GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Molly and TJ’s surrogate, Andrea, goes to the hospital to be inseminated. If everything goes well, she should know if she is pregnant in two weeks if she is pregnant.

Michael tells Kristina that he doesn’t think Sonny will get out of trouble this time. Alexis tells Nina that if Sonny goes to prison, his family will be in danger because Sonny’s enemies could go after his family.

Cody continues to pretend he wants to kill himself so he can stay in Fern Cliff. Sasha tells Dr. Montague that she feels better and wants to go home. Dr. Montague tells Sasha that she still isn’t ready to go home. Dr. Montague injects her with more drugs. Nurse Janice comes into Casey’s room later and thinks she is getting worse. Cody notices that there is nobody at the Nurses’ Station so, he takes the key that is outside Sasha’s room and goes inside to see her.

Anna catches Valentin in another lie when he tells her he will meet with his contact at Lineman but, when she follows him, she sees him go into a room at the Metro Court. Valentin tells Anna he met, with his contact at Pikeman at a cafe, and his contact doesn’t know anything about Sonny’s arrest.

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