GH Short Recap Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Martin tells Cyrus that he gave away all his money and Cyrus is happy that the Lord will put the money to good use. Martin wonders if Cyrus is hiding money somewhere, but Cyrus tells him that he has given away all his money. Cyrus is later released from the hospital and taken back to Pentonville.

Austin talks to Mason and tells him he thinks he killed Gordon Stevens. Mason reminds Austin that it is a good thing the police don’t know he fought with Gordon outside of the hospital but who knows if there are any surveillance cameras outside of the hospital.

Tracy tells Olivia she should have Ned committed to a psychiatric ward but Olivia refuses to do that even if he calls himself Eddie for the rest of his life. Eddie overhears the conversation and thanks Olivia for defending him to Tracy. Eddie tells Olivia Ned is gone and he will never come back. Eddie also tells Olivia that he needs to sing in front of an audience so Olivia suggests that he write songs with Brook Lynn and she can be his producer. Olivia goes to the kitchen to get some iced tea and when she returns Eddie is gone.

Tracy argues with Gregory at the hospital because Gregory tells her she doesn’t have the right to take away Ned’s freedom no matter what Ned is calling himself now.

Anna and Valentin have a long talk and he admits that he used to work for Pikeman and that Pikeman is connected to the WSB.

Sasha continues to hallucinate with Cyrus and Cody because of the drugs doctor Montague is giving her, so when Cody sneaks in to Fern Cliff to see her with Brook Lynn’s help, Sasha screams for Cody not to touch her and get out of her room.

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