Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 13, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sally decides that she, and Nick should go back to her hotel room when Adam arrives at Society. Sally and Nick go back to Sally’s hotel room and they start to have sex until Sally notices the bottle of prenatal vitamins on her bedside table. Sally tells Nick to get in the shower and she will join him in a few minutes. After Nick goes to the bathroom, Sally hides the bottle of prenatal vitamins.

Tucker goes to Audra’s hotel room and tells her it’s her fault his plan failed and he won’t forget it. Audra tells Tucker his plan failed because Devon figured out they both had the same text message ringtone. Audra tells Tucker that she is done with him professionally and personally. Nate arrives just as Tucker is leaving and Nate wonders what Tucker was doing in her room. Audra tells Nate the truth about both her business and personal relationship with Tucker and gives Nate the option of taking back his job offer to her Nate decides since he has been given a second chance by Victoria he will give Audra a second chance.

Phyllis sees Diane and Jeremy talking at the Grand Phoenix and, although she can’t hear what they are saying, she later tells Nikki about the meeting between Diane and Jeremy. Phyllis asks Nikki what they should do about Diane. Diane tells Jeremy that she is going to Chicago tonight to steal jewelry from Nikki.

Tucker asks Ashley to stay and give him a second chance but Ashley tells him that he had plenty of chances to tell her the truth, but he chose to lie to her. Ashley tells Tucker that this proves to her that he hasn’t changed at all and she can’t wait to go to Paris to get away from him. Victor meets with Kyle at Society and asks for his help to get Adam out of Jabot.

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