GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Drew and Carly tell Michael and Willow that Liesl is missing and Willow starts crying after Drew and Carly leave and tells Michael that she was so close to being with him and her and their kids forever.

Scott tells Sonny that he thinks Victor took Liesl, and he should tell the police.

Trina hides on the Haunted Star and sees that Victor has also taken Liesl and she is on the Haunted Star with Spencer and baby Ace. Trina gets into Spencer’s locked state room when she takes the room key from the guard. Trina tells Spencer about Liesl being on the ship, and she decides to keep hiding on the ship until she can find a way off the ship and go bring back help so everyone can get home. Spencer doesn’t like the idea, but he knows it is the only way they can all get home. Spencer worries that Victor will discover that Trina is also on the ship. Sonny works with Dante and Jordan to find Victor because he is worried about Spencer, Liesl, and Ace.

Sonny asks Diane to defend the man that tried to kill Lucy in hopes that the man will tell her Victor’s location. Diane is, able to find out the location from the man that works for Victor and she calls Sonny to tell him the news. Sonny then tells Dante and Jordan Victor’s location.

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