Days Short Recap Monday, March 20, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla demanded that Rolf tell her who was in the mystery chamber. He said that he never told them that it wasn’t Stefano. She and Marlena told him that he implied that it wasn’t Stefano. They wanted him to talk about his success. Megan wanted Bo to kill Kate. She begged him not to do it and wanted Megan to give her a second chance. Bo hesitated and Megan got worried. He told her that it would be too messy for the lab. He wanted to kill her outside. Megan walked out of the room. Kate begged Bo not to shoot her, but he shoved her so she could move. Rolf was about to tell Kayla and Marlena what they wanted to know when Megan walked in the room. Megan told him to stop talking. Hope let John and Steve know that Andrew gave her clearance to talk to Harris. She wanted them to go back to Salem. She said it was something she had to do on her own. Later on, John and Steve arrived at the pub to talk to Roman about what happened. Roman wondered if it was worth Hope risking her life. John and Steve told him that Megan needed to be stopped. Roman couldn’t believe that Megan was alive, but their wives weren’t. Hope showed up to see Harris. She said he was locked up tightly and learned he wasn’t cooperating with the police. She wanted to get in the cage with him alone. The agent didn’t think it was a good idea. She threatened to tell Shane what the agent did if she didn’t get to be in Harris’ cell. He was surprised to see her after what he did. He wondered why she wanted to see him after what he did. She wanted to talk to him about Megan’s brainwashing. She got him help, but he kept resisting it. She knew he was still under Megan’s control. She saw the real him when they were alone. She wanted to remind him of what they had together.

Harris told Hope that what they had was a con. Hope didn’t believe that was true. She knew something grew between them even if he didn’t want to admit it. He wanted Hope to tell him the truth. She tried to kiss him, but he stopped her. He put his hand around her neck and warned her not to play with him. He warned her that he could snap her neck instantly. She knew he wouldn’t do it. She reminded him that he’s a victim just like her. She asked him to help her get rid of Megan. She told him about what Megan did, but he didn’t see how that would benefit him. She told him that Megan made him a killer. Hope wanted to help him if he was willing to help her. Kayla and Marlena try to figure out Megan’s plan and Kate’s fate. Marlena thought Kate was resourceful and would be okay. Bo was ready to kill Kate. She told him to think about Hope. He reminded her that she was his ex-wife. Kate told him that she was still the one for him. He didn’t care about Hope. Kate tried to give him her wedding ring. She wanted him to give it to Roman. Bo remembered they weren’t together anymore. Kate told him about their reunion. She used Roman to keep him from killing her, but he didn’t budge. She tried to use Chelsea as a way to keep him from shooting her too. He reminded her how Chelsea killed one of his kids. Kate told him that he got over that. She said his family was happy except for Hope. There was a flashback of how Rolf and Megan ended up with Bo. Megan revealed that her plan was to make her and Bo young like they were in high school so they could be together again.

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