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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told EJ that Johnny and Wendy thought he was drugging Stefan. EJ was shocked his son would think that about him. He was concerned that Johnny would ruin the plan. He talked about switching the drinks on Stefan. He said Stefan had another opportunity to make a fool out of himself. Stefan came in and stumbled. EJ thought it was the after effect of the brainwashing. Stefan said he wanted to go lie down. She told EJ their plan would be for nothing if no one saw Stefan stumbling around. EJ had an idea. He called Wei and invited him to dinner. Johnny saw Tripp at the hospital. Johnny asked if he could get a copy of his father’s test results. Tripp wouldn’t give it to him and walked away from him. Johnny noticed Tripp’s badge on the counter. Johnny went to see Wendy. He showed her a copy of his father’s test results. She wondered how he got the results. He said he had his ways. He asked her what it meant because he didn’t know what it meant. She looked at the dark web and found out the vial EJ had tested contained a drug that caused euphoria and had side effects. They realized EJ lied to them about it being a recreational drug Stefan was taking. She asked if EJ was planning on drugging Stefan so he could make a fool of himself in front of her father. Johnny said he wasn’t going to wait to find out. He called Stefan and told him someone was drugging him. He said he couldn’t tell him anymore, but he had to be careful what he ate or drank. When Stefan got off the phone, he realized it was EJ.

At Titan, Alex talked to Victor about Bella Magazine. Alex wanted Victor to listen to what he said before he made any decisions about the magazine. He was happy Victor was willing to listen to him. When he got off the phone, Maggie came in. She said she hoped he would respect her decision about the magazine. He said he did. He said she was the CEO. He said the only person over her was Victor. Her phone rang. When she got off the phone, she told Alex that Victor supported her decision about the magazine. She said she knew he went behind her back. She let him know that she was the boss. She said he was free to go if he didn’t like it. He said he wasn’t leaving. He said he had strong feelings about the magazine and the people who worked there. She told him to tell the staff. She said she wanted to review the accounts he was responsible for. She said she would fire him if he ever went behind her back again. Xander told Gwen he couldn’t be in a relationship with her until his divorce was final. He said he would understand if she wasn’t okay with it. She said she was willing to wait because she loved him. Leo came in the office. He said he was at the county clerk’s office looking for information. He said he got ahold of Xander’s divorce papers. He said Xander could move on with Gwen. When Leo left them alone, Xander told Gwen that she has done a lot for him, but he was still in love with Sarah. He said she deserved someone who loved her. He said he didn’t think they could be together now. Wei showed up at the DiMera mansion. EJ told him Stefan didn’t seem like himself lately. Wei said he hadn’t heard anything negative about his work, but he has heard about EJ. EJ said he has recovered from his flu that affected him during the press conference. He said Stefan might have permanent brain damage. Stefan came in and made drinks for everyone. Nicole said he forgot the olives. When Stefan turned his back, EJ switched the glasses. Stefan said they didn’t have anymore. When EJ went to look, Stefan switched the glasses. Gwen yelled at Xander for using her. She said she would never be the one he would take home to meet his mother. He said his mother was dead to him. She said he would never commit to her. He said he was going to marry her until she drugged Sarah. She reminded him that she killed Susan. He reminded her that she killed Laura. She said he wasn’t any better than she was. She said he was always putting Sarah on a pedestal. She said she would never measure up to Sarah. She asked if she was right. He admitted that she was. She said she didn’t know how she was going to be able to work with him when she wants to hurt him. He said he was going to make life easier for her since it was her father’s paper. He said she would do a great job without him. He told her goodbye and left. He went to see Maggie and told her the conversation with Gwen didn’t go well. Alex ran into Gwen at the bar.

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