GH Short Recap Wednesday, January 11, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha tells Chase that she misses Brando most at night when the house is quiet and she looks forward to going to sleep so she can dream about him. Chase tells Sasha that is perfectly normal for any widow to do and if she feels that way again, she can call him anytime so they can talk.

Gladys tells Sonny he needs to persuade Sasha to sell Brando’s garage for $ 300,000 but Sonny thinks Sasha is right because the garage is worth more money.

Brook Lynn calls Chase to ask him to come to the Quartermaine Mansion to learn some new song lyrics she wrote for the song he is singing with Blaze at the radio station tomorrow. Brook Lynn hopes that she can get some alone time with Chase but he brings Sasha with him.

Drew is even more upset with Carly when she tells him that she lied to him about the results of the paternity test that she had done on Nina and Willow. Drew tells Carly that he is glad that that their relationship didn’t go any further because he can’t trust her anymore.

Sonny tells Joseph n to tell Michael he will help him with anything he and Willow need while she is going through cancer.

Josslyn is shocked because Michael didn’t tell her about Willow’s illness. Dex drives Josslynn home and she cries and tells Dex about Oscar and his cancerous brain tumor and how much she loved him. Josslyn doesn’t want Michael to go through the pain of losing Willow like she lost Oscar.

Sonny asks Brick to find the best oncologist for Willow in case they need help. Willow has a nightmare that Nina takes Wiley and her baby girl away from her unaware that Nina is downstairs confronting Michael. Willow wakes up startled and goes downstairs and sees Nina with Wiley who came downstairs because he couldn’t sleep. Willow screams at Nina that she won’t take her children from her because she is still alive. Michael calms Willow and tells me to take Wiley upstairs and she gets up two or three steps, and then Wiley says Mommy and Willow passes out. Michael rushes over to Willow and quickly calls an ambulance. Nina calls Carly to tell her Michael and Willow are on the way to the hospital. Michael calls Brook Lynn so she can stay with Wiley.

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