Days Short Recap Friday, July 28, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen got ready for her wedding when Leo’s phone started going off. She told him to deal with it, but he asked her to put it on vibrate. When she picked up the phone she saw the sexts from someone listed as MP. She asked Leo about it, but he told her it was someone from a dating app. She told him to go for it. They talked about their friendship and how they would miss living together. Sloan had a dream that Eric found out the truth about Nicole’s baby being his and that he made a mistake being with her. She woke up and lied to Eric about her dream. He left to take a shower. She realized she had to do more to keep him from finding out the truth. She told Eric that she was going to see Colin, but she was going to the hospital.

Rafe asked Jada to go to Gabi’s wedding with him. She wondered if they could go public with their relationship. She also wondered if Abe would let him get his job back now that he’s back. He would choose her over his job if he had to do it. They talked about Nicole being at the wedding. He assured her that she’s not a problem anymore. They made love. Later, they got ready to go to the wedding. Sloan went to the hospital and pretended to be Nicole to get her test results. She was successful and went in a room with the results. She saw Nicole arrive to get the results herself. A nurse told Nicole that someone picked up the results already. Sloan was in a room and saw that EJ’s not a genetic match for Nicole’s baby which meant Eric is the father. Kristen teased Dimitri about Leo possibly telling Gwen about their relationship. Stefan asked EJ to be his best man. EJ agreed to be his best man. They were surprised when Dimitri announced that he was getting married the same day as Stefan. Stefan agreed to a double wedding. Later, the ceremony started. The officiant asked if there were any objections. Leo stopped the wedding and said he had something to say.

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