Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sharon talks to Nick about what happened with Cameron that she can get it out and not keep it inside herself. S Cameron to protect Faith has made her feel alive for the first time since Rey died.

Adam and Sally are shattered by the death of baby Ava. Sally is angry with Adam because he didn’t choose to save Ava instead of her. Adam is heartbroken because he has lost Sally and baby Ava since he knows Sally will never forgive him.

Nick tells Adam he made the right decision and offers his sympathy and a hug to Adam. Elena also tells Adam to be gentle with himself because he also lost the baby.. Victor also tries to comfort Adam and advises him not to shut out the people who love him. Adam tells Victor nobody loves him and nothing matters anymore.

Sally sobs as she looks at a picture of her baby and apologizes to her for letting her down by not fighting for her. Sally promises baby Ava she will always be her mother. Sally calls the nurse and asks the nurse to take her to see her baby so she can hold her and say goodbye.

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