Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan wanted to talk to Eric about something. He wanted to know what she wanted to discuss so she apologized about the baby. Eric didn’t blame her for losing the baby. He said they could still have a future together. He wanted to make dinner for her, but she wanted to take a walk to clear her head. She agreed to meet him later. After Eric left her room, she blamed herself for why Eric wouldn’t be a father to either child. She thought about changing Nicole’s paternity test results. EJ met with the woman he hired to kill Ava. She wanted to know if she was at Bayview. He wondered if it would be a problem. She said it wouldn’t be and he wanted to know how she would get in there. She wondered if he wanted the details, and he told her that he didn’t. He just wanted Ava deal like his mother. She was shocked he wanted to go through with the plan since he didn’t operate like that anymore. He said he didn’t operate that way, but Ava was different. He gave her an envelope full of money. He told her that he wanted her to kill Xander too. After the woman left, Sloan walked by EJ. They talked about avenging their parents’ deaths. She warned him that getting revenge can send you down the wrong path. EJ gave his condolences to her. She thought he enjoyed Eric suffering. He didn’t enjoy it, but he thought Eric wasn’t meant to be a father after all. Sloan didn’t agree with him.

Xander ran into Theresa outside of the pub. He saw her crying and she told him that she was crying because of Victor. He didn’t believe her. She admitted that she was crying over Brady. He thought it was funny how Brady rejected her. She reminded him that Sarah did the same thing to him. They continued to argue until he told her that he was marrying Chloe. They kept arguing and Xander grabbed her arm. Eric showed up and stopped him from grabbing her. Rex wanted to make sure Sarah was okay. She told him that didn’t have Braxton-Hicks anymore. He was happy about that. He thought they should get married before the baby was born. She wanted to make sure he was okay with the fact that she wanted to keep Xander from knowing the truth. He was well aware of that and wanted to marry her. He wanted to make her fall in love with him. She didn’t want to do it around Victor’s funeral because she didn’t think that would be right. She wanted to be there for Maggie. She thought it was sad that none of his kids could be there. Philip showed up just as they were talking about him. They were surprised to see him. Sarah was shocked to see him. Philip told them that Brady agreed to drop the charges against him. She offered her condolences to him. Philip asked her about the father of her baby. They said Rex was the father. He congratulated them. Harris wanted to know where Susan was, but Ava didn’t know. He thought they should tell Marlena, but she didn’t want to do it. He thought they should tell EJ, but she didn’t want to do that either. The assassin had a needle and told Ava it was time to take her medication. Ava told her that she never had an injection before. The assassin said it was a new medication the doctor gave her. Harris wanted to know what the medication was and she wanted him to leave. He told Ava to call her doctor, but the assassin pulled a gun on them before she could make the call. She told them that they were both going to die. She wanted to know who was going first. Harris fought the woman and she dropped the gun. Ava grabbed it and aimed it at the woman.

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