Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava went to see Clyde at the station. She wanted to know why he tried to kill Tripp. He told her it was a warning. She wondered what he wanted. He wanted her to run his drug business. He blamed her for why he lost the last person who worked with him. He said she owed him. Ava didn’t understand why she owed him. Clyde explained how she ruined his plan. He worked with Edmund to kidnap Susan. She was supposed to be leverage so EJ could run the business. Ava refused to do it. Clyde threatened to kill Tripp if she didn’t do it. Rafe read Shawn’s resignation letter. She was sad that he was leaving, but she was glad he wasn’t going to be around her sister anymore. Rafe had to find a partner for her. They’re short staffed so he had to hire someone outside. Harris showed up at the station while they were talking. Harris talked to him about a job. Rafe gave him a hard time before hiring him. Harris thought he could get a confession out of EJ. Rafe had another case in mind for him. Talia ran into Belle and apologized to her. She informed Belle that she didn’t plan on being at the station. Belle told her that Shawn was leaving so it didn’t matter anyway.

Talia was shocked and she told her that she and Shawn were still together. Belle didn’t want her to talk to her again. Later, Jada arrived to talk to Talia. She told her about her conversation with Belle. Talia informed her that she wasn’t going to be in Salem long. Jada wanted to know what she meant by that. Talia informed her about her plans to go back to California. Jada told her that she had a good life there. Talia let her know that she didn’t have a good life there. She wanted to leave anyway. Talia left to pack. Chad was at the park and talked to Abby. He told her that he loved and missed her. He talked about the plans for her birthday. He couldn’t let go of his anger towards Clyde for what happened. He knew she would want him to get over it, but he couldn’t do it. Chad went to the mansion to see EJ. They talked about Abby. They regretted not killing Clyde when they had the chance. Ava met with Harris. He told her that Rafe offered him a job at the station. He told her that his job was to find out who took Susan to Edmund. Jada and Talia said goodbye to her.

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