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[ Upbeat music ]

Rj: Who the hell do you think you are sleeping with my girlfriend?

Zende: You deserve to be angry, but I did not, I did not take advantage of luna.

Luna: Rj’s gonna kill zende.

Poppy: Let’s try to take a deep breath.

Luna: No, rj won’t pick up. I– I keep trying, but he won’t, he won’t text me back or answer my calls.

Poppy: Honey, I am sure he’s really upset.

Luna: They’re cousins, mom. They’re family. I just– I don’t want him to do anything that he’ll regret.

Poppy: The night that you spent with zende, the misunderstanding, I understand you needed to tell rj. You had to tell him the truth.

Luna: Rj deserved to know.

Poppy: I just wish… well, maybe I can explain to him.

Luna: No, mom, I– I told him exactly what happened and… I’ve never seen him so hurt.

Hope: I just sent the one of you and beth at the gorilla exhibit.

Liam: Oh, good, with my eyes closed. That’s great. Look, see, it looks like I’m trying to take a nap, standing up. Why? And of course, beth is the cutest she’s ever looked in her entire life, so that’s perfect.

Hope: Well, I mean, she is very photogenic, so.

Liam: Yeah. You know, it’s funny, I was gonna say she gets that from her mother, except check out that disaster.

Hope: Oh, no. I mean, what– I– I think I was trying to impersonate a wombat here, maybe, just a little.

Liam: You were, because we would literally do anything to make our daughter laugh. There it is.

Hope: And beth was smiling the entire time.

Liam: So, success. There you go. We made a good one, didn’t we?

Hope: Yeah, the best. It was nice having the three of us together. Although, she does miss douglas. And her grandpa deacon.

Deacon: Are you alive or are you in trouble? And who the hell is sugar?

Finn: Deacon.

Deacon: Finn. Uh, were we supposed to meet?

Finn: No, I’m just– I’m picking up some takeout.

Deacon: Oh.

Finn: Well, has it hit you yet? Have you finally accepted sheila’s gone?

Poppy: Well, what did he say when you told him?

Luna: He was in shock. He felt so betrayed by me, zende, you. I mean, he accused zende of taking advantage of me, and i told him that that wasn’t the case, but…

Poppy: You’re worried he didn’t listen.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, he ran out of here so fast. I’m afraid he’s gonna go confront zende.

Zende: I know you’re pissed, rj.

Rj: You can’t even begin to know how I feel, zende.

Zende: I just need to know that luna’s okay.

Rj: Shut up. I don’t wanna hear you say her name.

Zende: Look, man, it’s my fault. It’s not hers. Don’t blame luna. Yes, it’s your fault, ’cause you’re family. And I trusted you.

Zende: I’m sorry, rj.

Rj: Stabbed in the back by my own cousin.

Liam: Well, you had to put some distance between the two of you, right?

Hope: Yeah, but it wasn’t easy. But as soon as I realized that my dad was involved with sheila, I mean, it just– it felt like the responsible thing to do.

Liam: No, it was. I mean, I’m– I’m glad that you kept beth away from deacon as long as sheila was around, but now she’s not. So, where does your relationship with deacon stand?

Finn: Obviously, you really cared about sheila.

Deacon: You know I did, finn, and so did you, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.

Finn: You’re having a hard time letting go of her. Why else would you think you saw ten toes at the crematorium? My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Poppy: Still no word from rj?

Luna: He doesn’t wanna talk to me.

Poppy: I feel horrible. I hate seeing my baby hurting so much. How could I be so irresponsible? But if I could only go back, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for me, and those– those damn mints. The drugs are gone now, sweetie. I threw them all away. They caused too much damage. I’m never buying them again.

Luna: What’s done is done, mom. I mean, there’s no going back.

Poppy: I am so sorry. Your heart is breaking, and all I wanna do is fix it. I wanna make everything better. Now, I know that’s not possible, but I can talk to rj. I can try to make him understand.

Luna: Oh, my god, I can’t– I can’t take it. I– I– I need to head over to forrester.

Zende: What? Do you think I’m proud of what I did?

Rj: You got what you wanted. That’s all you’ve ever cared about, zende.

Zende: No, no. I thought that she was into it. I thought she was into me.

Rj: She was high.

Zende: I clearly didn’t know that at the time.

Rj: Yeah, right.

Zende: No, I swear. She didn’t either. It was a huge misunderstanding.

Rj: Shut up!

Zende: Please, man, let me explain.

Rj: No, I told you to shut up. I don’t want your– I don’t want your excuses.

Zende: Listen.

Rj: What?

Zende: For a second, okay? When I got back to the guesthouse, she was in my bed. I never expected her to be waiting for me.

Rj: She wasn’t!

Zende: I didn’t know that! I didn’t know that!

Rj: She thought it was me. She was out of her mind on her mother’s drugs! What the hell were you doing?

Zende: There was no, no indication that she was stoned or impaired at all. If there had been, then I would have never–

Rj: You would’ve never what? You would’ve never what, zende? You would have never slept with the woman I love? The woman I’m in a committed relationship with! You wouldn’t have done that!

Zende: I’m sorry, rj. I’m so sorry.

Liam: Listen, no offense to your dad, but I really question his judgment sometimes.

Hope: No, I– I do hear you. My father does have a tendency to make some troubling decisions.

Liam: Yeah, like falling for a psychopath.

Hope: To put it lightly. But I did hate shutting him out of my life.

Liam: I know, but your hands were tied. I mean, you were just trying to keep beth safe.

Hope: Boundaries had to be established, and I wasn’t about to put her at risk.

Liam: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I’m just glad we can put that ugly chapter behind us, and now my dad and I have a chance to start over.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, how possible is that, given everything that’s transpired?

Hope: I like to think that we have a good chance, especially now that sheila is out of the picture.

Finn: You haven’t been yourself lately.

Deacon: I lost the woman I love.

Finn: Well, there’s typical grief, but then there’s this.

Deacon: There’s this. And people like me, right? You know, we’re nuts, off the rocker. Yeah, I get it.

Finn: Look– look, sometimes, it’s normal to think that we’ve seen someone that we’ve lost. It’s a fleeting moment of hope, but it quickly fades once our brain realizes it’s impossible.

Deacon: You know what? My brain isn’t exactly getting the message, doc, because I am more and more convinced about what I saw at the crematorium.

Finn: Deacon, the way that you were talking, implying that sheila isn’t dead, it’s– it’s–

Deacon: Listen, okay, enough talk about the ten toes. All right, fine. All right, you can think I’m crazy for all I care. Let me ask you a question. Did sheila ever mention anyone else?

Finn: What do you mean?

Deacon: Like friends or, uh, I don’t know, family?

Finn: No.

Deacon: Enemies?

Finn: No, I– I mean, not anyone that you wouldn’t already know.

Deacon: Did she ever mention someone named sugar?

Poppy: Okay, just slow down.

Luna: I have no idea what could be happening between rj and zende right now.

Poppy: Hey, I get it. It is tough to sit back and wait. Your first instinct is to head over to forrester–

Luna: We didn’t even get to finish our conversation, mom. He just– he ran off and he probably won’t ever want to speak to me again.

Poppy: No. No. Rj loves you. He will realize that this was not a conscious decision, that you would never intentionally betray him or hurt him.

Luna: I can’t lose rj, mom. I– I have to get through to him.

Poppy: And you will. You will have another opportunity. But is heading over to forrester the best idea? Rj needs a little time.

Luna: I can’t just sit here and do nothing.

Poppy: Be patient. Rj will come back eventually. But if you walk in on them together, your being there could upset him even more.

Luna: I need to take that chance, mom. I have to tell him how much I love him.

Zende: I had no idea luna wasn’t herself that night. She was already in my bed. I thought she was making the first move.

Rj: She thought it was me, her boyfriend. You don’t have an excuse. Because you, you knew damn well what you were doing. ‘Cause you’ve never respected me or her or our relationship. You cannot stand here and justify to me sleeping with my girlfriend.

Hope: I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to understand what drew my father to sheila.

Liam: Not for nothing, he still seems pretty drawn to her, even after the fact.

Hope: Yeah. I think he’s just struggling to let her go, you know? I think he’s just lonely.

Liam: She must have, like, filled a void for him or something.

Hope: Well, let’s hope that’s all it was. I might have a little more sympathy for that, maybe. I mean, my mom did turn him down.

Liam: Yeah, a bunch of times. Sorry.

Hope: She always was the one that got away.

Liam: That’s what– that’s what’s so funny is like, ’cause you’ve got– you’ve got brooke logan, it’s like, up here, right? And then you’ve got sheila carter, who’s all the way, oh look, six feet under.

Hope: Okay, fine, yes. I just– all I wish is for my dad to move on. I mean, he could do so, so much better.

Liam: Yeah, like literally anyone without a 10-page rap sheet.

Hope: Yeah, that would be a nice change of pace. That would. And I– I get it. I– I– he thought they had something in common. But he couldn’t be more wrong. I mean, yes, my dad has messed up. But nowhere near the horrible things that sheila’s done.

Liam: You know, I told him the exact same thing. It’s not even close.

Hope: Thank you. But also, why are we wasting our time talking about this?

Liam: Good point.

Hope: Thanks. Yes, she’s dead. Sheila is buried. And hopefully, she will never be an issue in our lives ever again, so…

Finn: Sugar? That’s quite a name. I think I’d remember that. Why?

Deacon: All right, a while back, I was looking at sheila’s text messages. I wanted to see if there was anything unusual.

Finn: Deacon, geez. You, listen, sheila, she’s gone. You have got to start coming to terms with it.

Deacon: Just please hear me out, all right? Look, I get it. You think I got a screw loose.

Finn: No, I just think you’re wasting your time looking for signs of life. Steffy killed sheila. I mean, I saw her blood on the floor with my own eyes.

Deacon: I don’t need to hear all the gory details. Just listen to me. So a while back, sheila, she kept sneaking off, right? And when I called her on it, she said she was meeting someone from her past. And now, I find this text conversation from sugar.

Finn: Okay, what– what did they say?

Deacon: It didn’t sound friendly.

Finn: I don’t know anything about anyone named sugar. And frankly, deacon, it doesn’t matter. Sheila is dead.

Hey! Asthma’s

got you going through it?

Zende: Yes, I admit that. What I did was wrong.

Rj: If it was wrong, then why did you do it? What, was it because of me? Because you were jealous of me?

Zende: No, no, man. I didn’t do it to get back at you or anything like that. Like I said, I care about luna. If you two weren’t involved–

Rj: I know. I’ve seen you trying to flirt with her for months. I– I see you, zende.

Zende: It’s my bad.

Rj: Oh, your bad? It’s– it’s your bad now?

Zende: Luna never reciprocated. We’ve just been friends.

Rj: Exactly! You both have been keeping this secret behind my back.

Zende: She was afraid of hurting you, man. You know luna. She’s the sweetest, kindest, most honest person there is. She didn’t want to lose you. Dude. Hey.

Rj: What?

Zende: She thought she was with you. I know this must be messing with your head right now. But you’ve forgiven luna, haven’t you?

Luna: Rj, we need to talk. Okay, there’s– there’s so much more that I need to say. And I– I don’t want what I did to affect your relationship. Okay, I don’t want you two fighting.

Rj: It’s too– too late.

Luna: Oh, my god.

Poppy: Zende, are you okay?

Zende: I’m fine. I was just telling rj that everything that happened was my fault.

Poppy: No, and mine.

Rj: How could you drug your own daughter?

Poppy: It was an accident. My mints got mixed up with luna’S. I had no idea she took them.

Zende: None of us did. Rj, it was a huge, huge misunderstanding. And things got out of hand. But you can’t blame luna. Look at her. Can’t you see how much she loves you? Can’t you see how lucky you are? Tell her, rj. Tell luna you forgive her.

Liam: Yes, yes, exactly. Why are we even uttering her name?

Hope: It’s because sheila’s still haunting us from the grave.

Liam: Oh, my god, I hope not. And if she is, clearly we’re not the only ones. How about we make a deal? We just never speak of her again?

Deacon: Had chef throw in an extra order of meatballs.

Finn: Oh, well, thanks.

Deacon: Look, man, I’m really sorry about talking your ear off. I just– I thought maybe you could help me.

Finn: Okay, look, I have no idea who this mysterious sugar is. And frankly, it sounds like a dog’s name.

Deacon: Dogs don’t text.

Finn: Look, you’re gonna be doing your health a favor if you let this go. Stop obsessing over sheila and going through her text messages and her emails and playing private investigator. For what? Deacon, it’s pointless. You’re never gonna see sheila again, ever.

Deacon: Isn’t there just like a little part of you that wishes your birth mother was still alive?

Finn: It doesn’t matter how I feel. Just enjoy the memories. Miss her all you want. Think of her fondly, whatever. But get on with your life. I’m serious, deacon. It’s time. It’s over.

Deacon: What the hell? I saw your face. Your face and ten toes. Are you out there, sheila? Baby, are you still alive?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Luna: It was a mistake, rj. I swear, and I’m just so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you or betray you. I mean, I love you more than anything.

Rj: You and zende.

Zende: This has to stay between us. I don’t want anyone to question luna’s integrity. She didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Carter: Well, you said she’s with rj now. It might not be a secret for much longer.

Zende: Luna has to be honest. She’s telling rj the truth.

Liam: Yeah, who knew hippos could stay under water so long, huh?

Hope: It felt like we were standing there forever, though.

Liam: We were.

Hope: Beth was so patient.

Liam: Yeah, that’s not a virtue she inherited from her father, ’cause I was ready to get a snow cone.

Hope: Well, if you had, you would’ve missed the expression on beth’s face when the hippo finally arose for air. It was like… it was so adorable. Thank you. Us gonna the zoo together was a good idea.

Liam: Yeah, well, it wasn’t even my idea, really. It was– it was beth’S.

Hope: Well, yes, but I just thank you for making the time to make it happen with me.

Liam: No, of course, anything for that kid. I’ve, uh… I’ve taken a lot of good things in my life for granted. Beth is never gonna be one.

Liam: I should, uh, yeah, I should probably let you get back to work.

Hope: I mean, there’s– there’s no rush today, really.

Liam: No? Really? I get, well, okay, yeah, I guess things have gotten a little less, uh, chaotic ever since…

Hope: Oh, you mean since thomas left?

Liam: Yeah, well, I figured just ’cause he was, you know, he was your lead designer that, um…

Hope: Yeah. You know he was a lot more to me than just that.

Carter: It’s obvious how much you care about luna.

Zende: Carter, I hate what this has done to her. What she has to deal with. And what she can lose. I never meant to hurt her like that. I didn’t mean to turn her world upside down. I really thought that we shared something special. And if things had happened differently, that maybe someday we could have. If it weren’t for poppy and her damn mints.

Carter: Poppy.

Poppy: Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Is luna here?

Zende: No. She’s with rj, telling him that we spent the night together.

Luna: You have to believe me, rj. Okay, I wasn’t myself, I– look, I’m not trying to make excuses for myself.

Rj: No, it sounds like you are.

Luna: No, no, I– I told you about the mints and what they did to me.

Rj: You were drugged.

Luna: Accidentally, yes, by my mother. And that’s why I left eric’s party early, and I went outside, and I– I ended up in one of the guest houses with water because I was so thirsty. And when zende came in, it was like– like I was hallucinating. Because of the drugs and the champagne. I mean, rj, I seriously, i really thought that it was you. It was him, but I saw you.

Rj: He didn’t realize that. You’re telling me that he didn’t realize that you were that out of it. And he saw you laying there, and he saw his chance, and he took it.

Luna: No.

Rj: Zende found you in his guest house and he took advantage of you?

At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Hope: I, uh, I have been thinking a lot lately about the evolution of my relationship with thomas. What drew us together, what we meant to each other.

Liam: Um, I don’t know. Do I need to hear the details on this? Unless you’ve got some new perspective?

Hope: Well, I am trying to look at the bigger picture now that I am a little more removed from it. How we got from point a to point b, and everything in between, and in my relationship with thomas before, you know, before he changed, when everything was different.

Liam: His involvement in what happened with beth?

Hope: No. Liam, I will never deny the fact that thomas lied to us. That he tried to keep our daughter from us. But he regrets that decision. It haunts him. And liam, I understand that you may never be able to forgive him for it, but I did. I believed that he was capable of changing for the better. And he did. And so, when he proposed, I just– I– I am asking myself why I couldn’t say yes. So now, I’m not sure. I don’t know what the future holds for thomas and me.

Poppy: You told him?

Zende: Everything. And soon, rj will know too.

Poppy: Luna’s been wanting to go to rj with the truth for a while now. I encouraged her to do it.

Zende: Yeah, after weeks of telling her not to.

Poppy: I know. And that was a mistake. One of many I’ve made in this situation.

Carter: Why the 180?

Poppy: Because I love my daughter. And keeping this secret is causing her too much pain. Luna is an honest and principled person. And lying to the man she loves, it’s eating her up inside.

Zende: It was luna’s first instinct to be honest. Tell the truth, face the consequences. We tried to talk her out of it because we knew what those consequences might be. What they would do to her.

Carter: It’s not her fault and rj can’t blame her.

Zende: She can hope he doesn’T. She can try to make him understand. But even if rj’s head gets it, his heart might not. Rj is gonna be blindsided by this. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to forgive her.

Luna: No, it wasn’t like that.

Rj: It wasn’t like that. So either you knew what was happening or you didn’T. Which is it, luna?

Luna: I– I didn’T.

Rj: But so you passed out on zende’s bed and he took advantage of you?

Luna: No, I wasn’t passed out. I was just– I was confused.

Rj: And he used that. He used that to get what he’s wanted. What he’s wanted for a really long time.

Luna: No, I wasn’t myself, okay? But zende didn’t know that. Zende didn’t realize that I was drugged. And you didn’t either. I mean, if you would’ve known, you would’ve never let me go home by myself.

Rj: You didn’t go home. You went to the guest house. Why?

Luna: Not to go find zende! Zende misunderstood why I was there. I mean, this is all that this is. It’s just a big misunderstanding.

Rj: It’s not a misunderstanding, luna. He’s been hitting on you for months. He’s never respected us. Or me. Or our relationship. Or you. Or any of this!

Luna: No, that’s not what happened.

Rj: Do not tell me that this was an accident. Don’t lie to me and tell me that it was an accident right now, luna.

Luna: I know you don’t want to hear that. I know, but it’s the truth. And that’s why I’m here, to be honest with you. And look, you’re– you’re heartbroken and I am too. And I’m sorry. It’s horrible and it kills me to see you in pain. But zende did not take advantage of me. Okay, you need to know that, rj. Please, you have to hear me out. It was those mints that messed me up. I saw– I saw you. I thought it was you. I mean, you’re my boyfriend. You’re the– you’re the person that I love.


Hope: Yeah, I’ve been questioning everything lately.

Liam: Oh, yeah. I mean, the guy whose stability you’ve been defending for months just skipped town ’cause he wouldn’t commit fast enough.

Hope: Yeah, I’ve– I’ve been asking myself why. You know, why I– i couldn’t make that kind of commitment. And I don’t know. Things were going so well. Up until the point, like right until it ended, we were– we were clicking. You know, I remembered my mom. Um… she said something insightful when she saw the ring around the necklace for the first time and she wasn’t too pleased about it. She said that my involvement with thomas was a reaction. And at the time, I denied it and I didn’t think much of it until recently. Finn also mentioned that it might’ve been a bit of a rebellion on my part.

Liam: Against what?

Hope: Liam, you know my mother’s history and what she has been labeled as in the past. And I swore to myself that i would never, ever be like that. So that when I did start to feel a pull to someone else, someone who was steadfast, supportive, a one-woman man. Liam, just know I wasn’t trying to hurt you.

Liam: For what it’s worth, I– I know that. I know you weren’t deliberately trying to hurt me.

Hope: Well, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately to do some soul-searching and I am, uh, not afraid to admit when I was wrong. Have I turned into my mother? No. But was I maybe daring to walk on the wild side a bit? Yes. But I was playing with fire. But did I intend to hurt you? Did I set out to hurt you? No. Was I toying with thomas? No. Was I purposely trying to use him? Absolutely not. There is one thing that I am certain of. It is my feelings for him.

Poppy: I’m the one who should be paying for this. Not my daughter.

Zende: Your special mints ruined a lot.

Poppy: Well, I’m not taking them anymore. I threw them all away.

Zende: Good, but how does that help luna? It doesn’t change what happened.

Poppy: No. But… it might help us reconnect as mother and daughter.

Carter: But are you quitting for yourself or just to win your daughter back?

Poppy: Luna’s gonna need me. If zende is right and rj can’t forgive her, I have to be completely present for her.

Carter: I think that’s wise, for luna’s sake and for yourself.

Poppy: I have devoted my entire life to luna’s safety, her security, and her happiness. Every decision I made has been for her. You know, as a parent, nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. And luna has found a man that she truly loves. And she could be losing him. Because of me.

Luna: I never meant to betray you, rj. I’m so sorry. I should– I should have come to you right away. That next morning, I should’ve told you exactly what happened.

Rj: You didn’t, luna. You’ve been hiding it from me this whole time. Every moment that we’ve been together, here at the office.

Luna: I’m sorry. I was afraid of what it could do to your relationship with zende. You guys are cousins. You’re family. And you guys work together. It’s just– it’s all just a terrible misunderstanding.

Rj: No, maybe for you. Because you thought he was me. Yes?

Luna: Yes, I swear. I saw your face.

Rj: He saw yours, luna. He knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with.

Luna: Rj, wait, please. Don’t go right now. You’re too upset. Rj! Rj. Life, diabetes, there’s no slowing down. but I do love thomas.

Hope: I know you don’t want to hear it, liam. But I do love thomas. But now I’m at a point in my life, though, where I just want to focus on beth. You know, focus on her, and then myself, and the line.

Liam: You know, what’s funny is I– I feel like I’m going through the exact same thing. Kids, family, work. Of course, beth and kelly are my highest priorities, but…

Hope: So that’s it, then? That’s– that’s the whole list?

Liam: Well, I am a spencer, so there’s always world domination. Although that’s, uh, fairly low on the list at the moment. I think I know what you’re implying. And I think I have to get over this thing where I feel like I don’t have an identity unless I’m with someone. And maybe I do. Maybe I– maybe my identity is dad. Just being the best– best dad I can be.

Hope: Sounds like we are going through the same thing at the same time.

Liam: Well, look at us. Finding our way.

Hope: Who knows what the future will bring us.

Luna: Rj, I’m– I’m gonna keep calling until you answer or text me back. I just– I need to know if you’re okay.

[ Knock on door ]

Luna: Rj? Mom.

Poppy: I didn’t see rj’s car.

Luna: He left.

Poppy: You told him.

Luna: I had to. He deserved to know. I mean, I should’ve told him that day. I should’ve told him the second I realized what happened.

Poppy: How did he… wait, you said he left. Oh, honey.

Luna: He was so upset, mom. I broke his heart. And it– and it kills me to see him in so much pain. And knowing that I’m the one that caused it.

Poppy: It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.

Luna: No. I made the decision to lie to him. And I– I deceived him. And– and that’s what hurts him the most. And now, he’s so angry and upset. And I’m afraid that he went to go confront zende. I mean, I don’t know what could happen.

Rj: You, you son of a bitch.

Zende: Rj, whoa, listen.

Rj: You knew that we were together and happy.

Zende: Fine, blame me. Don’t blame her, okay?

Rj: Damn right, I blame you!

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B&B Transcript Monday, April 15, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: This is so crazy! This is insane! Wait, deacon actually thinks that sheila’s alive?

Finn: Yeah, because of what happened at the crematorium. He thinks the body that went into the crematorium had ten toes and sheila only had nine.

Steffy: I don’t care how many toes she has or didn’t have. That was sheila. If anyone knows that, it should be me.

Deacon: “Stay away from me, sugar.” Stay away from me, sugar?

Carter: Be straight with me, zende. Did something happen between you and luna the night of eric’s wedding?

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: And it’s something you’re both keeping from rj?

Zende: We didn’t want to hurt him.

Carter: And this will? What exactly did you two do, zende?

Zende: Luna and i slept together.

Rj: So, your mom’s mints are actually drugs?

Luna: I had no idea, though.

Rj: And you accidentally took them the night of my granddad and donna’s wedding?

Luna: Yeah. Somehow, my regular breath mints got mixed up with my mom’s special mints and… oh, my god, I’m so sorry, rj. If I could do it all over again–

Rj: Do– do what? Do what over again? Luna, tell me what happened to you that night. Please.

Carter: So you and luna, you… you slept together?

Zende: Well, I mean, I thought we did–

Carter: You thought? What does that mean, you thought?

Zende: Something happened to luna that night. Something that explains why she was in my bed when I got home.

Carter: Hold on, hold on. She was in your bed, so she came to your place and she what, she came on to you?

Zende: No, no, no. It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t her fault at all. She didn’t mean for this to happen. Neither of us did.

Carter: You didn’t?

Zende: No.

Carter: You just admitted you have feelings for her.

Zende: Having feelings is one thing, but I never would’ve acted on them knowing how much luna loves rj.

Carter: Dude, I’m so confused right now. If she didn’t want this, and you didn’t want this, then how did you two sleep together?

Rj: Luna, whatever happened to you, it’s obviously still really upsetting you.

Luna: You have no idea the regrets I have. I mean, if– if I had just stayed with you and never left eric’s, if I had, none of this would be happening. Please know that I– I’d give anything to not have hurt you.

Rj: Luna, I love you. You haven’t hurt me.

Luna: I love you too. So much. And the thought of betraying you is… but that’s exactly what I did. I betrayed you that night.

Steffy: I– I was standing there when the medics pronounced sheila dead. I– I heard them say the time of death. Like, it’s not something that I imagined. It’s how it happened.

Finn: No, I know that. And you know that. But deacon, he–

Steffy: Deacon is what? Going around telling people that sheila’s alive because of her toes? What?

Finn: He thinks he saw ten toes. That just before sheila’s feet went into the flames that–

Steffy: Oh, my gosh, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. Either deacon is lying or it’s– it’s wishful thinking on his part because it is not real. Sheila was in our home, finn. It was definitely sheila.

Deacon: Maybe finn’s right. I am losing it.

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ]

Deacon: Piggies in a blanket underneath the sheet. Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet. Yeah, you’re definitely losing it. You wanna know how I get this glow?

Carter: So, you and luna, you sleep together, but she thought she was with rj?

Zende: Because of her mother’s mints, yeah.

Carter: Her mints?

Zende: It’s a long story, but poppy, luna’s mom, she takes these special mints to help her chill out. Only somehow, her mints got mixed up with luna’s regular breath mints, so every time luna thought that she was taking a regular mint, she was–

Carter: She was drugging herself, and that’s why she thought she made love to rj.

Zende: I know how crazy it sounds that it could’ve even happened the way that it did.

Carter: Zende, look at me. You sure it happened that way?

Zende: Wait a minute, you think I’m lying to you?

Carter: No. I don’t think you’re lying. I know who you are, the kind of man you are.

Zende: Thank you. Still though, I… wish that I had realized that she wasn’t herself. That something was off with her. But I didn’T. I didn’t, man. And I’m still mad at myself for it. I’m mad because of what’s happened to her, what she’s been through, but also because of what rj’s gonna go through when he finds out what happened.

Rj: What do you mean you betrayed me?

Luna: I didn’t mean to. Okay, I swear. It’s just– it’s like what I said, okay? I accidentally took my mom’s mints, and– and they did something to me, okay? I wasn’t myself, rj. I wasn’T.

Rj: Okay, okay. Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, okay? I want you to start at the beginning and tell me exactly what happened because right now you’re not making any sense to me, okay?

Luna: Okay. Um, you know how I left the party early and I kissed you goodnight?

Rj: Yes.

Luna: Well, I was so tired and so thirsty. And, um, I went outside to wait for my ride share and i happened to see some water bottles in one of the guest houses. So, um, I went up inside to drink it, and I don’t know, I must’ve laid down in the bed ’cause I was so exhausted. Or at least that’s what I think happened. I mean, I’m not entirely sure.

Rj: That’s it? That’s all you remember?

Luna: No. Um, the last thing I remember is you coming into the room and me saying that I was waiting for you.

Deacon: Why, sheila, why did you go to steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?

Steffy: I can’t believe deacon is doing this.

Finn: Well, look, grief can do strange things.

Steffy: Well, what it can’t do is change the facts. Sheila broke into our home, she lunged at me, and if I didn’t grab that knife, like, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

Finn: Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay. Look, honey, you don’t have to go there, all right? Everyone knows that you acted in self-defense, including the police. Your name has been cleared. This whole nightmare can be over.

Steffy: But it’s not over, finn. That nightmare is seared into my brain. God, deacon needs to just get a grip. He can’t be telling people that sheila is alive. This is crazy. Oh, god.

Finn: What are you gonna do?

Steffy: I’m gonna confront deacon. No, this needs to stop. Sheila’s dead. She’s not coming back. And once deacon gets that through his thick skull, he’ll be better off. We’ll all be better off. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Zende: You can’t say anything about this, carter. To anyone.

Carter: I won’t, but rj deserves to know the truth.

Zende: I agree.

Carter: Does luna? Because she’s the one who should tell him.

Zende: The secret has been killing her. And she’s only kept quiet to protect my relationship with rj.

Carter: Still, you both have to know, the longer you keep this from rj, the harder it’s gonna be for him when he finds out. Man, the guy’s head over heels in love with her.

Zende: Yeah. That’s why she’s telling him the whole story right now. I mean, this has been tearing her apart. I just hope that rj can understand.

Rj: Luna, I wasn’t with you when you left the party that night.

Luna: I know. And I know that now, but I– I didn’t know it then. Rj, I swear, I thought I was with you.

Rj: Okay, so this is what you’re telling me. You accidentally took your mother’s drugs, and then you stumbled into one of the guest houses on my granddad’s property?

Luna: Yeah.

Rj: Which guest house was it? I wasn’t there, but someone was, right? Who was it? Luna, answer me. I need to know.

Luna: It was zende. I spent the night with zende.

Deacon: Finn filled you in on what I said.

Steffy: We’re here to set you straight.

Deacon: Oh, really, okay. Well, let me tell you what’s going–

Steffy: No, you need to hear this. I thought this memorial service for sheila was gonna give you some kind of closure. Why won’t you just let sheila be dead?

Deacon: It’s not that I won’t let her be dead. I accepted the fact that she’s gone, but then I saw that–

Steffy: I don’t want to hear it, deacon. I don’t want to hear it. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. I killed sheila. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Carter: I hate that this happened.

Zende: I hate it, too. Especially for luna. She is a good, sweet, beautiful person. She never would’ve cheated on rj, if not for her mother’s mints.

Carter: Look, don’t take this the wrong way. I feel for luna, I do, but I can only imagine the guilt her mother’s going through, knowing what she did to her daughter’s life.

Zende: Yeah, well, she should feel guilty. Luna did not deserve for this to happen to her. And no, it was not intentional on poppy’s part. She loves luna very much, but to be so irresponsible and reckless just to leave your stash hanging out like that–

Carter: Irresponsible and reckless? What about your guilt, zende? Are you taking responsibility? Yeah, I know you didn’t realize what was going on–

Zende: I didn’t! I didn’t! Had I even had a hint that luna had been drugged that night, would’ve never gone down the way it did. I would’ve taken her home myself. Or I would have called rj and had him drive her home and make sure that she was okay. But, I just– it never occurred to me that luna might’ve been on something. I mean, why would it? It was my granddad’s wedding! I didn’t even know that her mom was into that stuff. I mean, neither did luna. We were both equally shocked to find out.

Carter: What about taking accountability? Shocked or not, bottom line is, rj is with luna. He is your cousin. That should’ve been enough for you to pump the brakes. I’m sorry, man. You don’t need to lecture from me. It’s just– I hate this for all three of you.

Zende: I, um, I’m just worried that luna’s whole world is about to blow sky high.

Carter: You really do care about her, huh?

Luna: Listen, I’m not– I’m not trying to make excuses, okay? It– it never, ever, ever should’ve happened. But I– I was drugged, okay? I– I thought that I was with you, that I had slept with you. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized it was zende.

Rj: Stop.

Luna: Rj, please.

Rj: My cousin. You two?

Luna: I’m sorry, okay? I’m so, so, so sorry. Rj, please.

Deacon: Look what you think happened was not–

Steffy: Not think, deacon, I know. I killed sheila. I saw her face.

Deacon: So did I. I saw her at the morgue, and then I saw her again at the crematorium.

Steffy: Okay, you saw her at the morgue because she’s dead. You saw her at the crematorium because she is dead.

Steffy: Steffy, listen to me, please. I pulled back the sheet at the crematorium, and it was definitely sheila. But right before the crematorium doors closed, I saw ten toes. I definitely saw ten toes.

Finn: Deacon, you were emotional. And it’s understandable you might think you saw something that you didn’T. I mean, grief can manifest in all kinds of ways.

Deacon: What– what do you want me to do? Just drop this?

Steffy: Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to do. Have you forgotten all the terrible things sheila has done to us? Sheila got exactly what she deserved. Now you need to stop this. You need to stop spreading these lies, okay? I don’t want to think about sheila anymore. I don’t want to talk about her anymore. She is out of our lives forever. Do you hear me? Forever.

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B&B Short Recap Friday, April 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy and Finn keep talking about how ridiculous Deacon is for thinking that Sheila is still alive. Ridge feels the same way and tells Deacon to forget about Sheila and let everyone move on.

Zende hints to Carter that something happened between him and Luna.

Luna starts to tell RJ the truth about what happened with Zende.

Deacon investigates Sheila’s computer and finds some chats with someone name “Sugar.”


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B&B Transcript Friday, April 12, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Finn, this makes no sense.

Finn: No, I know. It’s completely insane, but you should have seen deacon. He’s really shaken up about it. He– he believes it.

Steffy: Wait, he seriously thinks… deacon thinks that sheila might be alive?

Ridge: You really are losing it, aren’t you?

Deacon: Wait a second. Listen. Ridge, I know it sounds impossible.

Ridge: Because it is impossible. Look at you, you’re still cleaning up after the service you had.

Deacon: I know, but–

Ridge: But what? What’s going on with you? What are you talking about?

Deacon: I–

Carter: Zende, I’ve been picking up on vibes for quite some time that something’s wrong and I’m sorry. I should have been a better friend. I should have asked you about it sooner.

Zende: No, no, no, man. Come on. I probably would have just denied it anyway.

Carter: But you’re not denying now? You’re ready to talk about it?

Zende: I think I need to.

Carter: Okay, so whatever’s going on, it has something to do with luna?

Luna: I know that you’ve noticed I haven’t been acting like myself lately.

Rj: Yeah, I can tell, you– you’ve been kind of off for a while. Ever since my granddad’s wedding. Luna, whatever it is, I promise you, you can trust me. Anything.

Zende: It’s no secret, is it? How much I respect luna.

Carter: I think we all do around here.

Zende: She’s just, she’s so beautiful and smart and creative.

Carter: Yeah, yeah, she’s all those things. She’s also rj’s girlfriend. You don’t need a reminder about that, do you, zende? Zende, please tell me you understand that rj is with luna.

Luna: You’re so caring, rj. And so understanding. I mean, you’re everything that I ever dreamed of in a guy.

Rj: I’m not going anywhere. That’s more reality and less dream.

Luna: Okay. I– I really hope that that’s true.

Ridge: I gotta say, it’s not much of a memorial if the person that you’re talking about and honoring is not– if I’m– hey, you went down to the crematorium. You saw the–

Deacon: Yes, yes, I did. Yes, that’s true.

Ridge: Okay, so what? What are you talking about? What is this nonsense about her still being in our lives?

Steffy: Some of sheila’s crazy must have rubbed off on deacon if he is going around telling people that he doesn’t think that sheila’s dead.

Finn: I don’t know. He’s probably just processing grief, I guess.

Steffy: Yeah, he must be. I mean, I– I was there. I saw sheila. I mean, I’m the one who…

Finn: He’s not– he’s not thinking straight.

Steffy: Yeah, I mean, what a weird thing to say. Deacon saw her body. Unless he doesn’t trust his own eyes.

Finn: Well, no, that’s just the thing. That’s– that’s why he’s questioning it.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Her toes.

Steffy: Her toes? What? Hey! It’s your dry skin.

Carter: Look, zende, if you have feelings for luna, what am I talking about if? Of course you do. It’s written all over your face. Rj is your cousin, okay? You can’t act… hey, what’s that look? You’ve already acted on them?

Zende: Luna is totally committed to rj.

Carter: That doesn’t answer my question. You can be committed and still make a very bad decision.

Zende: It wasn’t her fault.

Carter: So something did happen.

Zende: Yeah. The night of my granddad’s wedding.

Luna: Before I tell you what’s been going on with me and why I haven’t been acting like myself, I just, I want to make it clear how much I love you, okay? And how much I treasure this relationship. It’s so important to me that you know that.

Rj: I do.

Luna: I mean, the thought of someone or something coming between us, like, it horrifies me. I’d never want that. Ever.

Rj: Do you– do you think that’s happened? Because I don’T. No one could come between us.

Luna: I want to believe that. I really do.

Rj: Luna, whatever this is, you are going to feel better if you tell me.

Luna: No, you’re right. You’re right. I– I need to open up to you. You deserve to know what happened.

Ridge: I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to keep her memory alive. But just know that for everybody else, she’s dead. And that includes finn. And I know you’re trying to get in his ear. I get all that.

Deacon: No.

Ridge: Well, no, you were trying to guilt him into coming to this memorial–

Deacon: I wasn’t guilting him. I just invited him to come. It’s not the same thing.

Ridge: Either way, he came. He was here and dead mommy was happy. Everyone was happy. But that’s the end of it. ‘Cause steffy, finn, they got a lot of things to worry about. A lot of things to work out. And they don’t need you walking around saying that sheila’s still with us. Deacon, come on, man. I like you. In your apartment, you should have a little corner with a candle, incense. And on her birthday every year, you can sacrifice a frog or a garden snake or something and do that. But for everyone else, she’s gone. Out of our lives. You may be wrong, ridge.

Steffy: Sheila’s toes? What about them?

Finn: All nine of them. You remember the fake bear attack?

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, when she cut off her own toe and convinced everyone that she was dead. Yeah, I remember. Why are we bringing this up? It’s disgusting.

Finn: It’s deranged.

Steffy: Okay, so what does this ridiculous bear attack have to do with deacon’s deranged syndrome?

Finn: Because deacon saw ten.

Steffy: Huh?

Finn: Ten toes.

Steffy: Wha– (vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Carter: Okay, so let me get this straight. Luna cheated on rj with you?

Zende: Not in the way that you’re thinking. Do you remember that night? It wasn’t long after the ceremony. Luna took off.

Carter: Vaguely? She was tired or something?

Zende: Tired enough to want to go home. Only… she didn’t make it home. She only made it as far as across the courtyard.

Carter: You mean to the guest house?

Zende: Yeah. Carter, she ended up in my place.

Luna: You mentioned your grandfather’s wedding earlier.

Rj: Yeah, it was– it was after that that I just noticed something was different with you. I mean, you told me that you weren’t feeling well, so I just assumed that was the explanation.

Luna: Yeah, I definitely did not feel well the next day.

Rj: I mean, you said you were just tired at the wedding and you went home early.

Luna: I couldn’T… I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I mean, I’d never felt that way before in my entire life.

Rj: What way?

Luna: Like– like not just tired, but also, like, woozy. Kind of like being drunk, but on a whole different level.

Rj: I mean, you couldn’t have been drunk, though. You had two or three glasses, small glasses of champagne. It couldn’t have been that.

Luna: Yeah, I barely drank.

Rj: I mean, you didn’t have much to eat before. It could have been that.

Luna: That’s true, but, um, that’s not the reason why I felt the way that I did.

Rj: So, you know the reason? You know what happened to you?

Luna: I do now.

Rj: Okay.

Luna: Um… my mother happened. My mother and her mints.

Steffy: Ten toes?

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: What does that even mean? Is that something that deacon saw? Like, was he having hallucinations? Was he on something? This is crazy.

Finn: I don’t know. Like, after sheila’s memorial, deacon wanted to go with her to the crematorium.

Steffy: Oh, that’s weird.

Finn: Yeah, I know. I guess he just– he didn’t want her to be alone.

Steffy: Okay, faithful to the end.

Finn: Truly. So, but he went and watched the whole process, but that’s when it happened.

Steffy: What happened?

Finn: At some point, you know, when the body was being pushed in, the sheet slipped off a little bit. And, like, this can’t be true, so you don’t need to worry, but what deacon thinks he saw, just as the door closed, he noticed her feet. And if it was sheila, there should have been nine toes, right?

Steffy: Right.

Finn: Well, according to deacon, the body that was cremated had ten.

Deacon: Ridge was right. I’m going crazy. Rest in peace, beautiful girl. I saw you. I saw you with my own eyes. There’s no doubt about it. Then how could it…

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ] Ten toes. I saw them. Maybe I’m not going crazy. Maybe that wasn’t you. And if that wasn’t you, then maybe you’re out there. Maybe you need my help. It was one thing when my mom got alzheimer’s,

Carter: So luna, she kisses rj good night, says her goodbyes and ends up at your place? And when you get home, I’m assuming she’s still there, and that’S… that’s when you two… zende, look at me. What happened? Tell me.

Rj: Your mother’s mints? What…

Luna: Um, my mom takes these special mints to help soothe her anxiety. Or at least, she did. She claims that she doesn’t take them anymore, but…

Rj: They’re special and, like, they have drugs in them? For…

Luna: Exactly.

Rj: Okay.

Luna: And she kept these special mints in this tin. Um, it was a tin that looked enough like the tin that I put my mints in. My regular, everyday breath mints.

Rj: Oh, no.

Luna: And somehow, I still don’t know when or where, but on the day of the wedding, her tin ended up in my bag.

Rj: Oh, my god.

Luna: And… I don’t know if you remember, but that night I was feeling a little self-conscious about my breath, so I took quite a few.

Rj: You did. Oh, that– well, that explains why you were so tired and you wanted to go home early. You accidentally took drugs?

Luna: Yeah, and it’s something that I’ll regret for the rest of my life. I mean, I wish I never took any of my mom’s damn mints. Everything would be so different.

Rj: Diff– different how? Luna, did something happen after the party because you took those mints?

Luna: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Steffy: Deacon’s losing it. Because there is no way that could happen. Like, no– wait, what did you say? You said her sheet slipped off?

Finn: Yeah, as the body was moving towards the flames, I guess there was some sort of little bump and the box that she was in dropped a little bit.

Steffy: And that’s when the sheet fell.

Finn: And revealed her feet.

Steffy: All ten toes.

Finn: He seemed pretty sure.

Steffy: Well, he’s wrong. Finn, you have to agree with me, right?

Finn: I’m just telling you what he told me, but he was right there. He watched her body going.

Steffy: I don’t care what deacon thinks. That was sheila.

Deacon: Let’s see what was going on, sheila. Check your emails. Work. Work. Pilates. Work. Spam. Let’s check your text messages. Who’s this? “How’d you get this number?” “Doesn’t matter.” “I’m gonna find you.” “Stay away from me, sugar!”

Finn: He’s pretty sure that he saw ten toes.

Steffy: Oh, god.

Finn: And that’s why he thinks that sheila may still be alive and that she could still be out there.

Deacon: Sugar… who the hell is sugar?

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Lauren: I never wanna hear her name again.

Finn: Deacon’s in a bad place.

Steffy: He needs to stop this.

Rj: My cousin, you two…

Luna: I’m sorry! Rj, please.

Zende: Blame me. Don’t blame her.

Rj: I do blame you!

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon continues to tell Finn that Sheila might be alive. Finn goes home and tells Steffy what Deacon said. They both think Deacon has gone crazy. Meanwhile, Ridge visits Deacon, and Deacon tells him the same thing. Ridge gets annoyed and tells him that he’s losing it.

Luna prepares to tell RJ the truth about what happened with Zende. He is very supportive. Later, Carter chats with Zende. He can tell that something has been on his mind lately.

Steffy admires RJ’s designs, and they talk about his working for HFTF with Luna and Zende.


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B&B Transcript Thursday, April 11, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Finn: There’s just no way.

Deacon: Listen to me. I’m telling you that I think sheila might be alive.

Finn: Deacon, you’re grieving, and grief takes many forms.

Deacon: No, I’d accepted it, okay? I even had the memorial service. But then, when I was at the crematorium, you–

Finn: You saw her face.

Deacon: Yes, I saw her face, and then I saw ten toes.

Finn: You saw what you wanted to see.

Deacon: No, I saw a woman’s pair of feet with a full set of digits.

Finn: I know it’s hard to accept losing her, and you are under a lot of strain.

Deacon: Listen to me. Sheila had nine toes. I saw ten. Explain that to me.

Finn: I’m afraid that your mind is playing tricks on you, deacon. Sheila is dead. Steffy killed her.

Steffy: Rj, this is great.

Rj: Really?

Steffy: Yeah. Has hope seen this?

Rj: Uh, no. No, I was just playing around.

Steffy: I’m– wow, I am really impressed. I mean, you have– you’ve come a long way. Really improved.

Rj: Thank you. Oh, hey, that’s high praise coming from my big sis/co-ceo.

Steffy: Aha, don’t you forget it.

Rj: Oh, come on, I know who’s running things around here.

Steffy: Hey, now that thomas is gone, and hope is revamping her line, I mean, this is a great opportunity for you to work on hope for the future.

Rj: Yeah, I know. Zende and I met with hope, and we talked about stepping up. Luna, too.

Steffy: I’m glad to hear it.

Rj: Yeah, I think the three of us are gonna– we’re gonna work well together.

Luna: I have to tell rj the truth.

Zende: I understand.

Luna: I mean, I have no other choice.

Zende: No, it’s totally up to you. I just wish I could forget about that night.

Luna: Yeah, well, I can’t, zende. I mean, I’ve tried, but every time I look at rj, it’s like– it’s like I’m– I’m– I’m betraying him all over again.

Zende: It was a complete misunderstanding. Neither of us knew that you were under the influence.

Luna: But I’ve been lying to him every day since. I’m just– I’m terrified of how he’s gonna react.

Zende: You’re worried that he’s gonna end your relationship? Listen, I hope that you’re wrong, but whether rj does or doesn’t, I will always be here for you.

Luna: Um, you’re nice to say that, zende. And I know that you didn’t realize what was going on with me the, uh, the night that we spent together.

Zende: Neither did you. We had no idea that you were under the influence of your mom’s laced mints.

Luna: I don’t blame you, okay? But I still feel horrible about what happened. I mean, the last thing I expected was to be involved with two men. Two incredible guys, part of this amazing family who have so much love for me. And now I’m bringing drama and anxiety into everyone’s lives.

Zende: Don’t worry about that.

Luna: But I mean, I know how tight your family is. And I know how important it is that all of you get along. And I don’t wanna disrupt that. But I’m sorry, I just– I can’t live like this anymore.

Rj: Hey, um, I know you’ve been dealing with a lot lately. How– how are you holding up?

Steffy: Just doing my best to keep busy.

Rj: Okay, yeah. I heard about the memorial at il giardino. That was weird.

Ridge: Yeah, it was weird. Hey.

[ Phone dinging ]

Steffy: Hi.

Rj: That’s luna, she wants to talk to me at my place.

Ridge: All right, go.

Steffy: Yeah, we’ll call you if we need you.

Rj: Yeah? Okay.

Ridge: So we’re still talking about this memorial, huh? What was deacon thinking?

Deacon: Yeah, I know. I’m nuts, I’m insane. I’m as crazy as sheila is. But what if I’m right?

Finn: It’s not plausible.

Deacon: No, what if it is? What if I did see ten toes? What if your mother’s alive? File 100% free with turbotax free edition.

Luna: All right, it’s done. I’m– I’m gonna go meet rj at his house.

Zende: So, you’re really doing this?

Luna: Yeah, I have to. Listen, I know that this might damage your relationship with him. So, I just– I hope that you don’t think I’m being selfish.

Zende: No. Of course not. Rj and I will always be cousins. We’ll figure it out. I’m just concerned about you.

Luna: Yeah, um, keeping this secret is killing me. Every time rj asks me if something’s wrong, I mean, I’m just flat out lying to him whenever I tell him no. And I can’t do it. It just— it’s not me.

Zende: No. You’re a good person. You’d never intentionally hurt someone.

Luna: You wouldn’t either.

Zende: Thank you. If you think telling rj is the only way to give you some peace, the only way to free you from this guilt and this shame that you’re feeling, then you gotta do it. I know it’s scary. I know that rj is going to be hurt. But look at you. You’re torturing yourself. I hate to see you like this.

Luna: Yeah, I– I can’t wait another day. That’s not fair to him.

Zende: No. No, it’s not. Rj deserves to know about our night together.

Ridge: I know they had their fling, but deacon thinks that they were in love.

Steffy: Oh, gosh. Whatever their twisted version of love is.

Ridge: How did I not get invited to this? It hurts me to the core.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, I’m sure. You know it was just finn and– and hope.

Ridge: I know. And I get why hope was there. She was there to support her dad. But what was finn trying to get out of this?

Steffy: He wanted to say goodbye.

Ridge: Say goodbye to the woman that almost killed him? Almost killed you, twice?

Steffy: Okay, dad, I’m still struggling to wrap my head around it.

Ridge: So am I. She was coming after you for months.

Steffy: I know that, but dad, you have to understand, like, I don’t want finn to resent me. Like I don’t wanna seem that way.

Ridge: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Resent you? For what?

Steffy: I– I’m his wife, and I stabbed his birth mother.

Ridge: She had it coming. She came after you. You had no choice.

Steffy: Yeah, logically, finn knows that.

Ridge: Okay, then, emotionally, he needs to be there for you. He needs to support you.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Look, you’ll never forget about sheila. And she will always live on in your memories.

Deacon: I know what I saw.

Finn: Listen, deacon, our brains have a unique way of protecting us from trauma sometimes.

Deacon: Exactly. Save all the doctor stuff, man. Listen, if I’m wrong, go buy me a book on neuroscience. Just listen to me. Please. Guy to guy. Listen to me as her son. What if your birth mother is still alive. What if we didn’t lose her?

Finn: Well, then where is she, deacon? Why isn’t she reaching out to you?

Deacon: Maybe she’s in hiding.

Finn: Hiding? You saw her at the morgue. You saw her face.

Deacon: I saw her after she died, and I saw her before she went into the cremation chamber.

Finn: Exactly. Her body has been identified by multiple people. The coroner confirmed her death. Sheila died in my home at the hands of my wife, and you need to stay rooted in reality. It is the only way to heal from this.

Deacon: You tell me where that extra toe came from.

Finn: It’s wishful thinking. That’s all it is. And I know that you wanna go there, but you really shouldn’t, because it’s only gonna hurt more. The only way to heal from this is to accept the fact that you are never gonna see sheila again.

Rj: Hi.

Luna: Hey.

Rj: I am so sorry I was late, but it was for good reason. I got you something special. Pretty flowers for my pretty lady. Hi.

Luna: Hey.

Rj: So how are you? What do you wanna talk about? Uhhh.

Carter: Zende.

Zende: Hey, carter. What’s up?

Carter: Why do I get the feeling that your mind was a million miles away just now?

Zende: I guess it was. I’m having trouble focusing.

Carter: Well, you better get focused. I mean you have some big opportunities on hope for the future. New lead designer. Mentoring rj and luna.

Zende: That’s the plan.

Carter: How are you not more excited?

Zende: I am. I am, it’S… I just got a lot on my plate.

Carter: Okay. Well, you got this, zende. Don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. You can handle it. And it’s different than last time. You’ve grown so much, and you picked up a lot from hope and thomas.

Zende: It’s not that.

Carter: Then, what is it? What’s gotten you so distracted lately?

Zende: It’s that obvious?

Carter: Don’t think anyone else has picked up on it, as far as I can tell, but I know you. You’ve been off your game. Something’s definitely bothering you. So, what’s going on?

Rj: I was happy to get your text. Glad you found the spare key, let yourself in.

Luna: Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you drive all the way out here.

Rj: No, no, it’S… hey, any excuse I can get to miss charlie’s weekly safety briefing, I’ll take it.

Luna: I don’t know. I just thought that it’d be nice to, um, talk here, away from the office and everyone else. I mean, this place has such wonderful memories for us.

Rj: Yeah. Some of our best memories have been in this house. You know, it’s really starting to feel like a home now. Especially when I see you. It’d be great if you were out here more often.

Luna: Yeah. I’d like that more than anything.

Rj: Okay, all right. Well, then, well starting today. You know, we’ve both been so busy lately. We’ll make more of a point to spend more time together, okay? You know, I got you those flowers to surprise you, but you’re always the one that’s full of surprises. I love that about you. Hey, are you okay? Hey, luna, what’s wrong?

Steffy: Hi, baby. Hm. I wasn’t expecting this kind of sexy greeting.

Finn: What can I say? I can’t get enough of my beautiful wife.

Steffy: Well, I can’t get enough of you.

Finn: I wanna take you right here.

Steffy: Babe, you’re in my office right now.

Finn: Okay, I can’t wait ’til later tonight when you’re home.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: So, how’d it go, uh, with deacon at il giardino? Let me guess, it was about sheila.

Finn: Yeah, how’d you guess?

Steffy: Well, deacon is sheila’s number one cheerleader, so… what, did he give you her ashes or something?

Finn: No, no. But, uh, you’re in the ballpark. No, it was odd. Deacon’s really losing it. He’s saying some crazy stuff about sheila.

Steffy: What?

Deacon: I don’t know exactly how I’m gonna solve this. If that wasn’t you, then maybe you’re still alive. I don’t know why the hell this is happening.

Ridge: What’s going on here, sharpie? Talking to yourself?

Deacon: Do me a favor, go away. Not today, please.

Ridge: See, that’s what happens. You hang out with a lunatic, you start losing it yourself. Try killing bugs the worry-free way.

Carter: Something happen? Zende, man, trust me, whatever’s bothering you is not as bad as you think it is.

Zende: Brother, I wish I could say you were right.

Carter: Okay, well, I’m not gonna push you to open up, but–

Zende: No. Actually, this is– I really need to talk to someone, carter.

Carter: Talk about what?

Zende: It’s about luna.

Rj: Luna, talk to me. Listen, I’ve– I’ve noticed that you just haven’t, you know, really been yourself for a while.

Luna: I know.

Rj: It’s okay. I mean, it’s just that normally we’re really connected, and, you know, it’s fun, and we’re vibing, and… it just seems like lately, one second, you’re here, and the next you’ve drifted off someplace else.

Luna: Yeah, I’ve, um… I’ve been really stressed out lately.

Rj: Stressed? Stressed about what? Is it– is it about us? Did I do something?

Luna: No, no, rj, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just…

Rj: We’re okay? Does this have to do with your mom? Are– are you guys good?

Luna: Yeah, she’s part of it.

Rj: Okay. Well, let me– let me help. Hey, I’ve been told I’m a good listener.

Luna: You are. I mean, you’re the most wonderful guy, rj.

Rj: So, you– you’d tell me if you were upset with me, right? ‘Cause when I think about it, this all started the day after my granddad got married to donna, after that party. Ever since then, you’ve seemed really distant.

Luna: I’m sorry.

Rj: No, you have no reason to be sorry.

Luna: Yeah, I do.

Rj: What is it? Tell me. Tell me anything.

Deacon: What are you doing here?

Ridge: Well, I was talking to steffy, and you know, this girl is tough as nails, but she’s having a tough time. I mean, sheila breaking into her house, coming after her, and steffy having to put her down. So, tell me about this memorial.

Deacon: It’s not really any of your business.

Ridge: I know, but as a friend, I should tell you it’s a big waste of time and money.

Deacon: Well, it’s my time, my money. She meant something to me.

Ridge: Yeah. We both know that there was something wrong in her head. And her being gone, being out of our lives, it’s good for everybody.

Deacon: What if she isn’t gone, ridge? What if sheila isn’t out of our lives?

Steffy: I’m not surprised deacon’s saying crazy things about sheila. I mean, he’s the one who fell in love with that monster.

Finn: It was more than that. Deacon was freaking out when I got to the restaurant. Like, out of his mind, going on and on with strange ideas.

Steffy: Like what?

Finn: Nothing that made any sense.

Steffy: Okay, what did he say specifically?

Finn: Well, you know, deacon’s eccentric and quirky.

Steffy: Yeah, clearly. He dated sheila.

Finn: Well, now you can add paranoid and delusional to the list. Because get this, deacon is questioning whether or not sheila is actually dead.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Deacon’s convinced himself sheila may still be alive.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: What are you talking about, sheila isn’t dead?

Deacon: I know this sounds crazy, but what if, what if it were true?

Liam: So kelly left this guy at my place. I’m not sure bedtime would go as smoothly without it.

Steffy: Thank you. How could she forget this little guy? Oh, wait. Oh, it’s when you took her on a shopping spree and got her every single stuffed animal she could possibly want.

Liam: Not that she could possibly want. Just that she could carry. I have trouble saying no.

Steffy: Yeah, she has you wrapped around her finger.

Liam: Yeah. It’s a good finger to be wrapped around, though. You know something? This is, um… it’s kind of nice.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Just… not worrying that you and the kids are safe. Not having to leave here with a pit in my stomach. Life sure got easier with sheila gone for good.

Rj: So, sis, on a scale of one to ten, how stressed are you about hope for the future?

Hope: Are you kidding? I mean, I have surrounded myself with talent. My vision is clear. Yeah, I would be at about a ten.

Rj: Why? Why are you like that? We’re good. Everything’s good.

Hope: Look, I am appreciative, you know, that you and zende and luna, that you’re really going to step up.

Rj: But I feel like there’s a but coming.

Hope: Oh. Because I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. I mean, the last time thomas was off the line, it almost got shelved.

Rj: That’s not going to happen this time. Look, zende, luna, and I, we’re gonna have your back, and we’re a team, and we’re gonna look out for each other.

Zende: You wanna tell rj what happened between us?

Luna: I have to, okay? Keeping this secret from the man I love is killing me.

[ Knocking on door ]

Poppy: Luna, what’s wrong? What’s going on?

Luna: I’ve made up my mind, mom. I’m telling rj about my night with zende.

Hope: I really appreciate the support and concern.

Rj: That’s what family’s for. Plus, I totally believe in your vision.

Hope: While I’m not going to lie, thomas leaving is a bit concerning for the line. But I also think we have a good game plan. I mean, I have my super talented little bro helping out on the designs. Not to mention, zende already knows my vision and my style. And he’s worked very closely with thomas. And now, luna will be working closely with him. I think it would be a great experience for her. I mean, zende has so much to offer.

Poppy: I thought you agreed you were going to keep that night a secret.

Luna: I’ve been trying, okay? I mean, I hate the thought of messing up rj and zende’s relationship.

Poppy: Well, what about messing up your relationship with rj?

Luna: I’ve been basically lying to him, mom, and it’s killing me. I mean, this is not who I am. This is not the woman that you raised me to be.

Poppy: Luna, just– just think about this.

Luna: No, mom, please stop. You can’t talk me out of this, okay? Neither of you can. I mean, rj deserves to know the truth, and I’m– I’m gonna tell him. And there is nothing that either of you can say to stop me.

Liam: Thank you.

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: So, how’s finn? I’m playing nice. I’m just, uh… I don’t know, curious if going to this memorial got sheila out of his system.

Steffy: You know he’s had some kind of, like, primal connection to sheila. That, I’ll never understand.

Liam: ‘Cause it’s not logical.

Steffy: You already know that I wasn’t happy about finn going to sheila’s memorial.

Liam: I do know. And why would you be? It’s kind of silly. He should have been here with his wife and his family.

Steffy: Well, he needed to be there. Liam, he got closure. It’s finally over. And you’re right. We don’t have to worry about sheila anymore.

Finn: Deacon, what are you talking about?

Deacon: Listen, I know– I know this sounds crazy, okay? But what if… what if she’s still alive?

Finn: You hear yourself right now, deacon? Okay, sheila, she died in my home. There was paramedics. There was police. We just had her memorial service. You went to the crematorium.

Deacon: I know.

Finn: Then how could you possibly think that sheila’s alive?

Deacon: It doesn’t make sense. I saw her face myself. I said goodbye. The person who was being cremated… had ten toes. Ten toes, finn.

Rj: It’s no secret. Um, there’s been tension between zende and me, but it was because, you know, he thought it was unfair that I got to work on granddad’s line. But it’s okay. We’re fine. That’s in the past now.

Hope: Well, I’m sure he feels the same way.

Rj: Yeah. I think he’s a very talented designer, and I think I can learn a lot from him.

Hope: Okay. So then, how do you feel about zende and luna working together?

Rj: I– I think learning from zende is really good for luna right now.

Luna: Do you know what it’s like to lie to the person that you love? Mom, it’s torture. And I can’t do it anymore.

Poppy: Honey–

Luna: No, mom, please stop trying to talk me out of doing what you know is right.

Poppy: I won’T. I let you down, sweetheart. And it breaks my heart. I’m giving up the mints. I’m not taking them anymore. And I’m also done pressuring you into not following your heart. So, if you want to tell rj about what happened, then you should. I am so sorry, sweetheart.

Liam: Well, as the mother of my child and someone I… happen to care about, I just hope you don’t feel like you’re going through this alone.

Steffy: Thank you for caring about me, but I’m– I’m not alone, liam.

Liam: Good. Still think finn going to that memorial’s kind of messed up, but okay.

Steffy: Okay. Well, I think finn is just trying to process everything the best he can, and he is determined to put sheila behind us. And honestly, I feel as though I’m more patient with him, knowing that sheila is gone. That she is never coming back.

Finn: Deacon, I know it’s hard to say goodbye. And look, on– on some level, I feel the same way, but… what you’re saying and what you think you saw, you most likely–

Deacon: I didn’t think. I know what I saw, finn. I was there. I know what I saw. I asked to witness the cremation. I didn’t want to leave sheila alone. And frankly, I wasn’t ready to say my final goodbyes. I looked at her. I looked at her, and it was sheila. And then the attendant, he asked me if I wanted to press the button. And, man, that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. And the cremator doors, they opened, and the box started moving in. But it got jostled and the sheet that was covering her body, it slipped off and it exposed her feet and that’s when I saw it. That’s when I saw that she had ten toes. Skin-carving next level hydration?

Hope: Well, I am glad to hear that you and zende are on better terms. Rj, I mean, you two, you’re the future of this company. You are the next generation of forrester.

Rj: And we are going to continue to make sure that hope for the future is a success.

Hope: Thank you. Honestly, I was a little nervous to do this without thomas again, but with your support, I am feeling much more at ease.

Rj: Good.

Hope: And I’m excited for luna. I think she’s going to be a big part of this collaboration.

Rj: You think so? I mean, she’s– she’s one of a kind. I mean, she has a mind for business, and she has an eye for fashion. Not only that, she has an insane amount of work ethic. Those are her bad points. I swear. She’s got a great heart, and she’s incredibly honest. I think you’ll love that about her. And… she’s been a light in my life and I’M… we are now very lucky to have her.

[ Luna sighing ]

Zende: Your mom loves you very much.

Luna: Yeah, and I love her, too. And, um, I’m really grateful that she stopped trying to talk me out of telling rj the truth. Listen, I… I realized that this could have a serious impact on your relationship with rj, and I hate that. I– listen, I– I tried to keep this secret for as long as I could, for both of your sakes.

Zende: And I appreciate that so much, but… I agree with poppy. You should tell rj the truth. I can see how much the secret is eating at you, and I don’t want that. I care about you too much.

Liam: Still feels surreal, you know? Sheila carter, gone forever.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s still gonna take some, uh, time to process for both finn and me.

Liam: Where is the good doctor?

Steffy: Oh, yeah, he ran out to meet up with deacon. Deacon called him. He sounded really upset. I guess he’S… I don’t know, struggling with sheila’s death.

Liam: Wow.

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: I don’t really get how someone like deacon could come to find anything redeemable about sheila. Like, deacon and I, we’ve had our issues in the past, but I always admired his… his street smarts, his ability to read people, and yet…

Steffy: Yeah, I have no sympathy for that man, so…

Liam: Well, apparently, finn does.

Steffy: Finn is a doctor through and through. He cares about people, even when they don’t deserve it. Look, he’s gonna go see deacon, and that’s it. Hey, finn already told me. He said we’re done talking about sheila once and for all.

Finn: Okay, deacon, listen to me, okay? As a doctor, I experience death a lot. And for some families who are present when they have their loved ones take their last breath, it’s not uncommon for them to think they saw something, like an eye flutter or a finger twitch. One time, a wife thought her deceased husband had a smile. Okay? It’s sometimes a way of our mind processing.

Deacon: I know what I saw. I saw ten toes. I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes. And then I– I– I tried to get the guy to stop the process.

Finn: Yeah, you need to get ahold of yourself. You’re freaking out.

Deacon: Yeah, I am freaking out, ’cause I cannot explain this. Do you understand? I looked at her. It was sheila. I looked with my own two eyes. There were ten toes. What if it wasn’t sheila that was cremated?

This is not just a stop

for allergy meds.

Rj: It’s kind of wild, isn’t it? You know, when I first got back to L.A., I was like, I don’t want anything to do with the family business. I want to do my own thing.

Hope: Any regrets?

Rj: No. I’m lucky. I mean, look at me. I get to work with my talented sister, you.

[ Both chuckle ] I get to design with my cousin. I get to build something I love with the woman I love. I’m excited. I think– I think we’re gonna make hope for the future even better now because of what we all share. Transparency and trust.

Zende: I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Luna: Yeah, me too.

Zende: You’re a good person. There’s nothing you could do to change that. Rj knows this. You won’t lose him.

Luna: God, everything was so perfect. From working at forrester to falling in love with rj and your family accepting me.

Zende: Now, it’s a nightmare.

Luna: Yeah, because of my mom’s mints.

Zende: Regardless of whatever was happening, I shouldn’t have come onto my cousin’s girl. And I never would have allowed what happened between us that night, had I known that you weren’t yourself. And… if I didn’t have these feelings I have for you…

Luna: Zende.

Zende: I’m not coming onto you, I swear. I’m just being honest. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if… rj doesn’t handle it well when you tell him what happened between us, and I truly hope he does. But if for some reason he blames you, I’m here.

Steffy: Baker stopped by forrester the other day. He confirmed sheila’s death was an act of self defense.

Liam: I mean, no surprise there, but… it’s gotta be a relief. Help you heal, help you move on.

Steffy: Yeah, it is. I just wanted to tell you. Okay, we need to really stop talking about sheila. So, how are you? And don’t deflect, okay? Be real with me.

Liam: I’m good. I’m hanging in there. I’m, uh… um, focusing on beth and kelly and work. Actually, I don’t know. I think maybe, uh… maybe I’m doing… some soul searching. I’m asking myself some… kind of uncomfortable questions.

Steffy: Like what?

Liam: Like, am I the kind of man that I would ever want to see either of them with? Not really. I was accused of waffling over the years, you know? And I’m guilty as charged, the way that i went back and forth between you and hope over and over and over again. I gotta figure out who the hell I am. And maybe… maybe I just want to be dad for a little while, you know? Be the best– be the best dad that I can be for my daughters.

Steffy: Liam, you are a great father. I’ve seen your growth, your self-awareness. You should be proud of yourself.

Liam: Thank you. That means a lot, coming from you.

Deacon: I am not making this up. When I saw her feet, I saw ten toes. That image is burned inside my brain. Now, you tell me, how there could be ten.

Finn: Because there weren’T. None of this is real. Ten toes? Deacon, your mind is playing tricks on you.

Deacon: It keeps popping into my head again and again and again and I can’t get it out.

Finn: Yeah, you’re upset. You’re obviously grieving. Deacon, you and sheila, you had planned this whole life together. Some people saw her as a monster. You saw her as someone worthy of love. And you’re devastated. But you have got to let this go. There is no way that sheila wasn’t at the crematorium. You said you saw her yourself. It’s time to say goodbye. I know it’s hard to accept, but sheila, she’s dead.

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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At Il Giordino, Deacon tries to convince Finn that Sheila might still be alive, since the corpse he saw go into the crematorium had ten toes…even though he saw Sheila’s face and knew it to be her. Finn thinks that Deacon is just grief-stricken.

At Forrester Creations, Hope and RJ discuss the future of HFTF, and Luna working with Zende.

Meanwhile, Luna vents to Poppy and Zende about how hard it’s been to lie to Zende. They’re reluctant at first, but both tell her that they support her decision to tell RJ the truth.

At the beach house, Liam and Steffy chat about what’s going on with Finn, Deacon, and their dealing with Sheila’s death. They’re both glad to have her gone. Liam is glad to hear that Steffy’s been cleared of Sheila’s death. Liam confesses that he’s been doing some reflection and realizes that he isn’t the kind of person he should be. He talks about how he’s waffled for years between Steffy and Hope. He wants to just concentrate on his kids for now. She’s proud of him.


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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy and Finn chat about how they can move on now that Sheila’s dead. She knows that Hope was at the memorial, so he fills her in on what happened, which they discuss. Steffy is perturbed when Deacon phone Finn.

At Il Giardino, Deacon is still upset at seeing ten toes on the corpse and wonders if he really saw it. Hollings asks him if he’s okay because he’s clearly distraught. He has a flashback to Sheila tell him about how she cut off her toe because she knew that the Forresters would never except her death otherwise (the last time she faked her death). He phones Finn to come see him, so he does. Finn urges him to move on from Sheila’s death. Deacon poses the disturbing question, “What if she’s not really dead?”

Hope has a meeting with Zende, Luna and RJ about the future of her line. She tells them briefly that Thomas has gone back to Paris, so they have to move on without him. She tells them that Zende will be taking Thomas’ place, and she wants Luna to work with him and learn from him. Later, Luna tells Zende how she’s wracked with guilt and needs to tell RJ the truth.


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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Stop! Stop! Ten toes! It can’t be. There’s no way.

[ Groaning ]

Finn: Morning.

Steffy: Morning. Here.

Finn: Thank you.

Steffy: Hey. Should’ve woken me up when you got in.

Finn: Well, it was a late shift.

Steffy: Yeah. But we still haven’t talked about, you know, sheila’s memorial. So how was it? Did you feel like you got some closure?

Finn: Yeah. And thanks again for being so understanding.

Steffy: Well, I wasn’t gonna stand in the way. So now it’s finally over, huh?

Finn: You’re amazing. You know that?

Steffy: I love hearing you say that. So you and deacon weren’t the only ones at the memorial? Hope was there too?

Zende: You sure you don’t wanna reschedule the meeting?

Rj: Yeah, it’d be understandable considering you went to sheila’s memorial yesterday.

Hope: I think it will be fine. I was there to support my dad.

Rj: And how is he?

Hope: Grieving. Losing her the way that he did, the way that sheila died, was difficult for him to process. I think he really believed that sheila had changed.

Zende: Too bad she didn’T. But at least we don’t have to worry about sheila being a threat anymore.

Hope: While I appreciate the concern, I didn’t ask you here to discuss sheila’s memorial. I assume that you have heard that thomas has relocated to paris for the time being?

Zende: We did.

Luna: Yeah, just tell us what you need.

Rj: We’re here for you.

Hope: Thank you. Um, as you may or may not know, thomas proposed again and I did not accept. So he has left. And I don’t exactly know what that means quite yet, both personally and professionally. But his absence is quite a bit of a loss. So I am counting on you all to really step up. We’re gonna have to rally together and work as a team.

Finn: Yeah, hope was there to support her father.

Steffy: So it was just you two and deacon?

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, it was a pretty simple ceremony. It was actually pretty eye-opening. I didn’t think I realized how much deacon really cared about sheila. She was important to him and he misses her. He’s just– he’s having difficulty accepting that she’s really gone.

Hollis: Uh, boss? You okay?

Deacon: What?

Hollis: You hanging in there after the memorial yesterday? I mean, I know that’s pretty overwhelming stuff, saying goodbye to someone you care so much about.

Deacon: No. No, I’m not all right, hollis. I’m not all right at all. (Vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Zende: Thomas was the lead designer, but… you’re the heart and soul of this line, hope.

Rj: You always have been, sis.

Hope: Well, I’ll need your help to put out a new collection.

Luna: I’m happy to pitch in whatever you need.

Hope: Well, hope for the future is this company’s youngest line, and you are the youngest generation of forrester creations. You are all brilliant and talented, and I am very excited about what we can achieve together. But in order to do so, we’re really, really going to have to step up. You ready for that?

Rj: Absolutely.

Zende: Hope for the future is my number one priority.

Luna: I mean, I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’m super thrilled to be on the team.

Hope: Oh, no, no, no, actually, luna, you are going to be a very big part of this. I mean, after you worked so closely with rj on eric’s collection, you impressed a lot of people, and so I think it’s time to give you a little more responsibility. Look, I don’t see this as a setback. I see it as an opportunity. A chance to try something new. And luna, I envision you working very closely with zende.

Steffy: Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for deacon. I mean, this is the man who harbored the woman who tried to kill us.

Finn: Hmm.

Steffy: And I get sheila’s death has taken a toll on deacon. And you too, but, um…

Finn: Hey, it’s– it’s been rough on all of us.

Steffy: Yeah. But now we can finally move on.

Finn: I am. And I’m sorry I can’t explain it. This tie to sheila was deeper than I realized. Hey, thank you for giving me the space to… not exactly grieve her, but just to acknowledge what I lost.

Steffy: Well, you’re my husband and I’m gonna support you. No matter what, okay? Hey, sheila didn’t come between us when she was alive. She’s not gonna come between us now.

Hollis: What happened? Did the memorial not go as you had hoped? Did anyone show?

Deacon: Finn and hope.

Hollis: That’s great. That’s what you wanted, right? To have family there?

Deacon: Yeah.

Hollis: It’s hard to believe she’s really gone.

Deacon: You’re telling me.

Deacon: How did you convince everyone that you’re dead?

Sheila: When it comes to faking my own death, I take it very seriously. Yeah, I may have had to rip out some of my hair, tear my clothes. And a pint of my blood, but I had to make it look like a bear really did maul me. You know, I– I knew that… that none of that was gonna be enough. Especially not for ridge and the forresters. I knew that they would need more, so I– I gave it to them. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Deacon: You cut off your own toe.

[ Sheila laughs ] Are you seeing things? Or did you really see ten toes? Because if you saw ten toes, then that cannot be sheila. Breathing claritin clear

Luna: Uh, you want me working with zende?

Hope: Yes. While you and rj are a great team, I mean, what you did for eric was extraordinary. Um, what we do here is a little different from couture. It’s more about self expression.

Zende: In couture, you make an entrance, in hope for the future you make an impact.

Hope: Exactly. And zende already has his finger on the pulse of our collection, what makes it work. I mean, his designs have been very important for our success. And rj, while I’m looking forward to what you bring to the table, zende just has a little more experience and seasoned talent to take over for thomas.

Zende: Uh, thank you for the opportunity. Wow.

Hope: I know you, uh, you’ll make the most of it. I– I don’t exactly know how things are going to work out. There is a lot of– there are a lot of things up in the air in my life right now. But I do know that hope for the future is in good hands. I mean, we have fresh faces, some new talent, and I believe that we will make the most of this opportunity. And I know you’ll bring out the best in each other. So luna, like I was saying before, I would really love it if you could work closely with zende. You know, stay by his side, absorb all of his knowledge. I mean, zende pretty much grew up in this industry. He learned from the best of the best, so I’m sure he has plenty of secrets to share.

Zende: I brought you some coffee.

Luna: Zende? Wait, what are you doing here?

Zende: I live here.

Luna: Wait, where’s rj?

Zende: I– I don’t know, luna, but he’s definitely not here.

Luna: Rj and I are in love. And I waited, and it was perfect, and what now I wake up here in this bed with you? I mean, what have I done?

Zende: Are you still considering telling rj?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, I think about it every day. Every second that I don’t say anything feels like a lie. And look, I’m not doing this to protect myself. I’m doing it to protect you and your relationship with your cousin.

Finn: Thank you for your patience and your understanding. Sheila has put a strain on us and our marriage.

Steffy: Yeah, I despise that woman. Everything she did to us, what she made me do. But I’m not gonna let anything or anyone come between us, okay?

Finn: Yeah, okay. It never will.

Steffy: We proved it again.

Finn: Yeah, yeah, we did. And I wish we didn’t have to face these challenges over and over. Sheila’s death has been difficult, but hey, we don’t have to worry about her anymore.

Steffy: I know. We can finally put sheila behind us and move on.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Finn: Hmm, deacon? Deacon, hey, uh, what’s up?

Deacon: Finn, where are you?

Finn: I’m– I’m with steffy.

Deacon: Um, listen, I need to see you. It’s urgent.

Finn: Why, what’s wrong?

Deacon: I can’t tell you on the phone.

Finn: You can’t tell me what this is about?

Deacon: It’s about your birth mother. It’s about sheila. I’m at the restaurant. Please get down here as quick as you can.

Finn: Yeah, I’ll be over there as soon as I can.

Steffy: What’s going on?

Finn: I don’t know. Deacon sounds upset.

Steffy: About what? Let me guess, sheila.

Finn: I don’t know, um… he wants me to go down to il giardino, and… no, look, hey, I don’t– just– let me deal with this as fast as I can. But look, hey, there’s no need to worry anymore, right? There’s no more fear. This might be the last time we ever have to talk about sheila. I’ll be right back.

Steffy: Okay.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Deacon: It can’t be… it can’t be. It can’t be. It can’t be.

Bother the bugs.

Hope: I hope I didn’t, uh, catch you too off guard with that.

Rj: You’re the boss, sis. It’s your call.

Hope: All right. Look, I know you enjoy working with luna, and you will be, I promise. I just think her spending time with zende will be very beneficial for her and her future.

Zende: You okay? I had no idea that hope was gonna have us working so closely together.

Luna: Yeah. No, I mean, um, I meant what I said. You know, I’m happy to pitch in and help out in thomas’ absence, but… look, it’s– it’s nothing personal, okay? You’re a great guy and a super talented designer, but it’s complicated. The night that we shared together?

Zende: There’s no reason for it to interfere with our work.

Luna: But I’m lying to rj. He doesn’t even know that we slept together, and keeping this secret is absolutely killing me. And the guilt is worse and worse every day, and working together is just gonna make that even harder.

Zende: I hate to see you struggle like this. It’s a messed up situation, but it’s not your fault.

Luna: I didn’t know what I was doing that night, but I do now. And I decided to lie to him, and I can’t do it. I mean, how am I supposed to show up to work every single day with this secret that’s eating me up inside? I can’t do it, okay? Rj needs to know what happened. He deserves to know the truth.

Finn: Sheila’s death’s been difficult, but hey, we don’t have to worry about her anymore.

[Breathing heavily]

Finn: Hey.

Deacon: Hey. Thanks for getting here so fast.

Finn: What’s going on?

Deacon: This is– it’s crazy. It doesn’t make any sense.

Finn: Okay. Well, you said it was urgent. Was it something to do with sheila?

Deacon: Um, man, I don’t know.

Finn: Okay, okay. Let’s just take a breath here. You’re all– you’re all wound up.

Deacon: You have no idea.

Finn: Okay, well, look, this is– this is normal, okay? The memorial service, it was… no, it got me too, you know? ‘Cause a lot of things came up. It’s been an emotional time. But, look, you— I’ve got to put this behind me, okay? Do you understand that? Steffy, she– she has been just incredible through all of this, but we can’t forget about the shooting. Trying to destroy our family. Every time sheila’s name comes up, it takes a toll on her. And I’m not gonna burden my wife with that, deacon, okay? I love her too much. So whatever– whatever this is, you need to just tell me so I can put sheila in the past once and for all. For steffy’s sake and for mine.

Deacon: Look, I get it. I get it. I want that for you, finn.

Finn: Okay, well, I think it would be good for you too. Okay? You– deacon. You need to let this go. Now. You cared about my mother. You were there for her. You gave her a respectful send-off. Even went to the crematorium.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, I wanted to stay with her as long as I could.

Finn: Yeah, you did everything that you could. More than most people would. Deacon, it’s— it’s over, okay? I know it’s hard to accept, but sheila’s dead.

Deacon: What if she’s not, finn? What if the person that I saw being cremated wasn’t sheila?

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B&B Transcript Monday, April 8, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Stop! Stop! Ten toes! There’s ten toes! Do something! Ten toes!

Carl: Please, that’s very hot!

Steffy: It is the end of sheila carter. I mean, now that the memorial service is over, we can finally return to our normal lives. At least, I hope.

Ridge: You went to hell and back because of that deranged woman.

Steffy: Yeah, just the terror that sheila spread. And not just here in L.A. In genoa city, too.

Ridge: Genoa city. I was getting– did I miss lauren fenmore? Because I was gonna talk to her about how relieved she must be about the whole sheila thing.

Steffy: I know she is relieved, we’re all relieved. She just never thought that we’d be rid of sheila. But it happened.

Ridge: We can all take a deep breath now, right?

Steffy: Yeah, we can.

Ridge: All of us.

Steffy: All of us.

Ridge: Does that include finn? Why would he go to that memorial? Why did hope go? I thought it was just gonna be deacon.

Steffy: Well, supposedly hope went because of deacon. And finn… I don’t know, dad. It’s complicated.

Ridge: Is it?

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: Are you okay with him going and saying a final goodbye? It’S…

Steffy: I really don’t know–

Ridge: You don’t know?

Steffy: How I feel right now.

Ridge: So there’s more?

Steffy: I just think that sheila messed with my husband’s head. And he’s just dealing with a lot. But now that sheila’s gone, I hope his connection to sheila is gone, too.

Hope: I mean, you know you’re nothing like her.

Finn: Yeah, I know that. I do. I could never do the things that sheila did. Cause that much pain and suffering.

Hope: Oh, you’re kind of the complete opposite. You are kind, you are caring, you are compassionate.

Finn: Yeah, yeah, but yet here I am. I’m trying to make sense of my conflicted emotions. Right, thanks for being here, hope, and letting me open up to you about all this.

Hope: Well, you said you’d never judge me, so I’m not about to start judging you.

Finn: No, you’re one of the least judgmental people I know. In fact, I think you’re one of the nicest people I know.

Hope: Well, you better not let your wife hear you say that, because I’m pretty sure steffy wants to run me out of town for ruining her brother’s life.

Finn: Ah, you didn’t ruin thomas’ life. He’ll bounce back from this.

Hope: I hope so. He deserves to be happy.

Finn: Yeah, but so do you. I’m serious, hope. You did the right thing not accepting thomas’ proposal.

Hope: Well, I– I couldn’T. Don’t get me wrong, I care about him deeply, and I always will. I just, I couldn’T… I didn’t want to get married again. I mean, so soon. Especially with…

Finn: With what?

Hope: Look, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but my mother has been married more times than I have fingers to count on, I’m pretty sure. And I just– I didn’t want that for myself.

Finn: So, you’re saying there’s no chance for you and thomas?

Hope: I can’t really say. I don’t know. I– I’m not sure. All I know is that right now, I am concentrating on my line, myself, and my little girl.

Finn: That– that sounds like good medicine to me.

Steffy: Yeah, dad, the truth is I– I am upset that finn went to sheila’s memorial service. But I told him that I wasn’t gonna stand in his way. I just– I don’t want any more things coming between us.

Ridge: I get that. The two of you have been through a lot.

Steffy: Yeah. I just wanna be able to concentrate on my marriage. My husband, our family. There’s been so much drama lately. It’s time to move on with our lives.

Ridge: Without the psycho birth mother.

Steffy: Yeah. That’s when I think about all the things she’s done. She showed up at my wedding reception, and then she shot us, and then she breaks into my home. I mean, it goes on and on.

Ridge: All right, don’t do that. You did the only thing you could’ve done. Everyone knows that. Even finn.

Steffy: Even though I– you know how much I hated sheila. But it is really hard for me to know that like I did– I killed–

Baker: Well, I’m glad the both of you are here together. We need to talk about sheila carter.

Deacon: This– this can’t be. This– this, this can’t be.

Carl: Sharpe, what is it?

Deacon: No, no, no, no, no. I– I’m freaking out, man. No, my eyes are playing tricks on me. I saw–

Carl: Okay, okay. Why don’t you have seat?

Deacon: No, I don’t wanna sit down, I–

Carl: Okay, okay. I’ll bring you some water.

Deacon: No, I– I swear I saw ten toes in there! What the– what the? (Vo) struggling with moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Finn: So how’s, um, beth handling douglas not being around?

Hope: She misses him. Almost as much as I do.

Finn: Ah, he’s a terrific kid.

Hope: He really is. But now he is with his dad in paris, a million miles away. At least it feels that way.

Finn: You worried about him?

Hope: Well, I am a mother, after all. I mean, that’s what I do best. I will always worry about him, but he has an awesome dad. And I know that he will take care of him, and they will both take care of each other.

Finn: Well, douglas, you know, he’s always been an extremely mature kid for his age. He’s honest to a fault. I think he gets that from you.

Hope: No. Well, that’s sweet of you to say.

Finn: I’m serious, hope. I mean, you set an extraordinary example for douglas. You know, for any kid.

Hope: I just want him to come home. It hasn’t really been the same since he left, uh… but I’m not going to put any pressure on him or thomas. I am going to give them as much time as they need. I’m not going to contest this situation just yet.

Finn: And you don’t want douglas getting caught in the middle?

Hope: No, and he– he asked for that, he… look, he’s– he’s mature. I have to trust that he knows what’s best for him right now, and he knows I’m just a phone call or text away.

Finn: Well, you’ve always been a guardian angel for him, right? Whenever he’s needed it, even when he hasn’t, so. And in my book, I think that makes douglas a truly lucky kid.

Hope: Thank you. I– I, uh, needed to hear that.

Finn: So, I, um, I have something I wanna ask you.

Hope: Okay.

Finn: And it’s very important to me. I want you to promise me something.

Steffy: You’re here about sheila.

Baker: Yes.

Steffy: What about her?

Baker: Are you aware that deacon sharpe had a memorial service for her at his restaurant? I take it neither of you attended?

Ridge: No. Why would we do that?

Baker: Well, I doubt many others did either, considering her reputation.

Steffy: Chief baker, could you just tell us what’s– what’s going on?

Baker: Oh, yes, of course, um… I want to go back to that night for a moment, when sheila broke into your home.

Ridge: Can we not do that?

Steffy: Dad, just let him say what he has to say.

Ridge: No, I don’t want him upsetting you.

Baker: That’s not my intention. Quite the opposite, actually.

Steffy: What do you mean, opposite?

Baker: Yes, I just got the word. The position of the state of california and the city of los angeles is that you were acting in self-defense that night. Especially considering your history with sheila.

Steffy: So, no charges have been brought?

Baker: That’s exactly what it means.

Ridge: So– so everything that happened, this whole chapter, everything’s behind us?

Baker: Yes. As far as the authorities are concerned, steffy is not liable for sheila carter’s death.

Steffy: Oh, my god.

Deacon: I know what I saw. I know what I saw. I know what I saw. She had ten toes. She had ten toes. She had ten toes and that wasn’t sheila. There were ten toes in there. There were ten.

Carl: I brought you some water.

Deacon: Look, I…

Carl: I thought, I’m sorry that you reacted this way. Sometimes, it’s not great to have the family participate–

Deacon: No, that’s not it. I saw ten toes in there!

Carl: It’s best if you go home. You seem very agitated and upset.

Deacon: I am agitated and upset because I think I’m losing my mind!

Carl: Okay. What can I do? How can I help you?

Deacon: Okay, you’re the one who did this, right?

Carl: Did what?

Deacon: You embalmed sheila. You’re responsible, right?

Carl: Yes, but–

Deacon: Okay, I need you to give me some answers because I think I’m losing my mind! I need your help, please! Please help me! Before my doctor and I chose breztri

Hope: You want me to promise you something?

Finn: It’s not as ominous as it seems, okay? Trust me. It’s just– look, we’re friends, right?

Hope: Of course.

Finn: And we want what’s best for each other. We care for each other, and whatever that might turn out to be.

Hope: Where are you going with this, finn?

Finn: It actually has to do with what happened with you and thomas, and the way steffy reacted.

Hope: You mean, uh, steffy not wanting me to be with her brother because she thinks I’m not good enough for him?

Finn: Well, the truth is– is I mean, I didn’t want you with him either. Not because you weren’t good enough for thomas, but because thomas wasn’t good enough for you.

Hope: Okay, so…

Finn: Okay, look, I guess what I’m saying is… our families are interconnected. We need to get along. And you and steffy especially. I mean, you guys work together, you practically see each other every day at forrester.

Hope: Yeah, we have a bit of a problematic history.

Finn: Well, that’s mainly because of liam, right? And people wanna make you guys out to be rivals because of that. It’s the same way your mom and taylor were for all those years. But you and steffy, you don’t need to fall into that same pattern. You are two strong, amazing women who should be supporting each other. Look, what I’m asking is just don’t hold a grudge against steffy for what went down with thomas. Things happen for a reason. Thomas is gone. Who knows who you’re gonna share your life with.

Hope: So, you just want me to promise you to be open to any possibility.

Finn: Exactly. Look, mr. Right, he might be waiting in the wings as we speak. Maybe someone unexpected, but maybe someone you know. I mean, look, that’s the beauty of life. It’s the mystery and the surprises that await us. I mean, look at steffy and me. I mean, she’s so different than any woman that I’d ever met. But one look at her, and I just knew. And the same thing can happen for you, if you let it.

Steffy: I’ve been cleared. I’ve been cleared.

Ridge: We all knew you would be. It’s all in your past now.

Steffy: Oh, god, you have no idea how much I wanted this. I never want to go through something like that ever again.

Ridge: You don’t have to. Sheila’s dead, never to return.

Sheila: Yeah, she’s dead, but in my mind she’s still there. Like, she still haunts me and i think about all the things that she’s done to me.

Ridge: Well, the only good thing she’s ever done was give birth to your husband.

Steffy: Yeah, a son that she’s never deserved.

Ridge: And you know what? It would’ve been better for him not to find out that that was his mother. What’s the good in that? He finds out that she pretended she was killed by bears, she cuts off her own toe. Who does that?

Deacon: I need some answers.

Carl: I’ll do what I can, but I need you to calm down first. I can’t have you grabbing me.

Deacon: Okay. I’m calm. I’m calm, okay? I need you to tell me what is going on.

Carl: I’ve explained this several times. The cremation process is–

Deacon: No, I get– get all of that! That’s not what I’m talking about! I need you to tell me what is going on. What is going on here, man? Tell me! (Clapping)

Finn: I just– I hate seeing you and steffy at odds. You’re better than that. And if it sounds like I’m looking out for my wife, yes, you bet I am. But I’m also looking out for you, hope.

Hope: Steffy is fortunate to have you.

Finn: Well, I’m fortunate to have her. She’s everything I could ever want.

Hope: Well, I’m sure she says the same about you, finn. I mean, look at you. You’re the total package. You’re a doctor, you’re smart, you’re charming, you’re handsome, you’re stable, you’re compassionate, you’re stable. People can rely on you. I mean, your actions would never hurt steffy or the kids.

Finn: No, of course, not. I mean, they’re my life. They’re the best part of my life.

Hope: Okay. I heard you. I will take what you have asked of me into consideration. I mean, in a perfect world, I would love not to be at odds with steffy or dredge up old animosities. But she did stick her nose in my business, just saying. But, um, yeah. I do want everyone to get along, too.

Finn: Good, see, I had a feeling you’d say that.

Hope: Gosh, you really did find the perfect profession, didn’t you? I mean, you just– you heal people. I– I myself feel much better after this unexpected doctor’s appointment, so… thank you.

Finn: You’re welcome.

Steffy: Oh, god, I just remember seeing sheila’s toe in that evidence container. It was just so disgusting. Like, the length that lunatic was willing to go. My god.

Ridge: Hey, we don’t have to worry about nine-toed sheila ever again.

Carl: I realize this is a difficult time and how upsetting the cremation process is.

Deacon: That’s not what I’m talking about. Yes, I mean, of course, the thought of sheila going through that creeps me out. But listen to me, what if it wasn’t her?

Carl: What?

Deacon: What if that wasn’t sheila that you were doing that to?

Carl: I don’t know what you’re saying, mr. Sharpe. It doesn’t make any sense!

Deacon: Okay, listen to me. My fiancée, sheila carter, you worked on her, right?

Carl: Yes.

Deacon: You did repairs to her, right?

Carl: Repairs?

Deacon: Yes, I mean, didn’t you do little enhancements, you know? Okay, I know you guys doll them up, right? You know, you put makeup on them and you fix their hair to make them more presentable, right?

Carl: Yes, but I still don’t know what you’re getting at.

Deacon: Would you ever, you know, add an appendage if one was missing?

Carl: An appendage?

Deacon: Yes, like a digit, you know?

Carl: A digit?

Deacon: Yes. Specifically, a right middle toe. Sheila was missing her right middle toe. Did you?

Carl: Absolutely not. We would never do anything like that.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Carl: I’m sorry. I need to take this.

Deacon: My eyes have gotta be playing tricks on me. Ten toes. Ten toes. I don’t care what you say. I saw ten toes.

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B&B Short Recap Monday, April 8, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon freaks out about seeing ten toes on Sheila’s body as it goes into the crematorium (since he knows she only had nine). He tries to question the attendant about it, but the guy can barely understand what Deacon is asking and thinks he’s just upset about her being cremated. The attendant does tell him that they don’t add any missing appendages when they embalm the body.

Steffy and Ridge are glad that they don’t have to put up with Sheila any more. They discuss Finn going to the memorial. She hopes that’s the end of his connection to Sheila. Chief Baker arrives and lets them know that Steffy’s case is officially closed. They have ruled that she shot Sheila in self defense. Steffy and Ridge are glad to hear it.

Hope and Finn chat after the memorial. She compliments him as she says that he’s the opposite of Sheila. He compliments her right back and says that he thinks she did the right thing not to marry Thomas. She admits that she didn’t want to be like her mom and get married again, too soon. However, she misses Douglas. He asks her to promise that she’ll be open to the possibility of love with someone else. She agrees to that, and to get along with Steffy. He thinks that she can find love the same way he and Steffy did.


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B&B Transcript Friday, April 5, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: So, this monster puts a bullet in hope’s mom, in me, in my mother, my grandfather, I mean, half of L.A, and yet, hope is going to sheila’s memorial. What?

Liam: Look, you don’t get it and I don’t get it, but for hope, this is just about supporting her father. Listen, I don’t have a ton of sympathy for deacon either, getting all, you know, involved with sheila. But what hope says is that he’s, uh… like actually grieving.

Hope: Did you, uh, want to go with my dad?

Finn: Oh, what? To the crematorium? No, I think that’s a little much. Besides, I think it’ll be good for deacon to have some time with her.

Hope: You really doing okay?

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, no, it felt good to you know, say goodbye and get some closure.

Hope: Yeah. I’m sure it’s still difficult.

Finn: Yeah. Yeah. That’s probably why I’m so mixed up inside. I don’t know. I can’t help it, hope. I mean, I know the world hates her, but part of me is sad about the death of my birth mother.

Lauren: Sheila carter.

Eric: No longer a threat.

Lauren: Finally. Hallelujah.

Eric: Yeah.

Eric: I have to say, it’s a little odd, you know, celebrating the demise of someone. An ex at that. You know, I’m not saying she’s worth mourning. I’m not. It’s just that… my feelings are a little complex. I mean, having been married to her and–

Lauren: Well, having almost been killed by her, my feelings aren’t complex at all. It’s utter relief. Pure bliss.

Carl: Mr. Sharpe, how was the ceremony?

Deacon: It was beautiful.

Carl: Glad to hear it. As a formality, can you confirm the name of the deceased?

Deacon: Sheila carter.

Carl: Thank you. And uh, just sign here, please. I’m really sorry for your loss, mr. Sharpe. With the freestyle libre 3 system…

Carl: Looks like we’re all set here, unless you have any questions.

Deacon: Um, actually, just one.

Carl: Okay.

Deacon: Can I, uh– could I… could I stay? I– I just– I don’t– I don’t want her to be alone. Can I… witness the cremation?

Steffy: As difficult as this was for thomas, realizing that he doesn’t have a future with hope, it’s better that it happened now so he didn’t get too sucked in.

Liam: You mean, so he didn’t start obsessing over her yet.

Steffy: Okay, let’s just say it’s good that thomas is in paris. He can move on with his life.

Liam: Yeah. Amen, sister. Hope, too.

Steffy: And this time, with someone who she’ll really commit herself to.

Finn: Thank you, by the way. I appreciate you listening and being so sensitive and caring about all this.

Hope: Well, I am happy to lend an ear anytime. I’m sure this isn’t the easiest subject to discuss with steffy. I mean, grieving sheila.

Finn: I mean, anything sheila, really. But I don’t blame steffy if she can’t be as understanding. Not after everything that sheila put us through.

Hope: Yeah.

Finn: But hey, enough about me. How are you doing?

Hope: Oh, okay. You mean now that thomas and douglas have left?

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: Oh.

Finn: I mean, I’m not the only one grieving right now, right?

Hope: I, uh… not going to lie and say that it’s been easy, because it has not been. It’s been extremely difficult. I miss them both a lot. So I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy with work. Overanalyzing as well, and also just coming to terms with the fact that I… I broke thomas’s heart. And that’s why he left, because I couldn’t accept his proposal.

Finn: Look, it may not seem like it now, but I think that you are going to look back at this time and be thankful it worked out this way.

Hope: All right, well, i guess I owe you a thank you now. Thank you for just being a support.

Finn: You’re welcome. Hey, look, the listening thing, it can go both ways, right? So, if you ever feel like you need to talk or cry, scream, whatever.

Hope: All of the above.

Finn: Yeah.

Hope: We can stick to talking.

Finn: Okay, good. So, what is on your mind?

Hope: I guess where do I go from here? So, any ideas? Do you have any thoughts on the matter, finn? I know what it’s like

Hope: All right, finn, you’re on the spot. Let’s hear the super strong opinions about what I should be doing with my life.

Finn: Well, you know me. I’m mr. Opinionated. And look, I don’t feel like I’m on the spot, but do you really want to know what I think?

Hope: Please. The floor is yours.

Finn: Okay. I think that before you decide on what happens next, you should probably reflect on what happened before. And why.

Hope: So, you mean with thomas? You think there’s a why?

Finn: I think a lot of what you did with thomas was just a reaction to liam and his feelings for steffy. And consciously or not, it was just a way to lash out.

Hope: I suppose there could be a grain of truth to that, but a very, very small grain.

Finn: Look, and I– I understand. Like, it’s– it’s complicated, right? I get it. You did have genuine feelings for the guy. He was someone who gave you commitment, and that is something that you and everyone absolutely deserves.

Hope: Just not with thomas.

Finn: Hope, given your history, I doubt that there could have ever been any real trust between you two. True commitment. I mean, not on your part, at least. Not after what happened with beth. And, look, maybe… maybe I shouldn’t say it, but–

Hope: Say what?

Finn: I think you should try and smooth things over with liam.

Liam: Well, I should probably head out. I’ve been avoiding work long enough.

Steffy: And distracting me from mine.

Liam: Hey, hey. You were going on and on about hope and thomas. I was trying to sneak out ages ago.

Steffy: Sure, sure.

Liam: See ya.

Steffy: Bye.

Lauren: Oh, I was just going to knock. I’m so sorry. I can come back.

Steffy: No, it’s fine. Do you know liam spencer?

Lauren: Yes, absolutely.

Liam: Always good to see you.

Lauren: Yeah, you too. Hi, sweetie.

Steffy: Hi. Oh, my goodness. So good to see you.

Lauren: So good to see you too.

Steffy: My grandfather’s not here. He’s out.

Lauren: Oh, no, I just came from the house. It’s so good to see him looking so well.

Steffy: We’re all so relieved.

Lauren: Well, I’m relieved about something else and that’s the reason I’m here. I came to check on you after everything that you went through with sheila.

Carl: You want to be a witness?

Deacon: Would that be okay? What about these flowers? I thought I’d–

Carl: Put them in with her? Yeah, we get that request a lot, actually. It can be healing.

Deacon: One step closer to healing, right.

Carl: I can see you love sheila very much.

Deacon: She loved me, too. Fiercely. In a way nobody ever– I just thought we’d have more time together. Should’ve had more time. Because sheila, I do love you. Say yes. Say you’ll be my wife.

Sheila: Yes, I will marry you, and I will be your wife because I love you.

Deacon: I’m never gonna forget you. What you gave me. What we shared together. Everybody wants super straight,

Hope: You think I should go back to liam?

Finn: All right, I’m sorry. I overstepped.

Hope: No, it’s fine. I, uh, I’m giving you a hard time. I asked for your opinion and you gave it.

Finn: Here’s the thing. Only you know what is in your heart, what you want, who you want.

Hope: Well, whatever the future holds, I know that I will be able to handle it. And one thing is for certain, I am going to concentrate on my career, my children. And if I need to take a little more time to figure out myself before I can be with someone else, then so be it. So, thank you.

Finn: For what?

Hope: Being a friend.

Lauren: If you ever need anyone to talk to who truly understands what you went through, call me. Must have just been so horrible having her break into your house and attack you and having to defend yourself.

Steffy: God, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I was so scared. I mean, the way she broke in, it was either her or me that night, and she was there to kill me.

Lauren: Don’t you dare feel an ounce of guilt or anxiety by what you did. You did us all a great favor by finally eliminating sheila carter. And I hope she burns in hell.

Carl: If you have any final words…

Deacon: I keep waiting for you to wake up. You know, just tear the sheet off. Tell me this is all some joke. Come on, sheila. Come on. Sit up. Just… show me that beautiful smile. Call me daddy. Sheila, please. I’ve been missing you so much. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay because I’m here. I’m here to help you go. I just didn’t want you to go by yourself, so I had to be here to say goodbye. All you’ve ever wanted was to be loved. All these years, that’s what you were seeking. So much went wrong. So much could have been different if I had just come into your life sooner. I hope you felt it. I need to see her.

Carl: Of course.

Deacon. You… are… loved. You are.

Carl: Would you like to start the process?

Deacon: Yes.

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ]

Deacon: Ten toes. Stop it. Stop it! Ten toes. Ten toes! Do something!

Carl: Get your hand–

Deacon: Ten toes!

Carl: Please. That’s very hot.

Deacon: I swear, I saw ten toes in there!

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Deacon: Finn, they had ten toes. What if she’s alive?

Hope: So, luna, I would really love it if you could work closely with zende. I’m sure he has plenty of secrets to share.

Rj: Luna, did something happen after the party?

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B&B Short Recap Friday, April 5, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy can’t believe that Hope is at Sheila’s memorial, even though Liam tells her that she’s just there to support Deacon.

Finn and Hope chat. He thinks that the memorial gave him some closure. He thanks Hope for being caring. He returns the favor to ask her how she’s doing (since Thomas and Douglas left). She’s trying to deal with the fact that she broke their hearts. She wonders what she should do next. He advises her to think about what’s happened in the past, and why, before she goes any further. He doesn’t think that she could ever really love Thomas, but he wonders if she would be happier making up with Liam. She knows that she has to think about her children and what she wants, but she thanks him.

Eric and Lauren toast the fact that Sheila is no longer a threat. Lauren visits Steffy to see how she’s doing after having to kill Sheila.

Deacon says goodbye to Sheila at the crematorium. He signs some papers and takes one last look at her before the attendant asks him if he wants to push the button. He does. Just as the body is going in, the sheet slips off the feet, and he sees that the corpse has ten toes. He starts yelling at the guy to bring her back and almost rushes into the flames to stop it. He keeps yelling, “Ten toes!”


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B&B Transcript Thursday, April 4, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Liam: How can finn show up for sheila?

Steffy: It’s important to him.

Liam: Yeah, no, I know. I’ve heard it. She’s his birth mother. But she’s also his attempted murderer.

Steffy: Okay.

Liam: And yours.

Steffy: Trust me, liam. I feel the same way you do.

Liam: Then how… are you so calm?

Steffy: I left it up to finn. It was his decision to attend sheila’s memorial or not.

Finn: Well, I imagine it’s just gonna be the– the three of us.

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: It’s pretty sad so few people in the world cared about sheila.

Hope: Well, she did make more enemies than friends.

Finn: Yeah, still, it’s just… well, it’s a shame.

Deacon: Well, we can’t dwell on that now that she’s gone. We have to do our very best to pay tribute to the one and only sheila carter.

[ Knocking on door ]

Donna: Lauren! Hi!

Lauren: Is now a good time?

Donna. It is always a good time.

[ Eric laughs ]

Eric: Oh, don’t be silly. Come in, come in. I– I didn’t– I didn’t realize you were gonna be in town.

Lauren: Oh, I just flew in for a quick meeting. Gotta hug you. Oh, because I am so grateful to see you alive and well.

Eric: Thank you.

[ Lauren laughs ] Thank you.

Lauren: I have been so worried about you. I didn’t want to impose, so ridge has been keeping me updated on your condition.

Eric: Yeah, he told me. Thank you. Thanks for being so concerned. And– and the flowers, they were wonderful. Thank you. Huge flowers. My goodness. I could feel your encouragement all the way from genoa city. Thanks.

Lauren: Aw.

Eric: Speaking of which, please tell victor and nikki um, how sorry we are not to be able to come to their party. Uh, we’ll see them again soon.

Lauren: Okay.

Donna: Oh, and say hello to nick, their– their– son, please, for us.

Lauren: Of course, absolutely. I will give them your regards.

Eric: Thank you.

Donna: But he’s– he is just looking fabulous, isn’t he? I mean, he’s getting stronger and stronger by the day, and–

Lauren: Yes. Eric, you are vibrant and handsome as always.

Donna: Yes.

Eric: Now, you see, this is why I’m getting better.

[ Donna laughs ]

Donna: Oh, uh, we’re so glad that you stopped by. I hope that you can stay for a little, at least.

Lauren: Well, there is another reason I stopped by. Sheila is finally dead.

Liam: What is your husband thinking?

[ Liam laughs ]

Steffy: Liam, I’m trying to see his side of things. But it is nice that someone sees my side too.

Liam: He realizes why you’d be upset, right?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I was shocked when he announced that he wanted to go to sheila’s memorial. But… like it or not, I mean, this is a woman who brought him into this world, and finn did say he has this…

[ Groans ] …This connection to her. So, I said I wouldn’t stand in the way if he wanted to go today.

Finn: Gosh, I felt the– the need to show up and pay respects.

Hope: Well, I’m surprised steffy even let you come.

Finn: Well, she wasn’t exactly pleased, but… she’s trying to consider my feelings and understand my perspective.

Deacon: Glad she’s not giving you too rough a time.

Finn: Well, it’s complicated for steffy, obviously, but–

Deacon: Yeah. Well, I guess we, uh, can’t put it off any longer. We should get the service started and say farewell to sheila. What is cirkul? Cirkul is the fuel you need to take flight. Cirkul is the energy that gets you to the next level. Cirkul is what you hope for when life tosses lemons your way. Cirkul, available at walmart and drinkcirkul.Com.

When you see what

it’s really like

Lauren: I can’t believe everything that steffy has gone through. Thank god she’s okay.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: How is she coping?

Donna: Uh, well, you know, the memories of the night still haunt her. I mean, imagine stabbing someone to death. You know, honestly, we’re just– we’re grateful that there were no children in the house or no pets got hurt.

Lauren: Yes.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah.

Donna: I mean, yes, the whole situation is very unfortunate, but it could have been a lot worse.

Lauren: Yeah, um, I mean, now steffy has to live with what she did.

Donna: Yeah.

Lauren: To take a life, even a life not worth living like sheila, it’s deeply unsettling.

Eric: She’s doing her best to put it behind her.

Lauren: And now the saga is finally over.

Eric: Well, except for today. It’s being punctuated by, uh– deacon sharpe is hope’s father. And he and sheila have been living together recently. They’ve gotten– they had gotten very close. And so he’S… he’s giving a memorial service for her today.

Steffy: Well, what am I supposed to do, liam? Am I supposed to just forbid him from going? I mean, there’s already just so much tension between us. I don’t want to add more to it. I just don’T.

Liam: Yeah, I hear you.

Steffy: Obviously, he has this connection to sheila, but I don’t know– I don’t know what it feels like to be in his shoes. I’m just–

Liam: Yeah, okay, but he doesn’t know what it feels like to be in yours either. I mean, you– you’re just constantly victimized by this… this psychopath. Actually, here’s something you have in common. You both almost lost your lives in the alley that day because of her.

Steffy: But it– I guess it impacted us differently.

Liam: Steffy, it’s a miracle either of you are still alive.

Steffy: I just don’t want to think about her anymore.

Liam: Whoa, hey, look, now you don’t have to, right? Because sheila’s taken her last breath.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, we just got to get through the day, okay? Let finn say his goodbyes. Yeah, and then we’ll just move on with our lives. No, we’re determined to not let anything come between us. Certainly not sheila. Especially now that she’s dead.

Deacon: I wasn’t looking for sheila when she showed up in my life. And it was unexpected. Next thing I know… man, I’m in deep. There was, uh… a flame that ignited between the two of us and I… man, I was hooked. Um… you know, sheila and I, we, um… we had something special. It was rare. Definitely unique. I– I can’t remember… if I read this or if I heard it, but… someone said that love is when two people… each have a hole in their heart… and when the wind blows through, it plays the same sad song. I don’t know if that’s true. I do know that sheila and i were more alike than i sometimes cared to admit. And she– she just got me, man. She got me and I got her and… I know this is going to sound ironic, but… she brought out the best in me. She kept me on the straight and narrow. She pushed me to achieve all of this. Made me want to be a better man. Turn my life around. And I thought she was doing the same thing. You know, she was– she was doing everything the right way. Right up until that night. And finn, I just do not understand why she went to your place that night. And I guess I never will. And so all I’m left with is that… that hole in my heart that I talked about. Because I got to figure out a way to say goodbye to sheila. I got to figure out and let her go. File 100% free with turbotax free edition.

Lauren: A memorial service is a time for loved ones to express nice sentiments about the deceased. Who on earth would have anything nice to say about sheila?

Eric: Well, uh, deacon was very enamored with her.

Donna: Uh, yeah, somehow he, uh, cared about her and wants to give her a nice send-off.

Eric: I don’t imagine he expects a very large turnout.

Donna: No, no. I mean, you weren’t planning to make an appearance or–

Lauren: Oh, god, no. No, I would have a hard time holding back about all the horrible things that she did to me over the years.

Eric: It’s quite a list.

Lauren: I actually wouldn’t know where to begin. The blackmail. All the times she tried to kill me. Or the times she tried to drown me in a hot tub.

Sheila: Bitch!

Lauren: Sheila! Sheila! Sheila!

Sheila: Look what you just–

Lauren: Bitch!

[ Both grunting ] You wouldn’t dare! Sheila was a menace. She was dangerous. You never knew what she was going to do next. Thank god steffy finally ended her, once and for all.

Steffy: I didn’t ask for this. I never wanted to be put in this position.

Liam: Of course, you didn’T. Sheila put you there. And I’m really impressed with your restraint. I don’t think I could be so cool about it.

Steffy: Well, I’m trying. I just hope that finn gets some closure somehow.

Liam: Is that even possible?

Steffy: Honestly, I don’t even know. I hope he finds peace and clarity. But, uh… he’s just such a kind human being. He really is. He’s compassionate, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. And his grace for people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Liam: Well, sheila has done nothing to earn any grace from anyone.

Steffy: Honestly, the only people I think are going to be there are just… deacon and finn at the service.

Liam: Uh… yeah, they’re not the only ones. Hope is going.

Finn: I don’t really know what to say. Um… what am I supposed to say? Um… you, um, you s– you showed up at– at my wedding. And… introduced yourself as… as my birth mother. And… yeah, that was one of the happiest moments that I had known. To… get to finally meet the woman that I had dreamed about and– and connect with you. And… you know, hearing the… hearing you… call me your son. But… then in an instant, you turned my life upside down. You shot me. You shot my wife. Which is why I… I have no idea what I am doing here. Because sheila wasn’t a mother to me. But, um… yeah, she did… she did give me life. And… there must be something innate in me, something that defies logic, to have any reason to feel anything for you. But I do. Mom, I do. At dot’s an ordinary pretzel just isn’t enough.

Eric: I think that everybody has been a victim of sheila at one time or another.

Lauren: But if memory serves, things weren’t always bad between the two of you.

Eric: No, no. It started out beautifully. I was… I was enchanted by her the first time she came into the office.

Sheila: I’d love to watch your child, mr. Forrester. And I promise you, he’ll be in very good hands.

Eric: Thank you, sheila.

Sheila: He wants me, he really wants me.

Eric: I regret very much introducing her into our– into our lives, into our family.

Donna: Eric, come on. You can’t blame yourself.

Eric: Yeah, I do.

Donna: You had no way of knowing who she really was.

Lauren: The important thing is that she is no longer a threat to any of us, thanks to steffy.

Donna: Oh, yeah.

Lauren: Good riddance to sheila carter.

Steffy: Hope’s at the memorial? I’m surprised she even wanted to go.

Liam: Well, she says she didn’t, that she’s only there to support her dad. Apparently, deacon is really broken up about sheila dying.

Deacon: So, this is it, babe. Yeah, I don’t know how to say goodbye to you. You… were a hell of a woman. Gorgeous. Tough. Wild. And tender. And I feel like a part of me is missing. I hope… wherever you are, that you’ve… found the peace… and the happiness that you always wanted. And know that… we’ll be together again someday.

Steffy: Goodbye and good riddance, sheila.

Eric: So long, sheila. May you finally be at peace.

Deacon: Goodbye, my love.

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 4, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Liam and Steffy commisserate about Finn going to Sheila’s memorial service. Steffy asserts that nothing will come between her and Finn (especially not Sheila). She hopes he can get closure at the service. She’s shocked to hear that Hope is also going to be there.

Deacon, Finn and Hope prepare for Sheila’s memorial service (no sign of Hollis or any of the other employees). He talks about the effect that Sheila had on his life – making him want to be a better person. Then Finn speaks about how, despite Sheila shooting him and Steffy, he feels for her.

Lauren visits Donna and Eric while in town for a business meeting. They’re glad to see her, and she’s grateful that Eric got through his health scare. She also tells them how glad she is that Sheila is finally dead.’They discuss how Steffy is doing (since she had to stab Sheila). There are some nice flashbacks to fights between Lauren and Sheila, and a few clips with Eric and Sheila. Lauren and Eric toast “good riddance” to her.


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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Hollis: Hey, boss.

Deacon: Hey.

Hollis: Ari called himself when he heard he wasn’t getting his standing table today. He sends his condolences.

Deacon: Yeah. I really appreciate your help. I think I might have wasted your time though. I got a feeling I might be paying tribute to sheila all by my lonesome.

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: You are a surprise.

Liam: Bad one?

Hope: No. What brings you here?

Liam: Would you believe I was just in the neighborhood?

Hope: No.

Liam: That’s fair. Uh, actually, more than anything, I’m curious. Last time we spoke, deacon had invited you to, uh, sheila’s memorial service. You were a bit conflicted. Today’s the day. What did you decide?

Deacon: Finn. Hi, it’s deacon. I’m gonna be having a memorial service for sheila. You were so important to her. I know she’d want you there. You couldn’t have the relationship that she wished for, but she loved you, finn. More than anything in this world.

Finn: Hm. You smell good.

Steffy: So do you. Is everything okay?

Liam: Um, I just don’t wanna upset you.

Steffy: Uh-oh.

Finn: Look, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And I’ve decided to go to sheila’s memorial service.

Hollis: You know, boss, it’s not about the amount of people that are here, but the quality.

Deacon: Nice try. You know, I know better than to have any expectations about the upstanding people of los angeles. I know how much they hated and despised sheila. I don’t know, I just– I just wish there’d be a couple people here, you know, besides you and me. It’s just… sad. No one’s willing to pay their respects.

Liam: So, are you going to sheila’s memorial service?

Hope: I’m not sure I want to tell you that.

Liam: Fair. But?

Hope: I talked to my mom. My dad actually invited her as well, and obviously she will not be attending. Anyway, uh, she then proceeded to try to talk me out of going, and I wanted to hear her objections so that I could make up my mind.

Liam: Did it work?

Hope: Yes. I’m going.

Liam: Oh.

Hope: But not to pay tribute to sheila. To support my dad.

Finn: I know you’re not happy about that.

Steffy: Do you think I would be, after telling me you’re going to sheila’s memorial service? I mean, if the tables were turned, she’d be going to our services, or– or mine. Because that’s– that’s what she really wanted, finn. She shot us, and then she broke into our home to finish the job. How can you even consider going?

Hope: Can I tell you how much I’m not looking forward to this afternoon?

Liam: I bet you’re gonna be the only person that shows up for that thing, yeah. First.

Hope: Well, maybe, finn.

Liam: You think so?

Hope: Well, my dad invited him and I know he does feel a connection to sheila. That is his birth mother, in spite of all of the horrible things that she’s done.

Liam: All of the horrible things she’s done, including shooting him and steffy in the alley, leaving them for dead.

Hope: Well, I certainly know that steffy would not be okay with finn attending sheila’s memorial service. So, we’ll see.

Steffy: You’re serious? You want to go?

Finn: Look, I know it’s the last thing that you want to hear from me, and I don’t wanna upset you. I know you don’t understand, and honestly, I don’t either. I– I just– I feel this– this need to be there. And look, hey, believe me, I am not excusing sheila, okay, for any of the– the despicable things that she has done to us. I would never defend her. But I also can’t help the way that I feel. All right? This primal connection, and… oh, god, I wish I didn’t, because, you know, it would be a lot easier, but it is there, and I can’t deny it.

Steffy: Finn, sheila’s dead. Can you just let her go?

Finn: Well, I’m hoping that being there will allow me to finally do that. Look, I never want to disappoint you. Sweetheart, I love you.

Steffy: I love you, too.

Finn: Look, this has been a challenge for us, dealing with sheila’s death, the way that it went down.

Steffy: Okay, so you, um… you really think if you go to sheila’s memorial service, you’re gonna find some kind of resolution?

Finn: It’s all I got.

Steffy: Fine. I mean, if you have to go then– then go. I just can’t go with you.

Finn: No, of course. And thanks for understanding.

Steffy: I, um… honestly, I don’t really– I don’t really understand it at all, but, um… I guess I can say just don’t be surprised if you and deacon are the only mourners.

Deacon: It’s just sad, you know? You live your whole life, and in the end, there’s just nobody here to mourn you.

Hollis: No, no, no, no, no. You’re here, deacon, and somehow I think that’s enough for sheila.

Deacon: I think it’s gonna have to be. Or not.

Hollis: I’m gonna go check inventory.

Deacon: Hey, thanks, hollis.

Hollis: You’re welcome.

Deacon: I can’t believe you came. I mean, of course I believe it, because… you’re you.

Hope: Well, I didn’t want you to go through this alone.

Deacon: Thank you. It means the world to me. The right age for

Steffy: I’ll just make a few tweaks to the contract and get back to you. Okay. I’m excited to work with you, too. All right, thanks. Bye bye.

Liam: Hey.

Steffy: Hi.

Liam: Hi. I used to love seeing you in, uh, corporate mode.

Steffy: Oh, I remember. So, what brings you by? Get some gossip for spencer publications?

Liam: Uh, actually, I’m just, uh, checking up on hope.

Steffy: I’m sure she’s fine. I’m sure she’s living her best life while my brother is halfway across the world licking his wounds because of her.

Liam: Yeah, well, thomas in paris, uh, works for me. I’m not gonna pretend I’m not kinda psyched those two aren’t in each other’s lives anymore.

Steffy: Yeah, that we can agree on.

Liam: Well, how are you?

Steffy: Yeah, I mean, the whole situation’s been a little tricky with– with sheila. But sheila didn’t come between finn and me when she was alive, and I’m certainly gonna make sure she doesn’t come between us now that she’s dead.

Liam: You know what I heard? I heard that, uh, deacon is having a memorial service at his restaurant for her.

Steffy: I am well aware.

Liam: Finn’s not, uh, he’s– he’s not gonna be in attendance for that, I assume.

Steffy: Oh, he is.

Liam: No, he’s, are you– are you okay with this?

Deacon: It’s sad, you know, it’s a life lived and lost, and nobody cares. I know. I know. I, uh, I reached out to finn. I don’t know if he’s gonna come. It would’ve meant so much to sheila.

Hope: I mean, honestly, I would be surprised if he didn’T. Like, I do know he felt a connection to her.

Deacon: Yeah. Maybe steffy objected. I mean, god knows she has a right to.

Hope: Well, steffy should let finn grieve however he sees fit, and maybe she should stop dictating how other people feel.

Deacon: I don’t know that that’s what happened.

Hope: Hm. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Deacon: Well, I guess there’s no use in putting it off, right? We should get going. There’s not gonna be a mad rush at the door. Shall we?

Hope: Okay.

Deacon: I just can’t believe it’s come to this. We were so happy. We were working together. We were– we were building something. Why the hell did you throw it all away? You came. Great.

Hope: Hey.

Finn: Hey. I’m surprised you’re here.

Hope: Oh, well, I came to support my dad. Look, I– I know– you know how I feel about sheila, but I am really sorry for your loss. You wanna know how I get this glow?

Liam: So, hold on. Finn actually went to sheila’s service?

Steffy: Like it or not, and I hate it, sheila is his birth mother.

Liam: Yeah, I know. And you’re his wife.

Steffy: And I killed her. Look, this is hard for him, and I’m just trying to be understanding.

Liam: Well, that is, uh, that’s awfully generous of you, because from where I’m sitting, him attending this service is a complete betrayal.

Steffy: Okay, finn and i already– we already discussed this.

Liam: I’m sorry if this is touchy, but like, how– how– what did you say? I mean, did you at least push back? Did you ask him what the hell he’s thinking?

Steffy: Liam, I didn’t use those exact words, okay, but I– I told him that I’m not thrilled that he’s going to sheila’s memorial.

Liam: Something is wrong with him, steffy, if his priorities are this misaligned. I mean, I– I don’t know. I– I get it. I get that she’s his birth mother, but he wasn’t– he was raised by two loving parents. He had no connection to sheila until she– until she crashed your wedding. Steffy, steffy, you’re his wife. You are– you’re it. You’re– you’re where his loyalty should be, not sheila.

Hope: You, uh, doing okay?

Finn: Yeah, I’m– I don’t know– I don’t know why I’m feeling so, um…

Deacon: She gave you life, finn. You two are connected forever. Even death can’t change that. She loved you more than anything in this world, and it means so much that you’re here.

Finn: Um, how– how are you holding– holding up?

Deacon: Taking it day by day, sometimes hour by hour. Thank you for asking.

Finn: Well, you were one of the few people, probably the only person who genuinely cared about sheila. You had good feelings for her.

Deacon: I did. Despite what most of the world thinks, including my daughter, sheila wasn’t all bad.

Finn: You knew her better than anyone. So, maybe you can help clarify something I’ve had trouble to understand.

Deacon: I’ll certainly try.

Finn: Because everything that I had heard was sheila was doing pretty well.

Deacon: Yeah, she was. She– your mother had completely turned her life around. She was happy. I mean, she was working here, enjoying it. Most of the time. We were leading a grounded, stable, happy life.

Finn: Then this doesn’t make any sense. Why trash it all? Why break into my home and attack steffy? I mean, sheila had to know that this wouldn’t end well.

Hope: Except we aren’t exactly talking about a normal person, are we, finn? I mean, she probably just snapped. Given sheila’s track record, is that really such a surprise? I mean, she defied logic.

Finn: Yeah, well, whatever the case, I mean, it’s– it’s– it’s tragic.

Hope: I think the real tragedy is the pain that she caused people when she was alive. And now the heartbreak that she is leaving, now that she’s gone. I mean, it’s clear that this is impacting both of you.

Deacon: Could we have a second? I’m sure you know this, finn, but your mom, she– she never really believed that anyone cared about her. And I get a feeling that right now, she is looking down on us with a smile on that beautiful face of hers. And she’s happy. Because you came here. And hope’s right. Sheila, maybe you did defy logic. There was never anyone like you. And there never will be again. I just can’t believe we gotta say goodbye.

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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Il Giardino bartender Hollis helps Deacon set up for Sheila’s memorial service. Deacon wishes that more people would attend.

Liam visits Hope at Forrester, wondering if she’s really going to the service. She tells him that she’s going, to support her dad. He’s also shocked that Finn might attend.

Steffy is not happy to hear that Finn is going to Sheila’s service, either. Later, Liam visits Steffy so that they can both be shocked together about Finn and Hope. Liam uses the opportunity to point out that there’s something wrong with Finn for going to the service.

Deacon is grateful that Hope and Finn show up to the service. Finn asks Deacon why he thinks Sheila suddenly threw away all of her progress and attacked Sheila, but Deacon has no answers. Deacon prepares to say goodbye to Sheila.


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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: Look, we love each other. And our family is safe and secure, so we don’t have to think or talk about anything else, right now.

Finn: You’re not worried about thomas and douglas being so far away?

Steffy: No. No, douglas is curious and he’s intelligent. He’s gonna be really happy. He and thomas are gonna have so much fun in paris.

Finn: Okay, but they’ve been happy here.

Steffy: Look, is it gonna be an adjustment? Yeah, it– it will. It’s gonna take some time, but it was the right move. I’m just really relieved that hope’s not in thomas’ life anymore.

Beth: Hi, daddy!

Liam: Oh, my goodness! What a great surprise! I can’t believe it!

Hope: Laurel’s mom actually just took the kids to the movies.

Liam: Oh, to a movie? Ah. Did you have a good time?

Beth: Yeah, we ate so much popcorn. Maybe mommy can come next time.

Liam: You know, it’s funny you say that. I’ll tell you something about mommy and me. We love a good drama.

Hope: Hm.

Liam: Don’t we? We do.

Beth: I love being together.

Deacon: I told the florist to, uh, you know, keep it understated. Classy.

Hollis: Okay, well the chef wanted me to ask you about the guest count.

Deacon: I’m working on it.

[ Indistinct chatter ] Give me a second. Well, it is good to have the logans back. I’ll have a table for you in just a minute.

Brooke: You didn’t have to rush over to say hello.

Deacon: I was kind of hoping you’d stop in.

Donna: Well, we’ll be here more often now that sheila’s gone. Oh my, I’m– I’m so sorry, deacon, I…

Katie: We– we know that you were, um, close to her.

Brooke: How are you doing?

Deacon: I’m doing okay. I’m actually in the middle of planning an event, which you’re invited to. Doubt you’re gonna wanna come.

Brooke: Oh, what is it?

Deacon: Uh, it’s a memorial service for sheila.

Donna: Oh, so you’re planning a service for sheila.

Katie: Where?

Deacon: Here. You know, not everybody hated her the way you did, katie. I mean, she had friends here at work. She was funny. She was generous. I mean, I know you never saw that side of her, so I don’t expect you to understand.

Brooke: You do understand why we need to decline.

Deacon: Absolutely. It’s gonna be small, but I am gonna reach out to hope and finn.

Hope: It is nice when we get to do things together, isn’t it?

Liam: Yeah, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Uh, schedule might look a little different now, so if it starts to feel a little emptier, I’ll be around.

Beth: Can we go see the baby hippo at the zoo?

Liam: What– what? There’s– there’s a baby hippo at the zoo?

Beth: Can we go this weekend?

Hope: Sure, if your dad isn’t too busy.

Liam: Are you kidding me? Let me tell you something. Do you know what my two favorite things in the whole universe are? You and baby hippos. So, I think it’s settled. And maybe if daddy takes enough anti-nausea medication, we can even ride the carousel!

Beth: Yay! I can’t wait!

Liam: I can’t wait either!

Finn: We’ve said enough about hope and thomas. And debating their relationship, it’s just gonna cause tension in ours, and I don’t want that.

Steffy: I– I get that you feel for hope. Like, I had to defend my brother. I didn’t like the way hope was treating him.

Finn: So, you convinced him to leave town and end his relationship with her?

Steffy: No. No, I encouraged him. It was his decision. It was a courageous one, a healthy one and I support it. 100%. Look, if– you don’t have to. We don’t always have to agree. But I don’t want to, like, tiptoe around each other. Like, our– our marriage shouldn’t be fragile, you know? We should be there for each other. Loving each other. If you spit blood when you brush,

Liam: Okay, I want to know, were there any scary parts in the movie?

Beth: Yeah, but I wasn’t scared. Laurel was. I held her hand, told her, good guys always win.

Liam: Oh, my god. See, do you know, you get that from your mother.

Hope: Aw, aren’t we lucky to share such a sweet, smart, funny little girl?

Liam: Yes, we are.

[ Phone chimes ] Uh.

Hope: Ha, guess what? Alexis is ready. You gonna help her pick out some fabric swatches?

Beth: Yes.

Liam: Oh, my god, my daughter is busier than I am. Come here! You have the best, best, best, best time, okay?

Beth: I love you, daddy.

Liam: I love you too. More than the alphabet will let me tell you.

Hope: Um, don’t worry, we’re gonna see him this weekend, okay?

Liam: Yeah, it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

Hope: Uh, will you stick around? I’ll be right back.

Liam: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Hope: All right, lead the way.

Hollis: Ladies, is there anything else I can get for you?

Brooke: Ah, no, this is great, thank you. Good to see you.

Hollis: Good to see you too, brooke.

Deacon: How’s everything taste?

Donna: Oh, really good.

Brooke: Yeah, it’s delicious.

Deacon: Okay.

Brooke: Oh, wait, we didn’t mean to be cruel.

Deacon: No, no, no, of course not, I know.

Katie: Look, it’s just– I’m sure hope is being supportive, but asking her to celebrate sheila’s life, I just– I think that’s a mistake.

Donna: Yeah, and you probably shouldn’t count on finn either.

Deacon: I don’t know about that, donna. I mean, I think there’s always been a connection between sheila and finn. I mean, it’s like a undeniable bond.

Katie: Sheila caused him so much pain. She was a constant threat to his family. I mean, I can’t imagine that there’s any memory of her that he would want to recall.

Deacon: Well, he’s still her son, and I think he deserves to know about his birth mother’s memorial.

[ Phone rings ]

Steffy: The hospital?

Finn: No. This is dr. Finnegan.

Deacon: Hey, finn, uh, it’s deacon. Hi.

Finn: Deacon, hey.

Deacon: Listen, I know you’re busy, you’ve got a lot going on with the family, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I’m gonna be having a memorial service for sheila.

Finn: Oh.

Deacon: Yeah, it’s gonna be here at the restaurant. It’s gonna be small. I’ve only told a couple people. Look, I know things with you and sheila were complicated, even more so now with everything that’s gone on. With the way sheila passed, I… finn, listen to me. She was your mother. She brought you into this world, and I know that she let you go, but she never forgot about you. Please try and stop by.

Finn: Yeah, um, I don’t know about that, deacon.

Deacon: You were so important to her. I know she’d want you here. You know, sheila could never have the relationship she wanted with you, but finn, I’m telling you, she loved you. She loved you more than anything in this world.

Finn: Well, uh, thanks for letting me know.

Steffy: Letting you know what? What was that about?

Finn: Um, sorry, I just– um, I wasn’t expecting that.

Steffy: Why did deacon call you?

Finn: He’s having a memorial service for sheila. And he wants me to be there.

Bother the bugs.

Brooke: What did finn say?

Deacon: Um, not much. He was kind of surprised.

Brooke: Okay, well, we just don’t want you to get your hopes up.

Deacon: Maybe a little better luck with my own kid.

Brooke: Oh, deacon.

Liam: Hey. Well, our daughter’s enthusiasm sure is infectious, isn’t it?

Hope: Yes, she was really excited to help alexis pick out some fabric.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I meant what I said earlier. We’re really lucky to have such a smart, just kind, funny, and happy little girl.

Liam: We are. We should be– we should be grateful every day.

[ Phone rings ]

Hope: Uh, sorry. Hey, dad.

Deacon: Hey, daughter. You got a minute?

Hope: Uh, yeah, sure. Um, sure. How are you? I’ve been thinking about you.

Deacon: That’s sweet. I’ve been hanging in there.

Hope: Me too.

Deacon: Listen, I know that this is not a great subject for us, but you’ve been so supportive lately.

Hope: Are you calling about sheila?

Deacon: Hope, I know you were never gonna accept sheila in my life.

Hope: Well, I know you cared about her, and you miss her.

Deacon: I do. Which is why I’m calling. I’m gonna have a memorial service for her here at the restaurant soon.

Hope: For sheila?

Deacon: Yeah, um, look, um, no pressure, all right? I just– you’ve really been there for me.

Hope: Dad, I…

Deacon: Look, you know, I know it’s a lot to ask. I just wanted to extend the invitation.

Hope: I mean, I’m kind of in the middle of something right now, so I don’t really have an answer for you, but could i take some time?

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, of course. And if it makes any difference, I invited finn too.

Hope: So he’s gonna be there?

Deacon: I don’t know. Maybe. But it sure would mean a lot if you were. Think about it.

Hope: I will.

Liam: Well, that was… interesting from my point of view. Everything okay?

Hope: Yeah, uh, my dad just extended an invitation. You’ll never guess to where.

Steffy: Is deacon out of his mind? What is he thinking?

Finn: I– I don’t know.

Steffy: He wants you to go to sheila’s memorial at il giardino. The place where she shot us and left us to die?

Finn: The irony’s not lost on me either. I mean, it’s his restaurant, she worked there. I mean, he— he sounded pretty broken up about it.

Steffy: Well, he should keep his grief to himself.

Finn: He didn’t pressure me, steffy. He assumed I would say no.

Steffy: Then why would he call you? I mean, if he actually believes that you’re gonna go, then he’s a bigger fool than I thought.

Finn: Well, it never occurred to me that there would even be a service.

Steffy: There shouldn’t be a service. Not for sheila. Finn, we were just talking about this. That we should concentrate on us. Our future. Our family. Sheila caused so much pain. She tore our family apart. Tell me this is over. Tell me you’re not gonna go to sheila’s memorial. (Chef vo) fancy feast.

Brooke: You spoke to hope.

Deacon: I’ll tell you, that kids blows me away with her compassion.

Brooke: Yeah.

Deacon: Asked how I was doing, first thing.

Katie: You told her about the memorial service?

Deacon: Yeah, I did. It– it kinda caught her off guard. Seems like everybody’s pretty much forgotten about sheila. I mean, I don’t even know if hope’s gonna come.

Brooke: You can’t pressure her or guilt trip her.

Deacon: No, no way. I would never do that.

Katie: She likes to please people. If she senses that you’re hurting– I am hurting. It hurts like hell. I miss sheila. You know, I thought I could help her. I thought I could give her a fresh start. And hope has been so supportive. She’s been so caring and helpful. You know what she did the minute she found out? She came over here to make sure that I wasn’t alone. I mean, that, it– it meant the world to me. And it would mean a lot to me if she was here for the service.

Liam: So, how are you? You okay?

Hope: Oh, just a little blindsided.

Liam: Yeah, I’ll bet. Deacon can’t expect you to– to attend sheila’s memorial.

Hope: Well, he did ask me to be there for him.

Liam: Yeah, no, I know. You’ve been there for him. This is a whole other level. Asking you to sit around and listen to a bunch of his employees say nice things about the boss’s psycho girlfriend.

Hope: I just– I think he needs to say goodbye in his own way.

Liam: Yeah, I know. Some of us need to say good riddance in our own way.

Hope: I feel the same way, liam.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: I was not a fan of sheila’S. I mean, I already lost so much time with my dad, and then she drove a wedge between us even more, and not to mention all of the horrific things that she has done to people I care about.

Liam: Hope, just say no. You don’t have to do it. Nobody else is gonna go to this thing.

Hope: Well, he– he did invite finn.

Liam: You think finn’s gonna go?

Hope: I don’t know. But after all of the things that sheila’s put him through, I, um, but at the same time, that is his birth mother. And if there’s anyone who might want to pay his respects, it– it might be finn.

Steffy: There’s no reason for you to attend. Deacon’s crazy to ask.

Finn: Well, maybe it’s his way of closing the chapter.

Steffy: The chapter’s closed, finn. Look, I understand that this is difficult for you. She’s your birth mother. You have some kind of connection, but she’s– she’s gone. She died. She died right here, and we’re both struggling with that. Deacon should be aware of that.

Finn: He just told me what he’s planning, that’s all.

Steffy: Well, going there is gonna remind us of what happened. Sheila coming here, she chose to hurt me, she wanted to kill me, and I had to defend myself. Have we forgotten? She came here. I didn’t want to do anything, but I had no choice. Like, what do you expect?

Finn: I know. I know all this. Honey, I do not blame you for her death.

Steffy: No, I just– I want to put it behind us. Because I want to feel like she can’t hurt us anymore.

Finn: Sweetheart, she can’T. Okay? I’m sorry– I’m sorry that this is still so difficult. We’re gonna be okay. There’s no reason to dredge all this up. You know where I stand. Right? With you. Our family. You’re my priority.

Steffy: I’m gonna get ready and go to the office.

Finn: Okay.

Steffy: I love you.

Finn: I love you.

Finn: Mom, thank you. You saved her. Steffy, where’s sheila?

Steffy: Sheila’s dead.

Deacon: You were so important to her. I know she’d want you there. You couldn’t have the relationship that she wished for, but she loved you, finn. More than anything in this world.

Steffy: You know what sheila did. The pain she caused our families. But it’s over now. Tell me it’s over. You won’t go to sheila’s memorial.

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy tells Finn that although she’ll miss Thomas and Douglas, she knows that they’re better off without Hope. They argue a little bit.

Liam and Hope share a warm family moment as they greet Beth, who was just dropped off at Forrester by another mom.

Deacon makes preparations with bartender Hollis for Sheila’s memorial service. The Logan sisters arrive, so he tells them about it. Things are a bit awkward. He invites them, but they decline. Deacon phones Finn and Hope to invite them.

Steffy can’t believe that Finn is considering going to Sheila’s memorial. Liam feels the same way about Hope.


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B&B Transcript Monday, April 1, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Hope: So, uh… you heard?

Liam: About thomas leaving town? Yeah.

Hope: So what, did you come to celebrate? Say I told you so?

Finn: Gotta be a rough time for hope. Not only did your brother leave town, but he took douglas with him.

Steffy: It’s what douglas wanted, to be with his dad. It was his choice.

Finn: But even so, we know how much hope loves douglas. It must’ve been a real blow for her.

Steffy: Okay, babe, I know we may not see eye to eye on this, but hope is not a victim here. She’s another logan, who’s caused countless heartache in my family.

Luna: Oh, my god! What happened? What– what am I doing here?

Zende: That’s what I asked myself when you surprised me here last night.

Rj: Hey, told you she’d be in here hard at work, of course. Hi.

Luna: Hi.

Zende: Hey, luna. So, uh, have you heard the latest?

Luna: About?

Zende: Thomas.

Rj: He, uh, left on a plane to paris last night.

Luna: Oh, like a last minute business trip?

Rj: So, apparently, thomas proposed to hope. Again. And, um, she still couldn’t accept, and that was the final straw for thomas, so he just told her he was going away. And then he decided to take douglas with him.

Zende: And off they went.

Luna: Is hope okay with all of this?

Rj: Uh, no. No, she’s not okay with any of it. But, I mean, you can’t blame her. I mean, she just wasn’t ready to marry the guy, and… anyway, how this affects you is that it does change things around here. Um, especially where my sister’s line’s concerned.

Zende: Thomas has bowed out completely. He will no longer be working on hope for the future.

Luna: This is crazy. What does this mean for the line, then?

Rj: It means that we all have to step up, in thomas’s absence, for hope.

Hope: All right, go ahead. Do your little victory dance.

Liam: I didn’t come here to gloat.

Hope: Oh. Well, then, a lecture? I mean, it’s only fair that you have your shot, too. I mean, I have been read the riot act by steffy.

Finn: Do you really need to make this about the forresters versus the logans?

Steffy: You haven’t lived it the way my family and I have. I mean, the logans, they would relentlessly try to tear my family apart, and now hope is following in brooke’s footsteps.

Finn: You don’t think you’re exaggerating just a little bit?

Steffy: No, I do not. Not after everything hope has done to thomas. I mean, she’s been laser focused on him. She had him designing for her line. And she knew that he was crazy about her, that he was in love with her, but she didn’t care. She led him on. She played with his emotions. I mean, hope is not the innocent girl she once was. Themselves to yo hate this


Luna: God, I really hate this for hope.

Rj: Yeah, we all do.

Luna: I mean, there’s no way that they could just somehow work it out.

Rj: Well, hope wanted to. I mean, she still loves him. She just wasn’t ready to get married to him, but apparently it was all or nothing for thomas.

Zende: If hope couldn’t commit, thomas wasn’t gonna hang around hoping that she might change her mind one day.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, I guess I can see his point.

Zende: Yeah, me too. It’s hard when you care about someone, but they can’t give themselves to you in the way that you’d like them to.

Rj: Well, I’m sure hope had her reasons. I mean, I’m sure they were very good ones.

Zende: They just weren’t good enough for thomas.

Luna: Well, hey, I’m sorry for the way things ended, but I don’t know, maybe with a little time and distance?

Zende: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Luna: I’m being a hopeless romantic, aren’t I?

Rj: No, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I do think, though, for thomas and hope, they’re– they’re done.

Luna: Okay, well, what about douglas? I mean, is he gonna stay with thomas indefinitely or is he gonna come back and stay with hope?

Zende: I think he wants to be with his dad.

Rj: Anyway, it’s all the more reason that we need to get behind hope and support her right now.

Liam: You really think, uh, that’s why I’m here, that’s why I came? Just to rub it in?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Well, steffy’s had her turn, so it’s only fair. Go ahead. Let’s hear it.

Liam: We may not be married anymore, but I don’t particularly get off on watching you hurt, either.

Hope: Well, it’s a little late for that.

Liam: Yeah, well, that’s on thomas and his, uh, expectations. Unrealistic ones, as it turns out.

Hope: Yeah, I just, um, wasn’t ready to accept a proposal just yet.

Liam: And he should’ve understood that. You’ve literally done nothing to feel guilty about here.

Hope: I did hurt him, liam. And now he wants nothing to do with me, and he has taken douglas with him.

Liam: Yeah, that, um, that part had to hurt.

Hope: You know how much I love douglas. I’ve been his mother since he was little, and even though i am not his birth mother, he is my son in all of the ways that count. And it certainly wasn’t the goodbye that I wanted.

Liam: Yeah, because his father whisked him away, basically in the middle of the night.

Hope: I don’t think thomas would’ve done that if it weren’t for steffy. I mean, she is behind all of this.

Liam: Why– how– why do you think that?

Hope: Liam, she told me to my face. She claims she’s just looking out for her brother, but really, we know the truth. Just like you. She has, um, never really wanted thomas and me together. And now she has made certain that that will never happen ever again.

Liam: You– you think this is all steffy’s doing?

Hope: No, not all of it. I did break thomas’ heart. I did. But steffy has certainly made the situation worse.

Steffy: Thomas used to be obsessed with hope, but he turned his life around. I mean, he completely redefined himself, his life. Like, he’s a– he’s a good person. He’s a wonderful father, an exceptional designer. I mean, the only thing he really wanted was hope. He wanted hope to love him. And what does she do? She leaves him heartbroken.

Finn: It sounds like hope’s heartbroken, too.

Steffy: She brought this on herself. She ruined things with liam. She destroyed things with– with thomas. You shouldn’t feel sorry for her. No one should. You know, whatever hope wants or whatever I think it’ll bring us c people ready to step up. I’ve never seen two people

Zende: Thomas totally got hope’s vision. I’ve never seen two people more in sync, professionally speaking. The good news is, hope has a supportive team in place. People ready to step up.

Rj: Yeah, like zende and me. And you know, I know we’ve had our issues, but, uh, I think this is gonna be good for us. I think it’ll bring us closer together.

Zende: That’s a nice thought, cuz.

Luna: And look, I’ll pitch in, too. You know, whatever hope wants or whatever she needs.

Rj: Yeah, that’d be great. I’m sure she’d love that and zende would appreciate it, too.

Zende: Come again.

Rj: Well, I mean, you haven’t really gotten a chance to work with luna and see how professional and talented she is.

Liam: I was, uh, hoping it wouldn’t get to this point between you and steffy again.

Hope: Well, it wouldn’t have if steffy didn’t go on the offensive for her brother.

Liam: Yeah, why– why is that surprising? Steffy’s always been hyper protective of thomas.

Hope: I’m so tired of hearing that get thrown around as if it’s some sort of excuse, like it justifies her behavior. And, liam, you should’ve heard the things that she was saying to me. It was like it didn’t even cross her mind that she was destroying a family. It didn’t matter to her. As long as I was out of thomas’ life, if douglas is collateral damage, well then so be it.

Liam: Oh, well, come on. I mean, I– I– I know that you’re upset.

Hope: Oh no, I– I am upset, liam. I am. The breakup with thomas was hard enough, but for steffy to play chess with my family? To involve douglas? That… that is a step too far. Liam, he was heartbroken. He was saying things like, “why aren’t daddy and I enough?” Like, do you not love us enough?

Liam: Oh.

Hope: Yeah.

Liam: I’m sorry.

Hope: I am, I’m sorry too. I just– I would’ve given anything to have spared douglas that.

Liam: Just give him time. He loves you.

Hope: I love him too. Oh, I just wish thomas had taken some time to have, you know, thought about everything a little more before he left. But, you know, steffy just had to stir things up and destroy what we had. Look, liam, I know that you don’t want to believe it and you don’t think it’s true, probably, but… steffy is responsible for a lot of this. Thomas and douglas, they would still be here if steffy hadn’t gotten involved.

Finn: Look, I know that you’ve been going through a lot lately, but don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?

Steffy: Why? Because hope’s some sweet, innocent chick? She hasn’t done anything bad in her life? No, things turned for her the moment she put my brother through hell.

Finn: Babe, just listen, okay? I know that you’re hurting for thomas, but let’s not–

Steffy: What are we talking about? She manipulated him. That’s extremely cruel. She played with his emotions. Like, I don’t know if she was doing it to get back at me or my family, like… I– I wouldn’t put it past her. But, you know, kids were involved, like douglas. Douglas had his hopes up and so did thomas. He thought they were gonna be a family, but she wasn’t gonna commit. No, she was just leading him on.

Finn: Look, I understand that your relationship with hope has been long and complicated and often unpleasant. I’m just saying that I don’t think you can put all of the blame on hope. If you’re one of the millions of people with diabetes Here in quite a short

Zende: I already know how amazing luna is. Everyone at forrester does. She’s made a name for herself here in quite a short period of time. So, it would be my pleasure working more closely with luna.

Hope: I realize that if I had just accepted thomas’ proposal, that things would be very different right now. Thomas knew where my head was at. We were on the same page. Until steffy got in her brother’s head and just told him I was using him. Told him that I was just another trashy logan and refused to see what was actually there between me and her brother. How much I loved him. Which, I– I know you don’t want to hear that.

Liam: Sure don’T.

Hope: It’s true, liam. I do love thomas. I mean, would we have gotten married? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball, but we never really had a fair chance to find out. No, steffy just did everything in her power to undermine me, to her brother, to pollute his opinion of me, to make it forrester versus logan all over again, so it’s been real fun in this workplace recently. I’m sorry. This was, uh, quite a bit of an overshare.

Liam: It’s all right. You’re going through a lot. If you, uh, if need a little more help with beth going forward, I’ll be around. I’m not gonna lie, uh… and I’m not going to pretend I’m not relieved that thomas is out of your and our daughter’s life. And I– you know what? I’m gonna go out on a limb and I’m going to say that, uh, I think you’ll find this is a good thing in the end. I really do. I think, you know, and who knows, maybe, um, there’s someone else out there, another man comes into your life who’s, uh, well, worth saying yes to.

Finn: You getting all wound up over this, it’s just– it’s not good for you. Okay, babe? And putting all this on hope, I mean, maybe just– maybe try feeling for her a little bit.

Steffy: Feel for her? Finn, come on.

Finn: I mean, hope, she’s had her own challenges too. I mean, liam dumps her and she’s just trying to find her way and figure her life out.

Steffy: She wasn’t dumped by liam. She chased after thomas in rome. She kissed thomas.

Finn: Okay, yes, but all I’m saying is just maybe try to have a little compassion, okay? So this doesn’t escalate and spiral out of control.

Steffy: Well, hope did say because I was interfering in their relationship that, uh, I’m gonna regret it.

Finn: Did hope threaten you?

Steffy: Yeah, I’m not– I’m not worried about that. But I don’t like you defending her.

Finn: I’m not defending her. Okay, you are my wife, okay? You come first, you always will. I’m just saying she is obviously lost, okay? And part of me feels for her now in that way.

Steffy: Okay, I mean, like, that I get. Like, you’re always trying to find the best in someone and that’s– that’s really sweet and I love that about you. So, let’s not let hope or thomas or sheila’s death get in between us, okay?

Finn: No.

Steffy: What’s important is our love for each other and our family. That’s what matters, okay? Always.

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B&B Transcript Friday, March 29, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Hope: Thomas has left me. He’s taking our son to paris. You’ve gotten your way, and yet you are still standing here, rubbing my face in it.

Steffy: You hurt my brother. This is the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Hope: You just couldn’t leave us alone, could you?

Steffy: You had your chance, but you couldn’t commit. Now it’s time for you to learn a lesson. Do not mess with me and my family. Brooke may have stolen my father, but you will not steal my brother.

Brooke: Thomas didn’t even take a second to think it over.

Ridge: This has been brewing for quite some time. He proposed to hope again, she turned him down again. He hit his breaking point.

Brooke: Yeah, well, for him to take douglas and fly off to paris without even– barely discussing it with his mother.

Ridge: You heard douglas. He wanted to go.

Brooke: Oh, ridge. He’s a child. He doesn’t understand the enormity of this situation. And he doesn’t know how hurt hope is. I mean, her whole world is turned upside-down.

Ridge: This all happened pretty quickly. It did.

Brooke: Yes, it did.

Ridge: And I’m sorry, and, uh… hope must be in shock, but… she was never gonna marry thomas. So he moved on.

Luna: Rj loves me and– and trusts me, and this is what I do to him?

Zende: It was definitely mutual. It’s something that we both wanted.

Luna: How could– how could I do this to him?

Zende: Hey, luna?

Luna: Zende. I– I didn’t realize you were coming.

Zende: Rj didn’t get my text? We have some stuff to go over for hope for the future.

Luna: Uh, yeah. He just went out for a run.

Zende: Ah. Well, I, um– I guess that gives us a moment to catch up. So, how is everything? You look like you just went for a swim.

Luna: Earlier. Yeah, it was nice.

Zende: Cool. Listen, luna, I hope you’re not still stressed out over our night together.

Zende: Are you okay? I really hope you’re not stressing out over that night together.

Luna: I wish I could say I wasn’t, but… look, it’s nothing personal, okay? I mean, I like you, zende.

Zende: No, I get it. You and rj are a couple.

Luna: Yeah, I never meant to betray him.

Zende: I know.

Luna: It’s just– it’s not who I am.

Zende: I am assuming that you still haven’t told him?

Luna: He still has no idea.

Brooke: Hope wasn’t ready. Okay, what if she let thomas put that ring on her finger and then she changed her mind?

Ridge: That wouldn’t have been good either.

Brooke: Exactly! Because she’s honest. She’s real. She’s truthful. And now she’s being punished for it.

Ridge: No one’s being punished. What did you want thomas to do? Just wait around, see if she changes her mind? Just put his whole life on hold?

Brooke: You’re starting to sound like steffy.

Steffy: You never truly wanted thomas. He was like a plaything to you, something you possess.

Hope: I wasn’t stealing thomas, steffy. I love him.

Steffy: Love him or leading him on?

Hope: Why are you so cynical?

Steffy: Because I know you, hope.

Hope: You went too far, steffy. You’ve crossed a line.

Steffy: Hope, he’s my brother. I was tired of you messing with his emotions, treating him like some kind of sex toy.

A year after a heart attack,

Zende: Are you still considering telling rj?

Luna: Yeah, I mean, I think about it every day. Every second that I don’t say anything feels like a lie.

Zende: Try not to look at it like that.

Luna: I mean, it’s been so hard keeping this from rj. He’d feel so betrayed, zende. If he knew what you and I– even though it was a mistake, he’d still be crushed.

Zende: Yeah.

Luna: And look, I’m not doing this to protect myself. I’m– I’m doing it to protect you and your relationship with your cousin. I mean, you guys are like the next generation of forresters.

Zende: I appreciate that you’re concerned about me and rj. I am too. I don’t wanna hurt him either. But I’m also concerned about you. I can’t stop thinking about you, how you’re doing. And… I think a lot about that night together. Part of me is mortified. But another part… it’s no secret, luna. I’m crazy about you.

Ridge: Well, let’s face it. Hope and thomas, they’re in different stages of their lives. Thomas wanted to try something new, and she didn’T.

Brooke: She explained why she was hesitant.

Ridge: Yeah. Kids, divorce, all that stuff. Or maybe she didn’t think that thomas was marrying material.

Brooke: I’m starting to believe that she can’t forgive thomas for that baby beth debacle.

Ridge: Maybe. Who knows? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. If you have to talk someone into loving you, then… it’s never gonna work. I mean, this part of their life, they should be ecstatic about where they are, who they are. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They– dizzy, right? Just loving each other all day.

Brooke: Is that how you feel– or felt– about me?

Ridge: Feel or felt? I feel this way now. I never stopped feeling that way. I’m– I’m dizzy myself. I can’t– you’re blurry to me. I can’t even see you. That’s how much I love you. It’s always been that way. I’m an expert. Having loved someone like you for so long, I know that if it’s not there in the beginning, it’s never gonna be there. Whether steffy’s gonna interfere or not.

Brooke: Well, she did interfere. She was really mean to my daughter.

Ridge: All right, let’s– let’s not do that. Let’s not blame steffy for everything.

Brooke: Ridge, how could I not? She has it out for hope. She even admitted it herself.

Ridge: She was protecting her brother. She was concerned about him. So was I. And I think taking his son and leaving is the best thing he could’ve done.

Brooke: How can you say that?

Ridge: How can I say that? He’s devastated. Your daughter broke his heart.

Hope: You are so wrong for that. What thomas and I share is more than just physical.

Steffy: I don’t believe you. You were really just in it for the high and the attention.

Hope: Well, I don’t really owe you an explanation, steffy, but you should know I do love your brother.

Steffy: Yeah, I think you were just pretending. You were stringing him along. I mean, you even wore his ring as a stupid necklace.

Hope: Okay, fun fact, that was thomas’ idea.

Steffy: Okay, hope, if you felt uncomfortable with it, then why wouldn’t you say something? Why wouldn’t you say, “hey, I don’t know, I don’t “think I wanna marry you.”

Hope: You weren’t there. You don’t know how I feel. And I was open to the possibility of heading down that road with him.

Steffy: Yeah, the possibility. Maybe, eventually. I personally think it was never gonna happen. You were just using him as some kind of, like, casual hook-up.

Hope: Mmm? [ Scoffs ] Are you, uh– are you really trying to shame me right now? I mean, steffy forrester, the morality police? Wow.

Steffy: If you were straight with thomas, if you wanted to have your fun, that would’ve been the honorable thing to do. But you didn’t do that. No, you wanted to play with his emotions, put him on a leash. Control him with sex, the same way your mother did with my father and my grandfather.

Hope: How dare you?

Steffy: Don’t even try it. (Vo) welcome to lobsterfest. Is your party ready?

Zende: I know that night didn’t go the way I thought it did. We can both agree it was a very weird situation.

Luna: Definitely.

Zende: I thought you were into me. I was happy about it. I thought that we were starting a relationship.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, that entire night was just– it was crazy. Like, how were you supposed to know that I had accidentally taken my mother’s special mints and mixing them with champagne would make me hallucinate?

[ Sighs ] Those damn mints.

Zende: Had I even known that you were remotely… I would not have let us do that.

Luna: I’m not mad at you, zende. I don’t blame you for this.

Zende: I’m glad about that. That you don’t blame me. But… do you ever think about me? I’m not trying to put you on the spot or anything, but… putting aside everything else, is there a part of you that thinks about us? That wonders whether we might be good together?

Brooke: I just wish thomas hadn’t run off like that.

Ridge: I’m gonna miss him too. But he had no choice. He had to go. Seeing hope every day would be too painful.

Brooke: Running away doesn’t solve any problems. And it only makes it worse for those that are left behind.

Hope: I don’t need to defend my character to you.

Steffy: The truth is, hope, you never valued thomas the way he deserves. That’s why he’s gone. Not because of me. Not because of anyone else. He is tired of proving himself to you.

Hope: You must be blind, steffy. How have you not seen how happy we are together? Are you really that selfish that you had to go and destroy your brother’s healthiest relationship that he has ever had? You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? Just spewing accusations about me. That, what, I’m– I’m a logan? Out to destroy a forrester man? Really?

Steffy: I don’t know. Would you?

[ Hope laughs ]

Hope: Wow, you really are unbelievable. Steffy, not everything is about you. This was not about us or our history. I’m not out to get– wh– what do you think it is? Revenge?

Steffy: I wouldn’t put it past you, hope.

Hope: You really are heartless. Thomas and I were working through things. And it took me a while to find forgiveness, to trust your brother again. And we were growing together, steffy. I haven’t forgotten the things that he has done to me in his past, and yet I gave him a chance. Because I love him. And we were building something together, steffy. For us. For hope for the future. For our families. And now we will never know what that future looks like because of you.

Steffy: Yeah, okay. Go ahead. Blame me. Okay.

Hope: Oh, I– I will. Because you know what, steffy? You are just a sad, human wrecking ball who had to go and destroy something beautiful that your brother and I were building together.

Reese’s eggs are back

Ridge: Thomas had no choice but to say goodbye.

Brooke: But to not give hope any say in the matter? Douglas is her son too. They have joint custody.

Ridge: I know. But he felt he had to go, and he now has the tools to deal with what he’s going through. And douglas, he asked his mom. He wanted to be with his dad.

Brooke: But hope adores that boy. She loves him as if he were her own.

Ridge: I know all that, and– and I’m sorry for her. It’s– it’s awful.

Brooke: It’s such a mess.

Ridge: I didn’t want it to end this way. Or not at all. If only hope could– I don’t– I don’t even know.

Brooke: Hope did the best she could do, ridge, under the circumstances. She wasn’t toying with thomas. She really does love him. She just wanted to wait till she was ready. And it– you would think that steffy being a wife and a mother would understand that and give some empathy to hope, but no. No, what does she do? She waited for that first opportunity to attack my daughter.

Steffy: You try to paint this picture of you and thomas like some great, big love story. And maybe thomas thought it was. But I know you didn’T.

Hope: You don’t know what’s in my heart, steffy, because you have never really made an effort to get to know me. You just always assumed the worst.

Steffy: Hope, all you did was give my brother false hope. He loved you. He would’ve given you everything. He would’ve given you the whole world. But you didn’t care. You know what? I don’t care about your feelings. I’m never gonna buy it.

Hope: Okay, well, ridge did. Oh, is that news to you? Your father was actually rooting for us. He even told me that he wanted me to be his daughter-in-law.

Steffy: Right. Okay, maybe my father fell for the whole logan propaganda, but I’m not. I see you for who you are. You’re disgusting. You’re trash. You really are. You just think about yourself. It’s all “me, me, me, and I just “wanna sleep with whoever “I want, and I don’t care.” Look at all the things that happened with you and liam. Liam told you not to mess with thomas, and you did. Why? Because you’re a pathetic little slut.

Hope: [ Gasps ] Oh! There it is. Are you trying to be stephanie now?

Steffy: Maybe I am.

Hope: Well, that was cute, but I’m not going to take the bait and stoop as low as you. Is your life really this sad and pathetic that you have to go and destroy something beautiful? And, oh, by the way, you did it to your own brother? And now thomas is leaving, and he is taking my son, and that is only because you turned them against me.

Steffy: Thomas was tired of the uncertainty. And I heard douglas was over it too.

Hope: Enough! I’ve had it. You’ve torn my life apart. Congratulations. But you’re only doing that because you are so unhappy in your own life. And now my relationship is over. My family is being split in half, and you are just standing here, reveling in it? The fact that you have destroyed your brother’s family. You’re smiling. And that is sick. Mark my words: You are going to regret this. And I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but you’re gonna regret it.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Nikki: Sheila carter.

Eric: No longer a threat.

Deacon: I’m gonna be having a memorial service for sheila. Please try and stop by.

Liam: You don’t have to do it. Nobody else is gonna go to this thing.

Steffy: She shot us. How can you even consider going?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, March 28, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: What, you think I was too harsh on brooke?

Ridge: Well, you certainly get your point across. I don’t like when you go after her like that. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t help anything. You’re going through some stuff, so I’m going to let that slide.

Steffy: One thing has nothing to do with the other. I don’t like how brooke’s defending hope’s behavior.

Ridge: Okay. And do you think you got through to thomas, about ending it with hope?

Steffy: Seemed like it. This whole situation’s ridiculous. Thomas.

Thomas: Well, it’s done.

Ridge: Done?

Thomas: I ended things with hope.

[ Door opens ]

Hope: Not now, I need a minute.

[ Door closes ] Mom, now is really not the best time.

Brooke: Hope, what happened? How can I help?

Hope: No, you can’T. You can’t help. You can’t help.

Brooke: Talk to me.

Hope: About what?

Brooke: About you and thomas.

Hope: Well, uh. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because this ring is never going to be on my finger. It’s over. Thomas left me.

Hope: I love him. I love him, mom, I– I really do.

Brooke: Sometimes, that isn’t enough, honey, if things just aren’t meant to be. I am shocked, though. I thought he was devoted to you. And he was so dead set on having a life with you for years now.

Hope: I thought I could count on him, too. I thought, uh, he was always going to be there for me, but, um… now he’s abandoning us and what we share. I… oh, I just– I couldn’t say yes. I couldn’t say yes. But, mom, I mean. I think you know that I wasn’t ready for marriage. I wasn’t ready for that again. I wanted him in my life, mom, I did. And that is not going to be a reality now, thanks to steffy. Yeah. Oh gosh, she’s just couldn’t help herself. I mean, she just kept hounding him. Attacking our relationship. I mean, thomas wouldn’t be doing this right now if it wasn’t for steffy. She poisoned him against me.

Marshalls buyers are detail

obsessed perfectionists.

Brooke: I’ve spoken to steffy, and I’ve got to say, I don’t disagree with you. She definitely stuck her nose in this situation. And she’s doing whatever she can to undermine your relationship with thomas.

Hope: Well, it worked. Thomas took the bait. God, she had no right to interfere.

Brooke: She claims that she’s being a protective sister.

Hope: Oh, bull. Mom, she played the forrester versus logan card. She attacked me. She attacked you. She attacked our entire family. And now she’s attacking my family with thomas and douglas.

Brooke: Douglas isn’t gonna take this well.

Hope: No, he’s going to be very upset when he finds out.

Douglas: Hey, donna said you were in here.

Hope: Oh, douglas, hi. Hi honey, I didn’t realize you were going to be here today.

Douglas: Yeah, dad called. He arranged it.

Hope: Okay, uh, um, actually that’s perfect timing because I think we have some things that we need to talk about. Mom, do you mind if you, uh…

Brooke: No, of course. I’ll give the two of you some space, okay.

Hope: Okay. Um, I’m going to reach out to your dad real fast ’cause i think this is a conversation that he needs to be a part of.

Douglas: I already know.

Hope: Know what?

Douglas: Dad told me. You turned down his proposal again. He’s not the only one who got his hopes up.

Ridge: It’s a big step, son.

Thomas: Big step, uh-huh. It’s– it’s a painful step, but it’s a necessary one.

Brooke: Hey, I thought you should know douglas is here.

Thomas: Good. He’s in with hope now?

Brooke: Yes. Look, thomas, I’m not sure you’re aware how devastated hope really is.

Steffy: Any devastation hope feels isn’t because of thomas. She’s facing the consequences of her own actions.

Brooke: The consequences of your interference, you mean. I know you two are in a lot of pain, so is this really necessary?

Thomas: It– seriously, brooke? What’s with the 180?

Brooke: What?

Thomas: Your daughter’s not ready to marry me. You got what you wanted.

Ridge: She didn’t want either one of you to be hurting like this.

Thomas: I’m not with hope anymore. That’s what she’s wanted for years.

Douglas: Why did you make it seem like we could be a family?

Hope: We are a family.

Douglas: Not really. Not if you don’t want to marry my dad.

Hope: Douglas, we’ve always been a family, and I’m not sure what your father has told you, but–

Douglas: You don’t wanna get married.

Hope: You know what? You’re right. I don’t wanna get married. Not yet. Not today. Marriage is a really, really big commitment, and I didn’t feel like I was ready for that yet. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be ready in the future. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t love your father. And it certainly isn’t a reflection of how I feel about you.

Douglas: I know you love me, and I think you kind of love dad, too. Just not enough to marry, to make us a real family. Why? What’s wrong? Why aren’t we good enough? You don’t love us enough? – Look mom! – Wow!

Brooke: Despite what you think, thomas, this isn’t what I wanted at all. But you do remember, I– I warned you. When you first proposed, I told you, you might end up disappointed.

Ridge: Disappointed? It’s a little more than that. His whole world crashed around him.

Steffy: Yeah, because brooke’s daughter used him, and finally thomas came to his senses.

Thomas: Steffy, I appreciate you. I appreciate you trying to look after me, but I can’t have you attacking hope. Brooke, I love your daughter. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted to provide for her and I wanted to protect her.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Intense music playing ]

Hope: We overcame so much to be together. Everyone’s objections, everything that has happened in the past, and thomas, it’s been worth it, right?

Thomas: I thought so.

Hope: Don’t do that. Not past tense. Thomas, we share something special. You make me feel a way that I’ve never felt with anyone else before.

Thomas: But you won’t marry me.

Hope: Ugh! Because I need more time! Do I really have to explain this, thomas? You know my history with liam. You know I just got divorced, and, god, I just wanted a moment to breathe, to discover who I am. And I– I thought we were on that same journey together. I– I really thought you understood. Thomas, please. Do not let steffy get in your head. Don’t let her destroy what we share. I– I can’t lose you.

Steffy: Hope had her way with thomas for way too long. That’s about to end. She’s in for a rude awakening.

Brooke: That’s my daughter you’re talking about.

Steffy: Oh, I know. Hope’s more and more like you every day.

Ridge: All right, why don’t–

Brooke: Obviously you think that’s a bad thing.

Steffy: Look, this wouldn’t bother me if thomas’s heart wasn’t at risk. It’s not like back in the day when you were running around, targeting my family, and you said that you were doing it– that you were acting out of love. Like, hope doesn’t even wanna pretend that she loves thomas.

Brooke: She does love him.

Ridge: All right, let’s just all take a breath, take a step back.

Steffy: No, I’m not gonna do that. Hope’s continuing the logan tradition. It’s obvious, and I’m not gonna stand by and let her hurt him.

Brooke: I am trying very hard not to be offended. But I can’t take all the hope bashing.

Steffy: It’s not bashing if it’s the truth. Hope is just turning into you, brooke. I mean, the way she is seducing my brother, targeting him? Thomas is completely devastated, because she is using him.

Brooke: That’s not true. She has real feelings for thomas.

Steffy: How many times is he gonna propose to her? How many times is she gonna turn him down while she’s wearing his engagement ring on a chain around her neck? That is totally unacceptable, and it needs to end. I think it’s happening right now.

Hope: Steffy is working against us. She’s in your ear. She’s trying to break us up. She’s making assumptions. She’s saying things about me that are just not true, thomas. Just because I can’t accept your proposal doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna be with you. I love what we have together.

Thomas: What do we have together, exactly? Is– is there commitment? Is this a relationship? Are we just, like, going steady? Are we building a foundation for the future, or is this… you taking out some revenge against your mom, or your ex, or my sister, or my family, whatever?

Hope: What?

Thomas: Maybe it’s not that emotional. Maybe it’s just you taking a walk on the wild side with the bad boy.

[ Hope scoffs ]

Hope: Thomas, you know that is not true.

Thomas: I don’t know anything, hope. That’s why I’m asking the question. How long do I have to wait? Huh? Will you ever love me the way that I love you?


Brooke: Why are you so invested in hope and thomas getting married? Why can’t they just be together?

Steffy: I’m not the one who’s invested. That would be thomas, who’s getting jerked around by hope. He deserves better. Like, dad, I thought you would agree with me on this.

Ridge: I do agree. Honestly, I just want thomas to do whatever makes him happy.

Brooke: Exactly. Well, I want the same thing for hope, and you need to stay out of this. You need to let them figure out their own relationship.

Steffy: Look, I’m not gonna apologize for defending my brother.

Ridge: And you shouldn’T. And that’s all she’s doing. She’s not going after hope at all.

Steffy: Oh, yes, I am. I want hope out of thomas’s life for good. I’m done with her leading him on, toying with his emotions. She’s not gonna break his heart anymore. The only person that’s gonna have a broken heart will be hope, not thomas.

Thomas: See, I’ve been asking myself that question since you turned me down. Will you ever be able to love me the way that I love you? No reservations, no conditions.

Hope: Please don’t doubt my feelings for you, thomas. Please don’t start that now. I love the man that you’ve become. This man. Kind, compassionate, talented, funny, an amazing father. Thomas, I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel, how you make me feel. It’s something I’ve– I’ve never experienced with anyone else before, and… it’s exhilarating being with you, and I– I don’t want that to change.

Thomas: See, but that’s the thing. Everything changes. Things progress.

Hope: Thomas, there is not just one set timeline in order for us to be a couple that we have to follow.

Thomas: Okay, so you– what, do you want this to always just be some breezy thing? Just never worrying about the future, always living right now in this moment?

Hope: Gosh, you are making this sound so much more casual than it is, and you know that. There is no one else for me, thomas. I adore you. And I’m sorry, I am sorry that I disappointed you. I am sorry that I couldn’t say yes. I am just not ready to be married again.

Thomas: When will you be ready?

Hope: You know I can’t answer that.

Thomas: Months? Years? Will you ever really be ready?

[ Hope scoffs ] See, the thing is, is… I don’t know if you really can answer that question. I don’t know if you believe that you ever could be ready, and that’s why I’m leaving.

Hope: You’re leaving?

Thomas: Yeah. This is too painful for me, hope. And maybe steffy’s right.

Hope: Steffy? No!

Thomas: Look, I know that this– this is not your fault. You’re not doing this on purpose, but when you wore that ring in front of me on the necklace, it just– it was too hard. It hurts too much. I can’t do it anymore. And I love you too much to put myself through that. If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease

Brooke: Did you seriously just say that? You don’t care if you see hope hurt?

Steffy: I warned hope, do not play with thomas’s emotions. And we all know why. Everything that thomas went through. He’s vulnerable to her, so either she’s all in or she’s all out. But she doesn’t really care, ’cause she’s a logan, and all you guys care about is your needs and your wants and you, you, you.

Brooke: Seriously? Are you gonna let her talk to me like that?

Steffy: My dad doesn’t have to tell me to do anything.

Ridge: All right, I would ask you to maybe step back a little, because I know you’re worried about your brother, I know you’re concerned about him, but attacking brooke and hope is not helping us.

Steffy: I’m not attacking brooke, I’m just telling the truth. All brooke’s history.

Brooke: Oh, my god. Here we go, dredging that up.

Ridge: What are you trying to accomplish with this now?

Steffy: I am just saying that all the chaos and the pain that brooke brought into your life, hope is doing the exact same thing to thomas. Hope is following in her mother’s footsteps, and I’m not going to allow it! It is unacceptable. It needs to end.

Hope: You cannot possibly believe that I wore your ring to be cruel. Thomas, cruelty would’ve been me accepting the proposal, knowing that I wasn’t ready for marriage.

Thomas: Why did you take the ring and wear it on your necklace?

Hope: Because I thought it was a nice gesture to have it close to my heart as I was deciding!

Thomas: Yeah, but you never really had any intention of marrying me from the start. See, when you put it on, I saw hope for our future.

Hope: Thomas, you asked me to wear your ring on my necklace. You were the one who put it there.

Thomas: Yes, because I expected you at some point to take it off and actually wear it on your finger. But, if you really wanted that from the start, you would’ve accepted it when I gave it to you.

Hope: Yeah, you’re really starting to sound like steffy.

Thomas: Maybe she’s right.

Hope: Oh, god. Can we just stop already, please? I love you.

Thomas: Yeah. You love me. Just not enough to marry me. And I can’t keep doing it, hope. It hurts too much to– to be built up and encouraged to having it all fall apart, okay? At some point, I have to take care of myself.

Hope: You don’t have to protect your heart from me, thomas. I didn’t get into this to hurt you. Or– or to feed my ego, or whatever other lies that steffy has been telling you. Thomas, I am just trying to think about us. About the kids. About our future. And I–

[ Sobs ] I haven’t always done that in the past, and that has caused a lot of pain, and I am just trying not to make that same mistake again. That is all.

Thomas: I have loved you. Wanted you. I would’ve loved you for the rest of my life and given you everything. But it’s too painful, hope. The back and forth is too painful. I still love you. I love you so much. But I can’t do it anymore. And that’s why I’m leaving today. Life, diabetes, there’s no slowing down.

Brooke: Your whole take on hope and thomas? It’s wrong, in this scenario that you’ve created in your head about how hope is a tramp and how she chews up men and spits ’em out, just like her mother.

Steffy: Where’s the lie?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Hope’s reluctance to marry thomas doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. But you know what? That’s not even the issue.

Steffy: Then what is it?

Brooke: How about all the things that thomas did to hope in the past? How about that?

Ridge: Wait, don’t do that. He’s not that man anymore.

Steffy: Even hope claims to believe that.

Brooke: Yes, she does believe it. She doesn’t lie. And she’s a kind person, and she doesn’t toy with people’s emotions.

Steffy: Okay. Yeah, I get it. You just think she’s perfect. But the irony in all this? You think that hope is too good for thomas? It’s actually the other way around. Thomas is too good for hope. I really hope I got through to him, and he’ll end it with her today.

Hope: Leaving? Today? But thomas, you can’T. What about douglas? We’re a family.

Thomas: Yeah. Douglas, we’ve– we’ve led him down a path, and he– [ Sighs ] He’s happy. He wants his parents to be married, but that’s not gonna happen. And so I have to find some way to break his fall.

Hope: Thomas, we can work through this together. What about hope for the future?

Thomas: I can’t work with you any longer, hope.

Hope: What?

Thomas: Like I said, I’m leaving. I think– I think I’m going to paris.

[ Hope scoffs ]

Hope: Paris? Uh… okay, um… well, if you– if you need to take some time and take a break, uh, you can go to paris. You can work at international. You can email me your sketches, thomas. You can’t just walk away. I know how much you love hope for the future.

Thomas: That’s not how this works, hope. I can’t be around you any longer. I can’t work for you. I can’t be near you. It hurts too much. I have to leave. You know, hopefully, maybe, there’s someone out there who can love me and actually love me as much as I love them.

[ Hope chuckles ]

Hope: Do you hear yourself talking right now? ‘Cause this is not you talking, thomas. I mean, someone else? You just proposed to me.

Thomas: And you turned me down, hope! Twice.

Hope: Because I still need time.

[ Thomas sighs ]

Thomas: You’re out of time, hope.

Hope: I thought we were a team.

Thomas: Not anymore. Steffy was right.

Hope: My god! I don’t wanna hear her name anymore! Thomas, how do you not get that she is the one behind all this?

Thomas: Steffy is not some puppet master controlling me. She pointed out something that is true. I need to be a man, have dignity and self-respect. The type of man that his son can follow and not be humiliated all the time.

Hope: I would never try to do that to you.

Thomas: I know. I know it’s not in your nature. I don’t– I don’t think you’re doing it on purpose. I think it’s– it’s just how it happens. I don’t know the reason for it. Maybe– maybe we just have too much to overcome. It’s just a losing battle. I don’t know what the reason is, but… I have to go, hope. And I want douglas with me.

Hope: Douglas? No. Thomas, you can’T. You can’t do that. I love you. You can’t just leave like this.

Thomas: You know… the most painful part of this whole thing has been… I love you. And I knew that you loved me the whole time. But you wouldn’t say it. And the first time that you actually told me you loved me is when you were rejecting me. Goodbye.

Hope: No. No, thomas, you can’t leave like this. Please. Please. Please. Look at me. Look at me, look at me. Hey, don’t do this to us. Please don’t to this to us.

Thomas: I love you, hope. I will always love you.

Hope: No. Thomas!

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