Days Short Recap Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander woke up in bed with Gwen. He had a dream that Sarah wanted to be back with him. Gwen wondered if he was dreaming about Sarah. He said he was. She asked if sleeping with her was a mistake. He said it was a mistake, but on her part. He said she slept with a drunken loser while he slept with someone who gave up everything for him. He said she stood by him when no one else would. He said he wasn’t sure what he could offer her. He said he wasn’t sure if he was over her and wasn’t sure if he ever would be. She said she didn’t expect anything to come out of it. She said they could pretend nothing happened. He said he didn’t want to do that. He said he cared about her. He offered for her to stay with him if she needed a place to stay. She said she was fine. He wanted to take her out to eat, but he spent his money on scotch. He said he would get her another time. He said he wanted to talk and figure things out. When he went to the bathroom, she said she didn’t think there would be another time. Paulina asked Chanel why she was staying with her. Chanel told her what happened. Paulina said she agreed with Allie. Chanel said she loved Allie. Paulina asked why she wouldn’t deal with how she hurt Allie. Paulina said the way Allie treated her wasn’t right, but grief was powerful. She said Chanel had to get over it. Chanel said she was afraid Allie didn’t have anyone to help her deal with Marlena’s funeral. Paulina said she had her.

At Allie’s apartment, she and Alex talked about being hungover. She apologized to him for his underwear being missing. She said she would text him when she found them. He said he was glad they got a chance to hang out with each other. He left the apartment. Allie talked to Wendy about Alex. Allie said they had too much to drink so he slept in his office. She said nothing happened. Wendy asked why his underwear was missing. Allie said they slept in separate rooms. She told Wendy that Chanel moved out. Allie said she wanted Chanel to own up to what happened with Johnny so it wouldn’t happen again. Wendy said she wouldn’t mind that either. Allie said her brother was always impulsive with women. She told Wendy to find someone else. Chanel went home to see Allie. Chanel said she knew she hurt her. She said she missed her. Chanel wondered if Allie was okay when she didn’t change her attitude. Allie told her she and Alex got drunk last night. Allie apologized to her. Chanel found boxers short and wondered whose they were. Allie said they were Alex’s. She said nothing happened. Chanel left the apartment. Stephanie woke up and found Chad looking at the ceiling. She asked him if he had any regrets. He said it was amazing. He said it was strange to wake up to someone other than Abby. She said it has been a long time since he did. He said it wasn’t as long as she thought. He told her about cheating on Abby with Gwen. He said that was a mistake, but he and Stephanie weren’t a mistake. He said he was afraid the timing was off after everything that happened with Alex and her mother dying. She told him to put Alex out of his mind. Sarah and Gwen ran into each other. Gwen told her she was sorry about the divorce. Sarah said she knew Gwen was waiting to get back in Xander’s bed. Gwen said she didn’t have to worm her way back to Xander’s bed. She said he invited her. Sarah didn’t believe they slept together. Xander showed up and told her to believe it. He said there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

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