GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Maxie confronts Brook Lynn and Brook Lynn admits she gave Tracy the proprietary information on the Deceptor because Tracy used her influence to get Chase a second meeting with the Civilian Review board. Brook Lynn explains to Maxie that, if she didn’t do what Tracy wanted her to do, Tracy was going to tell Chase how he got a second meeting with the board.

Maxie is hurt that Brook Lynn didn’t tell her what Tracy wanted her to do, so they could have come up with a solution together. Maxie fires Brook Lynn and doesn’t give her a chance to try and make things right with Deception. Tracy and Lucy almost negotiate a deal so they can be 51% /49% partners in Deception but then Tracy goes too far and asks Lucy to give up her one percent share of ELQ that Alan left her in his will. Lucy tells Tracy that will never happen and walks out of the Quartermaine Mansion.

Carly agrees to go to Bentonville and help him figure out who Austin was visiting there the day she saw him at the prison. The FBI asks Mac to keep an eye on Dante because they think he told Sonny that the FBI was going to raid his gun shipment.

Dante and Sam figure out that Dr. Montague and Gladys were working together to make Sasha appear unstable so they can take her money. Sasha and Cody also talk things through and figure out Gladys was paying Dr. Montague to drug her so Gladys could remain her legal guardian.

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