GH Short Recap Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Recap written by Angela

Esme announces that she’s in labor. Taggert shows up at Portia’s hotel room. Finn brings Liz home and offers to hang out with her. Felicia tries to assure Austin that Mac will keep Ava safe. Spencer, Trina and Alexis discuss Ryan being Esme’s father. An officer tells Jordan that there were shots fired on the island. Ava pulls the trigger but the gun is empty.

Finn says Liz’s toast sounded like a goodbye. Scott shows up to finish their conversation from earlier. Taggert and Portia discuss Trina. Alexis tells Spencer and Trina that Heather is the Hook killer. Kevin says the baby is coming now. Felicia and Austin discuss his friendship with Ava. Mac saves Ava from Ryan by shooting him.

Liz tells Scott she has already made her decision. Jordan checks on Ryan and says he is dead. Spencer is worried about the baby. Esme says she doesn’t want Heather there and is unhappy when Heather tells her that she is her mother.

Taggert and Portia discuss her affair with Curtis and their marriage. Ava tells Spencer, Trina and Alexis that Ryan is dead. Felicia asks why Austin was at Spoon Island. Ryan is zipped into a body bag. Esme vows Heather will never be near the baby.

Laura and Kevin coach Esme through her labor. Taggert tells Portia that he is Trina’s father, period. Finn asks Austin what happened at Wyndemere. Ava tells Felicia that Mac is ok, and Ryan is dead. Liz asks Scott if he can get her a deal. After finding out that Esme is in labor and his grandmother is there, Spencer tells Jordan he needs to go to Wyndemere. Esme delivers the baby.

Taggert tells Portia they are a family no matter what. Trina offers to try and find Nik for Ava. Laura says Esme will be in the hospital under police custody but will not be separated from her child. Spencer arrives and Laura tells him he has a little brother.

Mac tells Kevin Ryan is dead and he killed him. Taggert tells Portia Trina is very forgiving. Trina and Ava talk about the Hook killer being caught. Alexis asks Finn about Austin and his friend in legal trouble. Liz says she hopes Scott can keep her out of prison. Felicia comforts Kevin as they look at Ryan’s body. Esme tells Spencer she knows he isn’t the baby’s father. She asks him to tell Nik about the baby. Ava wants to talk to Austin, but the nurse won’t let her.

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