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Recap written by Terry

After discovering Connor tried to run away to live with Chelsea’s mother, Adam and Chelsea struggled with Connor’s desire to leave his school, Walnut Grove, and to even leave Genowa city.

Connor explained that he had no friends there, and that kids at school talked about the problems his family faced. He said the kids talked about him behind his back because Adam fought with his family and about Chelsea’s issues. He added the other kids also talked about him since Connor found out he and Johnny are brothers, instead of cousins.

Connor said he wanted to go to a school where other kids would not know about him or his family and would want to be friends. Connor researched online and found a school near Chelsea’s mother, Anita, that helped kids Connor’s age with anxiety and depression. Connor said he does not want to go to that bad place Chelsea was in and Chelsea agreed she did not want that for him, either.

Adam was hesitant to allow Connor to go, reasoning that Connor could change schools and get help where they live right now. He explained that he and Connor need each other and always have fun when they are together, but Chelsea pointed out that Connor comes before either of them and it was a good idea to visit the school to see if it’s the right school for Connor. Adam agreed that Connor’s wellbeing was the most important thing.

Chelsea saw Sharon at the coffee house, told her that Connor wanted to leave his school, the city and to visit a new school near Chelsea’s mother. Sharon replied that the school had a very good reputation for its work with children and teenagers. Sharon told Chelsea it was very mature and self aware of Connor to look for solutions to his problems, and that speaks to good parenting.

At the Athletic Club, Daniel asked Heather if she was avoiding him. Heather admitted she was, and it was because he had a lot going on and that she did not want to complicate his life. Heather said Daniel had come a long way from the person he was after he drove away both Lucy and Heather. Heather stated she was glad Daniel’s relationship with Lucy was on solid ground again.

She said she would in remain in Genowa city for a while longer, since her law firm closes every August for three weeks and she is in no rush to return to Portugal. She admitted she did not share her plans because she was not sure how Daniel would feel. He responded that he would take all the time he could get with Lucy, that he thought it was fantastic they were staying and he took Heather’s hand. Lily returned to the club and appeared concerned after seeing that.

As Daniel left for a work meeting, Lily praised Heather for keeping Phyllis out of jail. Heather said Phyllis deserved all the credit since it was Phyllis who pleaded for leniency and convinced the judge, who decided that an appropriate sentence would be probation and community service. Although Heather said she was happy that Lily and Daniel found each other again, Heather appeared troubled after Lily stepped away to take a work call.

Chance informed Sharon that retired former police chief Paul Williams recommended Chance to be the new police chief. Chance said he felt that a career in police work chose him, but that he wasn’t sure the job of police chief was right for him. Chance said he enjoyed the work he does now, and noted that the chief of police had to oversee every case that’s being investigated, meaning he would not be in the field, actively investigating cases. Sharon indicated she liked Paul’s recommendation, since it would mean less danger.

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