Days Short Recap Thursday, November 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tate talked to Brady about Holly. He said he tried to make her feel better but she ghosted him. Brady advised him not to give up on her. He said she could use a friend to lean on as long as she respects her boundaries. He suggested that Tate bring her pie. Chanel talked to Paulina about Holly’s crush on Johnny. She didn’t want Holly going after her man. Johnny called Chanel and told her he was going to be with Holly for Thanksgiving because she was upset about the baby. Chanel told him she understood. When Chad came home, he and Stephanie talked. Chad went to take a shower. While he was gone, his phone rang. she saw Gwen’s name on his phone. When he came out of the shower, she asked him about Gwen’s number being on his phone. He lied to her about why she was on the phone. When Stephanie left the room, Gwen called him. He told her the contracts were signed. The money was going to be transferred by the next day. He thanked her for selling half the Spectator. He asked her to keep quiet about it. He said he didn’t want Stephanie to find out he was doing this to get Everett out of their lives.

Chad and Stephanie went to the Horton House for dinner. They saw Everett in the house. Julie told them she invited Everett to dinner. Chad asked her if she knew him. Everett thought they knew each other in a previous life. He told them about the story he wanted to write. Stephanie asked Chad and Everett to check the turkey. She talked to Julie about her past with Everett. Abe, Paulina, and Chanel ate dinner. When they were finished, Chanel showed him pictures of Lani, Eli and the twins. He was upset that he didn’t remember them. Chanel apologized to him. She said she didn’t mean to upset him. When Chanel left to clean up, Abe and Paulina spent time together. She told him she was tempted to kiss him. She said she knew the mistake she made the last time. She was determined to be grateful for what she has. He said he wanted to kiss her. Johnny and Holly spent time together until Tate showed up. Johnny decided to go see Chanel since Holly wouldn’t be alone. When Johnny left, Holly told him she would forgive him for being an idiot if he helped her break up Johnny and Chanel. Tate told her Johnny was too old for her. He agreed to help her. He said he wanted to see her happy. She said would be happy when Johnny saw that Chanel was wrong for him.

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