Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi showed up to Elliot’s room. She told him she wanted to enroll her daughter in his school. He said he wasn’t the one to handle those things. She said she wanted the name and number of the person she is supposed to call. She kept pressing him until she caught him in a lie. He admitted to who he really was and why he was there. Kristen was there when Gwen and Dimitri came home. Gwen told her she knew everything. Dimitri came up with a story to cover up what Gwen was saying. He said he and Kristen needed to have a strategy session regarding their DiMera stock. Gwen left to unpack so they could talk. Kristen told him why Elliot was there. Dimitri was worried about how he was going to convince Elliot that his marriage was real without Gwen wondering what was going on. Kristen left him so he could figure it out. Gwen came back and noticed that he was upset. He said he was upset because of business. He said he was going for a walk to clear his head.

Stefan played 20 Questions with Rachel. She told him Dimitri had a sleepover with someone. Kristen showed up before Rachel could tell him anything else. Kristen got Rachel away from Stefan. When Gabi came home, Stefan told her he almost had the information they needed. She told him not to worry because she found out everything from Elliot. Dimitri went to Leo’s room. He said he was concerned about Elliot and the codicil. Dimitri told him what was going on. They tried to come up with a plan. Dimitri said he could hire someone to pretend to be Gwen. He said he needed someone he could trust. Leo said he would do it. Chad and Stephanie were having breakfast when Alex showed up. He wanted to talk to Stephanie about handling a business deal. Chad asked if he was going to shut himself off and be alone. Alex said he planned on doing that. He told them he felt guilty about the way he left things with Victor and Maggie before Victor died. Chad told him the best way to make it up with Victor was to fix things with Maggie. Alex agreed to fix things.

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