Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tate comforted Holly about Nicole. They were about to kiss when EJ walked in the mansion. She told him that she might know where Nicole was because of an app. EJ exploded because she didn’t mention it sooner. She told him that she forgot about it at the time. Tate defended her and EJ backed down. They let EJ know that Eric told them to wait at the mansion while he went to look for her. EJ left to find them. Nicole told Eric what happened during the crash. She talked about delivering the baby and why she let Dimitri take him to the hospital. She panicked when she remembered that Dimitri was wanted by the police and had her son. Eric tried to call Rafe, but there was no service. Eric comforted Nicole until EJ arrived. EJ overheard that Nicole gave birth and he was happy he had a son. He wondered why he didn’t see the baby. She didn’t answer him, and he got upset. Nicole and Eric tried explaining what happened. EJ told Eric he would take care of Nicole. He wanted him to tend to his own wife. After Eric left, EJ took Nicole to the hospital. They arrived at the hospital, and Nicole got settled. EJ assured her that he would find their son. Sloan didn’t expect to see Dimitri. He told her that Leo said she was a great lawyer. Dimitri needed her help. Sloan and Melinda wondered about the baby he was carrying. He told them the baby belonged to his Uncle EJ. Dimitri told them what happened with Nicole. He was about to leave because he thought they couldn’t help him. Melinda stopped him and told him they could help him. She took the baby from him and handed him to Sloan. Dimitri left before they could say anything to him.

Sloan wanted to call Rafe, but Melinda wanted to wait. Sloan realized Melinda wanted her to raise Nicole’s baby. She didn’t want to do that. Melinda insisted that it was the perfect solution to her problem. She would be raising Eric’s son. Sloan couldn’t do that to Nicole. Melinda told her to think about doing it. Melinda knew a doctor she could pay to check out the baby. She said the doctor could tell Nicole her baby died. Sloan didn’t give her an answer. Jada found Leo at the park. She wanted to know where Dimitri was. Leo tried to run, but Rafe arrived. They took him to the station to question him. Leo told them what happened to Nicole. He said Dimitri took the baby to the hospital to get checked out. Rafe and Jada warn him that his only chance was to tell them where to find Dimitri. Leo refused to help and wanted to make a phone call. They left so he could make his call. He called Dimitri. Leo informed him that he was arrested and told him to save himself.  Eric returned home, and Sloan told him that she had great news for him. She told him that Melinda said the baby was born that night. Melinda took the baby to a hotel and talked to him. She told him that Sloan made the right decision to raise him.

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