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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve and Chad went to Harris’ room. They told him that a motorboat washed ashore on the island, but there was no sign of life. They thought a ship picked up Kate. Dimitri wanted Kate to come to his cabin. He asked her to have dinner with him. She refused to eat with him. He said she was missing the finer things in life. He opened up a bottle of wine. He told her about the food she was missing. She decided to sit down with him. He wanted her to shower and change so she wouldn’t smell like fish. John took Marlena out to celebrate her 5,000th patient. He asked her what stood out about her career. She thought about her first patient. Stephanie tried to calm Alex down as they met Yuri at the Bistro. Yuri asked where Maggie was. He said he was used to dealing with the top dog. Alex said he knew what was going on and gave him the paperwork. He said all Yuri had to do was sign it. Yuri wanted to talk about the expansion plan first. Alex tried to defend Maggie’s position. Yuri said she was out of touch. He asked how old she was. Stephanie wanted to know what that had to do with anything. Alex defended Maggie. Yuri said he didn’t realize he was going to make a deal with someone new. Harris searched online and found a cargo ship that was is the area where Kate’s boat was found. Harris, Steve and Chad realized it was anchored for weeks. They discovered that Dimitri owned it. Chad said Dimitri was after the Alamain Peacock statue that could vaporize the city. He wondered if he took Kate hostage to get back at Billie for taking him down. Steve said he thought he was locked up.

Maggie consoled Roman over Bo and Kate. She reminded him that Kate was tough. He told her she was tough too taking over Titan. She said she hoped it was a good idea letting Alex take over. She hoped it wasn’t a mistake. Alex told Yuri that Maggie may not understand the tech goals, but he did. He gave Yuri a plan. He told Yuri to sign the contract. He said they would fix some things later. Stephanie had concerns, but Yuri told her to listen to Alex. When Yuri left to go to the bathroom, Stephanie asked Alex what he was doing. Harris realized that the guy in the cell was an imposter. He said Dimitri could be on the ship with Kate. Steve gave him a gun. Chad wanted to know where his gun was. Steve and Harris told him to stay at the hotel because he was a civilian with two small kids. Chad said he could handle himself. He said he has dealt with Dimitri before. He said he might be able to figure out something they didn’t. Steve gave him a gun. Kate got dressed up and ate with Dimitri. She asked him how he got out of prison. He said he had resources and traded places with someone else. Stephanie told Alex to sell Yuri Maggie’s idea. When Yuri came back, Alex tried to sell him Maggie’s idea. Yuri said he couldn’t make a decision yet. Yuri ended up leaving. John and Marlena reminisced about old times. He was grateful that he met her. Chad, Steve and Harris split up on the cargo ship. When Steve was searching around, a man showed up with a gun. Kate thought Dimitri wanted immunity since he didn’t ask for a ransom. He said he did, but he wanted something personal. Before he got a chance to say anything, Chad came in the room. Alex told Stephanie it was a temporary setback. He said he would keep working on Yuri. Maggie called Alex. He told her Yuri didn’t want to do the deal. Alex said he would fix it. She said it was the last straw and fired him.

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