendar.

Chloe: Well, we didn’t try to get an appointment because we knew you would say no.

Phyllis: Well, you have that right. Why would I do business with the very person who drove my daughter out of the country?

Sally: Oh, for pete’s sake, when are you gonna let that go? If summer really was that miserable in milan, she and kyle would’ve come back. The fact that she’s still there means one of two things — either she loves working at marchetti so much that she doesn’t want to leave or she just secretly hates being around you and she’s willing to move a thousand miles away to avoid running into you.

Chloe: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Sally — mnh-mnh. Okay, so she is clearly very passionate, which is exactly the kind of focus and energy that we want to put into our shoot that we want to do here.

Sally: The spread is for the new fashion platform, and it’s all about beauty, drama, and high style.

Chloe: Just picture the most stunning models in gorgeous fashion. We have an incredible photographer, a great stylist. It is such a win for our site and great publicity for the grand phoenix.

Phyllis: Well, you have that right. That’s a great idea. It really is. Spectacular, actually. Um…I love it. Fire her, and I’ll do it. Plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging…

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Lauren: Oh. Wow. Now, remember, it’s not finished yet, but it’s fabulous. I mean, what do you think?

Victoria: I, um…I think it’s very pretty, but it’s not exactly what I pictured when i looked at the sketches.

Lauren: Oh. Okay. I mean, I understand how certain design elements don’t translate, but, you know, the fit is a little off. Um…let’s take it in in the bodice and, you know, adjust the pleats in front. Now, did you bring your shoes so we can hem it?

Victoria: No, I forgot.

Lauren: Oh, no problem. No problem. And I know we didn’t talk about a veil yet or headpieces, but don’t worry, I brought you a lot of options.

Victoria: Listen, lauren, it’s not your fault and it’s not the designer’s fault. I think that I’m just putting incredibly high standards on people because I have such high expectations for this wedding. I really, really want it to be something spectacular.

Lauren: And it will be. You deserve that, and I’m going to help you. We are going to fix this dress, and it will be worthy of the occasion. Don’t worry. We have the time.

Victoria: Yes, I know, I keep telling myself that, but…the day is just — it’s coming so soon and there’s just so much to do.

Lauren: I hear you. Could you give us a moment? Thank you. Are you sure the dress is the only thing that’s bothering you?

Victoria: Yes. Really.

Lauren: You know, I have helped a lot of powerful women design their dream gown, and when the garment doesn’t live up to their expectation, there’s usually a full-on freak-out by now.

Victoria: So my reaction wasn’t bridezilla enough for you?

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Wasn’t even baby-zilla.

[ Both laugh ] Look, you have a lot on your mind right now. It’s okay to take it out on the dress.

Victoria: Lauren, everything is fine.

Chloe: You really need to learn to keep a lid on iT.

Sally: I’m sorry. Phyllis just gets under my skin.

Chloe: Well, we came here to get something from her, and going after her like that just ensured that we failed.

Sally: Okay, but we might not have failed on all fronts.

Chloe: But we didn’t get the location for our shoot, so what other fronts are there?

Sally: Well, right before you got here, lauren and victoria went upstairs. There was a woman carrying a garment bag. How much you want to bet that that was victoria’s wedding gown?

Chloe: Yeah, that’s a pretty good theory, but I also assume that victoria turned you down when you offered to make her her dress.

Sally: I actually never got the chance to make the offer. I couldn’t set up a meeting. The woman turned me down three times, or rather, her assistant did.

Chloe: It was a one in a million shot anyway. Let it go.

Sally: I’m not giving up yet.

Chloe: You just said that you saw victoria going upstairs for a fitting. It sounds like the princess already got her gown.

Sally: Okay, well, letting things go is not how I’ve gotten where I am.

Chloe: Where you are? You have alienated half of genoa city. Your tainted reputation is going to take a very long time to repair.

Sally: Well, I may be able to quicken the pace if I offer victoria a wedding dress as a gift — and not just any wedding dress, but a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will have everyone talking.

Chloe: I don’t think you trying to insinuate yourself into victoria newman’s wedding plans is the best strategy. It could very well blow up in your face and make things worse for you.

Moses: Alright. Let’s do this.

Faith: Okay, let me find my spot. “When it was lunchtime, we finished our dish, then we were given a huge bag to take home and a basket, as well. These two items that were given to us by the farmer and the rest of the people. Ms. Willington was being awed during the explanation the farmer gave us.”

[ Both laugh ] What’s another word for inflexible?

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god, we did it.

Moses: We sure did.

Faith: I never could’ve done it without your help. Even if we don’t do anything else tonight, this was the best date ever.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] You’re setting the bar pretty low.

Faith: [ Laughs ] I guess you’re right.

Moses: So, are you ready for the real date?

Faith: No.

Moses: What’s wrong now?

Faith: I have to go home and change. This is a special occasion. I can’t go out like this.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] You look beautiful just the way you are now. But I’ll come and pick you up in an hour. You can tell your mom and rey that I’ll have you back by curfew.

Faith: Smooth move.

Moses: I have my moments.

Devon: [ Clears throat ] Hey. Did you get everything put away?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Thank you for leaving me all that space in the closets.

Devon: Oh, absolutely. Abby gave me some advice. She said if you ever ask a woman to come live with you, you have to give her at least equal or more closet space.

Amanda: Ooh, wise words.

Devon: Yeah. Would you some tea or something to eat? I have earl grey and biscotti.

Amanda: Almond?

Devon: Of course.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Did abby tell you to buy all of my favorite foods, too?

Devon: No, she didn’T. That’s all me.

Amanda: Well, I’m actually not hungry.

Devon: Okay.

Amanda: Not even for my favorite things, but I do want to do one of my favorite things. Hang out with you.

[ Both laugh ]

Devon: We can do that. – Bedtime!! – Bedtime.

[ Knock on door ]

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Adam: Good to see you, too. I guess my initial instinct was right — the wedding invitation was a mistake. So just pretend I never came by.

Victoria: No, wait, wait. It wasn’t a mistake. I’m sorry that your invite was late in coming.

Adam: Why the change of heart? Is it possible that things can warm up a bit a between us from whatever sub-arctic temperature we’re at now?

Victoria: I wouldn’t go that far. I’m inviting you because of our father.

Adam: He asked you to?

Victoria: He didn’t need to. We both know how important family is to him, and that includes you, too.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Apparently, this new and improved adam is lasting a lot longer than I thought it would. You must be in the middle of some “renaissance” or something.

Adam: You read the article.

Victoria: I just thought it would be a nice way to say thank you to dad for being so supportive of the locke merger and my marriage to ashland. He even gave his blessing for the new portrait.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Well, I’m not sure how the hell you got him to do that, but kudos.

Victoria: I know that nothing would make our father happier than to have his entire family at the wedding. And as much as I hate to inflate your ego any more, ashland has a certain respect for you. He admires the way that you stepped up and took over newman media, despite the fact that most of the world despises you.

Adam: Thank you?

Victoria: So, what do you think?

Adam: I mean, you genuinely want me there?

Victoria: I wouldn’t push it, if I were you. I’m not going to beg you. You and I both know that i personally do not want you there.

Adam: Uh-huh, I got it. You know, I thought I would be doing you a favor by not attending, but then it occurred to me that, after all the years of trying to get you to include me in your life, you finally opened a door, so it would be a mistake not to go. Not to mention, rude, regardless of what the motivation was behind the invite.

Victoria: So is that a yes?

Adam: Yes. I’d like to make dad happy, too, but I can see that this wedding is important to you, so that is reason enough to be there to witness it.

Victoria: You know, it’s kind of weird that you’re being so thoughtful. I might have to upgrade you from the kiddie table.

Adam: Oh, I could sit at the one for business associates or weird single people.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] This doesn’t mean that we’re friends.

Adam: I’ll settle for family. Got to start somewhere.

Sally: So, when are you meeting with adam?

Chloe: In a few minutes.

Sally: Okay. Take a look at this dress. Tell me this would not look amazing on victoria.

Chloe: Wow. It’s gorgeous. It’s — yeah, it’s regal and sophisticated with hints of old world glamour. It’s so cutting-edge. Save it for the next grand wedding in genoa city. It’ll look great on anyone.

Sally: That is not true. The whole point is that i designed it specifically for victoria. Everything you just described it as describes my muse. Her delicate frame, her classic, stately good looks. She’s the perfect combination of a modern, powerful, hardworking woman and a timeless beauty. This dress is for her and only her.

Chloe: I admit, it is more detailed and advanced than anything you’ve shown me, and i bet that victoria will fall in love with it. Which really has me thinking, between you and chelsea, we are sitting on a gold mine of unused designer talent. Maybe we should be thinking bigger than just the media platform.

Sally: I like the sound of that.

Chloe: What about a newman fashion line? It’ll be expansive and synergistic. The next step in our path to world domination.

[ Both laugh ]

Adam: World domination, huh? What are you two plotting?

Chloe: Sally’s on her way to society to meet with a renowned fashion magazine editor to promote newman media and discuss the latest trends, and I am confident that she is going to love everything that we have planned.

Adam: I’m sure she will. Knock ’em dead, sally.

Sally: Hey, before I go, i was just wondering if you were going to tuscany for your sister’s wedding.

Adam: Why do you ask?

Sally: I mean, I was just curious ’cause I know a little bit about the history between you two. You don’t exactly get along.

Adam: That is an accurate description. But, uh, she did just extend an invitation to me today.

Sally: Aw, that’s nice.

Adam: Wasn’t about me as much as my dad, but we’ll see. What’s the angle behind your question? I don’t have a date, and I’m not looking for one, if that’s why you’re asking.

Sally: Wow, aren’t you full of yourself. That’s a bit presumptuous.

Adam: My mistake.

Sally: I wasn’t asking to be your date. But, you know, if you want a friend or a colleague to join you, you have my number.

Devon: Yeah, that trip to the park was the first real alone time I got to have with the baby.

Amanda: Well, I am sure that abby appreciated the break. Being a new mom, gosh, it sounds exhausting.

Devon: Oh, you have no idea. She’s been wiped out. I was more than happy to do it. It’s special getting to just hang out and relax with that little guy.

Amanda: You’re being careful not to call him your son, huh?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. I mean, I think that’s an important boundary to keep. I’m seeing how hard this has all been for mariah.

Amanda: Yeah. She’s a cautionary tale.

Devon: Just knowing how much she’s struggling through everything is — worries me and it shows me how hard it can be if you let yourself get overly attached. And yet, you know…

Amanda: Devon, you love dominic. He has your genes, how could you not be attached?

Devon: Well, mariah’s doing better, though. She’s — I think that it was a good idea for her to move out of the mansion.

Amanda: Yeah, that was a complex dynamic.

Devon: I really like that i can talk to you about anything.

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: I do. You understand me. What’s going on with you, though? What’s happening? What’s the update with naya and how was hanging out with imani?

Amanda: Oh. Naya, I mean, we’ve gotten some promising news, now that she’s settled with all of the right doctors.

Devon: Good.

Amanda: And I know that having a sister is new, but it feels so nice to have someone to share my anxieties with, you know, someone that I can call family. And I haven’t known imani that long, but I don’t know, there’s something about her, you know? She makes me feel comfortable. Kind of like you. I feel like I can breathe. I feel like I’M…

Devon: Like you’re home?

Amanda: Yeah, home.

[ Laughs ] If you are thinking what I am thinking, that is a pretty decadent for the middle of the afternoon.

Devon: What? And tonight’s winning numbers are 18,

Devon: I mean, I was just thinking that I should give you a tour of the penthouse, ’cause you haven’t seen all the bells and whistles yet.

Amanda: Oh. Okay. Well, you know, I have seen the shower made for two, so… I’ve also seen the thousand thread count sheets, so we don’t need to see that, right?

Devon: Right, but — but see, you were a guest before, and now it all belongs to you.

Amanda: Mm. You’re right. This is gonna be different.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah. Then maybe I’m gonna do something that I’ve never done before. I am going to invite you to join me in our bedroom.

Devon: In our bedroom? Really, now? I like that.

Amanda: [ Laughs ]

Sally: HeY. It’s sally spectra. I was just wondering how long it would take to get a wedding dress if money were no problem? Really, that fast? Yeah, excellent. I’m sending the designs over right now. Okay, thanks.

Jack: There might be another change in the flight plan. Yeah, there may just be two of us on the flight to milan. Myself and phyllis summers.

Phyllis: Nick, I can’t believe you put me through voicemail. Listen, what’s going on? The suspense is killing me. Please call me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

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Y&R Transcript Monday, September 27, 2021

Young & The Restless Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Gaines — jesse gaines. He is registered here, isn’t he?

Crystal: Mr. Gaines has checked out.

Billy: Really? When?

Crystal: I’m not sure. It just says his bill is paid and zeroed out.

Billy: You weren’t here when he checked out by chance, were you? He didn’t leave a forwarding address?

Crystal: I only know that mr. Gaines left. No other details.

Billy: Seems odd that a man would just suddenly disappear.

[ Sighs ] Thank you, crystal.

Victor: Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me or there’s something you want to say?

Billy: Just surprised to see you here again.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Billy: Or maybe you haven’t left. Either way, it seems weird that you would spend this much time in phyllis’ establishment. You got a meeting by chance? Yes, I do have a meeting. Thank you for asking. Jesse gaines. Does that name ring a bell?

Victor: It sounds like the name of your bookie.

Billy: He’s not here. He’s supposed to be staying here, but he checked out. And yet you are here. I have a hunch that’s not a coincidence.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Okay, gaines. I was at the agreed-upon meeting place and you were a no-show, and now you’re not taking my calls. Would you stop playing these silly games? And listen to me, you better not be reneging on our deal because that would be extremely foolish and short-sighted of you. Do you hear me? Looking forward to getting together so we can clear this up. Okay? Thanks. Call me.

Victoria: Sounds like someone’s in trouble.

Ashland: Why would you say that?

Victoria: Well, I can tell by your tone that you’re not too pleased with someone.

Ashland: Oh, certain people in my company are not adjusting as well as I would like to the merger.

Victoria: So why not just cut them loose?

Ashland: Well, it’s not as simple as that. This person in particular has been with the organization for quite a long time, and he is the holder of a lot of the institutional knowledge that we really can’t afford to lose right now. I mean, you know how it is.

Victoria: No. Quite frankly, I don’T. And the reason that I don’t is because you’re being deliberately vague. And I have to say, that concerns me, because, once again, it feels like you’re hiding something.

Abby: Shh. Dominic, hey, baby, what’s wrong? Shh. Oh, baby. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. It’s okay, it’s okay. Well, you just ate and you’re not wet. Oh, what’s wrong? Shh. Why don’t you tell mommy what’s the matter? Shh.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: “Mariah, went out to pick up a few things, text if you need anything.”

Mariah: Oh. How did this get in here?

[ Groaning ]

Abby: Oh, my god.

Devon: Good job.

Abby: He’s here. He’s here. Mariah, you did it.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Good job, good job. Wow. It feels so different, holding you out here in my arms than it did when you were inside of me. I can’t believe how natural it feels, holding you.

Abby: Hi. Where have you been?

Mariah: Oh, uh, bowie — sorry — uh, dominic was crying his head off, and I had no idea what to do. So I called the pediatrician, and he said that going out for a walk might help. And look. It worked.

Sharon: Hey, tessa. It’s good to see you. Will mariah be joining you?

Tessa: No, she’s taking a walk, but I thought I would take the opportunity to check in with you.

Sharon: Oh, well, I’m glad you did. Mariah asked me to give her some space, and I’m trying really hard to keep my word, but it’s difficult to stay away.

Tessa: I know, but thank you for respecting her wishes.

Sharon: Well, I mean, it sounds like she’s getting out on her own and getting some exercise. That’s positive.

Tessa: Yeah, yeah, she’s definitely in better spirits.

Sharon: Well, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Moving out of the chancellor house, just putting some physical distance between her and the baby, that was probably a good instinct on her part. Maybe she’s getting some emotional distance, as well.

Tessa: Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Billy: [ Sighs ] You’re here for a reason, victor. This isn’t your stomping ground. You’re more of a society guy because your daughter owns that place. So why are you here?

Victor: Crystal, if someone’s looking for me, tell them I’m going to the restaurant, okay? Thank you.

Ashland: I’m not trying to hide anything, sweetheart, and if I sounded vague, it’s because I had the situation well in hand and there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Victoria: You know, i honestly thought that when you revealed the truth about your past and I took it all in stride, that you would realize that it’s wise to be open with me. There’s nothing that you have to hide from me. I’m not gonna judge you or reject you, no matter what it is.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: I want you to know that you can come to me with whatever’s bothering you. And you’re gonna have an ally in me. I mean, I’m gonna be your wife. That’s the point of this whole marriage thing, at least from my perspective. So…let’s just start this conversation over again. Tell me, what was that phone call really about? Who were you talking to?

Nikki: Victoria, I have terrific news. Oh, I’m sorry. I — am I interrupting something?

Sharon: So, mariah’s new plan for getting over dominic is to start a family with you? Are you ready for that?

Tessa: Well, I mean, we talked about it before as something we would consider in the future, eventually.

Sharon: But mariah wants to speed up the schedule.

Tessa: I could use some advice on how to approach this with mariah without upsetting her.

Sharon: Well, first, you need to decide if having a baby is something that you’re ready for and that you want right now, something that you would be ready to just jump into.

Tessa: Yeah, but it’s not just about what I want. Look, it’s pretty obvious that this idea is not coming from healthy or grounded place, but the fantasy seems to be lifting mariah’s spirits. You know, it’s given her something to hold on to. And I don’t want to take that away from her. I just — I also don’t want to make any promises that I might not be able to keep. I don’t know — what do I do? How do I handle this? I just — I don’t know what to say to her.

[ Knock on door ]

Mariah: Hey, devon. Come on in.

Devon: Thank you, thank you. I was just thinking about you and tessa, and I wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing.

Mariah: Um, yeah, we’re good.

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: I guess. I know it must have seemed like I was freaking out the day of the baptism.

Devon: Nah, no, nobody thought that you were freaking out at all. You’re just taking care of yourself, which is what we all want you to do. But we have been thinking about you.

Mariah: By “we,” do you mean you and abby? Have you guys been discussing the state of my mental health?

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Well, no, I mean, it’s — you know how abby can get. She always wants everybody to be happy, and if they’re not, she’ll figure out how to feel responsible for them.

Mariah: So you’re saying that, because this has been hard on me, it’s also been hard on abby.

Devon: What I’m saying, mariah, is that we’re all just trying to figure this out together. You know? And we’re probably gonna fumble our way through it ’cause this is a new experience for everybody. We’ve never been in a situation like this before, none of us. I mean, hell, I’m not even sure what my role in dominic’s life is gonna be.

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Ashland: Nikki, no, good lord, you’re not interrupting at all. I suppose you have some good news about the wedding?

Nikki: Well, yes. As you know, we have confirmed tessa to sing, but I have just made arrangements with leslie brooks to play during the ceremony.

Ashland: Oh, that’s very impressive. I remember you telling me she’s an old friend of the family. I can’t wait. If you’ll excuse me, there’s some things I need to tend to.

Victoria: Ashland, we haven’t finished our conversation. Can you stay just a minute?

Nikki: I am sorry. I will give you your privacy back.

Ashland: No, no, no, that’s alright. Victoria and I can finish up later. I have to get out of here to make some calls before it gets too late overseas. I’ll see you. Love you. Good to see you, nikki.

Nikki: You too. Sweetheart, is everything alright?

Victoria: Of course.

Sharon: What have you said to mariah about her idea to have a baby?

Tessa: Well, I couldn’t hide how shocked I was. And to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how I feel. And I’m sure mariah picked up on that. But she seems pretty convinced that this is the right idea for her.

Sharon: And she’s hoping that you’ll just come around?

Tessa: Well, like I said, I’m not opposed to the general idea, but I don’t know if I’m ready. And after everything mariah’s gone through, I don’t think she is either.

Sharon: I would follow that instinct. I think that mariah’s sudden drive to have this baby is just not coming from the right place or a healthy place. She’s grieving right now, and she’s trying to fill a void.

Tessa: It’s like she’s reaching out for something, anything to make the ache in her heart go awaY. And if it’s helping her, making plans and daydreaming, is there any harm letting it go on just a little longer?

Sharon: Although it’s well-intended, I still think it’s a bad idea because mariah is gonna get her heart set on this vision of you two having a family in the future, and then if she gets that taken away from her, too…

Tessa: Yeah. That would be pretty harsh.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know, it’s just all so sudden.

Sharon: You have to find a way to tell her this.

Tessa: Yeah. You’re right. But it is not gonna be easy.

Sharon: It won’t be. But I think that mariah will understand.

Devon: Holding that little baby for the first moments of his life was the single most amazing experience of mine. And the connection that i already feel with him, I know it’s just gonna get stronger, and I know that chance is his father, I’m his godfather, but it’s not that simple, as you well know.

Mariah: Have you shared any of this with abby.

Devon: Nah. I haven’t shared any of it with her because I figure she’s got enough on her plate.

Mariah: Do you think i shouldn’t have either?

Devon: I’m not saying that at all, no. I think that you were in a completely different situation because you were living under the same roof with her and the baby, so I get it, you needed the separation.

Mariah: How did everything get so out of control?

Devon: I don’t think that anything got out of control, really, it’s just we need to let time go by and let things settle into place, and for me, that’s, you know, gonna be when chance comes back home.

Mariah: Maybe so.

Devon: But hey, how are you really doing? ‘Cause, you know, if you’re still feeling unsafe or anything like that, I can hire security for you.

Mariah: Thank you, devon.

Devon: Of course, of course. Although I’m sure stitch and his son are long gone by now.

Mariah: Yeah, you’re probably right. Um, you know, right now I’m not too worried about it. Although if they called me and told me that they found stitch and he had been locked away, i would be incredibly relieved.

Devon: Yeah. I know that would go a long way towards you putting all this behind you.

Mariah: Yeah. But tessa and I are trying to figure out other ways for me to heal.

Devon: Good.

Mariah: And, you know, i think we’ve — we’ve got a plan. It’s nothing concrete yet, it’s just sort of in the inspiration phase.

Devon: Yeah? That’s great.

Mariah: There’s no news to report, but if there is, I’ll let you know.

Devon: That’s fine. I’m not gonna pry at all. I’m just happy to hear that you’re hopeful about the future.

Mariah: I am. I am incredibly excited about where tessa and I are going. So, the next time you talk to abby, you can tell her that I am well on the road to recovery.

Devon: Alright. I brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.

Abby: Hey, come on in. Hey. That’s perfect timing. I actually just got dominic down for his nap.

Devon: Oh, man, I was hoping I could spend some time with him.

Abby: Really?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: That’s how it is now? You come here to see the baby? I’m just, what, a sideshow, a bonus attraction?

Devon: No, no, not at all. I came to check on the new mama, too.

Abby: Thank you.

Devon: Of course, of course. I know you’ve had your hands full lately. Has dominic been keeping you up?

Abby: Uh, yeah, he’s definitely a night owl, but I’m not complaining because when i just look at his face, even though it’s 3:00 A.M., But he’s smiling at me, that little grin, ugh!

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: It’s gonna be burned in my memory forever.

Devon: Aw, I bet it is.

Abby: I’m sorry, I’m a little groggy today, so bear with me.

Devon: That’s okay.

Abby: Is there anything new going on with you?

Devon: Uh, yeah, I do have some news. I asked amanda to move in with me.

Abby: Oh, my gosh! Wow!

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Well, that’s not just news, that’s great news. I want to hear all about it. When? Where? What did you say? More importantly, what did she say?

Devon: Well, she’s —

[ Dominic crying ] Uh-oh.

Abby: Sorry. Stay right here. I’ll be back. Just give me like two minutes.

Devon: Of course.

Rey: Hey, babe.

Sharon: Oh, hey. Uh, I wasn’t expecting to see you until tonight.

Rey: Well, I finished my shift early, and now I am all yours. Thought we could do something fun and hang out, whatever you like.

Sharon: I am so glad you’re here. I need you to save me from myself.

Nikki: And as soon as our lawyers file the documents, the deal should go through.

Victoria: Oh, problem solved. Thank you, mom.

Nikki: Now that that is out of the way, you can go join your fiancé. I’m sure he’s finished with his phone calls by now.

Victoria: That’s okay. I will see him at home later. It’s not like we were discussing anything urgent anyway.

Nikki: Victoria, you know how much I hate to meddle or argue.

Victoria: Right.

Nikki: It is very clear that something is on your mind. You’re concerned about something. Now, if you want to talk about it, I’m a good listener.

Victoria: What I said earlier, about ashland feeling that he was safe, that he could tell me anything, I think I may have spoken too soon.

Nikki: Oh, no. He’s still keeping something from you?

Victoria: He just seems worried, like something’s wrong, but for some reason, he’s compelled to pretend like everything’s fine.

Nikki: Maybe it has something to do with the merger.

Victoria: No, no, because that — that’s going well. Maybe this has something to do with billy. Maybe he’s continuing his little harassment campaign.

Nikki: Oh, well, I have no doubt that billy is still investigating. And he may not be the only one. Ashland has lived this false identity for so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if other reporters and investigators are digging into his past.

Victoria: But ashland says that he hasn’t shared with anyone but us that he changed his identity, and I believe him.

Nikki: That doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t already figured it out on their own.

Billy: If you’re looking for gaines, he checked out. I’m assuming that’s who you came to see again.

Victor: Ashland! Thanks for meeting me today.

Ashland: Victor, forgive me for running late.

Victor: That’s alright. Table in the restaurant is waiting.

Billy: I hope it’s a table for three. Got a few questions for the both of you.

Victor: [ Laughs ] You’re a pest, billy boy.


“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: I highly doubt that you would come here to meet victor. I mean, the natural spot for a board member and the owner of the company would be the shiny new offices at newman media that are just around the corner.

Ashland: Well, you seem to forget that victor and I are more than just colleagues. We’re about to become family.

Billy: Oh, I haven’t forgotten that. Not by a long shot.

Ashland: So why all the suspicion? I mean, we’re simply here to grab a drink and talk about wedding plans. Surely you want no part of that conversation, since you made it obvious that you have great regrets about letting victoria get away.

Victor: You know, ashland, perhaps meeting here was a mistake, so why don’t we adjourn to my ranch where we have some privacy?

Ashland: Excellent idea.

Billy: Yeah, excellent idea. I’m sure you have fond memories of when you almost died of a heart attack and victor sat there and watched you the entire time.

Victor: Incorrigible, aren’t you, huh? Why don’t take a long walk off a short cliff?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Abby: I am so sorry. You’re gonna have to give me the scoop about amanda moving in another time. Dominic’s just having a hard time settling in for his nap. It’s funny, they tell new moms to sleep when the baby sleeps, but no one really tells you what to do when the baby just doesn’t sleep.

Devon: Oh, boy. Well, hey, why don’t — why don’t you let me take him for a walk or something like that and you can get some rest?

Abby: Oh, no, no, that’s okay. I wouldn’t want to impose.

Devon: You’re not imposing. I just offered. I’d love to do it.

Abby: Really? I mean…

Devon: Yes.

Abby: I am pretty exhausted. Are you sure you don’t mind?

Devon: Hey, come on, I don’t mind at all.

Abby: Oh, got him?

Devon: Yeah. Oh, there we go.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: There you go. How you want to — how would you like to go for a walk with your godfather? You hear that? He loves the idea.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: You were gone for a while. Where’d you go?

Tessa: Oh, I went to our place to grab some mail. We got victoria’s wedding invitation. Elegant.

Mariah: What a nice touch. It’s almost as if we’re actually invited guests and not just going because you’re singing at the wedding.

Tessa: Yeah, I know, right? But I am so excited for this trip. It’s exactly what we need — a change of scenery. Ugh, I saw photos of the palazzo, and it is absolutely gorgeous. And with nikki planning the wedding, it is going to be exquisite down to the tiniest detail.

Mariah: Yeah, I’m excited for the trip, too. And, you know, maybe we can even make plans with summer and kyle after the wedding.

Tessa: Mm-hmm. Well, I do hope that kyle was understanding about how you couldn’t be the best person at his wedding.

Mariah: Yes, he was. I explained everything that happened to him. You know, this italy trip, i think it’s gonna be the perfect opportunity to just have a little fun before we settle down, you know? And it’s not like you can’t travel with babies. I mean, people do it all the time. You know what I mean.

Tessa: Uh, yeah, yeah, I do. And I think we need to talk about that.

Mariah: Oh! Devon was here earlier, and i was so tempted to tell him that we’re talking about having a baby. I mean, he’s gonna be thrilled for us. And imagine if he and amanda want to have kids, and then our baby and devon’s baby and bowie, they could all grow up together.

Tessa: Mariah, I… I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here. Or at — at least you’re getting ahead of me.

Mariah: Oh.

Tessa: Don’t get me wrong. I want to raise a family together. But we need to have some serious discussions before we make this decision, and I know that you’re ready to jump in with both feet right now…

Mariah: But you’re not.

Tessa: Not yet. I don’t want to rush this. We need to make sure that we are both fully prepared to take this on. It’s a life-changing move.

Mariah: I get it. I get it, I do. I just got excited at the idea of raising a child of our own.

Rey: What’s going on? Why do you need me to save you?

Sharon: It’s all I can do to stop myself from running over to the grand phoenix and mothering mariah to death, whether she wants me to or not.

Rey: She knows you’re here for her.

Sharon: She’s just been through so much. She barely had time to get over one trauma before she got hit with the next. And tessa was just here. She made it sound like mariah’s really struggling.

Rey: You know the best thing you could’ve done is gotten closer to tessa while mariah went missing.

Sharon: Why do you say that?

Rey: Because it’s already paying off. Tessa feels comfortable coming to you for advice now, and I bet you’ll be the first person she comes to if there’s a real emergency that needs your attention.

Sharon: Yeah. It’s a good point.

Rey: In the meantime, I have some suggestions to keep yourself occupied.

Sharon: You do? Okay. You know what? I’m all ears.


Devon: Hey, dominic. You know where we are? We are in chancellor park now. And this is a very, very special place because it is named after one of the most special women that you would ever know. Her name was katherine chancellor. She was my grandma, which means she’s your great-grandma. That’s right. Growing up, you’re getting a lot of stories about her and about all the people in your family that helped build this town. Yeah. There you go. Gosh. You got the newmans. You got the abbotts. You have the chancellors. You have the winters. Neil winters was my dad. And I — I really, really wish that you could meet him. He would love you so, so much. My point is, though, you got a lot of roots, dude. You got so much heritage here. You’re gonna grow up strong and you’re gonna grow up secure and you will never question that you belong here, ever. I think that’s pretty cool. You’re a very lucky little dude.

Sharon: You are wearing the shirt you bought in miami. Reminds me of our honeymoon.

Rey: Ah. So you remember.

Sharon: Well, how could i forget? And isn’t this the song that we danced to on the last night we were there? I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Rey: Oh, you know, I’m a detective, so there are no coincidences as far as I’m concerned. And the menu for tonight has also been designed to evoke honeymoon memories. Mojitos, papas rellenas, tostones, y ropa vieja.

Sharon: Wow. You really thought of everything, didn’t you? I don’t know if you’ll be able to top this date ever.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] You just hold on. We’re just getting started.

Billy: Hello, there. Nice to see you both outside the office during business hours.

Nikki: We’re just taking a little break.

Billy: Well, that’s nice. Victoria, I just ran into your fiancé at the grand phoenix.

Victoria: Ran into him or tracked him down?

Billy: Believe me, it was a coincidence. Apparently, we had a meeting with the same guy at the same time — jesse gaines. I’m assuming ashland mentioned him to you. It’s his lawyer — or former lawyer, I guess. He’s in town for a few days.

Victoria: I really don’t know why you think I’d be interested.

Billy: I know you pretty well. I can tell you’re trying to cover the fact that you haven’t heard that name before. I’m surprised ashland hasn’t mentioned him.

Victor: Would you care for a drink?

Ashland: No, not for me right now. Thank you.

Victor: Well, then, have a seat.

Ashland: You know, i appreciate you running interference for me with billy. I can handle him myself, of course, but his constant suspicions at every turn get to be a bit much.

Victor: Don’t worry about it. I took care of it for you, okay?

Ashland: Well, I hope that that proves to be true. I’d love to believe it, but i think billy is bound and determined to be a thorn in my side.

Victor: Well, ashland, I’m not talking about billy boy abbott, I’m talking about jesse gaines. I know that billy would have brought him up to you. But I took care of that problem. Would you care for a drink now?

Rey: Don’t you peek or you’ll ruin the surprise.

Sharon: Mmm. I feel like I’ve traveled back in time to the botanical garden we visited in florida. But where would you get tropical flowers in the middle of fall and in genoa city, no less?

Rey: Open your eyes.

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Rey: Every time you wear that, we’ll be transported back to that magical time. That way, our honeymoon in miami never ends.

Sharon: This really is the perfect date. The tastes, the sounds, and the scents of miami. But I have one more honeymoon surprise for you when we get home.

Rey: Oh, yeah? What’d I forget?

Sharon: I will give you a hint.

Rey: Hmm.

Sharon: I’ll be wearing nothing but this.

Victoria: What is your point, billy? Ashland and my mother and I are running a multinational conglomerate. Do you really think that we have the time to give each other a rundown of who we speak to in the course of a day?

Billy: Jesse gaines is a man that you need to know.

Victoria: I don’t care, billy! I don’t know how I need to say this to you to make you understand to back off. Leave me alone. Leave ashland alone. Stay the hell out of our lives.

Ashland: I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Jesse gaines is nobody. He’s an old acquaintance that i recently got back in touch with.

Victor: Hmm. Have that drink, ashland. Well, from what I gather, jesse gaines collected $300,000 a year from you for decades, without doing a damn thing. Seems to me was some kind of an extortion racket, right? But don’t worry about that anymore. I took care of it, you know? I offered him a lot of money to stay away from you. So consider that a wedding gift.

Ashland: Did gaines come to you asking for money?

Victor: No, no, no. No, I sought him out.

Ashland: Oh.

Victor: And I told him that he had a choice to make. He would either go to prison for blackmail or accept my very generous offer.

Ashland: What did he say about our history?

Victor: Well, that didn’t make any difference, really. I didn’t care what he had to say.

Ashland: Well, how would you know unless you heard him out?

Victor: Ashland, you and i are really not that dissimilar, are we? We both had rough backgrounds, you know. Used our elbows a lot, pushed people around, right? We did things that we probably would regret now. But it made us who we are today. And I’m a firm believer in letting bygones be bygones.

Ashland: Victor, I hope you know that you — you can’t trust gaines to keep his word. He won’t be satisfied no matter how generous you were.

Victor: I know that. I’m keeping an eye on him.

Ashland: I don’t know what to say.

Victor: There’s nothing to say, you know? I just want you to know that this is not something I did for you. I did this for victoria. I adore her. And she has never been as happy as she is today. That’s because of you, and i would like it to stay that way.

Ashland: So do I.

Victor: Great. Now, having said that, I want you to know that what I’ve done today I can undo in the blink of an eye. You get my drift?

Ashland: That I do. And you have no reason to worry.

Victor: Good.

Ashland: All I want is to make victoria as happy as she has made me.

Victor: Well, now, as long as it stays that way, you have nothing to worry about. Cheers.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 28, 2021

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


ohh. That was so unsatisfying. Well, that’s just what every man longs to hear.

[ Chuckles ] No, I mean retracing chloe’s steps, you know? Ah. I was hoping to — thank you — just be able to find something more than just the site of the accident. We did find something more. We found a road to this quaint little tavern. So what do you say, anna devane? Should we take a night off sleuthing, just one, have ourselves a little drinky? I’m in.

[ Cell door opens ]

[ Groaning ] You’ve got company. Oh, you brought me a roommate. How thoughtful. I was getting a little lonely. Enjoy.

[ Dr. Obrecht grunts ]

[ Cell door closes ]

Mein gott. Drew cain? You’re alive? Dr. Obrecht, right? But you vanished. It’s been years. So, I’m getting the sense that you’re not the reason that I’m in here, which… begs the question, who managed to capture you? That’s my boy. Hey, wiley is the next picasso. That’s your boy, alright. So, are you suggesting that I’m not artistic? I’m not saying you’re not

not artistic. Wow. I am wounded.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you’ll get over it.

[ Door opens ] Willow: Yuri, hi. Yuri: Hello, ms. Willow. I told you you could just call me willow, okay? Ms. Brook lynn take ms. Bailey upstairs for nap time, but, uh, I have treat from charlie’s for wiley. Oh, that is so sweet. I think we’ll save it for dessert. There something else, yuri? Wiley have visitor. Oh? Hi. Good. You’re here.

[ Door closes ] Hi, maxie. What’s, um, going on? Maxie has something she wants to tell you. Okay, th-this sounds serious. It is.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I’m of two minds. A big part of me thinks, “it’s not your business. Just stay out of it.” But another part, also big, thinks that I have information you have a right to because you’re sonny’s wife. And if I were you, I would want to know. Yeah, it was my idea to have the funeral. You know, carly wasn’t ready. I mean, nobody was — was ready. I just said we should do it. You did right. I mean, you — you s– you had to send a message that I was gone and that you were in charge. I know, but… that’s the business. …I hated every minute of it, because it felt like, doing business, I couldn’t — couldn’t actually grieve. Well, the good news is you don’t have to grieve anymore. Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection, but we also bundle outdoor vehicles with home and auto to help people save more!

[ Laughs ]

[ Humming ]

[ Door creaks ] Oh.

Life is so strange, isn’t it? In what way? It’s cyclical. It, uh, teaches us the most interesting lessons in the most unexpected ways. Oh, you’re in a mood. I’m in a brooding mood. Is that a turn-off? No. I like it. Keep going. Why is life unexpected and interesting? Being back in greece, for one. I think it’s, uh, reminded me or maybe helped me to see how after, in my mind, you rejected me because of the way I looked — it had nothing to do with your looks. I said in my mind. I became obsessed with re-creating myself, with getting my hands on the cassadine inheritance. Yeah, and taking your place as the cassadine. Yeah. And all that evil crap with the chimera and the rest — oh, it was so much. Mm-hmm. It was about paying for my expensive spinal surgeries and also to fund my quest for the cassadine fortune. But… it was also about circling back to you. I wanted to stand tall in front of you and say, “look at me, anna devane. I’m strong. And I’m rich. I’m a cassadine.” But I don’t think I ever really appreciated how much of a burden that was to me. Of course I’m not the reason you’re here. You think if I wanted to hold someone captive, I couldn’t come up with a better facility than this? Ah. I see you’re not into the accommodations. Don’t worry. They grow on you. As do the bruises and lacerations. Mm. It’s a look. That’s quite the professional beating you received. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wh-what is that? Antibiotics. I’ve been told to check your injuries and treat you for possible infection. Uh, no, I-I-I don’t — I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why not? If memory serves, and I could be wrong about this, you were some kind of evil villainess, weren’t you?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you have much bigger problems than me. Is that so? You really don’t know who’s holding you here, do you? And let me guess, you’re not about to tell me. On the contrary, I would be delighted.

[ Grunts ] It’s okay, yuri. Nina’s family. Yeah, come on in. Wiley, look who’s here. Hi. You know, whatever growing pill you’re taking, it needs to stop right now. You’ve grown like a foot since last time I’ve seen you. Hey, wiley, I have missed you so much.

[ Chuckles ] He’s missed you, too. Yeah. Can I have a hug? Oh, yeah, of course. Yay! Come here! That’s wiley’s specialty. Yay. Oh, honey.

[ Sighs ] It’s the best hug ever. Okay, guess what. I got you something. You want to see it? Look at this. Do you like it? Yeah? Yes. Why don’t you go look at it? Go look at it.

[ Chuckles ]Yeah, he loves it. Yeah. I understand that you two got back together. I’m so happy for you. Oh, yeah, thank you. Uh, yeah, we’re happy for us, too. Feels like the whole family has been given a second chance, now that sonny’s home. So, what about you? Is this another quick visit, or are you back for good? So now that I’m back, I want you to give me details on what happened while I was gone. Yeah, go ahead. Ask me anything. Well, I know you wouldn’t have had a funeral, first of all, and you definitely wouldn’t have gotten married to carly if — if, uh, the situation didn’t require it. Yeah, we — we had no choice. And then dante showed up when I came home? Was that a police matter? Yeah, there was a-a limo explosion outside of the wedding. Your wedding? Who was in it? Novak and buscema. What are the odds? I mean, I can’t see you inviting two guys to a wedding you’re gonna blow up, but I can see them coming to a wedding to blow you and carly up, but you were one step ahead, right? We, uh, owe a real debt to ms. Wu. I always liked her. Yeah, me, too. What is it that we’re talking about, here, maxie? What do you know? Well, I-I’m going to tell you. Then tell me. Okay, can I do it in my way and in order? A-and please try and reserve any judgment, which I know will be difficult. It would be for me, too. We’re kind of alike in that way. Okay, look, I get that you’re trying to help, but the way you’re building this up is making it sound really bad. Yeah, well, it is. Well, then, what is it? Maxie! Come on. Okay, fine! Nina has known for months that sonny was alive.

My name’s caleb. What’s yours? I’m grace! Did you just move here? Yeah! Cool!

I hate that helena cassadineis my mother? Of course I do. But I’m free of it. Mm-hmm. Yes, you are. I have two beautiful daughters that I love and adore. I have money of my own. I’m my own man. What’s happened happened. Of course, you and I still have a very messy history. So messy. But I’m not tethered by it. I don’t drag it around like a ball and… chain? …Chain. I’m free to pursue you because I want to, because you’re gorgeous, and you captivate me. And I could make you dizzy with a million other fancy words for why I just like being around you. Okay, that’s enough ouzo for you, I think. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not enough ouzo for you. You trying to get me drunk? Hell yes. You think I’m handsome now? Wait till you get a buzz going.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Speaking greek ] This is the perfect atmosphere for this conversation. Is this a conversation? ‘Cause I think it has to be two ways. We would never have this conversation back in port charles. You are so guarded. I’m not guarded. I just like to keep up a professional demeanor. You’re guarded. You never let your defenses down. But here we are, just the two of us, in the field.

[ Speaks greek ]

[ Speaks greek ] Oh, yes. Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, you can pretend this never happened. Or you can admit that it did and just dismiss my words as those of a drunken fool. But tonight, I’m saying everything. What is the last thing you did as a free man?

[ Groans ] I, um… I sent andre maddox back to port charles, and then — and then I got on a charter plane to afghanistan. At least it was headed to afghanistan, because I was gonna return the money that my… “good buddy” archer stole. And then sometime mid-flight, the plane veered off-course and — and we landed on some island. And then what? Well, then two guys with guns, they boarded the flight. I tried to resist them, and then — and then lights out. For me, not for them. I woke up in this place, and I’ve been here ever since. And what does that tell you? Man, you must really like the game “20 questions.” It tells me that somebody wanted me abducted, and I didn’t know why then, and I still don’T. It was two people working in tandem. And those people would be…? The first, the one responsible for your original abduction, was none other than peter august. So, I assume with buscema and novak out of the picture, nothing ties us to their deaths? I mean, you know, diane and i will probably have to go down to the station, sit there for a while, but there’s nothing to find. Good. That means we’re in a-a decent position. Am I right? Uh, I don’t know. I mean, because buscema and novak wouldn’t have acted on their own. Renault? Even from prison, he’s still connected. Cyrus is definitely not gone. We got to work on a strategy. What? Well, I mean, you know, I could just — I could just picture that bastard sipping coffee, learning about the two guys that died and I’m alive.

[ Laughs ] And I’m standing here in front of my grave, and I’m not in it. I feel like a winner. I cannot be touched. Then, uh, we need to have this conversation. It’s a little early to say if I’m back for good. Uh, tbd, how about that? Fair enough. But no more… where were you again? Pennsylvania. Uh, no, I said goodbye to my time there. Ah. Well, hey, one chapter closes, another one begins. Yes, that’s what they say. Wiley, he looks so happy.

[ All chuckle ] We’re trying. And you’re succeeding. Michael, willow, there’s something that I need to tell you. Wait, I’m sorry. Did you just say that nina knew? Yes. So when I went to pick up my dad in nixon falls, nina knew that sonny was there? Yes. She was hiding him away, letting all of us grieve and putting my mother through hell?! I want to know what she knew and when. And I want to know how and when you found out. I did not know when I planned your wedding, okay? I swear. I didn’t find out till this morning when nina came to me, and she was really upset and — and very remorseful. She said she made a terrible mistake. A mistake. Is that what we’re calling it?

Okay, your turn. What, to drink or talk? Both. We don’t have to talk about me all night. We can talk about you. What do you think of me?

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Since you’re not even going to remember your name in the morning, I will tell you.

[ Exhales sharply ] I missed you. I missed what we were to each other. Our friendship. And, yeah, I know it was me who messed it up. But then when everything happened and you came back into my life… it was a problem. What was the problem? I like you. And I didn’t want to. And it keeps getting worse. And I think, in a way, you understand me better than anyone else. I mean, robert is the closest, obviously. But he’s the… good soldier. That’s the difference. He never sold out. He never compromised himself like — like I did. How we both did. I’m not saying that he looks down on me. What I’m saying is that I look down on myself when I’m with him. But not with me because I’m so much worse? Yes, you are. Right. That’s not what I meant. No, I know, I know, I know. I’m good. I’m good. You know, the first thing that changed my life completely… was the birth of my daughter charlotte. And you know the second thing. It was you. Oh, my god. Of course. Peter was in afghanistan. He paid david archer to hand me over to helena. Something you didn’t remember at first, but when it started to come back years later — that son of a bitch didn’t want me to rat him out.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, peter was anxious to keep hidden what a wretched human being he is, someone who stole you from your life and — and scrambled your memory. He — he saw me as a threat. Specifically to your standing with the people he held most dear — maxie and his unborn child. So peter went “extreme,” as they say — not that I haven’t been there myself. But there’s a difference between doing nefarious things because you’re blindly in love with the person you’re doing them for and doing them just because it’s expedient. Wait. What did peter do to maxie? Well, I mean, carly was gonna talk to you about it, but since, you know, the moment came up, uh, I thought I will. Yeah?Yeah. H-h-how you doing with your, uh, bipolar disorder? I mean, have you been on your meds? H-how you dealing with it? Because you seem like you’re doing okay right now. I-I was — I was lucky, ’cause the people that took me in, uh, phyllis, she was a nurse, and she — she saw my erratic behavior from the beginning. Did it get bad? Nah, it didn’t get — didn’t get really bad, but I couldn’t — I didn’t sleep couple nights, and, um… you know, uh — you know how I get when I’m having a manic episode. And anybody else would have thrown me out, called the cops. But they were fantastic. They just told me to go to the doctor and get treatment. I mean, that — well, that sounds like a real blessing. Yeah. But that doctor was treating a bartender named mike. Right. Sonny, you — you should see your psychiatrist. I just want to tell you how much it means to me that you gave me a second chance. I mean, to be able to be with wiley, it’s such a gift. Look. What it boils down to is wiley loves you and you love him. So much. How could we take that away from him? And I am so, so grateful. And not only that, but also that you’re wiley’s parents both of you. And you’re really great parents. I mean, you put him first, and you can tell. He’s such a happy, all-around awesome kid. And I give you guys all the credit. Thanks. Yeah. I don’t know about that. No, I do. You’re decent. You’re… decent, kind, good people. And you didn’t have to let me be part of wiley’s life, but you did it anyway. And I know there was a little coercion with jax, but I truly believe that if you thought that I was bad for wiley, there’s no way that you would let me in his life. You gave me a chance. Thank you. You’re very kind to say all that. No, I mean it. I’m very, very grateful. Well, so are we. The situation with wiley had gone really bad, as you know, and nina wanted to get out of town to clear her head. So she stopped by nixon falls to say hello to a friend, and she was floored when she saw sonny. So floored she couldn’t tell me? She was gonna call you, carly. She said she did call you to tell you that, uh, she saw sonny, and you guys got in some sort of argument? Oh, whoa, so now this is my mom’s fault? Wait, no, I didn’t say that. She wasn’t nice to nina, so that gave nina the right to lie and keep sonny a secret for months? That is crap!

I changed your life? Oh, this should be good. Yeah. It was miraculous, seeing you again, how you’d completely changed your life around. You’d gone from a sad, flawed, compromised sellout — mm, don’t hold back. And you’d become something so much better. I admire you. I could never reach the level that you’ve reached. But you showed me that I can make better choices. I can see that. I see you. I know you do. And you see me. Yeah. Better than anyone does, I think. Oh. Just don’t go and get all juvenile about this. Where have I heard that before? Wait, wait — not the juvenile part, the other bit. Okay. Oh, there we go. Yeah, you’re getting juvenile, I see. I know — me! I’m the one who said that. I’ve been saying that all along. I get you, anna devane, right down to your socks. I’m not wearing any socks. It’s a good start. Peter and maxie conceived a child together. Ah, I thought maxie had better instincts than that.

[ Chuckles ] He won her over. And he was convincing. Completely sold maxie on the fact that he was reformed. I fell for it, too, for a while. Maxie was my daughter-in-law. I wanted to be on good terms with her. And how’d that work out for you?

[ Scoffs, chuckles ] When peter’s past was on the brink of coming out to haunt him… he framed me for his own crimes and had me shipped off to steinmauer. S-so that’s it. So you were at steinmauer and then — and then they sent you here. There was this whole interstitial with maxie realizing how despicable peter was, rejecting him, and then him arranging to induce her labor so he could kidnap her and his child. As one does. So what happened?

[ Scoffs ] It backfired. The woman he hired to preside over the birth ended up stealing the baby, handing her off to someone else, and meeting an untimely end. So now that precious baby is out there. Maxie doesn’t know where to find her. Are you sure this wasn’t a setup by peter? Positive. The only thing he cares about is finding his daughter. Which is clearly why he’s working with victor. Who the hell is victor? You know, we haven’t forgotten how much you came through for wiley at the original custody hearing. I mean, you got on the stand, and you just told the truth about nelle, and I know it made a huge difference.

[ Chuckles ] It’s funny. At that time, I didn’t know that he was my grandson. Yeah. You know, I’ve — I’ve, uh — I’ve thought about that, you know, knowing what we know now, if it would have changed what you said. Willow: But it doesn’t matter. Yeah. You came through for wiley when he needed you, and… we will always be grateful. Yeah, I mean, I-it was — seriously, it was the definite turning point in the custody fight. You know what I remember about that day? What? I just genuinely wanted to do the right thing. And even though in my heart, I wish that things could have been different for nelle, and for me, the — the fact that things turned out the way they did for wiley, I was so thankful for. And that part, I will never question or regret, because he has you two. Josslyn: I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you. No, I know you’re not. It’s nina I’m mad at. But I’ve got to say, it kind of seems like you’re defending her. No, I’m not defending nina. What nina did was indefensible. But… do I feel empathy for her? Yes, okay? Because I’ve been at a place in my life where I’ve convinced myself out of fear or anger or pain that doing something wrong was okay. I’ve been there. So I’m not — I’m not really in a position to judge her. Are you, carly? Well, I really hadn’t thought about it, ’cause I was on my medication, so… I was doing well. That’s good. I’m glad. But you’re — you’re right. Um, I got to check it out. I got to take care of myself. You and carly talk about this, uh, about me? Yeah, of course. I mean, it’s a — it’s a big deal that you’re back. There’s a lot to figure out. Sorry you got stuck with this and, yeah, you know, all this hell that you’ve been through, and I-I wasn’t there to help you. It’s not your fault. No, it’s not. It’s nina’S.

[Music: “I swear”]Jaycee tried gain flings for the firs mm. Okay. That happened. I know. You’re a good kisser. Um, we need to sober up. I thought you said you weren’t drunk. Okay, you need to sober up. Oh, where’s the fun in that? Uh, so, I’m gonna get us a gallon of water, a gallon of coffee, and then we’re gonna sober up, and we’re gonna go back to the hospital. Oh, I want to hear more about your socks. Oh, boy. Be right back. Hi. Uh, I need two ice waters, two large coffees, uh, please and thank you. Of course. Yeah. Okay. Wow. Victor cassadine didn’t die in that explosion at crichton-clark. No, he survived and has been pulling strings ever since. To what extent, I’m not certain. All I know is that while on my way to st. Lucia — st. Lucia? To kill peter, which he so richly deserved — I was abducted and wound up here, with a pit stop at victor’s lavish compound. Huh. Bet you’re missing that place right about now. The company’s better here. So let me get this straight. Victor and peter are working together because peter wants to find his daughter. Yes. But peter is an incredible lowlife. I mean, victor has got to know that. Oh, please. Anyone who’s met peter for five minutes knows that. So then what’s in it for victor? I mean, obviously, he’s not doing it from the goodness of his heart, so what is he getting out of this arrangement? Alright, I think you probably want some alone time with wiley. Want to take a walk with me? I would love nothing more. Did you get the feeling that something was going on with nina, like she was upset or lost or…I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s probably part of the reason why she’s here, right? Seeing wiley will be good for her. It always does wonders for me. Hey, can I help you with this? Okay. Listen, I’m sorry I was gone for so long. Oh, it’s okay. We got to make up for lost time, right? Yeah.

[ Voice breaking ] Lost time might be all we have left. Sonny, what — what are you talking about? Nina who? Reeves. Re– I-I don’t — I don’t understand. Remember phyllis who I told you about? She hired me to work at her bar? Um, she was friends with nina. Nina left port charles to come and see phyllis. And she saw me. And I was, uh — you know, she knew that I was dead, but she saw me alive. She knew where I was. For how — for how long? Well, pretty much most of the time. So she — she — she knew, but she didn’t say anything to anybody? Yeah, it was complicated. That doesn’t sound that complicated to me. Well, what happened is nina was upset at carly over the whole nelle thing and then the — the wiley thing spilled over. I know, but we went through hell, sonny. Yeah, I know you did. I know you did. Carly and the kids, they were devastated. And now you’re telling me that they didn’t have to be devastated, that nina held the key to all this pain, and she didn’t use it? I get that you’re angry. And I’m angry, also. You’re not angry enough. I’ve done some terrible, questionable things. But that doesn’t justify what nina did. She stole sonny’s life for months, maxie! And for what?! Out of spite?! I mean, she literally took sonny’s free will and sat back and watched his family grieve. So no. Nina doesn’t get an excuse. I don’t disagree with you. You know, what you did today is the opposite of what nina did to sonny. She kept him a secret because it suited her. You came here and you told me the truth because you believed I deserved to know. Okay, I’m gonna feel really bad if I don’t say this, but… I still love nina, even though she did something very wrong. Well, that’s the painful part of loving someone… who messes up, right? But this was nina’s choice. And she’s gonna have to live with the consequences.

You’re a very shrewd man, drew. You cut right to the heart of it. Victor never does anything without an ulterior motive. There’s always a goal he’s working towards. And peter is helping him achieve that goal. Peter has something victor wants or needs or plans to acquire. And I hope he gets it, because once he’s no longer useful to victor, that will be the end of peter august. But none of which helps us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna wait around to find out how it plays out between those two psychos. I’m getting the hell out of here. Music to my ears.

[ Cell door opens ] Time’s up. This man is very ill. His kidney may be bruised. I need to see him again soon. I’ll tell the boss. Let’s go. Um, excuse me, sir? Uh, uh, excus– do you speak english?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. Uh, sorry. I know. Tourist. Um, I’m headed to the U.S. Consul hospital to check on a patient there, and my friend is asleep upstairs. Uh, I may not be back until the morning. Mm. Not to worry. I’ll make sure your friend gets the message. Oh, thank you. Mm. I appreciate that. Night. Um, I loved your playing.

[ Speaks greek ] This woman stole nine months from you, nine months where you weren’t living your life with your wife and your kids. Why aren’t you furious? I-i was furious. But what’s the point? Nina, you know, she’s a sad woman. Her mother screwed her over. She went through a bad period in her life. She finds out she has a child, and it’s nelle. That would mess anybody up. I’m not making excuses. She absolutely should have told the truth. She made a bad decision. It’s more than one bad decision, sonny. She took so much from you. I’m not happy about that. But I don’t — I don’t see the point in wasting my energy hating her. I mean… maybe I just don’t want to — maybe I just don’t want to let myself get angry. I’m gonna have to talk to a psychiatrist about that one. Well, that sounds like a plan. Let’s get out of here. We got to get — get rid of this. This should have been gone yesterday. Okay, say cheese. Cheese. Cheese! Can you make a silly face for me?

[ Growls ] I don’t know how to —

[ Laughing ] Yes, you do. Mr. Wiley, you have another visitor. Well, of course he does, ’cause he’s irresistible.

[ Chuckles ] Can you take wiley? We’re going to need some time alone. Yuri: Of course. Come on. Wiley? Fist bump. You stole sonny’s life. And, bitch, you’re gonna pay.

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GH Transcript Monday, September 27, 2021

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you okay, yuri? You need anything? I’ll be over here, looking, uh… how you say, discreet. Oh, yeah. That’s you. Discreet with a capital “D.”

[ Sighs ] Okay. Hi, I’m here. I’m here. Hi. Okay, so is yuri, so there’s no need to worry. There’s also two plainclothes officers outside. And as far as worrying goes, that feels like all I’m doing lately. First, I thought peter was gonna come after… you, and now I’m afraid I’m his target. Someone really did a number on you, didn’t they? Who did this? Peter? Or someone else? Either way, you’re safe now.

[ Door opens ] Hi. How is she? Just as the doctor said. She’s still unconscious.

[ Door closes ] Any luck? No, I mean, not much beyond her name. I can’t lose britta. Not after losing my nathan. I have no choice but to trust that you’ll keep your word. Oh, don’t worry, my darling. The worst is over now. Wrong again, darling. I shot you once and left you for dead. You survived. This time… you won’t be so lucky. Liesl, liesl, liesl. Are you sure this is how you want to play this?

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Oh. Hi. Hi.

[ Door closes ] I saw one of those trivia night fliers upstairs. You interested? Oh, I don’t know. I hadn’t really given it much thought. Yeah. Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I’ve got to, um… get these files upstairs. Of course. I’ll, um… I’ll see you around. Okay. I’ll see you. Okay. Okay. What’s up with you and elizabeth? You need to stop fooling yourself. Mike’s gone. You need to forget that he ever existed. I will never forget. I will never forget what mike and I shared together. You had nothing with me, nina. You were in love with some guy that you thought I was. Let’s — let’s start with that. Tending bar in nixon falls, mopping the floors. That’s not — if I wanted to do that, I would have stayed in brooklyn! That — that wasn’t my life plan, and it still isn’T. So is this — this is your life? Are you happy with this life here in port charles? Yeah. With my wife, my kids, and my business. Even though you wish it wasn’T. I got to go. I got to talk to diane about this buscema and novak thing. I know the cops are going to call me down. So… jason, there’s something we need to talk about. What are we gonna tell sonny? How do we make this okay for him? What — what do you mean by okay? Sonny doesn’t know our marriage was almost real, and it doesn’t matter because it’s over. I know that. But sonny’s been gone for nine months, and unless he said something to you, I have no idea how he’s been dealing with his bipolar disorder or if he’s been dealing with it at all. I looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff… it was just a lot of fun. Just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we’re all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. It actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you’re walking the same path they did.

Oh, hey. Thanks for the assist the other day. Hmm? Keeping britt’s mind off her mother. Oh, right. Yeah, she totally saw right through it, but was grateful nonetheless. Dare I say I think britt might be growing on me? Stranger things have happened. Biz. Yeah? You seem distracted. Everything okay? I’m being as safe as i physically can be, so I know I’m being irrational. Hey, those are the same instincts that are gonna keep you away from peter, so you listen to them. There’s no harm in a little extra caution. Thank you for arranging this. Of course. Just remember — if anyone asks, we are here on deception business. Oh, right. Got it.

[ Chuckles ] Hey, maxie. Brook lynn. Hey. Oh, and look at you! Bailey’s getting so big. Champion eater, this one. Oh! I’m surprised to see you here. I thought you’d be at home celebrating. Celebrating what? Carly and jason’s wedding? Wait. You haven’t heard? Obviously not. Sonny’s alive.

[ Gasps ] Were you happy as mike? How do I answer that? Well, it’s simple. Were you happy as mike? Yeah, I was happy, but I didn’t know what I was missing. Well, doesn’t that tell you something? That there’s this happy, nonviolent, better guy living inside of you just waiting to come out? No. You know what that tells me? That — that the guy had amnesia. But the real me was still in there. You remember when there was trouble and I would take care of the situation? True. Right. Yes. We met — when we went to c-corinth, remember that guy? Yes. And I was terrified that you were going to hurt the guy or worse — that sonny would come out. But there was mike. You were kind to him. Because I made the smart move, nina. I may not always be right, but I don’t like to think that I’m stupid. Why would I beat the hell out of the guy when I can make him my ally? You got to look at a situation and turn it into your advantage. Yeah, I think that’s part of it, but I don’t believe it’s all of it. You gotta listen to me, okay? I’m sorry…that you fell in love with mike. And he fell in love with me. That was an illusion, plain and simple. We don’t know anything about what’s been going on with sonny the whole time he’s been gone. No, we don’T. I mean, he seems okay, which makes me think he’s got his hands on some kind of medication, but I don’t know. Maybe he hasn’T. Maybe he doesn’t think he needs it anymore. I mean, you are — you are right. Sonny, uh, seems pretty — pretty level. Although there were times before where he was on medication and he seemed level, and then he crashed. And if anything’s going to make him crash… …it’s this. Us. More importantly, how are you? I finally got the all clear from my physical therapist. Back to work? Back to work. Back to everything… that’s great, chase. That’s really great. Maybe just try to go easy in the gym, will you? Yeah, I’ve been warned. Yeah, but will you listen? So, you and elizabeth? From what I saw on the camping trip, things seemed to be progressing between you two. I guess they were. Well, what happened? It’s more like what didn’t happen. We almost kissed. So, chloe abandoned her car after the accident, and she made her way into this little village where she said she was an american, she gave them her name, and then she collapsed. So the local authorities were alerted, and then when the american consul ran her name and identity — she was listed as a missing person. Exactly. And that alerted the wsb because she was already on their register. Mm-hmm. Because the fake chloe had used her id when kidnapping maxie and the baby. But how the real chloe ended up here is anyone’s guess. It’s got to be peter, right? Mm. But I don’t remember faison having a base of operations here in greece. Other than the work he did for helena. Of course. Cassadine island is right close, isn’t it?

[ Sighs ] One of the things I’ve always found so sexy about you is your intelligence. So let’s review the situation. Obviously, you’re on my compound with a full staff keeping watch. So do you really think pulling a knife on me is your best strategy? It’s the only strategy. I’m not available to be your prisoner. I’m getting out of here and going home to my daughter.

[ Scoffs ] You didn’t used to be nearly this sentimental. Losing my son changed me. It made me understand what is important and what is not. What is worth it and what is not. Clearly a lesson you have never learned. So in case there’s any doubt? Yes, victor. I will kill you to get back to my only remaining child. In a heartbeat.

Last I heard, almost kissing was a good thing. I don’t know. It was just a moment. I’m — I’m not sure elizabeth wanted it to happen. Why would you say that? Well, it’s just a little awkward between us now. I mean, you saw us. I did. But vibes were coming from both you guys. Did you want the kiss to happen? I got a little lost looking into her eyes. Mm. If scott hadn’t fallen from the sky, who knows? You’d still be kissing her right now, huh? Listen, I just — I don’t want to… I don’t want to push anything, alright? If elizabeth’s not into it or if she’s having second thoughts, I — I understand that. Okay. But what if she’s neither of those things? Things were going really well, and the kids were off with chase. Finn and i had a moment alone… and…? And we were this close to kissing when scott showed up. Parachute and all. Yeah. Okay. So you were interrupted. Big deal. Just pick up where you left off. That’s the thing. I’m not sure finn wants to. I’m sorry rekindling our relationship isn’t in the cards, but I still… I still don’t think that our time together has been a waste of time.


Nein. See, it’s given me a — a chance to see you in a whole new light, to appreciate you even more. I see how much you loved your son, liesl. I regret that he wasn’t mine. I also regret that we’re going to have to do this the hard way. Oh, don’t worry. I won’t kill you unless I absolutely have to. I don’t think he’ll see it the same way. Hello, liesl. It was so surreal to walk into that room and see sonny. I mean, not only alive, but smiling. I mean, I did not know what to feel first. It was a roller coaster of emotion, from shock to joy and confusion to relief. I can’t even imagine. When I first heard, I was blown away. Oh, yeah, that’s an understatement. Wait, how did you find out? Oh, uh, I hear things from… people who know stuff. Oh, that’s just so weird. I mean, sonny only came home to my mom and jason. On their wedding night. Oh, that’s a whole other story. But then dante showed up, and kristina, michael, and i got the text to come over, and… I’m sorry. Is dante the one who shared the news? Forget that I was married. I had an entire life, nina. What did you think you — you were gonna do? It was just gonna go on indefinitely? Even if — if I, you know, didn’t get my memory back, that humble bartender was so far from who I am. You’re right. I was in denial. Like 100% complete in denial. But let me make something really clear. There wasn’t one morning — not one — that I didn’t wake up and say to myself, “today is the day that I’m going to tell him the truth and make things right.” But you didn’T. I didn’t because I would see you smile. I’d see how peaceful you were, how happy. And all my willpower would just evaporate. It’s like nixon falls was this parallel world where only good things happen. There’s no pain. You weren’t in danger.

[ Voice breaking ] I never meant to hurt you. You didn’t think it hurt me to be away from my family? To leave carly and jason to pick up the pieces? You were great. We were great together. But it wasn’t real.

[ Sighs ] I mean, look. The vows we said, the life that we thought we would have, it’s — it’s not going to happen. And the feelings, these are going to go away in time, and we’re just gonna get back to normal. But if sonny finds out our plan was to have a real marriage… you know how sonny operates. And paranoia is huge for him when he’s having a manic episode. And if he’s having a manic episode, we don’t — we don’t know. Yeah. And if he is, the worst thing that can happen is for sonny to become paranoid against us — the two people who can help him.

It’s complicated, you know? I don’t get what’s so complicated. You and elizabeth are both adults who work in the same field, who spent weeks upon weeks trying to save my life. Thank you for that, by the way. Yeah, no problem. It makes sense that you guys would have grown closer together. Yes, but that was a heightened situation. So? So, you’re fine now, thank god, and things are going back to normal. Exactly. Now you and elizabeth have a chance to explore things between you in a regular, everyday setting. That’s what worries me.

[ Sighs ] When chase was sick, it was a distraction. From losing franco, you mean? Yeah. And working with finn to keep his brother alive was all-consuming, and it’s exactly what I needed. Not to mention, we made a pretty great team. You sure did. Spending all that time together… you got closer. It felt that way. It looked that way, too. But now I don’t know. I don’t know. Now that things have calmed down and we’ve both taken a step back… maybe I mistook our teamwork for something else. No, no, you’re right. Cassadine island is not far away. It’s about 20 minutes by boat. Are you okay with that? How does it feel being so close? I will say I’ve got some mixed emotions. Uh, I left the island when I was 6. I don’t remember having any fond memories there. What really bothers me is that nikolas got the entire inheritance. In such a dramatic way. So typical of helena to set things up that way. Absolutely. But the fact of the matter is it was not my money to inherit. I’m not a cassadine. I’m not beholden to mikkos or helena. I am the man that I made myself to be. You’re your own person. You know what? What? I think I’m starting to like him. I think I am, too. Well, you certainly took your time. Oh, I’m sorry. I was busy launching myself off a cliff to escape anna and valentin. Mm, and I was busy arranging your retrieval. Oh, and you’re welcome. You two are working together? Not that it’s any of your concern, liesl, since you tried to kill me. I tried to kill you because you deserve it. My only regret is that it didn’t work. He is a despicable excuse for a human being. Mm, perhaps. But he does have his uses. I trust that you took care of that mess in pennsylvania. Yes, I burned that hole-in-the-wall bar to the ground. Oh, and your niece was inside. Nina? I doubt that anyone survived. So, now that I’ve tied off one loose end, time to tie off another.

[ Dramatic music plays ] You know what, josslyn? One thing I have learned is never, ever ask maxie her sources. She just knows things, and we get to take advantage of that.

[ Laughs ] Mm. Anyways, let’s backtrack for a second. Sonny is alive? This is incredible. What happened? When he fell into the water after that bridge collapsed, he didn’t drown. He washed ashore in a small town in pennsylvania with no memory of who he was. Wow, that’s crazy. I know. I guess some nice people took him in and he’s been living there for the past nine months without any idea that he had this entire other life waiting for him. But he’s okay? Yeah. I cannot wait to see him. I-I don’t want to push myself on him if he’s overwhelmed or anything. I mean, is sonny really doing okay? You keep saying that it wasn’t real, and I understand that. I really do. But at the same time, it happened, sonny. We fell in love. Don’t say “we.” Okay, mike and I, we fell in love. And you were mike. No. No, i wasn’t mike. You had — you had feelings for somebody that wasn’t me. And I get the feeling that you don’t — you don’t even like who I am. I think you don’t like sonny corinthos very much. No, I just did– I — you — I just didn’t know sonny — you — very well. And I believed you had every reason to hate me. I read the stories. And the articles. And, yes, that made me see you in a more negative light, but mike didn’t happen in a vacuum. That kindness, that love, that patience, willingness to listen… all of that came from you, sonny. You have those qualities. I just didn’t know that. So all of this — all of me saying that mike was a better version of you — it was just me judging you because I didn’t really know you.

[ Crying ] I didn’t know you. And obviously, now I never will.

[ Sighs ] Everyone was there, jason. They saw us. At our wedding. Including michael. I mean, michael knows it was more than just politics for us, or at least it was going to be, and… I mean, what if sonny gets suspicious and he starts asking questions? What are you gonna tell him? I mean, if sonny asks about us… I’m gonna — I’m gonna tell him the truth. That we wanted a real marriage. But it didn’t get that far because sonny came back and everything changed. But what I need you to hold onto is that we didn’t do anything wrong.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing ] Okay. First thing I’m going to caution you against is trying to put yourself into finn’s head. You have no idea what he’s thinking, biz. Oh, but don’t I, though? Last night, when we were talking about doing a redo on the camping trip, all he brought up was the kids. Nothing about the almost-kiss. Mm-hmm. And did you bring it up? No, but there was a reason for that. Like what? Like maybe it’s just too soon. Not only for finn, but for me, too. I don’t believe that for one second. Elizabeth lost her husband not that long ago, and I’m — I’m pretty fresh off a bad breakup. Okay, “fresh” might be a little bit of a stretch. You know what I’m saying. Maybe the timing is just not right. Maybe the timing is perfect. Not to mention violet. Who adores elizabeth. Thinks she walks on water. Exactly. You saw how hard this was on violet when anna and i ended things. Say — say elizabeth and I, we do get close… and then it doesn’t work out. I’m not gonna put my daughter through that again. You’re right. I am? Yeah, I don’t think you should get involved with anyone ever again in the slight off chance that it just might not work out. That’s not what I’m saying. Yes, it is. Dr. Yuan: Brains can and do heal. We’re hoping for the best with ms. Jennings. Do you have any idea when she might come out of it? I’m sorry, I don’T. There’s no timetable for this. What can you actually tell us about her condition? She has a concussion, most likely from a car accident. She was also dehydrated, disoriented. She had clearly come from some kind of stressful situation. Okay, so probably not a person who ran off the road while drunk on vacation. No. Hm, sounding more and more like chloe was being held against her will. What are you doing? Liesl is my guest. So? You’re not calling the shots here — I am. Put the gun down. Take whatever you want. The knife, my life — I don’t care. Just let me kill him first. W-wait —

that’s the trade? Yes. You stupid, pathetic woman — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Let me think about this. Sonny seems great. Yeah? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t really have a scale to judge it on. Last night was amazing and wonderful. He was so happy to see us, and of course, we were just as happy to see him. I mean, he seemed like the sonny I’ve always known. Did he tell you what he’s been up to, or…? You know, he didn’t say much. But I’m sure he will once he settles in. That makes sense. Yeah. You know, he says that he knew where he was and what he was doing. But, you know, nine months…

[ Chuckles lightly] It’s kind of a long time, and I’m sure there’s holes. Look, maxie, I don’t want to put you on the spot, and I totally get the “don’t reveal your sources” thing, but if you do know something, it’d be great if you could tell my mom. Yeah, yeah, I think you’re right, josslyn. I definitely need to talk to carly. Look, we never would have let ourselves go down this road if sonny hadn’t disappeared. No, of course not. I-I don’t want sonny to think that he’s in our way. Or that we’re still together. Because we’re not. No, we’re not. But we don’t want to… there’s nothing to hide. And sonny’s just gonna pick up on that. Okay, so let’s just take this step by step. Okay. Okay. Just, um… I’ll talk to sonny about his bipolar disorder, and then we’ll just take it one day at a time. And, uh, if he asks any questions, we just tell him the truth. Tell the truth. I really hope he doesn’t ask. My reckoning day has come, hasn’t it? All the lies I told, all the people I left to grieve for you. They’re gonna feel betrayed, and they should, because that’s what I did. Betrayed so many people, and I betrayed the trust that we had with each other. And I betrayed michael and our grandson. You didn’t lose that connection, did you? What? When you were video chatting with wiley, that call wasn’t dropped. You ended it ’cause you didn’t want me to see my family. Yeah. Out of all the choices I could have made, I chose the one that would alienate everybody. And now I have to live with the anger and resentment. Theirs… and yours.

And then there’s the whole violet angle. You are shutting this down before it’s even begun. No, I’m not. Yes, you are. You are way overthinking this. No, I’m trying to be an adult. And do you want to be a happy adult? Of course I do. Okay. Does elizabeth make you happy? Yes. I love spending time with finn. Then get out of your own way already. Talk to her, actually see where you are with each other, and then maybe you’ll find out that you guys are actually on the same page. And if you don’t — no harm, no foul. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, when you put it like that… didn’t think your little brother could be so wise, did you? No, I didn’T. Let’s not go overboard. I’m here for advice anytime you need me — oh, my god, I’ve created a monster. It’s like — I can’t do this anymore. I got work to do, alright? Just show yourself out. You cannot be serious. As tempting as I find your offer, the truth is… I can’t trust you. But you trust him?! Oh, peter and I have our own arrangement. Then you are a bigger imbecile than I thought. The second he sees his opening, he’ll double-cross you. Well, that’s just a chance I’ll have to take.

[ Dramatic music plays ] I loved our wedding. And our reception. And I’m gonna treasure those memories for the rest of my life. But that’s private. That’s for me and that’s for you. And I’m not trying to shut sonny out. It’s just he wasn’t there. He wasn’t a part of it. And to try and explain that to him is only gonna cause tension — look, I know — carly. First of all, it’s — it’s sonny, okay? And the three of us have been through way worse than this. And it’s a good thing that he’s back. Oh, I know. It’s a miracle. I mean, it’s — it’s what I’ve prayed for every moment that he was gone. But at the same time, it’S… it’s disorienting. I know. There’s gonna be bumps. There’s always gonna be bumps. But we have him. And he has us. And it’s gonna be okay.

[ Chuckles ] I love that about you. When you say that it’s gonna be okay, you mean it. Now you say it.

[ Laughs ] Go ahead. It’s gonna be okay. ‘S gonna be all right. Let me tell you something, nina. And this is coming from experience. It’s — it’s never a good thing to play god with someone’s life. And that’s what you did. And now there’s gonna be a fallout. I know. And I’m sorry about that, because, uh, I have to be honest — aside from the first initial impulse to get back at carly, I don’t think you did anything with malice. I think that you made a mistake and you just kept going on. That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? And for what it’s worth, I truly am really sorry. I hope you don’t suffer from my mistakes.

[ Sighs ]

You ready to go? Da. I order a avocado on toast for monica. Aww, that was so sweet of you, yuri. I’m sure monica will really appreciate that. But we have bigger fish to fry. Peter august. Yeah, he’s still out there. The guy’s got a screw loose. For all we know, peter might be planning a full-blown assault on the house. Well, if he tries, it’ll be the last thing he ever does. I won’t know let anyone get near you or that baby. I think we should head to the village, conduct a few interviews, maybe see if someone saw chloe or the car or both. You never know what kind of details you can turn up. I think that’s a good idea. Let’s go. I would like you to notify me if she wakes up. Will do. Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hi again. Hi. [ Chuckles ] Maybe we should make ourselves scarce. I think that’s the best bet. So. So. So, how are you at trivia? Oh…

[ Scoffs ] Not great. Ah. But it’s more about fun than skill, right? Right. Right, and — and it’s for a really good cause. Yeah, exactly. So, um… maybe next wednesday? Yeah. Okay. I’ll be there.

[ Sighs ] Stop this at once! Victor: I’m so sorry it had to come to this. Where are you taking me?! I look forward to seeing you soon. Victor! We can negotiate! Peter: It’s a mistake keeping her alive. She’s dangerous. Take it from someone who knows. Oh, I’m well aware that she’s dangerous — to you. That’s why I locked her up. Then why take the risk when you can just get rid of her? That’s for me to know and you… not to.

[ Chuckles ] You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are, victor. We’re done here.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yes. What do you have for me? Ms. Jennings just had two visitors from the wsb.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Good. You’re here.

[ Door closes ] Hey, maxie. What’s going on? Maxie has something she wants to tell you.

[ Dramatic music plays ] Hey, dad. I’m home. Took me a while, but I finally made it. That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you coming to me in the woods. You saved my life. And, you know, I-I… your watch — I, uh… I-I threw it away. I mean, it…

[ Sighs ] It’s a long story. But… hey. Hey. Glad you’re here. First things first — can we get rid of that thing?

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Philip: Good morning.

Chloe: Good–good morning. What is that?

Philip: It’s for you.

Chloe: Oh, and what is the occasion?

Philip: It’s national strawberry pie day. You didn’t know?

Chloe: Oh, well, how many pies are in there? No, seriously, what’s in there?

Philip: Why don’t you open it up, find out?

Jake: Hey.

Brady: Hey, jake. Uh, what are you doing here?

Jake: I was picking up my dry cleaning across the street. Thought I’d stop in and say hello.

Brady: Oh. How did you know where I live?

Jake: I sent you a fruit basket when you got shot, remember? Back when I was your boss?

Brady: Ah.

Jake: Anyway, I was in the area, and I thought I’d check in. See how that talk with your grandfather went.

Brady: Oh, the talk that you wanted me to have with him about philip, where you and gabi were concerned about the way in which philip is running titan?

Jake: Yeah, exactly.

Brady: Funny thing, jake, is I don’t–I don’t remember confirming that I was going to have that talk with my grandfather. So how exactly do you know that I did?

Gabi: Oh, yes. I would love a cup.

Rafe: I thought you moved out–again.

Gabi: I’m back–again.

Nicole: This is totally out of order.

[Sighs] There’s gotta be a stapler remover somewhere.

Ej: Nicole? Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you.

Nicole: Once again, the big boss shows up unannounced. You know, the last time you were here, you told me to hire xander or I would be let go.

Ej: That’s exactly what I’ve come to discuss.

Xander: Gwen. How did you get in here?

Gwen: I have my ways. Are you all right?

Xander: I’m fine. They’ll have me out of these clothes and into a jumpsuit any minute now, I’m sure.

Gwen: Oh, my goodness. You look absolutely exhausted. You must be starving too. You didn’t get to have your dinner before rafe dragged you out last night.

Xander: Oh, I hope you didn’t let all that room service go to waste.

Gwen: Come on, are you joking? I’ve lost my appetite. You shouldn’t even be in this mess; I’m the one who dragged you here in the first place. I’m so sorry, xander.

Xander: Don’t be. ‘Cause like I said, you’re worth it.

Gwen: After everything you’ve done for me, I promise I’m going to make this up to you. I’m going to get you out of here no matter what it takes.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Rafe: So ava said that you and jake got into some sort of fight with her yesterday and then you just took off?

Gabi: No, she picked the fight with me. That pushy, obnoxious–

Rafe: Just tell me what happened.

Gabi: All right. Long story short, I am sick of your girlfriend’s crap, so jake and I decided to move back to the dimera mansion, but that didn’t happen.

Rafe: Why not? You own the place.

Gabi: That’s what I thought, but when I got there, I told chad and ej to start packing. Jake shouldn’t have to live with those traitors. But they didn’t leave.

Rafe: You didn’t make them leave?

Gabi: I couldn’T. Turns out ej owns the house now. The snake pulled a dirty trick and stole it out from under me.

Rafe: Hmm. Sorry to hear that.

Gabi: Ej–ej’s the one that’s gonna be sorry, ’cause I am not gonna take this lying down. I already have my lawyers on it.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. But in the meantime, you’ll be here for a while.

Gabi: I didn’t think you minded having us.

Rafe: I don’T. But I do mind the way you treat my girlfriend.

Gabi: Well, it’s not my fault you’re dating a heartless bitch.

Rafe: Oh my–

Gabi: It’s true.

Ava: Good morning to you two.

Nicole: So do you have another ultimatum for me? Oh, I can’t wait to hear it!

Ej: There’s no need for sarcasm. You know I only use such tactics as a last resort–and you weren’t being very cooperative.

Nicole: About working with the man who destroyed my marriage? No, I wasn’t, sorry. But I did hear that xander was in jail, so now I’m just hoping he never gets out.

Ej: Xander’s been terminated. He didn’t hold up his end of the bargain to return the money samantha paid him. So I’ve rescinded my legal services as well as the job offer. You’ll never see him in this office again.

Nicole: Really?

Ej: As far as I’m concerned, xander cook can rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

Xander: This is not your fault, gwen. It’s ej dimera’S. He’s the one who got the judge to make the charges against me go away, and when I can snap my fingers and get him back the money the cops confiscated, he got me arrested again.

Gwen: Xander, you don’t belong here. You didn’t even commit a bloody crime.

Xander: I’ve committed plenty, just not the ones I’m currently accused of.

Gwen: You are not staying behind bars.

Xander: Gwen, darling, are you, uh, suggesting a jailbreak? ‘Cause that would be incredibly sexy.

Gwen: No. That’s not what I’m suggesting.

[Sighs] I’m saying that I want to make things right.

Xander: You don’t have to worry about that.

Gwen: I’m the one who’s running drugs for snyder. I’m the one who should be arrested. And I’m not allowing you take the blame for me any longer.

Xander: So what are you gonna do?

Gwen: What I should’ve done a long time ago. I’m going to confess.


Xander: No, gwen. You can’t confess.

Gwen: But I wouldn’t say the whole truth, would I? I would say to the police what I told my father– that snyder knew that I was a hooker.

Xander: Sex worker.

Gwen: Sorry, yes. Snyder knew I was a sex worker, and that he used that information to make me run drugs for him.

Xander: You’d still be admitting to a felony.

Gwen: It’s to get you out of here.

Xander: But it wouldn’T. I’m not in here ’cause I’m guilty. I’m in here because ej dimera has a judge under his thumb. So if you confess, all it’s gonna do is– you’ll just end up hurting yourself. It won’t change anything.

Gwen: Okay, but xander, I can’t just bloody sit here and do nothing, can I?

Xander: Stop blaming yourself–maybe this is just karma catching up with me.

Gwen: Me too. God. We finally take a risk and we put our feelings out there and we– what the bloody hell am I talking about? I don’t give up, and neither do you.

Xander: Well, look, unless you’re willing to revisit the jailbreak concept, I don’t think we have a lot of other moves.

Gwen: Rubbish. Right, move number one: We are gonna get you a bloody fantastic lawyer.

Xander: Called around last night. Started with the top-tier firms, worked my way down to the ambulance chasers. Every single one of them refused to represent me.

Gwen: Why?

Xander: The instant i mentioned ej was the author of all my problems, every single one of them hung up on me.

Gwen: Come on, surely there must be somebody in this stupid town who has a law license who isn’t terrified of the dimeras. Ah!

[Laughs] And here he is.

Nicole: It’s not like xander went on a spending spree with the cash that sami paid him to ruin my marriage. The cops are holding it as evidence.

Ej: Are you suggesting I give him a second chance?

Nicole: Oh, god, no, no, no. That animal deserves to be in a cage for all the horrible things that he has done. I just figured that when the charges were dropped that would be the end of it. So how did they suddenly just reappear?

Ej: Let’s just say the less you know, the better. Is it take your daughter to work day?

Nicole: What? No, no, that’s–

Ej: Don’t worry, nicole. I’m not going to punish you for violating company policy.

Nicole: I did not bring holly to work, and that is not her bear.

Ej: Oh, so it’s yours?

Nicole: Actually, it belongs to rafe hernandez.

Gabi: Buenos días to you too.

Rafe: Gabi, I think that you owe ava an apology.

Gabi: Why? Wha–what I said is nothing compared to the things she said to me.

Rafe: Okay, well maybe she only said those things because you provoked her.

Gabi: [Gasps] What? Why are you taking her side? I am your sister!

Rafe: Ava is my girlfriend.

Gabi: Oh, and every time you say that makes my skin crawl. Listen, I know that it’s hard out there, and it might be you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with–

Rafe: This is exactly what I am talking about. You cannot say those kinds of things to ava, okay?

Gabi: Maybe I’d be nicer if she wasn’t in my face all the time.

Rafe: You’re the one who decided to move back in here.

Gabi: This is my house! I grew up here!

Rafe: I pay the mortgage.

Gabi: Oh, my god, rafe. Seriously, are you saying I’m the one that has to move out?

Ava: Okay, stop, please. Please stop; I don’t want the two of you fighting over me. If it would make things easier if I found my own place…

Rafe: No, no, no. I never said that.

Gabi: I am.

Ava: Okay. Rafe, family means everything to me, and I know you feel the same way.

Rafe: Yeah. I am not asking you to move out. I am asking for my sister to be reasonable and take the high road for once–like you are.

Ava: I thought you’d like to know in advance that gabi hernandez dimera is plotting against you.

Philip: Plotting against me how?

Ava: Well, she and your new corporate spy. They’re planning to oust you from titan and take over themselves.

Jake: I happened to be passing by the kiriakis place last night and saw your car and figured you were there talking to victor, you know, since you seemed pretty concerned about what gabi and I told you.

Brady: You happen to know what kind of car I drive?

Jake: Well, it’s a pretty sweet ride. I used to be a mechanic. I pay attention to these things.

Brady: I see. You know, I know that you used to be in the mob, right? So is this your not-so-subtle way of letting me know that you’re keeping tabs on me?

Chloe: [Gasps] Oh my goodness. Fire and ice roses. They’re gorgeous. Mm. I can’t believe you remembered.

[Sentimental music]


Philip: How could i ever forget?

Chloe: After all these years, you’re still surprising me. Where did you even find these?

Philip: I went back to the nursery to ask how to take care of our tree. Saw these, and i couldn’t resist.

Chloe: That is so thoughtful. Thank you.

Philip: You’re welcome. As for our sapling, it’s still freshly planted, so it’s gonna need a little tlc until it takes root. That’s what this is for. The nursery owner said it was her top recommendation for a 22nd anniversary gift.

Chloe: Uh, it seems a little bit random, no?

Philip: Apparently, it’s the water anniversary, which got me thinking– it’s been 22 years since we met.

Chloe: 22 years? That’s crazy.

Philip: You’ve always been the one that got away. I made so many mistakes back then.

Chloe: We both did.

Philip: But I learned from them, chloe. And I promise you I’m gonna take perfect care of our tree–and of you. When I heard about the science behind the new

Gwen: Thank god somebody from xander’s family actually cared enough to show up. Thank you very much, justin. Justin is it? Yes, thank you very much for offering to represent xander.

Justin: Oh, no, that’s not why I’m here.

Xander: It’s not?

Justin: No, no, I came down to see bonnie.

Xander: Oh, we haven’t seen her, actually, but if I do, we’re gonna have a nice, sweet chat about taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you.

Gwen: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Okay, look. Since fate has just brought you into this room, can’t you help xander, your cousin, who is innocent?

Justin: I’m sorry, I can’t take on anything else right now. I am working around the clock on bonnie’s case, so–

Gwen: Mm, yeah, yeah. I’m sure that’s a full-time job given that she’s murdered two people in cold blood and stole xander’s money. And that’s the reason that he’s back in jail. So you owe him.

Justin: Bonnie is incredibly remorseful, and there were extreme extenuating circumstances. You know, I can’t do this right now. I have 12 hours to convince judge smails to reconsider bonnie’s bail, so if you’d excuse me–

Xander: Wait, wait, did you say judge smails?

Justin: Yes, why?

Ej: So rafe’s collecting teddy bears now? How unconventional.

Nicole: Well, if you must know, I won this for him in an arcade game. It was kind of a birthday present.

Ej: Mm, and it’s in your possession because…?

Nicole: Well, because duke was–I don’t know, we were–

Ej: Duke?

Nicole: That’s his name.

Ej: Looks more like a sheriff to me. A rather useless one.

Nicole: I don’t have to explain anything to you.

Ej: Mm. I don’t see any possible explanation that wouldn’t be deeply embarrassing for rafe. But that’s rafe hernandez for you, one enormous embarrassment–

Nicole: Okay, would you stop talking about rafe?

Gabi: You know, the only way that ava would take the high road is if she took a wrong turn.

Rafe: Wow. Okay. Here’s the deal. I do not wanna wake up in a war zone every morning.

Gabi: Well, then tell the enemy to retreat.

Rafe: Okay, here’s– the other thing that you seem to fail to recognize is that i want to make this arrangement work, and so does ava. And since you have nowhere else to go at the moment, I would suggest you suck it up and apologize.

Ava: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That is not necessary.

Rafe: I think it is.

Gabi: What, you’re not gonna ask her to do the same thing?

Rafe: I haven’t heard her say anything that she needs to apologize for.

Gabi: I sure as hell have. Fine. I apologize and, I promise to be more respectful in the future.

Rafe: Maybe you could even say it like you mean it.

Gabi: I apologize, and i promise to be more respectful in the future. There–are you happy?

Jake: Keeping tabs on you? Brady, why would I do that? We’re on the same side here. We both wanna keep your uncle phil from running titan into the ground.

Brady: Now, I want that too. Despite working for the competition, I don’t wanna see my family’s legacy hurt at all. I want it to be okay. But the real question is, why do you care? You’ve been at titan for what– a couple weeks, maybe?

Jake: First of all, I don’t wanna see gabi’s company go down in flames. And secondly, I don’t want a boss who’s got his head up his ass.

Brady: [Laughs] Well, who would you want the boss to be, jake? Maybe you?

Philip: I hope you know how hard I’m working to turn over a new leaf.

Chloe: I know you are. When you came home last night and saw me talking to brady, I could tell that your head wanted to explode, but you were very understanding, and that was nice. It was civilized, it was…

Philip: The way it should be. I do feel bad for accusing him of corporate espionage.

Chloe: But you said you found out some new information, right?

Philip: I think I might actually know who put spyware on my computer.

Chloe: Who?

Philip: This stays between us?

Chloe: Yeah, of course.

Philip: It was gabi and jake. They were working together to get rid of me and take over titan.

Chloe: Oh, my god. After you gave them both a chance.

Philip: I still need to find the proof, but when I do, those two are gonna regret ever thinking they could play me for a fool.

Woo! You are busy…

Chloe: So how did you find out that jake and gabi were really the spies?

Philip: An old business associate tipped me off. Then I remembered when it first told me that they’d found a keylogger on my laptop, I accused gabi of putting it there.

Chloe: And she denied it?

Philip: Even though i caught her red-handed in my office using my computer because hers supposedly wouldn’t start. And right after that, my machine got all glitchy.

Chloe: You should’ve just fired her on the spot.

Philip: I did. Her and jake. But then he said that she was having tech problems as well, and I should have it check her laptop too. And what do you know–spyware.

Chloe: Do you think that they planted spyware proactively?

Philip: Seems that way. But as soon as the heat was off of them, they put it right onto brady. Made me think he was behind it.

Chloe: Which is why you freaked out on him and insisted that I quit my job.

Philip: I’m sorry about that. But my god, it’s all making sense now. Why gabi wanted me to hire jake, why she was soaking suspicion at brady.

Chloe: Well, you know now that brady wasn’t in on it with them. And when I spoke to him last night, he told me he was perfectly happy working at basic black, and he has no interests in using any hostile tactics against titan or us.

Philip: It wasn’t easy to apologize for pointing the finger at him. But I have to admit–the three of us sitting down for a nice, peaceful meal was pretty nice.

Chloe: Yeah. And I think that brady would agree. And now you have to uphold your end of the bargain and never badmouth brady to me again. Promise?

Philip: Not another word against him. I promise.

Chloe: Well, that is a relief, thank you. And I’m sure if you need some help busting jake and gabi, brady will be very happy to help your cause.

Jake: What? You–you think i wanna be the boss?

Brady: Jake, when you and gabi came to me and asked me to talk to my grandfather, I suspected you had ulterior motives, all right?

Jake: No. We approached you because philip’s been acting like a crazy person, okay? Erratic, unfocused– Brady: That part I believed. That part I believed. But now you’re in my place pumping me for information.

Jake: Just curious, that’s all.

Brady: I’ll give you a fun fact, all right? I’ve been ceo of titan not once, not twice, a couple of times. I can smell when the sharks are circling, jake. You know what I mean? So if you want this coup attempt to be successful, you’re gonna have to be a little more slick than this.

Jake: Cool. Brady, get real here. Nobody is gonna make a brand-new employee ceo, right?

Brady: Come on, man. You enjoyed a meteoric rise from a what–mechanic to dimera ceo–till you got thrown out on your ass. And then what happened? Boom–you land at titan with your girlfriend. You’re kidding me? Are you sure you don’t want you and gabi to be the next big power couple in salem?

Jake: Never thought about it that way.

Brady: You can cut the crap now. You and gabby have been used to running your own company. I know you have ideas. You have visions for the future, and you want philip out of the way, right?

Jake: Come on, brady, let’s be honest. Don’t you want the same thing?

Ava: Thank you for your apology, gabi.

Gabi: Go choke on a ravioli.

Ava: She could’ve said a lot worse.

Rafe: Yeah, you could’ve said a lot worse.

Ava: Listen, gabi is her own worst enemy.

Rafe: Could not agree with you more there.

Ava: You know, people used to say the same thing about me. That I couldn’t get out of my own way–and they were absolutely right. You know, most of the heartache that I’ve experienced in my life, a lot of it’s been brought on by myself. Self-inflicted, you know. I’m afraid that gabi is about to go in the same road.

Justin: Do you know judge smails?

Xander: He’s the one who threw the book at me. And as an officer of the court, you should know he’s corrupt as hell.

Justin: Hmm. What makes you say that?

Xander: When ej was my attorney, he got smails to drop the charges against me.

Justin: Well, you weren’t complaining then.

Xander: I agreed to pay mr. Dimera $1 million in exchange for his services. I had the cash all ready to go–

Gwen: And then bonnie stole it.

Xander: And then the police seized it. When I couldn’t pay up immediately, ej punished me by getting the charges reinstated. Now, you tell me, if smails is on the up-and-up, how could that happen? Before you go into that court, you should know that the man you’re dealing with might not necessarily be swayed by the facts of the case.

Gwen: Mm. Not like the facts of our case are really that persuasive, are they? So maybe you and xander can help each other. Yeah.

Limu emu & doug

Justin: How do you think xander and I could possibly help each other?

Gwen: Okay. The judge is dirty, yes. So you use that to encourage him to see bonnie’s case in a more favorable light and do right by xander.

Justin: I have no evidence judge smails has done anything wrong.

Gwen: Don’t worry, we’ll get the evidence. You just get the ball rolling, yeah?

Justin: Oh, so you’re suggesting that I blackmail the judge using evidence I don’t have that he himself is corrupt? Sounds like a winning strategy.

Gwen: Okay, you have to see the bigger picture here, though, okay? Wouldn’t the citizens of salem be well served if we could get this guy out of ej’s pocket?

Justin: Oh, well, I appreciate you reframing this as issue of social importance. But I’ve sworn an oath to the court, and what you’re proposing isn’t exactly kosher.

Gwen: Mm, yeah, well, you are engaged to bonnie lockhart– I would say that the ship’s sailed on being kosher, darling.

Justin: I have a defense to prepare.

Gwen: No–okay, okay, okay. Listen. Let’s say that the judge is as fair and impartial as they come, right? Do you honestly–do you honestly think that bonnie is going to get off on two murder charges? That is a very steep mountain to climb, my friend, no matter how good of a lawyer you are. And let’s say that the judge is crooked–doesn’t care about justice, just wants to get paid, right? And you refuse to cooperate. You gonna lose, no matter how strong your argument is. Either way, it doesn’t look good, does it? You can’t really just roll the dice here, justin. You have to take control, yeah? Don’t you want a future with the woman that you love, justin?

Justin: Hypothetically speaking, if ej did bribe the judge, I suppose one could trace the transactions.

Xander: No, it’s not bribery. It wouldn’t make sense for ej to pay money to someone just to get his own money back.

Gwen: No, ej got to him some other way–we just have to figure out how.

Justin: This sounds like a fishing expedition to me.

Gwen: Yeah, but well worth it if we can hook the big one, yeah?

Ej: It seems I’ve hit a nerve.

Nicole: Rafe and i are friends, you know that.

Ej: I do. And I can’t stand the man. But that doesn’t give me license for being rude. I apologize. And you look stunned.

Nicole: You never apologize.

Ej: Only on the rarest of occasions. I had no idea the commissioner was such a sensitive subject. There isn’t something going on between the two of you, is there?

Nicole: No, definitely not.

Ej: Forgive me for being forward, but I’m getting the sense that you wish there were.

Rafe: So any word from philip on that job you applied for at titan?

Ava: Not yet.

Rafe: Ah.

Ava: I know it’s a long shot. I don’t exactly have a ton of skills.

Rafe: Mm. I don’t know about that.

[Both chuckle]

Ava: It’s been a long time since I have worked in corporate america. I do know how to get what I want, but I think that titan might frown on some of my methods.

Rafe: Probably, yeah. I was actually surprised you wanted to work there, considering your history with philip.

Ava: Well, being a chef didn’t really turn out, and it doesn’t look like basic black will, either, so kind of my last option.

Rafe: I hope it works out.

Ava: Me too. And victor kiriakis was in the mob back in the day, so I think it’s a place that I really might fit in.

Brady: Look, jake. I don’t want any part in taking down titan. I like my job and i like where I’m at. But while we’re putting all our cards out on the table here, was it you and gabi that put that keylogger on phillip’s computer?

Jake: I don’t know what a keylogger is. And as you pointed out, I’m just a grease monkey. Obviously, gabi didn’t put a keylogger in her own computer, so your theory needs work.

Brady: All right. Well, I gotta get to the office, so if you excuse me.

Jake: Uh, you never told me how your talk with your grandfather went.

Brady: No, I didn’T. My grandfather is pleased with what philip is doing at titan.

[Phone ringing] And that’s really all you need to know, so if you’ll excuse me. Have a good day. Hey, granddad. Yeah, yeah, I have given it some thought, and– look, I know that you think that philip would be less distracted without chloe in the picture, but you need to know that I have no interest in getting between the two of them. And I’m sorry.

Dayquil severe for you…

Gwen: Don’t you want to beat ej at his own game by getting the goods on this judge?

Xander: I certainly do. But I won’t be able to do much detective work from my cell.

Gwen: Well, you just leave that to me and justin.

Justin: Oh, I didn’t say I was on board with this plan. Oh, okay, I gotta go meet bonnie; excuse me.

Gwen: No, but xander still needs an attorney! Dammit.

Xander: Well, he didn’t say he was on board, but he didn’t say he wasn’T.

Ej: Dudley do-right is dating a mob princess.

Nicole: Ex-mob princess. And watch it. Ava’s vitali is my friend too.

Ej: Even though she stole your man?

Nicole: Rafe was never my man.

Ej: But you’d like him to be.

Nicole: Okay, would you stop it, please? I am in the middle of a divorce, and I am not ready to move on. And ava and rafe just started a new relationship, and it seems to be working. So I decided to just take myself out of the equation.

Ej: Do you really think it’s for the best? Because you look miserable.

Nicole: I have a lot of work to do.

Ej: On the other hand, as much as I hate seeing my favorite ex-wife unhappy, my experience with ava vitali says staying out of her way is a wise move.

Rafe: I gotta get to work.

Ava: Mm. I put in some of those cookies you like.

Rafe: Thanks.

Ava: Yeah. Hey, rafe, I hope you know that I would never wanna cause a problem between you and gabi.

Rafe: I know. I know that. And I appreciate that you are making the effort to get along with her. I just wish that she would do the same damn thing because– I’m telling you, if she doesn’t change her attitude, oh, she is not gonna like me choosing who stays or who goes.

Ava: You’re just saying that because of my ravioli.

Rafe: Oh, that’s definitely not it.

Ava: What?

Rafe: Okay. Maybe it’s a part of it.

Ava: [Chuckles]

Gabi: How’d it go with brady?

Jake: He was a little suspicious. I, uh, I think I came on a little too strong.

Gabi: Oh, well, we have no choice now that ej stole my house out from under me. We have to get aggressive, and we have to get this plan moving. So is victor gonna fire philip?

Jake: No. But I did come up with a very interesting piece of information.

Philip: I don’t need brady’s help to bust gabi and jake. He is the competition, after all.

Chloe: Yeah, well, so am I, but I’m still 100% on your side.

Philip: Thank you.

Chloe: So I assuming the next step is to fire them again?

Philip: I wish I could. But if I fire gabi, she could regain control of gabi chic. That was part of her deal– and it’s a hugely profitable division.

Chloe: Well, can’t you just fire jake then?

Philip: I’d tip my hand. I think I’m gonna wait until I’m ready to make my next move.

Chloe: What move is that?

Philip: Gabi’s trying to steal my company. Maybe I try to steal hers. Shingles?

Gwen: Okay. Even if justin doesn’t help us, we still need to find a way to prove that this judge is on the take.

Xander: Would be so much easier if he was taking money. How are we supposed to get to him if we don’t know what he wants?

Gwen: I think I have an idea.

Justin: Rafe, bonnie was supposed to be brought up from her cell. What’s the delay?

Rafe: Yeah, I actually just got word from judge smails that her visiting privileges have been restricted due to bad behavior.

Justin: What bad behavior?

Rafe: It’s bonnie lockhart. Could be anything.

Justin: She’s my fiancéE.

Rafe: Right. Then you know.

Nicole: Ava has changed since the last time you knew her. She has completely given up her old life.

Ej: But we both know she’ll revert to type, eventually.

Nicole: I don’t think so. She lost a son. And her other son means the world to her. She won’t do anything to jeopardize what they have.

Ej: Rafe will be ruing his terrible taste–though i suppose he’s always been attracted to bad girls. I hope you know you can do much better than that dolt. In fact, you have.

Nicole: What, with you?

Ej: Who else would I mean?

Nicole: Not that you have a big ego or anything?

Ej: I thought you liked my big ego.

Nicole: I, uh, have a lot of work to do.

Ej: [Chuckles] As do I. And when we’re both finished with work, I say we go and get a lovely dinner. Together.

Brady: Oh, hi.

Chloe: Hey.

Brady: Are those from philip?

Chloe: Yeah, of course. Who else?

Brady: They’re beautiful. Very nice.

Chloe: Yeah, they are very nice, aren’t they? So did you tell victor that you’re not gonna take him up on his suggestion to try to steal me away from philip?

Brady: I did. And I got an earful, as expected, but you have my word, chloe. If things don’t work out with you and philip, it’s not gonna be because of me.

Gabi: So victor wanted brady to break up chloe and philip? Are you sure?

Jake: That’s what i heard him say. But he refused to go along with it.

Gabi: Hmm. This could be very useful information, because chloe is the achilles’ heel we’re gonna use to bring down philip.

Ava: Have you given any more thought to our conversation?

Philip: Yes. And I have a question.

Ava: Ask away.

Philip: How would you like to help me bring down gabi hernandez?

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Days Transcript Monday, September 27, 2021

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ciara: And ben, just be honest now, okay? If you’re saying that you don’t wanna pass down your bad genes to our baby, does that mean you might never wanna have a baby with me?


Ben: I did not say that.

Ciara: Okay, well it sounds like you did. Ben, want to have kids. I do. And if you don’t, I mean, isn’t that something you should have talked to me about before I married you?

Chanel: How can you call your movie “the sami brady story” if it’s all about your grandmother?

Johnny: My mom has had a very interesting life. But demonic possession? I mean, my movie could become a classic, like “the exorcist”! Except better, because it’s true.

Chanel: Are you sure you should be messing with this stuff?

Johnny: Of course I’m sure. It’s great material.

Chanel: Yeah, but–


Johnny: But what?

Chanel: Don’t you think some people might find it a little…sacrilegious?

Marlena: Put that damn thing away! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I guess you’re right. I guess you’re right, you know? This whole conversation, all these bad memories, I guess I’m just a little bit on edge.

Allie: Hey.

Tripp: Hey. I know I’m a little early. I hope that’s okay.

Allie: Yeah, no. It’s great. Come in. Henry’s asleep and dinner is in the oven. Chicken and mashed potatoes.

Tripp: You’ve been baking all day for work and you’re making me dinner? You didn’t have to do that.

Allie: I wanted to. And I know you’re coming off a long shift at the hospital.

Tripp: Yeah, it was a rough day, you know? But I do have some news to share about doug.

Allie: Oh, no. Grandpa roman said he was having some tests done because he was having some issues with his memory.

Tripp: I’m afraid things got a lot more serious.

Julie: I wish marlena had let me go in there with her.

Eli: Grandma, come on. You gotta trust her. All right, I’m sure she’s knows what she’s doing.

Julie: I trust her, darling. I trust her as a doctor. I trust her as a friend. But remember what doug said to me when I said she’ll be on her way? He said marlena is the one who needs help. What did he mean by that?

Eli: I don’t–maybe he was just confused. But marlena, she’s gonna get to the bottom of it.

Demon marlena: Well, doug, it appears you’ve been a little tattletale.

[Tuts] We can’t have that. Isn’t it ironic that I persuaded marlena to let me into her in order to save your life? And now I’m gonna take it anyway.

Doug: No. No.

Demon marlena: Of course family and friends will be devastated! But they’ll think you died of natural causes. But it’s going to be anything but natural causes.

[Demonic growling]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ciara: Ben, we both talked about wanting kids together.

Ben: I know. And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead you. That’s not what I’m trying to do.

Ciara: Why didn’t you say anything, ben?

Ben: Because I don’t think I even admitted it to myself before, until you said you wanted to stop using birth control, and then everything just got real, fast. And I love you so much. I want to give you everything you want. I really do.

Ciara: Yeah, but you already have! Baby, don’t you get how happy you make me? That’s why I wanted to have a baby with you in the first place.

Ben: I know that. I know that. I’m afraid. I’m afraid because I don’t want to have a baby and have him turn out like me. I’m not trying to bring evil into this world right now.


Marlena: No, stop! Don’t do this!

Demon marlena: Your friend marlena is trying to stop me from doing what I have to do. You see, she hasn’t entirely given herself over to my powers yet. But she will.

Marlena: No, I won’t! You can’t make me hurt him!

Demon marlena: Yes, I can, and I will. We can’t have doug sharing our little secret.

Limu emu & doug

Chanel: I just think you’re playing with fire.

Johnny: You have to take chances in this life, chanel.

Chanel: What you’re talking about is a lot riskier than just “taking chances.” You are literally tempting the devil to walk right through that door.

Tony: Good evening.

Chanel: Oh, my god!

Johnny: Relax. Relax. It’s just my uncle tony. Uncle tony, this is chanel.

Tony: Ah, chanel. Pleasure. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.

Chanel: No, it’s not you. Johnny just had me watch “the exorcist,” so I’m just a little jumpy.

Tony: “The exorcist”? That’s not exactly fun. My idea of fun is watching billy wilder. “Sunset boulevard,” “double indemnity,” “some like it hot.” Actually, that’s anna’s favorite. You know, maybe I should just go and see anna and see if she’d like to see it now.

Johnny: Uncle tony, wait. There’s actually something I wanted to ask you about, since you had a ringside seat.

Tony: To what?

Chanel: Your nephew wants to make a movie about when his grandmother was possessed by the devil.

Tony: Really? You failed to mention that to me when you asked me to invest.

Johnny: I didn’t know at the time.

Tony: Ah, I see. Well, if you’re looking for me to reconsider, I would say that that particular subject is hardly enticing.

Johnny: Look, I know you can’t help with the financing because my dad thinks you’d be “acting against the best interests” of his precious company, but you could still be a consultant.

Tony: And what would i be contributing?

Johnny: Well, you were there. You saw the whole thing up close and personal, when the devil tried to tempt my grandpa john into sleeping with your wife.

Tony: Wrong. I didn’t see it up close and personal. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see it at all.

Johnny: What? But I–

Tony: Look, johnny, that wasn’t me.

[Phone beeps]

[Line rings]

[Phone rings]

Julie: Hello?

John: Hey, julie. It’s john. Has doc seen doug yet?

Julie: She is in there with him now. But eli and I haven’t heard a thing yet.

John: Oh, hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

Julie: I feel terrible about asking her to come down here so late, but doug was asking for her. At least I think he was. I just feel rotten about interrupting your evening.

John: No, no, no. No, no, julie, absolutely no need to apologize.

Julie: I’ve been trying to say my rosary, and I am so upset and I am so worried, I can’t even concentrate on that.

John: I hear you on that. I just sat down with the bible to read psalm 23, hoping it would bring a little inner peace, but no such luck. Hey, I’ll tell you what. How about if I come down to the hospital and you and i head on over to the chapel, and we’ll say a prayer together. How does that sound?

Julie: Oh, john, that would be wonderful.

John: I’m on my way.

Julie: Thank you.

[Phone beeps] John’s coming down here to pray with me.

Eli: I’m sure that’ll make you feel a lot better.

Julie: I’ll tell you what would make me feel better: Getting some answers, finding out what in the world is going on with my husband, and why is it taking so long?

Eli: Grandma, it’s only been a few minutes.

Julie: Well, it seems like forever. I want to check on him. I want to see how he’S… but if I rush in there, barge in– I don’t want to upset him.

Eli: Okay, then why don’t you let me check on him?

Julie: You’d do that?

Eli: Yes. Of course, grandma. I’ll be back.

Tripp: And how was your day? Thank you.

Allie: Uh, can’t complain. The bakery did really well again, and I’m starting to recognize a lot of, like, repeat customers.

Tripp: Ah, that’s great.

Allie: Yeah. Oh, and on my lunch break, I ran into my brother.

Tripp: How did that go?

Allie: Actually, pretty well. He forgave me for the issues that I caused for him and chanel.

Tripp: Good. I’m glad he let that go.

Allie: Yeah, me too. Though it probably helped that his mind was on other things, like his movie.

Tripp: Is he still trying to convince you to play your mom?

Allie: Actually, we didn’t talk about that, because he was too focused on this weird family secret that he uncovered in will’s script.

Tripp: Oh. And what secret would that be?

Allie: That my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

Tripp: [Chokes]

Demon marlena: Stop fighting me, marlena. You’re not strong enough to resist me.

Marlena: No. You’ll never win! Never!

Demon marlena: No. Doug has to die. He knows too much.

Eli: Hey, everything okay in here?

[Thunder rumbles]

Ciara: You…you are not evil, ben. And our child wouldn’t be either.

Ben: Maybe not evil, but– you know mental illness runs in my family.

Ciara: Yeah, well, it runs in a lot of families.

Ben: Not like mine. Ciara, I was a murderer. My sister was a murderer.

Ciara: Hey, it was because of clyde. It was because of clyde. If he hadn’t abused you like that… what you and jordan did, that wasn’t inevitable, ben. That was circumstantial.

Ben: I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

Ciara: What way?

Ben: The way jordan did when my mother was pregnant with me. I don’t want anybody to think that my child would be better off dead than with me as a parent.

Ciara: Look at me. Baby, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. No one is gonna think that.

Ben: You don’t know that.

Ciara: Yes, I do. Yes, I do, ben. You faced your demons. You overcame them. And you said that my love helped you do that. At our wedding, you said that you were broken, and that my love fixed you.

Ben: It did.

Ciara: So just let my love do that again. I want to help you face this. We have overcome every single challenge we have ever faced. And we can overcome this, okay? I have no doubt in my mind.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Ben: No matter how much you love me, you can’t change my dna or control what traits I pass down to our children.

Ciara: But your genes don’t control your destiny. I mean, look at me. I was born with great genes.

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: And I was still headed down a bad path. But my parents guided me in the right direction. Without them, who knows where I would be? It was the way I was raised that mattered the most.

Ben: I was raised by a monster.

Ciara: And so it makes sense. It makes sense that you had demons, baby. But later on in life, you finally got that nurturing that you were deprived of as a kid in the form of therapy from your doctors at bayview and marlena and–

Ben: You.

Ciara: Me. Me. And it’s because of that care that you are now on the right path. And I know our child will be too. Because we’re gonna give him unconditional love. Ben, I know in my heart that you would make the most amazing father. Like, you would be the best, and that would make all the difference.

Johnny: What do you mean it wasn’t you, uncle tony? It says right here in will’s script that you were married to aunt kristen, but she was in love with grandpa john. By the way, how did that happen? Aren’t you two brother and sister?

Tony: We’re not related by blood.

Johnny: Okay. So anyway, she didn’t want to leave you because you were blind, and grandpa john apparently was a priest at the time.

Tony: Oh. “Tony” should be in quotes.

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Tony: Well, everybody thought it was me. Even kristen was fooled. But it was my evil cousin andre.

Johnny: You two look exactly alike.

Tony: Well, that’s because he had plastic surgery to look like me. Only I turned out to be much more winsome, witty, and wise. Anyway, as I was saying, I was stranded on some deserted island when andre was running around salem posing as me.

Chanel: White people are crazy.

Tony: Uh-huh.

Johnny: So you’re telling me you didn’t witness any of the devil stuff?

Tony: No, I’m afraid not. I wasn’t here when all this allegedly happened to your grandmother.

Johnny: Allegedly?

Tony: Well, yeah. Yes, it wasn’t– as I said before, I wasn’t here. What you need to do is to find someone who actually lived through it. Back in the ’90s, when it all went down.

Allie: It was back in the ’90s when my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil, and supposedly she terrorized the town for months.

Tripp: And you’re just hearing about this now?

Allie: Well, yeah. I mean, it’s not something my family likes to talk about, obviously.

Tripp: Or will made it up for his movie.

Allie: I thought that too. But then I talked to my grandpa john. And he said it was all true.

Tripp: You don’t really believe that, do you?

Allie: He was pretty convincing.

Tripp: I’m sorry, allie. I just don’t buy it.

Julie: Thank you. Thank you so much.

John: Julie, it’s me. You don’t have to thank me. Doc and I, we love you and doug, and obviously we’re very concerned about this.

Julie: I know. When kayla ran those tests and they were inconclusive, and then marlena stepped up and said she’d give her assessment, I was so grateful. Who better to analyze his bizarre behavior and the things he’s been doing and…and they had their session, ad he collapsed. And I was terrified.

John: Okay, well, hey, julie, he’s stable now and doc’s in there with him. She’s trying again.

Julie: I’m so grateful. I know I’m asking a lot of her, coming down to the hospital in the night like this, and…she would never say anything, I know, but you must let me know if this is burdensome to her.

John: Why would I even think that?

Julie: She seemed a little stressed, john.

John: Well, she’s dealing with something, but it’s nothing compared to what doug’s going through. And I know how important it is for her to help him right now.

Julie: Well, I don’t want to impose on our friendship, so I’ll count on you to tell me if it’s just too much.

John: Well, of course I will. You know that. But right now, our spouses are together, and one is trying to heal the other, so what do you say you and I, we go on down to the chapel and we say a prayer for both of ’em?

Eli: Is everything okay?

Marlena: Yes. I was just trying to make doug a little more comfortable.

Eli: How’s he doing? Were you able to ask him what he meant when he told julie that “he went into her”?

Marlena: No, not yet. We were on the verge of that conversation when you came in, so… if you just step outside, we can continue.

Doug: No, no! Please, don’T. Don’t leave me! Please! On the outside, I looked fine.

Johnny: Who else in the family can I talk to about what happened?

Tony: Well, certainly not andre. Poor thing is no longer with us. Why don’t you ask john?

Johnny: Allie spoke to him. He told her the whole story, said it was all true. But he made it very clear that he never wanted to discuss that topic again. My mom hasn’t called me back, and no one has any idea where aunt kristen is, so…

Tony: Well, that’s probably for the best.

Johnny: I’m sorry?

Tony: What I was saying is, why don’t you go directly to the source and ask marlena?

Johnny: [Scoffs] I don’t think john would be cool with that.

Tony: Perhaps that’s a sign. You know what they say. Sometimes the past is best left buried. Enchantée, chanel.

Chanel: Nice to meet you, mr. Dimera.

Tony: Nice to meet you, too. Johnny.

Johnny: Right.

Chanel: I’d hate to say I told you so, g, but I think you’d be doing everyone in this town a big favor if you just dropped this whole movie idea.

Johnny: [Sighs]

Eli: Why is doug so freaked out?

Marlena: Well, I think he’s just tired of being in the hospital. You won’t be here much longer. I promise. Now, if you would be good enough to leave us alone…

Doug: No, eli! Don’t go!

Eli: You know, my grandmother and john, they went to the chapel to pray. I think julie wanted you to meet them there.

Doug: Yes. Julie.

[Machines beeping]

Marlena: Fine. Fine.

Tripp: Look, as someone who firmly believes in science, I just think there has to be a rational explanation.

Allie: Like what?

Tripp: I would hypothesize that marlena was suffering from a neurobiological disorder, something along the lines of schizophrenia.

Allie: I don’t think that schizophrenia would explain her levitating several feet off her bed.

Tripp: That happened too?

Allie: According to grandpa john, yes.

Tripp: Is there any proof?

Allie: Like, a video or something? Not that I know of. But my grandfather saw it firsthand, and a few other people did too.

Tripp: It could be mass hysteria.

Allie: Wow, you really are a skeptic.

Tripp: Look, here, let me borrow your laptop. I’ll prove to you that I’m right.

Ciara: I mean, just tonight, you proved that you’re gonna be an amazing father.

Ben: What are you talking about?

Ciara: Well, when we came back, I was a wet and sloppy mess, and you told me that i looked perfect.

Ben: Because you did. You always look perfect.

Ciara: Mm. And that is exactly what you would say to our daughter if she came home from kindergarten with a painting of a cat that looks like a hamburger. You would tell her that it was perfect.

Ben: Mm. Our daughter, huh?

Ciara: Mm. Wouldn’t you love to have a little girl?

Ben: Long as she looked like you. What if we had a boy?

Ciara: Well, then bo brady weston would be as amazing and as handsome as his father. Either way, our kid would know their way around an engine.

Ben: Mm. For sure.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: That’s true.

Ciara: Baby, I know I’m right about how amazing you are gonna be as a father. I know I am. But I also know that I’m not gonna change your mind in just one conversation. So we don’t have to settle this tonight, okay?

Ben: You sure you’re not upset with me for hiding how I really felt?

Ciara: No. Mm-mm. I’m just glad that you told me the truth. So we can just put this baby conversation on the back burner, okay? Because right now, I just want to be with you. I just want us to love each other. That is all I want. Frequent heartburn? Not anymore.

Johnny: I’m not giving up on my film.

Chanel: Okay, but do you really want to spend the rest of the night talking about the devil?

Johnny: No, I don’T.

Chanel: So maybe we can do something else? Whoa, whoa, what if your uncle comes back?

Johnny: Well, we could go upstairs. We’d have total privacy up there. And just so you know, I have protection this time.

Tripp: Okay, see, this article says that there has never been any substantial proof of a demonic possession. Okay? Nothing caught on video. Nothing that can’t be explained away by trickery or science.

Allie: Okay, but there are many instances where exorcisms are successful. So, I mean, how do you explain the victims getting better?

Tripp: Power of suggestion. You know, if you truly believe that you’re possessed and a priest performs a sacred ritual, you’re gonna believe it worked.

Allie: And you think that’s what happened to my grandmother?

Tripp: I’d bet money on it.

Allie: [Sighs]

John and julie: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light…

Doug: She…she…

Eli: Wait, who, doug? Who are you talking about? Julie? Marlena?

Doug: Marlena…

Eli: Okay, doug, look, I– no, no, no, hey. Don’t get worked up, okay? Look, you really gotta just relax. It can wait.

Doug: No, it can’T.

Eli: Doug, c’mon. Julie’s on her way, all right?

Doug: I need to say it now. Listen to me. Please.

John and julie: O divine master, grant that I shall not seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen.

Julie: Saint francis. He really tells us how to walk in the light.

John: Julie, you don’t have to put on a brave face for me. I know that the man you love more than anything in this world is suffering right now. I know how hard that is.

Julie: Doug is my world.

John: I know. And your love and your prayers, they’re gonna get him through this.

Julie: Do you really believe it, john?

John: Oh, I believe that with all my heart. Julie, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a time years ago when I almost lost marlena, when she was taken from us, when she was doing things that were truly evil, horrifying. It was such a frightening time. But no matter how dark things got, I never gave up. And I know that it was my love and my prayers that brought her back to me.

Julie: It must’ve been terrible for you.

John: But you see, it didn’t drive us apart. It brought us together. It reinforced our bond. And it taught me something. It taught me that no matter what challenges life throws our way, we can get through them together. Together, we can face anything. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Allie: Okay, I get what you’re saying. And I would probably share your skepticism, except that when grandpa john told me about it, he was visibly shaken. I mean, he even admitted to being scarred, especially because he had to perform the exorcism.

Tripp: Are you saying that your grandfather used to be a priest?

Allie: I’m a little fuzzy on that part. But I trust grandpa john. And if he says that my grandmother was possessed, that’s enough for me.

Marlena: Oh, john, I’m glad you’re here.

John: Oh, of course I’m here, sweetheart.

Julie: How is doug?

Marlena: Oh, doug has been through a lot. He’d like to see you, julie.

Julie: Oh, good. Before I go, I wanna thank you, marlena, for coming back here tonight. And doug thanks you too.

Marlena: Well, I’m not sure how much I helped him, but I tried my best.

Julie: Why, I know you did. And he really needed you.

[Sighs] In his confusion, poor darling, he said you were the one who needed help.

Marlena: Huh. Well, maybe he was right. Maybe I did need some help. And I found it.

Chanel: Ooh, you’ve got protection? So you thought we were gonna have sex tonight?

Johnny: No! No, not at all. I just–I wanted us to be safe if and when it happens.

Chanel: Mm. Well, it is not happening tonight, romeo.

Johnny: Is this because of what my sister said? All that stuff she said about me?

Chanel: About you being a total player, and all you’re interested in is getting me in bed, and then you’ll lose interest?

Johnny: That is not true, chanel. I am very interested in spending time with you and eating pb&j with you, talking, laughing, hanging out.

Chanel: I like that too. You know, when we met, we went from 0 to 60 really fast.

[Sighs] But, you know, maybe we can just slow things down a bit.

Johnny: We could watch more movies.

Chanel: As long as no one’s head is spinning around.

Johnny: Ah, I think you actually liked that, even though you were scared.

Chanel: I was definitely scared. But I admit it was kinda fun.

Johnny: Yeah, for me, too. Actually, everything is fun with you.

Chanel: Well, maybe we can just do that for a while, have fun, before we end up in bed.

[Soft music]


Ciara: [Sighs] I am so impressed, dear husband, that you managed to get a restaurant in salem to recreate the first meal we had on our honeymoon. And I’ve gotta say, the bread pudding was as good as what we had in new orleans.

Ben: Well, guess what, my dear wife. There’s some general tso’s chicken right over there in that fridge for when we’re hungry later.

Ciara: Oh, are you planning on working up an appetite?

Ben: You already know it.

Ciara: No, wait, I can’t believe it’s been ten years.

Ben: Well, happy anniversary.

Ciara: Happy anniversary, mr. Weston, who I love more today than I did on the day that we got married. And I love this necklace. It’s perfect.

Ben: You’re perfect.

Ciara: Oh, gosh! Oh, I guess the…

[Toy squeaks] The babysitter wasn’t too strict on putting all the toys away.

Ben: I guess not.

Ciara: Oh, oh, sweetheart.

Ben: Hey.

Ciara: What are you doing up? And where’s rita?

Bo: She was mean to me. So I punished her.

Ben: What happened, buddy?

Bo: She made me play with these toys instead of what I really wanted to play with.

Ciara: And what did you really want to play with?

Bo: Daddy’s necktie.

[Suspenseful music]


Ben: No, no, no! No!

[Breathing heavily] I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Ciara: Ben, are you okay?

Ben: I just had a nightmare.

Ciara: I can see that. What was it about?

Ben: Don’t really remember.

Ciara: Well… it was just a bad dream. Doesn’t mean anything, babe. I’m right here and I love you and everything is gonna be okay. I promise. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Johnny: I see what’s going on here. Yeah, you want me to woo you.

Chanel: Not the word I’d use, but yes.

Johnny: Well, okay. Prepare to be wooed.

Chanel: You sure you know how?

Johnny: Oh, yeah. No, you’d better brace yourself, because I am going to wine you, dine you, serenade you, the whole nine yards.

Chanel: Mm, well, I can’t wait. But, um, wooing aside, please don’t make that movie. Like I said, g, you’re playing with fire.

Johnny: Noted.

Doug: I need– I need to tell you now.

Julie: How’s he doing?

Eli: He’s been trying to tell me something, but he’s just wearing himself out.

Julie: Oh. Oh, darling. Darling, you don’t have to talk right now, sweetheart.

Doug: She was trying to–

Julie: Yes, yes. Marlena was trying to help you. And she’ll help you again. But right now, my precious one, you just need to sleep. You just rest. And we’ll talk about everything in the morning.

Marlena: Thank god you’re here. It’s as if you knew I needed you.

John: Well, since you give so much to the people you love, I think it’s important that you know that I’m always here for you to lean on.

Marlena: You are my rock.

John: I love you.

Marlena: I love you.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Katie: Have you heard anything from justin since you texted him last?

Ridge: Nothing yet.

Katie: What do you think that means?

Ridge: I don’t know what it means. He followed quinn when she left and hopefully he’ll find out something.

Katie: Eric said that quinn was gonna be out this evening.

Ridge: That’s par for the course, isn’t it?

Katie: Where do you think she is? What do you think she’s doing?

Ridge: Who’s she doing it with? I have my suspicions, but I hope I’m wrong. For dad’s sake.

Quinn: Please, justin. You have to listen to us.

Carter: If you say a word about this to anyone–

Justin: See, that’s exactly it. I’m still not sure what this whole thing really is. You expect me to believe that a husband is allowing his wife to sleep with another man? As a matter of fact, encouraging it. Look, I’m no prude, but–

Carter: I realize it’s not something you hear about every day–

Quinn: Okay, we’re not running around behind anybody’s back. We’re not having an elicit affair. This was my husband’s idea.

Steffy: You’re not going anywhere near hayes.

Sheila: I just want a moment with him. With my grandson.

Steffy: If you take one more step to the nursery–

Sheila: Are you threatening me now?

Steffy: I’m protecting my son.

Sheila: You don’t need to protect him from me. I love him.

Steffy: You don’t know what that word means. Now get out.

Sheila: Not until I hold my grandson.

Steffy: You’re never gonna hold him again. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Sheila: Well, we’ll see about that, then, won’t we?

Steffy: You take one more step and I swear to god, sheila, you’re gonna be sorry.

Paris: Hey, hey.

Zende: There she is.

Paris: You’ve been looking for me?

Zende: So I can do this.

Paris: Oh. Glad I stopped by.

Zende: I’m glad you did, too. My day is not complete without one of your smiles. So, how’s everything?

Paris: Well, work is good. But you already knew that.

Zende: No, I guess I’m asking more about life at the beach.

Paris: What do you want to know?

Zende: Well, I know you’re grateful to finn and steffy for giving you a place to crash, but how long are you planning on hanging out there?

Paris: Oh, you think I’m overstaying my welcome?

Zende: No, I just meant that I thought, you know, you might like your own spot at some time, or…

Paris: Yeah, I know what you meant, but you’re right. All good things do have to come to an end. And this one does. And it has.

[ Sighing ]

Sheila: Okay, can we just not do this?

Steffy: Then go.

Sheila: I just… I just want to spend a moment with hayes. You can be with me the whole time.

Steffy: No! No.

Sheila: Oh, come on, steffy. How can you continue to deny a grandmother the opportunity to see her grandson.

Steffy: You’re never gonna be hayes’ grandmother. He’s never gonna know you exist.

Sheila: You don’t mean that. You can’t be that vindictive.

Steffy: Calling what you want, I’m doing what’s best for my son.

Sheila: You’re denying him family.

Steffy: He has family! He has finn, he has me, he has kelly. He doesn’t need you. You are not family! Now, for the last time, get out! Before I throw you out.

Finn: Steffy, what’s going– sheila.

Katie: Maybe you should text justin again. Maybe he didn’t get the first one.

Ridge: Maybe I got the wrong man on the job. He better not let me down.

Eric: Who better not let you down? What are you talking about?

Ridge: Nothing.

Eric: How can it be nothing when the two of you are so intense? What is it?

Justin: You’re telling me that eric’s really cool with this, the two of you?

Quinn: Look, we realize it’s shocking.

Carter: It’s hard to believe, justin, eric’s coming from a place of love.

Quinn: Right, I love eric. Eric loves me, he just can’t express that love physically like he used to.

Justin: Just, tag, you’re it. Just like that, huh?

Carter: Why am I even explaining myself to this– imagine our reaction when eric proposed it. He wants quinn to be fulfilled in every aspect of their marriage, so he found a way to make it work for himself, for quinn, and I have to respect that.

Justin: Of course you do! You’re the lucky recipient.

Quinn: Okay, look–

Justin: Get out!

Quinn: I realize how this looks to you, to anyone if this information got out, but this is my marriage. This is eric’s marriage. I’m asking you to respect the privacy between a husband and wife and their personal relationship. I’m not asking you to agree with it, or condone it. But nobody is getting hurt here, so please just forget what you saw. Forget that you know anything about this.

[ Scoffing ] – Bedtime!! – Bedtime.

Zende: No problem, I’ll get right on that.

Paris: You’re busy. I should go.

Zende: No, no, no. Not so fast. You still have to fill in some blanks. So, you are ditching your cozy digs in malibu, for where? Have you found a new place, yet?

Paris: I’m closing in on one.

Zende: Look, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m against you moving out of steffy and finn’s, but why now?

Paris: It was just time. I need to move on.

Zende: Okay. Well, I’m all for it. Means you and I get to have a little bit more alone time.

Paris: I would like that too.

Zende: Oh yeah?

Finn: What are you doing here?

Steffy: She got past the guard and bolted in here the moment you went surfing.

Finn: Why? Why would you do that when you know how steffy feels?

Sheila: All too clear, yes. But how do you feel, sweetheart? How do you feel about me? Your mother?

Steffy: Oh, for…

Ridge: I sent someone to do a job and now I’m wondering if maybe it was the wrong person, but it’s my problem, I’ll deal with it.

Eric: Am I getting the whole story here?

Ridge: Are we getting the whole story? You and quinn? I mean, what?

Eric: Oh, I wondered how long it would be for me to come in here before you asked me about my marriage.

Ridge: Dad, look–

Eric: You look, ridge. Both of you. Quinn and i are fine. My marriage is fine.

Ridge: Okay, how are you fine? You’re home alone and she goes out and does whatever she wants? What is that?

Eric: We have an arrangement, ridge.

Ridge: Okay, there’s that word again. Arrangement. What is it? What is your arrangement? What’s going on with you and quinn?

Justin: So, you want me to forget what I saw? Just kinda like unsee it, right? Pretend that you and carter, with eric’s permission, right? Pretend like this didn’t happen. Is that what you want me to do?

Quinn: Yes.

Justin: Oh, come on.

Quinn: Come on! For eric’s sake. Do you know how many doctors and therapists he’s been going to to try and fix his situation, and nothing has worked? And no matter how many times I’ve told him, that he is enough for me, that our love is enough for me, he’S… he’s determined. He thinks that this is the answer to a very delicate and sensitive situation. And even though, at first, I refused–

Carter: So did I.

Quinn: Ultimately, he convinced us. And this is just… it’s uncharted territory for all three of us.

Carter: Justin, if this were to get out–

Justin: What?

Carter: I’mma slow this down for you, eric made a decision to put his wife’s needs before his own. Okay?

Quinn: If this gets out, can you imagine what this is going to do to eric? Please, that’s why you can’t say anything. That’s why you have to keep this secret to yourself. Read my eyes.

Zende: You know I support you at anything you do, right? That’s the kind of relationship we have. Mutual support and admiration.

Paris: Oh, so that kiss just now is you showing me how much you admire me.

Zende: I do, a lot. You’re so positive, accomplished. You’re also smoking hot. Ouf!

Paris: I am so appreciative of you too, you’re kind, and you’re caring, and you’re so understanding.

Finn: You’re doing it again.

Sheila: What?

Finn: You’re putting me in the middle between you and my wife.

Sheila: Finn, I just want to know how you feel about me.

Finn: You already know how I feel. And why I can’t have anything to do with you. Look, I don’t want to hurt you, but your history with steffy and her–

Sheila: Please don’T.

Finn: Her family–

Sheila: Just don’T. Please don’T. Don’t do this. You and my grandson mean everything to me. I already lost you once for years, and years, and now we’re in a position to make up for lost time. Don’t turn your back on that. Please don’t turn your back on me. Your mother.

Ridge: I don’t want to upset you, I just, I’m trying to understand. Quinn betrayed you with another man. You were set to divorce her, and then out of nowhere, you change your mind. I’m trying to figure out why, because you don’t talk to me, you don’t talk to your family. No one you love. You don’t talk to anybody.

Katie: We’re just, we’re worried about you, eric. I mean, we want you to be happy, and you don’t seem happy. You just reconciled with your wife, a woman you supposedly love.

Ridge: But you’re leading separate lives. It seems that way to us. Do you know what she’s doing? Where she is? Where she’s going? Do you know any of that stuff?

Eric: Yes, I do. I know exactly what she’s doing. And I know where she is. I want you to drop this. I mean it, ridge. Drop it now.

Quinn: Look, I realize, I am not your favorite person. Bill has made sure of that over the years. But, I’m not asking you to keep quiet for me. I’m asking you to do this for eric.

Carter: If it were to become public knowledge, justin, people would never understand.

Quinn: Can you imagine if his family found out? I mean, eric having to tell them this. It would be humiliating to him. Please, don’t do that to eric. He’s dealing with enough. He shouldn’t have to go through any more. Please, justin. Just keep this to yourself. Please don’t tell ridge.

Bogeys on your

six, limu.

Ridge: Dad, come on. No one’s attacking you.

Eric: Ridge, stop this. Will you, please? I don’t want to hear another word about my marriage or about quinn. From either one of you, katie.

Katie: Eric, I’m sorry. You’re right. You have every right to your privacy.

Eric: Thank you.

Katie: Of course, that doesn’t mean that your friends and your family can’t be concerned– but, okay. Fine. No more. I’ll shut up. Can I still come over later?

Eric: Yes, that’ll be fine, as long as we don’t say anything about quinn. Or him.

Katie: Deal.

[ Phone beeping ]

Eric: Yeah? Yeah, she’s here. I’ll tell her. The new interns are gathered in the conference room downstairs.

Katie: Oh, okay. I just have to grab a few things from my office.

Eric: Good, I’ll come with. I want to see them as well.

Katie: Okay.

Quinn: What do you think justin will do?

Carter: Let’s just hope and pray we got through to him.

[ Sighing ]

[ Door opening ]

Ridge: Hey, it’s about time. Did you get my text?

Justin: Yes.

Ridge: Never mind. Did you follow quinn?

Justin: Yes.

Ridge: Okay. What did she do? Where did she go? Was she alone?

Quinn: I’m not asking you to keep quiet for me. I’m asking you to do this for eric. Just keep this to yourself. Please don’t tell ridge.

Ridge: Justin! Is she being unfaithful to my father?

Sheila: I know that I have begged and pleaded and I will do it again and again and again if that’s what it takes to have a place in yours and hayes’ lives. I gave you away once. And it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I was… I was so different back then. I’m a different person now, I am not the monster that she says I am. Just let me show you, please. Just give me that chance. Please, finn. Is that really too much to ask for? The opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with my son? One that we’ve both missed out on for far too long.

Finn: I wanna believe everything you say is true. And I really, really hope it is. But it doesn’t change the fact that I stand with my wifE. I’m sorry. Sheila, you gotta go.

Sheila: No, no. Don’t, don’t, don’t do this. Don’t let steffy come between us. Don’t–

Finn: I’ll see you to the door.

[ Sighing ] Goodbye.

[ Door closing ] It’s okay. I’m sorry.

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 27, 2021

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Quinn: Justin?

Carter: What the hell, man? How’d you get in here?!

Justin: Oh, that’s what you’re worried about?

Quinn: No, I’m worried about what you’re doing here!

Justin: I know exactly what this is. Just save it, the both of you. You’re caught.

Ridge: Quinn is up to something.

Katie: Well, when is she not?

Ridge: I know. But this is different. I don’t know what it is, but I just… getting a bad feeling.

Katie: Well, what do you think she’s up to?

Ridge: No good. What that means, I don’t know. But um… we’ll find out. We’ll find out what she’s doing.

Steffy: I said get out!

Sheila: Steffy, please, just give me a chance.

Steffy: Get out! You are not supposed to be here.

Sheila: I just want to see my grandson and my son.

Steffy: You are never gonna see them. Never! Now, walk out the door right now! I said, get out!

Steffy: How– how did you get past my guard at the gate?

Sheila: I’m a mother that loves my grandson and my son. There’s nothing that’s gonna keep me away from them.

Steffy: You’re never going to see them again.

Sheila: Why are you so angry, steffy?

Steffy: Oh my god, oh my god. Don’t try to play me. I know what you’re doing. Finn told you to stay away and yet… yet here you are. You snuck onto my property? If finn knew you were doing this, he’d be so disappointed in you.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I know he’s not far because I– I saw him go down to the beach.

Steffy: Okay, it’s time for you to go. I mean it, sheila. You got five seconds.

Sheila: One thousand one… one thousand two… one thousand three… or what?

Katie: Do you really have someone keeping an eye on quinn?

Ridge: Ah, this is weird. I’m just getting strange vibes from her, so, yeah. I’m having someone follow her.

Katie: So, like, a private investigator?

Ridge: No, nothing like that. It’s uh… someone I know, someone who’s been scratching the underbelly of society for a long time.

Katie: Oh. Sounds like this person is used to working with a lot of low-lifes. So, where’d you find him?

Ridge: Spencer publications. Former employee.

Katie: Justin?

Justin: Ah! Nice place you got here. See you’re still hooking up with the boss’s wife? Even after eric allowed you to remain coo. You swore it was over; this is the thanks he gets?

Carter: Why are you here?

Justin: Huh. All alone in your apartment, hands all over each other, half-naked.

[ Laughing ] I know what I walked in on, quinn. Soon everyone else will, too. I thought I was getting my floors clean.

Steffy: You’re not welcome here, sheila. You never will be.

Sheila: I know that you were– were taken off guard, me just showing up. I probably should’ve reached out to you before coming here.

Steffy: That wouldn’t have made a difference. My feelings about you are never gonna change. Finn knows that. He doesn’t want you in his life. And the sooner you realize that, the better. Stop coming by here expecting to see people who don’t want to see you.

Sheila: People? Finn isn’t just anyone, he’s my son.

Steffy: And he told you to stay away, and you didn’t respect his wishes.

Sheila: Well, no, I did. I stayed away. I haven’t contacted him since the hospital.

Steffy: Do you want a medal for that?

Sheila: I’ve given him space, steffy.

Steffy: Yeah, like for a minute. Until you snuck back into my house!

Sheila: I could’ve rang the bell, but– look. I came to see you, woman to woman, mother to mother.

[ Stammering ] Since I’m here, I was hoping maybe I could… I could see hayes? Just for a little bit? Spend some time with my boys?

Katie: So, you hired justin barber?

Ridge: No, that’s not what I said. I didn’t hire him. He owed me a favor. And why not him? He’s a great lawyer.

Katie: Okay, sure. No one’s arguing that, but you’re not exactly using him for his legal prowess.

Ridge: I’m using him for research. What’s the difference?

Katie: “Research” into how quinn is spending her spare time?

Ridge: Research into finding out why she’s not at home at night anymore. Seems weird to me, so I’m trying to find out what that is.

Katie: Well, we all have our secrets. Quinn probably takes that to a whole other level.

Ridge: Yeah. My dad has no secrets. Open book. He always told us exactly what was going on. Not now. Doesn’t talk to anybody.

Katie: He’s definitely keeping us guessing, isn’t he?

Ridge: I don’t even care about that. I just don’t want his heart broken again.

Katie: Which is where justin comes in?

Ridge: Which is where justin comes in. Worth a shot.

Katie: You know, you two make an unlikely duo. Didn’t he throw you out of a helicopter one time?

[ Ridge sighing ]

Ridge: That was bill’s idea. But if justin’s capable of doing that, then…

Katie: Then I guess he’s pretty much up for anything, huh?

Ridge: Yeah. But if I want to find out what somebody else is doing, if I want to find out what quinn is doing… justin’s the man for the job.

Carter: Why are you really here, man? Breaking into my place, chastising us? This is none of your business.

Justin: The person that I’m working for made it my business.

Quinn: Person that you’re working for– who? Bill? Bill put you up to this?

Justin: No. No, no, no. Bill and I aren’t speaking anymore. We had a falling out. I’m working for someone else. Someone that will be very interested in the two of you and your cheap, ongoing affair.

Carter: Okay, this is– this no one’s concern.

Justin: Hah. Obviously, it is.

Quinn: You have no idea what you walked in on. So, just– just tell us who it is. I know it’s not eric.

Justin: For the record, you two aren’t really good at this. Not even being discreet!

Quinn: Uh–!

Justin: Shameless. Not even bothered by the thought of hurting eric.

Carter: Just tell us who sent you.

[ Justin laughing ]

Justin: I’m not gonna stand here and play name games all day long. I’m working for ridge.

Carter: For ridge?

Justin: I didn’t stutter. You heard me.

Quinn: Okay, justin. Please, you… you can’t tell anyone about this. But you especially can’t tell ridge!


Sheila: Look, steffy, you’re a mom, too. You have– you have two beautiful, beautiful children–

Steffy: You made a choice! You put finn up for adoption when he was a baby.

Sheila: But I thought I was doing what was best at the time.

Steffy: And I’m doing what is best for him now. And that’s you staying far away from him and my son.

Sheila: But I’m not a monster.

Steffy: Oh yeah, you are.

Sheila: No, I’m not. I– I didn’t come here to cause you any trouble, I just– I just want to hold my grandson.

Steffy: You already held him! You did it last time when you came here without my permission.

Sheila: Look, just– just put your feet in my shoes for just a minute, because it would break your heart. This is breaking my heart!

Steffy: You need to stop with this obsession. You’re reliving this pattern over and over again. You’re going after my husband and my son? It’s really– it’s really starting to scare me.

Sheila: Look,

[ Stammering ] I don’t mean to frighten you. I understand how it would be difficult to trust me. I– I don’t have a great track record with your family.

Steffy: You tried to murder half of my family.

Sheila: I’m not that person anymore! I’m a grandmother and a mother that would just love to have a place in finn and hayes’s lives.

Steffy: You’re trying to make this sound so innocent.

Sheila: It’s because it is! It doesn’t have to be ugly or complicated. If you could just empathize with me on any level at all. Give me a chance to prove to you that I’m not the woman that i was back then. Please, please, steffy. Don’t keep me away from my son.

Ridge: I hate this. I hate all of it. But you know what? More than anything else, to see my dad waste time with this woman breaks my heart.

Katie: Well, he certainly does seem like he’s defending her an awful lot.

Ridge: And why is that? What does– what does she bring to the table? He just– he just seems upset all the time, no?

Katie: There were a lot of good years, you know, in the beginning, and eric was thriving. He seemed energized, really happy to have this new woman on his arm.

Ridge: But that was then. What about now? What’s happening now? It just– it seems this whole marriage is a chore.

Katie: You know my theory? He’s afraid of being alone, of having no one to go home to.

Ridge: Huh. I see. So, all the women in los angeles, southern california– let’s– let’s say he didn’t want to travel anymore. All women in walking distance–

[ Katie laughing ] This is the only option?

Katie: Okay, you– you’re preaching to the choir, okay? I have been trying to convince him that there are many, many women who would love to share a martini with him. I mean, he is the kindest man I–I have ever known. He’s so loyal and– and principled, and maybe to a fault.

Ridge: These are all great qualities. Qualities that quinn takes advantage of. Why would she stop now?

[ Katie sighing ]

Katie: I don’t know. Maybe because she doesn’t want to lose him. You know, she pleaded with him to take her back. I just can’t imagine that she would be stupid enough to cheat on him again.

Ridge: Unless… it being quinn, likes to live on the edge. Unless she wants to be caught.

Quinn: If ridge were to find out–

Carter: What do we have to do to forget this ever happened?

Justin: Eric forgave you. You still have your job. You, too. You’re still his wife. He saw fit to give you another chance. Yet, here we are, creeping around behind his back. With him, again. I hope it was worth it.

Quinn: Okay, look. We have A… we have an understanding.

Justin: So, you’re not a married woman?

Quinn: Yes! No, I– I am a married woman. You just–you–you– you don’t have any idea what it is you walked in on.

Justin: Okay, quinn. You can keep telling yourself that. I feel terrible for eric. Oh, I hear he’s a sweet man. He’s not going to take this too well. This is going to be tough on him.

Quinn: Eric knows. Okay? He knows. He– he knows about me and carter. Eric gave us permission.

[ Quinn sighing ] Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Steffy: Nice try. But I’ll never believe you changed. Not after all the horrible crimes you’ve committed against my family.

Sheila: I’m a– I’m a different person. Now, I– I was really struggling with some dark demons back then.

Steffy: Ooh yeah, demons for sure. Too many to count. But I see you. I know who you are. You’re fake. You are so fake. Finn may have sympathy for you, but I don’T. And I feel bad for him. I feel so bad. He’s now realized what his birth mother is, who she is, and what she’s capable of. And that fake collapse, oh please. Get out of here. You know how terrified he was? He thought you were going to die, and he rushed you to the hospital.

Sheila: He rushed me because he cared about his mother.

Steffy: Well, thank god he realized it was all a manipulation, shut you down.

Sheila: That’s because of you. You gave him an ultimatum, steffy.

Steffy: He told you to stay out of his life and hayes’S. He did that to protect his family. He sees you for who you truly are. And now you come in here, disrespecting me and my family? You’re only alienating yourself more.

Sheila: Why do you force this hatred on finn? Why do you think you’re the gatekeeper? I– I mean, you’re hellbent on making sure that I never see them! I’m asking for one moment. One more time!

Steffy: No.

Sheila: That’s all I’m asking.

Steffy: No.

Sheila: Is he in the nursery?

Steffy: Do not do this. You take one more step and I promise you, you’re going to regret it.

Katie: Have you heard anything from justin since he left to follow quinn?

Ridge: No, he’s been gone a while. So maybe that’s good news. I’m texting him now.

Katie: I wonder if he’s found out anything interesting.

Justin: So, eric knows about this?

Carter: Yes, justin. Eric knows about this. In fact, it was his idea.

Justin: Come on. You expect me to believe that? No. No way. Eric doesn’t roll like that.

Quinn: It’s true. Why would I lie?

Justin: Cover your little ass.

Carter: She’s being straight with you, justin. Not that it’s your business.

Justin: Okay. Let’s say that you’re both not lying through your teeth. Give me one reason why eric would allow his wife to sleep with another guy.

Quinn: E.D.

Justin: E.D.? What?

Quinn: The reason that carter and I ended up together in the first place is because my husband showed no interest in me the bedroom.

[ Justin scoffing ]

Quinn: I found out later that the reason why he didn’t want to make love to me wasn’t because… wasn’t because he didn’t want to. It’s because he couldn’T.

Justin: He couldn’t?

Quinn: Right. He couldn’T. He was unable to. It was so difficult for him to share this information with me. Look. My husband is an incredible man. He’s very giving, and he’s– he’s very selfless, and he’s understanding. He didn’t want me to give up my intimate life because he wasn’t able to fulfill me anymore.

Justin: So, basically eric gave you permission?

Quinn: Yes! He did! And fought it. We fought it. But he just kept pushing and pushing because he believed that this was the only way to save our relationship. I… carter and I, we had a history, and… look, I know this is shocking.

Carter: Yes, yes, justin, it was very shocking. But eric, he basically insisted. Quinn’s not lying, okay? What she’s saying is fact.

Quinn: Look. I understand, okay. I understand it’s really hard to believe that eric would–would condone this kind of unconventional behavior, but I’m telling you. This was his idea, okay? And–he got it in his head that this is the only way that we were going to save our marriage. And we have had such a difficult time processing this, but I’m telling you, we’re not doing anything behind his back. We are not betraying him. Eric wants this. And if you go and you tell anybody else– if you–if you tell ridge… you’re going to embarrass and humiliate him. So, please. Justin, please. This is so personal, okay? This… my husband is a very private man. Please don’t report back to ridge. Just do the right thing. Keep eric’s secret.

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Days Update Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Philip brings Chloe a large present in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe asks what is in it so he tells her to open it up and find out.

Brady sits at John and Marlena’s with his laptop. Jake shows up at the door and says he thought he’d stop in and say hello. Brady questions him knowing where he lives. Jake reminds him that he sent him a fruit basket back when he got shot. Jake says he wanted to check in and see how his talk with Victor about his concerns about Philip went. Brady responds that the funny thing is he never confirmed having that talk with Victor, so he questions how exactly Jake knows that he did.

Rafe is making coffee at home. Gabi walks in and says she’d love a cup. Rafe thought she moved out again, but Gabi informs him that she’s back again.

Nicole works at the Basic Black office. She opens a drawer and finds her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke. EJ then shows up and startles her. Nicole comments on EJ showing up unannounced again. Nicole brings up that last time EJ was there, he told her to hire Xander or she would be let go. EJ says that’s exactly what he has come to discuss.

Gwen goes to see Xander in the interrogation room at the police station. Xander tells her that he’s going to prison any minute now. Gwen complains about Xander getting dragged off and how he shouldn’t even be in this mess. Gwen tells him that she’s so sorry. Xander tells her not to be, because she’s worth it. Gwen promises to make this up to him and declares that she will get him out of here, no matter what it takes.

Rafe tells Gabi that Ava said that Gabi and Jake got in a fight with her then took off. Gabi blames it all on Ava. Rafe asks Gabi to just tell him what happened. Gabi tells him that she’s sick of Ava’s crap so she and Jake decided to move back to the DiMera Mansion, but that didn’t happen, because it turns out EJ owns the house now as he pulled a dirty trick and stole it from underneath her. Rafe says he’s sorry to hear that. Gabi argues that EJ is the one that will be sorry as she is not going to take this lying down and already has her lawyers on it. Rafe guesses she’s going to be here for awhile in the meantime. Gabi didn’t think he minded having them. Rafe says he doesn’t, but he does mind the way she treats his girlfriend. Gabi remarks that it’s not her fault that he’s dating a heartless bitch. Ava then walks in and says good morning to her too.

Nicole asks EJ if he has another ultimatum for her. EJ says he only use such tactics as a last resort and she wasn’t being cooperative. Nicole mentions hearing that Xander is in jail, so she hopes he never gets out. EJ reveals that Xander has been terminated for not holding up his end of the bargain to return the money that Sami paid him, so he rescinded his legal services and the job offer. EJ declares that she will never see Xander in this office again since as far as he’s concerned, Xander can rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

Xander tells Gwen that this is not her fault, it’s EJ’s, since he’s the one who got the judge to make the charges against him go away, but when he couldn’t get his money back, EJ got him arrested again. Gwen repeats that Xander does not belong here as he didn’t even commit a crime. Xander responds that he’s done plenty, just not what he’s currently accused of. Gwen insists that Xander is not staying behind bars. Xander jokes about a jail break. Gwen tells him that she wants to make things right. Xander tells her not to worry about it. Gwen declares that she’s the one who was running drugs for Snyder so she’s the one who should be arrested and she’s not allowing him to take the blame for her any longer. Xander asks what she’s going to do. Gwen responds with what she should’ve done a long time ago; she’s going to confess. Xander argues that she can’t confess. Gwen suggests she can tell the police what she told Jack about being a sex worker. Xander worries that she would still be admitting to a felony. Gwen says at least it would get Xander out. Xander complains that he’s not in here because he’s guilty, but because EJ has a judge under his thumb. Xander adds that if Gwen confesses, she’ll just end up hurting herself and it won’t change anything. Gwen feels she can’t just do nothing. Xander tells her to stop blaming herself as this could just be karma catching up with him. Gwen says it’s catching up with her too as they finally took a risk and put their feelings out there. Gwen then stops and declares that they don’t give up. Xander thinks they don’t have any moves outside of a jailbreak. Gwen states that they are going to get him a fantastic lawyer. Xander says he already tried but they all refused as soon as he mentioned EJ. Gwen says there must be somebody in town with a law license that isn’t terrified of the DiMeras. Justin then enters the room, so Gwen says there he is.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s not like Xander went on a spending spree with the money but the cops are holding it as evidence. EJ asks if she’s suggesting he give him a second chance. Nicole assures no as Xander deserves to be in a cage for all he’s done, but she figured once the charges were dropped, that would be the end of it, so she asks how the charges suddenly reappear. EJ says the less she knows, the better. EJ then asks about the teddy bear and if she brought her daughter to work. Nicole clarifies that the bear actually belongs to Rafe.

Rafe tells Gabi that she owes Ava an apology. Gabi argues that what she said is nothing compared to what Ava said to her. Rafe blames Gabi for provoking Ava. Gabi questions why he is taking Ava’s side when she is his sister. Rafe states that Ava is his girlfriend which makes Gabi’s skin crawl. Gabi remarks that Rafe is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Rafe tells her that she cannot say those kind of things to Ava. Gabi complains that maybe she’d be nicer if Ava wasn’t in her face all the time. Rafe argues that Gabi decided to move back in. Gabi argues that it’s her house as she grew up here. Rafe points out that he pays the mortgage. Gabi asks if he’s saying she has to move out. Ava stops them and doesn’t want them fighting over her. Ava offers to find her own place but Rafe says he never said that, though Gabi does want that. Ava tells Rafe that family means everything to her too. Rafe is not asking Ava to move out, but for Gabi to be reasonable and take the high road for once, like Ava is. Ava then thinks back to telling Philip about Gabi plotting against him as she smiles.

Jake tells Brady that he happened to pass by the Kiriakis Mansion and saw Brady’s car, so he figured he was there talking to Victor since he seemed pretty concerned about what he and Gabi told him. Brady questions Jake happening to know what kind of car he drives. Jake reminds him that he used to be a mechanic so he pays attention to those things. Brady brings up that Jake used to be in the mob, so he asks if this is Jake’s way of telling him that he’s keeping tabs on him.

Chloe opens Philip’s present to find a water pot vase of fire and ice roses. Chloe can’t believe he remembered from their time in high school. Chloe says after all these years, he’s still surprising her. Philip says he couldn’t resist. Chloe calls it so thoughtful and thanks him. Philip talks about the tree they planted needing love and care. Philip explains that the water pot symbolizes a 22nd anniversary gift as it’s been 22 years since they met. Philip tells Chloe that she’s always been the one that got away and he made so many mistakes back then, but he’s learned from them. Philip promises her that he’s going to take perfect care of their tree and of her as they kiss.

Gwen is excited to see Justin and says she’s grateful that someone in Xander’s family cared to come. She thanks him for deciding to represent Xander but Justin reveals that’s not why he is here. Justin says he came to see Bonnie. Xander says they haven’t seen her, but if he does, they will have a nice chat about taking things that don’t belong to you. Justin goes to leave but Gwen stops him. Gwen says fate brought Justin in to this room and asks him to help his cousin Xander, who is innocent. Justin apologizes but says he can’t take on anything else right now as he’s working around the clock on Bonnie’s case. Gwen brings up Bonnie murdering two people and stealing Xander’s money which is why he’s back in jail, so she feels Justin owes him. Justin argues that Bonnie is very remorseful and there were extreme circumstances. Justin declares that he can’t do this right now as he has 12 hours to get Judge Smails to reconsider Bonnie’s bail. Xander stops him and asks about the name of the judge.

EJ asks Nicole about Rafe collecting teddy bears and calls it unconventional. Nicole explains that she won it for Rafe in a game on his birthday so EJ asks why she has it. Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t have to explain anything to him. EJ guesses whatever it is would be deeply embarrassing for Rafe. EJ calls Rafe an enormous embarrassment so Nicole yells at him to stop talking about Rafe.

Gabi remarks that the only way Ava would take the high road is if she took a wrong turn. Rafe tells Gabi that he does not want to wake up in a warzone every morning. Gabi calls Ava the enemy. Rafe tells Gabi that he and Ava want to make this work and since Gabi has nowhere else to go, he suggests she suck it up and apologize. Gabi says that’s not necessary but Rafe thinks it is. Gabi questions not making Ava do the same. Rafe points out that he hasn’t heard her say anything to apologize for. Gabi then gives in and apologizes to Ava and promises to be more respectful in the future. Rafe suggests she say it like she means it. Gabi then repeats it and asks if Rafe is happy.

Jake asks Brady why he would keep tabs on him when they are on the same side as they both want to keep Philip from running Titan in to the ground. Brady says he does want that despite working for the competition as he wants his family legacy to be okay. Brady adds that the real question is why Jake cares when he’s been at Titan for a couple weeks. Jake doesn’t want to see Gabi’s company go down in flames and he doesn’t want a boss who has his head up his ass. Brady questions who Jake wants the boss to be and if he wants it to be himself.

Philip tells Chloe that he’s working hard to turn over a new leaf. Chloe acknowledges that since he came home last night and saw her talking to Brady, she could tell his head wanted to explode but he was very understanding and that was nice. Chloe calls it civilized which Philip says is the way it should be. Philip admits he feels bad for accusing Brady of corporate espionage. Chloe asks about the information he found out. Philip thinks he may know who put spyware on his computer and tells Chloe that this stays between them. Philip then reveals to her that it was Gabi and Jake, who were working together to get rid of him and take over Titan. Philip says he still needs to find the proof, but when he does, they will regret ever thinking they could play him for a fool. Chloe asks how he found out that Jake and Gabi were spies. Philip claims an old business associate tipped him off and then he remembered I.T. first telling him that he found a keylogger on his laptop and he accused Gabi of putting it there but she denied it even though he caught her using his computer in his office and right after that, his machine got all glitchy. Chloe says he should’ve just fired her on the spot. Philip says he did but then Jake claimed she was having problems too and they found spyware on her computer too. Philip guesses they planted that and as soon as the heat was off of them, they put it on Brady to make him think he was behind it. Philip apologzies for freaking out but says now it’s all making sense as to why Gabi wanted him to hire Jake and putting suspicion on Brady. Chloe points out that he knows now that Brady wasn’t part of it and that Brady said he was perfectly happy at Basic Black so he has no interest in using hostile tactics against Titan or them. Philip acknowledges that it wasn’t easy to apologize for pointing the finger at Brady but he has to admit that the three of them sitting down for a meal was pretty nice. Chloe thinks Brady would agree. Chloe tells Philip to uphold his end of the bargain to never badmouth Brady to her again. Philip promises not to. Chloe kisses him and calls that a relief. Chloe adds that she’s pretty sure Brady would be happy to help him bust Jake and Gabi.

Jake laughs off the idea of Brady thinking he wants to be the boss of Titan. Brady says that when Jake and Gabi came to ask him to talk to Victor, he expected they had ulterior motives. Jake insists it’s just because Philip was acting crazy. Brady admits he believed that part, but now Jake is at his place pumping him for information. Jake claims he’s just curious. Brady says he’s been CEO of Titan a couple times and he can smell when the sharks are circling. Brady warns that Jake is going to have to be more slick than this if he wants this to be successful. Jake tells Brady that nobody is going to make a brand new employee CEO. Brady points out how Jake went from mechanic to DiMera CEO until he got thrown out, then he lands at Titan with his girlfriend. Brady asks if Jake is sure that he doesn’t want he and Gabi to be the next big power couple in Salem. Jake claims he never thought about that but Brady tells him to cut the crap as he knows Jake and Gabi are used to running their own company so they have ideas and visions for the future and they want Philip out of the way. Jake asks Brady if he doesn’t want the same thing.

Ava thanks Gabi for her apology. Gabi tells her to go choke on a ravioli and storms out. Ava jokes that she could’ve said a lot worse. Rafe notes that Ava could have as well. Ava calls Gabi her own worst enemy, but notes that people used to say the same thing about her and they were right. Ava states that most of her heartache was brought on by herself. Ava is afraid that Gabi is going down the same road.

Justin questions Xander knowing Judge Smails. Xander says he’s the one who threw the book at him and argues that he’s corrupt as hell. Justin asks what makes him say that. Xander explains that EJ got the judge to drop the charges against him. Justin points out that he wasn’t complaining then. Xander adds that he agreed to pay EJ a million dollars in exchange for his services and he had it ready to go but then Bonnie stole it and the police seized it, so when he couldn’t pay immediately, EJ punished him by having the charges reinstated. Xander asks how that could happen if the judge was on the up and up. Xander advises Justin that the judge might not be swayed by the facts of the case. Gwen suggests that Justin and Xander can help each other. Justin questions how they could possibly help each other. Gwen tells him to use the judge being dirty to encourage him to see Bonnie’s case in a more favorable light and do right by Xander. Justin argues that he has no right that the judge has done anything wrong. Gwen tells him that they will get the evidence while he gets the ball rolling. Justin questions blackmailing the judge using evidence he doesn’t have. Gwen encourages him to see the bigger picture and how the citizens of Salem would be better served if they could get the judge out of EJ’s pocket. Justin argues that he has sworn an oath to the court. Gwen brings up him being with Bonnie. Justin states that he has a defense to prepare. Gwen asks if Justin honestly thinks Bonnie would get off on two murder charges and if the judge is crooked and refuses to cooperate, Justin will lose no matter how strong his argument is. Gwen adds that it doesn’t look good as he can’t just roll the dice here. Gwen urges him to take control and asks if Justin wants a future with the woman that he loves. Justin says hypothetically if EJ did bribe the judge, he supposes one could trace the transactions. Xander says it’s not bribery as it wouldn’t make sense for EJ to pay money just to get his own money back. Gwen agrees that EJ got to the judge some other way but they have to figure out how. Justin feels this is a fishing expedition. Gwen feels it’s worth it if they catch the big one.

EJ asks Nicole if he hit a nerve. Nicole reminds him that she and Rafe are friends. EJ acknowledges that he can’t stand Rafe but apologizes for being rude. EJ notes that she looks stunned. Nicole points out that he never apologizes. EJ says only on the rarest occasion. EJ adds that he had no idea Rafe was such a sensitive subject and asks if there’s something going on between them. Nicole says definitely not but EJ senses that she wishes there were.

Rafe asks Ava if she heard from Philip on the job she applied for at Titan. Ava says not yet and she knows it’s a long shot as she doesn’t have a ton of skills. Ava says it’s been a long time since she’s worked in corporate America and she knows how to get what she wants but Titan might frown on some of her methods. Rafe admits he was surprised she wanted to work there considering her history with Philip. Ava notes that being a chef didn’t turn out and it doesn’t look like Basic Black will either, so Titan is kind of her last option. Rafe hopes it works out for her. Ava jokes that Victor used to be in the mob back in the day so she might fit in.

Brady tells Jake that he doesn’t want any part in taking down Titan as he likes his job and where he’s at. Brady then says they are putting their cards on the table and asks Jake if he and Gabi put the keylogger on Philip’s computer. Jake claims not to know what a keylogger is and argues that Gabi obviously didn’t put a keylogger in her own computer so his theory needs work. Brady tells Jake that he needs to get to the office. Jake points out that Brady never told him how his conversation with Victor went. Brady tells Jake that Victor is pleased with what Philip is doing at Titan and that’s all he needs to know. Brady tells Jake to have a good day so Jake exits as Brady gets a call from Victor. Jake stops outside the door to listen in on Brady’s call. Brady tells Victor that he gave it some thought and he knows that Victor thinks Philip would be less distracted without Chloe in his life, but he has no interest in getting between the two of them.

Gwen asks Justin if he wants to beat EJ at his own game by getting the goods on his judge. Xander says he certainly does but he can’t do much from his cell. Gwen tells Xander to just leave that to her and Justin. Justin points out that he did not say he was on board with this plane. Justin says he has to go meet Bonnie. Gwen argues that Xander still needs an attorney but Justin exits. Xander points out that Justin didn’t say he was on board, but he didn’t say he wasn’t either.

EJ jokes about Rafe dating Ava. Nicole warns him that Ava is her friend too. EJ questions that even if Ava stole her man. Nicole clarifies that Rafe was never her man. EJ thinks she would like him to be. Nicole tells EJ to stop it as she’s in the middle of a divorce and not ready to move on, while Rafe and Ava just started a new relationship that’s going well, so she decided to take herself out of the equation. EJ asks if she really thinks that’s for the best, because she looks miserable. Nicole responds that she has a lot of work to do. EJ says as much as he hates seeing his favorite ex-wife unhappy, his experience with Ava says staying out of her way is a wise move.

Rafe tells Ava that he has to go to work. Ava gives him some cookies to take with him. Ava adds that she would never want to cause trouble between he and Gabi. Rafe appreciates that Ava is making the effort to get along with her and just wishes Gabi would do the same. Rafe adds that if Gabi doesn’t change her attitude, she won’t like him choosing who stays or who goes. Ava jokes with him as they kiss.

Gabi finds Jake in the town square and asks how it went with Brady. Jake says that Brady was a little suspicious so he worries that he might have come on a little too strong. Gabi feels they have no choice since EJ stole her house from under her, so they have to get aggressive and get this plan moving. Gabi asks if Victor is going to fire Philip. Jake says no, but he did come out with a very interesting piece of information.

Philip tells Chloe that he doesn’t need Brady’s help busting Jake and Gabi, noting that Brady is the competition after all. Chloe points out that she is too but she’s still 100% on his side. Philip thanks her. Chloe assumes the next step is to fire Jake and Gabi again. Philip wishes he could, but if he fires Gabi then she could regain control of Gabi Chic as part of her deal and that’s hugely profitable. Chloe asks about firing Jake then. Philip doesn’t want to tip his hand and will wait until he’s ready to make his next move. Chloe asks what move that is. Philip responds that Gabi is trying to steal his company, so maybe he will try to steal hers.

Gwen tells Xander that even if Justin doesn’t help them, they still need to find a way to prove the judge is on the take. Xander says it would be so much easier if he was taking money, but questions how to get to the judge if they don’t know what he wants. Gwen thinks she has an idea.

Rafe goes to work where Justin questions him about Bonnie not being brought up. Rafe reveals that he just got word from Judge Smails that Bonnie’s visiting privileges have been restricted due to bad behavior. Justin questions that. Rafe says it’s Bonnie Lockhart, so it could be anything. Justin argues that she’s his fiancée. Rafe says then he knows and walks away.

Nicole tells EJ that Ava has changed since he last knew her and she’s completely given up her old life. EJ argues that they both know she will revert to type eventually. Nicole disagrees because Ava lost a son and her other son means the world to her, so she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize what they have. EJ remarks on Rafe always being attracted to bad girls. EJ tells Nicole that she can do much better and she has with him. Nicole jokes about EJ’s ego. EJ thought she liked it. Nicole repeats that she has a lot of work to do. EJ says he does too and invites her out to dinner together when they are both done with work.

Chloe goes to the Basic Black office with her flowers from Philip where she runs in to Brady. Brady calls the flowers beautiful and very nice. Chloe asks if he told Victor that he won’t take him up on his suggestion to try and steal her away from Philip. Brady confirms that he did and he got an earful because of it. Brady gives Chloe his word that if things don’t work out for her and Philip, it won’t be because of him.

Jake informs Gabi that he overheard that Victor wanted Brady to break up Philip and Chloe, but he refused to go along with it. Gabi calls this very useful information as she declares that Chloe is the Achilles heel they will use to bring down Philip.

Philip goes to Rafe’s where Ava asks if he gave any more thought to their conversation. Philip then asks how Ava would like to help him bring down Gabi Hernandez.


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