Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Eric ran into each other at the park. She said it was funny seeing him there since it was 25 years since they met each other. He said he remembered that and was thinking about her. He said he was talking to his father. He said his father was rooting for them to get back together. She was shocked because of Sloan. He told her he wasn’t seeing Sloan anymore because he betrayed her trust. She asked if he was available. He said he was, but she wasn’t. She asked why Roman was rooting for them. Eric said he was surprised that he changed his mind. She asked if he changed his mind too. He said he hasn’t thought about what was in his heart. He said he wanted it to stop hurting. He wanted to make peace with his mother. He told her that Roman regretted not having more time with Kate. Someone called her but didn’t answer the phone. She asked if he had any regrets. He said she knew he did. She got an urgent message from EJ. She thought it might be about Holly. Eric said they were one big happy family. When she was about to leave, he asked her if she heard about the orchid. She said she would have told him if she did. He said it was a long shot and left. In the investigation room, Li told Rafe he did everything he did because he loved Gabi. He said he was sure Gabi would forgive him. Rafe said there was no grudge too small his sister wouldn’t hold on to. He said Trask felt the same way. He said after Li got off the first charge, she would make sure these charges stuck especially since Rolf turned on him. He gave Li a paper and pen for his confession.

Sloan came in the investigation room and said Li wasn’t signing anything. She said she wanted him released in her custody. Rafe denied her demand. He ended up getting a text. She thought it was from Trask. She said she just came from seeing Trask. She said Trask was furious at him and Jada for allowing Eric to lie his way into releasing Rolf. Rafe told Li that he would get Rolf to sign another statement so he shouldn’t leave town. Gabi ran into Chloe. Chloe told her she hasn’t heard from Stefan. Gabi told her Stefan called her Chloe. She said if Chloe wanted him, he was hers. She said she was going back to Li for his stocks. She said she agreed to it because she knew Rafe would lock him up. Li showed up. When Chloe left, Li told Gabi that he was out of prison for good. He reminded her they made a deal so they will be living together. She said he gave up his room at the Salem Inn. He said he knew the perfect place for him. Brady told Rolf that he had to get back to deprogramming Stefan. Rolf said if he amped up his contraption, half of Salem would go dark. He said he didn’t want to see Roman again. Brady said Roman thought the lights were a message from Kate. Rolf said no one could bring her back except for him. Stefan told Brady to stop what he was doing. Stefan said Brady was like Li. Brady said no one would stop him from his mission. Rolf put the tongs on Stefan’s head. Brady pressed the ice cream scooper to send the volts to Stefan’s head. Stefan’s body shook as he looked at the pictures of Chloe on the wall. Stefan passed out. He told Brady to turn off the contraption. Rolf checked for Stefan’s heartbeat. He said Brady killed him. When Brady checked, he didn’t find a pulse. He made Rolf leave. Brady performed CPR on him. When Brady was about to put his mouth on him, he screamed. Rafe knocked on the door. Rolf said he wanted to talk to Eric about Rolf. Stefan yelled out to Rafe. Rafe kicked in the door. Rafe freed Stefan. Stefan told him what Brady, Eric and Rolf did. Stefan ran from the room. Rafe arrested Brady. Eric showed up. Rafe said he was next.

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