B&B Short Recap Friday, November 10, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Taylor and Steffy have a chat about Finn and Sheila. Steffy assures her mom that she and Finn are in a great place, and she doesn’t intend to let Sheila hurt their family.

Liam is shocked when Ridge tells him that Steffy punched Sheila in the face. He wants Ridge to help him convince Steffy to leave Finn and come back to him, but Ridge tells him that Steffy wouldn’t listen to them. Later, Liam drops by Steffy’s place on the pretext that Kelly left behind her favorite toy. He asks her to leave Finn and come back to him.

Li catches up with Finn. He wonders why she really hates Poppy, and why she’s taking it out on Luna, but she doesn’t really give him much of an answer.

Poppy arrives in town and visits Luna at Forrester. Luna’s happy to see her mom but tells her that she’s not going to be intimidated by Aunt Li. Li finds Poppy there, after Luna leaves, and freaks out. Li yells at Poppy, whom she calls Penelope (even though she doesn’t like it).

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