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Recap written by Eva

The New Year starts off with a lot of action for the residents of Port Charles.

Maxie and Liesl have a talk and Maxie advises Liesl not to dwell on her past mistakes as a mother, instead, she should focus on the relationship she has with Britt now. Maxie tells Liesl that Britt is a wonderful person and that is because of her.

Drew and Carly meet on Pier 27 and toast the new year and reflect on how far they have come since they spent last New Year’s Eve together on the foot bridge.

Sam helps Dante realize that he is a good cop and he is still helping people while keeping his relationship with Sonny separate from his police work. Sam tells Dante that she respects him c for being a good cop, son, brother, and father for his family and friends.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Esme jumped off the parapet and he has looked everywhere on the property and he can’t find her.

Trina and Spencer talk on the deck of the Haunted Star and Trina helps Spencer realize that he shouldn’t automatically expect that things in his life won’t work out. Spencer and Trina almost kiss again but they are startled when they see a shivering Esme who passes out on the deck. Spencer later calls Elizabeth and tells her that Esme is at the hospital and the police are on their way to arrest her.

Dante arrives to question Esme at the hospital. Nikolas and Elizabeth are worried about what Esme might say to Dante.

Josslyn does a decent job of fighting off the hook killer and when she gets a chance she yells for help. Britt hears her and comes to help because Britt is waiting on the docks for a car to take her to the airport. Britt hits the hook killer, who is wearing a mask, with her purse and she and Josslyn manage to hold off the killer until Dex arrives and shoots the killer in the arm. The killer drops the hook and runs away. Britt tells the police that she saw the hook killer was attacking a young woman and, after they both fought off the killer, the young woman ran away. The story was what Britt, Dex and Josslynn decided on because the police can’t find out he shot the killer in the arm because he works for Sonny and was using an unlicensed gun. The audience sees the hook killer wearing her mask and when we see the killer take her mask off we see the hook killer is Heather Webber.

Joslynn is at Dex’s apartment and Dex gives Joss scotch for the first time to calm her nerves. Joss feels guilty that they had to make up a story for the police just because Dex works for Sonny. Dex and Joss later make love deciding not to fight the feelings they have for each other anymore.

Britt returns to the Haunted Star to tell her mother she has decided to stay in Port Charles. Liesl is very happy and they toast the New Year. Britt takes off her coat and Liesl notices Britt’s dress is torn and she is bleeding. Britt walks away and then she falls to the floor.

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