Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 23, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle calls Victor to tell him he won’t work with him anymore because he doesn’t want to lie to Jack and Summer anymore. Victor respects Kyle for being honest with him and transfers the textile mills he promised Kyle to Marchetti.
Summer is glad Kyle stood up to Victor and she makes Kyle promise not to lie to her again.

Adam talks to Chelsea and tells her that Sally is pregnant with his child. Chelsea advises Adam to concentrate on being a good father to this new baby and let go of his dream to be with Sally because she doesn’t want to be with him.

Billy and Jack have a talk and Billy tells him that he is having feelings for Chelsea but he wants to be careful because of her recent suicide attempt. Jack advises Billy to be careful and go slowly but to follow his heart it will tell him what to do. Jack offers Billy the co-CEO job and Billy agrees to think about the job offer.

Nick tells Sally he is very disappointed that he isn’t the father of her child. Nick is also worried that Adam will try to break up their relationship because he wants Sally and the baby to be a family. Sally tells Nick that she won’t allow Adam to come between them.

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