Days Short Recap Thursday, January 5, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan and Eric fixed breakfast for Rachel. Rachel said she wanted to go home. He said she couldn’t go home because her parents were sick. She thought that meant her parents kissed at midnight. Sloan sent her out of the kitchen. Sloan told Eric about kidnapping Rachel. He said he would make it up to her. She said she needed it to be over today or come up with another plan. Brady tried to get Kristen to calm down. She asked why he wasn’t more upset about it. He said he was trying to keep a clear head about it. He said his father was on the case. She wondered if the person took Rachel because of her. She said her first suspect was Sarah. When she was going to leave, Brady stopped her. He said he was going to make some calls. He told her to get some rest. He made a call. Rachel asked if she could call her parents. Eric said she could call them soon. Sloan told her to go to her room and pick out makeup for a makeover. Eric thanked her for her help. She said he was lucky she was attracted to him. She said she would have turned him in by now. Brady called him. He said Kristen was desperate so they should make their demands now. Eric agreed with him.

Brady told Eric Kristen would know he was behind the kidnapping once they asked for the orchid. Kristen showed up as soon as Brady told Eric that he had to find the right time to drop the bomb on her. She told him he found the time. When he got off the phone, she wanted to know what he did with her daughter. He said Rachel was fine, but he wasn’t going to tell her where she was until she gave him the orchid. She told him no judge would give him custody after that. He told her to give him the orchid or she would never see Rachel again. She said she would let the women die unless he told her where Rachel was. He threatened her again. She agreed to do what he wanted. Kate and Roman had breakfast at the pub. Rex walked in. She said she was going to visit Lucas. Rex said he would love to go with her, but he had her test results. She looked at the results. She noticed that her levels were off again. He said he wanted to run tests on Marlena and Kayla to see if their results were the same. Steve and Kayla showed up and found out that one dose may not be enough. Kayla agreed to get tested. Rex and Kayla went to the hospital. Kate went to see Lucas. Steve and Roman were worried about their wives. Rex told Kayla that she had the same result as Kate. Kayla said she felt fine until she started sneezing. She said that was how the illness happened the last time. She felt like she was relapsing. Brady and Kristen went to the DiMera mansion. They went in the tunnels. He said he couldn’t believe he never found her hiding spot. She opened a cabinet and saw that the orchid was gone.

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