Days Short Recap Monday, April 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was emotional when she saw Bo come through the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him. She kissed and hugged him, but he didn’t respond to her. She couldn’t believe that Harris didn’t tell her that he was alive. Bo told her that he was the one who told him not to say anything. Shawn arrived at Harris’ place looking for Hope. Harris told him where she was. Shawn was shocked when he found out that Bo was alive. Kayla and Stephanie had a reunion at the lab. Bo told Hope that he was done with his old life in Salem. She couldn’t believe that. He said he wasn’t going back to Salem or her. She didn’t want to accept that because she knew they were the loves of each others’ lives. He told her that Steve was in the wine cellar. She wanted to check on him, but he told her not to do it. He put his gun on her and demanded that she go with him. Kayla told her about what happened to her and Steve. Stephanie and Chad were in shock by what they heard. Kayla told her that Bo kidnapped them. Stephanie couldn’t believe that Bo wasn’t the person she remembered. Kayla let her know that it was true. They were about to leave to get Steve when Thomas Banks arrived. Thomas showed up with a gun and pointed it at Chad.

Harris admitted that he lied to Hope about Bo. He told Shawn about his conversation with his father. Shawn was upset that he sent Hope to see Bo when he knew that he was dangerous. Harris received a text from Stephanie and he told him to find Bo and Hope while he went to help Stephanie and Chad. Chad wondered how Thomas got out of jail. Thomas told him that he bribed a cop to get out. He said he was there for the prisms. He also wanted to get revenge on Chad for shooting him. Stephanie tried to stop Thomas from shooting Chad, but he wanted to do it anyway. Harris walked in the room before he shot Chad. He put Thomas in a chokehold until he passed out. Bo wanted Hope to leave the house with him. Steve tried to get out of the cellar. He found a spoon and noticed the wall was weak. He dug a hole into wall and saw the other side. He put his hand through the wall and let himself out of the cellar. John, Marlena and Roman were shocked when Andrew told them about Bo being alive. He told them about the things Bo has done. Roman couldn’t believe that his brother would kill his wife. Andrew told them that Megan was telling the truth. Roman wanted to Statesville to confront her. He wanted to get more answers, but everyone talked him out of it. Steve went upstairs and called out to Bo and Kayla. He noticed Hope’s gun and left the house. Bo took Hope to a mountain top. He told her that he couldn’t have his new life with her in the world. He wanted to take care of the problem. Hope didn’t understand what he meant. He was tired of everyone forcing him to remember his old life. He pointed the gun at her, but she tried to get him to remember their lives together. She talked to him about their love and he started flashing back to them being together. She told him their love would last forever no matter what he did. He kept having memories of them being together. She closed her eyes and prepared for him to kill her. He suddenly lowered the gun. He called her “Fancy Face” and she was overjoyed. A shot happened suddenly and Bo collapsed. Hope screamed and turned around. She saw Shawn pointing his gun at Bo. Steve approached just as Shawn shot Bo. They watched Hope rush to Bo’s side to revive him.

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