GH Short Recap, Monday, September 25, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Drew is brought into the hospital, unconscious. Carly worries about him. The doctor tells Carly that Drew has to have emergency surgery because one of his ribs is too close to his aorta. Jake tells Elizabeth at work that he was Charlotte yesterday, not his friend Angus. He was embarrassed, since she’s a girl. Elizabeth has to tell Jake about Drew’s condition. He’s upset and wants to wait around to see how he does.

Dex tells Sonny about what happened to Drew. He vows to find out whoever ignored his orders and make them pay. Carly yells at Sonny for putting Drew in danger.

Portia apologizes somewhat to Anna for yelling at her the other day. Anna still feels guilty about Curtis’ being shot, but Portia knows that it wasn’t entirely Anna’s fault. She expresses sympathy about her house burning down. Anna thinks about some times when Valentin wasn’t truthful with her and wonders if he was telling the truth about the footage at The Metro Court being gone.

Molly goes to G.H. to let TJ know about their surrogate, Andrea, being pregnant. Curtis happens to be there, too. They’re all over joyed and plan to go out to The Savoy to celebrate and listen to Eddie Maine. Sonny starts to say hi to Curtis, but Portia wheels Curtis away from Sonny before he can see him. Sonny looks upset and goes go to the hospital chapel. He finds Anna there. He wonders if he made the wrong choices in his life, since he just seems to hurt people.

Charlotte has a bad dream about Anna stealing her dad away. As a surprise, Valentin takes Nina and Charlotte to a new house that he brought for him and Charlotte, which she loves. He hopes this will get her mind off of terrorizing Anna. Later, Charlotte has a flashback to getting a mysterious box while she was in Switzerland at boarding school.

Brook Lynn meets Blaze at Charlie’s. Blaze agrees to let BLQ be her new music agent. Blaze shows her the headlines about her leaving Deception. Blaze is grateful that Brook Lynn saved her from Linc. Alexis visits Kristina there to let her know that Molly’s surrogate is pregnant. Kristina is happy for her but a bit annoyed that Molly couldn’t share her good news with her directly. She gets a good idea for her fundraiser (having to do with Blaze).

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