Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren, Michael, and Nikki get together to start planning the masquerade ball to celebrate the bicentennial of Genoa City.

Nikki asks Michael to talk to Victor and persuade him not to make McCall Unlimited a separate entity with Adam as the CEO if Tucker decides to sell the company to them. Michael doesn’t want to get in the middle of family drama so he tells Nikki he will remain neutral like Switzerland.

Summer tells Nikki that Sally is pregnant with Adam’s baby and that Nick still intends to have a romantic relationship with her. Nikki wants Sally away from Nick so she agrees to help Summer with her plan to get Adam and Sally back together so Sally will be out of Nick’s life. Summer tells Sally she wants to call a truce between them, so Nick won’t be disappointed in her. Summer also tells Sally she always thought she and Adam were a good couple and that her being pregnant with his child is a sign that she and Adam are meant to be. Adam offers to buy Sally and the baby a house, but she turns down his generous offer. Adam and Nick call a truce and promise to find common ground so Sally has as stress free of a pregnancy as possible.

Sharon talks to Billy once again warning him that Chelsea could be too dependent on him. Billy assures Sharon that he is taking it slowly with Chelsea and he will not hurt her. Chloe is also having the same talk with Chelsea about Billy. Chelsea is grateful that Chloe is being a good friend and tells her she has thought about this a lot and her feelings for Billy are real and different from when they were engaged years ago.

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