Days Short Recap Friday, June 30, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate texts Harris to find out what’s going on with Megan. Li had Harris’ phone and texted Kate. He told her that everything was going as scheduled. She wanted to have a drink with him, but he couldn’t make it. Chad and Stephanie showed up. They wanted to check on her before they went to Megan’s party for Gabi and Stefan. Kate was suspicious that Megan would be having an engagement party while she’s on a secret location with Harris. Eric tried to assure Nicole that she would be fine. She was afraid that she was miscarrying again. He tried to comfort her, but she didn’t deserve his kindness. She thought she was being punished for what she did to Jada. Eric told her that God wouldn’t do that to her. He assured her that God cares about and will help her. The doctor examined her and told her that everything was fine. Gwen was getting ready for the party and got into it with Leo. He kept telling her about Dimitri’s motives for proposing. She thought Dimitri was being sincere. She thought Leo was jealous because he’s still single. He was hurt by that, but he thought she might be right. He thought Dimitri was up to something and planned to search the DiMera mansion while everyone was at the party.

Rolf finished the procedure on Harris. He gave Megan a serum to inject into EJ and Kristen. The serum would make them forget about her confession about her plans for Stefan and kidnapping them. Harris woke up so Rolf gave him the instructions he needed for the night. He sent him on his way. Rolf assured Li that everything will go according to the plan. EJ and Kristen yell for help, but no one hears them. Kristen thought Megan was going to kill them. EJ didn’t think she would do that. He thought she would have done it by now. Megan went down to the cellar to inject Kristen and EJ with the serum. Megan left them in the cellar. Leo showed up at the mansion and found EJ and Kristen in the cellar. Their memories started to fade away from them after he arrived in the cellar. Kate tried to call Harris’ phone, but he didn’t answer it. She decided to go to the Bistro to find out what’s going on with him. She was upset when she saw Megan in the town square. She realized that Harris didn’t complete their mission. Everyone gathered for Stefan and Gabi’s engagement party. Megan arrived with a bottle of champagne. She gave a speech about the family when Harris arrived. He pulled out a gun.

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