Days Short Recap Monday, July 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Stephanie found a place and were happy with it. Brady arrived and found out they were getting the place. He congratulated them on the place. Brady also congratulated Chad on his new job. Chad wondered how he knew about it. Brady let him know that Alex told him and he wasn’t happy about it. Maggie noticed that Alex had bags. she wondered where he was going. He let her know that he was moving out. He didn’t feel comfortable living with someone who fired him. She told him they were still family. Later Chad went to see Maggie and let her know his decision. She was happy that he was going to accept the position. She told him about Alex moving out of the mansion. Stephanie was getting things ready in the apartment when Alex arrived to check out the apartment. She told him about Brady being there too. She let him know that Chad accepted the position. Alex was happy for him. She hoped they could still be friends. He told her that he had to find a place to live and they would see each other soon. Gwen was excited about her engagement. She talked to Kristen about getting engaged to Dimitri. Kristen thought about Dimitri using Gwen. She reminded Gwen that she was trying to get over Xander. Gwen knew things were moving fast, but Dimitri swept her off her feet. Xander and Chloe were at the office and things got heated. They were about to make love when Gwen walked in on them. She was surprised to see them together. Xander apologized for what she saw, but she didn’t care. She said she was with a wonderful man so she didn’t care. He heard about her engagement to Dimitri. She showed him the ring he gave her. She stormed out the room.

Dimitri caught Leo in his room. Leo showed him the evidence he found. He knew that Dimitri was only marrying Gwen to get his inheritance. He told Dimitri that he was going to tell Gwen everything. He kissed Leo. Leo was into it, but he slapped him. Leo knew what Dimitri was trying to do. He knew he was trying to get him into bed so he wouldn’t tell Gwen the truth. Leo wanted to know if he was right. He wasn’t that easy. Dimitri took his shirt off, but Leo wasn’t interested. Dimitri tried to caress him. Leo would have been interested if he didn’t propose to Gwen. Dimitri admitted that he wasn’t straight. Leo found it hard to believe that he’s gay when he doesn’t look it. He told him that he is only with Gwen to get his inheritance. Leo reminded him about his fling with Billie. He let him know he was with her to get the peacock. He was willing to give himself to Leo to keep his secret. He admitted that he was attracted to Leo. Leo gave in and kissed Dimitri. He pushed Dimitri on the bed. Kristen arrived at the mansion and ran into EJ. She told him that Megan escaped and she warned him to watch her back. A secret door opened and they thought it was Megan. Rachel came out of the door. Kristen wondered why she was there and not at camp. Rachel said she didn’t come visit her. Kristen let her know that Megan had her locked in the basement. They talked about being together. Chad came home to tell Stephanie about his conversation with Maggie. Alex arrived and told them that he was going to be their neighbor. Dimitri and Leo finished making love. He said he would take care of Gwen, but no one could know about them being together. Leo agreed not to say anything. Rachel was listening to them outside of the door.

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