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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam sits with Hope in their cabin home; he tries to get her to remember how bad Thomas was and how good she is. They just celebrated Beth’s birthday, so they both remember that Thomas knew that Steffy’s adopted daughter “Phoebe” was really Beth, and he said nothing. Liam thinks that Hope is not acting like herself; he hints that they could find their way back to each other.

Thomas visits Steffy, having missed the birthday party for Beth on purpose. He didn’t want there to be any awkwardness with Liam and Hope. Steffy wants to know what his relationship is now with Hope, and whether he could let her go back to Liam. He doesn’t think Hope will go back to Liam, since they already signed divorce papers, but he wants Hope to be happy, regardless. Later, Liam visits Steffy. They talk about the girls and then Hope and Thomas. Liam thinks that Hope may have finally listened to him about Thomas.

Ridge and Brooke kiss in the office. Ridge had missed the birthday party, so Brooke shows him some photos on her phone. They talk about whether Liam and Hope will get back together. Ridge knows that Brooke blames Thomas for their troubles. Brooke hopes that Liam and Hope can get back together. Later, Thomas drops by Ridge’s office and admires a design that Ridge is working on. They catch up. Ridge praises Thomas’ success but, like Steffy, wants to know what’s going on between Thomas and Hope.

Brooke visits Hope in the cabin. Brooke mentions something similar to what Liam said about Thomas (and Beth’s past). Brooke can tell that Thomas has changed for the better, but she can’t forgive him of what he’s done. Hope assures her that she heard what she and Liam are saying. She admits that seeing Liam with Beth at the party helped put things in perspective for her. She wonders if Liam is right, that she’s lost herself. She beats herself up for sleeping with Thomas behind Liam’s back. Hope says she thinks she doesn’t know who she is any more. Brooke thinks that this means Hope is coming back to being herself. She urges Hope to put an end to her relationship with Thomas and focus on her family. Hope looks very confused.

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