Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris drew his gun and burst in Ava’s apartment. He found Gil on the floor with a gunshot wound in his chest. Ava told him that Gil was dead. Harris checked his body and confirmed he was dead. Ava was shaken up and Harris wanted her to tell him what happened. He took the gun away from her. Harris wanted to know why Gil was in her apartment. She lied about why he was there. Ava told him that he tried to attack her. Harris noticed that her blouse was torn. She explained he tried to do it when she was trying to get away from him. He had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. Harris felt like he should have trusted his instincts. Sloan was on the phone with Melinda. They talked about the baby when Eric walked in the room. He heard part of her conversation. Sloan ended the call. Eric wondered what she was talking about. She lied to Eric and said the mother had doubts about giving up her baby. Sloan assured him that she didn’t change her mind. He wanted to see Nicole at the hospital. Sloan went to see Melinda. She spent time with the baby. Harris and Ava arrived at the police station. She was afraid no one would believe her story. He assured her that he believed her. Harris planned to prove her innocence. He left the interrogation room to check with the CSI team. Ava received a call from Statesville.

EJ tried to comfort Nicole at the hospital, but she rejected him. Holly arrived with her favorite pizza, but she snapped at her. EJ suggested that Holly go home. He promised her that he would keep her informed. Nicole told him that she needed to sleep, so he left her alone. He waited in the lobby and Chad arrived. He heard about the baby and offered his condolences. Chad comforted EJ. He was concerned about Nicole. Chad talked about how he felt when he left Abby. EJ and Chad talked about Chad losing Grace. They talked about how it felt not spending time with their children before they lost them. Eric went to Nicole’s room. He saw that she was resting so he decided to leave. She told him not to go. Nicole told him that he was a man of God and wanted to know how God could do that to her. Eric tried to console her, but she was heartbroken. EJ walked in the room and saw them hugging. Eric left the room. EJ told her about Chad’s visit. Johnny was happy that Chanel returned home after visiting Lani. He told her what happened with EJ and Nicole’s baby. Chanel wanted to do something for them. They decided to make dinner for them. Holly arrived at the mansion and was upset about her mother. She told Johnny what happened at the hospital. Johnny comforted Holly. Chanel walked in the room and saw them together. Holly didn’t expect her to come home so soon. Johnny told her that she could hang out with them. Holly wanted to go upstairs. Chanel let Johnny know that Holly had a crush on him. Johnny told her that she was wrong about that. He told her that Holly had a crush on EJ.Chanel was skeptical about that.

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