Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa talked to Victor’s portrait about how she couldn’t be with Brady. It’s always disastrous when they were together. She felt like she would be better with Alex. Theresa apologized out loud about making Alex Victor’s son instead of Xander. Bonnie walked in while she was talking to the portrait. She wanted to know how she screwed Xander over. Theresa told her about Xander shooting Konstantin and ran out of the room. Bonnie was suspicious of what she said. Leo was walking in the town square and ran into Theresa. They introduced themselves. He wanted an interview with Theresa about Konstantin, but she refused to give it to him. She got annoyed with him. Leo wondered why Konstantin took her hostage and said there was an enemy among the Kiriakis’ midst. Theresa was about to leave when Leo asked her about Alex. He wondered if she had any tips on how to get a fortune. They joke for a few minutes until she tells him that she’s not with Alex for the money. Maggie woke up and was horrified by what happened with Konstantin. She hoped that he was in prison. Sarah told her that Konstantin was dead. Maggie wanted to know what happened. Xander walked in and said he happened. He told her what happened in the backyard. She wondered if Konstantin was really gone. He told her everything else and she realized Xander didn’t have a choice but to do what he did. Xander said he had a choice. He killed him out of rage for everything that Konstantin did. Xander didn’t have to shoot or shoot to kill, but he did. He knew she cared about him once. Maggie let him know that she despised him. She wished she were the one who killed Konstantin. Thankfully he wasn’t charged for what happened. She thanked him for always being there for her. Maggie apologized for the way Victor treated him. She thought he treated him the way he did because he reminded him of himself. Maggie said he was closer to Victor than his sons.

Bonnie and Sarah talked about Maggie and Konstantin. They shifted gears and talked about Sarah’s search for Xander’s mother. Sarah didn’t hear from her. Her phone rang and she thought it was Xander’s mother. The woman who called had the number for years, but wasn’t his mother. Chad and Julie talked about whether Abby was really alive. He wanted answers immediately. She reminded him that it’s Juneteenth. Chad called a bank manager to see if they could get in when they got a surprise. Jack showed up when they were about to leave. He wanted to feel closer to Abby since it’s the anniversary of Abby’s death. Jack wanted to make sure Clyde never got out of prison. He wondered if Clyde said anything about Abby. Chad felt awkward and Jack realized that he and Julie were hiding something from him. Jack overheard them talking about a box and keeping something from him and Jennifer. Julie showed him the time capsule and tried to distract him with the kids. Chad wanted to get to Chicago and didn’t know how to explain it to Jack. Jack came downstairs and got upset that he found out about Abby being alive through Thomas. He knew what Chad meant and felt Abby’s presence.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, July 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan that he would reopen Li’s murder case. Stefan told him he better get Gabi’s sentence overturned or Nicole was going to find out that Eric is Jude’s father. EJ said it would take time. Stefan told him to do his job or he would tell Nicole. Holly walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. She changed her mind and didn’t want to know because her mother is a nightmare at times. When Stefan left, EJ talked to Holly about her attitude towards Nicole. Holly talked about Nicole not letting her go to the prom. Nicole walked in and said she changed her mind about the prom. Holly said she didn’t have a dress or a date. Nicole told her Aaron was still available. Theresa had a dream that she told Brady she loved him and was using Alex for his money. When she woke up, Brady was watching her. He told her that she wanted to see him. She said they needed to keep an eye on Tate and Holly at the prom. Brady said he wasn’t worried about Holly because she was grounded and wasn’t going. He said she could have told him that on the phone. Aaron and Tate met at the pub. Tate asked if Aaron was still willing to distract Sophia so he could meet with Holly. Aaron wanted to spend time with Sophia hoping she would notice him. Sophia was eavesdropping when Tate said he wouldn’t have accepted her invitation if his parents didn’t forbid him from seeing Holly. She walked in the pub to confirm that they were meeting for pictures. Tate agreed to do it and left.

Eric went to see Marlena. She brought up his divorce from Sloan. Marlena thought it was dangerous for him to have EJ help him. Eric said EJ and Nicole had a family, so it wasn’t a problem. Marlena changed the subject by inviting him to dinner. He agreed to dinner as long as she didn’t bring up Nicole. While Aaron tried to talk to Sophia, Nicole called him. Nicole gave Holly the phone. She asked him to the prom. Aaron agreed to go with her. Sophia pretended to be happy for him. He told her it wasn’t a date and suggested they hang out. Sophia said it would be a night to remember. While Tate was getting ready, Holly called him to tell him what happened. She was afraid their plan wasn’t going to work, but Tate said he would think of something. When Brady came home, Tate told him Holly was going to the prom. Brady told him he and Theresa would be watching them. Theresa showed up Marlean’s penthouse dressed for the prom. Brady told her Holly was going to the prom. Stefan walked in on EJ and Nicole. EJ told her he had his job back as the DA. Stefan said EJ was going to reopen Gabi’s case. Mark and Aaron showed up to pick up Holly. Holly didn’t like her dress, but it was all she could find at short notice. Sophia showed up at the penthouse. While Theresa was talking to Sophia, Holly and Aaron were mentioned. Holly and Aaron talked about wanting to be with Tate and Sophia. When Holly and Aaron left the mansion, Stefan sent EJ a text warning him that Gabi better be cleared tomorrow or else. The teens showed up at the high school. Theresa warned Holly to stay away from Tate or she would make her leave the prom. When Theresa and Brady were alone, she told him Tate and Holly were planning something.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, June 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Robert and Anna welcome Robert home from his trip.

Anna tells Mac that John Cates is causing her trouble but she can handle him.

Finn quits his job at the hospital because he doesn’t want to work under supervision and go to AA meetings and take drug tests in order to be able to treat patients. Finn is angry with Elizabeth for reporting him to Portia and Terry. Finn tells Elizabeth to stay away from him and Violet.

Jason asks Anna to get proof to put Valentin in jail because Drew is running for Congress and they will be digging up all the Quartermaine family scandals.

Spinelli finds the audio file that is the evidence with which John is forcing Jason to work as an FBI informant. Spinelli explains to Sam that the file can’t be deleted or corrupted because it is a read only file. Sam listens to the evidence against Carly and is furious that Jason left his family for two years to protect Carly. Sam asks Spinelli to make a copy of the recording and heads to the Metro Court to talk to Carly.

Finn goes home and starts drinking because he quit his job at the hospital.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 21, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

This is a special stand-alone episode celebrating the 30th anniversary of Joshua Morrow playing the role of Nick Newman on the show.

Faith returns home to see her family before going on a trip to Europe with her friends. Faith is upset because Moses broke up with her because he thinks that they got together too young and they should see other people. Faith tells Nick and Sharon she won’t fall in love again. Faith asks Nick and Sharon their entire love story both the good and the bad parts of their relationship.

Mariah and Tessa arrive to see Faith and stay to hear the love story.

The audience is shown clips of Sharon and Nick’s relationship.

The episode ends with Nick at the Newman Ranch looking at a picture of Victoria and having memories of times with his sister. Nick also remembers important times with his mom and dad and he thanks Victor and Nikki for everything they taught him and he tells them he is proud to be their son.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe and Paulina had a celebration for Johnny and Chanel as well as for their anniversary. Eli showed up at the party with the twins. Abe wanted to know if Lani was there. Eli said she went to see Chanel at the bakery since she assumed Paulina and Chanel weren’t talking to each other. Paulina was glad they were talking even if it was behind her back. Eli said Lani understood what Paulina did. Paulina let him know that she and Chanel made up. She said the bad news was Chanel was leaving. Chanel put a closed sign on Sweet Bits. Lani showed up and wondered what was going on. Chanel told her she and Johnny were leaving town because Johnny got a job with his favorite director. She said they have to leave town right away. Lani was glad she came for the visit when she did. Chanel was glad too because she needed her support. Lani said moving was a good thing but might be stressful for the baby. Chanel told her she heard the baby’s heartbeat, but they still won’t know about the radiation for a while. Lani asked how things were between her and Paulina. Chanel said she forgave her. Lani said letting go was going to be hard. Chanel told her EJ was going to hate it. Stefan asked EJ how he was going to get his job back to help Gabi. EJ said he talked to Paulina, and it was going to happen. Stefan told him it better happen, or he was going to tell everyone the truth about Jude’s DNA. Once the truth came out, Nicole, Eric, and Jude would go off together. Johnny showed up and wanted to know what was going on. EJ told him that he and Stefan were talking about business. Johnny asked if they were talking about Kristen being the new CEO. Stefan left them alone. EJ asked Johnny about Chanel’s appointment. Johnny said it went well. EJ said Nicole put pregnancy books for them in the library. Johnny said he appreciated it, but they wouldn’t get a chance to read them since he got a job in California. He told EJ he would be working with his favorite director. Since EJ never approved of his dream, Johnny knew he wouldn’t approve. EJ approved of Johnny pursuing his dream. He said he wanted Johnny to be happy.

When Lani went to Paulina and Abe’s place Eli found out that Johnny and Chanel were leaving Salem. Lani said she heard Paulina was having trouble with the people in Salem. Paulina said they were trying to get her recalled as mayor. Johnny showed up to join the celebration. He said one more person was joining the party. EJ showed up at the party. He said it was great of Abe and Paulina to put their differences aside so he could be at the party. Paulina thought he was talking about the recall. EJ said the people were getting jumpy. Paulina wondered how they would feel about a disgraced getting his job back. EJ said he wasn’t disgraced. She fired him over a conflict of interest which didn’t matter anymore because Kristen got the job as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. He said she had a legitimate reason to give him his job back. She said that was blackmail. While they were talking, EJ let Johnny and Chanel know they could use the DiMera jet whenever they wanted to visit. Later on, EJ asked Paulina if she was going to fire Melinda and give him his job back so he could tear up the petition. Jada ran into Stefan at the pub. She said he and Rafe thought Clyde would reveal that Gil killed Li to clear Gabi’s name. Stefan said they hoped, so but Clyde refused to say anything. Jada said he didn’t refuse to help. He wanted his charges reduced. She said she had a way to get Clyde to tell what he knows. Jada told him they shut down the drug operation, but Stefan had to convince Clyde to start it again. Stefan didn’t think that would be a good idea. He was curious as to why she would want him to do something illegal. Jada said to get Gabi out of prison. She said he helped Stefan before. Stefan said he didn’t do it by choice. Stefan wondered what Rafe thought of the plan. She said he doesn’t know about it. Stefan said Gabi was already in solitary so if he turned on Clyde who knew what would happen to her. Jada asked if he would do it if it was Gabi’s only way out. He said it may not be her only way out. Jada wanted to know what else he had in mind. He said he wouldn’t be talking to her if he had a plan. They continued to talk about how they could get Gabi out of prison. Chad and Julie went to the bank in Chicago to look in the safety deposit box. Mr. Mooney, the president of the bank, brought them the box. He said they needed a combination to open it. Chad said they didn’t have it but Clyde gave them permission to open it. Mr. Mooney said the box was registered to Goldman. Chad said she was the dirty cop and Clyde’s girlfriend. Mr. Mooney said he couldn’t open the box without the combination. Julie said they came a long way. She thought he could open the box. Mr. Mooney said he couldn’t make any exceptions. Chad called Rafe so he could give him the code. When they got the code, they opened the box. There was a flash drive in it. They watched the footage on a computer. There was a woman in a cell. They couldn’t see her face so they couldn’t tell if it was Abby. Stefan went back to the DiMera mansion. EJ walked in. Stefan said he was going to call Nicole. EJ told him he didn’t have to because he got his job back. He said he was going to reopen Gabi’s case.

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Days Short Recap Monday, June 17, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex and Theresa were together at the Kiriakis mansion. He wondered what Konstantin meant when he said she was a thorn in his side ever since he got to town. She tried to play dumb and blame it on his craziness. Theresa didn’t think he liked her. Alex wasn’t sure if that was it. She thought they should get something to eat. Paulina read the comments about her online when Abe arrived. He wanted her to take the night off. Abe reminded her that their anniversary was the next day. Paulina forgot about it and apologized for forgetting. He wanted to ignore the world and focus on each other. They looked at their wedding album and she remembered Lani turning herself in for shooting TR. Tomorrow was Juneteenth too and they were throwing Chanel and Johnny a going away party. Nicole was working with Jude by her side. She apologized when Eric walked in the room. Nicole wouldn’t have had Jude there if she knew Eric was working late too. He was fine with it. Eric wanted to put a post in the paper by morning so he could get rid of Sloan. They talked about the post he wanted to put in the paper and talked about him hiring EJ as his lawyer. Nicole wanted to have a little fun with the post he wanted to write. EJ arrived at the mansion and wanted to talk to Stefan about working with Kristen to steal the CEO position at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan told him that he believed the envelope belonged to him. EJ didn’t know what was in the envelope and wondered what he was talking about. Stefan told him about the DNA results. He knew EJ wasn’t Jude’s father. EJ snatched the results out of his hand and said he forgot about them. Stefan laughed at him for keeping the results in the safe. He thought EJ sounded convincing, but he didn’t seem shocked that he wasn’t Jude’s father. EJ thought it was laughable so Stefan offered to get another DNA test done. He snatched Stefan’s phone. Stefan told him that Nicole would leave him for Eric if she knew the truth about the baby. EJ warned him to keep quiet. Stefan agreed for a price. He wanted Gabi out of prison. EJ reminded him that he’s not the DA anymore. He told him to get his job back. Stefan reminded him that he could stay motivated since he didn’t have anything else to do. EJ said he started a recall campaign to get Paulina out as mayor. Once she was gone, he would appoint someone as DA who would do what he wanted. Stefan wanted Gabi out now. EJ started yelling at him when Nicole arrived. He had to go out to run an errand. Nicole demanded to know what the fight was about.

Brady and Alex ran into each other at the pub. He was surprised Ales wasn’t with Theresa. Brady was about to leave when Alex stopped him. He wanted to clear the air. They discussed Theresa’s plan to make him jealous with Brady. Alex admitted that he did the same thing with Kristen. He realized that he wanted to be with Theresa. Alex wondered if Brady was okay with it. Brady admitted that he was fine with it. His relationship with Theresa never worked so he thought they would be happy together. Eric arrived to talk to Brady after Alex left. They talked about what happened at the Kiriakis mansion. Eric was sure Theresa would get back on her feet. Brady wondered how Eric was holding up. He wondered if Eric was okay with Nicole working at the paper. Stefan closed the safe and Nicole wondered why EJ left. He wasn’t sure, but he thought it had something to do with Kristen getting the CEO position. Abe and Paulina were about to get another glass of wine when there was a knock on the door. EJ was at the door. He agreed to have the petition withdrawn, but he wanted something in return.

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Days Update Thursday, June 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Eric surprises Marlena in her office at the hospital. Eric mentions checking on Steve, who is aching to get out of the hospital. Marlena says he’s doing well and mentions seeing Eric’s post in the paper that he’s getting a publication divorce. Eric explains that it was EJ’s idea and that EJ is representing him in his divorce as they have a mutual interest to stick it to Sloan. Marlena is sure EJ has no shortage of ways to stick it to people, but reminds him that EJ and Nicole are raising Jude. Marlena questions if Eric wants to spend that much time working with EJ and if it won’t be uncomfortable.

EJ tells Stefan that it went down as planned so Melinda is out and he’s back in. EJ talks about the city council was poised for a recall election and he rescinded the petition. EJ declares that he is reopening the Li Shin murder case. Stefan wants him to do a lot more and declares that Gabi gets her conviction overturned and walks out of prison or else Nicole finds out that Eric is her baby daddy.

At the hospital, Nicole thanks Dr. Mark Greene for seeing Jude even though she feels like she wasted his time by overreacting because of his temperature. Mark says she did what any parent would do. Nicole mentions also having daughter, Holly. Mark identifies Holly’s name as being in the same class as his brother, Aaron. Mark adds that Holly asked Aaron to prom but later rescinded the invitation. Nicole informs him that it’s actually her fault.

Holly goes home to the DiMera Mansion and stops outside when she gets a call from Tate, who says the countdown is on to seeing her later tonight. Holly asks if he’s sure this is going to work because she doesn’t want to think about how much longer she’ll be grounded if they get caught. Tate responds that they should be good as long as she can sneak out of her home without being seen. Tate says as soon as he gets to prom with Sophia and Aaron, he will figure out an excuse to leave. Holly asks about his parents but Tate says to forget them. Tate promises that nothing is going to stop them from having the perfect prom night.

Theresa has a dream about confessing her love to Brady and reuniting with him until Brady wakes her up on the couch in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady informs Theresa that he got her message and she said it was important, so he asks what she wants.

Holly tells Tate that it’s like their parents are in a contest to see who can do the worst job raising them. Tate comments on Theresa thinking Holly is a bad influence when she’s a hot mess herself. Holly asks where they are meeting up tonight. Tate says it will be somewhere special and he will text her the address when he’s getting ready to leave the dance. Holly says she feels sorry about Sophia because she’s so in to him. Holly adds that she hates lying to her best friend. Tate says she didn’t have a choice since Sophia tells her mom everything.

Mark questions Nicole not wanting Holly to go to prom with his brother. Nicole explains that Aaron has nothing to do with it but Holly is grounded and part of her punishment is that she can’t go to prom. Nicole asks if Aaron found another date. Mark says no but he’s going with friends. Nicole blames herself for ruining everyone’s night. Mark understands being in charge of teenagers since he is in charge of his younger siblings. Nicole tells him that she has a pretty good idea that could win them some brownie points.

EJ tells Stefan that he’s getting weary of all the threats. Stefan tells him that he has the power to end that. EJ says clearing Gabi will take some time as he has to convince the judge and file a motion, so it’s a lot. Stefan suggests EJ get to the court house. EJ informs him that the courts are closed today for Juneteenth so Stefan declares that he wants Gabi out of prison tomorrow or else he’s going to tell Nicole. Holly then walks in and asks what he’s going to tell Nicole.

Eric tells Marlena that it was hard handing Jude over to EJ, but he can’t hold anything against him since he is his father. Marlena understands and says nobody would blame him for feeling resentful or uncomfortable around EJ. Eric assures they are only working together temporarily until the divorce goes through. Marlena brings up Eric working with Nicole. Eric asks why that should be a problem. Marlena says that Eric and Nicole have a history of things happening when they work closely together, pointing out that they first fell in love while doing a photoshoot for Titan and then when she was helping him at the church and then they reunited at Basic Black. Marlena wonders if Eric being so close to Nicole now isn’t playing with fire.

Holly tells Stefan and EJ to forget it as she doesn’t care what he’s keeping from her mom since she’s overbearing, controlling, and a real nightmare sometimes. Stefan decides he will give them a moment and exits. Holly repeats to EJ that she doesn’t care. EJ asks what’s going on as he thought she was getting along better with Nicole. Holly says that’s only because Nicole has been more focused on Jude instead of her but complains that she’s been grounded for months and can’t go to prom tonight. EJ guesses that’s why she is extra cranky. Holly calls it unfair. EJ brings up that Holly overdosed and nearly died at the last party she attended. Holly argues that this is just a high school dance, not a drug filled orgy. Holly then says prom isn’t the real issue but that she’s sick of being told what she can and can’t do. Holly suggests EJ warn Nicole that she’s in a bad mood so there will be a reason her door is closed and she has an exam to study for. Nicole then comes home and tells her that she doesn’t. Nicole announces that Holly is going to prom and she’s changed her mind.

Theresa tells Brady that they need to talk about the prom and that they are on the same page about Tate. Theresa declares that she does not want Tate near Holly tonight. Brady doesn’t think she has anything to worry about since Tate has been distancing himself from Holly. Theresa tells him that he has a lot to catch up on since she caught them in this room yesterday. Brady is sure she let them know how she felt about it. Theresa confirms that she did and they came up with excuses that it was a coincidence but she wasn’t buying it. Theresa declares that they need to watch Tate like a hawk tonight.

Aaron meets Tate at the Brady Pub. Aaron talks about spending hours decorating for prom and Tate not helping him. Tate says he got caught up about his night with Holly. Tate asks if Aaron is still comfortable staying with Sophia as he sneaks out to see Holly. Aaron talks about being thrilled to hang out with Sophia and hoping she notices him. Tate encourages him and says he never would’ve said yes to Sophia when she asked him to the dance if his parents didn’t forbid him from seeing Holly. Sophia enters the Brady Pub and overhears them. Aaron adds that Tate also hit Sophia in the face with a football so he owes her which Tate says he still feels bad about. Sophia continues listening from the doorway as Tate talks about how they had the perfect plan for him to take Sophia and Aaron to take Holly, so that way Tate and Holly could still spend some time together. Tate complains about Nicole not letting Holly go and then his parents deciding to chaperone. Aaron can’t believe his parents still won’t come around on Holly. Tate mentions having another huge fight with his mom about Holly but declares that won’t let him stop him from seeing Holly later. Sophia rolls her eyes but then approaches them and greets them as her two dates. Sophia asks about still meeting later. Tate decides he should go get changed and he will see them there.

Brady tells Theresa to lighten up and says he hears Tate is taking Sophia to the prom, so he’s moving on from Holly. Theresa argues that Holly is probably making her big move tonight. Brady mentions hearing that Holly is grounded and not going. Theresa bets that Holly is begging Nicole to go and that Nicole might cave. Theresa sees the time and tells Brady to get dressed and she’ll see him there. Brady says he had plenty of time until she called him over to complain about Holly. Brady tells her that in the future, they can do this over a phone call as he exits the mansion. Theresa then asks herself what she was thinking and tells herself that telling Brady how she feels is too much of a risk and she has too much to lose.

Eric tells Marlena that history won’t repeat itself because Nicole doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. Marlena asks about his feelings. Eric says that’s irrelevant, pointing out that Nicole and EJ are married and a family now. Marlena points out that he didn’t answer her question. Eric asks her to stop with the questions. Marlena apologizes for upsetting him. Eric apologizes and says it’s okay. Marlena invites him to come over tonight for dinner since John is out of town and Brady is chaperoning Tate’s prom, so they could have some time to themselves. Eric agrees on the condition that she does not bring up Nicole which Marlena agrees to as they hug.

Nicole says she knows she told Holly that she couldn’t go to prom but she’s been feeling bad about it for awhile now. Holly remarks that she’s hidden that well. Nicole brings up being worried since Holly’s overdose. EJ jokingly brings up Holly’s comment earlier that it’s a dance, not a drug-filled orgy, then apologizes. Nicole sarcastically thanks him and says she knows that which is why she wants Holly to go. Holly thanks her and says she appreciates it but she thinks she’s just going to stay in and study tonight. Nicole questions why she would do that. Holly points out that she doesn’t have a prom dress. Nicole is sure she can find something in her closet. Holly adds that she doesn’t have a date. Nicole brings up Aaron Greene. Holly is sure she has another date by now but Nicole reveals that her brother Mark told her that he does not. Nicole mentions Jude having a slight fever earlier. EJ questions him just hearing about this for the first time. Nicole assures that Jude is fine and tells Holly that there’s still time, revealing that Mark gave her Aaron’s number so they could call him now.

Aaron thanks Sophia for letting him tag along with her and Tate. Sophia says it’s fine. Aaron talks about setting up the prom and how everyone would think he’s a loser for not having a date, so he thanks her. Sophia blows it off. Aaron then gets a call and doesn’t recognize the number, so he answers the call and it’s Nicole, mentioning that she got his number from his brother Mark. Nicole states that Holly had a question for him and hands her the phone. Sophia listens angrily as Holly tells Aaron that it turns out she can go to prom after all if he still wants to go with her. Aaron says sure and they agree to meet soon. Holly hangs up and tells Nicole that he said yes. Nicole is so glad it worked out and excitedly tells Holly that she’s going to have so much fun tonight as she hugs her.

Sophia thought Holly was grounded, so she questions her asking Aaron if she can’t go. Aaron guesses Nicole changed her mind. Sophia says he must be excited since now they can have a proper date. Aaron clarifies that they are just friends but says the four of them should definitely still hang out. Sophia sarcastically says she’s glad Holly can go and remarks that it’s going to be a night to remember.

Holly exits the living room and frantically calls Tate. Holly tells Tate that the universe hates them since Nicole suddenly decided that she can go to prom and made her call Aaron to ask him to be her date. Holly says it was awkward since Nicole was standing there so she had no choice. Tate says they’ll just go back to the original plan of the four of them. Holly asks about his parents chaperoning and watching them so they won’t even be able to dance together. Tate tells Holly that he’ll figure something out and he’ll see her at the dance as he hangs up. Brady then walks in and questions who was on the phone.

EJ is so glad that Nicole had a change of heart, feeling that Holly has made such an effort to show she can be responsible and she’s earned their trust. Nicole thinks so too but she’s a little surprised that Holly wasn’t more excited. EJ assures that Holly wants nothing more than to be at the dance and he’s very proud of her for letting her go. EJ and Nicole kiss until Stefan walks back in and asks if they are celebrating EJ’s new job, remarking that suddenly what’s old is new again. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. Stefan questions EJ not telling her. EJ says he was about to and then informs Nicole that he is once again district attorney. Nicole asks if he’s serious as she thought he wanted to run for Mayor. EJ says he was going to but Paulina had a change of heart once the conflict of interest with DiMera Enterprises vanished. Nicole guesses Melinda can’t be happy about that. Stefan says that he’s ecstatic. Nicole calls it nice of him to support EJ. Stefan then adds that EJ has agreed to reopen Gabi’s case. Stefan guesses everyone around here is having a change of heart.

Tate claims to Brady that Aaron was on the phone, telling him that Nicole is letting Holly go to the dance so he’s taking her and he and Sophia are meeting them there. Brady reminds Tate that he’s not supposed to be seeing Holly. Tate tells Brady that Holly and Sophia are friends so they are going to want to party together and asks him to be cool about this. Brady says he is but brings up Theresa. Brady then adds that they will be watching him like a hawk. Tate says he needs to finish getting ready and thanks him as he heads back to his room. Brady declares this is going to make Theresa’s head explode. Marlena and Eric come home. Marlena tells Brady that she’s glad they got there as she promised John pictures for prom. Theresa then arrives and joins Brady. Brady puts Theresa’s corsage on her as they joke together. Theresa asks where Tate is. Brady says he’s getting dressed but he needs to warn her as he doesn’t want her to freak out but it seems Theresa predicted the future as Nicole decided to let Holly go to the prom.

Mark and Aaron go to the DiMera Mansion and meet EJ. Mark mentions meeting Johnny and Chanel. Nicole says even though it’s last minute, she’s glad Aaron could go and it’s good that she ran in to his brother. Holly then comes in and says it’s the best she could do on short notice. Nicole encourages that she looks beautiful and hugs her.

Sophia goes to John and Marlena’s. Theresa praises Sophia’s dress and Sophia praises Theresa’s. Theresa says she approves of her, calling her leagues above the other girls that Tate has dated. Tate then comes in. Theresa and Marlena tell him he looks so handsome. Tate tells Sophia that she looks amazing. Sophia thanks him and asks if Aaron told him the news about Holly. Tate confirms he called and is pretty stoked. Sophia remarks that Aaron and Holly get to spend prom together after all and calls it such a surprise. Sophia sarcastically comments that she’s so happy for them.

Holly tells Aaron that he could’ve come up with an excuse while Aaron says he was confused and thought it was part of their plan. Holly says at least she doesn’t have to find a reason to sneak out of her house. Nicole asks if they are ready to take pictures which they go along with.

Theresa apologizes to Tate for going off about Holly last night and she really hopes he can forgive her. Tate says it’s fine as they hug. Theresa says she’s so happy to experience this prom moment with him, commenting that he and Sophia make such a cute couple. Tate tells her not to get ahead of herself, so Theresa apologizes. Marlena declares it’s picture time and asks Eric to do the honors. Eric then takes photos of Tate and Sophia.

Stefan takes photos of Holly and Aaron at the DiMera Mansion.

Eric finishes taking photos so Brady says it’s time to get going. Sophia approaches Theresa and asks if she can talk to her for a minute. Theresa asks if everything is alright. Sophia responds that there’s something she should know. After they leave for prom, Marlena sits with Eric and calls it funny that Tate is smiling in all the pictures but she can tell in his eyes that it’s not what’s in his heart. Eric asks if she thinks he’s still hung up on Holly. Marlena guesses Tate’s love life is not her business, like Eric’s.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. Nicole hopes this is a new beginning for her and Holly. EJ encourages that it will be. Stefan comes back in and says he just forwarded Nicole and EJ the pictures from earlier. Nicole says they are great while EJ looks at his phone and sees a warning to clear Gabi tomorrow or else. Nicole tells Stefan that he’s the best and asks if that’s everything. Stefan remarks that if he comes across anything she should see, he’ll send it right to her…

Tate and Sophia arrive at the prom. Sophia comments that Aaron did a great job. Tate talks about Aaron being a great guy. Sophia hopes Holly knos that and then stops to take a selfie with Tate. Aaron and Holly then arrive as well. Tate tells Holly that he heard the good news and he’s really glad she could make it. Sophia claims she’s glad too and hugs Holly. Brady and Theresa come over and asks what they are all doing out here instead of in the gym. Theresa suggests Tate get Sophia some punch. Tate says he’ll see them in there as they head inside. Theresa tells Holly and Aaron that she hopes they have fun tonight. Holly thanks her. Theresa then warns Holly to keep her distance from Tate or she will eject her from the prom as Holly and Aaron then head inside. Brady asks if that was really necessary. Theresa responds that it was because Tate and Holly are up to something.

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Days Update Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina and Abe have their home decorated for Chanel and Johnny’s going away party. Abe tells Paulina that she looks beautiful as always. Paulina wishes him a happy anniversary and happy Juneteenth, noting those are two of the good things they are celebrating today but questions how she’s going to say goodbye to Chanel. Abe encourages that Paulina raised Chanel to be strong and now she’s happily moving with her husband to a new adventure. Eli then arrives with his twins Jules and Carver to surprise Abe and Paulina.

Chanel closes the Bakery for the final time and walks away crying. Lani arrives in the town square and hugs her.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ questions Stefan following him from room to room like an annoying child desperate for attention. Stefan remarks that the only one around here that should be desperate is EJ. Stefan asks EJ how it went for him to get down on his knees and beg Paulina for his job back. EJ responds that he doesn’t beg and he simply made the case that it would be in her best interest to reinstate him a district attorney. EJ assures it will happen. Stefan warns that if it doesn’t, he will show everyone the DNA results that show Eric Brady is Jude’s father and they both know when that happens, Nicole will dump his ass and the three of them will live as one big happy family. Johnny then walks in and asks what’s going on here.

Chad and Julie arrive at the bank in Chicago, wondering what Clyde stashed in the safety deposit box. Chad says it could be nothing or it could be proof that Abigail is alive. Julie declares they are about to find out. The bank vice president enters and greets them. Chad appreciates him coming on a holiday. Julie says they are just going to see what’s in the box and then they will be out. He remarks that they are always happy to help the DiMera family and then reveals they will just need the combination to open the box. Chad says he’s afraid they don’t have that. He was under the impression it was his box. Chad explains that they were given permission by the owner, Clyde Weston, to access the box. He reveals that’s not the name of the owner on the box. Julie says it’s the name of the person who told them about it. He informs them that the name on the box belongs to Rebecca Goldman. Julie questions who that is, so Chad explains that she is Clyde’s girlfriend and the dirty cop. Chad states that she’s in custody right now. The bank manager tells them that is irrelevant as he’s afraid they can’t open the box without the code.

EJ tells Johnny that nothing out of the ordinary is going on and that they were just discussing DiMera business. Johnny brings up Kristen being the new CEO. Stefan claims he was just ribbing EJ about some additional developments but he wasn’t in the mood to joke about the possibility of losing something which doesn’t really belong to him, which doesn’t have to happen. Johnny questions what that even means. Stefan decides he will go say hi to Jude and get as much time with him as he can while he still has the chance. Stefan then heads upstairs. Johnny calls that weird. EJ responds that he’s getting used to Stefan rambling incoherently and jokes that it might be time for another factory reset. Johnny tells EJ that he’s sorry that Stefan was teasing him about losing the CEO job to Kristen because he knows how much that job meant to him. EJ says he’ll survive and asks how Johnny is doing since Chanel mentioned a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Johnny tells him it was great and they got to hear the baby’s heartbeat which EJ calls exciting. Johnny admits it brought them both to tears. EJ mentions that Nicole wanted to remind them that she stocked an entire shelf in the library of pregnancy books if they want to borrow any. Johnny says to thank her but he doesn’t know if they will get a chance to read them all here. EJ questions what he means. Johnny informs him that he has some news.

Abe and Paulina are thrilled by Eli and the twins surprise arrival. Eli wishes them a happy anniversary and Juneteenth. Eli asks about the decorations but Abe says he’ll tell him about it later. Abe asks about Lani. Eli informs him that she stopped by the bakery to check on her sister.

Chanel and Lani catch up. Lani tells her that Eli took the kids to see Paulina. Chanel is sure that will lift her spirits as it’s been a strange time. Lani questions why Chanel was in tears earlier. Chanel reveals that she has decided to close the Bakery which surprises Lani, who questions the decision. Chanel assures that business is good but announces that she and Johnny are leaving Salem.

Paulina questions Lani going all the way to the Bakery to talk to Chanel instead of looking for her here first. Eli explains that she figured that Chanel would be working at this time of day and she knows there is friction between them. Paulina guesses she should be glad they talked even if they talk about her behind her back. Eli assures that he and Lani know that Paulina did what she had to do to protect her daughter. Eli adds that if anything happened to Jules or Carver, Lani would do the same thing. Paulina is glad Lani understands and says that Chanel does too as they patched things up. Eli says he’s glad to hear that. Paulina says the bad news is that she’s still losing her baby.

Lani questions Chanel and Johnny leaving town. Chanel explains that Johnny received an offer he couldn’t refuse as he’s going to be first A.D. on a film with his favorite director and the film shoots in LA so they have to leave pretty much immediately. Lani is glad that she and Eli decided to come today so they could see her before she goes. Chanel says they can always come visit in LA. Lani is sure they will have a lot going on and it’s easier to get to Salem then across the country. Chanel is happy she’s here now because she needed the support. Lani knows this is a good thing but that it can also be a very stressful time which isn’t good for the baby. Lani asks for any updates on the baby. Chanel informs her that they just heard the heartbeat for the first time. Lani says she’s so happy to hear. Chanel adds that they still won’t know for a little while about the possible exposure to radiation. Chanel says she forgave Paulina and jokes that it’s hard to stay mad at someone who keeps coming at you. Chanel admits she couldn’t leave town with things not being good between them. Lani knows it will be really hard for Paulina to let her go. Chanel is sure that EJ will hate the idea of them leaving Salem.

EJ questions Johnny moving to Los Angeles. Johnny says he will be working with one of his all time favorite directors, who has directed amazing independent films before moving in to the mainstream movie and he’s about to release his second superhero movie. Johnny knows EJ never really approved of his idea of becoming a film maker so he’s not expecting his blessing. EJ gives Johnny his blessing and says they both know at a time, EJ wanted him to follow his footsteps at DiMera but Johnny made it clear that wasn’t his path. Johnny jokes that he can’t blame him after how EJ has been treated there. EJ admires and respects that Johnny stood up and followed his own dreams which Johnny says he did not see coming. EJ tells Johnny that he just wants him to be happy. EJ encourages Johnny that the time you spend with the people you love is very precious so he should make sure every second with them counts or be prepared to live with the regret.

Julie explains to the bank manager that they came all the way from Salem and asks if he can find a way to open the safety deposit box even without the combination. He calls it a rule he cannot make exceptions to and reveals he doesn’t have the combination as that would have to come from the box’s owner. Chad asks them for a minute, so he exits. Julie asks Chad what they are going to do. Chad says they have to get the combination and decides to call Rafe since Goldman is in jail. Chad tells Rafe that he needs his help.

Jada exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Stefan. Jada says she’s glad she ran in to him as she understands that he and Rafe were hoping Clyde would clear Gabi’s name by admitting Gil was Li’s killer. Stefan understands that Clyde refused but Jada explains that Clyde didn’t refuse, he just wanted his charges lessened in return. Jada informs Stefan that she may have a way to get Clyde to tell them what he knows, but she needs Stefan’s help to do it. Stefan asks what kind of help. Jada brings up that Stefan is really good at negotiating deals. Stefan says he’s flattered but he’s not sure what kind of deal she thinks he could make with Clyde since he’s not a cop or a judge. Jada says that wasn’t what she was talking about and reveals that since Stefan shut down Clyde’s drug operation, she wants him to convince Clyde that he wants to start it up again.

Chad gets the combination from Rafe and thanks him, saying he has no idea how much this means to him. Chad hangs up and tells Julie that Rafe convinced his former officer to talk which Julie says is wonderful as the bank manager returns. Chad then presents him with the code, so he leaves them with the safety deposit box to give them some privacy. Chad puts in the code and opens the box, revealing a flash drive inside.

Stefan tells Jada that he doesn’t think this is a good idea. Jada asks why not. Stefan questions why a cop is asking him to engage in illegal activity with a murderer. Jada explains that he could get that murderer on his side and release his wife. Stefan questions thinking Clyde would really trust him. Jada thinks he could convince him that he needs the money. Stefan doesn’t think Clyde is stupid enough to run the same play again. Jada talks about Clyde being greedy and that he would need someone up to speed if he wants to run things on the outside. Stefan questions what Rafe thinks about this. Jada admits he doesn’t know yet but she doesn’t think he would have a problem with it. Stefan says maybe not but he does have a problem with it. Stefan says he wants Gabi out more than anything, especially since finding out she was moved to solitary confinement after getting in a fight with another inmate, but he also wants her alive. Stefan points out that even in super max, Clyde still found a way to hurt Gabi so if he turns on him again, there’s no telling what he would do and he’s not willing to take that risk. Jada asks what if this is Stefan’s only chance but Stefan suggests it’s not so Jada questions what else he has in mind.

Eli questions Chanel and Johnny leaving Salem. Paulina complains that they are moving 2000 miles away in Los Angeles, asking why the director couldn’t shoot his movie in Chicago. Abe remarks that Chicago is not exactly Hollywood. Lani and Chanel then arrive. Lani hugs Paulina and Abe, saying she’s missed them so much. Chanel says she missed Eli and Lani. Eli adds that the twins are sleeping in the back but they will be excited to see her when they wake up. Lani wishes Abe and Paulina a happy anniversary. Abe thanks them for coming. Paulina talks about being thrilled to see them. Lani brings up being worried over Paulina receiving trouble from the Concerned Citizens of Salem. Paulina mentions the petition to have her recalled as Mayor. Abe suggests not talking about politics as today is about family. Johnny arrives and wishes them a happy anniversary and happy Juneteenth. Johnny hugs Lani and Eli, saying he’s so happy to see them. Lani congratulates him on the job. Johnny asks about the twins and Eli tells him they are taking a nap. Paulina comments on Johnny moving Chanel and their baby halfway around the world. Abe points out that it’s not far away. Johnny assures they will have a hell of a guest room and thanks them for the party. Paulina calls it a day to celebrate family and she’s grateful to have her family all under one roof even if it’s just for one day. Johnny hopes that means she won’t mind if he invited someone from his family to join them. Johnny explains he talked to EJ earlier about their move and told him that he was coming here to the party, so EJ asked if he could come. Paulina understands he couldn’t tell him no. EJ then arrives and asks Paulina if there’s any room for him at her table.

Stefan tells Jada that if he had a plan to get Gabi out of prison, he wouldn’t be here talking to her about her plan. Stefan says he’s not willing to do what Jada is asking as he has no interest in getting involved with Clyde Weston again. Jada doesn’t understand since Melinda is holding Gil’s black book hostage and without that, they need something. Stefan says he gets that but repeats that he’s not willing to get involved with Clyde again. Jada knows how desperate he is to get Gabi out of prison which makes her think that he does have something planned and just doesn’t want to tell her about it.

EJ talks to Abe and Paulina about Johnny and Chanel making a great team. EJ acknowledges Chanel giving up a lot to help Johnny chase his dreams. EJ calls it lovely that they can put aside their differences to help send them off. Paulina asks if he means her pending recall. EJ jokes that the concerned citizens are getting restless. Abe points out that the citizens only became concerned after EJ lost his job. Paulina asks if they would be just as concerned if a disgraced district attorney returned to his position. EJ argues that he was hardly disgraced as she fired him over a conflict of interest which no longer exists since he’s not CEO of DiMera anymore now that the board put Kristen in charge, so she has a perfectly legitimate reason to reinstate him. Paulina accuses him of blackmail. EJ calls it quid pro quo which upsets Abe and Paulina, so Eli comes over to ask if everything is okay.

Chad and Julie insert the flash drive in to a laptop to see what it is. They see footage of an empty room but then they see a woman walk in to the footage. Julie wonders if that could be Abigail but they can’t see her face.

Stefan asks Jada what other way he would have of getting Gabi out since without the black book that Melinda is holding, there’s no way of getting Gabi out of prison. Jada points out there is no legal way but she doesn’t think Stefan will let the law stop him. Jada guesses that Stefan is going to bust Gabi out of prison. Stefan admits the thought crossed his mind but he decided against it. Jada is glad to hear that but feels he still has something planned. Stefan says if he did, the less she knows the better. Jada questions him not wanting to help the cops. Stefan says the last time he got help from the cops, his wife ended up in prison for a crime she didn’t commit so he says thanks but no thanks.

EJ tells Eli that Abe and Paulina were just giving him a hard time about Johnny taking Chanel to California, but says that Johnny is chasing his dreams, Chanel supports that, and so does he. EJ adds that the DiMera Jet will be at their disposal to fly to Los Angeles any time they wish. Eli calls that very generous of him. EJ says they are family now. Eli says he didn’t mean to intrude but wanted to say goodbye. Abe says they just got there. Eli explains that Lani will stay but he is going to take the kids to see Julie because they know what would happen if he didn’t stop by. EJ tells Paulina and Abe that he thinks it’s best to put this behind them. EJ asks if Paulina will call Melinda to give her walking papers to her or if he will have to use tough love to get his way.

Eli goes to see Julie at the Horton house. They hug and talk about missing each other. Eli is surprised to see the family photos after the fire. Julie explains that Jack had scanned them digitally and asks what brought Eli to town. Eli says they came to celebrate Juneteenth and Paulina and Abe’s anniversary. Julie asks about the kids. Eli says they are in the kitchen with Doug. Eli tells Julie that he heard she was in Chicago. Julie guesses Doug told him which Eli confirms. Julie states that she had some serious issues to deal with. Eli hopes she dealt with it successfully. Julie responds that she honestly has no idea.

Chad goes to the police station where Jada asks what she can do for him. Chad says he needs to see Clyde right now. Jada reveals that he just missed him as prison transport just picked him up 30 minutes ago and it’s a super max prison so he won’t be allowed any visitors.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion where Stefan threatens to call Nicole to tell her the truth that Eric is her baby daddy. EJ responds that won’t be necessary and announces he has been reinstated as Salem’s district attorney. Stefan congratulates him. EJ declares his first order of business will be to reopen Gabi’s case so that justice may be done.

Paulina calls Melinda and tells her that she’s very sorry but she serves at her pleasure. Paulina knows she talked Melinda in to the position but there is no way she can talk her in to taking it back as her decision is final. Paulina says she can find another place for her at the city hall and suggests head of sanitation but Melinda hangs up on her. Paulina then joins Abe, Lani, Chanel, and Johnny to blow out candles on their cakes. Paulina sees they have three cakes, for their anniversary, for Juneteenth, and for Johnny and Chanel’s bon voyage. Chanel calls it her last chance to bake for them so she got carried away. Paulina calls it a bit untraditional so Lani suggests making a new tradition. Abe thinks they should do something else to honor the day and brings up a poem that is perfect for the occasion. Lani identifies it as “We Rose” which Abe then reads. They then blow out their candles on the cakes.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Mac returns home from his trip helping a friend and Maxie and Spinelli fill him in on everything that happened while he was gone. Mac is surprised at how much Bailey Louise (now played by Miley and Riley Plonski) has grown since he has been gone since she is now a toddler.

Cody brings James home from his riding lesson and welcomes Mac home. Cody wonders if he should tell Mac he is his son and he talks to Tracy about what he should do without telling her the identity of his father. Tracy thinks Cody’s father will just be happy to be his father and he will forgive him for not telling him the truth.

Alexis’s disbarment is vacated. Alexis can practice law again after she takes forty-eight hours of classes to take the test in order to get back her law license.

Alexis advises Chase and Brook Lynn’s to talk to a licensed social worker who can best advise them how best to protect Violet from Finn who is unable to care for Violet when he is drinking. Chase talks to Stella about Finn’s situation without mentioning Finn’s name. Stella advises Chase to document all the instances of Finn’s drinking and get statements from everyone who has seen Finn drinking and build a solid case proving that Violet shouldn’t be with her father.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 20, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Katie has a rough time accepting Claire into the family because the kids at school think Claire is crazy and dangerous. Katie tells Victoria that Claire isn’t a part of her family and she can’t force her to like Claire. Claire talks to Kyle about her problem with Katie and he advises her to give Katie some time to get used to her. Kyle talks to Claire about his problems at work and she thinks he should look for another job.

Victor wants to meet with Kyle and offers him the job as Co-CEO running Glissade with Audra.

Billy falls into Lily’s trap and agrees to undo the Chancellor-Winters merger. Lily tells Billy she will run Abbott-Chancellor with him. Billy has a video call with Jill who doesn’t believe Lily wants to undo the merger.

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Days Update Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Leo sits in the town square with Marlena’s business card and decides to call her. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Leo says he’s not sure and begins telling her about a wild dream he had. Marlena says she gave him her card to make appointments, not to interpret his dreams. Leo thought that’s what shrinks do. Marlena says only in sessions and advises Leo to only use her number if it’s an actual emergency. Alex then enters Marlena’s office so Marlena tells Leo that she has to go and hangs up. Marlena asks if Alex is alright as he sits down and mentions that John and Brady told her about the mess with Konstantin. Alex says it was pretty intense but luckily everyone is safe, so he doesn’t really want to talk about that today. Alex isn’t sure if Brady filled her in about he and Theresa. Marlena says he hasn’t so Alex says this might take awhile.

Theresa enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and complains about the portrait of Victor looking at her. Theresa knows what she did to Brady was unfair and in a perfect world, they would be together but brings up how many times that has ended in disaster so she decided to take the safer bet and is going with Victor’s heir. Theresa remarks that she knows Alex isn’t really Victor’s son, but after what Xander did to her, he deserves to get screwed. Bonnie then walks in and asks if that’s a fact.

Sarah sits next to Maggie on her bed as she wakes up. Maggie asks what’s going on and what time it is. Sarah informs her that it’s morning. Maggie is surprised she slept all night. Sarah says the sedative she gave her really knocked her out. Maggie sits up and remembers Konstantin admitting to having Victor’s plane sabotaged. Maggie says she knew Konstantin was a liar and a con man. Maggie asks Sarah if he’s now locked in prison but Sarah reveals he’s not because Konstantin is dead which shocks Maggie, who asks what happened. Xander then walks in and declares that he happened.

Chad stands at home with his tablet, looking at an article about Clyde being in police custody. Chad calls him a son of a bitch and states that Abigail is dead and it makes no sense that she’d be alive. Julie walks in and says not everything in this world makes sense. Chad asks if she thinks it could be true. Julie knows Chad won’t give up hope until he’s sure she isn’t out there somewhere. Chad prays they get the answers they need today but Julie informs him that she’s afraid it can’t happen today.

Maggie questions Xander killing Konstantin. Xander states that he used the gun that Konstantin intended for John to use to kill her and he thinks there’s some justice in that. Maggie asks if they are sure he’s really gone. Sarah confirms Konstantin is dead and that Xander had no choice but to shoot him because Konstantin was going to kill Theresa.

Bonnie questions Theresa saying that Xander deserved to be screwed and asks if she meant screwed by the cops for shooting Konstantin. Theresa claims that she was. Bonnie argues that she can’t really want Xander to go down for murdering the man who was attempting to strangle her. Theresa says they aren’t pressing charges so she asks why it matters what she thinks. Bonnie questions her thinking it matters what Victor’s portrait thinks. Theresa says she doesn’t know and that she has to go as she rushes out of the room. Bonnie remarks to Victor that it seemed like Theresa was hiding something.

Chad questions Julie saying they can’t go, reminding her that the DiMera Jet is fueled up and ready to go. Julie reminds him that it’s Juneteenth, a federal holiday, so the banks will be closed. Chad informs her that he called ahead and the bank manager agreed to meet them there despite the branch being closed. Julie is relieved and calls him a clever DiMera, noting that she couldn’t wait another day to find out what’s in this safety deposit box. Julie says it’s been almost impossible to keep this a secret from Jennifer and Jack. Jack then makes a surprise return and asks if someone said his name. Julie is shocked to see him and hugs him, saying she’s so glad to see him. Chad hugs him and asks how he’s doing. Jack says he’s good. Julie says they weren’t expecting him. Jack says he just let himself in as he thought everyone would be at the Juneteenth celebration. Julie assures him this will always be his home. Chad mentions that Doug is getting the kids ready to go to the park. Jack questions Chad not going. Chad responds that he’s not really in a festive mood. Jack understands the anniversaries don’t get much easier. Chad asks how Jack and Jennifer are doing. Jack says they got through yesterday but last night, he couldn’t sleep so he hopped in the car and started driving because he wanted to feel closer to Abigail. Julie understands and is glad he’s here. Jack thought he’d also talk to Rafe to see what they are doing to make sure her killer stays locked up for good. Chad mentions that Clyde is facing a lot of new charges as well. Jack says he heard it was moved to murder one when Clyde confessed it was premeditated. Jack asks if Clyde said anything else. Chad says nothing important but Jack notices their look and questions them, calling it reporter’s intuition. Jack then reveals that when he walked in, he overheard them talking about a secret being impossible to keep from he and Jennifer and something about a box they can’t wait to open.

Maggie doesn’t understand why Xander needed to save Theresa from Konstantin. Sarah gets a call from the hospital and steps out to answer. Xander sits with Maggie as she asks what happened with Theresa. Xander reveals that Konstantin took Theresa hostage at gunpoint after he shot Steve. Xander assures that Theresa and Steve are fine and that Alex and Brady caught up to Konstantin outside but they couldn’t get a clean shot and then when Theresa tried to fight back, Konstantin started strangling her, so he grabbed the gun and shot him. Maggie says it sounds like he didn’t have any choice, but Xander admits that he did have a choice.

Alex tells Marlena that he took her advice and told Theresa that he was still seeing Kristen. Marlena asks how she reacted. Alex says not well and Theresa said if they weren’t going to be exclusive, she was going to try to rekindle things with Brady. Alex adds that then Kristen broke things off with him, so he told Theresa and then she pretty much dropped Brady like a hot potato. Alex states that he and Brady talked it through and Brady said it was probably for the best since he and Theresa had been pretty toxic. Alex explains that after seeing Theresa in danger, he realized how much she means to him and that he’s now fully committed. Marlena asks why he wasn’t fully committed before. Alex guesses part of him felt like he couldn’t completely trust her because of her past and his money. Marlena asks what about now.

Leo calls the hospital and finds out Marlena had a cancellation today, so he says to sign him up and hangs up. Theresa walks through the town square, so Leo approaches her and introduces himself. Theresa says she’s heard plenty about him. Leo invites her to join him and hopes he can get an exclusive interview about the news of the day. Leo asks Theresa what her special connection is with Konstantin.

Julie shows Jack the time capsule that Tom and Alice put together in 1966 and explains how they found it behind the mantle after the fire but she has had no luck getting it open as if that’s the box they were talking about. Jack says that’s hardly a secret since Jennifer told him all about it. Julie claims that Thomas and Charlotte wanted it to be a surprise and talks about how they are going to be excited to see him. Jack says not as happy as he is to see them. Chad suggests Jack go upstairs and say hi to the kids. Jack tells them it’s so great to see them and then heads upstairs. Julie worries that was close while Chad questions how they are going to explain going to Chicago since he can’t wait another day.

Theresa tells Leo that her only connection to Konstantin is that he tried to kill her. Leo argues that there has to be a reason that Konstantin chose her to take hostage and that he also heard his last words was something about an enemy in their midst. Theresa says that Konstantin is dead and that’s all that matters. Leo says that wasn’t as juicy as he hoped and asks if she’d like to change to a sexier topic in Alex Kiriakis. Leo calls Alex the most eligible bachelor in the state so he’s assuming he didn’t just fall out of the sky in to her lap. Theresa asks what he’s saying. Leo just thinks his readers would love to hear her tips on how to score a ticket to the Kiriakis fortune.

Alex tells Marlena that he and Theresa had an honest discussion about his sense that she was hiding something from him and she said she wasn’t. Marlena asks if he believes her. Alex knows Marlena has had a terrible history with Theresa and Brady has warned him about her too, so he guesses that’s been in the back of his head the whole time. Marlena states that trust is a vital component to any relationship, so if he’s thinking about getting serious with Theresa. Alex responds that they already are serious and after staring death in the face yesterday, it made him realize that it’s time for him to count his blessings and settle down with somebody that he loves. Alex thinks Theresa could be the one.

Xander tells Maggie that when Konstantin was strangling Theresa, all he saw was the man who had just confessed to bringing down Victor’s plane and murdering him. Xander says it was rage as Konstantin tried to kill Maggie and kidnapped Victoria, but he had just dropped his gun and he had Brady and Alex right there, so they could’ve taken him down and held him until police arrived. Xander admits that he didn’t have to shoot him and certainly not shoot to kill, but he did. Maggie asks if he’s feeling guilty about it. Xander declares that he’s glad the bastard is dead.

Sarah joins Bonnie in the living room. Bonnie asks how Maggie is doing. Sarah says she’s much better and she just broke the news that Konstantin is dead. Bonnie talks about being worried all this time that Konstantin was pulling the wool over Maggie’s eyes but Maggie was plotting his downfall the whole time. Sarah calls Maggie a certified badass. Bonnie talks about how now that their sham of a wedding is over, it’s time to move full speed ahead with Sarah’s wedding. Bonnie asks if she ever heard back from Xander’s mom but Sarah reveals that she never responded to her voicemail. Sarah then gets a call and it’s from Xander’s mom.

Chad tells Julie that they really need to go soon. Jack returns from upstairs. Julie asks if he’s alright. Jack responds that Thomas said that Chad told him that Abigail is alive, but he knows he meant alive in all of their hearts. Jack says that Abigail just feels so present to him right now in the house. Chad and Julie say they feel the same way. Jack decides he’s going to see Rafe and will let them know what he says. Chad thanks him as they hug and says it’s good to see him. Jack then exits. Chad tells Julie that he hates lying to Jack. Julie says she does too but declares that by the end of the day, they will know one way or another.

Marlena encourages Alex doing excellent work. Alex questions her approving of his choices. Marlena approves of him getting in touch with his feelings and communicating. Alex says he’s trying. Marlena acknowledges that he’s been expressing his thoughts, feelings, and needs. Marlena senses he’s doing the same with his partner. Alex brings up Marlena knowing Theresa for a long time and that she was her daughter-in-law. Alex then asks if Marlena thinks he should trust Theresa. Marlena responds that what she thinks isn’t really relevant and it would be inappropriate of her to say anything at all. Marlena says the important thing is that Alex has to decide whether or not he can trust her.

Theresa asks if Leo is suggesting that she made Alex fall for her. Leo says he didn’t say that and asks if she’s saying that. Theresa tells Leo that she and Alex started dating before anyone knew he was Victor’s son. Leo remarks that it’s not like he was working as a barista. Theresa says there’s a difference between rich and Kiriakis fortune rich. Leo talks about Alex being hot and says it’s no surprise that she’d want to jump his bones. Leo adds that Theresa isn’t bad on the eyes either and starts talking about how she’d look better as a brunette. Leo asks if Theresa is willing to say on the record that this thing between her and Alex is a real love connection that has nothing to do with his money. Theresa asks why that is so hard to believe, stating that love is love. Theresa brings up Leo and Dimitri being the real deal and asks if that was about money. Leo says not for him and that for him, it was true love. Theresa asks what happened then. Leo stops her and says he’s doing the interview. Theresa argues that she never agreed to be interviewed. Leo says it’s not like he’s judging her either way. Leo remarks that her feistiness and scrappiness reminds him of a friend that moved away recently, though she had a better accent and hair but the same attitude. Theresa asks if that’s a good thing. Leo says he misses Gwen terribly, so being with her is kind of comforting. Theresa wishes she could say the same. Leo then gets an alert on his phone that it’s time for his shrink appointment so he walks away.

Sarah answers the call from Xander’s mother, Fiona. Sarah says she’s so glad she called and assumes she got her voicemail. Sarah says she’s sorry to hear that and says goodbye, then hangs up. Bonnie questions what that was about and if she doesn’t want to come to her wedding or meet her granddaughter. Sarah responds that she doesn’t know because the woman who called wasn’t Xander’s mom.

Xander tells Maggie that he’s sorry as he knows she cared about Konstantin at one time. Maggie assures that she never despised someone so much and she’s glad that he’s rotting in Hell. Maggie declares that her only regret is that she’s not the one who pulled the trigger.

Leo goes to Marlena’s office and says he made an appointment so here he is. Marlena jokes about him making progress. Leo says he’s been considering what is and isn’t an emergency after they talked earlier. Leo says their last conversation made him realize that he is pathologically lonely and he hates it. Leo adds that he has a million acquaintances but he has kept everything superficial with everyone, except for the best friend he ever had but talking about her is too painful and if he told her how he betrayed her for Dimitri, he thinks she would hate him. Marlena asks if he thinks of Dimitri as his true love. Leo says that wasn’t real either since he broke up with him in a poorly written letter. Leo says maybe he deserves it. Marlena responds that no one deserves to be alone. Leo asks how to get past the feeling that no one is ever going to love the real him. Marlena encourages him to begin by loving himself as that comes first. Leo calls that the whole message of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marlena says she’s never seen the show but she does enjoy him. Leo asks if she’s saying she could help him learn to love himself a little bit.

Bonnie asks Sarah who was on the phone then. Sarah says she didn’t say and just that she’s had the phone number for years. Bonnie wonders how long it’s been then since Xander talked to his mom. Sarah admits it’s been a long time. Bonnie questions any other way of contacting her. Sarah says that Xander said he doesn’t know where his mom is or what she’s been up to. Bonnie and Sarah guess that Xander’s mom isn’t coming to the wedding then.

Maggie says God help her for what she just said. Xander would be more worried if she didn’t feel that way about Konstantin after what he did. Maggie hopes Xander won’t face any charges. Xander confirms that Melinda understood he was defending Theresa’s life, so he got away with it. Maggie notes that none of them got away unscathed. Xander comments that Victor is still gone. Maggie acknowledges Xander’s devotion to Victor even though Victor didn’t always treat him kindly. Maggie doesn’t think Victor would’ve been as hard on Xander if he didn’t remind him so much of himself. Xander asks if she really thinks so. Maggie talks about Victor not having the opportunity to raise Bo and being ill for most of Philip’s childhood, so he decided to make up for lost years with Alex by making him his heir, but Xander is the one that never left and he knew that. Maggie declares that in many ways, Xander was closer to Victor than his own sons.

Alex joins Theresa in the town square. Theresa asks how seeing Marlena was. Alex says he may have mentioned her or their relationship once or twice. Theresa guesses Marlena got the negative spin from Brady but Alex says Brady is fine as they talked last night and Brady says things worked out for the best since he and Theresa had never been good for each other. Theresa says of course he would say that. Theresa asks what Marlena had to say and if she warned him to stay away from her, given that she almost killed her husband. Alex says Marlena actually told him to be honest with himself about how he feels and to say what is. Alex then tells Theresa that he loves her which surprises her. Theresa asks if he really means that. Alex assures that he does and that they aren’t just sleeping together or living together as they’ve been through a lot together. Theresa brings up that he was just with Kristen and she knows the appropriate response would be to just say it back. Alex assures there’s no pressure and he knows she was just with Brady. Theresa insists that she wants to say it and tells Alex that she loves him too.

Xander joins Sarah in the living room. Sarah asks how Maggie is. Xander says she’s getting dressed and will be down soon. Sarah asks how she seemed. Xander calls Maggie remarkably strong and says he’s just glad this nightmare is over for all of them. Xander asks if something is wrong. Sarah informs him that the number that he gave her for his mom belonged to someone else. Xander says he had mixed feelings about seeing her again anyway so maybe this is for the best. Xander declares that as long as he’s marrying her, the day will be perfect. Xander adds that Maggie has always been more of a mother to him than his mom ever was.

Maggie gets out of bed and puts on her robe while holding back tears. She picks up a framed photo of Victor and states that Konstantin is dead, so Victor can finally rest in peace.

Marlena tells Leo that she can definitely help him but he has to be willing to put in consistent work over time. Leo assures that he definitely will and asks how much time they are talking. Marlena says there no guarantees or timelines. Marlena reminds Leo that his mother spent his entire life telling him that he was unlovable, so they have to stop hearing her voice and undo those words to make him understand and believe that he is lovable. Leo jokes that he wants to say that to his mother’s face and thanks Marlena. Leo asks when he can see her again. Marlena realizes her secretary has her schedule so she leaves the office to go retrieve it. Leo then stands up and makes a phone call to visit his mother in prison, asking for the visiting hours.

Jack goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Bonnie, who says she didn’t know he was in town. Jack says it’s so good to see her as they hug. Bonnie mentions hearing they captured Clyde and how that must be a relief. Bonnie hopes he never gets out again. Jack confirms that Rafe said Clyde will be in solitary for the rest of his life, so he’ll never have the opportunity to take another life like he did to Abigail.

Chad and Julie arrive at the bank in Chicago, wondering what Clyde stashed in the safety deposit box. Chad says it could be nothing or it could be proof that Abigail is alive. Julie declares they are about to find out.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Scott and Lucy argue because he wants to take Heather’s case. He sees the potential for a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Heather’s hip replacement. Lucy asks Scott not to take Heather’s case for the sake of Heather’s victims and his own peace of mind.

Cody tells Sasha that he is scared to tell Mac that he is his son because he thinks Mac will be angry with him for claiming to be the son of Leopold Taub just to get Leopold Taub’s money.

Sasha and Cody’s romantic moment is interrupted by Gio practicing his violin twenty feet away from the stables. Cody and Sasha put romance on hold and decide to enjoy the private violin concert.

Sam asks Carly to tell Jason to keep away from Danny. Carly tells Sam that Danny adores his father and she is hurting Danny and Jason by keeping them away from each other. Carly thinks Sam is just punishing Jason for disappearing twice and leaving her to raise Danny alone. Sam insists she is trying to keep Danny safe and if anything happens to Danny it will be Carly’s fault because she refused to talk to Jason.

John tells Jason he has seen emails from Anna to Brennan but the emails don’t prove that she is the head of Pikeman. John asks Jason to get the proof he needs to arrest Anna or he will put Carly in jail. Jason later tells Anna the details of his conversation with John. Anna doesn’t think Valentin is framing her, he is just using her as a decoy to keep John busy. Anna promises Jason she will get proof that Valentin is the head of Pikeman tonight when they go to dinner. Jason tells Anna if she doesn’t get the proof they need, he will take Valentin down himself so Carly isn’t sent to prison.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Claire meets Johnny and Katie for the first time in person, because up to now, she had only talked to them through video calls. Claire answers Johnny’s questions about her time in the psychiatric ward of the hospital as well as growing up with her Aunt Jordan.

Katie is upset that their house burned down, and all their things are gone because of Claire’s Aunt Jordan.

Abby is upset that nobody in the Abbott family bothered to tell her about Ashley’s DID or called her to participate in the intervention for Ashley. Abby is tired of her entire family treating her like a child instead of an adult. Billy tells her everything Jack and Traci did to make sure Ashley got treatment.

Abby talked to her mother on the phone last night, but she and Devon decide to go to Paris and wait until Ashley is ready to see her.

Daniel and Lily come to an agreement that Chancellor-Winters can keep the Princess Louisa game and market it as a classic game. Lily tells Daniel that the sales from the game will be put into a college fund for Lucy.

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Days Update Monday, June 17, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Tate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Brady if it’s true that Konstantin confessed to killing Victor. Brady confirms it and says he’s sorry he had to find out on social media as he planned to tell him when he came home. Tate asks if Theresa is okay as he heard she was taken hostage. Brady says it was scary but assures that she is fine. Tate wants to go see her, so he asks where she is at. Brady responds that now is probably not a good time which Tate questions. Brady thinks that Theresa has company at the time.

Alex comes out of the shower and asks how Theresa is feeling. Theresa says she’s just a little sore after being dragged around and held at gunpoint. Alex kisses her to help her feel better. Theresa undoes his towel and they move to the bed.

Paulina sits at home with her laptop, complaining about the Concerned Citizens of Salem group. Abe comes in and guesses she’s back on the web page after he told her to ignore them. Paulina responds that she’s doing something more constructive by fighting back. Abe asks how she’s going to do that. Paulina informs him that she’s writing an op-ed for the Spectator. Abe asks if she’s sure that’s a good idea. Paulina declares that she’s refusing to let EJ run her out office and she’ll see if the Spectator has the guts to print it, feeling it’s the least they can do after all the bad press she’s got from them lately.

Eric goes to the Spectator office where Nicole is with Jude. Nicole says she had to finish an article but couldn’t stand to tear herself away from Jude. Nicole apologizes and says she wouldn’t have brought him if she knew Eric was coming as she thought he was done for the day. Eric tells her that it’s okay now and admits it was hard in the beginning, but he’s missed him a lot.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefan pours a drink and remarks to himself that after all that, EJ isn’t even Jude’s father. EJ walks in and tells Stefan that they need to talk. Stefan responds that he was just thinking the same thing. EJ informs him that he just ran in to Kristen, who told him that the board made her the permanent CEO of DiMera. EJ asks if Stefan had a hand in this. Stefan responds that Kristen did this all on her own. EJ questions the stacks of cash and asks if it’s Kristen paying him off for a job well done. Stefan explains that the money was from Kristen that she kept in the safe in case of emergency along with a list of contacts for a job he had to get done, but it turns out he grabbed the wrong envelope. Stefan then hands EJ the envelope and says he thinks it belongs to him. EJ asks what it is. Stefan asks if he doesn’t recognize it, assuming he put it in the safe, though he can’t begin to fathom why he’d be so careless with a secret this big. EJ asks what secret. Stefan tells him not to play dumb. EJ questions what he is blathering on about, claiming not to know what’s in the envelope. Stefan tells EJ that they are DNA results that say he is not the father of Nicole’s baby which must mean that Eric Brady is.

Eric comments on Jude getting bigger since he last saw him. Nicole jokes that she’s sure he’ll be crawling in the next few days. Eric says he’ll let her get back to work. Nicole asks if he has any work he needs to do. Eric admits he needs something written up to get posted in tomorrow’s paper. Nicole asks if she can help. Eric says if she could. Nicole asks if it’s a listing to get rid of stuff. Eric then responds that he’s trying to get rid of his wife.

Tate asks Brady if Theresa having company is code for something. Brady explains that Henderson told him that Theresa has been in Alex’s room for a couple of hours. Tate guesses that Brady is not okay with that. Brady states that Theresa made her choice and he’s accepted it. Tate questions if the choice was between him and Alex but Brady says he’s not going to talk about it. Tate then asks if that’s why Brady didn’t come home last night, because he was with Theresa and now she’s with Alex. Tate asks if she was leading him on. Brady insists that he doesn’t want to talk about it with him and repeats that Theresa made her choice and he’s accepted it.

Alex and Theresa lay in bed after having sex. Theresa tells him that she feels much better and thanks him for making her feel safe. Alex says he’s sorry about what happened to her as she must have been terrified. Theresa admits there was a moment where her life flashed before her eyes and she could see all of her mistakes and regrets, then Alex came and rescued her. Alex points out that technically, Xander was the one who saved her but Theresa doesn’t want to give him any credit since he didn’t care about her and only wanted Konstantin dead while Alex was there to protect her. Alex admits he got a little scared as he thought Konstantin was going to kill her with his bare hands. Theresa says it definitely felt that way. Alex remarks that it felt so raw and personal, bringing up that Konstantin said Theresa had been a thorn in his side since he got to town and asks what he could’ve meant by that. Theresa says that Konstantin was unhinged and she thinks he just didn’t like her. Theresa remarks that she tends to invoke strong feelings from men. Alex repeats the way Konstantin said she was a thorn in his side. Theresa reminds him of when she stood up to him at Thanksgiving after he accused her of going after Alex’s money. Alex remembers and guesses that was it, but notes he must really hold a grudge. Theresa doesn’t ever want to talk about Konstantin again and says she’s starving as she hasn’t eaten all day. Alex offers to get something from the kitchen but Theresa says she’s craving a burger and fries from the Pub. Alex decides he’ll go get it and gets out of bed.

Tate questions why Brady is still at the mansion if Theresa is occupied with Alex. Brady says he was going to see Maggie but she’s on a sedative so he thought he’d clean up. Tate points out that they have staff to do that. Brady says sometimes you have to clean up your own mess. Tate asks if it’s not torture being there knowing that Theresa is with Alex. Brady says it is now that he’s mentioned it a couple times and suggests they go get something to eat at the Brady Pub. Tate responds that he would but he forgot his phone, so Brady says he’ll save them a table and meet him there. Brady exits and then Tate pulls out a paper to leave a note but Holly arrives and greets Tate.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s proud of her for not backing down. Paulina asks if she’s not just pouring gasoline on the fire. Abe acknowledges her patience and strength being what he and the public love about her. Paulina declares no regrets. Abe thinks it’s a good time for her to just take the night off and relax. Paulina appreciates that but isn’t sure that’s possible since she is riled up. Abe thinks he can help her with that and pours her a glass of wine. Paulina recognizes the wine and thought they were saving it for a special occasion. Abe reminds Paulina that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary on Juneteenth. Paulina admits she completely forgot and apologizes. Abe says they are still together, so he suggests they just ignore the rest of the world and enjoy their company. Paulina tells Abe that he comes up with the best ideas as they kiss.

Nicole asks Eric about wanting to divorce Sloan which he confirms and since she fled town, he can’t serve her papers so he’s going to do a publication divorce. Eric explains that he needs it posted for three weeks in the newspaper and if Sloan doesn’t respond, the judge will order in his favor. Nicole calls it a good idea. Eric wishes he could take credit but admits his lawyer told him about it. Nicole asks if he’s using Belle but Eric then reveals that his lawyer is EJ.

EJ questions Stefan finding the envelope in the safe. Stefan confirms that he was looking for the other envelope when that one fell in his lap which makes him wonder why EJ even put it in there or kept it in the first place. EJ admits that he forgot it was in there and flashes back to getting the test results with Nicole. EJ says that he never got a chance to look at it before Nicole put it in the safe as they had genetic testing done on Jude for peace of mind and they assumed it named him as the father. Stefan brings up that EJ seemed pretty upset at himself for forgetting he put it in there and didn’t seem at all surprised or devastated to find out that Jude is not his flesh and blood, which makes him think this isn’t news to him at all. EJ responds that it’s not news to him because it’s completely fabricated. Stefan questions him saying the results are fake. EJ says someone must have planted it as a cruel joke. Stefan suggests having another test run then and says he’ll call Nicole to meet them at the hospital. EJ stops him and takes the envelope so Stefan asks how long he’s known the truth. EJ questions why it’s any of his damn business. Stefan has no idea how EJ even found out but says he completely understands why he’d keep it from Nicole, because they both know she would dump his sorry ass the second she found out she had a child with the man she truly loves. EJ tells him to shut his damn mouth. Stefan responds that he will for a price. EJ guesses they are blackmail. Stefan says it seems they are in a constant tug of war and he’s got all the leverage this time.

Nicole questions Eric hiring EJ as his lawyer because he figured he was motivated to stick it to Sloan which Eric confirms. Nicole comments on Sloan stealing EJ’s son and hitting him over the head with a flower pot. Eric calls him thin skinned. Nicole remarks that after all these years, Eric and EJ actually have something in common. Eric responds that the main reason they never got along is because of what they already have in common. Nicole calls that a good point.

Abe and Paulina go over their photo album from their wedding. Abe tells her that he’s so happy he got all those memories back to him. Paulina brings up their wedding day not ending well since Lani turned herself in but she’s thankful that Lani did her time and is now back home with Eli and their babies. Abe says they have so much to celebrate in their anniversary and also Juneteenth. Paulina says it will always be a special day in their family, but this year will not all be sunshine and roses.

Brady goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Alex, saying he didn’t expect to see him there. Alex asks if the Brady Pub is too upscale for him. Brady explains that he was at the mansion and heard Alex was holed up in his room with Theresa. Alex confirms they were together, so Brady says not to let him keep his girlfriend waiting. Alex stops him and suggests they should clear the air about Theresa.

Tate tells Holly that it’s really good to see her. Holly didn’t know he’d be there today. Tate says he came to check on his mom and she’s fine while Maggie is resting upstairs. Holly feels like it’s been forever since they hung out. Tate mentions that he’s supposed to meet Brady at the Pub but he’d much rather stay here with her. Tate brings up prom being tomorrow. Holly notes that she’s still grounded but it doesn’t matter since Brady and Theresa are chaperoning so they wouldn’t be able to hang out anyways. Tate reveals he’s working on a way for them to be together still. They get close until Theresa walks in and questions what is going on here. Theresa thought she and Brady made it very clear that Tate is not to see Holly anymore, yet here they are together. Tate says they just ran in to each other. Holly says she just came to see her Grandma while Tate adds that he just came to see Theresa. Holly says they just said hello so Theresa tells her now she can say goodbye. Tate argues that Theresa doesn’t have to be rude to Holly. Theresa reminds Tate that Holly let him rot in juvey for something he didn’t do. Tate argues that she apologized for that. Holly decides she should leave and exits. Tate asks Theresa what her problem is. Theresa argues that Holly is not good for Tate since she hurt him once and would hurt him again. Tate asks if she means the same way that she hurt Brady.

Alex tells Brady that he knows things have been weird since he walked in on he and Theresa in bed. Brady says especially since Theresa set the whole thing up and he should’ve known that seh was using him. Alex is sorry that happened and says it’s probably his fault for Theresa trying to get back at him for sending mixed signals and hooking up with Kristen. Alex admits commitment has not been his strong suit but he and Kristen are over and he’s realized that Theresa is the one he wants to be with. Brady says that’s good because she apparently feels the same way. Alex asks if Brady is cool with that.

Nicole tells Eric that if they are going to get his divorce notice up before the end of the day, they better get to it. Eric says he’ll send her what the post is supposed to say as EJ wrote it up. Nicole calls it so formal and suggests making it a little fun which Eric questions. Nicole says he could express how he really feels but Eric says that won’t work. Nicole comes up with something which Eric says she can’t write in the newspaper. Eric warns that she’s going to get cancelled while Nicole jokes that he’s just being a priest.

EJ asks what Stefan wants from him this time. Stefan responds that he wants Gabi out of prison. EJ reminds him that he’s no longer district attorney because of him and questions how he’s supposed to get the conviction overturned. EJ guesses Stefan has already exhausted all leads. Stefan admits he was banking on Clyde confirming Gil as Li’s killer but that’s a no go. EJ jokes they could always bust her out of prison but then realizes Stefan actually considered it. Stefan asks what he thought all the cash was for, but then says now that the DNA test results fell in his hands, he has a better option than he and Gabi living life on the run. EJ repeats that he no longer has the power to free Gabi since Paulina fired him and gave the job to Melinda Trask. Stefan tells EJ to get his job back then and asks if he has something better to do. EJ points out that Paulina doesn’t like him so he questions how to change her mind. Stefan jokes that he has faith in him since he is highly motivated to get this done, asking how else he’s going to hang on to Nicole and Jude.

Brady and Alex sit together in the Pub. Brady asks when Alex has ever cared about how he feels. Alex knows they have butted heads but at the end of the day, they are family and they work together. Brady tells Alex that he was reluctant to get involved with Theresa again in the first place and when they try, it never seems to work out. Brady says in a way, maybe Alex did him a favor. Brady wishes Alex nothing but good luck. Alex asks if he really means that. Brady asks why not. Alex says fair enough and thanks him. Alex calls Brady the best and then exits the Pub. Brady then looks over the menu until Eric arrives and joins him. Eric says he’s glad he ran in to him and asks if it’s true that Konstantin is responsible for Victor’s death. Brady confirms that he sabotaged his plane and was planning on killing Maggie as well. Eric asks how Maggie is. Brady says she’s pretty shaken up but will be alright. Eric asks about Theresa being taken hostage. Brady assures that he won’t have to worry about his cousin since if there is one person in the world good at getting out of sticky situations and landing on their feet, it’s Theresa.

Tate yells at Theresa that Brady told him everything about how she made him think she was going to get back together with him and then dumped him for Alex. Theresa tries to argue that it wasn’t like that but Tate tells her that she hurt Brady. Theresa questions if he told her that. Tate says that he tried not to but he’s bad at hiding his feelings and asks what she thought was going to happen here. Theresa says she doesn’t know and feels awful about it. Tate tells her to stop and not to pretend like she cares about Brady when she doesn’t. Tate shouts that Theresa doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Theresa disagrees and tells Tate that she cares about him. Theresa talks about it being a crazy day and how she almost died. Tate tells her to stop using it as an excuse and tells her to go hang out with her boyfriend as he storms out of the mansion, leaving Theresa in shock. Theresa shouts after him that she’s fine after being kidnapped, held at gunpoint, and almost dying, mocking Tate’s lack of concern.

Paulina tells Abe that they have one more celebration tomorrow as she offered to throw Chanel and Johnny a going away party. Abe questions them leaving so soon. Paulina says Johnny has to get to California to start his new job next week. Paulina hopes it’s okay that she scheduled the party on their big day. Abe says it’s a day about family. Paulina hopes she can hold it together as she’s going to miss Chanel so much. Abe states that the toughest thing about being a parent is learning to let go.

EJ informs Stefan that he started a recall campaign against Paulina, so once she is removed from office, he can throw his hat in the ring as Mayor. EJ adds that once he’s elected, he can appoint a district attorney that will free Gabi. Stefan questions that and decides he doesn’t like it as he wants Gabi out immediately and that will take too long. EJ argues that he’s being unreasonable. Stefan tells EJ that he’s wasting his time arguing with him so he better make his move soon. EJ starts to call him names but Nicole comes home with Jude. Stefan remarks that EJ wouldn’t want to expose his son to anything unpleasant. Nicole asks what they are arguing about this time. EJ says nothing important and asks how her day at work was. Nicole says it was good and mentions running in to Eric, who told him that EJ is representing him in his divorce from Sloan which she calls an interesting twist. Stefan remarks that EJ is full of surprises. Nicole decides she will take Jude upstairs to put him to sleep and invites EJ to join her. EJ says he would love to but he has an important errand to run and he won’t be long. Stefan tells EJ that he will talk to him soon. EJ kisses Nicole and Jude goodbye as he then exits the mansion. Nicole asks Stefan what that was all about.

Tate and Holly walk through the town square holding hands. Tate stops and kisses her, then looks around to make sure no one is watching to rat them out. They talk about it seeming like Leo is on their side which Tate says is unlike Theresa. Tate apologizes for Theresa acting way out of line. Holly understands that Theresa doesn’t like her. Tate doesn’t care and says that his parents can try to keep them apart but it’s not going to work. Holly asks about his plan. Tate declares that he has a way for them to be together tomorrow at the prom. Holly excitedly asks him to tell her everything.

Theresa sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and thinks back to having sex with Brady. Alex then comes in with her food from the Pub and asks about her seeming distracted when he walked in. Theresa informs him that she ran in to Tate, they got in a fight, and he stormed off. Alex asks what the fight was about but Theresa calls it nothing for him to worry about.

Brady tells Eric that he’s really sorry about Jude. Eric thanks him. Brady asks how he’s holding up. Eric admits he’s not good and he misses Jude every second. Brady knows it’s got to be brutal. Eric mentions seeing Jude earlier since Nicole brought him by the office. Brady asks if Eric is okay working there since it can’t be easy. Eric says it’s fine as Nicole isn’t going to bring Jude all the time. Brady clarifies that he wasn’t just talking about Jude.

Nicole asks if Stefan has any idea where EJ rushed off to. Stefan claims he’s not sure but it must have something to do with the bad news EJ got earlier which Nicole questions. Stefan reveals that Kristen got the CEO job over EJ. Nicole asks why the board would make that decision and says EJ must be so upset. Stefan says EJ was pretty angry but bets he’s out there now making arguments because there’s nothing EJ wouldn’t do to protect his family.

Abe tells Paulina that tomorrow is a big day and suggests they go to bed. Paulina wants to finish their wine first so Abe agrees to one more glass. They have a knock at the door which they question. Paulina answers to see EJ and asks what he’s doing there. EJ says he’ll get straight to the point as he had some time to think about what Abe said and he’s decided to have the Concerned Citizens of Salem withdraw the petition to remove Paulina as Mayor. Abe calls that good news and asks if he finally saw the light then. EJ then reveals that in exchange for his gesture of good will, he will need something in return.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

Audra figures out that Tucker is faking his heart attack to buy some time so he can stop the takeover of Glissade. Tucker finds out Jack is in Paris to check on Ashley and also take over Glissade. Tucker talks to Jack who tells him he isn’t in Paris to take over Glissade. Tucker’s assistant Dawn tells him that the detectives have been unable to find any information with which to blackmail any of the Glissade board. Tucker tells Audra she has won, she has Glissade.

Nikki has a long talk with Victoria and persuades her to be her second-in-command at Newman Media so she can concentrate on her sobriety.

Victor talks to Adam who tells him that he has to turn down being CEO of Newman Media because he has to concentrate on Connor and helping his son deal with his OCD. Adam tells Victor he will consider helping him if he tells him the name of the company with which he wants to go to war.

Nikki and Victoria talk to Victor about both of them running Newman Media but he tells them he doesn’t want them to do that because he wants Adam to be the CEO of Newman Media.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of June 10, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Maggie from Days

We’re sure it was no surprise to anyone, but Maggie and Konstantin didn’t get married. Maggie and company let Konstantin know that they were on to him and his schemes. Konstantin revealed why he wanted to get revenge against Victor. Victor suddenly left him out of his will. He admitted that he had Victor killed. It felt underwhelming because Konstantin is too new of a character for us to care about. We did notice that no one saw how scared Theresa looked when Konstantin was getting grilled about his accomplice. Theresa didn’t hide the fact that she was afraid of being busted. During the revelation Konstantin managed to shoot Steve before he left the mansion with Theresa as his hostage. There’s rarely a dull moment at a Salem wedding.

The writers left the audience hanging by not revealing that Xander is Victor’s son. Konstantin managed to die without us finding out Xander’s true paternity. What was the point of having Xander be Victor’s son if he wasn’t going to find out? They may as well have let Alex be Victor’s son. We were happy that Konstantin’s story is over, but it could have ended with Xander finding out the truth.

Marlena must not have done a good job of de-programming John since he was still affected by the pawn card. He kept hearing Konstantin tell him to shoot Steve, but he was supposed to be immune to the pawn card. It’s funny how the pawn card didn’t work when Konstantin gave him orders, but once he died, the card work. Does the card have a selective hold over John? It’s something how all it took to break John out of the trance was a phone ringing. Speaking of the pawn card, you would think someone would have burned the card so John wouldn’t be under the spell. Was it that hard to get rid of the card?

Kayla was upset that Steve kept her in the dark about what happened at the wedding. She wanted him to warn her that he was going to be in danger. We understand that she was concerned about him, but if he told her what was going on, what would she have done? Knowing what happened wouldn’t have changed the outcome. She practically ordered him to tell her what’s going on like she is his mother.

We’re surprised that Chanel defended Paulina to EJ. It wasn’t that long ago when Chanel blamed Paulina for risking her baby’s life. Once EJ wanted Paulina to pay for what she did, Chanel suddenly did a 180. If Chanel didn’t blame Paulina for what she did, why was she giving her such a hard time? Guess Chanel’s the only one that can say bad things about Paulina.

Marlena doesn’t have any loyalty towards Eric. Why would she agree to be his psychiatrist after what he did to Eric? We know Marlena is the only psychiatrist in Salem, but she could have recommended someone else to listen to him. Roman didn’t want Leo in the pub because of what he did to Eric, yet Marlena was willing to be his psychiatrist.

Why was it so hard for Chad to believe that Abby was alive? With everything that has happened in Salem, Chad shouldn’t have been shocked that Abby could be alive. People in Salem come back to life all the time, so Chad didn’t need to question if Clyde told him the truth. The only thing he should have focused on was where she was. We know Chad had to have dramatic scenes of questioning Clyde’s word, but it didn’t make sense when it’s Salem the town where everyone comes back to life.


Chad from Days

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Days Best Lines For The Week Of June 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

(to John after he got shot)
Steve: How much you think Maggie will bill me for staining her carpet?

Alex: You could have shot Theresa.
Xander: But I didn’t, did I? I hit my target.
Alex: Yeah, you’re lucky you hit your target.
Theresa: I’m luckier.

Xander: I’ve always been an excellent marksman.
Brady: Yeah, Yeah, I’ve got the scar to prove it. Weren’t you the guy that accidentally shot Marlena at her wedding when you were trying to hit my brother Eric.
Xander: Yeah, you have one off day and that’s all anyone remembers.

(when Jada showed up and saw Konstantin’s dead body)
Jada: Who’s gonna start?
Alex: Xander killed him.
Xander: Way to throw me under the bus, cuz.

(about the gun in Xander’s hand)
Jada: Is that the murder weapon?
Xander: Yes, but it’s a bit harsh calling it a murder.

(about Steve getting shot at the wedding)
Stephanie: You were the one who got hit.
Steve: Yeah, I was too slow. Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped that second cup of coffee.

Marlena: Leo, what kind of help do you need?
Leo: Mental health help of course. My brain needs major fixing, but then so does my heart.
Marlena: Well cardiology is one floor up. As far as your brain, you can make an appointment.

(to Marlena)
Leo: I bet in this crazy town you have a line of nuts waiting around the block for your services.

(about Gabi)
Rafe: She’s innocent.
Clyde: Come on, man. The last thing your sister is is innocent.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of June 10, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Konstantin from Days


-Sarah showed up at the mansion out of the blue when she was supposed to be at the hospital.

-No one at the Kiriakis mansion notice how nervous Theresa was when they asked Konstantin who helped him kidnap Victoria.

-Konstantin’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Maggie cried without any tears.

-Alex managed not to hear Konstantin talking about him to Theresa when he walked by them.


-Jada could be heard talking to Kayla while Marlena was shown.

-John had blood on his hand that wasn’t there in Monday’s episode.

-The blood on John’s hand disappeared.

-Sarah didn’t have blood on her hands after helping Steve.

-Stephanie could be heard talking to Steve while John was shown.


-Leo could be heard reading out loud while Johnny was shown.

-Johnny could be heard talking to Marlena while Leo was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Roman while Marlena was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Chanel while Eric was shown.

-Eric didn’t hear EJ say he was Jude’s father even though the door was open.

-Dr. Greene could be heard talking to Chanel and Johnny while EJ was shown.


-Roman could be heard talking to Kate while Chanel was shown.

-Chad could be heard talking to himself while Lucas was shown.

-Chad’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Stefan could be heard talking on the phone while Clyde was shown.


-It was daytime in Thursday’s episode but nighttime in this episode.

-Abe could be heard talking on the phone while Chanel was shown.

-The music playing in Chad’s scene could be heard while Kristen was shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Kristen while Abe was shown.


Stefan from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Update Friday, June 14, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the hospital, Johnny talks to Chanel about it feeling almost too good to be true to have so much good news with their baby being healthy and him following his film making dream with her by his side. Chanel says she’s so excited and proud of him. Johnny talks about finding a new place to live. Chanel stops him and reminds him there is still one significant hurdle they have to face as she has to figure out how to break the news to her mom.

Paulina is at home, on the phone with Abe while on her laptop. Paulina tells Abe about finding the website for the Concerned Citizens of Salem with photoshopped pictures of her. Paulina worries that she could lose her job. Abe assures he won’t let that happen and declares he will put a stop to this insanity tonight. Paulina questions how he’s going to do that. Abe says he will tell her when he gets home and instructs her to get offline immediately. Paulina calls him a wise man as they hang up. EJ then meets Abe in the town square and asks what this is about. Abe wants to discuss the Concerned Citizens of Salem planning to recall Paulina. EJ acts surprised as Abe says they seem hellbent on ousting her. Abe adds that something interesting came up when they looked in to this so called organization. EJ asks what he found. Abe responds that it seems the primary so called concerned citizen is EJ.

Kristen comes back to the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan tells her that there’s nothing Rafe can do as he’s not willing to accept any deal with Clyde. Stefan agrees to shelve his idea to get Gabi out of prison for now, if Kristen helps him get more evidence. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but there’s been a change of plans and declares that she won’t be helping him anymore. Stefan asks what the hell she’s talking about and reminds her that if she doesn’t help him, he won’t back her as CEO of DiMera. Kristen then reveals that she won’t need his backing anymore because she already has the job.

At the police station, Chad exits the interrogation room after talking with Clyde. Chad gets a call from Julie, who says she’s been so concerned since he left for the station. Julie asks if Clyde said anything more about Abigail. Chad reveals that he actually did so Julie asks what it was. Chad informs her that Clyde told him to check out a safety deposit box at a bank in Chicago and supposedly inside is proof that Abigail is alive.

Paulina closes her laptop and complains about the internet trolls but then opens her laptop back up until Chanel comes in which surprises her. Chanel informs Paulina that she and Johnny saw the doctor today. Paulina asks about the baby. Chanel says they are still waiting on some results but things went really well and Dr. Greene said the baby’s heartbeat is really strong. Paulina is thrilled and calls that wonderful news. Chanel then informs her that she has some other news that Paulina might not think is so wonderful.

Abe asks if EJ is the one spearheading the movement to recall Paulina. EJ responds that he respects Abe so he will tell him the truth and admits that he is the one leading the charge on the issue. EJ declares that he created the Concerned Citizens of Salem to remove Paulina from office and asks if there’s anything else. Abe responds that he wants EJ to stop this nonsense now.

Stefan doesn’t understand since last he checked, EJ was still acting CEO. Kristen guesses he hasn’t checked his spam folder and informs him that the board met in private and after exchanging stock tips, they decided to offer her the job. Stefan questions that happening without his support. Kristen explains that the board felt it was time another woman was at the helm. Kristen adds that she also sent a presentation regarding her vision for the company and they were very impressed. Kristen talks about imagining her on the cover of Forbes magazine. Stefan argues that it doesn’t mean she can’t still help him with Gabi since she could now use DiMera resources to help him find new evidence. Kristen responds that she’s sorry but she can’t do that.

Johnny goes to see Marlena in her office at the hospital. Marlena asks how everything is. Johnny says things are better than okay which is why he wanted to thank her for her advice. Johnny confirms he spoke with Chanel about the job in LA. Johnny admits that at first she was a little upset that he kept it from her, but once she got past that, she was really supportive. Marlena calls that wonderful. Johnny then reveals that he accepted the job offer.

Chanel informs Paulina that she’s moving to Los Angeles and she knows it seems very sudden. Paulina didn’t think that’s what she meant by needing space. Chanel clarifies that Johnny was offered his dream job in California. Paulina asks about her bakery, reminding her that she has her own career to think of. Chanel informs her that she will start a Sweet Bits Bakery in LA. Paulina feels that’s easier said than done and asks if she has thought this through since it seems a little impulsive. Chanel asks who she gets that from since Paulina has a habit of acting without thinking.

EJ tells Abe that he’s sorry but he can’t do that. EJ claims it’s nothing personal and he’s just trying to do the right thing. Abe accuses EJ of attacking his wife and tarnishing her good name. Abe argues that Paulina made one impulsive decision and aside from that, she’s been an outstanding mayor. EJ disagrees and says Paulina’s judgment gives him pause. Abe thinks this is all about Paulina firing EJ as district attorney. EJ claims it has nothing to do with that. EJ admits he wasn’t happy about that at first but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since now he’s had more time to spend with Jude and he can devote more attention to his role as acting CEO at DiMera. EJ says it won’t be long before that role is officially his.

Stefan talks about Kristen getting everything she wants and suddenly losing the desire to help her brother in need. Kristen argues that she’s not the monster and she is sympathetic to he and Gabi. Kristen says she would help if she could but Mr. Shin would kick her to the curb if he found out she was helping the woman who was arrested for murdering his son. Kristen tells Stefan that she’s sorry but her hands are tied.

Chad goes home where Julie tells him that she’s going with him to Chicago tomorrow morning. Chad doesn’t want her involved since it could be dangerous. Julie tells Chad that she’s faced similar situations in the past and talks about Alice helping Bo and Hope escape criminals years ago. Chad points out that Clyde could just be playing mind games. Julie feels they still have to go. Chad agrees even if there’s a one in a million chance that Abigail is alive, they have to take the shot. Chad’s son Thomas then walks in and says he couldn’t sleep. Thomas says he heard his voice so he wanted to come see him. Chad says he’s glad he did as he missed him. Thomas asks about Chad’s trip. Chad promises to tell them about it in the morning and tells him to go back to bed. Thomas then stops and asks why Chad said Abigail is alive.

Marlena hugs Johnny and tells him that she’s so proud of him. Marlena asks about the movie. Johnny says he can’t say too much but promises it has nothing to do with devil possession. Marlena says she will miss him teasing her. Marlena admits that as happy as she is for he and Chanel, she will miss having him here in Salem. Johnny doesn’t think Paulina will like it either or handle the news as well as Marlena has.

Paulina apologizes as she didn’t mean to question Chanel’s judgment but she’s so sad to see her leave. Chanel says she’ll only be a plane ride away and they’ve lived apart before. Paulina worries that Chanel might not miss her as much as in the past. Chanel asks why she would say that. Paulina says they got close again but all that has changed because of what she did. Paulina worries that she’s ruined everything.

Abe tells EJ that he has a lot on his plate and suggests dropping this recall business. EJ says it’s too late for that as the petition is already in the hands of city council. EJ tells Abe that the people of Salem have spoken so he can’t let them down over a personal disagreement. Abe argues that EJ doesn’t give a damn about the people of Salem and is only interested in stroking his ego. EJ thinks that’s a terribly unfair assessment but Abe thinks it’s right on the money. Abe brings up EJ’s sister Lexie and says she may be gone, but they are still family. Abe then asks EJ on a personal level to stop this attack on Paulina.

Stefan asks Kristen what the hell he’s supposed to do now. Kristen says maybe he doesn’t have to do anything. Stefan mocks that idea. Kristen clarifies that maybe Clyde will give up some information that proves that Gil murdered Li. Stefan complains that Clyde won’t do that without getting something major in return and Rafe has already made it clear that he won’t make a deal with Clyde. Kristen brings up the Melinda angle but Stefan refuses to sleep with Melinda, insisting nothing is more important in his life than Gabi. Kristen tells Stefan that she’s sorry he’s going through this but this is the best she’s got. Stefan declares that the only other choice is to go back to busting Gabi out of prison. Kristen calls that a terrible idea and says she’s spent more of her life on the run than she cares to imagine and it’s no way to live. Stefan argues that his wife is locked in prison for a crime that she didn’t commit while thinking they will spend the rest of their lives apart and that’s no way to live. Stefan states that he needs his wife to be free and he will do anything he can to make sure that happens, even if that means being a fugitive for the rest of his life. Kristen guesses all she can do is offer her guidance. Stefan calls that somewhere between thoughts and prayers and liking a post on Facebook. Kristen tells Stefan to quit bitching and listen to her. Kristen brings up Stefan saying he had someone working on getting Gabi out and says now he needs to focus on what happens after. Stefan asks what that even means. Kristen reveals she has a grab and go kit in the safe in case of emergency with a lot of money that is his for the taking. Kristen adds that there’s an envelope with a contact sheet of people who will help Stefan and Gabi disappear without a trace. Kristen calls it a parting gift for them. Stefan is surprised and thanks her, saying it means the world to him as they hug.

Johnny tells Marlena that he wanted to go with Chanel to provide moral support but she wanted to talk to Paulina alone. Marlena asks if things are still strained between them. Johnny confirms they are. Johnny explains that he and Chanel understand that Paulina was just trying to save her daughter but also that it was a completely reckless decision to leave the hospital, knowing her condition could put others in danger. Marlena understands as a mother, the desire to protect your child. Johnny points out that Paulina put her daughter at risk as well as her unborn grandchild. Marlena calls it very sad and hopes they find their way back together.

Chanel tells Paulina that she didn’t ruin everything. Paulina feels she did and hates the idea of Chanel leaving while things are unresolved. Paulina worries that the distance will drive them further apart. Chanel assures that won’t happen but Paulina argues that she doesn’t know that. Paulina tells Chanel how sorry she is for putting lives in jeopardy and wishes she could go back in time to make a different choice. Chanel points out that if Paulina didn’t come to her rescue then maybe she would’ve been found and saved but maybe not and she could be dead now. Paulina supposes that makes some sense. Chanel suggests looking at it from that angle. Chanel calls it possible that maybe Paulina made the right choice after all. Paulina asks if she really means that. Chanel notes that the doctor did say at this stage, her baby is looking healthy and it’s too early to know for sure that nothing is wrong but she has a really good feeling. Chanel thinks it’s time for Paulina to stop beating herself up and time for her to forgive her. Paulina is thrilled and hugs Chanel.

Chad tells Thomas that he didn’t say Abigail was alive but Thomas says he heard him. Julie tells Thomas that Chad meant Abigail is in Heaven and part of their lives every day because her memory is alive in their hearts. Chad goes along with it and says that’s what he said which Thomas accepts. Chad then takes Thomas to go back to bed. Chad returns from putting Thomas to sleep. Julie comments on Thomas being inquisitive. Chad can’t believe it’s the two year anniversary of Abigail’s death. Chad talks about missing her so much every day. Chad admits the little spark of hope that she might be alive has grown in to a giant flame, so he doesn’t know what he’s going to do if it turns out not to be true.

Stefan tells Kristen that he is eternally grateful to her. Kristen jokes that he should be and declares that she’s off to the office to start kicking ass and taking names. Stefan guesses this is goodbye. Kristen admits she will miss having an ally in the house. Stefan points out that they haven’t always been allies. Kristen recalls when they first met and how Stefan still took her in because they were family. Stefan admits he still sold her out. Kristen jokes that backstabbing is the DiMera way and says it’s nice to have Stefan on her side again. Stefan remarks that she can thank EJ for that. Kristen talks about how EJ is going to lose his mind when he finds out she is CEO. Stefan is sorry he will miss that. Kristen says EJ will be dreadful and vindictive but in the end, she think he will get that it was all for the best.

EJ tells Abe that he wouldn’t characterize this as an attack on Paulina as he sees it as the tax paying citizens of Salem holding a public servant accountable. EJ tells Abe that he’s sorry but he cannot honor his request. Abe says he should’ve known that appealing to EJ’s sense of family wouldn’t work. Abe says for EJ to try to get rid of an outstanding mayor and human being out of spite shows exactly what kind of man he is. Abe then walks away.

Johnny tells Marlena about Dr. Greene reassuring them about their baby. Marlena says she’s so happy for everybody. Johnny admits that when they first found out there might be problems with their baby being born with abnormalities, he wasn’t sure if they should go through with the pregnancy but after today, he knows they made the right decision. Marlena is so glad to hear that and is so excited to have a new grandbaby. Johnny says they will be lucky to have the best great grandma anyone could ask for. Marlena thanks him and says she will be here for him, Chanel, and the baby. Johnny thanks her. Marlena says she loves him so much as they hug.

Paulina tells Chanel how much it means to her that she doesn’t hate her anymore. Chanel says she could never hate her and she was just upset, but she knows what she did was done out of love. Paulina jokes that she hasn’t been this emotional since an Aretha Franklin concert. Paulina guesses her forgiveness doesn’t affect her decision to move. Chanel assures that she was never moving because of her. Paulina encourages her to have her own life, but asks to let her throw them a going away party before they go so they will always remember where home is. Chanel assures that she could never forget because part of her heart will always be right here with her as they hug.

Julie tells Chad that she will throttle Clyde for what he’s put Chad through emotionally, calling it so cruel. Chad declares it will all be over soon as tomorrow, they will go to Chicago, walk in to the bank and open the safety deposit box to know without a shadow of a doubt if Abigail is still alive.

Johnny meets Chanel at the Brady Pub. Johnny tells her that he broke the news to Roman and Marlena and they both handled it really well. Johnny says they aren’t happy to see them leaving but they were supportive. Johnny asks how things went with Paulina. Chanel says it went way better than she imagined and that they are in a good place now. Chanel adds that Paulina is sad they are leaving but she understands it’s what’s best for them as they hug.

Abe goes home to Paulina and sees she’s been crying so he asks if something is wrong. Paulina informs Abe that Chanel came by and they had an amazing talk where they made a breakthrough and Chanel forgave her. Abe calls that wonderful and says he’s so happy for her. Paulina adds that’s not all as Chanel told her that she and Johnny are moving to Los Angeles which surprises Abe. Paulina explains that Johnny got a great job offer to work on a movie. Abe says they could always go there to visit and he’s sure they will be back here. Paulina declares the important thing is that Chanel doesn’t hate her anymore and they are back to being close again. Paulina asks if Abe wants to tell her what he was up to tonight. Abe admits he was trying to get EJ to back off and they talked for awhile but EJ refused to stop the recall. Paulina declares that karma is going to bite EJ.

Kristen approaches EJ in the town square and says she knows he must be upset that things didn’t go his way, so she hopes there’s no hard feelings since they are family and should support one another. EJ questions what she’s going on about. Kristen asks if Mr. Shin didn’t call him which EJ questions. Kristen guesses she’s going to break the news then. Kristen then announces that EJ is going to need to update his resumé.

Stefan opens the safe at the DiMera Mansion and removes the stacks of cash and the envelope that Kristen mentioned. Stefan opens the envelope and finds that the papers are not contacts, but the DNA results revealing that EJ is not Jude’s father.

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GH Short Recap Friday, June 14, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Trina is touched by Gio’s violin playing when he auditions for Ava. Ava gives Gio the job playing for an upcoming art exhibition.

Josslyn and Trina are having a hard time finding an apartment, so Gio tells them about the apartment above the Quartermaine garage and the girls love the apartment and Josslyn says she will talk to Michael about the apartment.

Drew tells Congressman McConkey that he has decided to run for his soon-to-be vacant seat in Congress.

Kristina talks to Alexis about what would happen to the baby if TJ and Molly were to break up. Alexis sends Kristina some information to read and tells her to think about the promises she made TJ and Molly and the consequences of what would happen if she broke those promises.

Chase talks to Alexis and Elizabeth about Finn. Elizabeth tells Chase she will talk to Finn about taking Violet for a few days. Alexis tells Chase she will talk to Finn to see if she can get him back on track. Finn tells Elixabeth that he is Violet’s father and she will stay with him. Finn and Violet leave to go swimming at the Metro Court pool.

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GH cast animated GIF

Days Short Recap Friday, June 14, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe met with EJ to talk about the organization that’s against Paulina. EJ acted as if he didn’t know what Abe was talking about. Abe told him he knew he started the organization. EJ said he respected him, so he wanted to tell the truth. He said he started the organization. EJ asked if he wanted to know anything else. Abe told him to stop what he’s doing. EJ said he was trying to do the right thing. He said Paulina didn’t use good judgment. Abe asked if he thought that way because she fired him. EJ said that wasn’t the reason why. He said he could spend more time with his son and acting CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Abe asked why he was doing this to Paulina. EJ said it was out of his hands right now. He said Lexie may be gone, but they were still family. Abe asked him to stop attacking Paulina. EJ said it wasn’t an attack and there was nothing he could do about it. Abe said he knew what kind of man he was. Chanel went to see Paulina. She told Paulina about the baby’s heartbeat being strong. After she talked to her about the baby, Chanel told her she was moving to Los Angeles. Paulina said it was an impulsive decision. Chanel said Paulina was the one who acted without thinking. Paulina apologized for what she said. She said she was sad to see Chanel leave. Chanel said she and the baby could be dead if it weren’t for her. She said the baby looks healthy now Paulina might have done a good thing. Chanel said it was time to forgive her. They talked things out. Paulina wanted to through her a going away party.

Kristen told Stefan that she was done helping him. She said she didn’t need his help anymore because she got the CEO job. Stefan wondered how she got the job when EJ was acting CEO. She said the board met in private and offered her the job. He said it was great because she could use the DiMera resources to help find evidence for Gabi. Kristen said she couldn’t do that. She said Mr. Shin would get rid of her if he found out she was using resources to free his son’s murderer. Kristen said she thought Gabi was innocent, but her hands were tied. She said Clyde would come through with evidence. Stefan said he won’t relax until Gabi is free. He said he was breaking Gabi out of prison. Stefan didn’t care if he had to risk his life as a fugitive as long as Gabi is free. Kristen said she had money and names and numbers in the safe in case of emergencies. She wanted him to consider that a going away gift for him and his wife. Johnny went to see Marlena to thank her for the advice. He said everything went great and he decided to take the job. Marlena said she was happy for him. Johnny said things weren’t good between Paulina and Chanel, but the good news was the baby’s heartbeat is strong. Marlena was happy for them. Johnny said he wasn’t sure if they should have had the baby at first, but he knows they made the right decision. Julie called Chad. He told her Clyde told him to check out a safe deposit box in Chicago. Clyde said the proof that Abby was alive was in the safe deposit box. When Chad came home, Julie told him she was going with him to Chicago. Chad said it might be dangerous, but Julie didn’t care. Julie said she could kill Clyde for what he did. Chad said it would be over soon. He said tomorrow they would open the safe deposit box and find out if Abby is alive.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF

Interview with Jennifer Esposito

TV Interview!


Stars Jennifer Esposito, Annabella Sciorra and Domenick Lombardozzi of "Fresh Kills," which premieres today 6/14/24

Interview with Stars Jennifer Esposito, Annabella Sciorra and Domenick Lombardozzi of “Fresh Kills,” by Suzanne 6/6/24

This is a truly great movie, and I was honored to see it and interview three of its stars. Jennifer wrote, directed and starred in the movie. Annabella plays one of her relatives (aunt?), and Domenick plays her husband. I hope you can see this wonderful film.

Interview with Jennifer

Interview with Annabella and Domenick

"Fresh Kills" key artMORE INFO: Official Site Trailer

In her writing & directing debut, veteran actress Jennifer Esposito (Crash, Summer of Sam, Samantha Who, Blue Bloods) brings the late 1980s/early 1990s Staten Island to vivid life through the lens of Rose Larusso (Emily Bader), an inquisitive young woman who discovers her father (Domenick Lombardozzi) is an emerging mafia kingpin. Rose’s growing desire to break free from the path set before her soon threatens her existence and alienates her from her closest allies: her mother (Esposito), aunt (Annabella Sciorra) and sister (Odessa A’zion). Smart, thrilling, and nuanced, FRESH KILLS turns the classic mob movie inside out, by taking audiences on a journey with two teenage girls, living in a mafia life filled with violence, fear, and rage. A closed off world that dictates who these young women are destined to become… unless they fight to break free.


JENNIFER ESPOSITO (Director, Writer, Producer, & Francine Larusso)

With a career spanning over 25 years, Jennifer Esposito is a Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice and Hollywood Foreign Press award recipient. She has appeared in over 60 films and television productions, most notably the Academy Award-Winning film CRASH by Paul Haggis, SUMMER OF SAM by Spike Lee and WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD, by The Russo Brothers. Some of her TV work includes SPIN CITY, SAMANTHA WHO, BLUE BLOODS, THE AFFAIR, THE BOYS. and NORA FROM QUEENS. Jennifer makes her writing and directing debut with FRESH KILLS, in which she also produced and plays a supporting role. She was also the first to incorporate NFTs as a fundraising tool for independent films.

Instagram: @jesposito


Annabella Sciorra is best known for her powerful Emmy-nominated performance as ‘Gloria Trillo’ in HBO’s THE SOPRANOS. She can currently be seen opposite Sylvester Stallone in Taylor Sheridan’s recently renewed Paramount+ series, TULSA KING, as well as in the Apple limited series, TRUTH BE TOLD, opposite Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul. Other television credits include GODFATHER OF HARLEM (Epix), GLOW (Netflix), Marvel’s DAREDEVIL (Netflix), NEW AMSTERDAM (NBC) Marvel’s LUKE CAGE (Netflix), THE L WORD (Showtime), and LAW & ORDER: CI (NBC), among others.

On the feature side, Annabella will next be seen opposite Jennifer Esposito in the indie feature FRESH KILLS, which is premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Annabella also starred in the indie feature, BEFORE I GO, directed by Eric Schaeffer, as well as Fiona and Sophia Robert’s A VIEW OF THE WORLD FROM FIFTH AVENUE, opposite Whit Stillman and Logan Miller.

Annabella achieved leading lady status starting with Spike Lee’s JUNGLE FEVER and Curtis Hanson’s THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. Other feature credits include WHAT DREAMS MAY COME opposite Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr., among numerous others. She received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Female Lead in Nancy Savoca’s TRUE LOVE.

Instagram: @iamannabellasciorra

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Domenick Lombardozzi is an established actor known for his work on both the big and small screen alike with over sixty credits to his name, working with some of the world’s most talented filmmakers.

Lombardozzi starred as the head of the Genovese crime family, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno in Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed Netflix feature, THE IRISHMAN, opposite Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci about the rise and murder and subsequent disappearance of Teamsters president, Jimmy Hoffa. Lombardozzi completely transforms in the role from a man in his early 40s to a man in his late 60s. Lombardozzi credits De Niro and Chazz Palminteri for giving him his first acting role when he was just 15 years-old playing Nicky Zero in the classic 1993 film A Bronx Tale, which was De Niro’s directorial debut.

Of all his roles, Lombardozzi is perhaps most recognized for his role in the iconic HBO series, THE WIRE, where he portrayed ‘Detective Thomas ‘Herc’ Hauk,’ a loveably flawed Baltimore Police officer turned PI. Lombardozzi then took a comedic turn in HBO’s ENTOURAGE as ‘Dom’, one of the gang’s old friends who happens to be an ex-convict.

He also appeared in a season long arc on Showtime’s RAY DONOVAN as a troubled and damaged police officer, Courtney Kemp’s hit Starz series, POWER, as well as HBO/David

Simon’s WE OWN THIS CITY, and THE DEUCE where he plays legendary NY police detective ‘Jack Maple’. He most recently can be seen as Charles ‘Chickie’ Invernizzi on Taylor Sheridan’s TULSA KING for Paramount+, as Sylvester Stallone’s nemesis.


He can next be seen in a season long arc in the second season of the hit Amazon series, JACK REACHER based on the Lee Child novels, and in Grant Singer’s Netflix feature crime thriller REPTILE opposite Benicio del Toro.

Instagram: @domenicklombardozzi

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Days Short Recap Thursday, June 13, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny talked to Chanel about his job offer. He said he had to give the director an answer by the next day. The job is in Los Angeles. Chanel said they didn’t give him enough time to give an answer. When he told her he knew about the job for weeks, she was upset that he didn’t tell her. She wondered if he was going to tell her when he was on the plane or turn it down without telling her. When he said he was trying to avoid her getting stressed, she didn’t believe him. She said they were supposed to be a team and wondered how he could keep her in the dark about it. He apologized to her. She was angry again when he said he talked to Marlena about it. He said Salem was their home and they built a life there. She said if he wanted to turn down the job he would have. He said he was conflicted about the job. She said if he wanted to take the job, she would make a life there too. He said he wasn’t sure if he could cut it there and his dream would be over. While he was talking, he said he couldn’t fail her and the baby. She said he wouldn’t fail, but he wouldn’t know unless he tried. They could always come back if things didn’t work out. She said she would follow him anywhere. They apologized to each other. At the pub, Roman told Kate that Eric moved back in. Kate was happy about it, but worried about Lucas. While she was talking, Lucas showed up. He apologized for not talking to her. The FBI wanted him to keep quiet until Clyde was back in Salem. Kate was upset but said he should be free since he did his end of the bargain. Lucas said he didn’t know what was going on with the deal. He said he was still a fugitive. When Kate tried to get him to leave, he said he didn’t want to go to the monastery. He said he would rather go back to prison. When Lucas left, Kate told Roman about Lucas going back to prison. She wanted to know if Roman would be upset about it. Roman said Lucas learned his lesson and it wouldn’t be right if Harris didn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

Chad told Julie about Clyde. He told her that Clyde said Abby was alive. Julie was happy about Abby being alive, but Chad thought it was a lie. He said a part of him hoped it was true. He said Abby came back before and Stefan was walking around with Jake’s heart. Julie asked if it was possible that Rolf brought Abby back to life. Chad said he wasn’t sure. He said he was going to go see Clyde. Chad didn’t want her to say anything to Jack and Jennifer, so they won’t get their hopes up. When Chad left, Lucas showed up. He told Julie he couldn’t go back to prison without seeing her. She asked him what he thought about Abby being alive. He said he wished it was true, but he didn’t know if it was possible. Rafe questioned Clyde at the police station. He asked Clyde where Li was. Clyde didn’t answer him. Rafe reminded Clyde that he broke Gabi’s leg in prison. Clyde still pretended not to know anything. Rafe said Clyde knew Gabi didn’t kill Li but knew who did. Clyde said he didn’t know Li and had no reason to know who killed him. Rafe brought up Gil and the black book. He wanted to know what Gil told Clyde about the murder. Clyde wanted to know what was in it for him. Rafe said he couldn’t promise him anything. Clyde said he needed to get something out of it if he told what Gil did. He reminded Rafe that he covered up for Hope years ago so he could help him. When Rafe left, Chad walked in. Chad told Clyde to start talking. He said he was with Abby the night she died and there was nothing Rolf could do to save her. Chad asked how Abby could be alive. Stefan told Kristen he was busting Gabi out of prison since no one could help him. Kristen said she couldn’t let that happen because he was supposed to help her become CEO. She said she did plenty to help Gabi so she couldn’t risk him not helping her. If he broke Gabi out of prison, Kristen threatened to expose that he slept with Ava. He said she promised to keep the secret. She told him she wasn’t at war with him, but he had to decide what side he’s on. Rafe showed up while they were talking and told them Clyde may know something, but he wasn’t talking. When Lucas went back to the pub, Roman told him he pulled some strings with the ISA. He said the deal was a go so Lucas was free. Chad threatened Clyde. Clyde said he would tell Chad the truth, but he had to help him. Chad wanted to know why he would go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Clyde said he was going to tell him something big.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jada and Kayla talked about Everett’s DID. She never knew anyone who had it. Jada wanted to understand what Bobby was going through since they were married. She got a call about the shooting at the Kiriakis mansion. Kayla started to panic. Sarah wanted John’s help, and he pulled the gun on her and Steve. Steve’s phone rang which made John snap out of it. John helped Steve while Sarah told Kayla what happened. Marlena talked to Stephanie about Abby’s situation with DID. She let her know that Abby was able to deal with the two personalities. John showed up at the hospital. He told Marlena and Stephanie what happened at the Kiriakis mansion. John told them that Steve was okay, but he was in the hospital. Kayla and Stephanie went to Steve’s room. He told them how he got shot. Steve told them about Konstantin’s lies and murders. The plan went haywire. Stephanie left them alone and Kayla yelled at Steve. She couldn’t believe he didn’t know that Konstantin would fight back. Kayla wanted him to let her know that he got mixed up in a dangerous situation. He felt better keeping her out of it. Kayla got upset and told him that he doesn’t treat her like a partner. Alex went off because Xander could have hit Theresa. Xander reminded him that he was an excellent marksman. He asked Alex if he was supposed to let Konstantin choke her in front of them. Theresa wanted to make sure Konstantin was dead. Brady confirmed that he was. Brady and Xander thought about Konstantin’s last words about an enemy being in their midst. They figured it was the person who helped him kidnap Victoria. Theresa looked uncomfortable as Xander talked about the person in the hoodie who took Victoria. Jada showed up while Xander and Sarah talked about Konstantin’s body. Brady told Jada that Xander killed Konstantin. Jada wanted the weapon. She wanted answers about what happened. Brady told her what happened. Xander told her that he shot him to save Theresa, but Alex and Brady told her that he didn’t care about her life.

Xander couldn’t believe Alex and Brady threw him under the bus. He saved Theresa’s life and they tried to get him arrested. Jada said everyone could go but Xander. She needed a statement from him. Xander sarcastically thanked his family for backing him up. Brady texted John telling him that Konstantin was dead because Xander shot him. John told Marlena that he didn’t regret that Konstantin was dead. Marlena said that Konstantin’s reign of terror was over. John told her that it wasn’t quite over yet. He told her about the card and how he almost shot Steve. Marlena tried to assure him that he would never shoot Steve. They had to work to get him out of Konstantin’s spell. He was afraid it wasn’t enough. She believed she could free him from Konstantin’s brainwashing. John wasn’t sure since he killed Konstantin’s daughter. He felt like the best thing to do would be to leave Salem. Brady helped Theresa. She was surprised he helped her because of what happened that morning. She apologized for hurting him. He reminded her that she’s the mother of his child and he would always care about her. Jada and Xander finished the interrogation when Sarah showed up. She thought the police would charge him. He doesn’t know if the police will buy him trying to save Theresa’s life or was he getting revenge. Sarah wanted to know which one it was. He told her about Konstantin choking Theresa. Xander didn’t regret killing him. He wished he found out who helped him kidnap Victoria. Marlena told him that he couldn’t run away. He wanted to pay respect to Katarina’s grave. John wanted to do it alone.

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Days Short Recap Monday, June 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie didn’t want Konstantin to say anything while John pointed his gun at him. She told him off about deceiving her for so long. Xander got upset when it came out that Konstantin had Victoria kidnapped. Konstantin said everyone was a hypocrite. He reminded them that Victor wasn’t a saint. Konstantin told them that he got his revenge by sabotaging Victor’s plane. He admitted to sending him to a watery grave. Sarah arrived and wondered what happened. Maggie called Konstantin a liar. She knew he was going to kill her. Sarah was shocked by what she heard. Maggie didn’t believe Victor was taken out by a man like him. She thought he just wanted to hurt her, but he couldn’t hurt her more than she was. Maggie couldn’t believe she allowed her husband’s killer into her house. Konstantin didn’t think she was ever going to marry him. She said she would have until Steve and John got through to her. John and Steve were about to take him away, but Maggie wanted to know about Victor’s final days. They deserved to know the truth. What took so long to get revenge for his daughter’s death? There’s a flashback of Konstantin and Victor. He gave Victor a chance to redeem himself. They talked about Bo being in a coma. Victor talked to him about accidentally taking his wife and daughter and regretting it. Konstantin didn’t want an apology. Victor decided to make a new will and would leave him something in it. Konstantin wanted him to draft the will immediately. After the flashback, Konstantin told everyone that he would only collect after Victor died. He said that Victor screwed him over because he changed his will again before getting on the plane.

Konstantin flashed back to walking in on Theresa reading the will. After the flashback, Konstantin wished he could have seen Victor’s face when he plunged to his death. Maggie started crying while he kept talking. She snapped at him when he said Victor cared more about money than her. After she yelled at him, she collapsed. John and Steve arrested Konstantin. Bonnie and Sarah took Maggie upstairs. Sarah let her know she had an adrenaline crash. Maggie wanted to know about Victor’s life that she overlooked the red flags. Bonnie told her that she was the victim. Maggie felt stupid. He got his way because she always sees the best in people. Konstantin faked a coughing attack and grabbed Theresa as his hostage. He pulled a gun out and started shooting as he left the room. Just as he was leaving Steve shot Konstantin in his side. John assured him that he would be okay. Alex and Brady went after Konstantin. Brady grabbed his father’s gun. Steve wondered how he got hit. Xander told Sarah, Maggie and Bonnie that Steve was grazed, but he would be okay. He said they needed Sarah’s help. Maggie noticed that Steve’s wound was more than a graze. Konstantin dragged Theresa outside. She called him evil. He shot her uncle. She wished she didn’t get involved with him. Konstantin reminded her that she set everything in motion. She said he took charge ever since. They kept arguing while Alex arrived. Alex said Steve was okay unlike his father. Konstantin started laughing. He told Alex that he was mistaken. Alex wanted to know what he meant by that. He confessed to killing Victor, but he wasn’t his father. Steve wanted John to stop Konstantin. John refused to abandon his father. He felt like the bullet was meant for him. John looked at the pawn card and flashed back Katarina and flashing back to being his pawn the first time. Sarah examined Steve and said he was fine. Theresa told Alex not to listen to Konstantin. Before Konstantin could finish talking, Brady showed up with a gun. He warned him to drop the gun or Tate would grow up without a mother. Maggie felt like she lost Victor again. She wanted to do the right thing. Justin and Bonnie wondered who the accomplice was that helped Konstantin. Xander arrived while Konstantin, Theresa and Brady were arguing. He took Brady’s gun and said he had to deal with him. Xander wanted to make him pay for what he did. He kidnapped his child and wanted to make him pay. Xander wanted to know who helped Konstantin. Theresa elbowed Konstantin in the stomach and tried to get away. He pulled her to the ground. Konstantin said he was a pain ever since he arrived in Salem. He started choking Theresa until there was a shot. There was a shot of Xander pointing the gun at him.

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