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Phyllis: Hey, derek, can you do me a favor? Um, and get housekeeping on this right away. Half a bottle of wine and dirty glasses are outside my suite. I don’t want it there. Hard night for someone. I don’t know who left it there. I don’t know. I don’t know. But could you get rid of it? Thanks.

Amanda: Well, hello. So, you run out of town, you leave us in the lurch for the chancellor-winters launch party, and then, worst of all, you don’t call, you don’t text.

Phyllis: I know. I’m the worst. Hi.

Amanda: Welcome home.

Phyllis: Aww, thank you. Thank you.

Amanda: So, when did you get back?

Phyllis: I don’t know. That depends. I mean, maybe too late or too soon.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, too late because I definitely ruined things with jack and too soon because maybe I shouldn’t have come back in the first place.

[ Chuckles ]

Diane: Enjoy your cookies, harrison, and don’t forget to thank mrs. Martinez.

Jack: How was your trip to the park?

Diane: Oh, we had a great time, and he ran around so much that he got really hungry.

Jack: That boy can always find a good excuse to have another dessert.

Diane: Yes, and I could not bring myself to say no. He is a growing boy.

Jack: Absolutely. You two seem to be really bonding.

Diane: Yes. You know, when I had kyle, i never — I never thought that i would spend so much of his life away from him. I just — I feel like I have all this leftover love to give, and I’m really lucky that I can give it to harrison. Family really does mean so much. Oh, speaking of, uh, we saw allie at the park with noah newman. The two of them seemed to really be hitting it off.

Jack: I am delighted to hear that. The more friends she has in town, the better the chances are she’ll stick around and put down roots. And nothing could make me happier than that.

Diane: And…?

Jack: And…?

Diane: And it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for me.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: You’re not gonna let me forget that, are you?

Diane: Oh, jack abbott, are you actually smiling at me?

Imani: Oh!

[ Chuckles ] Fancy seeing you here.

Elena: Imani. How’s your mom doing? Nate told me about the stroke.

Imani: Um, amanda just got back from visiting her, so I’ll find out soon.

Elena: Well, if you ever need a sounding board while navigating your mom’s treatment plan, don’t hesitate to ask.

Imani: You know me. I never do. That’s why it’s so comforting to have nate around. He’s been so helpful, and I feel so taken care of.

[ Chuckles ] Listen to me, telling you. You know all about that man.

Elena: I like to think I do.

Imani: Except where to find him.

Elena: What do you mean?

Imani: You came here to see nate, but he’s having lunch with devon at society.

Elena: Oh. Good to know.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] It’s so funny how I know more about nate’s comings and goings these days than you do.

Elena: Mm.

Imani: Isn’t it?

Elena: Maybe for now.

Imani: Mm.

Nate: Your first choices for hire are aligning with mine.

Devon: I think that’s cause for celebration. You want to grab a dessert or something?

Nate: I wouldn’t say no to one of those fruit tarts.

Devon: They don’t have those today. The hostess told me on the way in.

Nate: If they didn’t have enough, why leave them on the menu?

Devon: I don’t know. That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Nate: Damn right it is.

Devon: Yeah. Get people all excited about something and then can’t deliver?

Nate: Borderline criminal.

Devon: Right? It’s like, uh — it’s like getting up onstage and promising 50 podcasts at the launch of a new company without double-checking to make sure that you have 50 podcasts produced and ready to release.

Nate: Okay, hold on. I spoke to our content team, and they told me we had 50 in the pipeline.

Devon: And do you know what the pipeline is? It consists of anything from projects that we’re interested in buying to shows that are in development to series that are being produced and ready to air. So, no, we don’t have 50 podcasts ready to go, and now we’re scrambling. Who do you think you are?

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Jack: I wouldn’t read too much into my smile if I were you. My needle has barely moved from deeply suspicious and full of misgivings to cautiously trusting where you’re concerned.

Diane: Well, some amount of movement is better than none at all. I’ll take that as a win.

Jack: Whatever gets you through the day.

Diane: You know, this has been a rather promising day so far. First there’s phyllis, who is vowing to be on her best behavior, and we’ve called a truce, and now jack abbott, of all people, is cautiously ready to trust me.

Jack: You are really tenacious in your drive to turn things around, aren’t you?

Diane: Have you forgotten? When I decide I want something, I pursue it relentlessly. And since I’ve decided that i want a fresh start here in order to rebuild my relationship with kyle, I…

Jack: Wait, what?

Diane: Well [Sighs] I think i might have overstepped with him, pushed too far too soon. Actually, if you have a minute, I wouldn’t mind your advice on how to fix it.

Phyllis: Thank you. Alright, here you go, just for you.

Amanda: Thank you.

Phyllis: So, um, I did everything I could to take responsibility for my past deeds, right? I told jack that I was sorry for what I did. I told him that I was sorry that I allowed all my old insecurities and my past demons to take over.

Amanda: Wow. So you did exactly what I told you to do from the start.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: How did he respond?

Phyllis: Oh, how’d he respond? He told me I was insincere. Yeah. That’s what he said. Even though I told him that i went to diane to offer her a truce.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] No, you did not.

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I did that for my daughter because my daughter begged me to do it, even though it’s against every single fiber of my being to make nice with that bitch.

Amanda: Well, I am really proud of you, phyllis, for putting your daughter’s feelings first.

Phyllis: Of course. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Nothing. That’s what us moms do, you know?

Amanda: Yeah. That mother/daughter bond is…

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Right. I’m sorry. I’m going on and on about myself. What’s going on with you?

Devon: See, my job is to make sure you can do yours effectively, and I know that this whole coo position is different than anything you’ve done in the past. But I do urge you to get up to speed on how things run around here.

Nate: I’ve been working hard to do that. I’ve met with all the department heads, and I’ve been sitting in on planning meetings. But I jumped the gun on the announcement. And I meant what I said before. I’m sorry.

Devon: Well, hey, i appreciate you saying it again. And I’m mostly just busting your chops ’cause I do know there’s a learning curve to all this.

Nate: Thank you. That’s a relief.

Devon: Yeah. However, if you do have any crowd-pleasing podcast ideas, I would love to hear them. Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Does that offer apply to eavesdroppers? ‘Cause I caught the tail end of it, and I actually might be able to help.

Devon: Well, do you have a podcast idea?

Elena: It’s a little rough, but, yeah, I’ve been kicking something around in my head.

Nate: This is the first I’m hearing about this.

Devon: Please pull up a seat.

Elena: [ Clears throat ] So…a medical podcast. Proactive and preventative measures, patient advocacy, maybe segments about medical mysteries, where the patient presents their symptoms and they take the listener through the doctor’s attempts at finding a cure and finding a treatment.

Devon: That’s — I mean, that sounds like a great idea, a really great idea. I know a ton of people that would be interested in listening to something like that. What do you think?

Nate: Hmm. I don’t want to be a downer, but I don’t see how we can do it.

Kyle: Please have a seat. Thank you for meeting with us. We know how busy you are.

Chelsea: Please. You two are the ones in the middle of a seismic shift in regards to where and how you’re doing your business. Congratulations again on finalizing jabot’s acquisition of marchetti. I mean, everyone at fenmore’s is just buzzing about it.

Kyle: Wait. How — how could they know? We haven’t even gone public.

Chelsea: Oh, I mean, it’s fashion. You know, rumors and…

Summer: People in our business know what women are gonna be wearing six months from now. Why wouldn’t they know what’s going on in the boardrooms?

Chelsea: This is very true. Well, it is fabulous news. And I feel like something else is going on because you two keep making eyes at each other and lauren was insinuating something earlier. So, um, do tell — what else do you have up your sleeves? (Vo) at the tidy cats innovation lab.

Jack: Wait, how did you push kyle too far?

Diane: [ Sighs ] I asked him for help in finding me a job here. Well, I can’t rely on his financial support forever, and i wanted him to know that I fully intend to pay my own way.

Jack: So, you’re definitely putting down roots here. What about your life in L.A.?

Diane: Oh, there’s nothing i can’t walk away from there. And I really do want to pivot towards a career in public relations. So, I had this idea that maybe kyle could help me find something, but I regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth.

Jack: He was opposed to it?

Diane: Well, I… I think he was uncomfortable. I-I put him on the spot. I mean, he has enough to worry about, with taking over as ceo and moving a major international fashion house to the states, without having to deal with helping his mother find a job.

Jack: So, how did you leave things?

Diane: Well, I — i backpedaled. But then he said he would keep his ears open.

[ Sighs ] I’m just worried that I took one step forward and now I’ve taken five steps back. He didn’t mention any of this to you, did he?

Jack: No. And if he did, I wouldn’t share it with you. I cannot — i will not intervene, definitely not on your behalf.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: Look, I supported kyle taking this job at marchetti because he needs to run something on his own. So I’m not about to tell him what to do.

Diane: Alright. It’s probably for the best because if you did, you would probably tell him to not even consider helping me.

Jack: This is between you and kyle.

Summer: I’m glad that you’re excited about marchetti’s move to jabot because we have a proposition for you. We would like to bring you in to design a new line for marchetti.

Chelsea: Wow. I-I wasn’t expecting that.

Summer: That’s not the reaction I was expecting. I thought that you would jump at this opportunity.

Chelsea: I-I-I love the opportunity. Um, it’s just I signed a contract to market my stuff exclusively at fenmore’s, so i don’t think I can.

Kyle: We already ran it by lauren. She said she doesn’t mind you working on both lines.

Chelsea: She’s agreed?

Summer: 100%. So, we would call the line “chelsea lawson for marchetti.”

Kyle: So we aren’t poaching you.

Summer: Think of it more as you’re spreading your talents across fenmore’S.

Chelsea: I love the sound of that. I mean, angelina — she is an icon. Those are huge stilettos to fill. When I heard she was retiring, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: We think that you are the perfect person to lead marchetti into a new era. I love your work, the chances that you take. I want to see more.

Chelsea: Wow, I’m — I’m thrilled and honored that you would trust me to work for this legacy brand.

Kyle: Well, is that a yes? We want to go big with the news as soon as we can.

Chelsea: I really want to give you an answer, but I have to talk to chloe. You know, she is my partner. But as far as I’m concerned… start chilling the champagne.

[ Laughter ]

Amanda: Yes, so, I just got back from seeing naya.

Phyllis: Ah.

Amanda: She had a stroke. The doctors think that it’s because of her a-fib, um, but she has lost movement in half of her body. She can’t speak. And it’s — it’s been heartbreaking seeing her like this.

Phyllis: I am so sorry. I had no idea. I am so sorry. Can I do something?

Amanda: No, that’s — you see, that’s the thing. There’s nothing that anyone can do. I went there with every intention to stay for a while, but they said that she’s gonna be in the hospital for a week at least, and they’re only allowing one visitor. So, imani’s dad is there, so he — he stayed.

Phyllis: Okay. So, uh, what’s the prognosis? I mean…

Amanda: It’s too soon. It’s too soon to tell. But we’re lucky. We have in-home care. We have in-home rehab.

[ Sighs ] But this — this is just — it’s just gonna be such a long process. It’s gonna be months, not weeks. And now imani and I — we’re gonna have to juggle seeing my mother with all of the work at chancellor-winters, and I —

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: I’m sorry. I mean, at least you got to see your mom.

Amanda: Yeah. You’re right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: And I’m really happy that imani encouraged me to go first. She really — she does understand. I lost so much time with her, and every moment — it really — it matters, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: But now I’m gonna have to prepare imani for seeing our mother in this condition, and — I don’t know — I think that there’s a part of her that’s scared, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah, sure, sure. I understand that. You have your hands full right now.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m so sorry. You know, my problems are nothing in comparison. I’m sorry.

Amanda: Phyllis, it’s not a competition.

Phyllis: Well, I mean…

[ Both laugh ] No. It’s not. Of course. Listen, um, it’s all about you, okay? It’s all about you right now. Um, what do you need from me?

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: I’m okay. Really.

Phyllis: Okay.

Amanda: Devon — he — he has been by my side. I just — I don’t know what i would do without him.

Phyllis: Yeah. That’s great. You’re so lucky. Really, you’re so lucky, having a supportive man by your side. Wow. I wish I understood something like that, you know? I wish I had done more to support that in my life, you know? Support us or him. I don’t know. What– whatever. I don’t know what I’m saying.

Amanda: I think you’re saying you love jack.

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choose dove?

Phyllis: It doesn’t matter whether, you know, I love or don’t love jack. It really doesn’t matter. It’s — eh. It’s — it’s done. It’s over.

Amanda: What? That does not sound like the phyllis I know.

Phyllis: I would like to introduce you to the new and improved phyllis, the one that doesn’t live in a fantasy regarding jack and phyllis. I mean — [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Eh, we’re not meant for each other. Well, we’re definitely not meant for each other with diane jenkins living in town. I mean, can you believe this woman, that she’s coming to town and thinks that we all owe her something? She absolutely infuriates me.

Infuriates me.

Amanda: You’re gonna need to rein it in, phyllis.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: If you do anything out of revenge, jack is not going to like it. Okay, what you need to do right now — just keep the peace. Just like you said you were gonna do that for summer, right? Just do it for jack, too.

Phyllis: Okay, well, you weren’t in the room. You didn’t see his face. You didn’t hear what he said to me, okay? He made it abundantly clear that I can’t control my destructive tendencies. You know what he also said? He said that I’m only happy when I’m chasing happiness.

Amanda: Jack didn’t actually say that.

Phyllis: Yeah, he actually said that, verbatim. Yeah. It’s too late for us.

Amanda: Or maybe it’s too soon to say. Phyllis, you are gonna have to do the impossible. You’re gonna need to be patient. Because I don’t think that you can just take what jack said in a moment of hurt and let it determine the fate of your relationship. Just give it some time, and maybe you’ll — you’ll find your way back. You’ll recapture what you were so close to having again.

[ Laughter ]

Summer: Could you believe the look on chelsea’s face when i made her the offer?

Jack: Kyle. Summer. Come on in.

Diane: I really should go and get out of your way, let you get to work.

Kyle: Wait, wait, wait. I’m — I’m glad we ran into you.

Summer: No time like the present.

Diane: Is everything alright?

Kyle: Well, I talked to summer about your job request.

Diane: Kyle, I — I — I know you have a lot on your plate, and I really don’t want to add to it.

Kyle: Summer and I discussed it, and we would like to offer you a job in the P.R. Department of the new marchetti.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: What’s that look about?

Diane: I-I was just telling your father that I really regretted asking, that I know it wasn’t fair of me.

Kyle: I probably should have given you a heads-up on this.

Jack: You are the ceo of marchetti. You needn’t run your hiring decisions by me — unless you’re bringing her on as coo.

Diane: Well, I certainly hope not.

Kyle: Well, we want to set you up for success, so we’re gonna start you out slow.

Summer: The reason why this position is opening up is that not everyone is coming over from italy.

Kyle: And I know you know italian from your time in milan. So you could be a real asset for those employees who are relocating.

Summer: We should warn you, though, this isn’t a high-level job. We want to make sure that you get your footing.

Diane: And that I don’t mess up. I get it, and I’m grateful. I — I won’t let you down. I promise. Thank you. Thank you. And, summer, it’s — it’s not lost on me that this isn’t just coming from my son. I — I really appreciate your willingness to give me this opportunity. You know, before you two came in, I was just telling jack what an incredible day it’s been. I’ve spent time with harrison and then phyllis extended that olive branch and I didn’t think it could get any better. But it did.

Elena: What’s wrong with my podcast idea?

Nate: Nothing at all. But you’re the face of askmdnow, under contract with newman media.

Elena: Which, yes, certainly it’s an obstacle, but it’s not insurmountable. That’s actually the reason why I’ve been thinking about this so much. Things at newman media have been so hectic, they keep taking askmdnow on and off of hiatus. And a podcast is a much more efficient way of reaching people these days. I also thought of another segment for caregivers, where the friends and family members of patients could ask questions about their diagnosis, about how to talk to doctors, about how to navigate the healthcare system.

Devon: It’s a no-brainer idea for me.

Nate: What about her contract?

Devon: Well, I mean, I — I live with a pretty great lawyer who’s our chief counsel, so she can take care of her contract, I’m sure, when she’s back from visiting with her mom. If not her, imani can do it.

Nate: Obstacles removed, with the exception of one. Are you sure you have the time to commit to this?

Chloe: Okay, bye. I am sorry I am so late. I — I was dealing with ironing out some last-minute production snafus.

Chelsea: Mm, anything I can help with?

Chloe: No. Crisis averted, thanks to my masterful managing and coddling of egos.

Chelsea: Well, that’s wonderful news because you are about to be faced with a new set of exciting challenges.

Chloe: Why do I feel like you’re just sugarcoating telling me about some other fires that i need to put out?

Chelsea: No fires. No fires. We have just been given a remarkable opportunity. It’s gonna make you want to cheer for joy. But try to keep it down to a low roar, and only dance on the tables for a couple seconds.

Chloe: Okay. Uh, out with it.

Chelsea: Now that the brand is going to be sold at fenmore’s, I have been asked to design for marchetti. Isn’t that incredible?

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chloe: Thank you so much.

Chelsea: Um, maybe you didn’t hear what I just said?

Chloe: Oh, I heard you. Marchetti. Interesting offer.

Chelsea: Um, then why am i getting the impression that you don’t think this is an amazing opportunity?

Chloe: Well, because it is my job to be honest and deal with the harsh realities of this industry, and it is your job to be creative and, oh, so fabulous. That was the point that gloria made, right?

Chelsea: You’re oversimplifying and undercutting my business judgment yet again?

Chloe: No, I’m just trying to be realistic about how time-consuming this would be.

Chelsea: I can handle it.

Chloe: Not to mention all of the work that you already have to do on your own brand. You are spreading yourself way too thin.

Chelsea: I know what I am capable of better than anyone. What I don’t understand is why you would disapprove of this when lauren, your very own sister-in-law, supports it. This would be an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Diane: It means so much that I’ll be working for my son and daughter-in-law my first job back to town. And I won’t let you down. I promise I’ll prove my worth… after we all celebrate. Can I please invite you out?

Summer: Why not? We haven’t had a chance to raise a glass to all of the great things that have been happening lately.

Jack: You know what? You have a good time. I’ll hang out with harrison.

Diane: Oh, he’s busy with mrs. Martinez.

Summer: Come with us, jack.

Diane: Yes. Don’t you want to raise a toast to kyle’s new adventures as ceo of marchetti?

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Who am I to get in the way of a celebration? Let’s go.

Kyle: Yes, that’s right.

Diane: Let’s go!

[ Laughter ]

Devon: Well, I’m not gonna get in the middle of this, so…

[ Cellphone ringing ] Actually…you know what? You guys can discuss whether or not you have time to take on a podcast, and I’m gonna take this call. Excuse me. Hello.

Elena: Okay. When you asked if I have time to commit to this, you were really asking if our relationship does.

Nate: Does it?

Elena: We’ve both been so busy lately. And I barely see you. I miss you.

Nate: I miss you, too.

Elena: And I know I haven’t been very good at hiding my feelings about you leaving medicine and going into the business world. And with your new position, you can’t really get away much, like coming with me to my medical convention. But that’s why I thought, if i do this podcast, I’d be joining you on your adventure. I mean, I’d even be willing to take a step back from the clinic.

Nate: Wow. This is everything I wanted.

Elena: Good. Because I love the idea of being a part of this family venture and being able to support you in your new role. And if that means us spending more time together, then that’s a bonus for both of us.

Devon: Hey. So, do we have a verdict?

Elena: Yeah, well, I just have to tell you that… I am very excited to be a part of the team.

Devon: Yeah?

Elena: And I expect my chancellor-winters t-shirt.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Nice! Well, welcome aboard.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: You know, you can keep rushing around the hotel, dealing with these nonexistent emergencies, but I think that’s also called avoidance.

Phyllis: No, I’m not avoiding anything.

Amanda: Mm. Mm.

Phyllis: Mm. And here’s your sister. Sisters take precedence over friends, so… congratulations on the launch.

Imani: Oh, thank you so much. I wish you could have made it to the party.

Phyllis: Yeah, me too. Me too. By the way, I’m very sorry to hear about your mother.

Imani: Thank you.

Amanda: Thank you, phyllis. We’ll talk soon.

Phyllis: Alright.

Amanda: So, speaking of naya…

Imani: [ Sighs ] I am so glad that you could go see her. Thank you for keeping me updated and looping me in on the calls with her doctors.

Amanda: I was so happy to do it.

Imani: It’s times like these I’m glad I’m not an only child anymore.

Amanda: Well, your dad has been greatkeep, g me up to speed with everything.

Imani: Um…what was it like seeing mom in the hospital like that? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Amanda: I have to admit, seeing our mother in that hospital bed with all of the machines hooked up to her and her being so still, it almost broke me.

Imani: [ Sighs ] But she was happy to see you.

Amanda: It was a little hard to tell because she’s not communicating right now. But she is getting great care, okay? And your dad is taking such good care of her. He’s attending to everything that she needs. She’s really lucky to have you guys.

Imani: I haven’t done a thing.

Amanda: Come on. Imani, you doubled up on work so that I could go, I can be the first to see her.

Imani: No, I mean I haven’t done anything for mom.

Amanda: Well, now I am gonna take care of work so that you can go and be there with her in the hospital, okay?

[ Sighs ] Listen, you know how she is, right? She is probably more worried about you than she is about herself. She is not gonna feel whole unless she knows that you’re okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I frightened you, okay? She’s —

Imani: Why would I be scared? Hmm?

Amanda: Because the strongest woman that you know, the woman who raised you — she just had a stroke and she’s confined to a hospital bed and you are remembering how much you love her and you’re worried that you’re not gonna be able to spend as much time with her as you wanted to.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m sorry I can’t give you the answers that you want.

Imani: Were you afraid to see her?

Amanda: Of course I was. You know, I’m not gonna lie. It was difficult walking in there. But I’m so happy that I did. Seeing her in person — it made me feel so much better. I got to see how stable she was. I got to see her excellent medical team in action. You have to go. You have to go and you have to see our mother. And not just for her, but you need to do it for yourself because, imani, if, god forbid, something happens and you don’t get a chance to talk to her, I don’t think that you’re ever gonna forgive yourself.

Chelsea: I am tired of you looking for problems where they don’t exist. It’s like your first instinct is always to say no. Creativity requires you to say yes.

Chloe: I am a realist with a proven track record. And your creations are not made by forest animals and elves. The hard work, my work, starts when you finish a sketch. Yes, I may not be daydreaming designs, but I do know what it takes to make the sausage. And the ugly reality is that saying no is saying “yes,” yes to making sure that our existing obligations are fulfilled and that our line succeeds. Why would you turn down the chance to have more visibility, to really be able to make an impact?

Chloe: It is only a good impact if the work is done and the clothes are made.

Chelsea: Why do you always do this?

Chloe: What am I doing?

Chelsea: You’re managing me, handling me, keeping me quiet in a tiny little box because everyone knows I don’t know what’s good for me.

Chloe: That’s not what I’m doing.

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, every time we disagree, you go into babysitting mode. It has got to stop…now!

Summer: I am very excited to sit down with chelsea to map out our vision for marchetti.

Jack: You definitely have her locked in?

Kyle: We made an offer.

Summer: She just needs to discuss it with chloe.

Kyle: You know, I was thinking, when we were talking about P.R. As reinvention, we’re building on a well-known italian luxury brand. And we want to make it accessible to our U.S. Market.

Summer: Which our partnership with fenmore’s allows us to do that.

Kyle: Well, and with summer’s creative genius…

Summer: And kyle’s business acumen, we really can’t fail.

Jack: The numbers don’t lie. It promises to be a profitable venture.

Diane: And I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a talented team.

Summer: Cheers.

Kyle: Cheers.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Diane: Cheers. There’s an invisible threat in your backyard

Nate: Just the person i wanted to see.

Imani: Oh, as a matter of fact, I wanted to talk to you, too. But you first.

Nate: How long would it take to get elena out of her contract with newman media?

Imani: Uh, why would I want to do that?

Nate: I want to do a deal with her so that she can host a medical podcast for us.

Imani: Um, I thought I heard something about her heading out of town.

Nate: She is, for a conference in hawaii. That’s why I want to speed this along. I want her free of any newman obligations so she can sign contracts as soon as she gets back.

Imani: Hmm. I’m not sure. You know, we have so many other things on our plate, and our team is already pretty swamped.

Nate: Mm. That’s why it’s so good to have friends in high places.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Look, I need some help with this. Personal favor. And like you said, we should do for each other.

Imani: It’s just —

Nate: Truth is, devon’s been giving me a hard time about jumping the gun on the podcast announcement at the launch party, and elena’s idea might help me redeem myself.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Okay, for you, I’ll find a way.

Nate: Thank you.

Imani: Mm.

Nate: By the time she gets back from hawaii, right?

Imani: Uh, how long exactly will she be out of town?

Chloe: Here I am, just trying to look out for my best friend, and all you can do is call me a micro-manager.

Chelsea: I am the creative engine, and you — you are the brake that keeps us from moving forward.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, you know what? Maybe I am the brake. And guess what. It keeps you from crashing and burning.

Chelsea: Really?

Chloe: And you know what? You are right about one thing. This has to stop because I am not going to sit here and allow you to insult and disparage me for trying to keep our business on time, on budget, and on track. Some people find value in that.

[ Cellphone alarm sounds ]

Chelsea: Oh, you know what? You should get that. You should get that. It may be another one of my fires you need to put out.

Chloe: No, I have to go get bella — or, as you like to call it, micro-manage my daughter. Sorry, but we’re gonna have to fight about this later.

Summer: Hi, mom.

Kyle: Grab a seat.

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ] Yeah, nothing. So, what’s going on here?

Diane: Oh, we’re having a family celebration to toast the fact that summer and kyle have hired me at marchetti. Would you care to join us, now that we’ve declared a truce?

Phyllis: Well, I’m here to see abby to thank her for taking care of the launch party.

Jack: Yeah, we haven’t seen her.

Summer: Actually, I’m glad that I ran into you because i wanted to talk to you about going over some ideas for hosting fashion shows at the grand phoenix.

Diane: Oh, thinking ahead.

Summer: If you’ll excuse us.

Kyle: Of course.

Diane: Wow. I’m impressed. A week ago, I would have expected phyllis to pour that champagne over my head. Maybe we can co-exist.

Jack: [ Inhales deeply ]

Summer: Mom?

Phyllis: I’m okay.

Summer: No, you’re not.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m fine, summer. I’m fine. You know what? I want to ask you a question. The job you offered me at marchetti — is that the same one that diane’s doing?

Summer: Mom, no, not even close. I wanted you to be my head of marketing. What we offered diane is a junior-level P.R. Gig. Look, it was kyle’s idea, and i only agreed to it because I’m here to support kyle, just like you are here to support me, right?

Phyllis: Yeah. Right. I will support you. I will support you because i love you. Yeah.

Summer: I love you, too.

[ Laughter ]

Diane: Yeah, that was a good one.

Kyle: [ Laughs ] Okay.

Jack: That’s true.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

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GH Transcript Wednesday, June 29, 2022

General Hospital Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne


get rid of valentin as ceo of elq? Felicia: Any message from valentin? Sorry? You haven’t heard a word I said in the last 30 minutes. No, I did, yeah. You confronted ryan chamberlain. You told me three times. Oh. [ Clears throat ] Mm. Message received. I guess I’m still running on adrenaline from the experience. Your turn now. Tell me everything about your date with valentin. Spare no details. What’s this about you and my son? Hey, how was your juneteenth? Well, I spent most of it studying, but I did manage to come up for air and go to a prayer service

and a barbecue. Okay. Well, I admire your time-management skills. Ha! But between you and me, I’m beat. But I can’t let on, or my nurses won’t fear me anymore. Your secret’s safe with me.

[ Laughs ] You doing a little light reading? Not me. These are to ensure that you are feared for a long time to come, dr. Johnson. If you’ll just allow me to explain. Is your explanation gonna sound any better in here? Well, I’m trying to avoid brook lynn bursting it with another tirade. Oh, from what I can hear, she’s totally justified. But you said — i said we shouldn’t make any judgments until we heard all the facts. Now, what facts cause you to throw away your family’s legacy? How soon can you meet? I, uh, have an idea, but we’re gonna have to get creative. All right, I’ll meet you there. Sonny won’t see us coming. Leo: What are you doing to uncle sonny? Hey, willow. What happened with elq today?

[ Sighs ] I really don’t want to be the go-between. I suggest you reach out to michael yourself. And if he doesn’t respond, that means he doesn’t want to discuss elq with you. Hey, sonny, I don’t know if now is the time to pressure willow. She’s not really feeling well. Why don’t we get an iced tea or something? I understand. I just — if something happened, I just want to know. I know. I can reach out to valentin. H-he’ll tell me what happened. Willow, if you’re not gonna let me take you to G.H., Then I insist on taking you home. Sasha, sasha. For the last time, I’m fine. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. I’m fine. You okay? Oh, my god. Willow! A towel! Lie her down! Elevate her legs. Willow! Call 911. Willow? Willow, can you hear me?

Some of the quartermaines voted to remove valentin. Ne. Except ned. Ned? He sided with valentin against his own family? That doesn’t make any sense. And ned was leading the charge to force valentin out. Ultimately, he, uh, wasn’t happy with the — with the plan to merge elq and aurora. He felt that the role that michael and I offered him, I don’t know, was beneath him. But you and michael worked so hard to ensure elq returned to quartermaine control. I mean, doesn’t ned get that the merger is good for the company? I thought he would come around, you know? It was — it was bad judgment on our part. So ned betrayed his family to serve his own ego. Okay, but that doesn’t mean that valentin had enough votes to stay in control. Who turned? It’s — it’s nothing, buddy. I was just discussing a surprise for your uncle sonny with somebody. Brook lynn’s mad at my dad, and I heard her talking about it with granny tracy. Granny tracy. Um, you know, I don’t — I’m not sure that tracy likes to be called that. Why not? I guess it makes her feel old. I have to talk to my mom. Actually, I-I’d give them a — a minute, bud. Is my mom mad at my dad, too? Um… look, sometimes quartermaines get mad at each other, but that does not mean they don’t love each other. Then why do you fight? I guess it’s in our nature. Oh, like an instinct.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I guess. We were — we were born to be mad at each other but still love each other. Okay. I’d like to cut up some apples for my horse, but I can’t do it alone. Want me to help you? Let’s go. Ah. You know michael and drew were trying to put me out to pasture. Siding with valentin was the only way I could stay in a position of power at the company. Your family’s company. Yes, my family’s company, where michael and drew would have sidelined me, okay, if this merger had gone through. So what was i supposed to do? You were– just stand back and let it happen? You were supposed to make a deal. Have you ever heard the word “compromise”? There was no compromising with drew and michael. They wanted me to do all the sacrificing, and they got everything they wanted. I’m not saying that they were right. I’m saying you have to look at the bigger picture. Which is? Is this really worth alienating yourself from all of your loved ones? Excuse me, but we’re having a private conversation. My apologies, anna. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Didn’t you? No, I just heard my son’s name, and naturally it caught my attention. Father, this is a surprise. Yes, for everyone. Well, there are, uh, plenty of tables outside. Anna, felicia, nice to see you. Well, wait. I-I have an idea. Why don’t we make this a foursome? Dr. Obrecht: Her pulse is steady, her breathing normal. Did willow hit her head or sustained any injuries before she fell? Not in my presence. Nina, please ask the bartender for a glass of juice. Okay. What happened? Lay back and rest. Do you remember what happened? No. Got it. Drink up, my dear. Do you feel dizzy? Lightheaded? I’m fine. I’m — I’m fine. Willow doesn’t need emergency care, but she should be examined at the hospital. Does she need an ambulance? No, no, no, no. An ambulance won’t be necessary. She’s okay. Thanks for your help. Willow, I’m gonna take you to G.H. No, no, no, there’s really no need. I’m — willow, you — hey, you have to listen to — listen to the doctor, unless you, you know, you want to stay here while sasha calls for the ambulance. Fine. Fine. Uh, yeah, let’s get this over with. All right. Careful.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sasha? Everything okay? Willow fainted at the metro court pool. We’re taking her to G.H. Okay, I’m on my way.

Anna and felicia don’t want us intruding on their lunch. Oh, why not? You and anna are friends. Very close friends, as I understand it. Felicia: Well, you know the old saying, victor — three’s company and four is a nightmare. All right, I tell you what, valentin. Why don’t, uh — why don’t you and I take a rain check? I’m sure you’d much rather catch up with your friends, anyway. You sure? Yes, of course. We can talk later. Business can wait. Ladies, always a pleasure. That’s my father — can’t stop making decisions for other people. Want me to leave? No, join us. If it’s all right with anna. Of course. I’d love to hear more about this business you have with your father. So once ned sided with valentin, the votes were split right down the middle, and we had a tiebreaker. Lucy.

[ Scoffs ] Of course. Ugh! She voted with valentin. He remains ceo, and now ned is chairman of the board. So valentin promised ned a more important role in the company in exchange for his vote. What about the merger?

[ Sighs ] The merger’s dead. I’m sorry. I know how badly you and michael wanted this to happen. It would only strengthen elq. I cannot believe ned is so blind. I’m not blameless here. I just assumed that ned would always side with the quartermaines. I mean, I — I should have done more to assure that. Oh, come on. No one saw this coming. Valentin did. He outmaneuvered us again. I mean, I would almost admire the guy if this wasn’t my family company. What does this mean for aurora? I hope willow’s okay. It’s me, liebchen. You don’t have to pretend to care for that woman. Aunt liesl, I am not a monster. Willow is wiley’s mother. Adoptive mother who’s denying you a relationship with your grandson. Yeah. It’s torture being kept from wiley. But sonny did remind me that one day wiley will be able to make his own decisions on who he spends time with. Hopefully michael and willow won’t totally brainwash him into hating me. And what will you do with yourself until that day comes? Aunt liesl, I have a whole life to throw myself into. You know? I do not lack distractions. And is one of those distractions a certain dimpled mafioso?

[ Chuckles ] You’re so silly. And it almost sounds like you approve of me and sonny. I approve of you being happy. And if your happiness means being with a man who hates mein scott, I won’t make a fuss. At least not much of one.

[ Laughs ] Hey, aunt liesl, you know I want your happiness, too, right? I know. Then why on earth did you say no to scott’s proposal? I took an mcat prep course at pcu. The instructor did a really good job of breaking down the harder subjects. Like physics? Oh, especially like physics.

[ Laughs ] So I dug out the textbooks. I thought you could use them. Thank you. The entire G.H. Staff is pulling for you, epiphany. And I know dr. Robinson is helping you, but if you need anything, just say the word. We need help! What happened? Willow collapsed. No, the — the wheelchair is not necessary. I’m — I’m fine. Please, willow. You also collapsed three months ago. Because you weren’t eating. I-I’ve eaten today. It’s just stress. Well, let’s get you in an exam room and find out. Okay? Willow was out cold. What do you think it is? Tj a-and epiphany are gonna find out. Everything’s gonna be okay. You can’t know that. Bad things happen here.

I mean, I know you worried about willow, but that seems like an overreaction. Every time I come here, something terrible happens. Willow’s mom dying. Losing my baby. Okay, listen, I-I’m sorry, you know? Look, I know you’ve been through a rough time. I’m sorry about that. But maybe it’s best for you to, you know, concentrate on putting your energy into supporting willow instead of thinking about what happened in the past. That’s not gonna —

[ Doors slide open ] Hey. Where’s willow? Where is she? Bp is 80 over 50. Oh. Well, that’s pretty low, but I do feel much better. Any more fainting spells between now and the one three months ago? None. Okay. Any other episodes of weakness or — or dizziness? Uh, not really. Okay, do you want — do you want to be a bad patient or a good nurse? Come on. Four times… in the past three months. Some lightheadedness, but it quickly passed. I figured it was stress. Okay. Between nursing school, being a good mom, and everything else I have going on in my personal life, I feel like I’m juggling hundreds of balls in the air, too afraid to drop even one. Right, and, hey, that makes total sense. But, willow, this is your second time collapsing. I’m going to run some tests. I think stress might be a trigger, but I just — I don’t know if it’s the cause. How did you hear I turned down scott’s proposal? Well, maybe you shouldn’t have said no in the middle of a busy nail salon with lucy coe present. The blabbermouth must have told you

why I refused scott’s proposal. She did. She said you didn’t want to be staid or settled. Now, just explain this to me. How would marrying scott make you feel tied down? I’m an independent woman. I don’t need a man to make my life complete. Of course you don’t, but I thought that scott made your life better. In many ways. Then why don’t you make him a permanent part of it? He proposed on a whim as a way to apologize for upsetting me. I deserve more. Well, what if scott proposed to you again under the right circumstances? Would you say yes? It’s not really business. My father’s resumed his mission to keep the cassadines close. Really? You were never interested in family bonding before. I’m not. I’m pretending, to keep an eye on victor. That was your suggestion, by the way. Yes, it was. Well, good luck with that. Thank you. Let’s say we change the subject. I’ll drink to that. Aren’t you glad that you ran into us? I mean, we’re an upgrade from victor, don’t you think? I certainly do.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s my cue to get a refill. How you been? What, since you saw me two nights ago? I haven’t stopped thinking of you. Really? You think of me? Once or twice. You want to elaborate? I don’t think there’s anything else to say. I have thought this through, olivia. Yes, I am part of the quartermaine family. But you and brook lynn and leo are also my family, and I have to think about what’s best for our future. Ned, I don’t care about this company. I care about you and your relationships with your family and all the other quartermaines that voted to keep valentin out. Do you know how rare it is for all the quartermaines to come together on a common purpose? Now you are gonna be the enemy that everyone is rallying together against. Are you really okay with that? Michael and drew left me no choice. Yes, you had a choice, and you made the wrong one. I don’t think you realize how bad this is gonna get for you. I can handle whatever michael and drew throw at me. They are not your enemies. But your choices have made them your opponents. One day you are gonna need your family, and they might not be there for you. Why do I need them when I have you and brook lynn and leo? Honey, you really think your standing in this family doesn’t affect leo? Did you think about that? Or did you just not care? News of the elq vote got out pretty much as soon as it happened, as well as news of an angel investor trying to inflate the stock value, so shareholders left in droves. So aurora’s stock took a hit. Pretty big hit, yeah. A-and the shares I bought? I’m sorry, uh, carly. You likely took a very big hit as well. You have no idea. Look, you took a risk to help me and michael. I am going to help you. Yeah, I think it’s a little late for that. Well, I’m not gonna let you lose your house. My house? Well, I’m assuming that’s one of the assets. It’s bigger than that. I sold my half of the metro court.

Is she conscious? Did she, uh, hurt herself? She’s conscious. She’s being examined by dr. Ashford. Yeah, michael, she walked in under her own power. And why are you involved? Did you — did you say something to upset her? You know what? I don’t — I don’t have time for this. I need to see willow. She’s in the room over there. Okay. Hey. Hi. You okay? I’m — I’m perfectly fine. Tj and epiphany or just being overly cautious because this is the second time I fainted in the past several months. I’m running tests to find an underlying cause. Just rest, and I’ll let you know as soon as the results are back. Nurse johnson? So who am i gonna believe? The doctor or the woman I love downplaying her health concerns? You know how doctors are — all doom and gloom. I should just record “I’m fine” into my phone and hold it up every time someone asks.

[ Chuckles ] How’s willow? All I can say is that she’s alert and being treated. That’s promising, right? Keep thinking good thoughts. You want — can I get you some water? Some tea? I’m good. Thanks. And thanks for your help today. I’m sorry about michael. Brando told me things have been rocky between you two. Yeah, well, you know, family’s family. And willow’s the mother of my grandson. You always take good care of your family. You’ve been really good to brando. It — it meant a lot to him, I mean, to both of us that you were there for him when we lost liam. There’s — there’s nothing worse than losing a child. I never realized that you can lose what you love in an instant. But now I’m trying to be focused on being grateful for what I do have. Yeah, I mean, that’s what you gotta do, right? Yeah. I gotta go. You want to avoid a confrontation with michael? My son has, you know, enough to worry about right now. Well, I hope you know that even though you two aren’t getting along, michael knows that willow is in good hands with you. I hope so. All right. I’ll see ya. How about that second date? Yeah, sure. But we didn’t make plans. We can fix that. Okay. What did I miss? Valentin was about to tell me about his elq shareholders meeting this morning. Yeah, I’m still ceo of elq. Congratulations. I can only imagine how the quartermaines feel. Well, ned knows I’m good for business, and the others will come around or they won’T. Right. So now that your tenure has been renewed, I-I suppose that your schedule is gonna be quite full. I will always make time for you, darling. Are you free this week?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Everything okay? What? I’m gonna have to call you. Uh, this is business that I can’t ignore. What the hell was that about? My relationship with scott is a new experience for me. He’s very different from cesar and victor. Because he’s not deranged? Love was always a war of wills with those two.

[ Sighs ] You were obsessed with faison, and victor was obsessed with you. You know, obsession is not love, aunt liesl. With mein scott, it’S…fun.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. He’s a first for you with that. Just like sonny is a first for you. I’ve never seen you lose your heart so completely before. Aunt liesl, I’m not with sonny. We’re taking it slow. Any slower, and you’ll be standing still.

[ Sighs ] You know, falling in love with mike, or… just falling for mike in nixon falls — that was unexpected. It was easy because we hit it off. It hasn’t been quite the same thing with sonny. He came with baggage, which he has since shed. Don’t make your relationships more complicated than they have to be. Well… my history with romance hasn’t been really smooth. And my relationships with cesar and victor have been positively tortured. I thought all relationships were supposed to be difficult. But it’s easy with scott, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Just like it is for you and sonny. If I’d run from my feelings for scott, I might still be with a narcissistic megalomaniac. Mm. You need a blanket? What I need is for you to stop worrying. Willow, I don’t think I haven’t noticed. Noticed what? How low-energy you’ve been lately. Gee, I wonder why that could be. Yeah, look, yes, you’re busy, you’re preoccupied, but so are thousands and thousands of other people. They don’t pass out twice in a matter of a few months. Wait. Don’t — don’t tell me you passed out more than twice? No, no, it’s not that. I-I…

[ Sighs ] I kind of lied to tj. I actually don’t remember eating breakfast this morning. And you told him you did? Willow, come — well, I-I thought I’d been taking better care of myself since the last time I fainted, but I — I had so many things on my mind. It’s possible I just forgot a meal or two. You have to tell dr. Ashford. He’s just gonna say, “you need to get some more rest. There’s nothing to worry about.” So what’s the point? Okay.

Hey. Hey. If there is anything that I can do, I… I am here to help you, okay? Even if it’s — even if it’s just someone to lean on. At least that’s something. Will you let me do that? I can let you do that. Of course I care. I would never do anything to hurt leo, or you. Well, guess what, ned? You did. You just said that you didn’t

care about this company. I don’T. I care about our marriage. And you kept me out of the loop. What I ran into valentin and you in the stable the other day, w-were the two of you there plotting about all of this? No, no. Valentin was there to try to convince me to vote with him, but I hadn’t made up my mind yet.

[ Sighs ] It didn’t occur to you to confide in me? How do you think that makes me feel, ned? I’m your wife. Even when we disagree about things, I-I — I’m still on your side. You didn’t think you could trust me? It wasn’t about trust. Well, then what was it about? We made a promise. You said you were gonna keep me in the loop. After everything that led to our separation, I mean… you promised that we were gonna be a team, and you kept me in the dark, and that is not what a teammate does. We renewed our marriage vows because I really thought that you had changed for the better. If I’d realized how this would make you feel, I would have told you everything. You know what really scares me? Is that you didn’t even realize it. Leo. Honey, what’s the matter? Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself? I messed up. That was so abrupt. Valentin’s usually smoother than that. Anna, I can’t figure out what was weirder — the part where he took off without making a plan with you, or the part where he’s having lunch with victor. Yes, they’re equally weird. Weird. You never did tell me about your date with him. We had a lovely time. Details, please. Yeah, okay. So he took me to a double feature at a drive-in. We saw “notorious” and “casablanca.” Ah! Espionage and intrigue. You must have felt right at home.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we kind of did.

[ Laughs ] Please tell me you made out in the front seat and missed half the movie. I’m not gonna tell you that.

[ Laughs ] I’ll take that as a yes. But you did agree to make other plans, right? Yeah. But as you witnessed, you know, we didn’t firm up those plans or… well, valentin did just solidify his position as ceo of elq, and that company is never without its drama. Sure, but my gut tells me that something else besides elq is going on. What are you doing here? I thought vampires burst into flame when touched by daylight.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my dear liesl, please promise me you’ll never lose that wonderful sense of humor. As for what I’m doing here, well, I’m, uh, early for a business meeting, so I thought I’d drop by the pool and relax for a while. Nina I can handle victor. Enjoy yourself. Thank you. Listen, you hurt a hair on my aunt liesl’s head — oh, I promise. I’ll leave aunt liesl as pristine as I found her. I didn’t invite you to join me. I heard a rumor that your ambulance chaser proposed to you and you turned him down. And this is your business because? Because it signals to me that I wasn’t wrong to hold out hope all this time. There’s still a chance that you and i could be together. So willow is resting comfortably, and, uh, tj, um… ran some, you know, tests and is waiting for the results. Okay, well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that willow’s okay. Right. Did you see michael? Can we, uh… yeah, yeah. He wasn’t too happy to see me. Well, you know what? If you weren’t there to — to catch willow, she could have been seriously injured. Michael should be grateful that you were there. Hey, listen. Can we not talk about michael, just for one second? Okay. What do you want to talk about? Can we just talk about us? Okay, reggie, cut to the chase. What are my options? I’ll give you guys some privacy. No, no, no, no. Stay. I want drew to hear this. Okay. Stillwater venture group is exercising their option to sell your half of the hotel. Okay, well, I-I have 30 days to raise the money. Carly, you could sell off all your investments. It wouldn’t be enough. Tell me what happened after I left the house.

[ Sighs ] Things got ugly. Did ned try to justify voting with valentin? No, you know ned. He just came out with the same old excuses.

[ Sighs ] It’s just business. It was best for his family. Yeah. Yeah, don’t worry. Drew and I are gonna come up with a strategy to turn things around. Hey, you look cold. I’ll get you a blanket, okay?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Willow? Hey. Were you feeling dizzy again? No, no. I was just resting my eyes. Okay. Any news from the lab? I got the results back from one of your tests.

I mean, there’s gotta be something carly can do to hold onto the metro court. You don’t have the capital to buy back your half. Okay, so then we raise the money. Yeah. We have 30 days. Stillwater doesn’t have to wait the full 30 days. If you can’t demonstrate solvency — and you cannot — they have the option to sell as soon as they find a buyer. So I’m gonna lose the metro court? I went to feed comet. Yeah? Michael helped me cut the apples up for him. And did michael help you feed comet? No? Comet looked like he wanted to be brushed, but no one was around to help, so I got a stool, and I fell. Oh. We obviously need to hire a new stable manager as soon as possible. Okay, well, but, honey, why didn’t you come and get me and ned? ‘Cause you were mad at dad, and I didn’t want to bother you. Oh, honey. You would never be bothering us. You can always come get ned or I. Hey, it doesn’t matter what you may think is going on between your mom and me. You come first, okay? You — we’ll always make time to help you. Yes. We are a family, honey. We are quartermaines, and quartermaines stick together. Even when you’re mad? Even when we’re mad. How many stars are in the universe, victor? Billions. And those are the odds of my ever getting back together with you.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, come now, my darling. In your heart of hearts, you know this blustering mr. Baldwin could never satisfy you. But he does. You may believe he makes you happy now, but you’re a woman of the world. You have degrees in academic fields this courtroom clown can’t even pronounce. That’s why you turned him down. You’re leagues ahead of him. Leave, before I make you exit off the roof.

[ Sighs ] You can deny it all you want. But I know you’ll always carry a torch for me, as I for you. We belong together. All right. Why do you want to talk about us? M-maybe talk isn’t the right word.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. What do you have in mind? Hey… valentin got a text the other night when we were on our date, and he reacted exactly the same way. He was so flustered. Interesting. Yeah. Maybe it’s nothing. What? Don’t downplay me, anna devane. You have good instincts. You know it’s probably something. Is that a pep talk? I’m just validating your instincts. And whatever valentin is up to, it has nothing to do with his feelings for you. Why do you say that? I could see it in his face just now. He’s crazy about you.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god. I’m crazy about him, too. I really am. But I just can’t ignore the fact that he brings a lot of complications with him. Victor? Yeah. And as long as valentin’s in my life, so is his father. And that’s the man I think is responsible for murdering luke. You and me both. But valentin is not his father. But family ties are hard to break. Long time no see. Hmm. My apologies for a change in location, but we couldn’t very well discuss our business in front of anna devane and felicia scorpio. Wouldn’t do to have them catch on to our plans. Michael. How’s willow? Uh, you know willow. She says she’s fine, but… hey, can you tell me anything more about her collapse? She didn’t look well at the pool. She was upset about what happened at the quartermaines’. The next thing I knew, she passed out. Yeah, well, thank you. Thank you for being there for her. Actually, it was sonny who caught her before she hit the ground. He brought her into the hospital. He was very worried about her. Um…

[ Clears throat ] Did she, uh, tell you anything more about how she’s been feeling or… she insists that she ate. Yeah, well, she lied. She told me she doesn’t remember if she did or not. That’s not good. The more willow tries

not to worry you, the more worried you get. Exactly. And this is the second time that she’s collapsed. I’m trying not to get, you know, too dark about it, but… it’s hard. Yeah. I mean, what if something is really wrong with her? Don’ t make me wait.What did the test result say? Well, I can’t make a definitive diagnosis until all of your results are back, but this could explain why you fainted. Is it serious? In a good way. You’re pregnant.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Evan: What the hell are you talking about?

OrpheusI thought I was quite clear.

Evan: Clear? Didn’t even make sense. You said I had another son with jan spears. What does that even mean?

Orpheus: Look, thought I made it plain enough even for you, but okay. Jan spears gave birth to your son. She’s the mother of the baby. You’re the father. That’s it.

Evan: Can’t be.

Orpheus: Are you saying you did not have sex with that woman? It’s a sin to tell a lie.

Evan: [Sighs]

Jan: It’s just so cruel that they won’t let us see the baby. I thought I might finally get to hold him.

Shawn: You will.

Jan: Are you sure?

Shawn: What, you don’t believe me?

Jan: Of course I do. I know you won’t let them send me to prison without holding him first. Shawn, what would I ever do without you?

[Romantic music]

Ej: Babe, wait, wait. Are you sure this is what you want?

Belle: Make love to me.

[Knocking at door]

Jj: Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Jj: I can’t believe it, chad. I can’t believe abigail’s really gone.


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chad: There’s beer in the fridge.

Jj: Uh-huh.

[Clears throat] I’ll pass.

Chad: When’d you get in?

Jj: I flew in this morning with theo.

Chad: Have you seen your folks? How, uh… it’s a stupid question– how are they?

Jj: Pretty bad.

Chad: They came by to see the kids–I wasn’t here. I should go see them.

Jj: Well, they’re at the– at the funeral home making arrangements and–

[Knocking at door] I think that’s them now. I’ll get the door.

Chad: I will. Hey.


Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Orpheus: Come on now. Your romantic life can’t be so chock-a-block that you don’t remember whether you slept with her or not. She is a woman. Maybe that’ll set her apart– prick your memory, as it were.

[Door clicks open]

[Door closes]

Jan: Wow, I appreciate the privacy.

Evan: This is statesville. There’s no such thing.

Jan: You work here?

Evan: Yup. I pull down an 8 per hour. I’m goin’ up to 10 once I figure out how to work the floor polish here.

Jan: I like a man with drive.

Evan: I’m evan frears.

Jan: Jan, jan spears.

Evan: We rhyme.

Jan: Clearly, we were made for each other.

Evan: Cheer up, okay? This place isn’t so bad once you get used to it.

Jan: It’s not prison that’s got me down. I just lost the love of my life. It was the worst christmas ever.

Evan: Anything I can do?

Jan: Actually, there is.

[Tense music]

Evan: Okay, yeah. I did have sex with that woman.

Orpheus: And a new life was created. Oh, happy day.

Evan: [Sighing]

Shawn: Janet, what the hell was that about?

Jan: An expression of how much I love you.

Shawn: We talked about this. You know where we stand.

Jan: You’re the father of my baby. We belong together.

Shawn: Jan!

Brady: Whoa. Jan, it looks like you’ve made a full recovery.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Jennifer: Kids seem to be sleeping peacefully.

Chad: Go on–I’ll check on them in a little bit. Jj said you guys went to the funeral home. Sorry, I should’ve done that.

Jack: Chad, you be here for your children.

[Sighs] We’ll–don’t worry about anything else.

Chad: Thanks.

Jennifer: Sweetheart, sit, please. Um… so the service is the day after tomorrow, and the funeral director wanted to know if there was something that we wanted abigail to wear. I wondered if you wanted to pick something out.

Chad: Ah, I don’t–

[Chuckles] I don’t think– I don’t think I could do that.

Ej: That was wonderful. You are wonderful.

Belle: [Chuckles] Thank you. I mean not “thank you” for thinking I’m wonderful.

Ej: [Chuckles] I didn’t think that’s what you meant.

Belle: I meant…

[Clears throat] Thank you for a lot of things. You know, these last few weeks– few months–have made me feel really out at sea and alone. But not when I’m with you.

Ej: I think–I think we both want to shut out the outside world. But there’s also this real pull here that has nothing to do with running away. I want to be with you– get to know the real you.

Belle: [Chuckles] Well, when you find out, will you let me know?

[Both laugh]

Ej: It’s true. You come across as confident and straightforward. But you’re actually quite complicated. Like now, for example. You’re here with me, but something else is going on– something you’re not telling me.

Belle: [Sighs]

Ej: See? I am getting to know you.

[Both chuckle] So why don’t you tell me what it is? Trust me. Tell me how you feel right now.

Belle: Happy… and also very, very guilty.

Jan: What the hell are you doing here? No one asked you to come.

Brady: Shawn, do you mind if we talk privately? I think it’s important.

Chloe: Don’t worry about jan. I’ll stay here and keep her company.

Shawn: I’ll check back with you before I leave, okay?

Chloe: [Clears throat]

Jan: I don’t need company, okay? I need peace and calm. One’s emotional state is very important when one is breastfeeding.

Chloe: Mm, and one can drop the madonna act. You know that I know exactly what you’re doing.

Evan: You’re saying I got jan spears pregnant? We only slept together once.

Orpheus: Did you sleep through health class too? Once is all it takes.

Evan: Wait a minute. Even if I did get her pregnant, how the hell would you know?

Orpheus: Because I met ms. Spears myself not long after your little tryst.

[Suspenseful music]

Orpheus: Oh, didn’t know anybody was in here.

Jan: You can go ahead. I’m just waiting for some test results.

Orpheus: Oh?

Jan: I might be pregnant.

Orpheus: Is that right?

Jan: Fingers crossed.

Orpheus: And if the results are positive, that’s good news?

Jan: It would be like a dream come true.

Orpheus: Well, who’s the lucky father?

Evan: She told you it was me?

Orpheus: No. No, she said the father was detective shawn brady. Once upon a time, before jill said yes.

Ej: I knew it.

Belle: No, no, it is not that I didn’t want this to happen. It’s–this is probably gonna amuse you to no end, but I made vows and I promised shawn that I would never break them again, and I have.

Ej: Mm, and what about him? He slept with jan spears, knocked her up and moved her into your house and became her full-time caretaker. He vowed to stand by you through better or worse, or was there some special exemption in his vows?

Evan: She said shawn was the father?

Orpheus: Yeah, but it wouldn’t be the first time in that whack-job’s life that she lied. You got knocked up by a cop?

Jan: Not just any cop– detective shawn brady.

Orpheus: It’s too easy.

Jan: The love of my life.

Orpheus: Uh, lucky guy.

Jan: Was that supposed to be funny?

Orpheus: Realistic. I mean, it’s not like the two of you are gonna run off to some ivy-covered cottage and await your little bundle of joy.

Jan: You know what? You’re a jerk.

Orpheus: And you’re a stupid woman with a big mouth.

Jan: Why don’t you get the hell out of here? I don’t have to take any crap off of you.

Orpheus: Actually, you do. You have any idea who I am?

Jan: Some loser washing the floor.

Orpheus: My name is orpheus.

Jan: Oh.

Orpheus: Oh. You’ve heard of me?

Jan: Yeah, I’ve heard of you, and I don’t care that I told you. I want the whole world to know that I’m carrying shawn’s baby.

Orpheus: I know you do. I also know it’s not true. The truth is, you’re trying to pass off another man’s child as his.

Jan: You can’t know that.

Orpheus: I know everything that goes on within the prison walls, just like I know what’s going on in that twisted little mind of yours.

Jan: So you’re gonna rat me out?

Orpheus: No. I’m gonna help you.

Evan: So you’re planning on helping her pass off my kid as shawn brady’s?

Orpheus: Mm, not planning to. Mission accomplished.

Chloe: You know, I’ve never really had a high opinion of you, jan. But using your own child to get your hooks into shawn? That’s a new low.

Jan: Well, even though your opinion means nothing to me, you’re wrong. Having a baby has changed me and shawn. He senses that change, and look, I’m sorry, but I gave him a son, and every man, no matter what they say, wants a son. It’s not my fault belle wasn’t up to the task.

Chad: I haven’t been in that room since…

[Sniffles] I had to go in there with rafe, so–

[Sobbing] And, um…

Jack: Chad, chad. You don’t have to talk about it.

Jennifer: And you don’t have to deal with the dress either. Jack and I will take care of that.

Chad: Thank you.

[Somber music]

Jack: You stay with him.

Jj: Yeah.

Jack: You okay?

Jj: No.

Jack: Me neither.

Jj: [Sniffles]

Jennifer: Come on, come on. Have you–have you–have you had anything to eat?

Chad: No.

Jennifer: Oh, come now. Listen, listen to me. You have to take care of yourself, okay? You promise me you’re gonna take care of yourself. Okay, okay, good.

[Sniffles] Jack, let’s get this over with. Oh, jj, you make sure he eats something, okay?

Jj: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Okay? Okay. All right, let’s go.

Jack: [Sighs]

Chad: Ugh, they’re taking care of me. That’s not right.

Jj: No, it is right. They take care of you so you can take care of your kids. We all do whatever the hell we can to get through this.

Chad: All this pain–that look on your mom’s face, just– who would do this to us? No, you know? Who would do this? I assumed dust always stayed put.

Chad: It shouldn’t be like this, you know? I–I–I just keep–you know, I just keep thinking about the fact that the person who did this is walking around out there, you know, knowing that they got away with it.

Jj: So far–but just so far. We’re gonna find out who did it, and they will pay.

Chad: No, rafe’s been straight from the start. You know, there’s not much to go on. There’s some stuff that was stolen, but that could just be to make it look like a burglary. If that’s true, then whoever did this… then they wanted to kill her. You know, they set out to kill her.

Jj: Gwen?

Chad: No, gwen was at statesville, it couldn’t have been her.

[Sighs] You know, this was– I thought that…

[Sighs] I thought that it was over. I thought that we had gotten through all of this crap. It was supposed to be over. I told you she was happy. Okay? You know, we were happy. I…we were finally happy.

Jennifer: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Now I understand why chad couldn’t come back into this room. Jack, I don’t know if I can do this.

Evan: Stop playing games. Just tell me what’s going on.

Orpheus: I already did. I gave my word to ms. Spears that I’d help her pass off your baby as detective brady’s, and that’s what I did. I heard the good news. You’re enceinte.

Jan: Huh?

Orpheus: Pregnant.

Jan: You bet I am, and once I start showing, I’m gonna call shawn’s insipid wife over for a little visit.

[Chuckles] She’s gonna have a total cow.

Orpheus: And you’re gonna have a total baby, just not shawn brady’S.

Jan: You said you weren’t gonna rat me out.

Orpheus: I’m not, I’m not. Don’t you think your detective’s gonna ask for a paternity test?

Jan: I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Orpheus: You’re gonna get to it sooner than you think, and you’re gonna need me to get you to the other side.

Jan: You know, I can’t help wondering what’s in it for you?

Evan: Good question– what’s in it for you?

Orpheus: Oh, you know me, I’m just a romantic at heart.

Evan: So you switched the tests for her?

Orpheus: You’re beginning to catch on.

Evan: And now shawn thinks jan’s going to give birth to his baby.

Orpheus: Mm. Did I not mention it? She already has.

Chloe: That is a stupid, offensive thing to say, even for you.

Jan: It’s the truth. Shawn and I, we have a son together. That’s an unbreakable bond. God has made us a family.

Chloe: Ha ha, god? God has nothing to do with it. Besides, you sold your soul to the devil. How does that even happen? I mean, you never had a soul to begin with.

Jan: I think you should leave and not come back.

Chloe: Aw, and I thought we were bonding.

Jan: And I’m going to tell shawn all of the horrible things that you’ve said to me. It’s not good for me to be upset. It’s not good for the baby.

Chloe: Listen, you can literally milk this situation for all it’s worth, but you know that deep down, this isn’t gonna turn out any differently than all the other stunts you’ve pulled over the years. Also deep down, you know that shawn will never stop loving belle.

Jan: But he might stop forgiving her. See, shawn knows that I’ll always be faithful. He’ll never have to forgive me for an indiscretion. But that’s always been an issue for our belle, hasn’t it? Philip, her little dalliance in maine? You know, I get so worried about belle. She gets so restless when shawn’s busy elsewhere. I hope that she’s found someone–I mean something– to occupy all those empty hours while shawn’s here with me at the hospital.

Belle: After the baby was born, I went to ej’S.

Chloe: Really?

Belle: Mm.

Chloe: You stayed there?

Belle: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Chloe: And?

Belle: And it was very comforting.

Chloe: Oh, my god, you slept together? No, I’m sorry. It’s none of my business.

Belle: No, its fine, it’s fine. But no, we actually didn’t, but we came close.

Jan: Maybe she could knit something for the baby.

Belle: Shawn was tricked into sleeping with jan. That’s not an adultery. This, this is.

Ej: No, it’s not. You and shawn are legally separated.

Belle: I’m not talking about a legal technicality. I’m talking about what marriage means–what commitment means–

Ej: Damn it, belle. What marriage? What commitment? He caved to that woman and basically told you that she’s calling the shots, and you had nothing to say about it. Again, what marriage? That is abandonment. You weren’t even living together, and he signed those separation papers willingly. You didn’t have a gun to his head.


Belle: He said that I filed those papers so that I could sleep with you.

Ej: [Laughs]

Belle: Maybe he was right.

Ej: Oh. Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Evan: She already had the baby?

Orpheus: That’s how I knew he was a boy.

Evan: Wait a minute. It’s too early.

Orpheus: He was premature.

Evan: Is he okay? You gotta get me back into the infirmary–I gotta see him.

Orpheus: They’re not there. They’re at university hospital.

Evan: She’s out?

Orpheus: That’s the whole point. I need her on the outside.

Evan: What are you up to?

Shawn: So if you’re trying to save our marriage, you should be talking to belle and not me. All right, the fact is, she has shut me out at every single corner. I mean, the fact that I thought I was making love to my wife, that meant nothing to her. The fact that–brady, I basically did nothing wrong. That meant nothing to her. So–look, if you’re trying to help us, you should not be talking to me. You should be talking to your sister.

Chloe: Um, that went well, did it?

Brady: [Sighs] He’s right.

Chloe: About what?

Brady: I need to talk to belle now.

Ej: You know, you and i had a very honest talk about our motives. We were both upfront that there was an element of sticking it to shawn and sami. But that was just an element. I’ve wanted you, belle, for a very long time, and I know you feel the same.

Belle: I do.

Ej: Then let’s stop talking about guilt, which is basically talking about them. I want this night to just be about us. I want to spend the night with you by my side, and I want your fabulous face to be the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

Chad: Now I know what magical thinking means. I keep going back in my mind, trying to rewind the tape, so that we left the night before to go to boston just like she wanted to before I talked her out of it.

Jj: Come on, chad, there’s no way you could’ve known what would happen.

Chad: Yeah, but I can still see it… your dad’s party, the kids running around like maniacs.

[Laughs] Me freaking out, and abby just laughin’… telling me that there’s nothing to worry about. I get to hear her laughing, jj. I can see her.

[Chuckles] That smile…

[Somber music]

Jack: Why don’t you go downstairs, and I’ll pick something out, and I’ll be right down?

Jennifer: No. No, I couldn’t do that to you. We’ll do this together. Fishing helps ease my mind.

[Somber music]

Jennifer: I was with her when she bought this dress on newberry street. She was staying with me because she and chad were separated.

[Chuckles] She wanted to go to lunch, go shopping, anything but mope around the house. She made me promise not to say chad’s name.

[Sniffles] Oh, when she saw this dress, she said, “chad would love me in this.” And that’s when I knew.

[Sniffles] She was ready to forgive him, and they were gonna find their way back to each other. She told me I was making much too much about a dress, but when we got back to the house, chad was there waiting for her.

[Sniffles] They went back to salem the next day.

Jack: Then that’s it. That’s the dress, and I think when chad is ready to hear it, you should tell him that story.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Orpheus: I made a deal with ms. Spears. I help her dupe her detective, she helps me with a little favor.

Evan: What’d you tell her? How did you convince her you were willing to screw over your own son to help her?

Orpheus: Tell her? I didn’t have to tell her anything. She has no idea we’re father and son, just like shawn brady has no idea he’s not that baby’s father.

Jan: Chloe was awful to me. She said the most horrible things.

Shawn: I’m sorry–

Jan: No, you need to tell brady to keep her away from me.

Shawn: Okay, fine. I will tell brady to have her back off. But you need to listen to me, okay? You have to hear what I have to say.

Jan: You’re mad at me?

Shawn: No, jan. I’m frustrated. You should not have kissed me. You cannot turn this into something that it isn’T.

Jan: Shawn, I’m not trying to. When I kissed you, I found out something very important– that it’s not just my imagination– that you felt something for me too. I know that now.

From prom dresses

Jj: I– [Sniffles] I gotta say I feel a little weird being here.

Chad: Why?

Jj: I don’t know, maybe– maybe you want your brothers or something. I know that I wasn’t always a–

Chad: My biggest fan?

[Chuckles] You never thought that I was good enough for her.

Jj: I’m sorry.

Chad: You were probably right.

Jj: No, no, I wasn’T.

Chad: You know, the thing is, is– see, my brothers, they would probably just try to say the right thing. You knew her better than anyone. You loved her. They can’t understand how much I lost. You do.

Jj: [Sniffles]

[Sobbing] Look, I want you to know that I changed my mind. After a while, seeing you two together, I thought maybe he is good enough for her. Anybody who’s good enough for abigail is pretty damn good in my book. My parents only had one son. But I have a brother.

Chad: [Sobs]


[Somber music]

Jack: Well. We did it.

Jennifer: Thanks to you. Now we just have to get through the funeral.

Jack: We’ll do that the same way we just did this– together.

Jennifer: Yes, we will.

Belle: I can’t stay here.

Ej: Why not?

Belle: I’m just not ready, you know, for spending the night and waking up with you.

Ej: Okay.

Belle: Yet.

Ej: And I will hold onto that “yet.”

[Pensive music]

Belle: [Clears throat] I meant what I said. It was wonderful.

Ej: Good night, belle.

Belle: Good night, ej.

Chloe: I don’t think that you should go over there right now.

Brady: No, I need to talk to belle now to see if what shawn is telling me is true.

Chloe: No, don’t go–at least not tonight. Why don’t you wait until the morning or so?

Brady: Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that–

Chloe: I am not telling you anything.

Brady: Oh.

Chloe: Except you should not go over there tonight.

Brady: Son of a bitch.

Jan: You can deny it all you want, but I know you felt the exact same way I did when we kissed.

Shawn: Jan, I will not listen to this. You know what? I won’T.

Jan: We’re gonna be a family, shawn. You’re gonna come around. I just know it.

Evan: You knew I had sex with jan spears and didn’t tell me? You knew she got pregnant and didn’t tell me? You switched the paternity tests and you won’t tell me what you’re getting in return?

Orpheus: I know it may seem like I don’t trust you–

Evan: That’s putting it mildly.

Orpheus: But I’m in the middle of a high-stakes game. I need to keep my cards very close to the vest.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Billy: Thank you. Mmm.

Chelsea: Billy. Hey.

Billy: Hi.

Chelsea: I’m glad I ran into you. I wanted to thank you for the kindness you showed me when we ran into each other in the park. I don’t know if you could tell, but I was kind of having a moment.

Billy: It’s okay. We all have them. You feeling better today?

Chelsea: I am. Thank you. You know, life just keeps rolling along.

Billy: Yeah. That it does.

Chelsea: Speaking of pondering life, I wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to listen to your podcast.

Billy: Oh, great. Did you enjoy it?

Chelsea: Actually, no, I didn’T…at all.

Michael: Thank you for your help with the situation in new york. That was much appreciated. And, yes, I will set up that meeting with victor newman in return. A deal’s a deal. I don’t go back on my promises. Yeah. Alright. Bye.

Lauren: What was that about?

Michael: Oh, just business stuff.

Lauren: Yes. I could tell. You had your slick voice on, which usually means you’re doing something squirrelly for victor.

Michael: Well, that’s quite the assumption.

Lauren: Hmm. But correct, no?

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Sally: I am not sure how I’m supposed to refer to you now. Your honor? Your royal highness?

Adam: I think those things are reserved for judges and kings.

Sally: How about newman media’s secret weapon?

Adam: Ooh. That’s — that’s not bad.

Sally: Well, that last one was a quote from another glowing story about the press conference. “It was a bold and confident performance by adam newman, who seems poised and ready to take newman enterprises into the future. He might just be the company’s secret weapon.”

Adam: It’s very nice to hear.

Sally: Is it? What’s wrong?

Adam: I don’t know. Everything went…well.

Sally: That’S…good.

Adam: Yeah, unless it went too well.

Sally: There is no such thing.

Adam: Look, I am confident. I am ready to whip this place into shape, but I just can’t help get the feeling that, um, there might be another shoe ready to drop.

Nick: Alright, what is it that couldn’t wait or be sent by text?

Victor: Hi, son. I just didn’t mean to alarm you, okay? I just wanted you to know that everything is in good hands… although ashland and victoria may not think so.

Nick: What does that mean, dad? What’d you do?

Victor: What did I do? What’d your father do? He’s thinking ahead. Whatever venture ashland and victoria are about to embark on, it’s gonna hit a brick wall.

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Door opens ]

Ashland: Hello. I brought us some fantastic thai food, but I’m also bringing bad news.

Victoria: Oh, no. That’s unfortunate because i have some bad news of my own. If the peanut butter in a reese’s could talk

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Billy: Well, I’m very sorry to hear that you don’t like my podcast. Could it be that you just don’t like podcasts in general?

Chelsea: No. No. It was yours specifically.

Billy: Wow. Okay.

[ Laughs ] Do you care to elaborate or…

Chelsea: I’m not trying to be harsh.

Billy: Mm.

Chelsea: I really admire what you’re trying to do, but —

Billy: But you just don’t like it. I get it. It’s okay. You know, it’s not for everyone. I will say, though, you are in the minority ’cause most people have responded quite positively to it.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, I guess I’m in the minority then. You know, maybe I’m wrong.

Billy: Hmm. Look, I’m open for constructive criticism if you would like to share why you find my podcast so off-putting.

Chelsea: Uh, maybe that’s not such a good idea. I’m sorry I said anything.

Billy: No, but you’re not because you wouldn’t have said something. Clearly, you want me to know. So, please tell me. What is about my inner thoughts, about my dreams that is so awful for you?

Michael: I do not use a different voice when I conduct business for victor.

[ Deep voice ] I’m always slick, baby.

Lauren: Oh. You think so, huh?

[ Deep voice ] “I’m calling on behalf of victor newman. This is what we want. Get it done.”

Michael: No. The voice was wrong, but the words were right. Look, I’m doing my job. And I’m doing it damn well, by the way.

Lauren: Oh, I never said anything about the way you’re doing your job. It’s the nature of your job that I have an issue with.

Michael: And like I said, there is nothing criminal going on. And there’s no longer any danger of me landing in some foreign prison again.

Lauren: Oh, so you say. You’re working for victor newman, so never say never.

Michael: You know what? I think it’s time for another quick trip away. Maybe a romantic weekend?

Lauren: I wouldn’t hate that idea.

Michael: We could hop a plane to somewhere tropical. We could spend a few nights in a luxurious hotel. We could lie by the pool

[Deep voice] Drinking cocktails with little umbrellas…

Lauren: It’s very tempting. It really is. It’s just there’s so many big things going on for jabot and fenmore’S…

Michael: Yeah, yeah, okay.

Lauren: …And I just need to be here.

Michael: I get it. We have to hold off on it, but, you know, not for too long. That trip to france was so amazing.

Lauren: Mm.

Michael: I can’t wait to get away again, just the two of us, with no distractions.

Lauren: I look forward to that.

Michael: You know, maybe we don’t have to wait for another vacation to find… time for romance. Do you have any free time now? We could have lunch… back at our place… maybe in the bedroom.

Lauren: [ Laughing ] Oh, you are too much. It’s a good thing you’re so handsome and sexy.

Michael: It’s a package deal.

Lauren: Mmm, and I love the package. It’s just that I’ve got to get back to work. I don’t have time to go back home.

Michael: Mwah! You can’t blame a guy for trying.

Lauren: Ah, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I said I didn’t have time to go back home. But I never said anything about getting a room upstairs. Hmm? What do you think?

Victoria: You share your bad news first.

Ashland: Okay. Well, turns out we weren’t able to poach that media marketing genius we had at newman.

Victoria: Dan said no?

Ashland: Yeah. He, uh, doesn’t want to jump ship for a new company. He likes the security.

Victoria: A long-standing, successful conglomerate as opposed to a start-up.

[ Sighs ] I suppose that makes sense.

Ashland: Well, I gave him all the reasons I could for him to join us — a change of pace, exciting new challenges. He just didn’t bite.

Victoria: Well, that’s disappointing, but I understand his concern. Dan may have made the best call for himself, though, because our company may have already hit its first roadblock.

Ashland: Your bad news. You heard from the investors.

Victoria: Yeah. Unfortunately, they’ve turned us down.

Ashland: Wait. Wait. All of them?

Victoria: The entire list.

Ashland: No. Come on. It’s hard for me to believe that every single one of them said no. I mean, what are the odds of that? No, something’s not right here.

Victor: I approached the investors who were about to invest in whatever project victoria and ashland want to start. I told them not to invest a dime in it.

Nick: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Victor: No, you shouldn’T. You know your dad always thinks a move ahead, right? I also asked michael baldwin to inform some potential future investors and warn them not to invest in any project that has ashland locke’s name attached to it.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] I mean…that’s pretty cut-throat.

Victor: I don’t play games. You know that. I had no other choice.

Nick: I don’t know about that.

Victor: What do you mean?

Nick: I’ve been thinking.

Victor: Oh?

Nick: What if this is a test from victoria? You know, to see if I would tell you what she was planning so she could find out if we actually believed in her for once or if we were undermining her yet again. Because if that’s the case, she got her answer, dad. You shut down her project before it even had a chance to get started. And I will have failed her final loyalty test.

Victor: Well… there’s that.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Michael: We still got it.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Baby, we never lost it.

Michael: Ooh. We haven’t played hooky like this in a long time.

Lauren: I know. Feels a little naughty, hmm?

[ Both laugh ]

Michael: It does.

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Michael: I am gonna respect the fact that you’re on a tight schedule. I’m not gonna derail your day.

Lauren: Mmm. Aww. Don’t rush. Don’t rush. We have time. We’re here. Let’s make the most of it.

Michael: You want to get your money’s worth for this room, don’t you?

Lauren: Well, I am an excellent businesswoman.

[ Laughs ] Let’s take our time.

Michael: What the lady wants, the lady gets.

Sally: I wouldn’t worry about another shoe dropping. You have to remember where you are now — on top of the world. You can handle any crisis that pops up.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m not concerned about things regarding the company itself, but when it comes to the man who built this company, I have to be on my toes. Victoria could call him and say that she made a terrible mistake. She could say she wanted to come home, provided she could get her job back. My father would kick me to the curb as fast as possible because that’s been his plan all along.

Sally: I’m not discounting what you’re saying, but I don’t envision that happening. Victoria made such a bold statement in walking away, i can’t see her just doing a 180 and rushing back home. If she really loves ashland the way that we think she does, despite everything that he’s done to her, why would she throw all that away and come back just to spite you? It doesn’t make any emotional sense.

Adam: I agree. But, uh, my sister is much more complicated than you know.

Victoria: You know, I’m as surprised about the investors’ reactions as you are. I thought that our business plan was solid and our — our proposal was strong.

Ashland: And both you and i come to the table with a proven track record.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, not proven enough, apparently.

Ashland: What reasons did the investors give you for turning us down, hmm?

Victoria: They were vague. I mean, some talked about other investments taking priority, and some said that they just had prior commitments.

Ashland: No, no, there’s something off here. If they had prior commitments, they would not have come to meet with us in the first place. Is it possible that someone found out what we’re trying to do here and reached out to dissuade the investors?

Victoria: I know what you’re thinking.

Ashland: Who else? This is exactly kind of move your father would make.

Victor: Now, son, I know that you were reluctant to share this information with me. But trust me — this time, you made the right decision.

Nick: I’ve heard those words before, dad, and I’ve lived to regret it.

Victor: You won’t this time.

Nick: Do I even want to know what you’ve done to make sure people don’t invest in victoria and ashland’s company?

Victor: I’ve let people know that ashland locke suffered from small cell lung carcinoma. Very problematic cancer to deal with, okay?

Nick: So, you told them he’s dying.

Victor: Yeah. In essence, yes.

Nick: But he’s not dying.

Victor: Well, he told the world he has cancer, you know, an especially difficult form of it. So, who is gonna invest in a company led by a man who’s about to die?

Nick: I mean, it’s pretty clever.

Victor: Well, the beauty of it is that michael baldwin and i have not said anything that isn’t true. Only ashland locke has. Told a lie. Coming back to bite him.

Nick: I’m guessing you’re walking a fine line.

Victor: Your father’s often walked a fine line, okay? Let me ask you, son. You’ve always complained about the fact that I never brought you into the loop. Now I have. Aren’t you happy about that?

Nick: No, I, uh — i appreciate you bringing me in. I do, especially when it comes to matters of the family. I’m just… I’m feeling guilty. Victoria’s gonna know I betrayed her. And I am nervous about the blowback when this all hits the fan.

Victor: I’m not, son. We have to do everything to save your sister and to save this company. And I’ll do whatever it takes to do so! Can dove stop 98%

Sally: Again, I don’t want to insult you.

Billy: Mm.

Sally: But if you want me to be honest with you about your podcast, I will be.

Billy: Please. Go ahead.

Chelsea: Okay, so, here’s the thing. I feel like the first few episodes are too mired in self-recrimination and pain from the past.

Billy: Well, um, I try to make my audience feel seen, to make the whole process feel cathartic.

Chelsea: Right. Well, I can only speak for myself. I just found it difficult to continually listen to all that darkness, you know? I want to laugh. I want to listen to something that is uplifting and entertaining. I mean, I understand the whole adage of “misery loves company” —

Billy: So, my podcast made you feel miserable.

Chelsea: [ Stammers ] I just feel like what people really need right now is to be lifted up, you know? They need to hear you saying things like, “we’re all gonna get through this,” and, “let’s all try to enjoy life for a little while.”

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: You know, for me, i had a really hard year. It was emotionally draining, you know? I need to be pulled up out of that darkness, maybe in some fun, crazy way.

Billy: And my podcast does the opposite.

Chelsea: I just feel like you are, when you want to be, one of the funniest people I know. And when I listened to that podcast, I just felt like I was missing out on all of the levity, you know, all of the humor. It’s just my two cents. But maybe try reminding the folks out there that life should be joyous and not reminding them that the world is a crazy place right now because guess what, billy. We already know.

Billy: Yeah. No. Um… wow, chels, you make it sound like I don’t have any joy, like I don’t enjoy life whatsoever, and I do. I’m not walking around in some dark cloud 24 hours a day, okay? That’s just not true.

Chelsea: Okay. I feel like you’re getting a little defensive, which is a sign to me that maybe deep down you know I’m right.

Billy: Mm. I can see where you’re coming from.

Chelsea: Well, thanks for hearing me out.

Billy: I guess I’ve just forgotten how well you used to know me.

[ Both laugh ]

Lauren: Whoo!

Michael: Yes!

Lauren: We should do that more often.

Michael: [ Sighs ] You don’t have to ask me twice.

Lauren: Aw, I hate to break this off, but I’ve got to go back to work.

Michael: Oh, fine. Fine.

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Michael: Our stolen moments upstairs will tide me over till tonight.

[ Sighs ] In the meantime, I have a few more phone calls to make…

[Deep voice] In my slick voice.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] I’ll see you tonight, tiger.

Michael: Mm.

Sally: Victoria must be a complicated woman because why else would she be involved with a man like ashland, not once, but twice?

Adam: Well, my sister’s issues go far beyond locke. Her need for power and dad’s approval may just prove to be stronger than her love for ashland. So, we can’t write her off just yet. She might change her mind and come back.

Sally: I have to say i disagree. You may know your sister, but i am better on love.

Adam: I hope you are right.

Sally: But in the meantime, you should just enjoy your time in the big chair.

Adam: Okay. [ Clears throat ] Okay, I will try. ‘Cause it would really suck to get deposed from the throne before I had a chance to prove myself.

Sally: You are going to prove that you’re the best person for this job. And I can’t wait to watch you do it.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You know, I’m sad to say it, but your theory sounds all too possible. My father — he has always amazed me with his ability to find out the most private things about people and everything. I mean, it’s like his superpower. And his connections and his reach are wider than anyone could ever imagine.

Ashland: And he used them to prevent his own daughter from raising capital to start a new company?

Victoria: Well, I’m sure he justified it by telling himself that I turned my back on the family and he just couldn’t stand for that. Leave it to him to ensure that i wouldn’t be able to make a clean break.

Ashland: It is infuriating and insulting that your family will not let you just live your own life. I mean, I don’t know how you put upwith their interference for as long as you did.

Victoria: It took you coming into my life to make me finally see that and to want to push back.

Ashland: Okay, well, we’re not gonna take this lying down, okay? The first thing we have to do is figure out how victor found out what we’re doing here. Did you say anything to anyone, even by accident? Maybe just mentioned to somebody that we were going to new york city?

Victoria: No.

Ashland: To nikki or billy?

Victoria: No. I haven’t said anything to anyone, not even billy yet. I’m still so frustrated and angry with them. I mean, I need some time and some space to just calm down before I can even speak to them again.

Ashland: Hey, look, um, i know — I know how much this hurts you, even more than you’re letting on. But I have to ask this question — are you sure you really want to do this? Are you able to start a whole new life with me and leave your family behind? I’m jonathan lawson

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: Well, that wasn’t exactly easy to hear, but i appreciate your candor. And, yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe my podcast could use a little lightness, maybe even a few jokes.

Chelsea: The world will thank you, and so will I.

Lily: Hello.

Chelsea: Hi!

Billy: Hey there. Chelsea was just giving me a not-so-glowing review about the podcast.

Chelsea: I didn’t want to offend you, but you asked me my opinion. I’m gonna give you an honest answer.

Billy: I’m not sure I asked. Kind of just gave it to me.

Lily: Well, let me guess. Was the gist that the podcast needs a little more levity and less misery?

Billy: Misery? I’m miserable now?

Lily: [ Laughs ] No. I just figure that if someone’s gonna give you criticism, it would be that the podcast is a little, you know…dour.

Billy: Oh, wow.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Ah.

Lily: No, I mean, look, i think that you’ve done a great job with it and I know that you’re going through a lot and i think this was kind of your way of, you know, working through it all, so…

Billy: Well, it wasn’t really about me working through things. I mean, not exactly. It was about connecting with people that may be going through similar things. It wasn’t, like, a comedy podcast.

Lily: No. I understand. I agree with chelsea that maybe the medicine needs to go down with a little bit of sugar, you know?&

Chelsea: I was telling billy he’s, like, one of the funniest guys I know. You know, you want to hang out with him at a party because he’ll make you laugh and you’ll learn a few things.

Billy: That’s who I thought i was being. I thought I was that guy. Clearly, I’m a little stuck in my head. So, if, uh, two smart, savvy women are telling me so [Sighs] Then I better listen.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Dad, you saw how adamant victoria was about having her independence. And I’m afraid that your next move or the ones you’ve already done are just gonna set her off even more. I’ve tried many times to reach out to her. She’s not answering any calls or texts

Victor: Well, there’s nothing more for you to do right now, okay? Just sit back and give your sister some time.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, I know you’re hoping that putting adam in the ceo seat will force victoria to come home and retake the reins of the company, but when I talked to victoria, she already knew about the press conference. She was completely unfazed by it.

Victor: I highly doubt that. She still has newman blood running through her veins, okay?

Nick: Okay. So, I mean, what are you thinking? Is there another chess move to be made here?

Victor: I just wonder why victoria would tell you that she and ashland went to new york to start a new venture.

Nick: Do you think she knew that I would tell you? I mean, are you already seven steps ahead?

Victor: You’ll find out.

Nick: Look, I just — I don’t like all the deception that is required with all these moves and counter moves. Is more gamesmanship needed here? You know all the lies we had to pry out of ashland and everything we had to do to counter them. I just don’t know if it’s necessary. Do you think it’s gonna reunite the family?

Victoria: I am not going back on my decision. And [Sighs] I couldn’t stand letting myself be controlled and coddled by them for one more second. I don’t need their so-called protection. I need them to see me as a person that cannot be manipulated. I know what I want. And I’m doing the right thing. It’s — it’s — it’s the only thing to do.

Ashland: I know you don’t need my approval or my opinion, but for what it’s worth, i agree. I think it’s time for you to stand up for yourself, and i want to be standing right there beside you while you do. Your family has pushed and pushed and pushed, and they deserve whatever they get from this point on.

Victoria: Yes. And in time, they’re gonna realize that I know exactly what I’m doing.

Ashland: Oh, and I hope I’m there to witness that moment when the newman family finally admits defeat. I’ll tell you what — why don’t we stop talking about newmans?

Victoria: Yes.

Ashland: Let’s eat.

Victoria: Oh, yes, let’s eat. Ugh. I’m ready to relax.

Ashland: Ah. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Lauren: Ah. Hello, everyone.

Chelsea: Hi.

Lauren: Have I arrived at a different meeting than i thought?

[ Laughter ]

Billy: No, no, just a chance encounter. We’re not getting into the fashion business.

Lily: No, we have enough on our plate.

Billy: Chelsea was just sharing some, uh — some very sound advice about the business of podcasting.

Chelsea: I apologize again if I was too blunt.

Billy: You weren’T. Hey, lauren, have you heard the one about the blunt pencil? Forget it. It’s pointless.

Lauren: Oh!

Chelsea: Oh, my god! What have I done? I take it back. You’re not really that funny.

Billy: I have only started. Wait till the next episode.

[ Laughter ]

Chelsea: Well, we should go.

Lauren: Okay, let’s go.

Chelsea: You guys have a good day.

Lily: You too.

Lauren: Bye.

Lily: Bye.

Lauren: You want to get A…

Billy: Um, excuse me, miss. Why did you not tell me that my podcast was miserable?

Lily: No, I — I wasn’t sugarcoating my opinion. I thought that your tone was refreshing. I mean, there’s a lot of chipper podcasts out there, and i thought that yours was very, you know, real.

Billy: “Real.” To you, that translates into dour. I mean, honestly, am I a morose person?

Lily: Okay, stop. Don’t let a little constructive criticism send you down a rabbit hole.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Okay? No, look how many people are listening to just your podcast. And the comments on social media — people like it. Even chelsea thought you were funny.

Billy: Ah. Well, she’s not wrong. I do have a great sense of humor. Or about people needing joy and laughter in their life.

Lauren: I’m so sorry I’m late. You can, uh, blame my husband for the delay.

Chelsea: Ah. Looks like you’re really upset about it.

Lauren: So upset.

[ Both laugh ] It was a much-needed respite.

Chelsea: I get it. A little love in the afternoon. Lucky you.

Lauren: I am lucky. I’m married to the love of my life.

Chelsea: Mm.

Lauren: Alright, now let’s talk about fashion.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, I heard about gloria’s trip to london. And I know I’ve been out of the scene for a while, but I am really interested in all the trends and designers over there.

Lauren: Oh, yeah. There are some wonderful, fresh ieas coming out of the city. I’ll put the two of you together.

Chelsea: Okay. Perfect.

Lauren: There is one thing. Um, when I sat down with gloria, she seemed very concerned about you. She felt like there was some tension between you and chloe.

Ashland: There’s got to be other investors we can reach out to. I’ll go back through my list of major players.

Victoria: Yes, and I’ll go through mine, as well, but so far, I can’t think of any that my father can’t get to.

[ Sighs ] It’s frustrating to admit, but I think that my father’s influence outweighs ours by a bit.

Ashland: Boy, victor really is a piece of work, isn’t he? You know, most fathers — they want to support their daughters’ choices, not actively sabotage them. And I don’t understand why he keeps trying to rule your life with such a tight grip. I mean, what does he get out of that? He’s just driving you further and further away. But — but having said all that, I am not going to let him thwart our dream, alright, of starting a whole new company together. We’re just gonna have to figure out something else.

Victoria: I know that you’ve had your reservations about this, but maybe we should give some more thought to funding our venture ourselves. Yes, I know. I know. It’s risky, but, I mean, is it really such a big risk when we’re betting on ourselves?

Ashland: Okay, well, that’s a fair point. We both certainly know we’re capable of doing great things.

Victor: I know that we’ll be successful. I know it. And we won’t have to, uh, waste our time and effort going back to the financial community and begging for money. And we will save ourselves the humiliation of possibly knocking on doors and getting them slammed in our faces around town.

Ashland: Once it gets out there that we’re having trouble raising money, it’s gonna cast a shadow over everything we’re trying to do. And the idea of going back to investors and possibly being rejected — I don’t like that at all, no.

Victoria: The more rejection we face, the worse the perception of our new company will be.

Ashland: That’s the last thing we want.

Victoria: No.

Ashland: Maybe it would be a bigger thrill and there’d be more satisfaction in starting something entirely on our own, creating something from scratch. And doing it with you — that would be the world to me. I… maybe you’re right. Maybe this is the best move. And think of this, too — if all the investment capital is ours, then all off the potential profit is ours. I mean, why give away part of the house when you can have the whole thing?

Victoria: Yeah.

Ashland: Let’s do this. Me and money are all-in.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Hey, guys.

Victor: Hey.

Adam: What’s going on here? If it has anything to do with newman, sally and I should probably be in the loop.

Nick: Hey, congratulations, you know, on your promotions.

Sally: Thanks.

Adam: Wasn’t, uh, something we were necessarily expecting, at least not the way it came to pass.

Sally: Yeah, who would have imagined victoria would have walked away from everything like that?

Adam: I always thought the company was her top priority, but I guess not. Sally thinks her running off with ashland is romantic.

Sally: Well, she obviously loves him, and in the end, that’s the most important thing, right?

Adam: I know that you only care about victoria’s well-being since you don’t give a damn one way or another who’s running newman. You’ve made it clear that you’re not invested in the family business.

Nick: Yeah, well, things may be changing on that front.

Adam: Really? Well, um, I look forward to hearing more about it. Excuse us.

[ Cellphone thuds ]

[ Glasses thud ]

Victor: What did you mean by your last remark? Can dove stop 98%

Chelsea: I venture to guess that her concern is just gloria being gloria.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Well, I know my mother-in-law well, and I certainly know how she can be. And this was not about gossip. She was genuinely concerned about the dynamic between you and chloE.

Chelsea: Chloe and I are best friends and old pros. Of course we’re gonna have disagreements every once in a while, but we’ll get through it. We always do.

Lauren: Okay. Good. I’m relieved to hear that.

Chelsea: Yeah. Please don’t even give it a second thought.

Lauren: Alright. So, let’s move on. Have you heard from summer?

Chelsea: Yes. Actually, I have a meeting with her later today.

Lauren: Mm.

Chelsea: Do you know what she wants to talk to me about?

Lauren: I do, but I don’t want to step on her news.

Chelsea: Oh. Okay, well, that’s a tease. I’m even more intrigued now. Can you give me a hint?

Lauren: No.

[ Both laugh ] You’ll know soon enough. I would love to talk to you about your fabulous fabric choices, though.

Chelsea: Alright. If you insist. I’m so glad you like them. I am definitely attracted to prints that are layered, bright, and interesting.

Lauren: Oh. That’s fantastic. Oh, yes, I love this. Especially this.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: This is so exciting. And, you know, I’m as eager as you are to get the ball rolling on this. I think the first thing I want to do is I’m gonna open a corporate bank account for our newly formed company.

Ashland: [ Laughs ]

Victoria: You know what you should do? You should call our real-estate broker and have him look for a property for us.

Ashland: Ah.

Victoria: We need an entire building.

Ashland: Oh, you don’t think a floor of offices is gonna be enough?

Victoria: No, no. We need to think big. Come on. Why? Why would we waste the time and money on a lease when we’re gonna be growing at a rapid rate? I mean, I assume so, don’t you?

Ashland: I just love the way we both look at the world the same way — as something to be devoured.

Victoria: And I can’t wait to savor every morsel.

Ashland: I feel like we’re so close to recapturing the magic we had when we first met.

Victoria: Closer than you can imagine.

Nick: I didn’t mean anything by what I said about the company. It was just a knee-jerk response to adam.

Victor: You sure about that? I’ve noticed an increased interest on your part in newman business.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You’re reading too much into it.

Victor: I am?

Nick: Yeah. I was just trying to get under his skin.

Victor: Hmm.

Nick: Look, we both know he doesn’t give a damn about victoria. He only cares about running newman enterprises. And I just wanted to give him something to worry about.

Victor: Huh.

Ashland: Yes, you heard me correctly. We want to buy an entire building! Yeah. Yeah, no, can you take a look, see what’s on the market? We want to move quickly on this thing. Right. Yeah. No, that sounds like it might work. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. Uh-huh. Great. Okay.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Tense music]

Orpheus: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

[Chuckles] Out of solitary so soon? How are you doing, son?

Evan: Fantastic. Nothing like a little me time in a deep, dark hole. Just rest, relaxation, and oblivion.

Orpheus: Well, your little vanishing act left the warden quite red-faced– mm, bad press and such– so I guess he figured a slap on the wrist just wouldn’t do the trick.

Evan: Yeah, I guess not.

Orpheus: Well, at least tell me you got the most out of your little vacay outside.

Evan: Well, I did get to catch up with some old friends.

Ciara: It was so great catching up with you too, mom. All right. Love you too. Bye. Whew!

Ben: Wow.

Ciara: Wow, what?

Ben: I may need to get guinness on the phone because that has got to be some kind of a record.

Ciara: Oh, really?

Ben: Really; you were on the phone for hours, babe, possibly days.

Ciara: Wow, does my little hubby wubby need some attention?

Ben: Maybe, but it’s okay because bo needed help packing for college anyway, so…

Ciara: Mm, wow. Okay, so first it was hours, then days. Now, it’s years?

Ben: Seemed like it, but it’s okay. I’m glad you two had a chance to catch up. What’d you talk about?

Ciara: Well, mostly we talked about what a big goofball my husband is. And then, we also talked about how jan just gave birth to shawn’s baby.

Jan: Oh, my god. Mmm, this is amazing! Mmm. You know what they say with chili burgers– the messier the better.

Shawn: Yeah, well, then that must be the best chili burger ever.

Jan: Oh. Thanks again, shawn, for saving me from another night of hospital gruel.

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Jan: Shawn, what’s wrong? You’ve been totally emo ever since you got back with the food.

Shawn: [Sighs] Look, I– look, I ran into belle earlier.

Jan: Oh. I’m guessing it didn’t go well.

Shawn: Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but yeah, she’s more upset with me now than ever.

Ej: I was hoping you and I could pick up where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted.

Belle: You can’t be serious.

Ej: Why not?

Belle: Because we were about to go to your bedroom.

Ej: [Chuckles] I’m well aware of that.

Belle: No, we can’t, ej, not after what just happened with sami.

Lucas: Mmm, I’m so glad. I’m so glad you said yes.

Sami: Did you have any doubts?

Lucas: A little bit. You know, I think I was traumatized from what happened in the past– you know, all those times I proposed. And it took you a while to say yes– I was thinking about investing in a kneepad company– but then, I went for that one, final gesture.

Sami: I don’t even remember which time you’re talking about.

Lucas: What, you don’t remember when I sang to you “when a man loves a woman”?

Sami: Oh, of course, at…

Both: The penthouse grill.

Luke: And that lady booed me.

Sami: She did not. That’s not true. Nobody booed you. Everyone saw how sweet you were. They all clapped.

Lucas: Yeah, because I stopped.

Sami: Doesn’t matter. This is the most perfect time. We’re together again. Lucas, I love my engagement ring.

Lucas: You do? You like it?

Sami: Yes, and it’s the best one you’ve ever given me.

Lucas: Good, ’cause it’s the most expensive. We’ve just been down this road so many times.

Sami: It doesn’t matter. We’re doing it right this time ’cause, you know what, I’m not keeping any secrets from you, so it’s really gonna work out.

Lucas: Yeah, it is. This time, it’s gonna be forever.

Sami: Yay.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ben: So how does mom feel about jan spears joining the family? Sort of.

Ciara: Uh, well, obviously she’s not so thrilled about the jan part, but she is excited to meet her new grandson, shawn christian, and to meet our little, sweet baby angel, of course.

Ben: Hmm.

Ciara: How is our son anyway? Has he graduated from harvard yet?

Ben: Yes, two degrees. And it only took him half of your phone call to finally fall sleep, so I think we’re in the clear at least for a couple hours… unless you got any other phone calls to make.

Ciara: Well, actually, I was thinking that we have some making up of our own to do.

[Knocks on door]

Ben: Mm. Remember all those years ago, we were just a young, married couple with all the time in the world to ourselves?

Ciara: Hmm.

Ben: Really miss those days.

Ciara: Hmm.


Allie: Hi.

Ciara: Hi.

Allie: I know I should have called first, but I just was scared I would chicken out if I didn’t come over and do this right now.

Ciara: Um, do what?

Allie: Apologize for kidnapping your baby. Ciara, do you think that there’s any way you could ever forgive me?

Ej: I know neither of us were expecting samantha to show up on my doorstep today, but I don’t see how that changes anything.

Belle: Of course it does! Come on, ej, you know as well as I do that things were different when she was out of town. She was out of sight, out of mind.

Ej: She’s out of sight now, and she’s certainly out of my mind.

Belle: You keep saying that, but I think jumping into bed with me after ending your marriage just– it seems like a bad idea.

Ej: Oh, on the contrary, I think it’s a great idea. What better way to celebrate my freedom?

Belle: Grandmother, what big teeth you have.

Ej: Oh, so I’m the big bad wolf, am I?

Belle: No. But, ej, if we went upstairs right now, it wouldn’t be about us. It would be about you sticking it to my sister, and I’m not gonna be used like that.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Orpheus: So ben and ciara got the best of you once again, huh?

Evan: I’ll admit, I probably should have given my battle plan a little more thought.

Orpheus: Well, you know who could have helped you with that? Dear ol’ dad. Next time you get it in your head to bust out of this place, maybe you won’t leave your old man out of the loop.

Evan: It was more of a spur of the moment kind of thing. Marlena’s granddaughter showed up out of the blue and snapped her fingers and made the whole thing happen, like, literally. She snapped her fingers and the whole place plunged into darkness. That should have been my first clue who allie really was. I made a deal with the devil.

Ciara: Allie, of course I forgive you. Are you kidding? None of what happened was your fault. You had no control over any of it.

Allie: I know, but I still feel responsible. And my family told me everything–like, everything that I did–and I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to talk to me again.

Ciara: Allie, please don’t be ridiculous.

Ben: Ciara is right. We don’t blame you at all. Please, come on in.

Ciara: Yeah.

Allie: Well, thank you, guys. I can’t tell you how many times I had to talk myself into coming over and doing this. Like, I was really scared you were just gonna slam the door on my face.

Ciara: Oh, my god, allie, we would never do that. I love you; you know that.

Allie: I know. I love you too. And I’m really relieved. I’m happy. Oh, and I almost forgot. I bought this. It is for bo.

Ciara: Baby, that is so sweet. Thank you. Bo’s actually inside taking a nap right now.

Allie: God, you’re like a superhero, like a super-mom. One second, you’re putting your kid down for a nap, and then the next, you’re saving his soul from the dark lord.

Ciara: Mm. Yeah, well, all in a day’s work, I guess.

Allie: I mean, it’s just incredible. Like, how did you defeat the devil?

Ciara: Well, actually, I had a little bit of help from my dad.

Allie: Mm.

Sami: [Groans] I can’t believe that belle was there at the mansion. She basically said straight out to me that she doesn’t believe he’s guilty.

Lucas: Well, she’s his lawyer. What else is she gonna say about that? You know, she’s not gonna say that…

Sami: But don’t you think that’s crazy? She’s my sister and she was defending the man who kidnapped me, letting him go free. I think that’s pretty screwed up.

Lucas: Well, you know, your relationship with your sister has kind of been screwed up from the very beginning– you know, ever since she was a baby and when you tried to sell her on the black market.

Sami: Are you seriously throwing that in my face right now? Are you kidding me? How come people can’t just move on from that? That was a long time ago. I was a kid. And they got her back. They did get her back. Ugh, and now she uses that as an excuse to blame me for everything wrong that ever happens in her life.

Lucas: And you set jan spears loose.

Sami: Okay, well, that was extreme, but come on, I needed to do it. I had to get custody of our grandson. I was desperate.

Lucas: Yeah, so desperate that you had no concern how this was gonna affect your sister at all. So you brought jan back into belle’s life, and then what happened? Her husband, he fathers a son with what? With her worst nightmare? So I don’t think that’s gonna work. I mean, yeah, she’s gonna hate you for messing up her marriage. I think she has a right to be pretty ticked off.

Ej: Belle, I assure you, if we go upstairs now, make love, it won’t be because I want to hurt sami. It’d be because I want to do the opposite to you.

Belle: I want to believe that, very much so, but it’s really tough when I know that you’re pretending that you don’t care your marriage just ended.

Ej: [Chuckles haughtily] Who’s pretending?

Belle: You are, and you’re very good at it, but, ej, you loved sami.

Ej: Loved. Loved; past tense. I’ve moved on with you, or so I thought.

Belle: [Chuckles weakly] I just–I don’t know if I can trust your motives.

Ej: [Sighs] You’re being ridiculous.

Belle: My father told me that you were using me to get back at sami. At the time, I totally blew up at him and told him he was completely off-base, but maybe he was right.

Ej: Hmm, or maybe you’re projecting. Maybe you think I’m using you because, this whole time, you’ve been using me to get back at shawn.

Jan: I don’t mean to pry, but what happened?

Shawn: I don’t want to talk about it, jan.

Jan: Of course you do. It doesn’t seem fair that you have no one to confide in. Meanwhile, you know belle is spilling her guts to ej dimera. I promise I won’t offer my opinion or anything. I’ll zip it right up. Only listening from now on.

Shawn: Look. I mean, at first, things were– they were going well. I mean, we both admitted that there was–there was still hope for the two of us.

Jan: Really?

Shawn: But then, I told her that the warden had extended your house arrest and that I was the one that advocated for it, and that’s when things took a turn for the worse. And she was just– she was fed up, and…

Julie: And can you blame her? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Orpheus: So allie horton really was possessed by the devil?

Evan: Yeah. Glowing eyes, creepy voice. And I totally blew it. I never should have let satan put me under his spell. One look at him, and I should have turned and ran, but I let hate get the better of me.

Orpheus: Hmm, well, I suppose that was the devil’s plan all along.

Evan: The second I saw that innocent, little baby, I should have been stronger, but instead, all I could see was revenge. All I could see was hurting ben and ciara in the worst way possible. It was a test, and I failed. If I was a better man, I’d be with my son right now, but no, I had the opportunity to get to david, and I wasted it.

Allie: So uncle bo just kind of appeared to you?

Ciara: Yeah. Well, I sort of felt his presence at the cemetery, and then ben and I actually spoke to him at the hospital.

Allie: Wow, that’s amazing. I would almost say I don’t believe it, but after I’ve been through, I know literally anything is possible.

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, I’ve–I just– I miss my dad so much. There’s literally not one day that goes by where I don’t long to see him or talk to him one last time. And all of a sudden, there he was in the hospital, waiting to meet my little bo.

Allie: That’s amazing, and I’m so happy for you, ciara.

Ciara: Thank you. Um, speaking of dads, how is yours doing?

Allie: Oh, I don’t know. I’m actually going to go see him after this. The first time since abigail died.

Ciara: It is so awful, what happened to her.

Allie: Yeah, it’s the worst, I mean, especially for chad and the kids, and my aunt jennifer and uncle jack, and my dad. I don’t–like, I don’t know what I’m gonna say to him.

Ciara: Well, I’m sure something will come to you when you see him, you know?

Allie: Yeah.

Ciara: And even just you, like, being there to comfort him will mean the world to him. Please give him our best, will you?

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, I will.

Ciara: Yeah.

Sami: Wait a second. Shawn-douglas’ behavior is not my fault. He cheats on his wife, and all of a sudden–

Lucas: Settle down; let’s not focus on belle and shawn. Let’s focus on us and our future and our happiness together, and exes be damned.

Sami: That sounds good to me. In fact, don’t you think we should go share our happy story with our family?

Lucas: I think that’s a great idea. I think we make a great team.


Shawn: Hey, grandma. I didn’t hear you come in.

Julie: I know. You were too busy sharing your feelings about your wife with this prison pinup.

Jan: [Scoffs] Excuse me, granny williams, but I am the mother of shawn’s baby. I’m family.

Julie: No. No, you’re not family. You are a conniving, little snake who tricked my grandson into getting you pregnant. Now, the baby is born. It’s time for you to slither back to where you belong– behind bars.

Jan: I can’t believe you would be so coldhearted about your own great-grandson. Don’t you want shawn christian to be raised by his mother?

Julie: Not when his mother is a murderer.

Jan: Oh, please, I did the whole town a favor by getting rid of charlie dale. And may I remind you that I did it to protect claire. I’m basically a hero. You should be thanking me.

Julie: [Scoffs] You’re not a hero. Heroes don’t have ulterior motives, schemes, plots. You just wanted belle out of the way so you could frame her for murder.

Jan: Well, aren’t you a negative nelly.

Belle: Don’t you dare try and turn this around on me.

Ej: You questioned my motives. It’s only fair that we examine yours. Why is it that every time you had a fight with shawn, you came running over here?

Belle: Because I needed someone to talk to!

Ej: You could have turned to chloe or brady or just about anyone else, but instead, you came here. You specifically sought me out, and you knew it would get back to your husband.

Belle: Okay, yes, I knew it would bother shawn, but that’s not why I confided in you.

Ej: It was more than confiding, belle. You directly involved me in your separation.

Belle: You’re a lawyer.

Ej: You stayed the night here; you could have stayed at the inn. And we’ve kissed. We’ve kissed more than once. Now, was all of this because of shawn, or do you have real feelings for me?

Belle: I wouldn’t have asked you to go upstairs if I didn’T.

Ej: Except now, you’re pulling away, so I can’t help but wonder if, this whole time, you were playing this game that suddenly got out of hand.

Belle: Okay, you know what, just because you’re articulate doesn’t mean you’re not also petty as hell for calling a conflicted woman a tease.

Ej: Well, you have been throwing yourself at me.

Belle: [Scoffs]

Ej: And then, you go–

Belle: Oh, my god! You are unbelievable. You know what, we should just end this conversation before you make more of an ass of yourself than you already have.

Ej: Belle, don’T. Please don’t go.

Your mission:

Julie: Shawn, why are you helping this person stay out of prison?

Shawn: She’s the mother of my son. I’m doing it for him.

Julie: I’m sure that’s what you think, but this little viper is just using you.

Jan: Hello, the viper’s right here.

Shawn: Listen, I have the situation under control.

Julie: Shawn, darling…

Shawn: But grandma–

Julie: I wish I believed it. Okay, okay. Talk about it another time. Actually, I just came here to congratulate you, to see the new baby, which I have in the nursery. He’s beautiful.

Jan: Thank you. And he looks a lot like me, right? At least the big, soulful eyes anyway.

Julie: Time for me to go before I do something I won’t regret.

Jan: Aw, I’m so sorry to see you go so soon.

Julie: Yes, I’m sure you are. Anyway, I’m on my way to see ciara because I’m going to give her, from your mother, the most wonderful gift. I’m more than excited about it.

Shawn: Yeah? What is it?

Julie: Oh, darling, you’ll never guess.

Ciara: Aw. Look at how adorable.

Ben: Oh, my god. Come on. Oh, are you kidding me? Check this out. You know how much fun little bo and I are gonna have sailing the treacherous bubble-bath seas in this?

Ciara: Well, I’m glad you like it because I actually have a little surprise for you.

Ben: I love surprises.

Ciara: Okay, easy. It’s not that kind of a surprise, sailor. It’s from my mom. When I spoke to her earlier, she said that she had a very special gift for us.

Ben: Oh, yeah? What is it? Some more bath toys?

Ciara: No. Actually, you and i are now proud owners of a boat, a real one.

Allie: Mom!

Sami: Hi, allie. We were just coming to see you.

Allie: Thank god, and I was just coming to see dad. When did you get back in town?

Sami: You look beautiful. I just got back today, but I’m sorry I couldn’t be here sooner.

Allie: No, no worries. I mean, you had good reason. I heard you gave the doctors hell for not letting you fly.

Sami: Yeah, I did because I was worried about you and johnny. I wanted to be here. I wanted to see for myself that you both are okay.

Allie: Well, I’m fine. I’m totally fine, although, for some reason, I can’t stop listening to “sympathy for the devil” by the rolling stones.

Sami: Oh, you’re making jokes now.

Allie: Yeah.

Sami: Hilarious.

Allie: Sorry. Listen, johnny and I are really into possession jokes now. It’s become, like, a coping mechanism.

Sami: Yeah, got it. Okay, well, I guess I shouldn’t have worried.


Lucas: Now that you guys are properly reunited, shouldn’t we tell her the news?

Allie: Oh, god. Who’s possessed now?

Lucas: Allie, come on.

Allie: Sorry. Okay, too soon? Too soon? All right, okay. So what’s the news?

Sami: Your dad proposed to me and I said yes.

Allie: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Mom, dad, congrats!

Lucas: Bring it in.

Allie: Mom, I’m so happy for you.

Sami: Aw!

Belle: I don’t think there’s anything left to say.

Ej: You can’t walk out now. It would be cowardly.

Belle: Excuse me?

Ej: [Sighs] What I meant was we should talk this out honestly. We owe each other that.

Belle: Fine. You want the truth? Maybe a small part of me was trying to get back at shawn through you.

Ej: As I suspected.

Belle: All right, your turn. Let’s hear it.

Ej: Well, it has crossed my mind that being with you would upset samantha, and I can’t say I don’t find a certain satisfaction with that.

Belle: And there you have it.

Ej: Belle, there’s more to our attraction than just our desire for revenge. You and I do have a real connection.

Belle: Do we, or are we just fooling ourselves?

From prom dresses

Evan: I hate that I’ve missed so much of my son’s life. I wish I would have just turned my back on this town, headed straight to him– just picked him up from zoey’s and gone on the run, just me and him.

Orpheus: Yeah, that wouldn’t have worked. Your sister wouldn’t have approved, for one thing, and you and the boy would have struggled on the run.

Evan: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Orpheus: And there’s something else, something you don’t know.

Evan: What?

Orpheus: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, son, but zoey got back together with her ex-husband, and they moved to new zealand with their son and yours. David’s on the other side of the world.

Ben: Your mom is giving us a boat?

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: That’s a little extravagant, no?

Ciara: Yeah, well, boats are sort of a thing in my family. And I think she kind of feels guilty about being away for so long.

Ben: What do you mean “boats are kind of a thing”?

Ciara: Well, my dad had one for a really long time, and he actually named it after my mom.

Ben: Ah, hope the boat?

Ciara: Mm, no. The fancy face. Yeah, that was his nickname for her. He bought it right after they had my brother, shawn, and then they spent years traveling the seas.

Ben: Mm, sounds kind of amazing.

Ciara: Yeah, it was. They would tell me all about their boating adventures. And then, my brother got inspired to do the same thing when claire was a kid. Yeah, he lived on the fancy face iv for a really long time.

Ben: What? The iv?

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: What the hell happened to fancy face I, ii, and iii?

Ciara: It’s a long story, but the point is, now you and i have our very own boat, babe. We can travel wherever and whenever we want and make some amazing memories on our own.

Shawn: That is awesome. Ben and ciara, they’re gonna love having a boat.

Jan: Uh, hello, shawn and i also just had a baby. Where’s our boat?

Julie: The titanic would be appropriate.

Shawn: I–

[Sighs] I remember how excited belle and I were to travel around the world, you know, on the fancy face iv with claire. Those were some of the best times of our lives. God, it feels like it was just yesterday.

Julie: Darling, don’t worry. You and belle are gonna have lots of wonderful adventures. You’ll see. I know things might seem a little thorny at the moment, but don’t worry. There’s no power in the world that’s gonna stop the two of you from being together.

Ej: Belle, you and i have something special. These past few months, getting to know you, growing closer, it’s meant a lot to me, and I want that to continue.

Belle: It’s just–the problem is just–it’s so mixed up. It’s so complicated. How much of this is about sticking it to our exes and how much of it is actually about us?

Ej: Well, think of it this way– if I cared more about hurting sami, wouldn’t I have told her that you and I had kissed? When she said that she was getting married to lucas, wouldn’t I have thrown it in her face that you and I were about to go upstairs together? But I didn’t do those things because, when it comes down to it, this has nothing to do with samantha. It’s none of her damn business. It’s ours because this is about you and me. Belle, what you and I have is complicated, but we’re not kids anymore. Life is complicated. We’ve got baggage, as they say, a lot of it. But I don’t care about that. I want this to work. I want you.

Allie: So when are you guys getting remarried?

Sami: Oh, we haven’t had a chance to talk about when.

Lucas: I vote for as soon as possible, you know? Even tonight would be nice.

Sami: Well, I have to file the divorce papers, you know?

Allie: Oh, ej signed those?

Sami: Yeah, it went really well.

Allie: You’re kidding, right?

Sami: Right, I’m totally kidding, but at least it’s done.

Allie: Yeah, that’s great. I mean, you guys should get remarried while you’re both in town, and henry can be your ring bearer!

Sami: Oh, I love that idea.

Lucas: Yeah.

Allie: I guess the only thing would be figuring out how to be sensitive to aunt jennifer.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, of course. I still can’t believe what happened to abby.

Allie: Yeah, it’s really awful. That’s actually why I was coming to see you, dad. How are you holding up?

Lucas: Um, I’m fine. I’m just–you know, I’m worried about your aunt.

Allie: Yeah. I just hope that they find the monster who did this and lock them up forever.

Sami: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, we all do.

Allie: Well, I’m sorry that I kind of brought the mood down, but let’s go celebrate!

Sami: Yes. You know what, let’s go to the pub and break the news to kate and my dad.

Allie: Okay. So what kind of dress are you thinking, mom?

Sami: Something very expensive. Just kidding. I mean, not really, but sort of kidding.

Lucas: You can’t blame this on losing adrienne or your sons. It’s all on you, you complete loser. You’re weak, you’re pathetic, and you’re a complete embarrassment. Ow! Ow! Ow! What the hell happened to my hand? I can’t remember. I can’t remember anything after I polished that bottle off. Think. Come on, think, you idiot. Think. I can’t remember anything after I fell off the wagon, but obviously, I hurt my hand. Please, god, don’t let me have hurt anyone else. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Evan: I can’t believe zoey would move my son halfway across the world and not consult me! What the hell was she thinking?

Orpheus: Well, she probably was thinking you’d react like this.

Evan: How should I react? She took my son away!

Orpheus: Look, I’m not defending your sister, but she does have full legal custody and she was under no obligation to get your approval or, frankly, even tell you.

Evan: I’m gonna call her. I’ll get her to bring him back. She’ll listen to reason.

Orpheus: Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, but I think you should focus on a family matter that’s a little closer to home.

Evan: What does that mean?

Julie: Hello, lovebirds.

Ciara: Grandma julie.

Julie: I come bearing gifts from your mom, who said she was going to call you.

Ciara: Yes, and she did. I was actually just telling ben about the boat.

Ben: Yeah, we’re excited. It’s so generous.

Julie: Yes. Well, there you go, sweethearts.

Ciara: Wow.

Julie: Well, it’s ready when you are. It’s in the marina. It’s in the water.

Ciara: Ah, so these are the keys to the fancy face v?

Julie: I think your mother has another name in mind, which I don’t understand because it’s misspelled and you two are married.

Ciara: Oh, grandma, it’s a play on our squish name.

Julie: Your squish name?

Ciara: Yeah, you know, when couples combine their names. You know how angelina jolie and brad pitt were known as brangelina?

Julie: Oh, yeah. That’s called a portmanteau, honey.

Ben: Ah. Well, then you and doug would be jug. Not a–not a fan?

Ciara: Mm, what about dulie?

Julie: What about doug and julie? I mean, it’s been catchy for over 50 years.

Ben: All right, all right. Dulie noted.


Ciara: So what do you think, you big goof?

Ben: I think I am going to love “living in cin.”

Belle: I don’t know, ej. This all just feels like a big mistake.

Ej: You’re legally separated. I’m essentially divorced. There’s nothing stopping us from giving into our feelings. Hmm? Unless you don’t feel the same way as I do.

Belle: [Sighs] I feel the same. I just–I don’t want us to get together for the wrong reasons.

Ej: All right. I understand. I don’t want to put you under any pressure or make you feel used. Maybe we can–maybe we can take some time to think this over.

Belle: You know what? I have spent my entire life thinking things through, and look at where it’s gotten me. I know what I want.

It’s started. Somewhere between a cuddle

Ben: Give our best to lani.

Ciara: Yeah, I really hope the judge goes easy on her.

Julie: Oh, please, god. And give little bo a great, big kiss from his great-grandmother.

Ciara: Okay, will do.

Julie: Love you both so much.

Ciara: Aw, love you.

Ben: Bye.

Ciara: [Sighs] Okay, ben. It is so tempting to just run down to the marina right now to go check out the boat, but we should probably wait till the morning, right?

Ben: I mean, unless you’re too excited to wait.

Ciara: Oh, no, I can wait. It’s just–we should probably plan a little trip soon.

Ben: Why a little trip?

Ciara: What do you mean?

Ben: I mean, your parents took shawn sailing around the world, and then shawn and belle took claire. What if we did the same thing with bo?

Sami: Can’t decide how I feel about your mom’s reaction to our news.

Lucas: What do you mean?

Sami: Well, she was a little subdued, don’t you think? I mean, I thought we had gotten past our…

Lucas: What, little thing where you hate each other to death?

Sami: I was gonna find a nicer way of putting it, but yes.

Lucas: Well, you know, I think that she kind of knew I was gonna propose anyway, so she wasn’t that shocked. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Sami: I guess.

Lucas: Plus, I have enough enthusiasm to go around anyway.

Sami: I bet you do.

[Tender music]

Ej: Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure this is what you want?

Belle: Make love to me.

Jan: Do you think that we can go down to the nicu to visit shawn christian again? I know that it hasn’t been that long, but I already miss him.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, of course. I mean, I miss the little guy too. You want me to get this for you?

Jan: Shawn, I promise you, I’m going to be a great mother to our son. And I’m aware that I’ll probably have to go back to prison and it’ll kill me, but at least that he has you to look after him. You’re gonna be a great father to our son.

Evan: I don’t know what other family matter you’re talking about, but nothing is more important than my son.

Orpheus: I am talking about your son. Your other son.

Evan: What other son?

Orpheus: The one you conceived with jan spears.

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Days Update Thursday, June 30, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theo and Chanel come out of the Brady Pub together. Theo says she didn’t have to buy his coffee but Chanel feels she owes him because she didn’t want to be alone with Olivia. Theo doesn’t mind and likes that Olivia says everything she feels. Chanel complains that Olivia wants to be in everyone’s business and doesn’t think she’s ready for a gender fluid granddaughter. Theo points out that he didn’t think his parents were ready for a kid on the spectrum but it worked out and they got used to it. Chanel thanks him and says they have enough to worry about. Theo still can’t believe Lani confessed to shooting TR at the wedding. Chanel knew something was bothering her but didn’t know it was that. Theo asks how Paulina is doing. Chanel says it’s killing her that she couldn’t protect Lani which is why she offered to take Olivia to the airport since Abe and Paulina deserve at least one morning together as it’s probably the only honeymoon they are going to get.

Abe and Paulina kiss at Paulina’s apartment. Paulina says she woke up this morning and thought their wedding was just a dream until she saw him beside her. Paulina says she feels truly blessed. Abe responds that two dreams came true in the park yesterday. Paulina calls it their first morning married and says his breakfast is on the table. They take a bite but Paulina says it’s terrible and she must have cooked it too long. Abe understands her mind is on Lani just like his. Paulina complains that she worked Lani’s whole life to protect her from Ray Coates and he got to her anyway. Paulina asks what’s going to happen to their little girl.

Julie visits Eli at home and asks about Lani. Eli says she is strong and has Justin for a lawyer but he has to get Melinda to agree to a plea deal and he’s praying that Justin can keep Lani from doing any prison time. Julie reminds him that everyone at the wedding was willing to take a vow of silence, so she didn’t have to go to the police to turn herself in. Eli says he told her that. They wish Lani listened. Eli says that Lani feels that she has to go through this to get past it. Eli calls her a better person than he is. Eli feels Justin has to cut that deal for her with Melinda Trask.

Justin meets with Melinda in her office to finalize Lani’s plea agreement before the hearing today. Justin thought they made real progress last night on the phone. Justin goes over his terms of one count of involuntary manslaughter doing 2-3 years in a minimum security facility. Justin is pretty sure the judge will sign off on this. Melinda reveals that the judge might, but she will not. Justin argues that’s not what she said last night. Melinda says she gave it more thought and that Lani shot her own father to death, an unarmed man who had done nothing to her. Melinda declares that if he thinks she’s going to let Lani skate then he doesn’t know her very well.

Lani is brought to the interrogation room at the police station as she has a visitor which turns out to be Susan Banks. She claims she had one of her premonitions and that something told her that Lani needed to see her best friend. “Susan” then reveals that she is actually Kristen DiMera, dressed as Susan.

Justin asks Melinda if this is a joke and argues that Ray Coates might not have done anything to Lani on the day that she shot him, but Lani’s husband had just remembered that it was TR that shot him. Justin explains that Lani left Eli’s hospital room and went directly to her mother’s apartment where she found Abe lying on the ground unconscious, so for all she knew, Abe was dead and her mother was next. Melinda tells him to save it as Lani should’ve arrested TR and brought him in. Justin argues that’s why he agreed to 2-3 years. Justin points out that Lani turned herself in and is a decorated police officer with a spotless record. Melinda argues that some things don’t make it on the record. Justin asks if she’s talking about Stefan DiMera and says Lani only fired that shot because Vivian pulled a gun on her and Stefan took the shot. Melinda responds that she’s talking about what Lani did for Kristen.

Lani reminds Kristen that she’s in a building full of cops. Kristen points out that her disguise fooled Lani. Lani brings up that Kristen used this last time she escaped and that the cops will remember. Kristen suggests Lani worry about herself. Lani admits she’s scared to death. Kristen mentions hearing TR shot Eli and says she was not going to leave her to deal with this alone. Kristen declares that Lani got her out of here once, so now she’s going to return the favor. Kristen reveals that everything is all set and by tonight, Lani won’t have to worry about spending a minute behind bars.

Abe tells Paulina that he’s having just as hard of a time getting in to the honeymoon as she is since in every way that counts, Lani is their daughter. There’s a knock at the door and they are surprised to see Beth. Paulina thought she had left town. Beth says she heard what happened to Lani and she had to come tell her how sorry she is for not stopping Ray Coates when she could have.

Chanel and Theo check their phones and find a bunch of articles about Lani’s arrest but nothing about her getting a deal. Theo suggests they give it a while since Abe said the hearing isn’t until this afternoon. Theo says he’s worried about Lani but the press won’t have anything to report until Melinda signs off on a deal. Chanel says he’s better at these things than she is. Theo says he just knows Salem better. Theo adds that them all being at the police station to show support meant a lot to Lani. Theo adds that even with everything that happened, yesterday was amazing, as they had the first Juneteenth celebration in Salem thanks to Abe and Paulina and the wedding was great. Theo brings up Chanel catching the bouquet. Chanel says that doesn’t mean she has to be the next one to get married. Theo points out that she could be, she just has to decide which twin she wants to be with.

Eli and Julie talk about taking care of the kids. Julie encourages Eli not to blame himself for Lani turning herself in to the police. Eli says when he remembered that TR shot him, he blurted it out to Lani when he should’ve called Rafe. Julie argues that he just came out of a coma. Eli says he told Lani right before she went to Paulina’s and shot him. Julie says he had no control over that. Eli adds that he was okay with letting Paulina go to prison for Lani. Julie understands he was trying to protect his family. Eli says that’s what Lani is doing now as she wants the kids to have a mother they can look up to. Eli says he has to get to court and thanks Julie for watching the kids while has a lot going on. Julie tells him to tell Justin to get the best possible deal for Lani that he can out of Melinda Trask. Eli thanks her and exits.

Justin asks Melinda what Kristen DiMera has to do with this. Melinda brings up Kristen stabbing Victor and escaping custody as she was aided by her friend Lani. Justin asks where she gets that. Melinda argues that if Justin really didn’t know about that, it’s because Abe made sure the police closed ranks around Lani. Justin asks where her proof is. Melinda assures that she can prove it and argues that Lani’s record is not spotless as she’s been taking the law in to her own hands whenever she feels like it and getting away with it. Melinda declares that ends today.

Lani tells Kristen that she has to get out of here while she still can because it’s not her job to save her. Kristen questions letting Melinda railroad her. Lani explains that she hired Justin and he’s trying to get her charges reduced to the minimum sentence. Kristen feels that one minute away from her children is one minute too many. Lani knows how much Kristen misses her daughter Rachel. Kristen says if Lani gets sent to prison, she will find out the hard way. Lani responds that she’s at peace with her decision. Lani knows Kristen risked everything coming here and she loves her for it, but she asks her to go now.

Abe questions what Beth could’ve done to change what Lani did. Beth responds that all she had to do was speak up but TR made her tell everyone that he was clean and sober and not violent anymore. Beth admits she knew better but she did it anyway and as usual, he had a way to make her keep her mouth shut which Abe questions. Beth reveals that TR offered her a lousy part in a movie and she went for it. Abe asks what made her come by Eli’s hospital room when he met her. Beth admits she was going to tell Lani about TR but she chickened out. Beth says seeing Lani waiting for Eli to wake up made her unable to get it out of her head. Beth explains that TR found out he couldn’t count on her anymore so he beat her black and blue and told her to leave town. Beth admits after that, she was afraid to do anything. Paulina knows what it’s like to be and live in fear of TR. Paulina assures that Beth can’t blame herself for anything she did or didn’t do after TR beat her since she was just trying to stay alive. Paulina brings up how she gave Lani up because she was so afraid of him. Paulina is glad she can tell the world now that Lani is her daughter. Abe agrees that Beth was not in the right state of mind to come forward. Beth states that everyone is being so nice to her but she feels she doesn’t deserve it because she knew what TR was going to do to her and she didn’t warn her. Paulina questions what she’s talking about.

Justin argues that if all Melinda has on Lani is something she think happened then she’s going to have a tough time with the judge. Melinda reveals that Eli knows Lani let Kristen escape and warns what that will do to Eli’s career when she makes him testify under oath. Justin questions why she’s been sitting on this for all these years then. Melinda states that she does have a heart and gave Lani a pass because she believes in second chances and it did seem like she was the kind of cop that Salem needs, but her instinct was wrong and now she has a chance to correct that error in judgment. Melinda tells Justin that manslaughter is off the table so Justin asks what the charge is going to be.

Kristen tells Lani to go ahead and take the deal but reminds her what happens to cops in prison. Kristen wants to keep her alive and questions why she won’t let her help her. Eli walks in and asks what the hell. Kristen then goes back to pretending to be Susan but Eli yells at her to shut up because he knows it’s Kristen.

Julie takes care of Jules and Carver until Doug shows up at the door.

Beth reveals to Paulina that TR planned to kill Paulina and steal her money which shocks her. Abe gets a call from Belle, who informs him that Melinda is on the warpath and Lani’s deal went south. Paulina declares that they have to make this right.

Kristen continues pretending to be Susan. Eli threatens to pull her wig off, so Kristen admits that it’s her. Lani assures that she had no idea. Kristen argues that best friends don’t abandon best friends in situations like this. Kristen tells Lani that she’s ready to help her, no matter what happens to her. Eli reminds Kristen that she’s a fugitive and orders her to put her hands behind her back. Lani tries to stop Eli but he feels he has no choice and warns how bad it would be if he let her go. Justin walks in so Eli stops and puts his handcuffs away. Justin questions what Susan Banks is doing here. “Susan” claims she had a powerful vision but they won’t listen to her so she asks Justin to listen. She says today is going to be a very good day for Lani. Lani asks Justin what happened. Justin wants to talk to her alone but Lani says it’s fine. Justin thought he had a deal with Melinda last night, but this morning she did a complete 180. Eli questions what the charge is then. Justin reveals that it’s murder one, life without parole.

Julie is surprised to see Doug as she thought he was spending time at home today with Jack and Jennifer because of Abigail. Julie cries that this is all so bad. Doug agrees that it’s as bad as it gets but says Jack and Jennifer needed time alone this morning. Julie feels they would need him to lean on. Doug says that’s why he’s here for Julie to lean on.

Abe and Paulina go to Melinda’s office and confront her over rejecting Justin’s plea deal. Melinda confirms that she intends to ask for a verdict of murder in the first. Paulina says no damn way. Melinda says all she is interested in is justice for TR Coates. Abe argues that murder one requires that she prove premeditation which she cannot do. Melinda tells him to watch her. Melinda calls it her decision, not his. Paulina tells Melinda that both sides can play hard ball. Melinda asks if that’s a threat. Paulina questions if she thinks she’s just going to stand by and watch her railroad her daughter. Melinda asks what exactly she’s going to do to stop her. Abe then brings in Beth. Melinda questions who she is. Paulina introduces Beth as the ace up her sleeve.

Doug tells Julie that he knows how much she loves Eli and that Eli’s never had to face anything like this before. Julie agrees and says he doesn’t deserve it. Julie asks why good people have to deal with so much suffering. Doug says when they do, they are lucky to have someone to lean on as strong as Julie, but she needs someone to lean on too and that’s why he’s here. Julie says just when she thought she couldn’t love him any more as they hug. Julie points out that Lani doesn’t just have her and Eli, she has Justin too. Doug thanks God for that. Julie worries that if Justin can’t get her off, she’s sure he can get her back to her family as soon as possible…

Eli questions how this happened. Justin reminds Lani that he asked if there was anything in her past that he should know about. Justin states that Lani left something out and Melinda knows what it is. Justin reveals that Melinda plans to tell the jury that whenever it works to her advantage, Lani is willing to take the law in to her own hands. Justin assures that he’s not giving up and will do everything he can to help her, but he’s starting from square one. Justin tells her that he will get back to her as soon as he can and exits. Eli complains that what Justin was talking about was the time Lani helped Kristen escape. Kristen tells him to let her help Lani. Eli asks what she has in mind. Kristen reveals she came here to break Lani out. Kristen points out that Melinda is going to have Lani sent to prison immediately. Kristen explains that Lani will get on the prison van and she will take it from there while Eli stays out of her way. Eli tells her not to tell him what to do. Kristen asks if he wants his wife back. Lani tells Kristen to stop. Kristen urges Lani to think this through. Kristen declares that Lani gave TR what he had coming to him and asks why that should cost her the rest of her life.

Beth explains to Melinda that TR told Lani he was a changed man and everyone believed him, but she knew he hadn’t changed one bit. Melinda responds that she’s sorry for what she’s been through, but her experience changes nothing. Melinda says you don’t get to pick your victim and TR may have been a reprehensible man but he’s still the victim here, so it is her duty to prosecute his killer. Paulina asks her to let them finish and instructs Beth to tell her the rest. Beth reveals that TR was getting desperate and running out of money but said he could still make Paulina do anything he wanted, so he planned to romance her, marry her, and then take her somewhere to kill her so he could inherit all her money. Melinda questions how she knows all of this. Beth reveals that he told her. Abe calls it premeditated murder. Melinda argues that TR did not live to commit the crime so her hands are tied legally. Abe warns Melinda that she is on the fast track to throwing away her job. Melinda questions if Abe is threatening to take her job if she doesn’t let Lani off with a slap on the wrist. Paulina says there’s a court of law and a court of public opinion. Abe explains that the people of Salem will realize that Melinda had a chance to stand up for abused women but chose a violent, drug addict who beat those women and shot a police officer in cold blood. Abe adds that the city council will insist that he demand her immediate resignation. Melinda argues that they only have Beth’s word and asks how she’s supposed to know she’s reliable. Beth reveals that she still has the photos she took after he beat her. Paulina adds those pictures could cause quite a stir if they end up in the paper. Abe declares that it’s all in Melinda’s hands.

Doug and Julie try to get baby Jules to go to sleep. Doug starts singing to get her to sleep.

Chanel assures Theo that she’s not leaning one way or the other. Theo wonders if that’s because if she actually picked one, she wouldn’t be the center of attention anymore. Chanel calls that mean and argues that this is hard. Theo says hard is when the woman you love leaves you at the altar while Chanel has a choice. Chanel calls it complicated since Johnny and Allie are going to be in their lives no matter what. Theo asks if she’s making it bigger than it is. Chanel says she’s been in a lot of relationships but this is different as she has to hurt somebody that she really cares about and then keep seeing them forever. Theo bets there is one solution that she hasn’t thought of. Theo then suggests Chanel dump them both and get back together with him.

Kristen insists to Lani that if they work together they can pull this off and asks if she’s in. Lani wants this over and says if she goes on the run, it will never be over and would drag Eli and their babies through Hell as they would always be looking over their shoulders. Lani refuses to do that to them, even if her life really is done, she won’t end theirs too. Lani asks if Kristen is really happy with her life right now and really free. Eli watches Justin through the window and sees something is going on so they have to get out there right now. Eli orders Kristen to stay there and consider herself under arrest. Eli and Lani rush out to ask Justin who he was talking to on the phone and if something happened. Justin announces that he doesn’t get it but Melinda is backing off and the deal he negotiated with her last night is back on, involuntary manslaughter with minimum time. Justin tells Lani that she can breathe again. Lani cries as she hugs Eli. Kristen watches from the window of the interrogation room.

Doug and Julie finish singing to get baby Jules to sleep. Julie then kisses Doug.

Chanel tells Theo that’s sweet. Theo then reveals that he was kidding as he’s with Claire and things are really good now. Theo adds that he was with Claire before Ciara and Claire has grown up a lot now. Chanel remarks that it must be nice to know you’re with the right person as she would give anything to make her life less complicated. Chanel then gets texts from Johnny and Allie, who both want to know if she saw their text. Chanel decides to take Theo up on his offer and let them have it.

Abe tells Melinda that she did the right thing. Melinda calls them blackmailers and warns that she won’t forget that. Paulina argues that they just saved her from herself and warns Melinda not to mess with her family again or she’ll be right back in her face. Abe and Paulina then exit together. Melinda punches her desk in frustration.

Eli tells Lani that it’s going to be hard for awhile but they will put this behind them and it will be over. Eli thanks Justin. Justin doesn’t think he should take the credit. Lani says she has some really hard goodbyes ahead but she still has a future now and something to look forward to. Justin says he has to prepare for the hearing but he’ll call her as soon as everything is official. Lani thanks Justin as he then exits the station. Eli declares he has unfinished business in the interrogation room. Lani says she will be right here and she’s sorry it has to be this way. Eli responds that they both know it does. Eli returns to the interrogation room and sees Kristen without her Susan wig on. Eli was expecting a fight. Kristen asks if he thought she’d make a run for it. Eli says if anyone could pull it off, it’s her. Kristen says she heard what Lani said before and she’s right. Kristen declares that she’s so tired of running, so she offers her hands up to Eli for handcuffs and says she’s ready to face the music.

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Y&R Update Thursday, June 30, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Crimson Lights, because his parents wanted to meet with him. They got a table on the patio. Victor asked if Nick heard from Victoria. He hadn’t yet, but he was sure that when he did, she would be furious with him. He said Victoria would know that Victor blocked all her business partners from investing any money, and she’d know Victor got all that information from Nick. Nick didn’t think Victoria would trust him again. Nikki worried this would further alienate Victoria, who already wasn’t returning Nikki’s calls. Victor said they’d see how things worked out. Nick went to order a drink.

Victor heard Nikki asked Michael to dig up dirt on Diane. Victor wished Nikki had come to him first. He said he didn’t want Michael to split his focus. He had Michael working on throwing up road blocks to Victoria and Ashland’s plan. Nikki wasn’t feeling optimistic about this plan to bring Victoria back to them. Victor was sure things would work out, and sooner than expected. Nikki thought Michael was going to drag his feet finding anything on Diane. Victor didn’t want Nikki to worry about all this. She didn’t understand how he wasn’t more worried about Victoria. “Trust Victoria the way you trust me,” he replied.

Nikki thought Victor was too calm, as if he knew his plan was already working. She asked if he heard something from Victoria that lead him to believe she might come home due to Adam being made CEO. He said if he heard something he would’ve told her. Nikki asked if Victor was really comfortable yanking Adam out of the seat and reinstalling Victoria. She wondered if he’d even thought that far ahead, then she realized that of course he had, because this was the kind of thing Victor spent time thinking about. She asked if he thought the plan would work. He wasn’t sure, because he didn’t know what was going on in Victoria’s head.

Inside, Sharon asked Nick if there was news on Victoria. He said he’d heard from her just before he last talked to Sharon. Sharon wondered why Nick didn’t mention this before. Nick explained that Victoria had confided in him about her plans to open a company with Ashland. Nick had wanted to get Victoria away from that lying bastard, so instead of remaining neutral, Nick had repeated what Victoria said to their dad. Victor had made sure no investors went near the startup, and now Nick wasn’t sure he did the right thing. Sharon said Victoria put Nick in a difficult position.

Sharon wondered why Victoria would tell Nick those things. He had the same question. He was starting to wonder if it was a loyalty test. Smiling, Sharon said that if it was, Nick failed. Nick said it could also be some convoluted game Victoria was playing with Victor. Nick thought there was a chance he was being used as an unwitting accomplice by Victor or Victoria. “I’m either dad or Victoria’s pawn,” he said. Sharon knew Victor installed Adam as CEO to make Victoria so crazy she’d come home, and that didn’t work, so maybe this would. Nick worried that if Victoria changed her mind and came back, his involvement in this would erase any of the goodwill he’d established with her. Sharon was sure Victoria would eventually come around. Nick felt that he didn’t have much influence in the family these days, because he walked away from the company. He believed if he was still involved in the company, he could have more impact. He knew she didn’t think he should jump back into the viper’s nest. She clarified that she’d never said that – she just encouraged him to think about what he really wanted. He admitted it was getting harder for him to watch from the sidelines as the family engaged in these power struggles.

Ashland returned to the New York suite and told Victoria that he’d found a charming building in Tribeca that could be perfect for their new venture. The best part was that they could likely get it below market value. She found him handsome when he talked about buying real estate at a bargain price. The previous owner had their investors pull out, so they lost most of their funding. Ashland said that wouldn’t happen to him and Victoria because they were funding their own company. He sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked if she was having second thoughts.

Victoria wasn’t having second thoughts; she was just tired. She was excited about the building. Ashland said when he saw this place, he thought it was the hand of destiny. She said they had to move quickly, if this place was as good as he said it was. She hired an attorney to handle the articles of incorporation, and in order to file the paperwork, they’d need a name. He said anything but Newman Incorporated. She thought they should leave their names out of it and choose something catchy. He suggested Catchy Media. She thought he’d be better at naming things, since his previous incorporation was named after a 3,000 year old Babylonian king. He said he’d had months to come up with that, not five minutes. She liked that phrase he used about the building – the hand of destiny. He loved the name Destiny Media, and he loved Victoria. She loved him too, but she’d love him even more once they got the paperwork done. She said her lawyer opened a corporate account, and she put her 250 million dollars in, and she thought he should put his in before they met with the building seller. He said to send him the banking information. She hugged him and said he had no idea how badly she wanted this. He said this was all he’d hoped for.

Victoria said her lawyer structured the account so she and Ashland could both access the funds, so they could easily get this massive undertaking off the ground. He thought funding the company themselves was the right move, because they’d have complete autonomy. She said the investors passing on this was part of the company’s destiny. He liked the word play. She said once this went through, they wouldn’t have to answer to her parents, or brothers. She stated that her family had second guessed her, so she was going to prove to them that she could call the shots without them hovering over her constantly. “This is my statement of a lifetime,” she announced.

Ashland was very excited that Victoria trusted him again, even after he’d given her every reason not to, and that they were about to renew their commitment to each other. She took his hand and said they both wanted this. Not long ago, he’d thought this was impossible. He said she chose to follow her heart. He was willing to go at a pace that made her comfortable. He was glad they were doing this together, and he promised he’d never give her a reason to doubt him again. She marveled about their new journey. He wanted to celebrate, and she said they’d get caviar and champagne. He said he’d transfer his funds into the joint account, merging their fortunes to secure their future. She watched with tense anticipation as he began the transfer.

Later, Victoria told Ashland she wanted to see the building right away. He asked her to go with him to see it right now, but she said she couldn’t, because she had to meet the lawyer. She told him to arrange a walkthrough with the management company, then they could see the building together later. He said that was smart, so they didn’t look too eager. He said they could buy the building later, assuming she liked it too. He said he was the happiest man in the world right now. She said she was the happiest woman. He left. Victoria grabbed her tablet and looked at the online bank account. It contained 500 million dollars. She took a deep breath, then she transferred the whole half a billion dollars out of her joint account with Ashland and into a bank account that was in her name, only.

Victoria called and arranged to have the jet come to New York City. She packed a small bag, apparently unaware that Ashland was in the hallway, sliding his key card into the lock.

Sally ran into Chloe at Society and struck up a conversation. Chloe said she was having a meeting with her partner; she gestured toward the empty seat. Chloe wasn’t sure if Chelsea was late, or forgot, or just decided not to show. Chloe invited Sally to join her, and she accepted. Chloe congratulated Sally on her new gig. Chloe knew Sally could do it. That meant a lot to Sally. Chloe was surprised Sally took the job, considering her love of fashion. Sally had reservations about it, but she was glad she took the job. She said she’d found a new calling. Chloe wished she could find a new calling sometimes. Sally was curious what was going on.

Chloe said she and Chelsea were still adjusting to the new work environment. Sally knew that Chelsea and Chloe had been partners before in the same role with success, so she asked what was different this time. It seemed to Sally that working for Lauren would be a dream situation. Chloe said Lauren was the best. Sally said Lauren would support you 100% as long as you weren’t trying to sabotage someone she cared about, which Sally found out the hard way. Chloe said that there were challenges in any venture. Sally thought Chloe was a good friend. It was clear to Sally that Chloe’s biggest challenge was Chelsea.

Chloe appreciated Sally trying to help, but she couldn’t sit here and let her bash Chelsea. Sally wasn’t trying to do that. Sally was in a really good place, and she had zero animosity toward Chelsea. Sally wanted them all to be friends, but she saw the argument between Chelsea and Chloe the other day, and it shocked her. Chloe explained that Chelsea had been scattered and contentious since Rey’s death. Sally said Chloe was a good friend, giving Chelsea the benefit of the doubt. However, Sally knew Chloe hired her because Chelsea was unavailable, due to her struggles. Chloe said Chelsea got past her issues. Sally suggested that Chelsea just hid her struggles around Chloe, since Chelsea had always treated Sally as a threat. Sally wasn’t sure if that was because of Sally’s friendship with Chloe or because Sally got close to Adam. Chloe told Sally to see it from Chelsea’s point of view – she got herself back together, and she tried to pick up her life where she left off. “[Chelsea] felt like I took her place. Even though she should’ve realized that she burned every possible bridge with Adam,” Sally said. Chloe thought it had just been hard for Chelsea to realize she had to live with the consequences of what she did when she wasn’t in her right mind.

Chloe thought one of the reasons Rey meant so much to Chelsea was that his forgiveness paved the way for all the others in town to give her a second chance, then he died. Sally understood that, but she said this wasn’t fair to Chloe. “You have been the driving force behind this whole renewed collaboration with Chelsea,” Sally stated. Sally didn’t think Chelsea appreciated what a good friend Chloe had been. Sally didn’t think it was Chloe’s fault that the partnership was going through this difficult phase. Chloe said she was going to continue to support her best friend. Sally knew what it was like to screw up a good thing, and she’d made it hard on people around her, but she also knew it was a losing proposition to try and fix someone. She hoped things went differently for Chloe.

Chelsea was at Adam’s office. She said he looked like be belonged in that chair, and he said he did. Chelsea was there to get him to sign a permission slip for Connor to go canoeing at camp. He asked why she didn’t sign it, and she said they wouldn’t allow her to, because he was the one who enrolled Connor, which meant he was the parent on record. She was annoyed the camp people were being such sticklers. He asked if everything was okay, and she said no, because Chloe had become a taskmaster. She congratulated him on his job and hoped he was happy. He was, but he was also concerned about her.

Chelsea said she was fine, but she was tired of being managed by Chloe. Adam could relate. Chelsea said that Victor was the ultimate micromanager, and Chloe was getting to that level. Adam found it hard to believe Chloe was as bad as his father. Chelsea said Chloe was obsessed with deadlines. Chelsea needed creative spark, and there was no joy and it wasn’t fun. Adam said sometimes work wasn’t fun. Chelsea said work used to always be fun with Chloe. Adam recalled Chloe cutting up some of Chelsea’s pieces at a fashion show. Chelsea said yes, but that was part of their chemistry. Adam said sometimes Chelsea and Chloe were BFFs, partners in crime, and sometimes they were bitter rivals. She noted that he didn’t have uncomplicated friendships. He said he wasn’t the subject of this discussion. He said that he had his dream job, while it seemed like she was on the verge of blowing up her career, so she was the priority. Chelsea wasn’t sure what to do with Chloe. Adam thought she might have to suck it up and deal with it. She told him about the offer to design for Marchetti. Every designer on earth would kill for this position, and Summer and Kyle picked her. Chloe didn’t want to do it, so if Chelsea took the job, she’d have to do it on her own, and she thought she could handle it. He didn’t think she could.

Adam knew Chelsea was great at what she did, but he said the Marchetti thing was too much. He thought she was latching onto something to fill a void. He said when she came back to town, it seemed like she was looking forward, but now she seemed to be backsliding. She scoffed and denied it. He said she was getting caught up in petty grievances, like getting mad at Connor’s camp people, who were just trying to do their job, and she was fighting Chloe. He said maybe Chloe wasn’t trying to manage Chelsea; maybe Chelsea just wasn’t meeting her expectations. Chelsea sarcastically said she was so glad she came here to be criticized by Mr. Perfect. He wasn’t trying to judge her. He just noticed she wasn’t the same since Rey’s death. He thought she was trying to steady her personal life by taking on more work. She countered that he did that. He said he did it all the time, and that was why he knew it didn’t work. He said she couldn’t avoid what was bothering her.

Adam went to see Sally outside her office. When they went inside, she saw a bouquet on her desk. The card said “shine brightly, kick some ass and know that I have your back. The best is yet to come. Love, Adam.” She loved the flowers and the card, and she thought it was nice that he used the “L” word. He said he didn’t put much thought into the card – it was very instinctual. He wanted to tap into her instincts right now. He said he had a problem – he was saddled with a COO who had on interest in his ideas. He’d come up with an idea that he thought would impress the hell out of his father. He felt he had to act quickly and show Victor that he was indispensable, before Victoria imploded her life and ran back to Daddy. He’d been focused on the media division, but now he knew that was in the best of hands. There was a major retailer that was struggling, and he thought Newman Enterprises should move in, take over operation and replace their location with stores under Newman’s brand. She thought it was a solid idea, but it sounded like an idea Victor would have. She said that if he wanted to make a splash, he might have to do something different – be Adam and do something that would get the business world buzzing. She said Victoria already did the Victor Jr. thing. She thought he should show everyone that he wasn’t a placeholder and that he was meant to run this company, and do something like shooting for the moon – or hell, buy the moon. He smiled and said she was so sexy like this. They kissed.

Between kisses, Adam said he wished Sally could be CEO of Newman Media and COO of Newman Enterprises, because he’d never get this kind of advice from Nikki. “Well, I should hope not, but I think you’re stuck with her,” Sally replied. Sally had every confidence Adam would come up with something spectacular to make people see Newman in a new light. She had an idea for her COO – Chloe. He didn’t think that was going to work because she was tied up in the Fenmore deal. Sally said it seemed like that partnership between Chelsea and Chloe might be on its last leg. Adam didn’t disagree, but Chloe had no relevant experience. Sally pointed out that she didn’t have any relevant experience when Adam hired her, either. Sally said she and Chloe worked together before, and she got the job done. Adam said Chloe hated him with every fiber of her being.

Chelsea finally showed up for her meeting with Chloe and explained that she got caught up with Adam. Chloe was annoyed that Chelsea didn’t call and say she was late. Chelsea said she was here now, so they should get to work. “No. It was really inconsiderate of you Chelsea, and this is not the first time,” Chloe snapped. She said this wasn’t working.
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Y&R Update Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

At Chancellor Winters, Imani sent Amanda a text asking about their mom. Elena walked in and asked about Naya, adding that if Imani ever needed a sounding board while navigating her mom’s treatment plan, she shouldn’t hesitate to ask. Imani seized the opportunity to say she was glad Nate was around, because he was helpful, and she felt so taken care of. Imani assumed Elena came to see Nate, and she said he was at lunch with Devon. Elena got back in the elevator. Imani thought it was funny that she knew more about Nate’s coming and goings than Elena did.

Devon and Nate were at Society. Nate was irritated, because the restaurant was out of the dessert he wanted, but they hadn’t taken it off the menu. Devon likened it to Nate getting up on stage and announcing that Chancellor Winters was about to release fifty podcasts, when that wasn’t true. Nate was confused, because he’d talked to the content team beforehand, and they’d said fifty podcasts were in the pipeline. Devon said that number consisted of projects they were interested in buying to shows that were being produced etc. There were not fifty podcasts ready to go, and now the company was scrambling.

Devon said his job was to make sure Nate could do his job effectively. He advised Nate to get up to speed on how things worked. Nate was trying to do so – he already met with all the department heads, and he’d been sitting in on planning meetings. He was sorry he jumped the gun on the announcement. Devon said he was mostly busting Nate’s chops, because he knew there was a learning curve. Elena came up and overheard Devon asking if Nate had any podcast ideas. Elena had an idea for a medical mysteries podcast. Devon thought that was a really good idea.

Nate didn’t think Elena could do the podcast, because she was the face of AskMDNow. Elena said that things were hectic at Newman, and they kept taking AskMDNow on and off hiatus. She thought a podcast was a better way to reach people these days. She also and an idea about another podcast for caregivers. Devon loved that idea too. Nate asked what about Elena’s contract. Devon was sure Amanda or Imani could figure that out. Nate asked if Elena had time to commit to this. Devon left to take a call. Elena knew Nate was actually asking if she had time to fit this into their relationship. She said they’d been so busy lately, and she missed him. He missed her too. She thought that if she did the podcast, she’d be joining him at his new venture. She said she’d even take a step back at the clinic. He said this was everything he wanted. She loved the idea of being part of the family business and supporting him in this new world. They kissed. Devon returned, and Elena told him she was excited to be part of the Chancellor Winters team. He welcomed her aboard.

Phyllis asked the hotel clerk to get housekeeping to remove the half bottle of wine and dirty glasses outside her suite. She claimed she had no idea who put them there. Amanda came up and teased Phyllis about leaving town before the launch party, then never calling. They hugged. Phyllis said she apologized to Jack for what she did and for letting her insecurities to take over. Amanda recalled advising Phyllis to do that from the start. Phyllis said Jack called her insincere. She said she called a truce with Diane, because Summer begged her to do it, even though it went against every fiber of her being to make nice with that bitch. Amanda admired Phyllis for putting her daughter first. Phyllis said there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Summer – that was what moms did. Amanda got choked up.

Amanda explained that Naya had a stroke. She’d lost movement on half of her body, and she couldn’t talk. It was heartbreaking. Phyllis asked if there was anything she could do, and Amanda said there wasn’t. Amanda had gone for a visit, but the hospital was only allowing one person at a time, so Naya’s husband was going to stay. It was too soon know the prognosis. Amanda said she and Imani would have to juggle seeing their mother with all the work at Chancellor Winters. Amanda was happy Imani encouraged her to visit first. Amanda said she’d lost so much time with Naya. She knew she had to prepare Imani for seeing their mother in this position. Phyllis said her problems were nothing in comparison to Amanda’s. Amanda assured Phyllis that it was not a competition. Phyllis asked what Amanda needed. Amanda was okay. Devon had been so supportive. Phyllis said Amanda was so lucky to have a supportive man by her side. Phyllis wished she’d done more to support that in her life. She said she didn’t know what she was saying. Amanda thought Phyllis was saying she loved Jack.

Phyllis said it didn’t matter if she did or didn’t love Jack, since this was done. Amanda said that wasn’t the Phyllis she knew. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to live in a fantasy. She stated that she and Jack weren’t meant for each other, especially when Diane was in town. Phyllis began to rage about Diane, and Amanda told her to tone it down. Amanda said that if Phyllis did anything out of revenge, Jack wasn’t going to like it. Phyllis said Jack made it abundantly clear that she coulnd’t control her destructive tendencies, and he said she was only happy when she was chasing happiness. Amanda thought Phyllis should be patient with Jack instead of letting what he said in a moment of hurt determine the fate of their relationship.

Later, Phyllis returned to talk to Amanda, after dealing with a hotel issue. Amanda thought Phyllis was fabricating hotel emergencies so that she could avoid having this discussion. Imani walked up. Phyllis congratulated Imani on the launch, said she was sorry about Naya and left. The sisters talked about their mom. Imani appreciated Amanda keeping her up to date. Imani was glad she wasn’t an only child anymore. Amanda said Imani’s dad had been great at keeping Amanda up to speed. Imani asked what it was like seeing their mom in the hospital. Amanda admitted it almost broke her to see Naya with all those machines hooked up to her. Imani asked if Naya was happy to see Amanda. Naya wasn’t really communicating right now, so Amanda couldn’t tell how she felt, but she was getting great care, and Imani’s father was so attentive. Amanda said Naya was lucky to have Imani and her dad. Imani said she hadn’t done anything for their mom. Amanda said she’d take over work so Imani could go visit. Amanda thought Naya needed to see that Imani was okay. Amanda was sorry if she frightened Imani. Imani asked why she’d be scared. Amanda said the woman who raised Imani – the strongest woman Imani knew, had a stroke. Amanda was sorry she couldn’t give Imani the answers she wanted. Imani asked if Amanda had been afraid to see Naya. Amanda said of course. It had been so difficult to walk into the hospital, but she was so happy she did. She felt so much better seeing Naya in person and seeing how stable she was and seeing her excellent medical team in action. Amanda said Imani had to go, because if, God forbid, something happened, Imani wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

At Chancellor Winters, Nate told Imani she was just the person he wanted to see. She wanted to talk to him too. He went first and asked about getting Elena out of her contract. He told her about the podcast idea. Imani thought she heard Imani was going out of town. Nate said Elena was going to a conference in Hawaii. He wanted Elena free of Newman obligations so she could sign contracts with Chancellor Winters as soon as she got back. Imani gave an excuse about the legal team being swamped with work. He asked her to speed this along as a personal favor to him. He said Devon had been giving him a hard time about jumping the gun at the launch party, and this podcast might smooth things over. Imani said she’d find a way, for Nate. She asked how long Elena would be in Hawaii.

Diane brought Harrison home and sent him to get a snack from Mrs. Martinez. Jack commented that Diane and Harrison seemed to be bonding. She said that when she had Kyle, she never imagined she would spend so much time away from him. She had all this love left to give, and she was directing it at Harrison. She mentioned that Allie was at the park with Noah. Jack was happy that Allie was making new friends in Genoa City, because that increased the chances that she would stay. Diane reiterated that she was the one who brought Jack and Allie together. Jack smiled at Diane and said she’d never let him forget that. “Jack Abbott, are you actually smiling at me?,” Diane remarked as she returned his grin.

Jack told Diane not to read into his smile, because his needle had barely moved from deeply suspicious of her to cautiously trusting. She took that small amount of movement as a win. She said this was a promising day so far – first Phyllis had promised to be on her best behavior, and now he cautiously trusted her. He said she was tenacious in her drive to turn things around. She asked if he forgot that when she wanted something, she relentlessly pursued it. She thought she may have pushed too far too soon with Kyle, and she wanted Jack’s advice on fixing it.

Diane said she asked Kyle to help her find a job. Jack asked what about Diane’s life in LA. She said there was nothing there she couldn’t walk away from. She wanted to pivot into a career in public relations. She regretted asking for Kyle’s help the minute the words came out of her mouth. She felt like she put Kyle on the spot and that he had enough to deal with. She asked if Kyle mentioned any of this to Jack. Jack hadn’t heard from Kyle about this, but he admitted that he wouldn’t tell Diane if he had. He refused to intervene on Diane’s behalf. He supported Kyle taking this job at Marchetti because he needed to run something on his own. He wasn’t going to tell Kyle what to do. Diane said Jack would probably tell Kyle not to help her. He said this was between her and Kyle.

Summer, Kyle and Chelsea met at Crimson Lights. Chelsea said everyone at Fenmore’s was buzzing about Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Kyle was surprised because they hadn’t even gone public with that yet. Chelsea said the rumors were swirling. Summer asked Chelsea to come in and design a new line for Marchetti. Chelsea loved the idea, but she signed a contract to market her stuff exclusively at Fenmore’s. Kyle and Summer said that they already ran this by Lauren, and she agreed. Chelsea was thrilled and honored to be trusted to work with this legacy brand. She had to talk to her partner, Chloe first, but she wanted the job.

Kyle and Summer went home. Diane was going to leave, but Kyle asked her to wait. He said he talked to Summer, and they’d decided to offer Diane a job in the PR department at Marchetti. Diane said she’d just told Jack she regretted asking. Kyle thought he should’ve given Jack a head’s up. Jack said Kyle was the CEO, so he didn’t have to run hiring decisions by him. Summer said the position was open because not everyone was coming over from Italy. Kyle said Diane knew Italian, from her time in Milan, so she could help the employees who were relocating. Summer warned Diane that this wasn’t a high level job – they wanted to make sure Diane got her footing. Diane was excited and grateful. Diane said this wasn’t lost on her that Summer had a role in giving her this opportunity. Diane marveled at how well this day was going – she spent time with Harrison, Phyllis extended an olive branch, and now she had a job.

Diane invited everyone out to celebrate. Jack said he’d stay home with Harrison, but Diane said to come with them and raise a glass to Kyle taking over Marchetti. Jack decided to go. They all ended up at Society. Everyone was very optimistic about Marchetti. Phyllis walked in and saw the group. Summer waved hello. Phyllis went over and asked what was going on. Diane filled Phyllis in and invited her to join the celebration. Phyllis was there to thank Abby for taking over the party. Summer had something to discuss with Phyllis, so they stepped away.

Phyllis asked if Diane got the job Summer offered Phyllis. Summers said she wanted Phyllis to be her head of marketing, and Diane was doing a junior level PR gig. Summer said it was Kyle’s idea, and she went along with it because she was there to support him, just like Phyllis was there to support Summer. Phyllis said she’d support Summer, because she loved her. They hugged, and Phyllis looked over at the table, where Jack, Diane and Kyle were having a great time. Diane said she was impressed Phyllis didn’t pour champagne over her head, like she would’ve a week ago.

Chloe met with Chelsea after dealing with some production problems. Chelsea had exciting news to share – she’d been asked to design for Marchetti. To Chelsea’s surprise, Chloe wasn’t enthusiastic about the opportunity. Chloe said it was her job to deal with the harsh realities of the industry, while it was Chelsea’s job to be creative. Chelsea thought Chloe was oversimplifying and undercutting Chelsea’s business judgment. Chloe thought Chelsea would be spreading herself too thin if she did this, in addition to her own brand. Chelsea said she knew what she was capable of. She didn’t know why Chloe disapproved, while Lauren supported it.

Chelsea felt like Chloe was looking for problems where they didn’t exist. Chloe contended that she was being realistic. “You creations are not made by forest animals and elves. The hard work, my work, starts when you finish a sketch,” Chloe stated. “The ugly reality is that saying no is saying yes,” Chloe added. Chloe said that she was making sure their existing obligations were fulfilled and that their line succeeded. Chelsea asked why Chloe would turn down the chance at more visibility that could make an impact. Chloe said it would only be a good impact if the work was done and the clothes were made. Chelsea was frustrated. She felt like Chloe was managing and handling her and boxing her in. “Every time we disagree, you go into babysitting mode. It has got to stop. Now!,” Chelsea snapped.

Chloe felt that all she was trying to do was look out for her best friend. Chelsea said she was a creative engine, and Chloe was the break that kept them from moving forward. Chloe said she kept Chelsea from crashing and burning. Chloe wouldn’t allow Chelsea to insult and disparage her for keeping the business on track. Chloe left to pick up Bella.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, June 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Cody decides to stay in Port Charles a little longer when his next job gets canceled. Cody tells Sam and Dante he wants to find a job in town he keeps thinking about Britt and the fact that Faison is her father.

Trina tells Curtis her court date has been set so Curtis asks Marshall and TJ for their help in coming up with a plan to prove Tina’s innocence. Spencer apologizes to Britt for what he said to her the last time they spoke. Spencer asks Britt for her help but, she tells him she can’t help him as long as he is still involved, with Esme.

TJ tells Willow she is three weeks pregnant, but he is going to set up an appointment with an OBGYN to confirm it. Sasha overhears a nurse making an appointment for Willow and it makes her relive the day Liam died.

The sleazy paparazzi photographer calls Sasha and asks her to get him a press pass for her appearance on Home and Heart Shopping Channel. Sasha tells the photographer she will get him a press pass, but he has to do something for her.

Rory tries to learn more about Esme to help Trina stop him when she sees him talking to Esme at the Metro Court pool. Trina tells Rory Esme is dangerous and she doesn’t want him to risk his career to help her. Rory tells Trina it’s too late, he is already involved and he is going to help her.

Willow tells Michael she is pregnant and they both feel happy that their family is getting bigger.

Britt agrees to help Spencer find Esme’s parents if he can get the samples she will run a DNA test to find out the identity of Rand’s parents.

Cody asks Spinelli to do him a favor and Spinelli doesn’t want to do the favor for Cody because, whatever he wants him to do, is duplicitous.

Marshall calls an old friend who tells him where to go to buy an untraceable cell phone. Marshall, Curtis, and TJ go to the address Marshall’s friend gave him hoping to find evidence to prove Trina’s innocence.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 30, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea talks to Adam about her problems with Chloe and gets upset when Adam agrees with Chloe that taking the job with Matchstick would be too much for her. Adam thinks that Chelsea is trying to focus on work because she doesn’t have a personal life. Sally can sense that Chloe and Chelsea’s business partnership is in trouble and she tells Chloe that Chelsea doesn’t appreciate everything she does for their business.

Sally tells Adam later that she is considering hiring Chloe as COO of Newman Media. Sally advises Adam to come up with an amazing idea to prove to Victor that he is the right person to run Newman Enterprises not Victoria.

Victoria, sets up CA bank account for her and Ashland’s new company Destiny Media, and she puts 250 million dollars into the account and Ashland puts in, all the money he has left 250 million dollars. Ashland goes to look at the building he and Victoria plan to buy for the company headquarters. Victoria transfers the 500 million dollars from the Destiny Media account into another account and calls the Newman jet to tell the pilot to come pick her up in New York. Victoria is getting ready to go but she doesn’t know that Ashland has returned and he is about to come inside the hotel room.

Chloe tells Chelsea that their business partnership isn’t working, anymore.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, June 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Transcript

Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Mid-tempo music playing ]


ooh, yeah

Noah: Allie. What are the chances of running into you here?

Allie: What?

Noah: I said, what are —

Allie: [ Chuckles ] Sorry. Hey.

Noah: I was trying to make a joke about running into you when you’re about to go running.

Allie: That’s not really a joke since I called you and invited you to join me.

Noah: Okay. Not funny. But, you know, it did sound a little charming in my head.

Allie: Mm-hmm. Sure it did. Alright. Are you ready?

Noah: Let’s do this.

Allie: Alright. Great. Try to keep up!

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: So, what brings you by? A big cup of coffee or a little friendly conversation?

Nick: I’ll take both.

Sharon: I, um, saw victor and adam’s press conference earlier. I hope you knew that all of that was gonna happen.

Nick: Yeah, I was fully aware and in the loop this time. Once victoria said she was reunited with ashland, the writing was on the wall. She packed up her things, she said goodbye to the family, and then left town, the way she said she was gonna.

Sharon: Really? I’m kind of surprised how quickly that situation escalated.

Nick: When my sister makes up her mind, there is no slowing her down.

Sharon: Mm. Well, I hope you at least got to speak to victoria before she left and tell her that you will always be there for her, no matter what she decides to do.

Nick: I did, uh, get a chance to talk to her. Grateful for that. Obviously completely disagree with her decision, but me being frustrated with the family is pretty common right now.

Sharon: Is there something else going on?

Nick: I just really don’t like it that my dad put adam into the ceo seat. We both know how he handled that last time. And I think it’s a foolish move to shove adam right into victoria’s chair before it even gets cold. Victoria’s reign may be over, but trust me — the second round of games is about to begin.

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

[ Keys clacking ]

[ Guitar music playing ]

Tessa: [ Clears throat ] Hi.

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: [ Smooches ]

Mariah: Why’d you stop? Oh, well, uh, with you working remotely, I figured my music was probably distracting.

Mariah: What are you talking about? How many people get to work with a private concert in the background? I love it. Just like I love calling you my wife.

Tessa: Well, tell me — what’s my wife working on lately?

Mariah: Well, uh, the marketing team has their hands full now that jabot has acquired marchetti, so we all need to get up to speed on the fashion industry.

Tessa: Whew, that sounds like a pretty big deal.

Mariah: It is. It is. But we can handle it. It’s all good. And it means that kyle is gonna be sticking around for longer with harrison. You know, I’d even be happy to see summer stick around, too.

Tessa: Look how far you’ve come.

Mariah: I know. It’s wonderful.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: But as thrilled as i am that they’re gonna be staying in town, that also means that kyle’s mom, diane, is gonna be doing the same. And that… that is very, very complicated for a lot of people in genoa city.

Tessa: Hmm.

Diane: Jack, is everything alright?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. Everything’s fine. I just have something I have to deal with.

Diane: Oh. Then I’ll let you have some privacy. I was hoping to spend some time with harrison anyway. I thought maybe I could take him to the park, if that’s alright?

Jack: Uh, sure. I’m sure he’d like that, especially with kyle and summer kind of tied up.

Diane: Excellent. I will go get him ready and let the nanny know she can take a break.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Jack: [ Breathes deeply ]

Give every morning a

fresh start

Additional sponsorship

provided by…

Jack: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey. Thank you for picking up. I just wanted to tell you that I’m back in town. Um…

[ Sighs ] Listen. I’d love to talk. Um, we still have some unresolved business.

Jack: I think I said before you left that there’s nothing more for us to say.

Phyllis: Okay. Listen, are we gonna let this thing with diane ruin all the progress we’ve made?

Jack: This thing was between you and me, not diane.

Phyllis: You’re right. You’re right. Can we at least talk about it?

Jack: Yeah. We can. We should do this in person, though. I’ll come to you.

[ Keys jangling ]

Diane: Harrison is so excited about our playdate. I’ll just pack some snacks.

Jack: Good. Have fun.

[ Door closes ]

Tessa: Well, I hope that kyle knows, whatever happens with diane, that we’re here to support him.

Mariah: Oh. Yeah. I’ve definitely made that clear. I mean, I know what it’s like to have your mom come into your life suddenly when you’re an adult, so I’m happy to be his sounding board.

Tessa: Mm.

Mariah: What are you looking for in there?

Tessa: Uh, tea and honey. I thought that we had some, but I guess we’re out.

Mariah: Really? I mean, we had plenty the other day. Did you go through it already?

Tessa: Yeah. I guess I must have. I’ve been drinking a lot because my throat is still a little sore.

Mariah: Does it hurt to sing?

Tessa: No, no. Uh, not really. I was just resting my voice because I’ve been singing a lot for rehearsing for tour, and that’s probably why it’s aggravated. I’m sure it’s no big deal.

Mariah: Maybe you’re coming down with something.

Tessa: Well, but I don’t have any other symptoms. It’s probably allergies. You know, it’s that time of year.

Mariah: Yeah, but your throat’s been bugging you ever since we got back from the honeymoon. Maybe you should go and have it checked out. You know, I heard of these amazing people. They’re called doctors. And they can help with that sort of thing.

Tessa: I’m sure it’s nothing. And instead of debating the issue, maybe you should, uh, take a break with me.

Sharon: Newman family games. That sounds ominous.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Dad and adam are only thinking about themselves. You know, they each have an agenda. They’re not thinking about what’s best for the company.

Sharon: Well, hopefully they at least have one goal in common — that newman enterprises succeeds, right?

Nick: I will allow that adam does seem to possess the skills to do a job like this. He’s done a great job of evolving in the past year. But his desire to ascend to the throne comes from a very selfish place.

Sharon: Look, I’m — I’m not trying to defend adam here, but — I don’t know — is it possible that maybe you’re being a little too hard on him?

Nick: Sharon, just look this situation with ashland. Adam doesn’t give a damn about victoria or what happens to her. He’s just patiently waiting for his chance to swoop in and grab the ceo title for himself.

Sharon: Hmm. Well, maybe he was just concerned that the company would suffer with so much going on?

Nick: Ultimately, his true motives don’t even matter. I mean, this was dad’s call to make. And it’s not like he didn’t have other options. I mean, my mom certainly could have done the job herself, or, in an emergency, dad could have stepped back in.

Sharon: You know, I’m surprised that nikki didn’t push for that job. I mean, she was victoria’s co-ceo.

Nick: Yeah, she’s got mixed feelings about that. But this move was made to send a message to victoria and to provoke a reaction. So, this isn’t about business. It’s strictly personal.

Sharon: Ah, so your parents are hoping this move with adam will make victoria come running back.

Nick: There you go.

Sharon: Well, hey, it’s a gamble, but it could work. And if it does, where does that leave adam?

Nick: Well, adam’s no dummy. I’m sure he’s got his eyes wide open. He knows how dad likes to operate, but he wants to prove that he’s the right man for the job, whether my sister changes her mind or not. And unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.

Sharon: It just never ends, does it?

Nick: It really doesn’T. This whole thing is filled with a bunch of gory details I’m not gonna bore you with, but just know this — everyone has got an angle, but they’re all acting on emotion. My sister, my dad, adam, my mom. They all just need to take a collective breath and figure out what is the next best move to make.

Sharon: And who’s gonna get them to do that?

Nick: Well, unfortunately, it’s times like this I’m reminded that I don’t have a real official role at newman, other than my board seat. So, at times, I would like to have more influence over the, uh — the outcomes of the crises when they pop up.

Sharon: What are you saying here? Are you actually considering going back to newman? Can dove stop 98%

Nick: That was not my intent. I’m not seriously considering throwing my hat back into the ring at newman.

Sharon: Mm, maybe not consciously, but the way you were talking just now…

Nick: I don’t know. I just would like to be more than just some voice offering up my opinions and advice from the outside.

Sharon: Since when? ‘Cause I thought you wanted nothing to do with newman enterprises.

Nick: Yeah. Me too. But this whole situation’s got me really rethinking some things. I mean, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this. I thought everything was going great. You know, the company was flourishing under victoria’s incredible leadership. Mom was her right-hand man. Dad was in advisory role. Adam was over at newman media crushing it.

Sharon: Well, then that all blew up.

Nick: Again. I’m just [Sighs] — Just very nervous about how this is gonna play out within my family and also in the eyes of the public and the business world.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Tessa: Hi.

Nick: Hey. There they are.

Mariah: Hi.

Sharon: Oh, there’s the two newlyweds. I barely see you since you’ve been home from france, even though you live right upstairs.

Tessa: Oh, yeah, well…

Mariah: We’ve just been taking care of stuff that piled up when we were gone.

Nick: Ah. Too busy honeymooning.

Sharon: Hey, enjoy some time alone being honeymooners. Say no more.

Nick: How’s your day today?

Mariah: Uh, well, I am fantastic, but this one…

Tessa: This one is fine. I just need a mug of tea and honey.

Mariah: Yeah, because she guzzled all of ours down for her sore throat.

Sharon: Really? That’s been going on for a while now, hasn’t it?

Tessa: Yeah, but I’m — I’m sure it’s nothing.

Sharon: Well, whether it is or whether it isn’t, um, you should see someone about it.

Mariah: And there it is, the other reason why we are here — because I knew that I would find someone who agrees with me.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Noah: You know, I consider myself a pretty decent athlete.

Allie: You do?

Noah: Yeah.

Allie: Yeah?

Noah: I play sports, I work out all the time, but… you’re fast, like, really fast.

Allie: Well, I run almost every day. It’s kind of my thing. Well, one of my many things.

Noah: Along with chemical engineering, being super analytical and precise about everything? You know, some people might say you’re a type-a personality.

Allie: And you know what? Those people might be right. What? You got a problem with it?

Noah: No. No. In fact, I kind of envy you. I wish I had a routine.

Allie: You can always create new habits right now.

Noah: Nah. Nah. It’s just not me. I’ve always needed to be inspired to get stuff done.

Allie: Mm. Well, maybe — just maybe — you can find some inspiration from the way I just kicked your butt.

Noah: Oh.

Allie: I mean, I’m sure you don’t want to be embarrassed like that again.

Noah: Oh, that will never happen again.

Allie: Ah. Uh-huh.

Diane: Have fun on the playground, harrison! Oh. Nice to see you two.

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: Hey. Thank you for coming. Come on in. Thanks. Um…thank you for the opportunity. Uh… and you’re right. It’s better to talk face-to-face.

Jack: I’m here to let you say whatever it is you have to say, but I should warn you — it’s not gonna change anything.

Phyllis: Okay. I get it. Thanks for giving me the chance. You want some wine?

Jack: It’s a little early for me. Please don’t let me stop you.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I’m — I’m having wine. It’s good for the nerves. I mean — but please join me. It’s a great year. Um… you’re not gonna make me drink alone, are you?

Jack: This isn’t gonna work, red.

Phyllis: Well, how do you know that? You haven’t even heard anything I have to say. You know better than to count me out. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Sharon: Okay, tessa, you are my daughter-in-law now, so I’m going to give you some motherly advice. You need to make an appointment. It’s been too many days, and it’s not gotten better. And what could it hurt? If it’s something minor, it’s no harm, no foul, and if it is something more serious, well, you’ll have caught it early.

Nick: And nobody has brought up the real upset of all this, and that is you could get mariah to stop bugging you to death about it because we all know she’s never gonna let it go.

Sharon: Love is the most important part of marriage, but compromise is right up there with it.

Mariah: Exactly. And, look, one day you are gonna need me to compromise on something, and I promise I will do it gladly for the benefit of our relationship.

Tessa: I’m gonna hold you to that because we have witnesses.

Mariah: I promise. So, you’ll make the appointment?

Tessa: Ugh! Okay, okay. I’ll see if my doctor can squeeze me in.

Mariah: Today.

Tessa: Okay. As soon as possible.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] Wonderful. I knew I came to the right place.

Nick: You’re welcome.

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Diane: Allie, I’m glad you found another young person to hang out with. You two seem to be spending a lot of time together. And, noah, I’m sure you know other people your age that you could introduce allie to, as well.

Noah: Yeah, I do, but I don’t see why that’s any of your concern.

Allie: Noah, she’s just — she’s just being friendly.

Diane: No, no, it’s alright, allie. I thought noah was okay with me. He seemed fine the last time we saw each other. But now I know he was just holding back.

Noah: What did you expect? What, that I could just forget the past, stand around making small talk like nothing ever happened? I wish I can give you the benefit of the doubt, diane. I really do. But you did some seriously messed-up stuff to people I care about. And I don’t plan on getting over that anytime soon.

Phyllis: Okay. Uh, listen, I did a lot of thinking when I was in savannah, and, um… how I flaunted our relationship to stick it to diane. I’m — [ Sighs ] I hate that you think I used you. I’m so sorry. If I could do it over again… listen. You were right to be furious with me. I’m — I’m furious with myself.

Jack: Phyllis —

Phyllis: Just let me finish. Just let me — let me finish. Um… uh, it was outrageous and it was immature and it wrong. And there’s no justifying it. I’m not — I’m not trying to justify my actions.

[ Breathes deeply ] Jack. It’s old wounds, you know? It’s just a lot of old wounds and insecurities and… it’s getting the better of me.

Jack: You talk a great game. You always have. I’ve heard this before. And remember — I got a recent reminder that you are a master at faking sincerity.

Phyllis: You think I’m faking it right now? Is that what you think? You think I’m being cavalier about this?

[ Voice breaking ] I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve right now. I may seem fine, but I am losing it inside. I am losing it. And I am sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. I regret my actions. I regret them. I do. I mean, and I cannot believe that I blew everything up when we were getting so close.

Jack: Close to what? We had a couple passionate encounters, prompted by the return of a woman you hate.

Phyllis: Is that how you see everything?

Jack: No, what we had is not the beginning of a relationship. What we had…is a moment… to imagine what could have been, a little what-if. At least, that’s what it was for me. For you, it was a calculated move designed to one-up diane.

Phyllis: Okay, it was more complicated than that.

Jack: Oh, you want to be honest? Good. Let’s be honest. You only regret what you did because it backfired. I thought things had changed. I thought things you changed. I thought you were finally capable of building a future that we talked about, that we wanted, that we deserved. That woman came back to town, and in no time out comes the phyllis of years ago. I am not gonna make the same mistakes again. You have to accept the fact that whatever fleeting moment we had is over.

Phyllis: I have changed. I have. And I will prove it to you.

When you can’t sleep…

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Diane: You have every reason to feel that way about me, noah.

Allie: Look, guys, I wasn’t here when all of this happened, so I can’t speak to that. But what I do know is that diane did me a big favor. Without her, I would still have been all alone out in the world, and now I have this big, beautiful family, out of nowhere.

Noah: Yeah, but the way she went about introducing you and jack was a bit sketchy, don’t you think?

Allie: Agreed. Absolutely. She could have gone about it in a better way. But I do think who she is now versus what she did in the past isn’t the same person.

Diane: Thank you, allie. I’m touched and grateful that you’ve even given me even half a chance. But I have no choice. I have to face these attacks because I did do some pretty terrible things. And I understand that there are some people who will have a problem with my presence here, but I can take it. Because spending time with my son and grandson makes it all absolutely worth it. Harrison, come on, little one!

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: I am so glad that tessa’s doctor could get her in today. She was being so stubborn. She wasn’t listening to me. So, thank you for the backup.

Sharon: Just doing my mother-in-law duties.

Mariah: And thank you for letting us derail whatever conversation you were having when we walked in.

Nick: Tessa’s health is far more important.

Mariah: Well, I saw the look between the two of you. Anything wrong?

Sharon: Um, no complaints on my end, at least not at the moment.

Mariah: Nick? What about you? Is everything alright?

Nick: I’m assuming you saw the press conference?

Mariah: Yes. Yes, I did. Victoria’s out. Adam’s in. I — I definitely did not see that coming.

Nick: Well, you should know by now newmans like to keep people on their toes.

Mariah: I’ll take that to mean that you don’t want to talk about it. Or least you don’t want to talk about it with me, which is fine. So, let me just say — I wish you luck with whatever you’re going through with your family.

Nick: Thank you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Mariah: Oh. Um, well, that’s work, so I — I’ve got to take this. I’m so sorry. I have to run. But thank you guys. I’ll see you later.

Sharon: See you later.

Nick: Bye.

Mariah: Hi. Yes, uh, just one second. Let me grab my computer.

Sharon: So, where were we? Earlier it seemed like maybe you were just sorting through some of your feelings, but I got the distinct impression that you would not be content sitting on the sidelines of newman.

Nick: You seem shocked by the very idea of that.

Sharon: Oh, I am. Believe me, I never thought that we would be having this conversation again…ever.

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: I have flaws. I know I have flaws. Everybody has flaws. But I went and I extended an olive branch to that woman. I told her that I’m putting the past behind me. There’s no resentment. And you know why I did that? Because it was best for all of us.

Jack: From what I understand, the real reason for this grand gesture was summer, who was present at this supposed meeting of the minds. She have to drag you there kicking and screaming?

Phyllis: No, she didn’T. I went willingly.

Jack: Well, you’ll forgive me if I doubt the veracity of this so-called truth.

Phyllis: Okay, do you think that was easy for me to sit there and say all of that to diane? No. It was very difficult. But why did I do it? Because it was good. It was the greater good — for everyone!

Jack: Including us? There is no us.

Phyllis: Stop it.

[ Stammers ] Okay. Let’s just go back. When we went to california to find allie and then we discovered diane… I mean, did you — did you not feel that there was a deeper connection in our relationship?

Jack: As friends. As friends, phyllis. We should have settled for that. Look, I take full blame for crossing the linE. I should have known better. But I let my desire and my fervent hope for something greater get in my way. And now I may have destroyed even the friendship.

Phyllis: No, you didn’T. You didn’t destroy it. You didn’T. I’m still your friend. I mean, come on, jack. Enough of this. This is not where our story ends. You love rich, delicious ice cream.

Nick: Believe me, these thoughts of going back to newman are just as much of a shock to me, but what can I say? I’ve got a long history with that place.

Sharon: Yes. You led that company many times over the years. But I thought you were done with it now, at least in any formal capacity. And, you know, I was really proud of you when you extricated yourself from the family business and all of its drama that comes with it for what i thought was the very last time.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. I was convinced I was done with that place forever.

Sharon: Well, you really embraced becoming your own man, and you’ve flourished at new hope. And now noah joining you there — that’s just the icing on the cake.

Nick: All true.

Sharon: So then help me understand why you would consider going back.

Nick: No, no, no. I’m not making any moves right now, alright? This is just two people talking about some very nonspecific ideas in some broad terms.

Sharon: Understood.

Nick: Hypothetically speaking, if I had stayed at the company, I would have been in a much better position to help protect my sister’s ceo seat. I also would have been able to do a lot more in regards to preventing my dad from pitting victoria against adam, while also supporting my mother.

Sharon: Because you are the voice of reason in the family trying to find some balance.

Nick: Well, I’ve tried my best. I’ve certainly made a lot of mistakes. But I think everybody in the family knows that I mean well and that my priorities are straight when it comes to their personal lives, as well as the company. You know, the irony is that I’m in this position of neutrality because I’ve been able to keep so much distance from the company for so long.

Sharon: Before you take this any further, I think that you just need to ask yourself one question. At this point in your life, would you feel more satisfied taking a larger role in newman or maintaining the distance that has served you so well until now?

Allie: Thank you, sir.

Noah: Allie, before we go in, I — I wanted to apologize for making you feel uncomfortable earlier. I hate that I got so worked up in front of diane.

Allie: No, no, you have nothing to apologize for.

Noah: Yes, I do. I thought that I had accepted diane being back in town. I mean, I was perfectly civil before. I-I don’t know. Something about seeing her today just… all the stuff she put my family through just came flooding back in. And she caused a lot of chaos in this town before she died. Or before she disappeared, rather. And now she’s causing even more by showing her face around here again.

Allie: Well, but you can’t really blame her for the latter, right? I mean, that’s not really her fault.

Noah: Yeah, allie, I can’t help but wonder — what makes you think she deserves a second chance when you don’t even really know what she did?

Phyllis: Let’s press the reset button here. This is — I mean, you think I’m insincere? Really? I mean, you — you know me better than anyone. Look in my eyes. Don’t you see the truth?

Jack: Yes, I look in your eyes and I see the truth. That’s not the point.

Phyllis: What am I missing?

Jack: The very root of the whole thing, why it is you acted the way you did to begin with. This isn’t new. You keep telling me about growth and maturity. Phyllis, look back over the last few years at your relationship with men. It has been a disaster.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Uh, wow, that’s low.

Jack: No, I — red, listen to me. Think about it. Billy, nick, me. The last time you were with nick, you couldn’t have been happier. Things were going great. And then they went south, and you turned to me. And then just when it seemed we were gonna be together, in a matter of days you sabotaged any potential there was.

Phyllis: Because of diane. And I let it go.

Jack: I know you’re gonna try to let it go. You’ve tried to break the pattern in the past. Maybe it’s not a pattern. Maybe it’s just who you are. It just seems to me, whoever you’re with, however long you’re with them… it’s never enough.

Mariah: Hi! How’d the appointment go?

[ Door closes ]

Tessa: Not like I expected.

Some people have

minor joint pain,

Mariah: What happened?

Tessa: Well, I thought the sore throat thing was no big deal, but, um, I was wrong. My doctor said the preliminary diagnosis is vocal-chord nodules.

Mariah: What? I mean, those are really serious, aren’t they?

Tessa: Yeah. He’s sending me to a specialist for a confirmation and treatment options, but worst-case scenario is surgery.

Mariah: Oh, my god. Tessa, I am so sorry.

Tessa: [ Voice breaking ] I mean, this could take me out of the summer tour. I mean, you know how important this is to my career. But most importantly, I’m worried about my voice long term. I just — I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I can’t s–

Mariah: Okay. Slow down. Alright? You don’t even have a full diagnosis yet. So, we’ll go to the specialist, we’ll see what needs to be done to treat this, and we’ll just take it one step at a time, alright?

Tessa: Alright. I’m just — I’m — I’m — I’m really scared.

Mariah: I know. But let’s look at it this way. You know, if you need some time off or you need to get surgery or treatment of any kind… it’s better to know now for all of the future tours. Because I believe with all of my heart you are going to be singing and you are gonna be selling out tours for years and years to come. Come here.

Nick: You always know how to get right to the heart of the matter.

Sharon: That’s my job. And I think that if you look inside and you dig deep, you will find the answer. You’ll know what to do.

Nick: Easy, right?

Sharon: Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but trust your instincts. I believe in you, and I support you 100%.

Nick: Well, I really appreciate your wisdom.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sorry. Hey. Uh, okay. Can it wait? Alright. I’m on my way. It’s my dad.

Sharon: What did he want?

Nick: He wouldn’t say. He just said that it can’t wait.

Allie: Look, noah, I get that I’m coming from a completely different place, right? I have no history with diane, and all I know is that she made this town very angry in her past. She basically admitted that herself. So, I understand why you feel so strongly about her.

Noah: Good. That’s a hard thing to forget. I can’t just pretend like nothing happened.

Allie: No, and I would never try to tell you to do that. But I do believe that forgiveness is important. I mean, look at what happened between my dad and my grandfather. It would have changed so much for all of us if my dad just found a way to reach out and forgive jack.

Noah: Yeah, your life would have been a lot different.

Allie: So different. My whole family would have been in my life from the very beginning. When my dad died, it wouldn’t just have been me by his bedside. I think without forgiveness and trust, life can be really lonely. I didn’t realize that before, but I’m starting to get it now.

Noah: Well, that is a very healthy and optimistic way to look at things.

Allie: Well, I highly recommend it.

Diane: Harrison, stay where i can see you! I love watching you play!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathes deeply ] It’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Diane: Thank you for understanding how much kyle means to me. He’s the biggest part of my heart. And I have ached for him every day since I left.

Allie: What exactly do you hope will happen if you do see kyle, face-to-face?

Diane: [ Sighs ] I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that. Little daydreams that I have. I try to keep the hopes small so as not to tempt fate.

Allie: And what are the hopes if you dream bigger?

Diane: Then I’m his mother again. In every way. I — I’m part of his life. Part of his days. I dote on his child. We have sunday breakfast in the abbott dining room.

Allie: And everyone accepts you being there.

Diane: The family you’re part of is big and loving when they let you in. And there is no place better in the world. You’ll see. It’ll happen.

Diane: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Uh… you cannot mean what you just said to me.

Jack: I do mean it. Why do you constantly insist on getting in your own way? Why is it you can never fully embrace happiness, fulfillment? For you, it is — it is always about the wanting, the chase… never about actually having it.

[ Door slams ]

Next week on

“the young and the restless”…

Kyle: Summer and I discussed it, and we would like to offer you a job in the P.R. Department of the new marchetti.

Billy: I guess I’ve just forgotten how well you used to know me.

Michael: We still got it.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Baby, we never lost it.

Victor: Whatever venteur ashland and victoria are about to embark on, it’s gonna hit a brick wall.

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Days Transcript Monday, June 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Chad… I just spoke to belle.

[Sighs] She said that you had told the children about abigail.

[Knocking at door]

Rafe: Yeah?

Nicole: Hi.

Rafe: Hey.

Nicole: Sorry to interrupt.

Rafe: No.

Nicole: I was just wondering if you had any luck on abigail’s case, and to bring you some sustenance, of course.

Rafe: Thank you. I could definitely use it. And no, I’m just poring over these photos again and again, just…wanna see if I’ve missed anything. But, uh, so far, no. Haven’t been able to zero in on a suspect.

Sami: He has to know there’s no way I’d stay married to a man who lied to me about kidnapping me.

[Knocking at door]

Kate: Well, what the hell happened here?

Ej: So shall we?

Belle: I thought you’d never ask.

[Doorbell rings] Ignore it.

Ej: It could be the police. Maybe they made some progress with the investigation.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Kate: This looks like a room in high school.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, not quite.

Kate: I assume you were looking for something.

Lucas: Yeah, I, um, I heard that abigail’s killer may have taken some jewelry from her room.

Kate: Thank god. And you just thought that maybe that it was in here?

Lucas: I hoped not. But I couldn’t find it anywhere. So now I’m thinking–I’m hoping that maybe I didn’t do it.

Kate: Oh, god, lucas. I really wish we could base that on a lot more than just an absence of jewelry.

[Sighs] You can’t remember anything about that night?

Lucas: No, unfortunately, I can’T. But the rumor is, whoever killed abigail took the jewelry.

Kate: Okay, which you don’t have.

Lucas: Right, right. So that’s what I’m thinking, you know? If it wasn’t me, gotta be somebody else.

Kate: Okay. Well, let’s hope.

Lucas: I’m gonna do more than hope. I have to stay positive through this. It’s the only way I can stay sane. Yeah, look at this. Speaking of positive, look. Ow, ow!

[Grunts] Look.

Kate: Oh, my god. Is that what I think it is?

Lucas: Yeah. I’m finally gonna propose to sami.

Sami: I need to talk to you.

Ej: Samantha…

Sami: Belle, what are you doing here?

Ej: Your sister is my attorney. We were just discussing some legal matters.

Sami: Oh, fantastic. What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?

Belle: Ej hasn’t done anything, sami.

Sami: Really? Are you kidding me right now? Of course he has. Nobody just has their lawyer hanging around for no good reason. As much as I hate to admit it, I am still his wife. So I have a right to know what mess you’ve gotten yourself mixed up in this time.

Belle: He hasn’t, sami. Um, the truth is, I am staying here. I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Kate: So sami’s back in town?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she got back a little while ago.

Kate: Where is she right now?

Lucas: She went to go see ej to get him to sign the divorce papers.

Kate: And you were okay with that?

Lucas: No, I wasn’T. Of course not.

Kate: Well, then why didn’t you stop her?

Lucas: I tried to stop her. I told her to let the lawyers handle it. But she wouldn’t listen to me. She was adamant–she wanted ej to sign the papers today. I mean, I’m not happy at the fact that they’re both alone together right now. But you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay if it means that she’s finally through with that bastard once and for all. I’m good.

Kate: [Scoffs] Well, that’s assuming that he signs those divorce papers. Lucas, when has he ever, ever done anything of benefit to you? What if he decides, “no, instead of signing these, I’m gonna convince sami that I’m innocent of her kidnapping”? You’re not a little worried that he might point his finger at you?

Sami: So let me get this straight–you and shawn are separated, and jan spears had his baby? Kay, I understand why you don’t wanna stay with shawn, but why aren’t you staying with mom?

Belle: Oh, I was until mom decided to be jan’s therapist. So couldn’t really stay there anymore.

Sami: Of course she is. Got it. So there’s no room in any hotel in town? You had to bunk in with your client? That’s your only option?

Ej: Actually, belle’s more than just my attorney.

Roman: A lot on your mind, huh? Why do I get the feeling this has something to do with nicole? And look, if you’re hidin’ out up here because of what kate said, that’s just kate being kate. Look, I am sorry that she put you on the spot.

Eric: Yeah, I get the feeling she’s not.

Roman: Yeah, no. I’ll never understand why she just loves stirring up trouble. If it were an olympic sport, she would definitely take the gold.

Eric: Nice to hear she has a hobby.

Roman: Yeah. I just wish it were more like, you know, learning a second language or gardening. And though it is not a hobby of mine to stir up trouble, you are my son, so I do think I am justified in wanting to know–

Eric: What’s going on with nicole and me.

Roman: Care to share?

Nicole: It must be so hard working on this case while you’re still grieving abigail.

Rafe: It is, yeah. But also, whoever did this left two children without a mother. So I am more than motivated to get the son of a bitch and make him pay. And, uh, I’m not gonna be able to live with myself if I don’t get this maniac off the streets.

Nicole: And you will. I have every bit of faith in you.

Rafe: Thank you. Okay, enough about me.

[Chuckles] How was your day? Hopefully, less eventful than mine. What’s going on at basic black?

Nicole: Um, actually, I didn’t come from the office.

Rafe: No?

Nicole: No.

Rafe: Had a meeting?

Nicole: Well, uh, I was lucky. I went to abe’s impromptu wedding. I got to spend the day celebrating life and love.

Chad: Yeah, I read a few articles, um, about how to tell a child that a parent has died. Yeah, I tried to use some of that advice, but it all went out the window as soon as I sat down and I looked at their little faces.

Marlena: Of course it did. Look, I know a few things about you. Among those things are that you are a fabulous dad, and I’m sure you’d do the very best you could for them.

Chad: Yeah, I don’t know about that, I, uh– you know, I just–I just said all the, you know, the usual cliché things, like, “mom had to go to heaven,” and “even though, you know, she’s not gonna be here on earth anymore, she’ll always be in your heart.”



Marlena: Chad… yes, it’s a cliché. But it’s also very true. I think you said the right thing.

Chad: I don’t know. I mean, thomas gets it. Charlotte, she just kept saying, “when’s mom coming back?” And I had to tell her, “mom isn’t coming back. She’s not coming back.” Now, I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to expect her to understand it when I don’t understand it myself.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Rafe: So abe and paulina finally tied the knot? That’s great news.

Nicole: Yeah, it was spur of the moment. Otherwise, I would’ve asked you to be my plus one.

Rafe: Oh, I–no, I couldn’t have gone anyway. I mean, wouldn’t have felt right taking time off from work, but I’m glad that you went to support them.

Nicole: Yeah, so am I. But I have to say, I mean, the ceremony was fine, but the reception got cut short– I mean, lani confessing to having shot tr…

Rafe: Yeah, I just got the paperwork about lani confessing to killing tr. Didn’t realize she did it in the middle of the reception, though.

Nicole: Yeah, everything came to a screeching halt as you can imagine.

Rafe: Yeah, I’ll bet. And you probably didn’t get anything to eat, and from the size of that bag, you brought enough for two of us. So why don’t you join me?

Nicole: Um, actually, I did have lunch. I ended up at the pub.

Rafe: Oh, you did?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: By yourself?

Nicole: No, I–I ate with roman and kate and eric.

Rafe: Huh.

Eric: Great. You wanna talk about nicole too.

Roman: Look, I don’t want to pry. But you two obviously have a history together, and believe me, I know how much it hurt you when you found out nicole slept with xander. But now that some time has passed…

Eric: What? Go ahead, finish the sentence.

Roman: Well, I just wondered if maybe two of you might be able to work things out.

Eric: Work things out?

Roman: Mm-hmm.

Eric: You make it sound like it’s so easy. Nicole, she’s moved on. She’s with rafe now, and apparently very much in love. Not to mention, they’re actually engaged to get married.

Roman: They’re not married yet.

Lucas: Of course I’m worried about ej pointing the finger at me. But I would’ve needed a physical barrier in the doorway to stop sami from going over there.

Kate: What, are you kidding? You can’t stop a woman on crutches from leaving you? Because if that’s true, it doesn’t bode well for your future together, believe me.

Lucas: You know, she can use those crutches as weapons. But it’s not the point. The point is, even if I managed to stop hurricane sami from blowing over to ej, she would’ve–she would’ve realized that it would’ve made me look suspicious. Don’t you understand that? She would’ve wondered why I care what ej says. Well, all the more reason to think it’s true if that happens.

Kate: Okay, I see your point.

Lucas: You see, this way– this way she knows, sami knows that I’m not threatened by anything that ej says. But I’m just hoping that, you know, whatever he does say, she’s not gonna take much stock into it, because today, I’m gonna propose to her.

Kate: Okay, um, about that…

Lucas: What, what?

Kate: Do you really think this is the right time to push the wedding?

Sami: What exactly do you mean that she’s more than just your attorney?

Ej: We’ve become friends. Belle’s been a great support to me since she came to stay here– especially the night of abigail’s murder.

Sami: You were here when that happened?

Chad: Help! Somebody help!

Belle: What happened?

Ej: What the hell?

Belle: I was, yeah. We tried to do everything we could, and–so chad obviously didn’t want the kids in the house.

Sami: Oh, my god, of course not.

Ej: So we–belle and I–got them out of the house, and took them to marlena and john’S.

Belle: Yeah. Chad’s there with them now. He just told them that their mother died.

Ej: [Sighs]

Marlena: Chad, I’ve had a few patients over the years that have had to tell a child that a parent wasn’t coming home, and what I can tell you is, there is no right or wrong way to do that, and I would never presume to tell you how to tell your children. What I do know is that you are a kind, intuitive man… and you’re a wonderful father… and thank god they have you.

Chad: Thank god I have them.

Marlena: Would you like me to talk to them?

Chad: Yeah, if you wouldn’t mind.

Marlena: I wouldn’t mind. I’d be very glad to do whatever I can to help.

Chad: [Sniffles] I think, um–I think they’re in with john right now. Jack and jennifer brought over a little race car track, so they’re probably playing with that right about now.

Marlena: Oh–

John: Hey, sweetheart. I didn’t know you were home.

Marlena: Yeah. I hear there’s some racing going on in the other room.

John: Mm, yeah. Thomas and charlotte are on lap 500 of the dimera grand prix.


Marlena: Sounds like you’re ready for a pit stop.

John: Mm.

Marlena: Why don’t I, um– I’ll take a few rounds.

Chad: Thank you.

Marlena: Of course. Of course.

Sami: No matter how I may feel about the dearly departed, abby–my heart breaks for those kids. I know what it’s like to have to tell your kid that their parent isn’t coming home, and face a future raising your children alone, which is actually reminding me of why I’m here. I have divorce papers, ej, and I would like you to sign them.

Only daisy cottage cheese will do

John: Been a long day, kid. Get you a beer?

Chad: No, thank you. I should probably stay present for the kids.

John: Yeah, I understand that. Chad… I know that it’s not always helpful to tell someone who’s suffering that they’ve been through a similar situation. I know that, um–I actually used to resent it when people did that to me. I don’t know, I just kind of felt like that maybe they were being dismissive of my pain, you know?

Chad: No, I would never think that about you, john, and I know that you went through something similar– losing your wife.

John: Isabella, yeah.

John: Did you know we had just gotten married? Just–just had a baby–brady– when we found out that she was sick–cancer, and at the end of our fight, I took her to venice, and she died in my arms.

Chad: How–how do you go on?

John: Well, you know, initially, I just knew that I had to be there for brady. I mean, it’s not like I was ever gonna stop missing isabella. That was never gonna happen. But, you know, slowly, my life started to fill up–obviously, bill, doc, and her kids– and now, when I remember isabella, I just think about how lucky I was to have had her before I had to say goodbye.

Chad: See, that’s the difference, though. You got to say goodbye. I never did.

Ej: It’s not that I can’t wait to sever our marital bond, samantha. But there’s a lot going on right now. Abigail’s death, the birth of shawn’s baby–

Sami: Wait, wait, wait. Sorry, what does shawn’s baby have to do with whether or not you sign these papers today?

Ej: My point is that it’s obvious I have a lot on my plate. So maybe we could table this for the moment? There’s no pressing need to finalize the divorce right now.

Sami: Yes, actually, there is. Lucas and I are getting married again.

Lucas: Are you saying i shouldn’t ask sami to marry me?

Kate: No. No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that you have a lot going on right now, and you might not be able to focus on the wedding when you’re worrying about whether your bride is going to find out that you were the one behind her kidnapping.

Lucas: What, is this your way of suggesting I tell sami the truth?

Kate: No, it’s my way of suggesting that you get rid of this debilitating stress. You’ve already blown your sobriety to hell, lucas.

Lucas: You know what? There’s not gonna be any more stress. As soon as I marry sami, the stress will be gone! I mean, there’ll be stress, but it’ll be a different kind of stress–it’ll go away!

Kate: I know you know better than this. You know better than to pin your emotional well-being on sami brady. Lucas, look at your brother. Look at philip. He allowed himself to be consumed with his feelings for chloe. Did it make him happy? No. It didn’t relieve his stress. All it did was release this– this terrible stream of dark impulses.

Lucas: So you’re comparing me to philip? You think I’m gonna snap, right? You think I’m gonna end up in a mental institution like my brother?

Kate: Lucas, stop, don’T. Don’T. Philip did not snap. He had issues. He had issues that he needed to get help for.

Lucas: Issues that caused him to fake his own death.

Kate: I’m just so– I’m worried.

Lucas: Stop saying that! Stop saying you’re worried about me, okay? You have no reason to be worried about me! I would never do anything to abigail! I would never–I would never k– I can’t even say it. She’s my niece. I would never do anything wrong. I would never hurt her like that. I respect her! I loved her! She was a great mother! And to think I had anything to do with her death– I couldn’t go on.

Kate: Oh…

Lucas: I’m telling you right now, I couldn’t go on.

[Dramatic music]

Trelegy for copd.

Kate: Honey, I know how hard this is for you, okay?

Lucas: Especially since i feel ashamed about what I did. I feel horrible about kidnapping sami. But, you know what? She’s never gonna find out that I kidnapped her. She won’t–she won’T. It’ll be a whole new chapter in my life–you know, in our lives.

Kate: Mm.

Lucas: And I know I can’t take it back. I can’t take back what I did, but I can promise to be the best husband I can possibly be. I mean, that’d be a good way to make it up to her, right?

Kate: Yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, no, honey, I want that for you. I want that for you.

Lucas: [Sniffling]

Kate: Your happiness means everything to me, lucas.

Lucas: Sami means everything to me.

Kate: I know, I know.

Lucas: So does that mean I have your blessing?

Kate: You have my blessing, yes. You have my undying support, and you’re gonna need it. Believe me. Baby, I love you. I love you so much.

Lucas: I love you too.

Kate: Okay. Okay. I’m sorry. You take care of yourself, please, okay?

Lucas: Yeah, I will, I will.

Kate: Okay.

Lucas: [Sighs]

Ej: [Scoffs] So this is what you really want? To spend the rest of your days married to your very own kidnapper?

Sami: [Scoffs] Actually, I’m divorcing him.

Ej: My conviction was overturned.

Sami: Oh, please. That doesn’t prove that you were innocent.

Ej: Oh, samantha, when are you going to wake up and see what’s staring you right in the face?

Sami: You’re staring me right in the face with your crazy conspiracy theories about lucas. Listen, we can all see that you’re just doing that to deflect from your own guilt. You’re the psychopath who kidnapped me and then lied to me about it.

Belle: Sami, I think you’re wrong.

Sami: Of course you do. You’re his lawyer. You’re the one who got him off of the charges.

Belle: Ej was framed by a very powerful force.

Sami: Yes, of course, old scratch at it again. But all he did was make sure that a guilty man was sentenced to prison. In fact, it was the one time he was on the side of the angels.

Ej: Samantha, you have to see reason.

Sami: No, I don’T. I don’t have to see anything. What I know for sure–no one will ever change my mind– you are the one who kidnapped me.

Eric: Dad, I am not about to meddle in nicole’s relationship.

Roman: Nobody’s saying you should do that, okay? I’m just saying you need to make a decision about what you want–

Eric: Dad, I’ve already made my decision.

Roman: You sure about that? Because from what I can tell, you’re still thinking things over. Maybe you need to take a page from sami’s book–broken legs, broken planes–nothing comes between that girl and whatever she wants, and look, okay? Don’t get me wrong. I like rafe a lot. He is a good guy–a really good guy and a really good friend. But that doesn’t mean he is who nicole’s supposed to be with.

Eric: Nicole and I have already had our chance, and you see how that ended up?

Roman: Yeah, well, rafe and nicole had their chance to get married too, and they didn’T. Okay, now they postponed the wedding because rafe is leading the investigation into abigail’s death.

Eric: Which means he has his priorities in order.

Roman: Which also means that if you still have feelings for nicole, you got time to do something about it, and if it were me, I wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to say something– to talk to her about it, because I wouldn’t wanna regret it later down the road because I didn’T.

Rafe: Well, I think it’s great that abe and paulina grabbed the opportunity to get married when they could, because…you know, with lani confessing, you never know when life can change in an instant.

Nicole: I know. Life is uncertain. That is for sure. But our situation is nothing like abe and paulina’s, and, like, you’re under enough pressure as it is to get this case solved. So I don’t want you to feel like you have to make big plans for our wedding.

Rafe: Well, I’m definitely not feeling the pressure about that. Or is this about something else?

Nicole: Well, rafe and i plan on rescheduling our wedding soon.

Kate: Hmm, well, that wasn’t what I was getting at.

John: What are you getting at?

Kate: Well, eric, I’m sure you believe in signs.

Eric: Yeah, signs?

Kate: Yeah–you came back to salem, right? You were forced out of the priesthood, and then nicole postponed her wedding.

Roman: Kate, what are you doing?

Kate: I’m asking questions.

Roman: No, you’re not. You’re stirring the pot. We talked about this. It’s none of our business.

Rafe: Nicole, what are you saying? Are you avoiding making wedding plans because you don’t want to get married?

Chad: I never got to take abby to venice or any of the other places that we wanted to go. Either she couldn’t get away or I couldn’t get away or the kids were in school. Though, we always just put it off. You know, thinking about it, we had all this time. You know, the last conversation we had was about taking the– taking our kids to a movie, and taking that trip to boston to go see jack. You know, surprise him for his birthday. She wanted to go at night. But…

John: But?

Chad: It just seemed so last-minute, you know? And I just thought it would’ve been too much work to get the kids together and get to the airport. So I said–so I said why don’t we go the next morning? And she s–agreed. She said, “yeah, you know, what difference would a day make?”

[Chuckles] Well, you know, it turns out that it makes all the difference in the world.


[ Screaming ]

Chad: If we had gone to boston that night, abby would still be alive.

[Sniffles] I took the–I–I took the kids to a movie, and I left her alone.

John: No, no, no, chad, you didn’t have any idea what was gonna happen. There’s no way you could’ve known what was gonna happen. You just said that you were gonna take the kids to the movies that night?

Chad: Yeah, I was with abby in our room. I was getting ready before i went to go–I went to go get the kids.


John: Before you left… what was the last thing you said to each other?

Chad: [Sighs]

[Laughs] She told me that she loved me.


[Sniffles] And I told her that i loved her too.

John: Mm-hmm.

Chad: I mean, the way that she looked at me and said it, it melts my heart, I mean, that smile… everything about her, I just, I– I took for granted.

John: What do you think you took for granted?

Chad: The amount of time that I would have with her.

[Sniffles] If I had only known, I wouldn’t have–I wouldn’t have wasted so much–so much time.

John: What do you think you wasted time on?

Chad: [Sniffles] Doing anything but loving her, and letting–letting her know how–how–how much she meant to me, and that she was my everything–telling her that she was my everything.

John: She knew. She knew, kid.

Chad: [Sobbing]

Ej: Fine, you want to be an idiot? Be my guest.

Sami: Oh. Thanks.

Ej: Satisfied?

Sami: Yes. Actually, I am. It’s exactly what I wanted. So belle, word of warning if you plan on staying in this house much longer: Just make sure you don’t get chained up in the basement. No, no, I’ll get the door myself, thanks. You’re gonna have to close it, though.

Ej: Okay. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Marlena: I hope I’m not interrupting.

Chad: No, you’re not. Did you talk to ’em?

Marlena: I did. Thomas is pretty focused on that race car set.

Chad: [Chuckles] And charlotte?

Marlena: She asked me if it were true. She asked me if her mommy had died. I told her it was true, and she cried, and I rocked her and held her, and a moment later, she was back in denial, said she knew her mommy was going to be coming home.

Chad: Well, I should probably go get–

Marlena: Chad.

[Sighs] Look, they’re playing so well, and they’re distracted, and it’s nearly their bedtime. Why don’t you let them stay with us one more night?

Chad: Are you sure?

John: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. We love those kids.

Chad: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Marlena: Of course. Chad. I think you should stay as well.

Chad: No, I’m not–I don’t want to impose.

John: You’re not an imposition, you know that.

Marlena: No, you’re not. No, we would love to have you.

Chad: [Stammers] Thank you–okay. Thank you. That would be good.

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: Nicole, I–

Nicole: What are you doing here?

Eric: I came by because I wanted to ask you something.

Nicole: Well, can it wait? I’m sorry you came all the way over here, but it’s not a really good time, so…

Eric: Yeah, sure. Is everything okay?

Rafe: Hey! I got champagne. Hey, eric.

Eric: Rafe. Champagne? You guys look like you’re gonna celebrate something.

Rafe: Well, as a matter of fact, we are.

Nicole: [Giggles] We got married.

Eric: Married? Marri–married?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Eric: When?

Rafe: Yeah, we just snuck in right under the wire.

Nicole: Yeah, we just came from the courthouse.

Eric: Yeah, that’s great.

[Chuckles] Congratulations.

Rafe: Thank you.

Eric: Yeah, well, I’ll leave the two of you to celebrate your wedding night.

Rafe: Right.

[Both laugh]

Lucas: How’d it go?

Sami: Success!

Lucas: Yeah?

Sami: Yup!

Lucas: He signed ’em?

Sami: Oh, yeah, I got him to sign the papers.

Lucas: Perfect. Well, in that case…

[Hums] I had a whole big speech planned, but considering how long it took us to get to this point, I figured I’d just cut to the chase.

[Sighing] Samantha gene brady, will you marry me again?

Sami: [Laughs] Yes, lucas.

Lucas: Yes?

Sami: I will. You want to put it on?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me do that. Ow.

Sami: Ooh, watch your hand.

Lucas: That’s all right. That’s all right.

Sami: Aw…

Lucas: It fits. It fits perfect.

Sami: Just like you.

[Laughs] Yay!

Ej: Now that I’ve signed those blasted divorce papers, I suppose all that’s left is for samantha to file them, and then–

Belle: And then you’ll be divorced.

Ej: And she’s lucas’ problem. I could–I could almost pity him. So where were we?

Belle: No. Hold on a second. What are you doin’?

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B&B Transcript Monday, June 27, 2022

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Ridge: Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Look how pretty you are.

[ Katie laughs ] Thought I’d run into brooke, and I see you instead. Hi.

Katie: Oh, nice to see you as well.U missed brooke. She has an appointment.

Ridge: Mm.

Katie: So, I’m assuming you’re going to the wedding.

Ridge: The wedding? Yeah. You heard.

Katie: Yeah, barely. Hope told me that carter and paris are getting married, and I didn’t even realize they were dating, much less getting married.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s all happening pretty quickly.

Katie: Hope seemed to have her reservations, but she said she was going to the wedding to support paris. So, I’m assuming you’re going to support carter.

Ridge: Yeah, he asked me to go, so, uh, I’m going to go.

Katie: Are you okay? You seem a little out of sorts.

Ridge: This whole thing, it– none of it makes sense to me. This whole wedding is weird.

Katie: You’re worried about carter? Well, that makes sense. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago that paris was dating zende, and carter was sleeping with quinn.

Eric: All right, I’m off. I’ll see you later this afternoon.

Quinn: Oh, I was hoping we would have lunch together.

Eric: Uh, no, not today. I’m sorry, honey. Another time.

Quinn: Oh! Maybe, I should take up pickleball. Or better yet, maybe you can teach me.

Eric: Haha, all right. Maybe I will. I thought maybe you’d be going to carter and paris’ wedding today. I’m not going to go, because I don’t want to make it awkward for zende.

Quinn: Oh, no, no, no, no. I’m not– I’m not going to the wedding. No, I– I don’t think carter would want me there anyway. Eric: Why? Because of your disapproval of how quickly he’s marrying paris?

Quinn: Oh, we don’t see eye to eye on the subject, but I just– I– I truly hope he finds what he’s looking for.

Carter: I know this wedding’s very last minute, but I want it to be special. I want the whole theme to be elegant, refined, perfect. Wonderful. Thank you very much. Bye. What?

Paris: I know! It’s bad luck to see each other on wedding day, but I’m just so excited, I couldn’t stay away.

[ Carter chuckles ]

Ridge: Well it’s interesting you’d bring that up.

Katie: What?

Ridge: Quinn and carter. The affair.

Katie: Oh, yeah. What a mess that was. Thank god that terrible chapter is over.

Ridge: Not sure that it is.

[ Door knocking]

Donna: Hello? Hi. Hey, you two! My gosh, you look so beautiful. So handsome!

Ridge: Thank you!

Donna: Wow. Where is brooke? Is she here?

Katie: Oh, she’s at an appointment.

Donna: Oh. Okay. Well. Today’s a big day, huh? Your best friend’s getting married.

Ridge: Yeah, that’s today.

Donna: You look amazing. Are you going to the wedding?

Donna: Oh, no, no, no. Um, I have a, uh, an engagement.

Katie: An engagement? Huh? So, does this engagement involve someone special?

Quinn: I don’t want to talk about carter. I– I was hoping I’d get to spend the day with you. Maybe we can make dinner plans.

Eric: No, I don’t think so. Honey, I’m sorry. May– maybe another time, but I got to go. I don’t want to be late for my meeting at the club.

Quinn: Me– meeting? I thought you were going to play pickleball.

Eric: I am. That’s what I meant.

Quinn: Huh. Look, uh, eric, I– I know, I know you care about your health and– and fitness as much as I do. Uh, but I miss you. And I– I- I miss us. And I know it’s– it’s obviously going to take more time for us to get back to the way we were. But I just want you to know that, um, I don’t take your forgiveness lightly. Your loyalty and commitment mean– they mean everything to me. I– I know I have to share you with pickleball, but I’m glad at least I’m the one and only woman in your life.

Paris: I’ve never been happier. You’re the dream I never realized I wanted. So how is everything going?

Carter: We’re getting there. We’re getting there. Have you spoken to zende yet?

Paris: No, not yet.

Carter: Maybe it’s for the best.

Paris: No. But he’s our friend. And I really want him to be there, considering… and– and my mom.

Carter: Any word from her?

Paris: No, not yet. I really wish she was supporting us, but I’m not going to let this get in the way of the best day of our life.

[ Both giggling ] (Vo) red lobster’s seafood summerfest is fire!

Katie: You are seeing someone. I can see it all over you.

Donna: Okay, fine. Yes, I’m seeing someone. And yes, he’S… very special to me.

Katie: Well, I will try not to pry. But I’m really happy for you. I haven’t seen you look this radiant in a long time.

Donna: Well, you know, he makes me happy, speaking of which, actually, I’m running a little late. I– I’m about to meet him. So tell brooke I said hi, okay? See you two!

[ Katie giggling ]

Katie: I have not seen her this happy since she was with eric.

Ridge: And eric hasn’t been happy in a long time.

Katie: What is going on with you? You just seem like something’s weighing you down. What is it?

Carter: Charlie, man. Thanks again for agreeing to marry paris and me. I know it’s very short notice.

Charlie: Wha– come, come, come on, come on. No thanks necessary, carter, you know. Look, you can’t officiate your own wedding, you know, “do you? I mean, do I take paris?”

Carter: I don’t think it would work out too well.

Charlie: All right. Listen, I am more than happy to take off my security hat, and put on my minister hat. Metaphorically, of course. I mean, I don’t really wear a hat. I just– I got a frock that’s back from the cleaners, but, uh, regardless. Listen, with sheila on the lam, I promise you that I will keep one, maybe both eyes, on that door at all times. But don’t worry. I mean, ridge has already hired extra security. I want this day to be really special for you. So you and paris can start the rest of your lives together.

Paris: Hey.

Zende: Hey.

Paris: Are you busy?

Zende: No, I, um, I can always make time for you, I was just finishing up this design.

Both: So–

Paris: You go first.

Zende: I, um, I heard the news. Carter proposed. Your mom told me.

Paris: She probably didn’t have too many good things to say.

Zende: That– that is an understatement. But I, um, I’m really happy for you. Congratulations.

Paris: Thank you. That means a lot. We’re actually getting married today.

Zende: Uh, today?

Paris: Yeah. Yeah. I– I know that it’s really sudden, but that’s what we want. And we also really want you to be there. It would mean the world to me.

Quinn: Thank you so much for joining me for lunch.

Bridget: Of course.

Quinn: Your father doesn’t know that I’m at the club, but I’m telling you, it gives me peace of mind knowing that you’re here in case his heart rate spikes again.

Bridget: Oh, okay, um, quinn, you know you’re going to have to tell him at some point about this health ring and all of your concerns.

Quinn: Yes, I know. I know. I will, and I know you probably hate lying to him as much as I do. I– I’m just afraid that he– he’s not going to tell me something’s wrong until it’s too late.

Bridget: Well, that’s my dad for you. He’s thinking and caring about everyone else and just often neglects himself.

Quinn: Exactly. I mean, your father has cared for and loved me in ways I can’t even articulate.

Bridget: Mm hm.

Quinn: His loyalty. His commitment.

[ Sighing ] I would– I would just, I would do anything for my husband.

Eric: Donna. You look so beautiful.

Donna: Thank you. I– I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see me. I mean, I know you’ve been feeling guilty and– and now with hope, knowing about us–

Eric: No, I shouldn’T. I shouldn’t be doing this. But I can’t stay away from you. Everything you are brings such light and– and happiness to my life. How can I stay away? My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Katie: Okay. Tell me what’s going on.

Ridge: I don’t know what’s going– and, I have reservations about carter and this wedding.

Katie: Well, yeah, it seems to have happened really fast. I mean, he– must love paris a lot.

Ridge: Yeah.

[ Throat clearing ]

Katie: Ridge, what is it? What’s wrong?

Ridge: He’s not– he’s not running to paris. He’s running away from quinn, and the feelings he has.

Carter: Charlie. I really appreciate your help.

Charlie: Oh forget about it. Come on. Oh, by the way, um, pammy sends her best. She wishes she could be here for the decoration and the catering and stuff, but, alas, she had to go on her knitting retreat.

[ Throat clearing ] But, anyway, we want this day to be really special for you. I mean, after all, pammy and I know all about true love.

Zende: You want me to come to your wedding?

Paris: I do. But you know, if it’s too difficult for you, I understand.

Zende: Paris, when I said all that matters to me is your happiness, I meant it. I’ll be there.

Donna: To hear you say those words to me.

Eric: They’re all true.

Donna: And I feel the same way. I love you so much. But despite how happy you make me, I– I, I can’t help feeling guilty about it. Being with a man who wears a wedding band– oh, two rings from quinn, actually. Look at that.

Eric: You’re right. You’re right. This isn’t right. I– it’s not the man I want to be. The man who cheats on his wife, who lies to his wife. Quinn deserves more. She deserves the truth. I’m going to tell her.

Donna: What?

Eric: I love you too much. I’m not going to let you go.

Donna: Oh.

Quinn: Who knew that my husband would ever get into pickleball?

Bridget: Absolutely no one.

Quinn: Nobody.

Bridget: Have you ever played with him?

Quinn: No! No. I– I mean, I don’t even really come here to the club. You know, this is eric’s domain but I’ll tell you, he comes home energized like he’s a new man.

Server: Hi, can I get you started with something to drink?

Quinn: Uh, what’d you like?

Bridget: I’ll have an iced tea, please.

Server: Excellent choice.

Quinn: I will have the same.

Server: Okay, great.

Quinn: Oh, uh, do you know my husband, eric forrester?

Server: Yes, I know mr. Forrester well.

Quinn: Well, I’m sure you do, I mean, he’s– he’s been here quite often lately.

Server: I’ll get you those drinks.

Bridget: Thank you. Okay, quinn, I’m just going to go ahead and address the elephant in the room. I’m sure you realize that I know about your history with, um, carter.

Quinn: I’m sure you do. My mom told me that carter and paris are getting married today?

Quinn: You know, bridget, it’s– it’s not really my concern what carter does with his life. My focus is on eric. And I hope you know that I am as committed to your father as– as he is to me.

Bridget: Good.

[ Alarm ringing ]

Quinn: Oh, no. Eric’s heart rate, it’s spiking again.

Server: You, uh, ready to order?

Quinn: Uh, do you know where my husband is?

Server: Excuse me?

Quinn: Do– do you know what pickleball court eric forrester is on?

Server: Mrs. Forrester, I’m sorry but the pickleball courts are closed for resurfacing.

Bridget: What? Kids can change mis…

Katie: I can’t believe this. I mea– I spoke to carter when the whole affair with quinn happened, and he– he swore you would never go back there again.

Ridge: He did swear that. And I don’t think he has gone back there.

Katie: Why would he marry paris if he still has feelings for quinn?

Ridge: I think carter’s lost it. But let’s forget about him for one second. What about paris? She doesn’t deserve this.

Katie: You’ve got to talk to him.

Ridge: I did talk to him. I couldn’t get through to him. He’s– he’s getting married to paris today.

Carter: I can’t live

like this anymore.

But make no mistake,

I will always love you.

[ Quinn sighing ]

Quinn: I’ll always love

you too, carter.

[ Knocking on door ]

Paris: Oh.

Carter: You want all the bad luck, huh?

Paris: I just thought you should know. Zende’s coming to the wedding.

Carter: Really?

Paris: Yeah. He’s a great guy.

Carter: He really is.

Paris: Yeah. Are you okay?

Carter: Yeah. Yes, yes, of course I am. I’ve been waiting for this longer than I can remember. To build a life with someone. I’ve just been looking for it in the wrong places.

Paris: Well, now you can stop looking.

Donna: You’re leaving quinn for me? Oh.

Eric: My heart is racing. I love you. You light up my whole life.

Donna: I– I– I’ve dreamt about this, eric. I have hoped upon hopes, and–

Eric: I choose you. I choose you, if you’ll have me.

Donna: Yes, eric, yes. Yes.

Quinn: The pickleball courts are closed?

Server: Yes, ma’am.

Quinn: So then, where is he? Where’s my husband? He could be having a heart attack as we speak!

Server: Mr. Forrester has been spending time in bungalow #24.

Donna: I love you so much.

Eric: I love you, too.

[ Donna moaning ]

Quinn: Eric? Eric, are you in there? Eric, are you all right?

Eric: Quinn? Bridget? What? What are you doing here?

Quinn: Why are you in bed? What’s going on?

Quinn: No.

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Days Update Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Evan/Christian questions what Orpheus is talking about by saying he has another son with Jan Spears and argues that it doesn’t even make sense. Orpheus repeats that Jan Spears gave birth to Evan’s son. Evan says it can’t be. Orpheus asks if he’s saying he did not have sex with Jan, warning him that it’s a sin to tell a lie.

Jan complains to Shawn about not being able to see her baby and hold him. Shawn encourages her. Jan knows he won’t let them send her to prison without holding her baby first. Jan asks what she would ever do without him and then kisses Shawn.

EJ and Belle go to the bedroom and kiss on to the bed. EJ asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle tells EJ to make love to her as they continue kissing.

Chad sits alone at John and Marlena’s until there’s a knock at the door. Chad answers to see Abigail’s brother, JJ has returned. They embrace as JJ breaks down crying that he can’t believe Abigail is really gone. JJ says he just flew in this morning with Theo and he saw Jack and Jennifer, who are doing pretty bad. Chad feels he should go see them. JJ says they are at the funeral home, making arrangements. Jack and Jennifer then arrive at the door. Jennifer hugs Chad as he cries.

Orpheus asks Evan if he remembers whether or not he slept with Jan. Evan flashes back to meeting Jan in prison. She told him that she had just lost the love of her life. Evan asked if there was anything he could do. Jan responded that there was and kissed Evan. Evan then admits to Orpheus that he did have sex with Jan. Orpheus declares that a new life was then born.

Shawn questions Jan kissing him. Jan calls it an expression of how much she loves him. Shawn reminds her that they talked about this and she knows where they stand. Jan declares that he’s the father of her baby and they belong together. Jan grabs Shawn and kisses him again. Shawn pulls away as Brady and Chloe enter the room. Brady comments that it looks like Jan has made a full recovery.

Jennifer mentions the kids sleeping peacefully. Chad says he will check on them soon and brings up that they were the funeral home and feels he should’ve done that. Jack tells Chad to be there for his children and not worry about anything else. Jennifer informs Chad that Abigail’s funeral will be the day after tomorrow and the director wanted to know if there was something they wanted her to wear. Jennifer asks if Chad wanted to pick something out. Chad cries that he doesn’t think he could do that.

EJ and Belle lay in bed together after making love. EJ says it was wonderful. Belle says the last few months made her feel really alone but not when she’s with him. EJ thinks they both want to shut out the outside world, but there’s also a real pull that has nothing to do with running away. EJ tells Belle that he wants to be with her and get to know the real her. EJ states that Belle comes across as confident and straightforward but she’s actually quite complicated. EJ says Belle is here with him now but something she’s not telling him is going on. EJ jokes that he is getting to know her. EJ asks Belle to tell him what it is and how she feels right now. Belle responds that she feels happy but also very guilty.

Jan questions what the hell Brady and Chloe are doing here and says no one asked them to come. Brady asks to speak to Shawn in private, saying it’s important. Chloe says she’ll stay and keep Jan company as Shawn exits with Brady. Jan tells Chloe that she doesn’t need company, she needs peace and calm as she is breastfeeding. Chloe tells Jan to drop the Madonna act as she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Evan tells Orpheus that he and Jan only slept together once. Orpheus tells him that once is all it takes. Evan questions how the hell Orpheus would know if he got her pregnant. Orpheus reveals that he met Jan himself not long after they were together. Orpheus flashes back to meeting Jan while cleaning in the prison and Jan told him that she was waiting on her pregnancy test results. Orpheus asked Jan who the lucky father was. Evan asks if she told him that it was him. Orpheus reveals that Jan told him that it was Detective Shawn Brady.

EJ tells Belle that he knew it. Belle assures that it’s not what she didn’t want this to happen, but she made vows and promised Shawn that she would never break them again and she has. EJ asks what about Shawn sleeping with Jan Spears, knocking her up, moving her in to Belle’s house and becoming her full time caretaker. EJ argues that Shawn vowed to stand by Belle for better or worse.

Evan questions Orpheus about Jan saying Shawn was the father. Orpheus argues that it wouldn’t be the first time in Jan’s life that she lied. Orpheus flashes back to continuing his conversation with Jan. Jan got upset when Orpheus told her that she wasn’t going to live happily ever after with Shawn until Orpheus revealed who he was. Orpheus told Jan that he knew the truth that she was trying to pass off another man’s child as Shawn’s because he knows everything that goes on in the prison walls. Jan asked if he would rat her out but Orpheus said no and that he would help her. Evan questions if Orpheus is planning on passing off his baby as Shawn’s. Orpheus clarifies that he’s not planning to as the mission is already accomplished.

Chloe tells Jan that she’s never really had a high opinion of her, but using her own child to get her hooks in to Shawn is a new low. Jan says Chloe’s opinion means nothing to her but that she’s wrong as having a baby has changed her and Shawn senses that. Jan declares that she’s sorry but she gave Shawn a son and every man wants a son. Jan remarks that it’s not her fault that Belle wasn’t up to the task.

Chad cries about having to enter the bedroom with Rafe. Jack encourages him that he doesn’t have to talk about it. Jennifer assures that she and Jack will take care of the dress. Chad thanks her as they cry. JJ and Jack step aside. Jack asks if JJ is staying with Chad which he confirms. Jack asks if JJ is okay. JJ admits he’s not. Jack says he’s not either as they hug. Jennifer tries to encourage Chad to eat and take care of himself. Jennifer tells Jack they should get this over with. Jennifer asks JJ to make sure Chad eats. Jack and Jennifer then exit together. Chad tells JJ that it’s not right that they are taking care of him. JJ says they take care of him so he can take care of his kids and they will all do whatever they can to get through this. Chad questions who would do this to them. Chad argues that it shouldn’t be like this as he keeps thinking about the fact that the person who did this is out there walking around, knowing they got away with it. JJ assures they will find out who did it and they will pay. Chad talks about Rafe not having much to go on but some stuff being stolen which could’ve been just to make it look like a robbery. Chad worries that whoever did this set out to kill Abigail. JJ brings up Gwen but Chad says she was in prison so it couldn’t have been her. Chad thought it was over and they got through all of the crap. Chad tells JJ that Abigail was happy and they were finally happy.

Jack and Jennifer go to the DiMera Mansion and slowly enter Abigail and Chad’s bedroom. Jennifer looks around the room and sees Abigail’s things then says she now understands why Chad couldn’t come back in the room. Jennifer tells Jack that she doesn’t know if she can do this.

Evan tells Orpheus to stop playing games and tell him what’s going on. Orpheus responds that he already did. Orpheus explains that he gave his word to Jan that he would help her pass off Evan’s baby as Shawn’s and that’s what he did. Orpheus flashes back to telling Jan that she was going to need his help with the paternity test, so she asked what’s in it for him. Evan says that’s a good question and also asks Orpheus what’s in it for him. Orpheus claims he’s just a romantic at heart. Evan guesses he switched the tests for Jan and now Shawn thinks Jan is giving birth to his baby. Orpheus reveals to Evan that Jan has already given birth.

Chloe tells Jan that’s a stupid and offensive thing to say, even for her. Jan declares that she and Shawn have a son together which is an unbreakable bond as God has made them a family. Chloe laughs and says God has nothing to do with it. Chloe reminds Jan that she sold her soul to the Devil. Jan tells Chloe to leave and not come back. Jan threatens to tell Shawn the horrible things that she’s said to her and says it’s not good for the baby for her to be upset. Chloe says Jan can milk the situation for all it’s worth, but deep down it’s not going to turn out any differently than her other stunts over the years. Chloe adds that Shawn will never stop loving Belle. Jan argues that he might stop forgiving Belle. Jan says she’ll always be faithful, so he’ll never have to forgive her for an indiscretion but that’s always been an issue for Belle. Jan claims she worries about Belle getting so restless when Shawn is busy elsewhere. Jan hopes Belle found someone or something to occupy the empty hours while Shawn is with her at the hospital. Chloe flashes back to Belle telling her about staying with EJ. Jan remarks that maybe Belle could knit something for the baby.

Jan tells EJ that Shawn was tricked in to sleeping with Jan, so it wasn’t adultery but this is. EJ disagrees since she and Shawn are legally separated. Belle calls that a legal technicality while she’s talking about marriage and commitment. EJ questions what marriage and commitment since Shawn caved to Jan and basically told Belle that Jan is calling the shots and she had nothing to say about it. EJ calls it abandonment and points out that Shawn signed the separation papers willingly. Belle brings up that Shawn said she filed those papers so she could sleep with EJ and maybe he was right.

Evan can’t believe Jan already had the baby. Orpheus says that’s how he knew it was a boy. Evan counts in his head and says it’s too early. Orpheus confirms the baby was premature. Evan asks if he’s okay and wants to see him. Orpheus reveals that the baby is at the hospital and the whole point is that he needs Jan on the outside. Evan questions what he’s up to.

Shawn tells Brady that if he’s trying to save he and Belle’s marriage then he should be talking to Belle because she has shut him out at every corner. Shawn argues that he thought he was making love to Belle and thought he did nothing wrong, but that meant nothing to Belle. Shawn repeats that if Brady is trying to help them, he shouldn’t be talking to him, he should be talking to his sister. Shawn then walks away. Chloe comes out of the room and goes to Brady, guessing that didn’t go well. Brady declares that Shawn is right that he needs to talk to Belle now.

EJ tells Belle that they had a very honest talk and were both upfront that there was an element of sticking it to Shawn and Sami, but that was just an element. EJ declares he’s wanted Belle for a very long time and he knows she wants the same, which she admits. EJ suggests they stop talking about guilt which is basically talking about them. EJ wants this night to just be about them. EJ wants to spend the night with her by his side and to see her face when he wakes up in the morning.

Chad tells JJ that he keeps going back in his mind and trying to rewind so that they left for Boston the night before like Abigail wanted to, before he talked her out of it. JJ argues that there’s no way he could’ve known what would happen. Chad says he can picture them there being happy. Chad cries that he can hear Abigail’s laugh and see her smile.

Jack suggests Jennifer go downstairs while he picks something out and will be right down. Jennifer says she couldn’t do that to him, so they will do this together. Jennifer looks in the closet and tells a story about a dress Abigail bought when she was with her. Jack decides that’s the dress and suggests she tell Chad that story when he’s ready to hear it.

Orpheus informs Evan that he made a deal with Jan; he helps her dupe Shawn and she helps him with a little favor. Evan questions what he told her and how he convinced her that he was willing to screw over his own son to help her. Orpheus reveals that Jan has no idea that they are father and son, just like Shawn has no idea that he’s not the baby’s father.

Shawn returns to Jan’s hospital room. Jan complains that Chloe was horrible to her and says Shawn needs to tell Brady to keep Chloe away from her. Shawn agrees to tell Brady to have Chloe back off but says Jan needs to listen to him and hear what he has to say. Jan questions if he’s mad at her. Shawn explains that he’s frustrated because she shouldn’t have kissed him as she cannot turn this in to something that it isn’t. Jan claims she’s not trying to and says that when she kissed him, she found out that it’s not just her imagination and he felt something too. Jan states that she knows that now.

JJ admits he feels a little weird being here instead of Chad’s brothers since he wasn’t always Chad’s biggest fan. Chad understands he never thought he was good enough for Abigail. JJ tells him that he’s sorry. Chad says he was probably right but JJ insists that he wasn’t. Chad says his brothers would probably just try to say the right thing while JJ knew Abigail better than anyone and loved her. Chad says his brothers couldn’t understand how much he loved Abigail while JJ does. JJ wants Chad to know that he changed his mind after awhile and seeing them together, so he thought maybe Chad was good enough for her. JJ declares that anyone good enough for Abigail is pretty damn good in his book. JJ states that his parents only had one son, but he has a brother as he and Chad embrace.

Jennifer seals up the dress for Abigail to be buried in. Jack tells her that they did it. Jennifer thanks him and says now they just have to get through the funeral. Jack encourages that they will do that just like they did this; together. Jack and Jennifer then exit together.

Belle tells EJ that she can’t stay here because she’s not ready for spending the night and waking up with him yet. EJ tells her that he will hold on to the yet. Belle kisses EJ and then gets out of his bed. Belle adds that it was wonderful as they say goodnight to each other and Belle then exits the room.

Chloe doesn’t think Brady should go see Belle right now. Brady insists that he needs to talk to Belle now. Chloe encourages him to wait until the morning. Brady questions if she’s trying to tell him something. Chloe says she’s not telling him anything other than that he shouldn’t go over there tonight.

Jan insists that she knows Shawn felt the same way she did when they kissed. Shawn refuses to listen to this. Jan shouts that they are going to be a family and he’s going to come around as Shawn storms out of the room.

Evan questions Orpheus not telling him that he knew he had sex with Jan Spears, that she got pregnant, and that he switched the paternity tests and now won’t tell him what he’s getting in return. Orpheus says he knows it might seem like he doesn’t trust him, but he’s in the middle of a high stakes game and needs to keep his cards close to the vest.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Carly’s business manager tells her that the Stillwater Investment Group already put her half of the Metro Court up for sale since they know she doesn’t have the money to buy it back from them.

Olivia tells Ned he made the wrong decision and threw away his family legacy. Olivia worries the family will all band together against Ned and they won’t be there to help him when he needs them. Olivia is also hurt that Ned didn’t confide in her about how he was feeling before he made his decision.

Leo overhears Michael talking to someone on the phone telling the person he has an idea and they need to talk because Sonny won’t know what is coming. Michael tells Leo that he is planning a surprise for Sonny.

Sonny catches Sasha when she faints at the Metro Court pool.

Liesl checks on Willow and tells her that she should go to the hospital. Sonny and Sasha take Willow to the hospital and TJ runs some tests and although all of them have not come back yet he tells Willow she is pregnant.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Imani she should go visit Naya in the hospital because even though she can’t speak she is sure Naya wants to see her and make sure she is okay.

Amanda advises Phyllis not to give up on Jack because they may find their way back to each other. Amanda also tells Phyllis to keep the peace between her and Diane for the sake of Summer and Jack.

Phyllis is very upset when she sees Jack, Diane, Kyle and Summer celebrating Diane’s new PR job at Marchetti.

Chloe and Chelsea argue because she wants to take the job that Kyle and Summer offered her to design a clothing line for Marchetti to as well as designing a clothing line for Fenmore’s. Chloe thinks doing both jobs would be too much work for Chelsea and that would lead to neither clothing line being the best it can be. Chelsea thinks Chloe is micromanaging her and stifling her creativity.

Elena wants to do a medical podcast for Chancellor Winters and Devon and Nate think it’s a great idea but they must get Elena out of her contract with Newman Media. Nate asks Imani to help get Elena out of her contract before Elena returns from the medical convention in Hawaii. Imani is reluctant to help until Nate tells her Elena will be in Hawaii for a week.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Evan was surprised that Jan had his child. Orpheus told him that he was the father of Jan’s baby. Jan was upset that she didn’t get to hold her baby. Shawn tried to make her feel better about it. Belle and EJ began to make love. JJ arrived in town to see Chad. He wanted to take see how he was doing. Jack and Jennifer also arrived to see Chad. Evan had a flashback of meeting Evan. Jan tried to kiss Shawn when Brady and Chloe showed up at the hospital. EJ and Belle talked after they made love. She felt guilty for being with him. Orpheus told Evan that Jan told him about being pregnant. He said that she told him that Shawn was the father. He told Evan that he planned on helping Jan pass her child off as Shawn’s. Chloe called Jan out for what she did to Shawn and Belle. Jennifer asked Chad if he wanted to pick out a dress for Abby. He said he hadn’t been in the room since Rafe investigated it. Jennifer assured him that he didn’t have to do it.

Chad talked to JJ about what happened to Abby. He assured him they were finally happy. Jack and Jennifer went into Abby’s room Jennifer said a prayer when she saw the bed. Orpheus continued to explain to Evan how he ended up helping her cover up her baby’s paternity. Jan told Chloe that Belle always had a problem with cheating on Shawn. She said she would never cheat on him. She was sure Belle was going to occupy her time with someone else. Belle told EJ that Shawn didn’t cheat on her. She said she was the one who cheated. EJ told her that she didn’t cheat on him because they’re legally separated. She let him know that Shawn accused her of getting separated so she could sleep with EJ. She wasn’t sure if she did that or not. Shawn told Brady that he should be talking to Belle about working out their marriage. He told her that Belle refused to understand what happened with Jan. Shawn walked away from him. Brady realized he should talk to Belle. EJ admitted to Belle that he wanted her for a long time.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Evan met with Orpheus at the prison. Orpheus wanted Evan to get his help the next time he escaped prison. Evan thought the devil test failed for him. He was consumed by getting revenge on Ben and Ciara. He realized he could have been with his son if he were a better man. He said he had a chance to be with David, but he blew it. He regretted not going on the run with his son. Orpheus dropped the bomb that Zoe moved to New Zealand with her ex and the baby. Evan was upset, but Orpheus told him to focus on family matters that were close to him. Shawn told Jan about Belle being upset with him. He told her what happened when he ran into her. Julie walked in while he was telling Jan about keeping her out of prison. Julie didn’t blame Belle for being upset with him for doing that. Julie told Jan that she was a snake and should be in prison. She told Shawn he was being naive. Jan and Julie started arguing with each other. She told Shawn about the gitt Hope gave Ciara and Ben (the boat). She assured Shawn that he and Belle would get back together.

EJ wanted to go back to making love to Belle, but she wasn’t comfortable after Sami’s visit. She thought things were different while she wasn’t in Salem. She thought it was a bad idea to be with each other now that she’s in town. She wondered if EJ was using her to get back at Sami. EJ wondered if she was using him to get back at Shawn. He reminded her that she ran to him every time she had a fight with him. They started arguing. She was about to walk away, but he insisted they talk about it. Sami and Lucas were happy about being engaged. She was sure they would last this time because she didn’t have any secrets from him. She thought about Belle defending the man who kidnapped her. Lucas reminded her that she and Belle had a tricky relationship. He reminded her that she was the reason why Jan was in town. Belle admitted to EJ that she wasn’t ready to walk away. She knew what she wanted and kissed him. Jan promised to be a good mother to her baby. Orpheus told Evan that he had another child. He told him about his baby with Jan.

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Days Update Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Evan Frears/Christian Maddox confronts his father Orpheus in prison. Orpheus questions him being out of solitary so soon and asks how he’s doing. Evan remarks that it’s just been rest and relaxation in oblivion. Orpheus comments on his disappearing act leaving the warden red-faced with bad press. Orpheus guesses a slap on the wrist wouldn’t do the trick. Orpheus asks about Evan’s little vacation on the outside. Evan confirms he did get to catch up with some old friends..

Ciara finishes a call with Hope at home and says it was great catching up. Ben comes back in and jokes about how long Ciara was on the phone and that it seemed like years. Ben is glad they got to catch up and asks what they talked about. Ciara brings up Jan just giving birth to Shawn’s baby.

Shawn sits with Jan in the hospital as she eats a burger. Jan thanks him for saving her from another night of hospital food. Jan asks Shawn what’s wrong as he’s been emo since getting back with the food. Shawn informs her that he ran in to Belle and she’s more upset with him now than ever.

EJ tells Belle that hoped they could pick up where they left off before being rudely interrupted. Belle says he can’t be serious because they were about to go to his bedroom, but she says they can’t after what just happened with Sami.

Lucas and Sami kiss in their room at the Salem Inn. Lucas is so glad she said yes to his proposal and talks about being traumatized from past proposals where she took her time. Lucas brings up when he sang to her. Sami calls this the most perfect time as they are together again. Sami says she loves her ring and calls it the best one he’s ever given her. Lucas jokes that it’s also the most expensive. Sami says this is going to be their best time because she’s not keeping any secrets from him so it’s going to work out. Lucas agrees that this time is going to be forever as they kiss.

Ben asks Ciara how Hope feels about Jan Spears sort of joining the family. Ciara says she’s not thrilled about that part, but she is about meeting her new grandson and their baby as well. Ben mentions that baby Bo finally fell asleep so they are clear for the next few hours unless she has more phone calls. Ciara thinks they have making up of their own to do as they kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Ben jokes about missing when they had all the time in the world. Ciara answers the door to see Allie, who says she knows she should’ve called first but she was afraid she would chicken out of apologizing for kidnapping her baby. Allie asks Ciara if there’s any way she could ever forgive her.

EJ knows he and Belle weren’t expecting Sami to show up but he doesn’t see how that changes anything. Belle argues that they know things were different went Sami was out of town because she was out of sight and out of mind. EJ insists that Sami is out of sight now and his mind. Belle thinks jumping in to bed with her right after ending his marriage seems like a bad idea. EJ disagrees and calls it a great idea to celebrate his freedom. Belle tells EJ that if they go upstairs now, it wouldn’t be about them but about him sticking it to her sister and she’s not going to be used like that.

Orpheus questions Evan about Ben and Ciara getting the best of him again. Evan admits he should’ve given his plan more thought. Orpheus argues that he could’ve helped him, so he shouldn’t have left him out of the loop. Evan calls it spur of the moment, explaining that Allie made the whole thing happened and that he made a deal with the Devil.

Ciara assures Allie that she forgives her as none of what happened was her fault. Allie feels responsible. Ben backs up Ciara that they don’t blame her at all and invites her in. Allie thanks them and admits she was afraid they would slam the door in her face. Ciara assures they love her. Allie is relieved and happy. Allie praises Ciara as a mom and asks how she defeated the Devil. Ciara responds that she actually had a little help from her dad.

Sami tells Lucas that she can’t believe Lucas was at the DiMera Mansion and straight up said she didn’t believe EJ isn’t guilty. Sami calls it crazy that her sister is defending the man who kidnapped her. Lucas talks about Sami and Belle always having a screwed up relationship, bringing up Sami trying to sell Belle on the black market as a baby. Sami argues that was a long time ago and they should get over it. Lucas adds that Sami also set Jan Spears loose. Sami admits that was extreme but she was desperate to get custody of their grandson. Lucas points out that Sami bringing Jan back led to Jan having a son with Shawn. Lucas understands Belle would hate her for messing up her marriage and says she has a right to be ticked off.

EJ assures Belle that if they go upstairs and make love, it won’t be because he wants to hurt Sami but because he wants to do the opposite to Belle. Belle wants to believe that very much, but says it’s really tough when she knows he’s pretending that he doesn’t care that his marriage just ended. Belle says he’s very good at it but he loved Sami. EJ says that is past tense and he’s moved on with Belle or at least he thought. Belle doesn’t know if she can trust his motives. EJ feels she’s being ridiculous. Belle brings up that John told her that EJ was using her to get back at Sami and at the time she blew up at him, but maybe he was right. EJ thinks she’s projecting and thinks he’s using her because the whole time, she’s been using him to get back at Shawn.

Jan tells Shawn that she doesn’t mean to pry but asks what happened. Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. Jan feels it’s unfair that Shawn has no one to confide in while Belle is spilling her guts to EJ. Jan adds that she won’t offer an opinion and will only listen. Shawn then talks about how at first things were going well and they both admitted there was still hope for the two of them which Jan questions. Shawn adds that then he told Belle that the warden extended Jan’s house arrest and things took a turn for the worse as Belle was fed up. Julie then walks in and asks if he can blame Belle.

Evan/Christian explains to Orpheus that Allie was possessed by the Devil and he totally blew it as he never should’ve let Satan put him under his spell instead of running, but he let hate get the better of him. Orpheus supposes that was The Devil’s plan all along. Evan says the second he saw the innocent baby, he should’ve been stronger but instead all he could see was revenge and hurting Ben and Ciara in the worst way possible. He calls it a test that he failed while if he was a better man, he’d be with his son now. Evan laments that he wasted the opportunity to get to his son David.

Ciara talks about her father Bo appearing to her, feeling his presence in the cemetery and then her and Ben seeing him at the hospital. Allie acknowledges that anything is possible. Ciara states that she misses her dad so much and wishes to see him and talk to him one last time. Ciara talks about Bo being at the hospital waiting to meet her baby. Allie calls that amazing. Ciara asks Allie how her dad is doing. Allie says she’s going to see him next for the first time since Abigail died. Ciara says it’s so awful what happened to her. Allie agrees and doesn’t know what to say to Lucas. Ciara is sure something will come to her and that being there will comfort him. Ciara sends her best as she and Allie hug.

Sami tells Lucas that Shawn’s behavior is not her fault. Lucas suggesting not focusing on Shawn and Belle but on their future and happiness together. Sami agrees and suggests they go share their happy story with their family. Lucas agrees and says they make a great team as they kiss.

Julie complains about Shawn sharing his feelings about his wife with Jan. Jan points out that she’s the mother of Shawn’s baby so she is now family. Julie disagrees and calls her a snake, who tricked Shawn in to getting her pregnant. Julie says it’s time for Jan to slither back behind bars. Jan can’t believe she would be so cold hearted about her own great grandson and asks if she doesn’t want him to be raised by his mother. Julie says not when his mother is a murderer. Jan argues that she did the whole town a favor by getting rid of Charlie Dale and that she did that to protect Claire, so she’s basically a hero that she should thank. Julie argues that heroes don’t have ulterior motives, schemes, or plots. Julie adds that Jan just wanted Belle out of the way to frame her for murder.

Belle tells EJ not to turn this around on her. EJ argues that she questioned his motives, so it’s only fair to examine hers too. EJ asks why every time Belle had a fight with Shawn, she came running here. Belle says she needed someone to talk to. EJ argues that she could’ve turned to Chloe, Brady, or anyone else but she specifically sought him out and knew it would get back to Shawn. Belle admits that she knew it would bother Shawn but that’s not why she confided in him. EJ says she directly involved him in her separation. EJ adds that she could’ve stayed at the Salem Inn but she stayed the night here and they’ve kissed more than once. EJ questions if this is all because of Shawn or if she has real feelings for him. Belle says she wouldn’t have suggested going upstairs if she didn’t. EJ complains that now she’s pulling away so he wonders if she was just playing a game that suddenly got out of hand. Belle calls EJ petty for calling a conflicted woman a tease. EJ remarks that she has been throwing herself at him. Belle calls him unbelievable and suggests ending the conversation before he makes more of an ass of himself. Belle goes to leave but EJ grabs her arm and asks her not to go.

Julie questions why Shawn is helping Jan stay out of prison. Shawn says he’s doing it for his son. Julie argues that Jan is just using him. Shawn tells Julie that he has the situation under control. Julie wishes she believed that but decides they will talk about it another time. Julie says she just came to congratulate him and see the new baby. Jan talks about the baby looking like her. Julie says it’s time for her to go before she does something she regrets. Julie mentions going to see Ciara to give her the most wonderful gift from Hope that she’s so excited about. Shawn asks what it is. Julie says he will never guess.

Ciara and Ben open presents that Allie gave them, which are bath toys for baby Bo. Ciara reveals to Ben that Hope said she had a very special gift for them. Ciara then announces they are now the proud owners of a boat.

Allie runs in to Sami and Lucas in the town square. Allie says she was just coming to see Lucas but didn’t know Sami was in town as they hug. Sami says she just got in and she’s sorry she couldn’t be there sooner. Allie understands the doctors wouldn’t let her fly. Sami talks about being worried about Allie and Johnny so she wanted to see for herself that they are okay. Allie jokes about it and says she and Johnny are coping by making possession jokes. Lucas suggests telling Allie the news now that they reunited. Sami informs Allie that Lucas proposed and she said yes. Allie congratualtes them and hugs them.

Belle doesn’t think there’s anything left to say. EJ argues that it would be cowardly for her to walk out now. EJ thinks they should talk this out honestly as they owe each other that. Belle agrees to give him the truth and admits maybe a small part of her was trying to get back at Shawn through him. EJ says that’s what he suspected. Belle tells EJ that it’s his turn. EJ admits it’s crossed his mind that being with her would upset Sami and he can’t say he doesn’t find satisfaction with that. EJ argues that there’s more to their attraction than just a desire for revenge as they do have a real connection. Belle questions if they do or if they are just fooling themselves.

Evan hates that he’s missed so much of his son’s life and wishes he would’ve just left town and gone on the run with him. Orpheus says that wouldn’t have worked since his sister Zoey wouldn’t have approved and they would’ve struggled on the run. Orpheus adds that there is something else he doesn’t know. Orpheus reveals that Zoey got back with her ex-husband and they moved to New Zealand with his son, so David is on the other side of the world.

Ben questions Ciara saying that Hope is giving them a boat, calling that a little extravagant. Ciara explains that boats are kind of a thing in their family since Bo had one for a really long time and named it after Hope as they spent years traveling the seas. Ben says it sounds amazing. Ciara notes that Shawn was inspired to do the same thing when Claire was born and lived on a boat for years. Ciara tells Ben that now they have their own boat so they can travel whenever and where ever they want to make amazing memories of their own.

Julie informs Shawn that Hope bought a boat for Ciara and Ben which he calls amazing. Jan asks where their boat is since they just had a baby. Shawn recalls how much he enjoyed traveling the world with Belle and Claire on their boat, calling it some of the best times of their lives. Shawn says it feels like yesterday. Julie encourages that he and Belle will still have lots of wonderful adventures as there’s no power in the world to stop them from being together. Shawn hugs Julie while she glares at Jan.

EJ tells Belle that they have something special as the past few months growing closer has meant a lot to him and he wants that to continue. Belle argues it’s so mixed up and complicated, asking how much of this is about sticking it to their exes and how much is actually about them. EJ points out that if he cared more about hurting Sami, he would’ve told her that they had kissed or thrown it in her face that they were about to go upstairs but he didn’t do those things because this has nothing to do with Sami and is none of her business. EJ declares this is about them. EJ agrees that what they have is complicated but they aren’t kids anymore and life is complicated, so they have a lot of baggage. EJ doesn’t care about that and states that he wants Belle.

Allie asks when Sami and Lucas are getting remarried. Sami says they haven’t had a chance to talk about when. Lucas votes for as soon as possible. Sami points out that she has to file the divorce papers since EJ signed them. Allie suggests they get married while they are both in town. Sami mentions she still can’t believe what happened to Abigail. Allie says that’s why she was coming to check on Lucas. Lucas says he’s alright and is just worried about Jennifer. Allie hopes they find the monster who did this and locks them up forever. Lucas says they all do. Allie apologizes for bringing the mood down and suggests they celebrate. Sami wants to go to the Pub to break the news to Kate and Roman. Sami then walks off with Allie. Lucas thinks back to waking up after passing out drunk, unable to remember anything. Lucas then follows after Sami and Allie.

Evan yells in frustration as he can’t believe Zoey would move across the world without consulting him and took his son away. Orpheus points out that she does have full custody of David and didn’t have to get his approval or even tell him. Evan wants to call her and get her to bring him back. Orpheus says he wouldn’t hold his breath for that but suggests he focus on a family matter a little closer to home. Evan questions what that means.

Julie goes to Ben and Ciara’s with a gift from Hope. Ben and Ciara talk about the boat. Julie presents them with the keys and says it’s in the marina for whenever they are ready. They see the key is named after putting their names together “Cin” and joke about couple names. Ben declares that he thinks he’s going to love Living in Cin.

Belle tells EJ that she doesn’t know as this all just feels like a big mistake. EJ reminds her that she is legally separated and he’s essentially divorced, so there’s nothing stopping them from getting in to their feelings unless she doesn’t feel the same way as he does. Belle responds that she does feel the same but she doesn’t want them to get together for the wrong reasons. EJ tells her that he understands and doesn’t want to put her under any pressure or make her feel used. EJ decides maybe they can take some time to think this over. Belle starts to leave the room but stops and declares that she’s spent her entire life thinking things through and this is where it’s gotten her. Belle states that she knows what she wants and goes back to begin kissing EJ.

Ben and Ciara tell Julie to send their best to Lani as Julie then exits. Ciara says it’s so tempting to go check out the boat right now but they should probably wait until the morning. Ciara thinks they should plan a little trip soon. Ben asks why a little trip since Hope and Bo took Shawn sailing around the world and then Shawn and Belle took Claire, so what if they did the same with baby Bo.

Lucas and Sami return to their room at the Salem Inn. Sami complains about Kate’s reaction to their engagement being subdued and thought they had gotten over hating each other. Lucas thinks Kate kind of knew that he was going to propose so he says not to read too much in to Kate not being shocked. Lucas declares that he has enough enthusiasm to go around as they kiss.

EJ and Belle go to the bedroom and kiss on to the bed. EJ asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle tells EJ to make love to her as they continue kissing.

Jan asks Shawn if they can visit their baby Shawn Christian again which he agrees to. Jan promises to be a great mother to their son. Jan is aware she has to go back to prison and it will kill her, but at least he will have Shawn to look after him. Jan tells Shawn that he will be a great father to their son.

Evan doesn’t know what other family matter Orpheus is talking about but says nothing is more important than his son. Orpheus reveals that he is talking about his son; his other son that he conceived with Jan Spears!

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Y&R Update Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

Y&R logo

Recap written by Christine

Michael was in the lounge at The Grand Phoenix. He thanked someone on the phone for their help with the situation in NY. He said he’d set up the meeting with Victor Newman in return for their help, as this person had requested. Lauren arrived, and Michael ended the call. Lauren noticed that Michael had used his slick voice on the caller, and she said that usually meant he was doing something squirrelly for Victor. Michael texted Victor – “All systems go.” He said he was just doing his job, and well. She just had an issue with the nature of his job. He assured her that he wasn’t doing anything dangerous or illegal. She still felt nervous, since he was working for Victor. He shifted gears and suggested a romantic weekend somewhere tropical. She was tempted, but she needed to be in town, because there was so much going on at Jabot and Fenmore’s. He wanted to squeeze in some romance now and suggested lunch at their place. She didn’t have time to go back home, so she suggested they go upstairs instead. In their suite, Lauren and Michael danced, then she took off his shirt, and he nuzzled her neck. Later, they came downstairs and shared a kiss before she left for work.

Chelsea ran into Billy at Crimson Lights and thanked him for being kind in the park the other day. She said she got a chance to listen to his podcast, and she didn’t enjoy it at all. She wasn’t trying to be harsh – she admired what he was trying to do. He said she was in the minority, because most people liked it. He wanted to know why she found his inner thoughts and dreams were so off-putting to her. She felt the first few episodes were too mired in self recrimination and the past. She said she liked to laugh and listen to something uplifting and entertaining. She felt that was what people really needed right now. She said she had a hard year, and she needed to be pulled out of that. She said he was one of the funniest people she knew, and when she listened to the podcast, she felt like she was missing out on the levity and humor. He said she made it sound like he didn’t enjoy life whatsoever, and he did. She thought he was getting defensive, which was a sign he knew she was right. He said he could see where she was coming from. He’d forgotten how well she used to know him.

Billy said maybe Chelsea was right, and his podcast could use some lightness. Lily entered up and joined them. He told her about Chelsea’s not so glowing review. Lily predicted that Chelsea said the podcast could use a little lightness. Lily thought Billy was doing a great job with the podcast and that it was his way of working through all the stuff he was working through. He said it wasn’t really about him working through things, it was about him wanting to make a connection with people going through other things. Lily just thought things could stand to be a little less dour and that the medicine would go down better with a little sugar. Chelsea said Billy was one of the funniest people she knew – he’d make people laugh and teach them a few things. Billy thought that if two smart savvy women were saying this, he should listen. Lauren arrived for a meeting with Chelsea, after a quick chat with everyone, she and Chelsea headed to the patio. Billy asked Lily why she didn’t tell him his podcast was miserable. She thought his tone was a refreshing contrast to all the chipper podcasts out there. She said his podcast was real. He said that translated into dour for her. He wondered if he was morose. She told him not to let a little constructive criticism send him down the rabbit hole.

Out on the patio, Lauren blamed her husband for her lateness. She said it was a much needed respite. Chelsea understood Lauren had a little love in the afternoon. Lauren said she was married to the love of her life. She was ready to talk fashion. Chelsea said she heard about Gloria’s trip to London, and she was curious about the fashion scene over there. Lauren promised to get Chelsea and Gloria together. Gloria had told Lauren that she’d been concerned there was some tension between Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea thought it was natural for herself and Chloe to have disagreements once in awhile, but they’d get through it. Lauren was relieved to hear that. She asked if Chelsea heard from Summer. Chelsea was meeting Summer later today, but she wasn’t sure what about. Lauren decided not to say anything, because she didn’t want to step on Summer’s toes. Chelsea showed off some of her sketches, and Lauren loved them. While Lauren was looking at the tablet, Chelsea craned her neck to watch Billy and Lily.

Sally visited Adam in his office. She read him some quotes from several glowing stories about the press conference. One writer called him Newman’s secret weapon and praised his bold and confident performance. He wondered if things went too well. She said there was no such thing. He just couldn’t help feeling like there might be another shoe waiting to drop. She said he was on top of the world, and he could handle any crisis that cropped up. He wasn’t concerned about things regarding the company itself, but he had to be on his toes when it came to Victor. Adam said Victoria could call and say she wanted to come home as long as she got her job back, and Victor would kick Adam to the curb, since that had been Victor’s plan all along. Sally didn’t discount that, but she didn’t envision Victoria doing a 180 and coming back home. She said if Victoria really loved Ashland the way Sally and Adam thought she did, it wouldn’t make sense for her to throw all that away. Adam said his sister was more complicated than Sally knew. Sally said Victoria must be complicated – why else would she be involved with a man like Ashland, twice. Adam said Victoria’s need for power and their dad’s approval might prove to be stronger than her love for Ashland. Sally said she was betting on love, and in the meantime, she thought he should enjoy his time in the big chair. She was sure he’d prove he was the best person for his job.

Nick arrived at Society, having been summoned by his father. Looking pleased with himself, Victor said he’d made sure whatever venture Ashland and Victoria were about to embark on would hit a brick wall. Victor told all the potential investors not to invest in Ashland and Victoria’s new start up. He’d also had Michael approach some potential investors and warn them not to invest either. Nick thought that was cutthroat. Victor said he didn’t play games. He felt he had no choice. Nick had been wondering if Victoria told him about her plans as a test to see if he would share them with Victor. He theorized that Victoria wanted to find out if the family actually believed in her for once or if they’d undermine her yet again.

Victor knew Nick had been reluctant to share this information with him. Victor told Nick that he’d made the right decision. Nick said he’d heard that before and lived to regret it. He wondered what Victor did to keep people from investing in the company. Victor said he let people know that Ashland had small cell lung carcinoma. He reasoned that they wouldn’t want to invest in the company of a man who was about to die. Nick thought that was pretty clever. Victor said the beauty of it was he and Michael didn’t say anything that wasn’t true – only Ashland lied, and now the lie was coming back to bite him. Victor noted that Nick always complained about being left out of the loop. Victor asked if Nick wasn’t happy to be included this time. Nick appreciated Victor bringing him into this, but he felt guilty because Victoria would know he betrayed her, and he was nervous about the blow-back. Victor wasn’t nervous – he said they had to save Victoria and Newman Enterprises, and he’d do whatever it took to do so.

Nick said Victoria was adamant about having her independence. He was afraid Victor’s move would set her off even more. Nick had tried reaching out to Victoria again, and she wasn’t responding. Victor said there was nothing left for Nick to do but sit back and give Victoria some time. Nick knew Victor hoped putting Adam in the CEO’s seat would force Victoria to come home and take the reins of the company, but when he talked to Victoria, she knew about the press conference, and she was unfazed. Victor didn’t buy that, because Victoria had Newman blood running through her veins. Victor just wondered why Victoria would tell Nick that she and Ashalnd went to NY to start a new venture. “Do you think she knew that I would tell you? I mean, are you already seven steps ahead?,” Nick asked. Victor smiled and said Nick would find out. Nick didn’t like all the deception and all the games being played. He didn’t think it was necessary, and he asked if Victor thought it would reunite the family. Adam and Sally arrived.

Adam and Sally walked up to the table, and Adam asked what was going on. Adam wanted himself and Sally to be in the loop if Nick and Victor were discussing Newman. Nick congratulated them on their promotions. Adam said it was unexpected. He said he always thought the company was Victoria’s top priority, but he guessed not. He added that Sally thought Victoria running off with Ashland was romantic. Sally said Victoria obviously loved Ashland, and that was the most important thing. Adam said he knew Nick only cared about Victoria’s well being and he didn’t give a damn who was running the company. Adam added that Nick made it clear he wasn’t invested in the family business. Nick said that might change. Adam said he looked forward to hearing more about that, and he excused himself and Sally. Victor wanted to know what Nick meant by that remark. He claimed he didn’t mean anything by it and that he just said it as a knee-jerk response to Adam. Victor was skeptical, since he’d noticed an increased interest from Nick about the business. Nick said he was just trying to get under Adam’s skin. Nick felt he and Victor both knew Adam didn’t give a damn about Victoria and that he only cared about running Newman. Nick just wanted to give Adam something to worry about.

Ashland walked into the NY hotel suite with takeout and told Victoria he had bad news. She said she did too. His bad news was that they weren’t able to poach a great employee at Newman. Dan, the employee, didn’t want to join a new company. Her bad news was that all the investors turned them down. It was hard for him to believe every single investor said no. He said something wasn’t right. She told him she was surprised too. He theorized that Victor found out they were trying to start a company, and he reached out to dissuade the investors.

Victoria hated to admit it, but that made sense. She said her father always amazed her with his ability to find out the most private things about people. It was like a superpower he had. She griped about Victor ensuring that she couldn’t make a clean break. Ashland wasn’t sure how Victoria put up with her family’s interference as long as she did. She said it took him coming into her life to finally see the issue with her family and try to push back. He asked if she’d told anyone about their plans, even by accident – did she mention to anyone that they were going to NYC? She lied and said no. She said she was so angry and frustrated that she needed time and space before she could speak to her family and Billy again. He asked her again if she was ready to start a whole new life with him and leave her family behind.

Victoria said she wasn’t going back on her decision. She couldn’t stand letting herself be controlled and coddled by her family one more second. She needed them to see her as a person who couldn’t be manipulated. She said she knew what she wanted, and she was doing the right thing. Ashland knew Victoria didn’t need his approval, but he agreed. He thought it was time for her to stand up for herself, and he wanted to be by her side when she did. He hoped he was there to witness the moment when the Newman family witnessed defeat.

Ashland started unpacking the food, and the camera focused on Victoria’s inscrutable expression. Later, they sat down to eat, and she said her father’s influence exceeded theirs. He ranted that most fathers wanted to support their daughters, not sabotage them. He said he wasn’t going to let Victor thwart their dream of starting a new company. She suggested they give more thought to funding the venture, themselves. He seemed reluctant. She knew it was a big risk, but she said they’d be betting on themselves, and she knew they’d be successful. She said they’d also spare themselves the humiliation of having more doors slammed in their faces. He said once people found out they were having trouble raising money, that would cast a shadow over everything they were trying to do. He didn’t want more rejection. He said maybe it would be a bigger thrill and give more satisfaction of starting something entirely on their own. He said that doing this with her would mean the world to her. He added that if all the initial investment was theirs, all the profit would be theirs too. “Let’s do this,” he said, and she grinned at him.

Victoria said this was so exciting. She said the first thing she was going to do was open a corporate bank account for their newly formed company. She told him to call the real estate company and look for a property. She wanted an entire building. He asked if she didn’t think a floor would be enough. She said they were going to expanding at a rapid rate, so they shouldn’t waste time on a lease. He just loved how they both looked at the world in the same way – as something to be devoured. He felt like they were so close to capturing the magic they had when they first met.

Ashland made the call about buying a building. While he was busy with that, Victoria secretly texted someone. “Everything’s coming together,” she wrote.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren and Michael have a little love in the afternoon at the Grand Phoenix as they both take a break from work.

Adam is a little worried that Victoria will return soon and take back her job. Sally persuades Adam to focus on doing a good job and not worry about Victoria returning home because there is a strong possibility that she won’t return home.

Chelsea and Lily tell Billy his podcast is too depressing and advise him to make it a little more fun and uplifting so people have hope and joy when they listen to it.

Victor tells Nick he had a meeting with all of Ashland and Victoria’s potential investors and told them Ashland was dying so the new company wouldn’t be a good investment. Victor also tells Nick that he had Michael put out the word in New York that nobody should invest in any company in which Ashland Locke is involved.

Victoria persuades Ashland they should use their own money to start the company since her father is just going to keep sabotaging any potential investors. Victoria also persuades Ashland to buy an entire office building for their new company rather than lease a few floors of office space. Victoria sends a text message to Nick telling him everything is coming together.

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Days Update Monday, June 27, 2022

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad sits in the living room of John and Marlena’s, having just told his kids about Abigail’s death. Marlena comes home and sits next to him, noting that Belle just told her that he told the kids.

Rafe sits in his office, going over photos from the crime scene of Abigail’s murder. Nicole arrives and says she’s sorry to interrupt but she was wondering if he had any luck on Abigail’s case and she brought him some food. Rafe thanks her but says he’s just pouring over the photos again, trying to see if he’s missed anything but so far he hasn’t been able to zero in on a suspect.

Lucas sits in his room at the Salem Inn, thinking back to Sami telling him there’s no way she would stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her. Kate arrives and questions what the hell happened in the room.

EJ and Belle kiss in the DiMera Mansion. They start to head upstairs when the doorbell rings. Belle tells him to ignore it but EJ says it could be the police about Abigail’s investigation. EJ then answers the door, shocked to see Sami.

Kate remarks that Lucas’s room looks like his room in high school. Kate assumes he was looking for something. Lucas explains that he learned that Abigail’s killer may have taken some jewelry from her room and he hoped it wasn’t here, but he couldn’t find it anywhere so now he’s thinking and hoping maybe he didn’t do it. Kate wishes they could base that on more than an absence of jewelry. Kate asks if he can’t remember anything from that night. Lucas says he can’t but the rumor is that whoever killed Abigail took the jewelry and he doesn’t have it, so he’s thinking it was somebody else. Lucas says he has to stay positive through this in order to stay sane. Lucas then shows Kate his engagement ring and announces he’s finally going to propose to Sami.

Sami tells EJ that she needs to talk to him and walks in. Sami is surprised to see Belle inside and questions what she’s doing there. EJ explains that Belle is his attorney and they were just discussing some legal matters. Sami asks what kind of trouble EJ has gotten himself in to this time. Belle clarifies that EJ hasn’t done anything. Sami asks if she’s kidding and argues that nobody just has their lawyer hanging around for no reason. Sami feels since she’s still EJ’s wife, she has a right to know what mess he’s gotten himself in to this time. Belle assures that he hasn’t and reveals to Sami that the truth is, she’s staying at the DiMera Mansion.

Lucas informs Kate that Sami just got back in to town and went to see EJ to get him to sign the divorce papers. Kate questions why he didn’t stop her. Lucas says he tried to tell her to let the lawyers handle it but she wouldn’t listen and wanted EJ to sign the papers today. Lucas is not happy with EJ and Sami being alone together but if it means she’s finally through with him once and for all then he’s good. Kate says that’s assuming EJ signs the divorce papers and he’s never done anything to benefit Lucas. Kate asks what if EJ is instead going to try to convince Sami that he’s innocent and point the finger at Lucas.

Belle informs Sami about her and Shawn being separated and Shawn having Jan Spears’ baby. Sami understands why she doesn’t want to stay with Shawn but questions her not staying with Marlena. Belle explains that she was until Marlena decided to be Jan’s therapist, so she couldn’t really stay there anymore. Sami questions there not being any room at a hotel in town and that bunking with her client was her only option. EJ then declares that Belle is actually more than just his attorney.

Roman sits with Eric in his room and asks about Eric having a lot on his mind. Roman feels this has something to do with Nicole. Roman brings up what Kate said and apologizes for her putting him on the spot. Roman will never understand why Kate loves stirring up trouble and wishes she had a better hobby. Roman states that Eric is his son, so he does think he’s justified in wanting to know what’s going on with Eric and Nicole. Roman asks if he cares to share.

Nicole says it must be so hard for Rafe to work on this case while he’s still grieving Abigail. Rafe admits that it is, but whoever did this left two children without a mother, so he’s more than motivated to make them pay. Rafe declares he won’t be able to live with himself unless he gets this maniac off the streets. Nicole encourages that he will and she has faith in him. Rafe asks about Nicole’s day and what’s going on at Basic Black. Nicole responds that she actually didn’t come from the office. Rafe asks if she had a meeting. Nicole reveals that she was actually lucky enough to attend Abe’s impromptu wedding, so she got to spend the day celebrating life and love.

Chad tells Marlena that he read a few articles about how to tell a child that their parent has died and tried to use some of that advice but it went out the window as soon as he saw them. Marlena calls Chad a fabulous dad and she’s sure he did the best he could. Chad feels he just said all the usual things like “mom had to go to Heaven” and that she’ll always be in their heart. Marlena encourages that is true and thinks he said the right thing. Chad doesn’t know and says that Thomas gets it but Charlotte just kept asking when her mom was coming back and he had to tell her that she’s not coming back. Chad doesn’t know how to expect her to understand when he doesn’t understand it himself.

Rafe tells Nicole that it’s great news that Abe and Paulina finally tied the knot. Nicole calls it spur of the moment, otherwise she would’ve asked him to be her plus one. Rafe says he couldn’t have gone anyway since he wouldn’t have felt right taking time off of work. Rafe is glad that she went to support them though. Nicole states that the ceremony was fine but the reception got cut short by Lani confessing to having shot TR. Rafe mentions that he just got the paperwork about Lani confessing to killing TR but he didn’t realize she did it in the middle of the reception. Nicole says it brought everything to a halt. Rafe guesses Nicole didn’t get to eat and invites her to join him in the food she brought for him. Nicole informs him that she actually did have lunch as she ended up at the Pub. Rafe asks if she ate by herself but Nicole reveals she was with Roman, Kate, and Eric.

Roman tells Eric that he doesn’t want to pry but Eric and Nicole obviously have history and he knows how much it hurt him when he found out Nicole slept with Xander. Roman wonders if now that some time has passed, if they will be able to work things out. Eric says Roman makes it sound so easy but Nicole has moved on with Rafe now and is apparently very much in love. Eric adds that they are engaged but Roman points out they aren’t married yet.

Lucas tells Kate that he is worried about EJ pointing the finger at him but he would’ve needed a physical barrier in the doorway to stop Sami from going. Kate questions him being unable to stop a woman on crutches from leaving. Lucas argues that she could’ve used the crutches as weapons and even if he managed to stop Sami, she would have realized that it would make him look suspicious and she’d wonder why he would care what EJ says, giving her all the more reason to think it’s true. Kate admits that she sees his point. Lucas feels that this way, Sami knows that he’s not threatened by anything EJ says and he’s just hoping that whatever he does say, she won’t take much stock in it because today he’s going to propose to her. Kate asks Lucas if he really thinks this is the right time to push the wedding.

Sami questions what EJ means by saying Belle is more than just his attorney. EJ responds that they have become friends and Belle has been a great support since coming to stay here, especially on the night of Abigail’s murder. Sami questions Belle being there when that happened. Belle confirms that she was and they tried to do everything they could. EJ adds that they got the kids to Marlena and John’s. Belle notes that’s where Chad is now as he just told the kids that their mother died.

Marlena tells Chad that she’s had a few patients over the years that have had to tell a child that a parent wasn’t coming home and says there is no right or wrong way to do it. Marlena says she would never presume to tell him how to tell his children, but she knows he is a kind man and a wonderful father. Marlena thanks God that they have him. Chad thanks God that he has them. Marlena offers to talk to the kids which Chad agrees to if she wouldn’t mind. Marlena says she’d be very glad to do anything she can to help. Chad tells her that they are in with John now as Jack and Jennifer brought over a race car track for them to play with. John comes out and says he didn’t know Marlena was home as he greets her. John confirms Thomas and Charlotte are playing with the race cars. Chad thanks Marlena as she goes to talk to the kids.

Sami says no matter how she may feel about Abigail, her heart breaks for the kids as she knows what it’s like to have to tell a kid that their parent isn’t coming home and have to face a future of raising children alone. Sami says that’s actually why she’s here. Sami then presents EJ with divorce papers and says she would like him to sign them.

John talks with Chad about going through a similar situation when he lost his wife Isabella right after getting married and they had just had Brady when they found out she had cancer. John recalls Isabella dying in his arms. Chad asks how he goes on. John says initially, he just knew he had to be there for Brady and slowly his life started to fill up with Belle, Marlena, and her kids. John says now when he remembers Isabella, he just thinks about how lucky he was to have her before he had to say goodbye. Chad declares the difference is that John got to say goodbye while he never did.

EJ tells Sami that it’s not that he can wait to sever their marital bonds but there’s a lot going on right now with Abigail’s death and the birth of Shawn’s baby. Sami questions what Shawn’s baby has to do with whether or not he signs the papers. EJ says his point is that it’s obvious he has a lot on his plate and there’s no pressing need to finalize the divorce right now. Sami then reveals that there actually is because she and Lucas are getting married again.

Lucas asks if Kate is saying he shouldn’t ask Sami to marry him. Kate clarifies that she’s just saying he has a lot going on right now and he might not be able to focus on the wedding when he’s worried about whether or not his bride is going to find out that he was behind her kidnapping. Lucas questions if she’s suggesting he tell Sami the truth. Kate says no and suggests he get rid of this stress since he’s already blown his sobriety. Lucas declares that as soon as he marries Sami, the stress will be gone. Kate argues that he knows better than to pin his emotional well being on Sami Brady. Kate brings up Philip and how he got consumed with his feelings for Chloe and it didn’t make him happy or relieve his stress, it just released a terrible stream of dark impulses. Lucas asks if she thinks he’s going to snap and end up in a mental institution like Philip. Kate complains that Philip didn’t snap, he just had issues that he needed help for. Kate cries that she’s just worried. Lucas tells her to stop and shouts that she has no reason to be worried. Lucas cries that he would never do anything to Abigail as she’s his niece and he would never hurt her like that. Lucas says he respects and loves her and she was a great mother. Lucas declares that if he had anything to do with Abigail’s death then he couldn’t go on. Kate hugs Lucas as they both cry. Kate knows how hard this is for him. Lucas cries that he feels ashamed about what he did and horrible about kidnapping Sami. Lucas insists that Sami will never find out and this will be a whole new chapter in their lives. Lucas declares that he can’t take it back but he can promise to be the best husband he could possibly be to make it up to her. Kate assures that she wants that for him as his happiness means everything to her. Lucas responds that Sami means everything to him. Lucas asks if that means he has Kate’s blessing. Kate gives her blessing and her undying support. Kate tells Lucas that she loves him so much as she hugs him. Kate tells Lucas to take care of himself as she then exits the room.

EJ questions Sami wanting to spend the rest of her days married to her very own kidnapper. Sami argues that she’s divorcing him. EJ reminds her that his conviction was overturned. Sami says that doesn’t prove his innocence. EJ asks when she’s going to wake up and see what’s staring her in the face. Sami complains about EJ’s crazy conspiracy theories about Lucas and says he’s just doing that to deflect from his own guilt. Sami calls EJ the psychopath who kidnapped her and lied to her about it. Belle intervenes and says she thinks Sami is wrong. Sami argues that Belle is his lawyer who got him off on the charges. Belle points out that EJ was framed by a very powerful force. Sami remarks that was just making sure a guilty man was sentenced to prison. EJ says Sami has to see reason. Sami responds that no one will ever change her mind that EJ was the one who kidnapped her.

Eric tells Roman that he’s not about to meddle with Nicole’s relationship. Roman says no one is saying he should and just that he should make a decision. Eric argues that he’s already made his decision. Roman asks if he’s sure because he can tell he’s still thinking things over. Roman brings up how nothing stands in between Sami and what she wants. Roman says he likes Rafe a lot and he’s a really good guy and friend, but that doesn’t mean he is who Nicole is supposed to be with. Eric says he and Nicole had their chance and they saw how that ended up. Roman argues that Nicole and Rafe had their chance to get married too but they didn’t and postponed the wedding since Rafe is leading the investigation in to Abigail’s death. Eric feels that means Rafe has his priorities in order. Roman feels it also means that if Eric still has feelings for Nicole, he’s got time to do something about it. Roman adds that he wouldn’t want to miss the chance to say something or talk to her about it, so that he doesn’t regret it down the road.

Rafe thinks it’s great that Abe and Paulina got married when they could because with Lani confessing, you never know when life could change in an instant. Nicole says that their situation is nothing like Abe and Paulina’s, so she doesn’t want Rafe to feel like he has to make big plans for their wedding since he’s under enough pressure with the investigation. Rafe assures he’s not feeling the pressure about that and asks if this is about something else. Nicole thinks back to Kate questioning Eric about his feelings for Nicole. Rafe then asks Nicole if she’s avoiding making wedding plans because she doesn’t want to get married.

Chad talks to John about how he never got to take Abigail to all the places he wanted to because either they couldn’t get away or the kids were in school, so they always just put it off and thought they had all this time. Chad says their last conversation was about taking the kids to a movie and taking a trip to Boston to surprise Jack for his birthday. Chad recalls that Abigail wanted to go that night but it seemed so last minute and he thought it would’ve been too much work to get the kids together and go to the airport, so they agreed to go the following morning. Chad cries that a day made all the difference in the world. Chad tells John that if they had just gone to Boston that night, Abigail would still be alive. Chad says he took the kids to the movie and left Abigail alone. John assures there’s no way Chad could have known what was going to happen. John asks what the last thing Chad and Abigail said to each other before he left for the movies. Chad cries that Abigail told him that she loved him and he said he loved her too. Chad says it melts his heart and feels he took her for granted. Chad says if he had only known, he wouldn’t have wasted so much time on anything but loving her and letting her know that she was his everything. John encourages that she knew as Chad cries.

EJ tells Sami that if she wants to be an idiot, she can be his guest. EJ then quickly signs the divorce papers and asks if she’s satisfied. Sami confirms that she is as that’s exactly what she wanted. Sami warns Belle not to get chained up in the basement if she plans on staying in this house any longer. Sami then exits the mansion.

Marlena comes back in and hopes she’s not interrupting. Chad asks if she talked to the kids. Marlena confirms that she did and that Thomas is pretty focused on the race car set but Charlotte asked if it was true that her mom had died which she confirmed. Marlena admits that Charlotte cried but a moment later she was in denial and said she knew her mom would be coming home. Chad decides he should go get them. Marlena says they are playing so well and distracted while it’s nearly their bedtime, so she suggests letting the kids stay one more night. Chad asks if she’s sure. John assures that they love the kids. Chad thanks them. Marlena adds that she thinks Chad should stay as well. Chad doesn’t want to impose but they insist they would love to have him. Chad tearfully thanks them and admits that would be good.

Eric gets dressed up and goes to Nicole’s. He prepares to knock on the door when Nicole then comes home and asks what he’s doing here. Eric says he came to ask her something. Nicole asks if it can wait since now’s not a really good time. Eric asks if everything is okay. Rafe arrives with champagne. Eric comments that it looks like they are going to celebrate. Rafe confirms they are as Nicole then announces that they just got married at the courthouse. Eric is shocked but says that’s great and congratulates them. Eric decides he will leave them alone to celebrate their wedding night and quickly walks away. Rafe and Nicole then kiss.

Sami returns to Lucas at the Salem Inn, who asks how it went. Sami calls it a success as EJ signed the papers which Lucas calls perfect. Lucas says he had a whole speech planned but figured he would just cut to the chase. Lucas then gets down on one knee and proposes to Sami. Sami says yes to marrying him again. Lucas puts the ring on her finger and says it fits perfectly. Sami says just like him as they kiss and hug.

EJ tells Belle that now that he’s signed the divorce papers, all that’s left is for Sami to file them and then he’ll be divorced and she will be Lucas’s problem. EJ asks Belle where they were as he wants to continue where they left off but Belle stops him and questions what he’s doing.

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Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 27, 2022

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Christine

Nick vented to Sharon about his frustrations with the way his family was handling things at Newman. Nick admitted he was kind of considering getting more involved at Newman, so he could have more of a say. Sharon urged Nick to do some soul searching before making a decision. A concerned Mariah encouraged Tessa to go to the doctor about her sore throat. Sharon and Nick agreed with Mariah. Tessa received a preliminary diagnosis of vocal cord nodules. It could stall or end her music career. Mariah supported Tessa. Jack accepted Phyllis’s invitation to talk. She told him she regretted ruining things. He accused her of having a pattern of destroying her romantic relationships. Allie and Noah went on jog and ran into Diane, who was watching Harrison. Noah was terse with Diane, because of what she’d done to people he loved. Allie thought Diane had changed. Noah respected Allie’s view on the importance of forgiveness.

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Y&R Update Monday, June 27, 2022

Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick that she saw Victor and Adam’s press conference. Sharon asked Nick if he knew in advance that it was going to happen. He said he was kept in the loop this time. She was surprised when he told her that Victoria was already gone. She hoped he got a chance to tell Victoria he’d always be there for her. He did, and he was grateful, although he completely disagreed with Victoria’s decision. He felt frustrated with the whole family, though. He didn’t like that Victor put Adam in the CEO’s seat after what happened last time, and he thought it was foolish to shove Adam into Victoria’s seat before it even got cold.

Sharon thought this Newman family drama sounded ominous. Nick felt like Adam and Victor were only thinking about themselves, and not the company. Nick conceded that Adam had the capacity to do a great job, but his desire to ascend came from a selfish place. Sharon wasn’t trying to defend Adam, but she suggested Nick was being too hard on his brother. Nick said Adam didn’t give a damn what happened to Victoria – he’d just patiently waited to swoop in and take her job. Sharon suggested Adam was concerned the company would suffer. Nick said that Adam’s motives didn’t matter, since this was Victor’s call. He stated that Victor could’ve let Nikki run the company, or even temporarily run the company again himself.

Nick and Sharon acknowledged the fact that Victor and Nikki hoped Victoria would run back to town because Adam was CEO. Sharon asked where that would leave Adam. Nick said that Adam was no dummy, and he surely had his eyes wide open and was planning to prove he was the right man for the job. Nick didn’t see that happening. Nick said Nikki, Victor, Victoria and Adam were all working an angle and acting on emotion, and he thought they all needed to take a step back and figure out the next best move to make. Nick lamented that he didn’t have an official role at Newman other than his board seat, which meant he didn’t have more influence over crises when they popped up. He wanted that to change. Sharon asked if Nick was considering going back to Newman.

Nick wasn’t seriously considering throwing his hat back in the ring at Newman. He just wanted to be more than some voice offering up his thoughts from the outside. Sharon thought Nick wanted nothing to do with Newman. Nick thought that too, but this situation had him rethinking some stuff. For awhile, everything was going great – Victoria was running Newman, with Nikki as her right hand man, and Victor in an advisory role, and Adam had been at Newman Media. He was nervous about how this was going to play out in his family and in the eyes of the business world.

Mariah and Tessa were at their place. Tessa decided not to play her guitar, since Mariah was working remotely, but Mariah loved working with a private concert in the background, just like she loved calling Tessa her wife. Tessa was curiuos what Mariah was working on. Mariah said the marketing team was getting up to speed on the fashion industry, because Jabot acquired Marchetti. Mariah was glad Kyle and Harrison were staying. She was even happy Summer was staying too. Tessa commented on how far Mariah had come. Mariah said that also meant Kyle’s mom Diane would be sticking around, and that was complicated for a lot of people in Genoa City.

Mariah and Tessa wanted to be there for Kyle if he needed them. Mariah knew what it was like to have your mother come into your life after you were an adult. Tessa wanted tea and honey, but they were all out. Mariah was surprised since they had quite a lot the other day. Tessa’s throat was still sore, and she’d drank all of it. Concerned, Mariah asked if it hurt to sing. Tessa said not really. She said she’d just been resting her voice, because she’d been singing a lot. She figured it was probably just allergies. Mariah noted that Tessa’s throat had been sore since their honeymoon. She thought Tessa should see a doctor, but Tessa was sure it was nothing.

Tessa and Mariah went downstairs and talked to Nick and Sharon. When Sharon heard Tessa’s throat was still sore, she recommended visiting a doctor. Mariah was pleased because she knew someone would agree with her. Sharon said that Tessa was her daughter in law, so she was going to give her some motherly advice – get this checked out. Sharon said there was no harm in making an appointment. Nick teased that if Tessa made the appointment, she’d get Mariah to stop bugging her about this. Sharon said that love was the most important part of marriage, but compromise was right up there. Mariah said that one day, Tessa would need her to compromise on something, and she’d do it gladly, for their relationship. Tessa said she’d hold Mariah to that, since they had witnesses. Sighing, Tessa agreed to call the doctor.

Mariah was glad Tessa was able to get an appointment today. She thanked Sharon and Nick for encouraging Tessa to get a check up. Mariah saw the look between them earlier and wondered if something was wrong. Nick was sure Mariah saw the press conference. She was surprised Victoria was out and Adam was in. he said his family liked to keep people on their toes. She surmised that he didn’t want to discuss this, so she wished him luck with whatever he was going through. Her job called, and she left to answer. Sharon never thought she and Nick would be having this conversation about him and Newman again. He was shocked to be having the discussion again too, but he had a long history at Newman. She said he’d left Newman a lot over the years. She’d been proud when he left and extricated himself from the drama, for what she thought was the last time. She said he embraced becoming his own man and flourished at New Hope, and now Noah was there. He wasn’t making any decisions yet.

Nick said, hypothetically, if he’d stayed at Newman, he would’ve been in a better position to protect his sister’s CEO seat. He would’ve also been able to do more to prevent Victor from pitting Victoria against Adam, while also supporting his mother. She said he was the voice of reason in the family. He admitted he’d made a lot of mistakes, but he thought everyone in the family thought he meant well. He thought it was ironic that he was neutral because he’d been able to keep his distance from the company for so long. She asked if he’d feel more satisfied taking a larger role at Newman or if he’d prefer maintaining the distance that served him so well until now. Sharon encouraged Nick to trust his instincts. She believed in and supported him. Nick got a call from Victor, summoning him to a meeting. Victor wouldn’t say what it was about, but only that it couldn’t wait.

Mariah and Tessa met at home after the appointment. Tessa was upset, because she’d received a preliminary diagnosis of vocal cord nodules. She had to go to a specialist for confirmation, and she might need surgery. Tessa was near tears. She might have to drop out of the summer tour, and what would happen to her career? What would happen to her voice long term? Mariah was there with comfort and support. Mariah believed with all her heart that Tessa would be singing and selling out venues for years to come.

Jack and Diane were at his house. He got a text from Phyllis asking to meet and talk. Jack told Diane he had something to do. She asked if she could take Harrison to the park, and he said that was fine, since Kyle and Summer were busy. She went upstairs to get their grandson. Jack texted Phyllis asking what else was left to say. Phyllis was in her suite when she got the text. She immediately called him, and he answered. She asked if they were going to let this thing with Diane ruin the progress they made. He said this thing was between the two of them, not Diane. She admitted he was right, but she still wanted to talk. He agreed to meet her.

Allie invited Noah for a run in the park. He came, and they went on their jog. Afterward, Noah told Allie that he considered himself a decent athlete, but she was really fast. She said she ran almost every day – it was one of her things. He wished he had a routine, but he’d always needed to be inspired to get stuff done. She suggested he could find inspiration in the way she just kicked his butt. Diane showed up and approached Allie and Noah, while Harrison was on the playground.

Diane was pleased Allie found a young person to hang out with. She was sure that Noah could introduce Allie to more people their age. Noah didn’t think that was Diane’s business. Allie said Diane was just being friendly. Diane said that she’d thought Noah was okay with her since he was fine the last time they met. Noah said Diane did some seriously messed up stuff to people he cared about, and he wasn’t getting over it any time soon. Diane understood. Allie couldn’t speak to Diane’s past, but thanks to Diane, she had a big beautiful family instead of being alone in the world. Noah thought the way Diane went about it was sketchy. Allie agreed, but she also thought Diane had changed. Diane was grateful and touched, but she said she had to face these attacks because she did some terrible things, and she could take it, because spending time with her son and grandson was worth it. Diane went to get Harrison.

Jack went to Phyllis’s place. He warned her in advance that things weren’t going to change between them. She said okay. She offered him wine. He thought it was a little early for that. She poured a glass and asked him not to make her drink alone. “This isn’t gonna work, Red” he told her. She thought he knew better than to count her out. Phyllis had done a lot of thinking in Savannah about how she flaunted their relationship to stick it to Diane. She hated that he thought she used him. She had no justification for her actions, but old wounds and insecurities were getting the better of her. He said she talked a great game, but he’d heard this before. He’d recently been reminded she was a master at faking sincerity. She said she was wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she was losing it right now. She regretted her actions. She couldn’t believe she blew things up when they were getting so close. Jack said they just had a couple of passionate encounters, prompted by the return of the woman she hated; they weren’t beginning a relationship. He said they’d a moment to imagine what could’ve been. That’s what it had been for him, but he thought that for her, it was a calculated move to one-up Diane.

You only regret what you did because it backfired,” Jack contended. He thought that Phyllis had changed, but as soon as Diane returned, so did the Phyllis of years ago. He wasn’t going to make that mistake again. He told her she’d have to accept that what they had was over. She insisted that she had changed, and she vowed to prove it to him. Phyllis said she was flawed, like everyone else, but she went and extended an olive branch to that woman, because it was best for everyone. Jack heard the real reason for that meeting was Summer. He assumed Summer had to drag Phyllis there, kicking and screaming. Phyllis said she went of her own volition. Jack doubted the veracity of this truce. She said it was very difficult to say all that to Diane, but she did it for the greater good of everyone. He let her know that didn’t make him change his mind about being with her. She brought up their time in California and asked if he didn’t see the deeper connection in their relationship. He said that they connected as friends. He said he should’ve settled for that, but he let his desire get in the way, and now he may have destroyed the friendship. She quickly said they were still friends. She was adamant that this wasn’t how the story ended for them.

Phyllis said Jack knew her better than anyone. She implored him to look in her eyes. “Don’t you see the truth?,” she asked. He replied that he did see the truth, but that wasn’t the point. She asked what she was missing. He said she was missing the root of all this. He told her to look back at the last few years – her relationships with men had been a disaster. She thought that was low. He was talking about things with Billy, Nick and himself. He said that things were going great with Nick, and just as it went south, she turned to Jack. He said just as it seemed like they’d be together, she sabotaged things. She said it was because of Diane. She swore she’d let the feud with Diane go. He said she’d tried to break the pattern in the past, but maybe this was just part of who she was. He felt like no matter who she was with, it was never enough. She didn’t think he meant that, but he said he did. He asked why she kept getting in her own way and why she couldn’t fully embrace happiness and fulfillment. He said that for her, it was about the chase, and never about actually having something. He left. She picked up her wine glass.

Noah and Allie went to Crimson Lights on the patio. He apologized for making her uncomfortable earlier with Diane. He’d thought he had gotten over what Diane did, but today, all the stuff she put his family through came flooding back. He said that Diane was causing strife just by showing her face around here again. Allie didn’t think that last part was Diane’s fault. Noah asked what made Allie think Diane deserved a second chance, when she didn’t even know what Diane did. Allie said Diane admitted she’d made the town very mad. Allie understood why he felt so strongly about her. He said he couldn’t pretend nothing happened. She said she’d never do that, but she believed forgiveness was important. She said that so much would’ve changed if her dad had found a way to forgive Jack. Her whole family would’ve been in her life from the beginning, and when her dad died, he would’ve had more people than her by his bedside. She thought life could be really lonely without forgiveness and trust. He thought that was a healthy way to look at things.

Back at the park, Diane watched Harrison play, and she had a flashback to talking with Allie in LA. Allie asked what Diane hoped for if she saw Kyle. Diane had hoped to be Kyle’s mother again in every way. She wanted to dote on his child and have Sunday breakfasts at the Abbott house. She told Allie that the Abbotts were a big and loving family, and there was no bigger place in the world. In the present, Diane looked content.

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