GH Short Recap Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha tells Cody she wants to see what evidence Dante and Sam come up with to prove that Gladys and Dr. Montague wanted to steal her money before they consider going on the run.

Brook Lynn tells Tracy she is no longer her granddaughter because she can’t forgive her for making her betray Lucy and Maxie. Maxie is very upset with Lucy because she turned down Tracy’s most recent offer of 51% to 49% of Deception because she didn’t want to give up her one percent share of ELQ.

Gregory gives Finn permission to find him a new doctor. Gregory tells Tracy about his ALS diagnosis.

Nina erases the surveillance video that shows Charlotte going into Anna’s room at the Metro Court. Nina tells Valentin that there aren’t cameras in the hotel rooms so they can’t be sure why Charlotte was in Anna’s room. Charlotte tells Valentin she went with Jake to get ice cream after school and shows him the video. Charlotte later takes out her make up at Nina’s place and she has the same lipstick color that was used to write the message on Anna’s hotel room mirror.

Anna asks Sonny for protection. Anna also tells Sonny that she thinks that the shooting at the Metro Court pool was meant for him and that Pikeman is involved with the WSB and they are targeting him. Anna tells Sonny that she thinks a different person is targeting her.

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