Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Adam promises Aura she will be COO of the new company if Newman Media and Adustus merge.

Ashley and Tucker tell Billy that if Jabot merges with Simply Ashley he will become CEO of Jabot since Jabot would remain a separate entity under the Simply Ashley umbrella. Billy tells Tucker and Ashley he will help them to protect Jabot.

Ashley meets with Jack and asks him to buy her out so she can start her company with Tucker. Jack agrees to do that and Ashley agrees to let Diane come to her wedding. Ashley agrees to tolerate Diane if it makes Jack happy. Jack later tells Diane that Ashley seemed to be more confident since she thinks she has Billy in her back pocket. Diane tells Jack that she and Billy staged an argument for Tucker’s benefit at Society. Diane thinks that the argument seemed a little bit too real. Diane worries Ashley may have turned Billy against them.

Victoria thinks that Nate’s idea of merging Newman Media with Adustus has merit but she is worried about one thing.

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