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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny and Chanel stopped hugging each other. He thought about John and Marlena’s lives together. He thought they were meant to be. He hoped he would find a love like their love. She touched his face. They leaned in to kiss each other when Allie got off the elevator. Allie demanded to know what was going on between them. Allie thought Chanel avoided things like rooftops. Allie wasn’t impressed that Johnny helped get Kristen arrested. Chanel defended Johnny because of his grandmother. She didn’t understand why he was coming on to her girlfriend if he was so worried about his grandmother. Will got a phone call about going away for another assignment. He didn’t want to go, but Sonny thought Marlena would want him to go. Will said that he would be gone for six months. Sonny refused to hold him back from his dream. John watched the photo display of him and Marlena. Marlena put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. When she didn’t respond he cried and vowed to get help. Sarah noticed that Marlena’s bed was empty. Belle and Eric walked in the room. John rushed Marlena back in the room. Sarah checked her pulse and told them that Marlena was gone. Belle rushed out of the room and John went after her. Sarah offered her condolences.

Eric started crying when he sat by Marlena’s bed. He talked about how his faith let him down. He said he asked God to spare her, but He didn’t listen to him. He put his head on her chest and started crying. He said that he needed someone to talk to and she was gone. John and Belle went back to Marlena’s room so Eric gave them time alone with her. Belle said goodbye to her mother. She hugged John and let him be with her. Wendy and Tripp saw Johnny. She offered her condolences to him. Johnny didn’t want to hear it from Tripp because his mother killed his grandmother. Johnny taunted Tripp who threw a punch. Johnny blocked his punch and hit him instead. Johnny walked away from him. Belle saw Allie and hugged her. She left to call Sami. Allie told Chanel to leave the hospital while she went to look for Will. Belle met up with Eric and she wanted to go to the chapel to pray. Eric didn’t want to pray because God didn’t hear him. Will and Sonny agree that he shouldn’t go to New Zealand. Allie walked in and they comforted each other. Belle joined them. They wondered what happened to Eric. John went down memory lane while he was with Marlena. He was convinced that their story wasn’t over yet. He didn’t believe it was goodbye because he knew they would be together again.

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