Days Short Recap Monday, June 12, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to Abby’s grave. He put flowers on her grave. He sat down to talk to her. He told her he couldn’t believe it has been a year since she died. He said he still thought about her and the baby they were thinking about having. He said sometimes it felt like he never lost her. He heard a noise behind him. He called out Abby’s name. It turned out to be Julie. She said Abby was watching over him. He asked her how she felt about him and Stephanie. She said she understood his torn feelings, but Abby would want him to make room in his heart for someone else. She said Abby would want him to be happy. He talked to her about his vision of Abby after Clyde was caught. Julie said Abby would want him to move on with his life. He said he felt guilty. She said he deserved happiness. He said the wedding ring might be holding him back a little. She told him it might be. She told him to forgive himself. She told him to let go of his survivor’s guilt. She suggested that he move on. She left. He took off his wedding ring. He said he would love Abby forever. Alex went to see Stephanie. He told her he got a job working with Brady. She said he was working with the competition. She asked how Maggie felt about it. He said he didn’t care how Maggie or Victor felt. Stephanie didn’t believe that was true. He said he wanted to tell her the news but would leave before Chad came back. He said he didn’t want to upset Chad. She said she was pretty sure he was with Abby. He said Chad was still wearing his wedding ring. She said she understood. He said she was okay about being in Abby’s shadow. He said he hoped Chad was okay.

Leo opened the door and saw Dimitri. Dimitri told him they had unfinished business. He said Leo wasn’t going anywhere until it was settled. He came in the room and reminded Leo of the jewels he stole in the Alamainian Peacock. He told Leo he was going to pay. Leo called out for help. Gwen came in to help him. She told Dimitri to get off her best friend or he was going back to prison. He got a text from Megan reminding him to make headway with Gwen. He said he would play nice. Leo left before he could change his mind. Gwen said Leo was a lot, but he had a good heart. She asked if he was up to the interview. He said he wanted to do it in her room. She said she wanted to keep things professional. He agreed and wanted to buy lunch. She wanted to know who the real Dimitri was. He said he was raised by his mother who he loved but was needy. He said he felt like the adult. He said his father was Oscar Van Leuschner. He said he was never around much. He said he may as well have been absent. He said the money didn’t make up for the lack of unconditional love. He said all he wanted was to be loved. She asked if he had feelings for anyone. He said he did, but he kept getting hurt. He said he knew she knew what he was talking about with Xander.

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