B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 24, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope asks Liam to forgive her and asks if they can get back together for their family. They talk about how Thomas and Steffy have impacted their marriage. Liam tells her that he loves her but can’t forgive her. Hope is very disappointed.

Finn keeps begging Steffy to forgive him and to take him back because he misses her and the kids so much. He asks her to remember when they found each other again in Monaco (after she thought he was dead).

Ridge finds Eric sitting at his desk, in his old office. Eric accuses Ridge of avoiding him and acts like Ridge is trying to keep him out of Forrester. Ridge is shocked, but he makes things worse by not being sensitive to how Eric is obviously feeling. Eric wants to get a new collection together of their classic Forrester designs, but Ridge brushes the idea aside, angering Eric. Eric gets annoyed when he can’t find the stapler that’s been sitting on his desk since he first started the company. Ridge tells him someone probably threw it out because it hasn’t worked in a long time. Eric, upset, asks if Ridge wants to throw him out, too. Ridge is stunned.

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