Days Short Recap Monday, May 22, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ was upset about the idea of Stefan and Gabi getting engaged. He decided to propose to Nicole. She didn’t know what to say to him. She just wanted the proposal to be simple and sincere. He tried to propose again, but she turned him down. She thought he was being an opportunist and didn’t really want to marry her. He was shocked that she was angry. She told him that he only wanted to marry her because Stefan proposed to Gabi. He tried to downplay what he did, but he admitted that his timing was off. He admitted that he loved her. They were both shocked by what he said. He wasn’t sure when he loved her again. He realized the last few months were the happiest of his life. Nicole finally admitted that she loved him too. She was about to tell him something when he assumed Eric was the problem. She assured him that the problem wasn’t Eric. EJ was upset about their drunk sex together. She insists the timing is off, but he’s not sure what she means. Trask was about to rip into Eric when he told her that Sloan was arrested. Jada asked Sloan about Colin. She told her that she should have come forward about Collin sooner. Sloan believed that he wasn’t dangerous. She said that he was dangerous enough since he had her sister doing terrible things. Sloan demanded to know how their siblings knew each other. She also wanted to know what Jada thought she had on Colin.

Sloan didn’t think Jada could be objective since her sister was involved with her brother. Jada gets a call from Jada so she ran out of the office. Trask and Eric wanted to talk to Sloan. Sloan told Eric and Trask that the police thought Colin drugged the biscuits. She insisted that she didn’t have anything to do with her brother’s plan. She let them know that Talia was knee deep in the mess. Sloan said arresting her while the real culprit was out there was a bad look for the department. Trask agreed to drop the charges. Trask had a phone call and told Sloan what Collin was up to and thought it was time for her to leave her vendetta alone. Jada arrived at the hotel. She told Jada that she knew what was going on with Colin. She said their father would be ashamed of her. Talia wanted her to save Paulina. She believed that Colin took her. Jada wanted to know how she got hooked up with Colin. Rafe calls an ambulance for Abe. Abe told Rafe the health inspector took Paulina. Abe told Rafe about Colin. Later at the hospital, Rafe ordered his cops to find Colin as soon as possible. Abe told Rafe to find his wife. He ended up coding. Abe needed to get into the ER. Abe began hemorrhaging. He needed surgery so the doctors needed consent. Rafe called Theo to tell him about his father. Rafe let Theo talk to the doctor. Paulina was on the roof and told Chanel to do what Colin wanted. He was happy that Chanel showed up. He went on about his mother and told her to say goodbye to her mother. He wanted her to end her life. She was willing to do what he wanted. He insulted her and started ranting again. Paulina wanted him to name his price. He wanted his parents back. Paulina refused to jump. He said he would shoot Chanel instead. Chanel tried to plead with him to understand how his father was, but he didn’t want to listen to her. Colin decided to kill both of them when Jada and Talia burst on the roof with guns. Paulina had a panic attack while Colin had a gun pointed at her. Everyone tended to Paulina so he grabbed Chanel. Talia tried to lunge at Colin and they both went over the roof.

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