GH Short Recap Monday, October 9, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

After discussing it with Scott and Maxie, Lucy decides to sell her ELQ share to Tracey (and save Maxie’s job). She calls a staff meeting to tell everyone about it.

Alexis and Gregory compile information they got from Diane and other sources about the judge that sentenced Drew, so they can see if there’s enough evidence against him to see if he’s unethical. Finn drops by and takes Gregory to the park, where he explains that Chase now knows that he has ALS. Meanwhile, Carly visits Alexis with some information she has about the judge going on an expensive fishing trip vacation, which they could use to force him to overturn Drew’s sentence.

Brook Lynn comes home to find Chase crying. He explains that he found out his dad has ALS, and no one told him. She comforts him. Later, Gregory arrives at Chase’s place.

Nina is surprised and touched when Sonny brings Kristina, Michael, Willow, Wiley and Donna aboard his private plane (heading to his private island for their wedding. Avery is sick, so she couldn’t come, and Dante sent his regrets and good wishes. Sonny thanks Michael for coming, and for convincing Willow to come (but Michael says that Willow wanted to be there). Kristina tells Willow and Nina about the island and how wonderful it is. Nina asks them to help her get ready for the wedding, and they agree.

The prison warden tells Cyrus that she’s leaving to be in charge of all the Texas prisons, so he’s on his own now. He’s not too happy to hear it. She also tells him that Drew will be taken care of for good.

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